The kids are alright, but is that enough?

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Hosting is the worst thing you can possibly be asked to do. I had to chef a BBQ in 38 degree heat, no wind and no skill. I didn’t feel like a man. I felt like a fireman pulling burnt people out of a pit of hell. I had a flame rash across my chest this morning.  Then to make matters worse, everyone stays after and drinks all you booze. I didn’t buy 20 bottles of fine spirit to share with people. I bought it because it looks pretty. People are simply atrocious.

I did catch some of the game yesterday. Again, I don’t want to get too deep into the preseason nonsense because who the fuck knows what’s going to show up for the Newcastle game.

However, we can distil the last month into three areas:

  • The young players are making a case
  • The defence looks really bad
  • Will a winger make us better defensively because we appear to be banking a lot on that notion

Mr Willock put in another shift. He’s a very interesting player. There’s no fear in his game, he finds the right spaces, he’s a pretty good passer of the ball and he has an uncanny knack of getting into goalscoring positions (Freddie-ish, of course). Sure, his finishing is offbeat at the minute, but remember, the art is finding positions and good timing, scoring comes with age.

I thought Reiss Nelson looked on a mission yesterday. The most notable feature of his game is the pace he offers. We really lacked any sort of power moving foward last year. Auba is fast, but he’s kind of blunted as he’s the only player that can move at speed. Also, most of his goals come from 8 yards and closer. Auba at his peak was playing alongside Dembele, out of his 30 odd goals that season, most were a result of him getting to the 6 yard line fastest.

Back to Reiss, even if he’s green, he poses a different type of threat. Will a junior player with power and pace offer more than a senior player like Iwobi who has neither?

That’s part of the big debate my friends… a debate you can have in our comments section.

The other big news story was that Mustafi was booed.

Look, I’m all for virtue signalling that this is unacceptable… but I also don’t give a rats arse. If he were a Liverpool player he’d have 10 caravans in his front garden. If this were Madrid, they’d mail a pigs head to his home and harass him on the street.

Mustafi should be nowhere near the first team next year and him hanging onto a contract he ‘loves’ should not be a joyful experience. It is not my job to care about the retirement fund of someone that is bad at their job.

Fans taking action is fine by me. I’m sure Emery was secretly fist-bumping. Anyone who is crying about this won’t be when he’s using his hands to defend a pass from his own teammate against Liverpool in a few weeks.

There are rumblings that PSG are in for Pepe. I’m calm about it. The player wants to go to the bright lights of the greatest league in the world. Go to PSG and be a number, go to Arsenal and follow in the footsteps of African GIANTS of the game. Arsenal, despite its problems, is probably the best move for a player of 24 that wants to make a statement.

I am still a touch bothered about the lack of interest from other clubs. Notably, because the players relatives are working the deal. Is this a ‘hot goods’ deal’? Part of the intrigue of this deal is if it were a Wenger regime, we’d not be doing business. The worry is we go too far the other way and we’re facing a ban in 5 years time because we built his family a castle back in the Ivory Coast.

But again, my ethics go out the window when there’s an elite wide player with a super cool Adidas launch video incoming.

I’m done for the day, come into the comments and ask me about how I barbequed the shit out of a spicy Italian sausage… and won.

Also, listen to the below podcast. It’s a fucking banger about Arsenal vs United. It’s so well produced. Well played Team Mundial.

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  1. Marc

    Oi Pedro can you grant a change of moniker over here, ‘Champagne Charlie the complete and utter cunt’ should stop him acting like it constantly.

    On the other hand.

  2. Left testicle

    I don’t know what is more ridiculous. Redtruths political rants or tha Arsenal value Mustafi at £30m.

  3. Marc


    I must admit I was wondering for a minute whether you were about to come out in favour of Batista or cry viva la revolucion Castro!

  4. Champagne charlie


    I don’t see what’s so ridiculous about it. You might not rate him but 25 mil for a 27 year old international defender is bog standard.

  5. Marc

    Oh struck a nerve mentioning you being a complete cunt.

    Haven’t got into your lack of maths skills or the fact you cant’ stop lying.

    Remind me what percentage of goals in Henry’s first were scored before 1st Jan?

  6. Champagne charlie


    I’m not the one throwing his toys out the pram because he had the piss taken out of him.

    Math skills? Lying? Right you are captain…

  7. Champagne charlie


    No I don’t, he’s not good enough for us but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. I think he’s a good player 90% of the time, and in a slower league or under another coach he could be very useful.

    He made errors for us last season, clearly, but he also came out on top for our defensive contributions if I’m not mistaken.

    Not being good enough for Arsenal doesn’t make someone shit, and 25 mil (likely worked down to near 20) is bog standard for a player in this market no?

  8. Mr Serge

    Marc damn right can’t be moody like everyone else on here
    I am just glad we are seeing proper change
    Hopefully we land Tierney Pepe and Rugani

  9. Marc


    Mate I don’t own any toys to throw out the pram – I leave that to you someone so insecure they can’t say oops I was wrong on that one.

    Remind me where so you sit again? You got owned on that one as well.

    Keep trying to find validation on here because you’ll never find it in real life.

    Sad little cunt.

  10. Marc


    I don’t want to get too excited until everything’s signed sealed and delivered but it’s really looking good at the moment.

    Best window we’ve had for so long.

  11. Un na naai


    Do I really need to go into it? Non Eu migrants gain citizenship in roughly 5 years.

    They can then enter any Eu nation they wish.

    Poland and Bulgaria are being threatened with sanction for refusing to cave in to the EU’s decision to force this on us

    Most migrants coming to Europe are not Syrian refugees but African economic migrants posing as Syrians without their palates

    Most of them are single males of reproductive age

    In Germany over 40% of children born now are from non European background.
    I don’t know the stats for France and Sweden but they must surely be in the same ball park

    The marrakesh declaration is a pathway to the silencing dissenting voices and gives the Eu legal clout to do so. Look it up. It’s the tip of the iceberg.

    In the most liberal countries who have accepted this violent crime has sharply risen coincidentally with the arrival of this issue and now there are safe zones for women in previously liberal European nation states.

    So yes. Part of the reason for leaving the eu is to prevent these new visitors from getting access to Britain. There are other reason but that is one.

  12. Champagne charlie


    Yea you’re right mate, you’re the picture of stable.

    Let’s just rewind… your above reply is because o said your name should be ‘Marc the season ticket holder’

    😂 absolute weapon

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Left testicle

    I doubt we will get £27 Million for him. He’s not a good defender and he’s on £100 000 a week.

    If Arsenal get £15 Million for him I think they’ve done well.

  14. Mr Serge

    Why is it that people bicker so much on here ?

    We all share a common passion

    Let’s all enjoy this window and hopefully we get rid of the deadwood once we bring in these players

  15. Danny M.O


    I would rather have a leader that can have a meaningful conversation with a extremists group than a guy who insults them by calling their women letter boxes.

    Why are people so afraid by Corbyn’s openess, oh sorry i forgot that the primary demographic prefers a leader who is far right.

  16. Marc


    Usual passive aggressive response from you the minute you get found out. Back off and play the victim – I was only making a bit of banter boo hoo.

    Do you find yourself being bitch slapped and dominated in the real world as well?

  17. Un na naai

    Why are people so afraid by Corbyn’s openess, oh sorry i forgot that the primary demographic prefers a leader who is far right.

    The primary demographic=english people

    Far right = someone who does what’s best for English people

    That’s what the primary demographic wants MO.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Left testicle

    Makes sense if Arsenal are starting with a high asking price.

    To be honest, as experienced as Sanllehi is even he must cringe when he asks for £27 Million for Mustafi.

    They laugh, he laughs then everyone gets down to business.

  19. Un na naai

    RedtruthI would rather have a leader that can have a meaningful conversation with a extremists group


    You mean bend over and give them what they want at the expense of the primary demographic (English people)

    Your word play doesn’t disguise reality for anyone.

  20. Left testicle

    What’s wrong with wanting a leader who leans to the right? Especially when the alternative is the hard left.

  21. Champagne charlie

    “Do you find yourself being bitch slapped and dominated in the real world as well?“

    Come again?

    You’ve a strange sense of self on here, I took the piss that you always mention your season ticket and look at the state of your posts since.

    Talking about ownage and getting slapped about? I’m not your sister you fuckin pleb.

  22. salpardisenyc

    Would we be happy with Pepe, Tierney, Martinelli w/ Ceballos and Rugani on loan?

    From the deep dark places I was prepared to travel with Raul and co about a week ago, have to say i’d be somewhat impressed. Pretty gangster considering, properly gangster if those loan moves work out and he’s able to go long term.

    Clearly work to be done but i’m beginning to see light, whisper that.

  23. Marc


    Would you like me to apologise now or wait until Pedro threatens me.

    Wow what a fucking lack of testicle’s you have.

    You’re Dad should have named you Sue – would’ve gone a long way to making you man up.

  24. Champagne charlie


    I’m not interested in an apology, I find it comical just how rattled you get at the mention of your season ticket. Knocks you right of the perch you have yourself on.

    Still not getting this idea about you bitch slapping anyone and the like, you’re a middle aged fanny. Go take your meds and have a quick wank.

  25. Left testicle

    In my opinion, and generally speaking the right orientated voters would accept the result of any election – whereas the left orientated voters would pick up their placards, stamp their feet and sing about the injustice.

  26. Gentlebris

    So Mustafi is £27m?
    So how much is a 1972 VW beetle then?

    We should be glad if he goes for £7m, and Monaco would still later regret paying that much.

  27. Marc


    You still haven’t told me where you sit?

    I don’t get rattled by the mention of having a season ticket – it shows I have a level of commitment you couldn’t dream of.

    I shouldn’t but I do lose my rag with soppy little girls like you who mouth off with nothing to back it up.

  28. Danny M.O

    un na na nai

    I can tell your of that demographic and a conservative. Im sorry but you cant be an an all conquering proud empire and cry foul when people want to enter your country. Im sure the American Indians, Australian Aboriginal population were conservative about foreigners but did the english give a fuck? No they powered there way through and systematically killed all of them. Now you want to shut up shop because the world is rebalancing itself for stealing the wealth from Africa. Simple economics if Europe didnt plunder africa then africans would have no reason to enter your continent.

  29. Guns of SF

    What’s up with this blog

    Seems overrun with right wingers
    Not sure Pedro is but I don’t know

    Is there a left wing blog for arsenal fans?


  30. Redtruth

    Un na naai
    “Far right = someone who does what’s best for English people.”

    Says the man who supports a team full of foreigners…lol lol

  31. Danny M.O

    @left testicle

    The right always believe any shit the conservatives say, Bojo was riding around a bus with false information stating 300 odd million was being sent to europe every week. False information = votes obtained by deceit. Many of your demographic up north have been on record stating foreigners are stealing their jobs when they are on the dole.

    Im sorry but anyone who picks Bojo over Corbyn to be their leader is a lunatic.

  32. Champagne charlie


    “Nothing to back it up”, it’s all words on the internet you complete spastic.

    “it shows I have a level of commitment you couldn’t dream of.”

    You haven’t the foggiest to do with me but look at the state of you acting like billy big bollocks and proclaiming this or that about me.

    I don’t care what criterion you care to offer, you’re a voice and that’s all. Have a season ticket, don’t, be on the board if you like, go to away games too, what you say carries no more weight than any other voice on here.

  33. Left testicle

    It’s people like you that make people of my demographic, as you put it (you can say white), more right wing.

    You’re living in the past, centuries in the past, move on.

  34. salpardisenyc


    Respect is many of those on here posting in from far flung places cause they got the spirit, their season ticket is Le Grove and TV.

  35. Danny M.O


    I have read real history books that havemt been whitewashed.

    why is the north and most southern hemisphere of each continent populated by white people?

    You have systematically taken over land in which you can thrive and survive in becuase its suits your biological needs of a cool climate. Argentina, white washed, South Africa, nearly whitewashed, north America white washed, new zealand white washed, Australia white washed. You displace people in the world yet cry about a little migration? GTFO

  36. Gentlebris

    Now you have to stop bitching about politicians. Wrap it up and slide it under the sofa already.

    Newsflash, you will not change anything by running your fingers on a typewriter all day long. You wanna effect politics your way, man up and do something other than bitching.

  37. Marc


    And you were claiming to have a season ticket a little while ago.

    Little man – throws out insults tries to call them banter and can’t take it when it comes back.

    One minute passive aggressive and saying someone else is throwing their toys out of the pram – just look at your last comment.

    Just remember the other posters you start rows with on here are reading this – they’ll own you too.

  38. Marc


    I have no issue with posters like you – I don’t think we’ve ever fallen out.

    I don’t give a shit where someone is from I have an issue with the fuck wits.

  39. Gentlebris


    You have begun to sound ridiculous both. You got to leave it alone at some point.

    Though I really don’t understand why Marc should be ashamed of his ST.

  40. Danny M.O

    @left testicle

    I know its hard to comprehend but i am a neutral who believes in getting around the table and having the difficult discussions. We should have all been given factual reports of what each scenario would mean for the country. Not politicians spouting off bullshit lies. As citizens we should of had access to the studies that were undertaken by the top people to make an informed decision via our vote.

    Cause and effect doesnt have an expiration date, things that occured hundreds of years ago still have an effect now. Your very own queen is an example of what hundreds of years of colonizing gets you. One of the most powerful kingdoms in the world.

  41. CG


    “””Or rest the mouth about his age at least.”””

    Well how old- do you think he is then?

    If he is 24

    He should try some anti ageing cream

  42. Champagne charlie


    I didn’t “claim” anything, I replied to your arrogant nonsense about me ‘never going to a game’. Because that’s the currency you use on here, you have a ST so think you’re special. As I’ve pointed out before, you’re not the only one, and there’s nothing special about it.

    Yea, top insult that….me saying you should be called ‘Marc with the season ticket’. Not a piss take at all, proper aggressive and abusive.

    Meanwhile your replies were banter now? I’d work on that a bit.

    Now I’m little man…….projecting?
    What’s this talk of “owning” me? You’ve done nothing but let everyone in on the fact you have special needs.

  43. Gentlebris

    ‘Well how old- do you think he is then?’

    His legs are young obviously, especially the left one….the one factor I give a fuck about.

  44. Left testicle

    Are we still holding the Italians to account for their Roman history? Move on.

    Would that be the efficiently run NHS? Where you have to wait three weeks to see a doctor or your scheduled operation gets cancelled.

  45. Danny M.O

    Can someone explain to me why right winged white people think anyone who has is a progressive is automatically a commy?
    Can you give me an expanation left testicle?

    I dont believe in communism since it morphs in to what the far right is about which is centralised power in the hands of a few.

  46. CG

    Gentle Bris

    You wanted Zaha
    So did I
    So did Emery

    Now – you are we jumping for joy we got Pepe, instead.
    (You are easily pleased.)

    How can he be worth £80 million when only Arsenal and Napoli were in for him??

    This time last year when we had Dortmund Eye – we were buying players from the French League ( Genduzi) for £7 million.!!!
    Now prices have jumped up tenfold…

    Pepe will be the highest transfer fee of the summer by a British Club.

    Totally insane.

    We are heading for Leeds/Villa financial troubles.

    All this paying over 4/5 years nonsense

    Once the Spiv and Vinny have departed.
    The next CEO will have some clearing up to do.


  47. Danny M.O

    Left testicle, The romans had a vast impact on thr demographics in europe. Because of them no one in Europe is a “pure bred”.

    I wager any so called english white person to take a dna test and find out that you have foreigner blood in you.

    Yes we cnt see the economical effects of what happend thousands of years ago but we can certainly track the wealth that was pillaged hundreds of years ago sitting in museums and provate collections. The uk government is still paying reparations to slave owners who gave their slaves away. Do you see the discrepancy there? You pay white people for the morally wrongful act of keeping humans against their will but wont pay reparations to the people who went through it?

  48. Danny M.O

    Anyways back to Arsenal…

    A real stamenet of intent would be to bring in Zaha and Pepe.

    I wouldnt mind having a shit defence if we are outscoring teams like a Brendan Rodgers Liverpool.

    I know its blasphamy but i would rather sell Laca and bring in Zaha. Auba is the better striker and has the most strenghta and lwss weaknesses.

    Auba for me can play in a counter attacking team or can mix it in the box with his height and aerial abillity. Laca for me doesnt have the pace or height to be a one man striker.

    I think alot of late sales will be made, clubs will be sniffing at how low we will possobly go. I think el neny and Jenkinson will prbably leave. Of we could sell xhaka and mustafi then i wouldnt mind waiting util january to make some additions.

  49. Crimson

    The vast majority of the here need to get laid. It’s not painful reading.

    Cesc is knowledgeable. And makes sense.

  50. Moe

    Hallelujah Danny MO. You are clearly an educated person and not a cousin fucker who’s mad that he has been left behind on his own land.

    Spent centuries looting wealth and resources from foreign lands, committed mass murder the world over, now you all afraid cus you have some dark-skinned neighbors.

    The privileges you enjoy today were not earned, they were looted centuries ago. That boat sailed when Europeans left their shores centuries ago to go loot and wage wars on people who didn’t even know Europeans existed. Now those boats are all headed back to Europe with scary dark-skinned immigrants. Fuckin deal with it.

  51. Gentlebris

    I have been watching lots of Pepe’s tapes. Anybody else thinks he has the Ronaldinho thing?
    I mean the sheer ability to do anything with the ball….. almost?

  52. Gentlebris

    ‘The vast majority of the here need to get laid. It’s not painful reading.’

    You got one for CG?

    I don’t believe anything like sexual healing and nonsense but I know CG needs some kind of healing.
    The guy is fast becoming my bad habit here though 😎😎😎😎

  53. Caligooner

    Haha look at Moe schooling folk.

    Yes white people brought their disease and technology the world over and killed off lots of folk it’s true.

    Time to pay the piper? We shall see.

    Here with slavery it’s even worse. White people which I am one, have a real superiority complex and our racist commander in chief is making it exponentially worse.

  54. Crimson

    Bellerin-Sok-Holding- Tierney
    Torriea – Cellabos – Willock
    Pepe -Laca – AuBa…
    The bench
    Karl marx
    Mary poppins
    Kurt Cobain
    Barry Chuckle
    Carol Vorderman

  55. fsaf

    Fabrizio Romano
    Pépé to Arsenal is totally confirmed. Done deal. Paperworks time and then medicals. Nicolas feels “so excited” to start this new challenge ⚪️🔴✔️ #AFC #Arsenal

    GG NO RE!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME PEPE!!!! I truly believe this is the transfer of the summer worldwide! In the last 10 years out of the players that have joined us only Cazorla and Alexis could be around this guy’s level. I’m over the moon!

  56. China1

    If arsenal manage to buy Pepe and sell mustafi for 27m I will apologize wholeheartedly for ever doubting Raul lol

  57. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Aren’t you the poster who threatened someone else’s wife and kids with sexual violence?”

    Yep, that was absolutely GoH, of course the weasel cunt is lying about it now, expected really.

  58. China1

    Seriously if 27m for mustafi is absolute daylight robbery

    I’d honestly take 8m in a heartbeat. Surely Monaco won’t be dumb enough to bite


    Selling mustafi would be as exciting as buying VVD. Would be absolutely wonderful

    Sure our defense won’t improve til we buy better but I want mustafi out soooooo badly

  59. Freddie Ljungberg

    Surely the 27m is a made up figure, Raul should get a statue if get anything approaching 20m.

    Sell Kos and Jenks for 6-7m combined, throw in fees for Elneny and Bielik and we can get a much better CB than Rugani for that money.

    Would leave us with only the midfield to fix next summer and some more deadwood to ship out, absolute dream scenario.

  60. China1

    Mustafi xhaka ozil koscielny mikki these are the players which we need binning off ASAP

    Tbh monreal as well but at least his attitude is good and he’s more useful than the others

  61. Freddie Ljungberg


    I can see Mikhi seeking an exit now with Ceballos and Pepe coming in, he’s not going to get much playing time, he barely got any last season if not for injuries, and unlike Ozil I think he actually wants to play football.

    Think we’ll have to endure Ozil and Xhaka another year though unfortunately.

    Ozil should be a lot easier to shift to Turkey or whatever with only 1 year left of his contract and if Xhaka is the only weak link left after this season he will get shipped out as well.
    Kos and Mustafi hopefully leaves this summer along with Jenks and Elneny.

  62. Samesong

    I am going to be positive

    Too too much hatred going on in the world.

    If you want to see change. It starts from you.

  63. CG

    The Dortmund Eye Effect

    Summer 2018

    Leno/Tor/sok/Genduzi (£70 mill).
    Savvy Spending….

    Summer 2019

    Pepe – 80 mill
    Cebollas-12 mill ( dont even own)
    Saliba -30 mill ( cant even play)
    Tierney- 30 mill ( cant get on the pitch)
    £152 million
    Reckless Recruitment

    Very Reminiscent of Peter Risdale latter days at Leeds.

    No doubt about it – we are heading for Financial Armageddon if no Champions League football within 2 seasons.

    And that’ ain’t possible with Emery.

    We are Overpaying on players Horrendously and that are Not necessary Needed

    And We still need Defenders.

  64. Un na naai


    Inbreeding is actually astronomically higher in the third world. The is a certain nation (not far from India) is considered to be as high as 70%

    And nobody is getting left behind in their own lands. Go to ilford and see. Go to Bradford, Luton, tower hamlets, Birmingham or Wolverhampton. All have been turned into dumps. Litter and piss everywhere
    Then go to places like East Dulwich, Clapham, Merton borough, Chelsea, Putney, anywhere in the west countries, the Malverns, Hastings, rhye, Arundel. See the difference.

    Danny Mo

    If you know your history then you will know that African tribes and Arabs were taking slaves long before Europeans ever knew the continent of Africa existed. The Arabs still are taking slaves in Mali and Niger and Kenya today. Every day.
    Still to this day the Arabic word for black people and slave are the same
    The ottoman, Persian and moors empires took slaves from all over the world, many from Europe and savagely castrated them.

    But let’s put that aside and pretend in your world of fairies and rainbows that this is all just nonsese and didn’t actually occur

    Yes slaves were taken by Europeans and yes it was disgustingly savage. Yes times were savage 300 plus years ago and yes Europe has grown into something altogether different
    Are we really saying that because some Europeans participated in African slavery over 2 centuries ago that now the only continent for Europeans is now to be shared openly with the rest of the world? Come one come all??

    That the people born today who didn’t participate and neither did most of their ancestors, they have to pay for something they did not profit from nor participate in because of the entitlement of people who built nothing but centuries of war with each other? Let’s face it. Only the west and the Far East have made safe and prosperous lands for themselves and now the world wants in because they built nothing? Then constantly tell us how awful we and our culture are? No thanks.

    Marc and left test are spot on. It is people like you that cause the far right to exist. It’s a counter balance to the insanity being propagated by the self loathing.

    These people are leaving their homelands because they built nothing. Because they are places of violence and misery and poverty. Because the people that rise to the top are always brutal or corrupt and shit on their people. Beacsue there is no democracy. That’s not my responsibility nor that if my dad or my grandfather.

    As the Dalai lama said “leave Europe for Europeans” a man of profound peace and wisdom

  65. Un na naai

    Unemployment in the U.K. among the Muslim community is 50% for males and 75% for females.

    Let that sink in. 3m people largely State funded. Look it up.

  66. China1

    CG you said we’re overpaying players horrendously and mentioned our expensive recruitment…

    …yet you’ve been crying like a bitch that we didn’t spent 80m on Wilfred fucking Zaha

    I swear to god the shit you come out with us some of the dumbest I’ve ever seen

  67. Un na naai


    Sorry I just saw your post, I was responding to red truth as did others.
    I won’t say another word on the topic.

  68. China1


    I’m from the West Country and there are plenty of shitholes in Bristol and wales that are predominantly white European…

    You pick out Chelsea as a case in point, yeah one of the richest neighborhoods on the planet. Great case study…

  69. China1

    Go down Bristol city center on any night and it’s not the Muslims leaning wasted against the wall pissing in the street

    Are you deliberately racist or just ignorant?

  70. China1

    Newport is as white as it gets and is an absolute dump

    Blame the 1% foreigners for that too eh

    Have you ever actually been outside London except directly too and from a football stadium?

    You literally know nothing about what you’re talking about

  71. China1

    Stoke is another shit hole that is totally white

    The reoccurring theme between dirty shit holes is…. poverty

    Shock horror I know!

  72. TallestTiz

    In as much as I try avoiding reading CG’s posts, I often find myself beginning to read his gibberish before stopping halfway to go check on the poster’s name.

    Guy needs some life. Best to ignore him

  73. TallestTiz


    Having watched Malcolm at Bordeaux, an now Pepe at Lille, who would you say is the biggest talent?

  74. karim


    Haven’t seen much of him playing for Barça, I must admit.
    When he was at Bordeaux, he wasn’t that influential to be honest. It was more about flashes of brilliance and wonder goals.

    Pépé, on the other hand, really was the catalyst for Lille who didn’t have such a good team after all but he’s that kind of players who elevates everyone’s level with his hunger and restlessness.

    Just needs to keep his head cool the way he usually does and it should be just fine.

  75. fsaf

    God bless that Chelsea got hit by the transfer ban. Somehow I could see them going hard for Pepe. Hazard left and things might not be as smooth for Pulisic to bed in. Pepe looks like a player they’d love to have. Drogba type of winger.

  76. Un na naai

    I have no doubt Pepe and tierney will be a resounding hit for us. Having watched tierney regularly for Celtic he is exactly what we need. A younger better monreal

  77. Kay

    Really excited about Auba-Laca-Pepe. Its the combo that can bring the best out of each of these guys.

    If we add a CB and a CM, I will be over the moon.

  78. karim

    Will Emery have the balls to play them 3 on a regular basis or will he opt for a safer formula ?

    I think Auba will not mind playing on the left for the greater good knowing we should be quite unpredictable upfront and he will be able to switch positions often.

  79. Left testicle

    Bellerin__NEW CB__Holding__Tierney

  80. CG

    Me old China

    “”CG you said we’re overpaying players horrendously and mentioned our expensive recruitment……

    yet you’ve been crying like a bitch that we didn’t spent 80m on Wilfred fucking Zaha”””

    Big Big Difference

    Zaha is Proven in The Prem . That carries a Premium.
    As he hits The Ground Running from Day 1.

    We buy Zaha – he cant destroy us Home and Away -like he did last season ( I. E we are buying 6 points, immediately)

    We buy Zaha- we stop him going to our rivals.

    There is an Old Chinese Proverb
    That you will all be too aware

    You pay The Big Bucks for Proven Performers

    You pay The Little Bucks for Potential.

    Did the Greatest manager ever ,Fergie splash out £80 million on wingers from France or did he continually buy PROVEN PREM PLAYERS.

    Sheringham, RVP, Cole,Yorke,Berbatov, Keane, Cantona, Carrick, Valencia, etc

    When he bought Overseas Wide Players with Potential he paid buttons for them

    Think Ronaldo.( £7 million)??

    £80 million for an Exciting Player with Potential who has had one season in a distorted League Is financial negligence and actually doesn’t make any business sense, either..

    How do we sell him on and make a profit if you have spent £80 million on him in the first place….?

    And you work in Banking???
    Gawd help us!!

  81. Left testicle

    Bellerin__NEW CB__Holding__Tierney

    Assuming the Tierney and Pepe deals are done we’re just a good CB from an very good window. Just need to clear out the deadwood.

  82. CG

    Pepe may be an exciting signing!

    And Harry Maguire and The Palace right back Man Utd have signed might not be as glamorous…

    But Man Utd will finish Higher than Arsenal this season comfortably.

    They are a Building a Proper Team

    They seemed to have learnt their lessons on by buying expensive,indulgent not needed players ( Sanchez and Pogba, Angel Di Maria etc)

    We have broken The African Transfer Record on a player who could easily Flop and we dont really need!

    And Incompetent.

  83. Un na naai


    Untied have been wasting top palyers ever since Fergie left
    I don’t see Maguire making them a force, as good as he is

  84. Peckobill

    Err Utd learning their lesson on expensive players ? They are the team getting ripped off the most in this market seen what they paid for as you put it “ a one season “ right back and going to have to pay £ 80 mill for a £30 mill max bloody McGuire . They could’ve spent 15 less on de ligt although with that clown Woodward they have doing the transfers they’d probably offer 120 . Oh and veron , Anderson and there’s plenty more expensive flops fergie bought so let’s leave that out

  85. CG

    Pecko Bill

    “” Oh and veron , Anderson and there’s plenty more expensive flops fergie bought so let’s leave that out”””

    Exactly my point.

    The Greatest manager in History could not even get his expensive Overseas players of the time to reach their potential…

    So what chance do we have with Our Clown???

    Does Pepe speak English?
    Has he even played a CL match?

    Obscene amount of money – Eating into future budgets and effectively nullifying Edus Strategy ( if he has one)

    BUY PROVEN PREM or Championship ones( like Holding, Theo, Rambo, Ox etc)

    Keep it simple
    It’s only football

  86. Left testicle

    BUY PROVEN PREM or Championship ones( like Holding, Theo, Rambo, Ox etc)
    Over the likes of Pepe? Ha ha ha.

  87. Chris


    Plenty of players have come from overseas who were obviously unproven in the Premier League, and have gone on to be massive successes.

    For what reasons are you writing off Pepe already? (Not that he is confirmed as an Arsenal player yet officially). He has pace and power which goes an awful long way in England, and very high goal contribution stats. He is highly rated across world football for a very good reason.

  88. CG

    Not saying he is not an exciting player.

    I am simply stating we have Overpaid for him to the tune of £40 million

    We already have Home grown wingers ( Nelson)

    We should have got Zaha-who is a Gooner and who is Proven

    And we need Defenders as a Priority

    Plus he looks over his stated age of 24.

  89. fsaf

    Left Testicle,

    Pepe’s a right winger.

    To be honest, Auba playing on the left flank doesn’t mean that much, since our LBs always go super deep in the opponent’s half. This way Auba could move in the middle whenever he wants to. It’s just that his starting position will be predominantly on the left, but he will still end his runs in the middle of the pitch.

    I definitely see our team with Auba and Laca changing positions, Pepe dribbling on the right, middle of the pitch Ceballos, Torr and one of Xhaka and Guen. I don’t see Ozil and Mikki in our best 11 at all. The highest earners in the club mind you.

  90. Left testicle

    Yes I put Auba and Pepe the wrong way around. Would be nice to have an old fashioned big centre forward on the bench, just to mix it up a bit.

    Bellerin__NEW CB__Holding__Tierney

  91. Left testicle

    Bellerin and Pepe. Tierney and Aubameyang.
    That’s some speed on the flanks. Would like to see Torreira and Guendouzi/Willock just sit and protect the central defenders.

  92. Bob N16

    Ornstein quote:

    The Gunners are in talks with a number of clubs over the possible departure of defender Shkodran Mustafi.

    The 27-year-old German, who is under contract until 2021, wants to stay and prove himself – but Arsenal are keen to find an agreement for a loan or permanent transfer.

    ‘wants to stay and prove himself’….er, no thank you!

    Now, I am getting excited!