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Wow, wow, wow… Raul S has pulled off the shock signing of the summer, with Dave Ornstein announcing the Spaniard has reeled in one of the best talents in Ligue 1 with Nicolas Pépé.


The above tweet is obviously a massive L on my part, but there are layers to my unprophetic words. Firstly, the fact we’ve managed to scrabble together €80m for a player is quite incredible. If there were a saying from this summer it’d be…

‘It’s all about the instalment plan, fam’

Secondly, I am HUGELY surprised that we were the only major club outside Napoli in for his talents. I know I have repeatedly defended what Arsenal is to players and managers around the world, but I didn’t think we were in that league of intrigue for names that had clubs like Paris and Liverpool sniffing. Just goes to show you, London is a huge pull, the full stadium is unique, the training ground is special, the chance to play must also be important, and the new guys must be able to sell a dream.

What a moment, I can’t remember Arsenal dropping a signing this major since we brought in Thierry Henry. He’s the right-winger of our dreams. The most exciting Ivorian since Yaya Toure stepped foot in Boreham Wood (Jokes Kolo, jokes). He scored 23 goals last season and gave 12 assists. He’s been making a contribution to Lille every 101 minutes, which is far more impressive than what Zaha has been doing at Palace over the past season. The best he’s mustered is a contribution every 152 in his best ever year last season.

The player himself is a joy to watch, for some reason I spent a lot of time watching Ligue 1 last year and he’s been one of the stand out guys. He’s powerfully built, standing at 6ft. I think he’s slightly lighter in frame than Zaha, but he’s electric on the ball. He has deft feet, he moves at pace, he’ll come deep, he’ll stretch teams and in front of goal last season he blew up.

We’ve struggled for years to add players with athleticism to our frontline, it’s great to see we’re finally moving in on players that are a huge issue for teams on the counter. When you have a shite defence like we do, the last thing we need is to be pressed into our own half because the only person chasing a long ball is Auba (who can be crowded out physically in big games).

Outside that, this has been a fucking great signing for the fans. This is a premium signing. I really think Zaha would have been good for us, but that could have gone the way of Welbeck, or it could have just been a move that was ok.

Pepe has a higher ceiling than Zaha, I think he’s better technically, and he’s 2 years younger. Our guy has resale value as well, which is super important when you look how we’re going to have to work the ins and outs moving forward.

It’ll also be good for the squad morale. No one wants to go back to preseason and have no new faces to look at. This will add the squad vibes and it’ll be just as fun for the players as it has been for the fans.

I know that a few of journos are saying the move favoured us because we were willing to give his agency team the commissions they wanted. It seems like the cost of football these days, but it’s dodgy all the same. We’ve lost out on lots of big names in the past because we’ve ignored the dark arts of the game, and now it looks like that’s where we’re playing them… but like most things in sport, you cease to care if you have a shiny new player rolling out in a redshirt.

I did think it was quite amusing that Raul and the exec leadership team spent an afternoon getting pounded at the fan Q&A for basically no reason… they could have just said we’d be signing Pepe this week and everyone would have shut the fuck up. It’s a bit like chewing out your partner for not doing anything for your birthday, then packing up your bags and leaving them, only find out their last-ditch attempt to meet you was a surprise birthday party with the Rolling Stones.

What I find particularly handsome about this summer is that the roof of the house has blown off and we’re out the front painting with a really nice Farrow and Ball shade of gray. Where are the defenders?!

Are we Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle? It’s looking that way… but hey, at least the players are exciting.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not sure.

    Our centre is so weak though.

    At least we could well be very exciting out wide this season for the first time in a long while.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg


    “I don’t think he is, think he’s only based in the country.”

    Well, that’s not very nice of him then, I feel for the South African people, first Apartheid and now CG, they’ve had a rough ride.

    I don’t know, Emery denied knowing anything about Khedira so not sure how much truth there is to it.
    Haven’t watched him in years but those that have says his legs are gone, wouldn’t make much sense then.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    If we managed to do that as well as adding Pepe and Tierney I’d be more excited than I have been in a long time.

    I think the fan base would be in a state of disbelief.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    Have we signed anyone yet? I still haven’t 100% seen confirmation about Pepe.

    Where’s our defensive reinforcements?

  5. Receding Hairline

    Valentin Spurs year to win the title?? Because they added Ndombele?? Isn’t that a bit of a reach???

    From 13 league losses and 71 points to league winners??? I can understand a prediction of a comfortable top three finish but league winners because of Ndombele??

  6. Receding Hairline

    If Tanguy Ndombele is good enough to determine league finishes i doubt he will be at Spurs . He has a total of six goals in 132 appearances since he started playing. He made 34 league appearances for a very good Lyon team that finished third in Ligue 1.

    I know Pochettino is good but looking at Spurs right now i don’t personally see them as any stronger than last season

  7. Chitom

    Spurs can beat anyone in a one off but to win the PL requires consistency and a long bench and that’s why the title is City ‘s for as long as they want it.
    Unless Pep gets bored and fucks off onto his next vanity project but even then , according to Pedro and a few others, Arteta will pick up the slack and continue on winning.

  8. fsaf

    Number 10 that doesn’t score is not the way to go. He’d be good in the deeper role like Cazorla was in his later period. Similar player could be Rosicky maybe even though the Czech was pretty dangerous in the box with his swift moves.

    Is Ceballos basically knits the team together, he loves to play with the ball, dribbles a lot, has an eye for a good pass and is a competent shooter from outside the box. Imo he’s a #8 more than a #10. He doesn’t go inside of the box much but dictates play and his vision is always about making a forward play, meaning not passing the ball backwards or sideways, but forward and also dribbling with the ball to create more space for another teammate.

    He is coming back from a top European Championship for under 21 where his national team Spain won the tourney and Dani was voted in the perfect 11 alongside only 3 other teammates. He also won the award player of the tournament for the previous Euro u21 in 2017. Last two Spaniards to win the award before him are Juan Mata and Thiago Alcantara. Not a bad company I’d say.

    Real Madrid didn’t include an option to buy in the loan contract, but they agreed on reviewing their position at the end of the coming season.

    I’m an optimist as a whole. I loved the player in that glorious year he had in Real Betis. When the trio of Spanish maestros – Cazorla, David Silva, Mata – came to the Prem, they improved their teams a lot. We’ve missed Cazorla type of player so dearly that I’m very enthused for what Dani can give us. He has the talent to be a SERIOUS talent. He could be a top 5 EPL player if things go smooth. He will never be as disappointing as Denis Suarez. But he might as well be as average to us as Kovacic was for Chelsea. We’ll see.

  9. Receding Hairline

    I have thought long and hard and i cannot come up with one single reason why Khedira should be signed by Arsenal

    You can see the idea when Stephan lichteiner was signed but this you cannot explain if it happens. I hope there is nothing to it. Willock already has enough bodies to fight off for chances in the squad, we have two very young midfielders who will need all the game time they can get

  10. HighburyLegend

    “Have we signed anyone yet? I still haven’t 100% seen confirmation about Pepe. ”
    Well you have Pedro’s affirmation, not enough ?

    “Where’s our defensive reinforcements?”
    Mustafi will improve this season.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s horizon this season will be between 3-6th place in EPL.

    It will be dependent on what happens in next two weeks in transfer market.
    If we bring in both Tierney and Pepe our prospects will improve, although the
    missing piece in jigsaw will be a CB.

    We should not forget that Arsenal had a decent record against Spurs, Chelsea
    and Man Utd in EPL.

    For all the rhetoric about Spurs prospects much will depend on Kane staying
    fit. Their goalscoring potential without him is limited.

    Chelsea are a solid team, but they will be missing Hazard and also have shortcomings in attack.

    Man Utd underperformed last season, but have yet to make a significant acquisition in transfer market.

  12. Chika


    “I don’t know, Emery denied knowing anything about Khedira so not sure how much truth there is to it.
    Haven’t watched him in years but those that have says his legs are gone, wouldn’t make much sense then. ”

    I’ve not seen him play in ages as well. It’s just my desperation to have Elneny shifted. If Khedira is past it as reports suggest, then it’d make zero sense signing him.

  13. Nelson


    I also like what I saw yesterday. He played like a midfield general. He carried the ball forward and then released an intelligent forward pass. I read that he was the one who requested Madrid not to include a buy back clause. He’ll need some convincing to stay longer. Guen can learn a lot from him.

  14. CG

    This Cebollas Chap.

    Funny looking thing,

    from those Gummy Gums when he smiles.
    to those spindly Giraffe Legs- he looks rather sickly

    Fragile Alert! (Troy Deeney will Eat him Alive.)

    I still cant make out why ZZ does not fancy him!

    I note he is friends with Hector….

    Not another Vegetarian soccer player?

    He needs a Steak and Guinness diet for a few weeks.

    (Like Tor the Myth- endurance and stamina issues by Feb.)

  15. fsaf

    Forgot to add something more on Ceballos. 93.7% pass completed in his last season for Real Madrid. Captain of the Spain U21 NT. In that Euro just a month ago he scored two stunners from outside the box, one of them from a direct free kick and also added two nice assists. When he was playing regularly for the last time, which was in 2016/17 for Real Betis, he finished as the 3rd player with most successful dribbles in La Liga only behind Neymar and Messi.

  16. Pierre

    As far as I’m concerned, if Willock isn’t a regular starter this season in midfield then we must have an abundance of quality midfielders at our disposal

    He is really looking the part in so aspects of his game .

    It’s no coincidence that in our last 2 games v Madrid and Lyon , the team has lost something when he was substituted …he is a very composed , assured footballer,defensively sound and offensively has the potential to score many goals as he has the underrated ability of being in the right place at the right time and one can already see his ability to read the game with his interceptions and the timing of his runs.
    If he can learn to strike the ball like a lampard or Gerrard he could go a long way in the game.

  17. Gentlebris

    ‘Have we signed anyone yet? I still haven’t 100% seen confirmation about Pepe. ”
    Well you have Pedro’s affirmation, not enough ‘

    No signing yet, Mr, but we have seen the intent we craved.
    I’m calm re Pepe, for if it goes south, Zaha is there to be hijacked from Everton.
    Win win, I would say.

  18. Receding Hairline

    “When Luis Enrique was Spain manager, he took the unprecedented step of calling Ceballos up despite his lack of game time at club level, a sure sign of just how highly he rated the player.

    “Dani is a special player, there aren’t many like him in football,” Enrique said. “He did the same with the Spain U-21s that he did with the full Spain team. Very few players can do those things.”

  19. Wengaball

    Why is it so hard to understand the multi-captains thing that seems to be the norm these days?

    Simple – ego. Managers believe they are the only leaders that matter. By appointing one single captain, they will effectively be saying, hey look, there’s another ONE that matters almost as much.

    Egomaniacs are not going to admit that, and most modern managers, especially those that believe they have the “special sauce” – ahem ;)- are nothing if not egomaniacs.

  20. fsaf

    Prediction time.

    Emery hinted at getting a very good/excellent CB – “We are thinking only of players who can really, really improve this squad… It’s one centre back, one midfielder and one winger.”

    If we land Pepe, Tierney and a very good/excellent CB I say we finish 3rd. 4th would be the worst I see us which would still mean that we’ve progressed. And that’s all we want for now.

  21. Dream10

    Rugani is the CB we have been linked to this weekend. He’s been a Juvee backup for the last couple of seasons.

  22. bennydevito


    Iwobi and AMN have improved.

    CG, with all due respect you clearly don’t rate Emery, we all know that, but do you think you are prejudiced on this because in your eyes he directly replaced the man you think should still be here?

    You said he doesn’t like youngsters yet played quite a few last season and has promoted 5 or 6 from our academy for this season.

    You said he only signs Spanish journeymen yet has so far signed a young Brazilian, a young Frenchman and a young Spaniard.

    You said no young players will want to join us, see above list.

    You said no stars will want to join us because of Emery, well Ceballos has said he joined because of Emery and turned down other clubs including Spurs, as too did Saliba.

    Pepe a huge young expensive star is on the verge of rejecting Ancelotti to join us.

    Do you think you could be very, very wrong about Emery?

    He’s even sorted his teeth out, cut his hair, is wearing sharp suits and Wenger style glasses, all for you I suspect CG as he probably reads LG to improve his English which is also improving.

    Are you wrong on Emery CG?

    You too Valentin.

  23. Marc

    Fucking hell Edu and Sanllehi don’t fuck about – first they set up an attack on Ozil and now they’ve dumped a body at Elneny’s house in Egypt.

  24. fsaf

    Outs that I’d like to see but I also feel that could realistically leave the club in this Summer:

    Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson, Koscielny (?)

    Outs that I’d like to see next big window: Sokratis, Monreal, Chambers, Mkhitaryan, Ozil possibly Iwobi depending on his display this season.

  25. Biggles

    So talk of Mustafi leaving. Great, I want him out the team badly, as he costs us so many goals. Whilst I expect Koscielny to be gone by the end of the window, I can’t see us signing Rugani on loan unless we get rid of at least a one of Mustafi, Mavro, Chambers or Bielik as well as Koscielny.

    I think it’s fair to say that Sokratis is our first choice CB. If Holding were fit, I’d think he’d be starting, but he isn’t. I’d expect Saliba to be a first choice next season. So Rugani for a season works quite well, and if he’s better than Sokratis and/or Holding, you keep him and drop one of them.

    I can’t see Rugani sticking around at Juventus for long. Sarri almost always plays a back four, so there’s only room for two CBs, and having spent so much on de Ligt, he has to be one of them. Not sure whether it’s Bonucci or Chiellini that will be alongside him. Chiellini is nearly 35 after all, so probably Bonucci. Juventus also signed Demiral from Sassuolo a couple of weeks ago as well, and he’s also young, so they are clearly planning for the long term. They extended Rugani’s contract in March, but I think it’s probably a case of trying to retain value than seeing him as the future.

  26. DM


    I say this because I respect you. Why the fuck are you responding to, or even addressing, CG? I haven’t read his comment – as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t exist on here – so don’t know exactly what you’re responding to, but seriously, why? The guy is either the most committed troll in the playbox, or (more likely) a total whack-job. The only way to deal with either is just to ignore. I wish everyone did, but I mention specifically to you because I like you.

  27. fsaf

    What DM said.

    I just skip whenever I see a comment of the guy. The grey layout of the page, left and right of the comment section, has more sense than the guy.

  28. Un na naai

    Do you think you could be very, very wrong about Emery?


    Come on now. Evenyou were slating him at the end of the season when we were throwing away chance after chance to qualify for the champions league

    I’m willing to admit that we may see a massive improvement this season now that he’s added players who dance to his tune shall we say but the high line is still a concern with the exact same defensive personnel

  29. DM

    FWIW, if we get the Pepe deal over the line, as well as Tierney, and the reports of us loaning Rugani are true, I’ll consider that an excellent summer. The loan makes sense as we’ll have Saliba next year, so really only need someone for this. Then next summer (obviously depending how this season goes), we’ll have to think about whether we need a long-term replacement for Ceballos, or if our up-and-coming prospects can take that position themselves.


    Plenty of options for rotation, too, and I’ve only chosen Mkhitaryan for now instead of Guendouzi/Xhaka/Willock/Özil etc because for some reason I quite like him right now – I think he improved end of last season (unpopular opinion, I know) and has had a good pre-season, but we have lots of options there. Plus a heap of youngsters to try to make impacts – Nelson, Nketiah, Martinelli, etc etc

  30. fsaf

    Haven’t watched Rugani too many times, but I googled him and apparently he’s 190cm tall.

    “Rugani is a tall, tactically versatile, and physically strong centre-back, who is good in the air, both defensively and offensively. He is known in particular for his anticipation, intelligence, and marking ability, despite his lack of notable pace or mobility. He is also considered to be a correct player, who often avoids committing to challenges, preferring to restrict his opponents through his positioning. Due to his confidence in possession, he is capable of playing the ball out from the back-line.”

    25 yo Mertesacker? Not too shabby I guess although pace is make it or break it in the EPL.

  31. Marc


    I know what you mean – everyone got so excited on Saturday we’re all going to look fucking stupid if it falls through.

  32. Un na naai


    I thought he looked lively yesterday
    He offers more goals than ozil at the minute too. He can just fade so badly though

  33. Un na naai

    Bringing in rugani to play with our current centre halves still indicates the high line is not the way forward this season. It’s asking for trouble with slow centre halves but if holding and rugani can anticipate runs behind then it’s already better than Mustafi and sokratis getting nailed with the ball behind constantly

  34. bennydevito

    MarcJuly 29, 2019    11:28:54

    Fucking hell Edu and Sanllehi don’t fuck about – first they set up an attack on Ozil and now they’ve dumped a body at Elneny’s house in Egypt.



  35. bennydevito

    Un nai nai,

    Yes I was, am still sceptical, I meant in the context of the things CG uses to lambast Emery like Spanish Journeymen, no youngsters, bad teeth etc.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Apparently Arsenal are looking at trying to get a 2 year loan deal with an obligation to buy for Rugani done.

  37. Marc


    The thing with Miki and a few of the other higher earners is they are really facing some serious competition now.

    We’re getting into shape up, ship out or rot in the reserves territory. It’s not going to happen over night but it’s really looking like the squad is going to be in a much stronger position in a year or 2.

  38. Receding Hairline

    If PSG wanted Pepe they would have wrapped up the deal long ago.

    Lot’s of tabloids are just adding different click bait articles to the story, everyone was caught unaware and are now desperately trying to appear informed on the workings of the deal.

  39. Marc


    I reckon we’re 2 weeks away from a Mustafi shirt being delivered to the training ground wrapped around a couple of dead fish.

  40. Nelson

    Micki is an uncommitted footballer. Only when he feels competition for position, he’ll give more effort. Last year, after we signed Suarez, he suddenly played a few good games. After he found out Suarez, he reverted back to his lazy attitude. He was bad in this preseason and only gave an effort yesterday when the team is going to sign Pepe.

  41. Freddie Ljungberg


    Would be a smart deal if true, if Rugani is any good in the PL that is.

    Keeps most of our transfer budget intact for next year as well so we can focus on upgrading our midfield then.

  42. Marc


    It’s also a way to generate advertising clicks. Desperate Arsenal fans see a headline of “Pepe deal on rocks” and they all panic.

    Turns out to be a false story of course but they’ve got the clicks.

  43. bennydevito


    This season I am going to try to be nice to everyone, including CG. Whilst I agree with your sentiments it takes all sorts to keep a successful blog going and things would be boring if we all thought the same.

    At the end of the day CG wants to see 7s back at the top and doesn’t see Emery getting us there and rather stubbornly refuses to give him any credit. However, if we do get top 4 this season and start genuinely competing once more with real signs we’re not far away, I suspect CG will begrudgingly change his tune.

    I’m probably wrong though!

  44. Leftsidesanch


    Of course, now Sky Sports are running that Pepe is deciding between us, Napoli and PSG. They have no clue.

    Its amazing how most had no clue of this potential deal but now act as if they’re fully aware of whats taking place.

  45. Marc


    “You’re actually giving me a complex!”

    Compared to some of your other issues I reckon that’s the least of your problems.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    ‘Compared to some of your other issues I reckon that’s the least of your problems.’

    My other personalities do not agree with you.

    A couple think you have a point.

  47. Receding Hairline

    “It’s also a way to generate advertising clicks. Desperate Arsenal fans see a headline of “Pepe deal on rocks” and they all panic.Turns out to be a false story of course but they’ve got the clicks.”


    I have no fears on the deal personally, those who have been reporting the deal when most of the click bait gangs knew nothing about it haven’t yet given cause for concern

  48. Cesc Appeal



    At that point as well I think Arsenal would believe they will be back in the UCL and have a far more stable squad and financial situation which means even if Rugani is a squad player at best we won’t mind the fee at that point.

  49. Receding Hairline

    “Its amazing how most had no clue of this potential deal but now act as if they’re fully aware of whats taking place.”

    Someone on here mentioned that would be the case and true to form they have been milking the story for all it is worth

  50. Receding Hairline

    Done deal! #Arsenal have closed for Nicolas #Pepe. #Gunners will pay him €80M to #Lille. Pepe will sign a contract until 2024 by €6M a year. #transfers #AFC

    — Nicolò Schira (@NicoSchira) July 29, 2019

    Some of the guys who were on the story from the off just tweeted. He and Fabrizio Romano have been on the story from the off. Sky know as much as you and I

  51. Un na naai

    If we get rugani, tierney and Pepe over the line then it’s a 100% summer from me. With martinelli, Ceballos and Saliba then I couldn’t ask any more. They would have exceeded my expectations by some amount.

    Not done yet but if this happens then kudos to Raul and Edu.

  52. Un na naai


    Hands up. The Pepe deal was the most pleasant Suprise I’ve had from arsenal for a good while
    As well as the rugani deal

  53. Jamie

    I would be hard pressed to think of a more successful transfer window than this one if:

    – we complete the Pepe deal
    – we bring in Tierney
    – we bring in Rugani on a 2 year loan deal with obligation to buy (like Cesc mentioned above)
    – we shift Mustafi, Chambers, Jenko, Bielik and Mkhi by Aug 31st.

    The savings on our wage bill alone with all the departures make it fairly successful business.

    Feeling much more positive about next season than I was a couple weeks ago.

  54. HighburyLegend

    “Its amazing how most had no clue of this potential deal but now act as if they’re fully aware of whats taking place.”

    Specially dedicated to Pedro.

  55. CG

    Hello BD

    (Still as whimsical as ever.)

    You went to Molineux

    You watched Arsenal ship in 3 goals in 45 mins (3 days after The Palace Fiasco)

    You watched the players Down Tools to their manager.

    You watched the players Body Language as they come off.

    Because you told us.

    Why delude yourself?

    Tell us what you Really Believe.
    (.Not what you Hope.)

    Emery is as Clueless as ever.

    He may have New Teeth,New Haircut, New Cartier Glasses.
    But It’s still the same Emery

    He is still Our Resident Clown
    And Deep Down You know I am right.

    Emery ain’t Arsenal
    And Never Will Be

  56. Biggles

    I have to say that Pepe for less money than Palace wanted for Zaha is excellent business. Provided he adjusts that is.

    Telling that the best chance of Zaha going to Liverpool is to play for Everton.

    Of course, until the announcement is on the club website, I’m still expecting it to fall through.

    But if it doesn’t… could be an excellent window.

  57. Un na naai


    I agree with almost everything there but I’m not sure i would give Chambers the bullet
    He’s versatile, won player of the season at Fulham and is a homegrown olayer

    On top of that that would leave us with just 3 senior centre halves, one of whom is currently injured. So no. Chambers stays. 100%

  58. Paulinho

    Yep, it was as predictable as ever that Sky would try and add their little spin to the Pepe transfer to create some suspense.

  59. Jamie

    Un –

    Keeping Chambers (and Bielik for that matter) wouldn’t be terrible given their wages, so fair enough. I want Chambers to be a solid player, I just don’t think he is. Hopefully he improves.

    Mkhi and Mustafi are the two big earners who certainly don’t improve the squad, and Elneny and Jenko are useless. All 4 need to go. I take it Kos will be gone soon too..

  60. Un na naai

    How many Italian centre halves have come to the premier league and been anything other than ok at best though? Materazzi at Everton. Who else? Can’t think of any.

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    Add Pepe Tierney and Rugani on loan, ship out some more dross and get CL next season and our budget should be looking a lot healthier even with all the backloaded deals we’re doing now.

    Add someone like Havertz and an upgrade to Xhaka next summer (probably a RB that can compete with Bellerin too) and we should be ready to compete with anyone. Maybe still too thin squad wise to win the league but not far off.
    Well ahead of schedule if so.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    ‘have come to the premier league and been anything other than ok at best’

    Okay is all we need for now.

  63. Paulinho

    Receding – I haven’t got a clue. Never seen him play.

    The stuff on twitter about him is not exactly encouraging. Talk of him getting rinsed by Gervinho.

  64. Un na naai


    Is better than anything else we have right now. If we lose Mustafi koscielney and bielik that leaves us with just Sokratis and Chambers right now

    If we sign rugani that leaves us with 3 until Holding comes back.

    It’s just not going to happen
    It’s not even being discussed as though it’s on the table
    If be surprised if Mustafi goes too as there is no talk of it at all.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if our CB plans might be different if we do manage to sell Mustafi and get a decent fee for Beilik?

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Jose Fonte who plays at Lille:

    “He’s incredible if he can reach the same level, which I believe he will, which he did with Lille last season then Arsenal fans will be very happy.”

  67. Cesc Appeal


    “He is super quick, he has a left foot which is silky, one vs one he is second to none. He finishes really good, he takes penalties, he takes free kicks, he is a very, very accomplished player and I think Arsenal fans will be in for a treat for sure.”

  68. Receding Hairline

    Receding – I haven’t got a clue. Never seen him play.

    Fair enough

    Seen him a few times and can’t say i will have him high on my list of recruits for Arsenal. A slow defender in this league is a disaster waiting to happen and with our ridiculous high line i shudder.

    Mustafi needs to be replaced for his own good though, the fans at the stadium will not forgive his nonsense next season.

  69. Jamie

    The thing is, if we somehow managed to squeeze 40m out of Mustafi, Elneny, Chambers, and Bielik, we could do better than a Juve sub as our new starting CB.

  70. Receding Hairline

    “Eden Hazard reportedly arrived at Real Madrid’s pre-season tour in Montreal seven kilos overweight.

    It has been far from smooth sailing for Bernabeu boss Zinedine Zidane this summer, with his signings failing to impress, Gareth Bale still on the books and the small matter of a 7-3 defeat by city rivals Atletico.

    But another troubling issue which has seemingly arisen, a problem Zidane presumably thought he would not have to deal with, is Hazard’s weight.

    It has caused friction at the club and president Florentino Perez, who hailed Hazard as the player to solve all of Real Madrid’s problems during his unveiling, has distanced himself from playing a part in his acquisition.

    Instead, it is reported, sources have said Perez now has no confidence in Hazard and signed him only at the request of Zidane.”


    I am just glad he is no longer at Chelsea

  71. Cesc Appeal

    It would depend on how much we got for them this summer.

    We can’t just take the benefit of installments and then not think of the burden.

    If people pay all or the majority of fees for players like Elneny, Bielik, Mustafi (would be great) this summer then fine, if not we will have limited cash for this window.

    If we managed to get £20 Million from them all and Amaechi etc this summer then that might allow us to look at a £40 Million or more CB in installments with a good amount of the total fee paid this summer.

  72. DM


    “Talk of him getting rinsed by Gervinho.”

    This isn’t exactly something to be worried about. Gervinho was an excellent player in France before he joined us, and has done pretty well since leaving us too. Granted, he was pretty woeful during his time here, but don’t think we should read too much into that sort of thing.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Also shows what people have been saying about Dani Ceballos.

    No option to sign and Madrid supposedly still rate him…but look how quickly things change at Madrid.

    Zidane is under pressure and Hazard is being doubted.

  74. Un na naai

    Furthermore, comments made by Mustafi earlier in the summer would have left supporters disappointed.

    “It is odd that there are always transfer speculations,” Mustafi told German publication Kicker . “I am an Arsenal player and have a contract until 2021.”

  75. fsaf

    Just watched this excellent highlight reel for Pepe posted 2 days ago on ScoutNationHD’s youtube which is arguably the best channel for football players highlights that you can find.

    Things I noticed –

    – Pepe isn’t a consumer. Not a fox in the box with limited influence (aka kind of Auba’s game).

    – Guy is gonna take on players all day long. And I mean – ALL DAY LONG!

    – He’s tall and has a big frame. Every time he got fouled it felt like the whole football ground collapsed. He’s huge and defenders will have a REALLY hard time trying to stop him down.

    – He’s fast and has a big step.

    – There is grace in his dribble. He can free himself space by couple of elegant moves of his left foot.

    – We reached the part with the left foot. EXTREMELY left footed. I repeat. EXTREMELY left footed. In a highlight reel of 27 mins, I saw like 3 significant moves in total that he did with his right foot. 3 moves of which 2 were assists and 1 was a shot.

    – Superb left foot. Basically everything that is dribbling, receiving the ball, passing, shooting was done with his left peg. And god bless, that foot is golden. It reminded me of Robben. In a good way that is. The technique of shooting and dribbling with his left foot is obscene.

    As a whole I’m actually struggling to compare him to another player. Powerful, fast, big and elegant winger. Opponents can’t stop him. There is a vibe of Moussa Sissoko but just regarding their physical attributes. There is a vibe of Ousmane Dembele but the physicality is much different and also Pepe is much more of a goal threat and less of a playmaker. Of corse there is a vibe of TH14.

    As a whole I’m 90% certain he will become a superstar for us. I don’t need to compare him to anyone in our team because our winger options are all giga weak. But watching this monster take on players when we’ve been playing with Iwobi, Ozil and Mikki…

    I’d go with Pepe every single time ahead of Zaha. Every single time.

    Show him wearing our shirt already!

  76. HighburyLegend

    “Bielik can’t be any worse than Mustafi.”

    Even a striker could do a better job than the cunt.

    When he yell at his partners after one of his many, famous, ridiculous mistakes (*”That’s your fault not mine”), I wish I could be beside him, just to punch him.

  77. HighburyLegend

    “I am an Arsenal player and have a contract until 2021.”

    Translation : “I love money, London, and you are dreaming if you think that I don’t have the balls (the same than those I never show on the pitch) to fuck Arsenal all the way till the end of my contract.”

  78. DM


    I watched that video yesterday. I always try not to get excited by Youtube highlights but boy… he looks something pretty special. On Sky they were saying that last year only 2 players in the top 5 leagues scored 20+ goals and had 10+ assists… Pepe and Leo Messi. And he’s been improving his numbers every season.

    His left foot finishes, the way he opens up his body and slots the ball into the bottom left so elegantly; it’s like watching a mirror image Henry. Hope we pull this one off, and he delivers everything he looks like he can!

  79. Un na naai



    He’s going nowhere. Cunt. I still think it’s crass to boo your own player though. Not unless he’s done something to really deserve it
    Like JT shagging his best mates mrs. I’d boo that

  80. fsaf

    Exactly my man.

    Guy is special. This will be a coup and the best transfer of the summer. No way he doesn’t fit in the team well. We have a big French group in our team and players coming in from Ligue Un as a whole fit really well in the EPL. I hope he keeps himself away of any injuries. Literally other than a serious injury I think that he’ll light the EPL on fire. Will be certainly adding him to my Fantasy Football Team. That’s for sure.

  81. Receding Hairline

    “Unlike many other left-footed creative attackers, Pepe does a lot of work off the ball and offers something of a defensive presence when out of possession, making 137 recoveries and contesting 83 aerial duels last season. For comparison, Angel Di Maria made 100 recoveries and attempted to win just two headers. Both offered plenty going forward but Pepe is more involved in all phases of play.”

    “Pepe’s physicality should help him adjust to the Premier League more quickly than many foreign imports but a lot will also depend on where Emery plays him. Many of Pepe’s goals from Ligue 1 were the result of his advanced starting position during blistering counter-attacks – Arsenal cannot afford another forward either unprepared to put in a defensive shift or get back to assist the rest of the team without the ball.”

    “Pepe constantly looks for these opportunities to break in beyond a high line and his ability to find them while working the right of midfield will have particularly attracted Emery who was short of wingers last season.”

    “Arsenal’s collection of ageing and unreliable defenders rightly attract opprobrium, but a look under the bonnet shows all was not hunky-dory in attack last season despite their tally of 73 goals.

    Emery’s team reached that total – behind only Liverpool and Manchester City – with a shot conversion rate of 21.5 percent of their attempts on target, the highest of any team since 1996 according to Opta. Although their Expected Goals total for the season ranked fourth in the division at 60.02, ten teams had more shots on goal than Arsenal. They included Wolves, Southampton, Crystal Palace and Everton.”

  82. Marc

    “I still don’t think Zidane is back for the long haul he thinks he is.”

    I’ll admit I was shocked when he went back and I have a feeling it might not last either.

    So the Poch will have the choice of ManU at Christmas or maybe Madrid next summer.

  83. Receding Hairline

    “Not a single Arsenal player ranked in the top 18 players for dribbles in the Premier League last season, with Alex Iwobi’s 98 dribbles putting him 19th in the rankings behind full-backs Ben Chilwell and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Wilfried Zaha topped the league with 249, the most of any player in Europe’s top five domestic leagues. Who was second? Nicolas Pepe. ”

    “Unless a cute flick around the corner came off or there was a turnover of possession, it was difficult for Arsenal to progress swiftly upfield and catch opposition at their most disorganised. The addition of Dani Ceballos in central midfield and pursuits of Pepe and Zaha show this defect did not go unnoticed by Arsenal’s recruitment hierarchy.”

    “All are players whose ball-carrying tempts opponents towards them which can open up space for others. Emery will hope this can lead to more consistent, less sporadic chance creation and longer spells of sustained pressure. “

  84. CG

    We are signing Pepe not Pele.!

    Crikey – you are an excitable bunch.

    The Clown will have his Brain Scrambled by Halloween……433/352/334/1/9 523!!

    (Does The Ivorian speak Spanglish?)

  85. Cesc Appeal


    The lack of dribbling ability in the squad and total lack of wide options in the squad was something most everyone, aside from those desperate to pretend the squad was actually decent enough, pointed out was a real issue.

    Improved ball carrying, more width, more pace and more directness will help us out defensively as well.

  86. Receding Hairline

    Cesc reading that article makes me happy. There is a method to our recruitment this season. Now we are not being fed abstracts like super quality, the need has been identified and players are being sought specifically to fill that need

  87. fsaf

    Nice one.

    It’s nice that finally the club is fixing problems that were obvious to us as fans. Which hasn’t been the case for over 10 years.

  88. Un na naai


    I agree. The kid is mustard. He’s got everything needed to be a premier league giant

    I cannot tell you how excited I am that he will be wearing the cannon

    What a game changer

    There’s only 3 times I can recall a transfer like this as a gooner


    Now Pepe

  89. Left testicle

    I fully expect the Pepe announcement to coincide with the unveiling of a new corporate sponsor.

    Direct debit – the easier way to pay

  90. Marc

    According to SSN

    “Nicolas Pepe was the only player in Europe’s top five leagues to have 100+ shots, win 100+ fouls and complete 100+ take-ons in the league in 2018/19”

  91. Valentin


    You really are looking for argument.
    Reread my comment, I never said that I expected Spurs to win the league.

    In fact I started my comment with “ManCity will win the league.”. I also stated that I do not expect Liverpool to reach the same height.

    However I do expect Spurs to have another good run in the Champion’s league and potentially win it. With NDombele, they have upgraded their midfield. With Sissoko and Wanyama they are solid, but not really good at transitioning from defense to attack. He will give them that.

  92. Valentin


    “Many of Pepe’s goals from Ligue 1 were the result of his advanced starting position during blistering counter-attacks ”

    I find very funny that you are now regurgitate verbatim article from the Telegraph, but when I was making those exact same points you disagree and felt necessary to make snarky comment.

    Next time before you jump on somebody else comments, you should make some research.

  93. Marc


    Firstly how the hell am I a troll?

    Secondly apart from using a joke from the Simpson’s how am I xenophobic?

    You seem particularly sensitive on that issue?

  94. Receding Hairline

    “Next time before you jump on somebody else comments, you should make some research.”

    Valentin you were claiming he is only capable of playing one way and making a particular type of run, that assertion was what was rubbished not the fact he scored goals from counters, anyone with an eye let alone two can see that from his highlights reel

  95. Biggles

    @Receding Hairline

    The reason I still expect Pepe to fall through is because I’ve been an Arsenal fan for too long and have discovered that there are limitless ways that the club can crush our dreams and embarrass us.

    Remember when we were signing Luis Suarez because we had met his buyout clause? Yeah, didn’t happen.

    Remember when we were about to sign Alonso? Yeah, didn’t happen.

    Remember the last time we signed a winger from Lille? “Nah, that Hazard guy is never worth twice as much as Gervinho, give us him instead”.

    I’m just a pessimist now.

  96. Valentin

    Real Madrid players recruitment continue to be done haphazard way on the whims of Perez who does not seem to agree with Zidane on the players going in and out.
    Zidane may well throw the towell before the start of the season if he keeps getting overruled.

  97. Receding Hairline

    “ManCity will win the league. However I am really worried that this year could be Spurs year. ”

    That was your comment Valentin

    You expect City to win the league but you are worried this might be Spurs year. Your only mention of the Champions league was in saying they got to the final last year so by “this could be Spurs year” anyone can be forgiven to assume you mean the league, nothing “snarky” there

    Also i have noticed you are one of those who consider any move or achievement by other clubs as “golden” but anything Arsenal, the club you support, is met with skepticism

  98. Receding Hairline

    “Remember when we were signing Luis Suarez because we had met his buyout clause? Yeah, didn’t happen.”

    We never reached an agreement with Liverpool for Suarez and no one ever claimed we did

    “Remember when we were about to sign Alonso? Yeah, didn’t happen.”

    Again no agreement was reached on that. You seem to be drawing your disappointments from transfer rumors

    “Remember the last time we signed a winger from Lille? “Nah, that Hazard guy is never worth twice as much as Gervinho, give us him instead”.”

    Unlike many i still don’t consider the Gervinho transfer a gaffe. He was and is still a very good player, transfers don’t always work out. Nor did i believe we could have beaten Chelsea to Hazard anyway

  99. Marc


    I said the other day Valentin isn’t an Arsenal supporter he’s a Wenger supporter who’s now pissed off he was sacked.

    He won’t respond but ask him when he started to support the club?

  100. Valentin


    Changing tune and lying to cover your track.

    I never said that he could play only one way.

    I said that if we buy a right winger counter attack specialist, we need to change our play to accommodate him.
    There is no point in buying him because he is quick and direct and play a slow build up. It’s like buying a Maserati to do off-roading. Ridiculous and pointless.

    I specifically said that a lot of the goals Pepe scored for Lille came from counter-attack and from run from right to left. Those are the goals that Aubameyang scores. They both make the same run. Those goals will therefore not be all added to the overall total, some will in fact be transfered from Aubameyang. If both are in the same team, one of them will have to change and make different runs that would affect his effectiveness.

    In my opinion, it would be more effective to have a front three of Zaha, Lacazette, Pepe than Iwobi, Aubameyang, Pepe. Especially as the last two will want to operate in the same zone: on the shoulder of the last defender.

  101. Receding Hairline

    “He won’t respond but ask him when he started to support the club?”

    Marc i don’t know when he started posting here but i think he made himself known here as a critical voice on Emery and Sanhelli and has felt the need to keep living up to that. Everything that happens at Arsenal under them he views from an angle of criticism yet accuses me of being “militant” in my defense of them or too taken in by Raul and Emery

    It’s actually cute he believes 100% he can run a football club and make better decisions than Raul and Emery, he always talks about them in a condescending manner

  102. Marc


    Yeah but you’ve got to remember Sanllehi and Emery have replaced work that Wenger was doing. It’s not enough to slag off one of them.

    I’ll bet you a cold beer on a warm day that if Wenger had turned up at a French club he’d be supporting them.

  103. Receding Hairline

    “Changing tune and lying to cover your track.I never said that he could play only one way.”

    Just because you lie a lot Valentin doesn’t mean everyone else does. You said Auba and Pepe always make identical runs all the time, Freddie even mockingly referred to that just a few minutes ago so he must be lying too. You are so full of yourself you are making a fool of yourself on here these days

    “I specifically said that a lot of the goals Pepe scored for Lille came from counter-attack and from run from right to left. Those are the goals that Aubameyang scores. They both make the same run. Those goals will therefore not be all added to the overall total, some will in fact be transfered from Aubameyang.”

    After calling me a liar you just repeated the same nonsense you claimed you never said, you really lack self awareness. Aubameyang and Pepe and not the same type of player, you are the only one on earth who thinks they are alike

  104. Valentin


    I see that me purposely ignoring you is annoying you.
    I started supporting Arsenal in 94, two years before Wenger joined.
    What a shame you are again caught lying.

    When people can’t refute argument against the new regime, they have to resort to name calling.

    I am not a AKB, and I have said that he should have been moved on or curtail years ago. Gazidis should have behaved like a proper CEO and ask Wenger to concentrate on preparing the team. Instead he was in awe of him, and let him run amok.

  105. Receding Hairline

    “In my opinion, it would be more effective to have a front three of Zaha, Lacazette, Pepe than Iwobi, Aubameyang, Pepe. Especially as the last two will want to operate in the same zone: on the shoulder of the last defender.”

    Your opinion and you are entitled to it, doesn’t make it right. Just because CG and some posters think everything you say is gold does not mean your points should not be challenged

    There are many formations we can play with Auba and Pepe in the team, that fact seems to have escaped you. Aubameyang is an out and out striker, Pepe is not.

  106. Receding Hairline

    “When people can’t refute argument against the new regime, they have to resort to name calling.”

    So what is your argument against the new regime this time?? That Pepe is an unnecessary signing??

  107. Receding Hairline

    I don’t blame Valentin with all his cries of “you are lying”

    It is the go to defense for some on here when they want to wriggle out of things said earlier. English is the perfect language for backtracking

  108. fsaf

    Weird that Gervinho was mentioned.

    If I’m not wrong the last time we brought 2 players from the French League in one window, was 2011/12. 8 years ago. Gervinho and Park.

    When it’s been really obvious that players usually have no problem acclimatizing to the EPL and we had Wenger, who’s obviosly French and had connections and was a huge name in France among players and football people, why the hell did we stop buying from France?!

    So many big name players have came through there or were born in France but came through another team. Legends in the Prem like Henry, Vieira, Drogba, Hazard, Cantona.

    So weird that we stopped buying from France. The amount of talent we’ve missed over the years while having Gilles Grimandi and Wenger in the club. It’s scandalous.

  109. Valentin


    This is your usual tactic when you have been found out.
    Lying, accusing people of doing what you have just been caught doing, asking any troll to your defense, then insult people and disappear in a strop. It’s pathetic.

    I never said that both players are exactly the same. I said that their main threat is the same. Same running from the shoulder of the last defender from the right to the left.

    No difficult to understand that having two players making the same run will not result in twice the number of goals.

    Not difficult to understand either that one will have to adapt his game. As Pepe is the new kid on the block and is the more rounded player, it would be Aubameyang.

  110. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t know why you’re allowing yourselves to be dragged into negative talk and arguments, some people just want to do that about the new regime for obvious reasons, but now is just the time to enjoy what it is happening.

    To be fair there are some who are usually negative about the new regime on here who are enjoying it as much as anyone else. We’ve had it shit for so long at Arsenal why would you continue to be negative in positive moments?

    If people want to snipe let them do it alone.

  111. Marc


    “This is your usual tactic when you have been found out.
    Lying, accusing people of doing what you have just been caught doing”

    Pot and kettle springs to mind – you’ve called me both a liar and a troll today. Please supply evidence or a comment I’ve made to support your accusations.