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Wow, wow, wow… Raul S has pulled off the shock signing of the summer, with Dave Ornstein announcing the Spaniard has reeled in one of the best talents in Ligue 1 with Nicolas Pépé.


The above tweet is obviously a massive L on my part, but there are layers to my unprophetic words. Firstly, the fact we’ve managed to scrabble together €80m for a player is quite incredible. If there were a saying from this summer it’d be…

‘It’s all about the instalment plan, fam’

Secondly, I am HUGELY surprised that we were the only major club outside Napoli in for his talents. I know I have repeatedly defended what Arsenal is to players and managers around the world, but I didn’t think we were in that league of intrigue for names that had clubs like Paris and Liverpool sniffing. Just goes to show you, London is a huge pull, the full stadium is unique, the training ground is special, the chance to play must also be important, and the new guys must be able to sell a dream.

What a moment, I can’t remember Arsenal dropping a signing this major since we brought in Thierry Henry. He’s the right-winger of our dreams. The most exciting Ivorian since Yaya Toure stepped foot in Boreham Wood (Jokes Kolo, jokes). He scored 23 goals last season and gave 12 assists. He’s been making a contribution to Lille every 101 minutes, which is far more impressive than what Zaha has been doing at Palace over the past season. The best he’s mustered is a contribution every 152 in his best ever year last season.

The player himself is a joy to watch, for some reason I spent a lot of time watching Ligue 1 last year and he’s been one of the stand out guys. He’s powerfully built, standing at 6ft. I think he’s slightly lighter in frame than Zaha, but he’s electric on the ball. He has deft feet, he moves at pace, he’ll come deep, he’ll stretch teams and in front of goal last season he blew up.

We’ve struggled for years to add players with athleticism to our frontline, it’s great to see we’re finally moving in on players that are a huge issue for teams on the counter. When you have a shite defence like we do, the last thing we need is to be pressed into our own half because the only person chasing a long ball is Auba (who can be crowded out physically in big games).

Outside that, this has been a fucking great signing for the fans. This is a premium signing. I really think Zaha would have been good for us, but that could have gone the way of Welbeck, or it could have just been a move that was ok.

Pepe has a higher ceiling than Zaha, I think he’s better technically, and he’s 2 years younger. Our guy has resale value as well, which is super important when you look how we’re going to have to work the ins and outs moving forward.

It’ll also be good for the squad morale. No one wants to go back to preseason and have no new faces to look at. This will add the squad vibes and it’ll be just as fun for the players as it has been for the fans.

I know that a few of journos are saying the move favoured us because we were willing to give his agency team the commissions they wanted. It seems like the cost of football these days, but it’s dodgy all the same. We’ve lost out on lots of big names in the past because we’ve ignored the dark arts of the game, and now it looks like that’s where we’re playing them… but like most things in sport, you cease to care if you have a shiny new player rolling out in a redshirt.

I did think it was quite amusing that Raul and the exec leadership team spent an afternoon getting pounded at the fan Q&A for basically no reason… they could have just said we’d be signing Pepe this week and everyone would have shut the fuck up. It’s a bit like chewing out your partner for not doing anything for your birthday, then packing up your bags and leaving them, only find out their last-ditch attempt to meet you was a surprise birthday party with the Rolling Stones.

What I find particularly handsome about this summer is that the roof of the house has blown off and we’re out the front painting with a really nice Farrow and Ball shade of gray. Where are the defenders?!

Are we Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle? It’s looking that way… but hey, at least the players are exciting.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Receding Hairline

    Jason Bateman is very funny…without even trying. Has dropped some good movies over the past few years.

    Kevin Hart is funny too, I like the dude. His irresponsible stuff on Netflix is revolting though. Not funny at all.

  2. Un na naai


    Love bill burr
    Always listen to his podcast
    His tiffs with his Mrs are funny as hell
    They give me good deflective jokes to dodge my Mrs when she’s on the war path

  3. Un na naai

    Love bill Burr on Arnold Swartz- ah fuck- the terminator

    Or why we can’t hit women

    Just brilliant comedy

  4. WengerEagle

    American film that made me laugh more than any traditional comedy I’ve ever seen was American Psycho though.

    Literally was in stitches the whole time watching it, Bale’s hysterical.

  5. Un na naai

    Fuck me ive still got Luther on

    It is so so so so unbelievably bad

    The villain
    That duck mouthed woman. She’s about as intimidating as a boiled egg. Less. A boiled egg can burn you
    It can make you feel sick if you’re hanging

    This bird was so mis cast

  6. WengerEagle


    Yeah he can be self-indulgent alright but to me that’s part of his appeal. I like that he looks like he’s just constantly having an absolute blast making all of these shows, he’s the one that ruins most of the takes by laughing.

    He killed the Golden Globes speeches too, was incredibly satisfying watching the Hollywood elite squirm as he ripped the complete piss out of them on national TV.

  7. WengerEagle


    Burr’s incredibly sharp and literally shits on current US comedians. His appearances on Conan are well worth a watch, only person I can remember who’s made Conan genuinely crack up without the fake TV host OTT laugh.

  8. Champagne charlie

    Gervais absolutely serving Caitlin Jenner was golden…

    Can see he feeds off of ripping the self entitled, the more they hate it the harsher he goes

  9. gunnermjj

    15 great TV shows you might not have heard of, but ought to watch (random order):

    1. Banshee 2. Hannibal
    3. Bates Motel 4. Braindead
    5. Californication 6. Legit
    7. It’s always sunny in Philli 8. Wayne
    9. Bosch 10. Barry
    11. Happy 12. Get Shorty
    13. Another Period 14. The Knick
    15. The Terror

  10. Kay

    Are we really signing Pepe?#!*&?
    Where the f*ck did that come from?

    Something to get excited and Emery should get us to top 4 else pretty sure he will be out.

  11. Un na naai

    Yea Luther smacks of eye candy carrying a show. If the story and characters are bland then it’s not pointless imo.


    It’s the dialogue
    Pretentious doesn’t come close
    The writing? Tenuous and that’s being generous

    Just typical detached bbc nonsese

  12. WengerEagle


    The Mel Gibson bit had me literally crying, when he whisks away the drink as he’s leaving the stage.

    And Eddie Redmayne going bright purple because he can’t take a joke.

  13. Pedro

    The comedies they all like here are:

    The Office (it’s weird how obsessed they are)
    Arrested Development
    High Maintenence
    Broad City

    Also, back on TV series, I thought Succession was superb… everyone deliciously hateful. Like Billions for non-bros.

    … and in the UK, People Just Do Nothing. Can’t believe no one told me about it.

  14. Champagne charlie


    Mate he was like a Cheshire Cat up there, you just knew the room were shitting bricks because he was wielding a samurai sword at anyone and everyone. It’s often his subtle moves and facial expressions that ramp his delivery up. As you say, he’s just sharp as it gets

  15. Upstate Gooner

    Well, well, well… didn’t think it was gonna get any better than Ceballos on loan but arguably this has been the signing of the summer so far for any of the EPL clubs. Paris was awesome. Amsterdam was even better (still here for another couple of days). But this was the icing on the cake. Cheers everyone!

  16. WengerEagle

    US Office is a great show in it’s own right but it’s a completely different show from Gervais’. And Carrell absolutely carries it, literally 70pc of the side characters aren’t funny.

    Breaks my heart how literally a minority of people actually prefer the original with most of those not even getting it.

  17. Un na naai

    In fact anything with Jermaine clement. Even in legion he’s funny as hell in a semi serious role

  18. Un na naai


    I watch it back now and it doesn’t seem as funny as it did when it was released
    It just seems awkward

  19. Un na naai

    PedroJuly 27, 2019 20:56:28
    So weird to come here and everyone is being nice to each other.


    Week without marko and hey presto

  20. Champagne charlie


    The Pepe effect. Few loads have been burst (Marko particularly has filled a hi-tec sports sock), the only exception being Dissenter who’s desperate to ram it in the face of someone.

    Which is weird given nobody is against Pepe, but he’s had a strawberry daiquiri before his cruise so maybe he can be forgiven the sudden bravado. Probably flirting with the captain by now bless his socks.

    Can I extend a suggestion? Maybe remove the ban on Delia (joe) and Banford.

  21. Un na naai

    Champagne charlieJuly 27, 2019 20:51:30
    Gervais absolutely serving Caitlin Jenner was golden… Can see he feeds off of ripping the self entitled, the more they hate it the harsher he goes

    That’s when he’s at his best. True british comedy. Nothing is off the table.

    Leigh Francis has a similar approach with an altogether flavour

  22. Upstate Gooner

    “Also, back on TV series, I thought Succession was superb… everyone deliciously hateful. Like Billions for non-bros.”

    Sorry, Peds, but Succession is nowhere near good as Billions. Dropped it after 2.5 episodes. Couldn’t stand the writing, couldn’t stand the acting. Terrible all around. Billions, on the other hand, is superb. Easily in my top 5 of all time. In fact, I’d probably rate it number 2, after Prison Break, and followed by Dexter, Breaking Bad, and GOT.

  23. WengerEagle

    Hahaha is Bamford really still banned? Pedro I assume you’re finally as fucked off with him as a lot on here and just don’t want to see his posts anymore.

    Because far worse was posted on here in the past couple of days then anything Bam could have said, unless he was sharing his opinions on Renato Sanches, Benteke and most infamously Neymar, understandable in that case.

  24. Champagne charlie

    What are some guilty pleasure tv shows from some of you?

    I’ve done House a few times, Scrubs another.

  25. Un na naai


    Yes. It hasn’t aged well for me. It’s a comedy of its time. I can watch basil or Del Boy or Frank Gallagher in a way I can’t with David Brent. Maybe I’m in the minority but I don’t think the character transcends time as well as others

  26. Champagne charlie


    I think Banford came on here and gave the ‘youre not to be take seriously, guy’ routine…to Pedro. Lol he’s a bit dim at times with that stuff.

    Worth the aggro though all in all, he’s a warts and all sort. Joe too, until he starts going on a comment binge and spirals into a convo with himself. Usually ends with a recipe and flash of his knickers but again, bit of value.

  27. WengerEagle

    Eastenders back in the day [dark time in my life that]. Stopped watching it when they binned Derek Branning who was a bit of craic.

    Always found Scrubs too camp and happy. Desperate Housewives probably my most shameful guilty pleasure, absolutely lies to say you never followed it though, we were all invested for a time hehe.

  28. CG

    Markets Not Budged An Inch.
    Best Price for an AFC title Win…

    One would have thought after shelling out £72 mill for ‘the next Thierry Henry’ there would have been some movement inwards..

    Not a millimetre

    Telegraph UK Going Zaha to Goodison more likely..

    Such a Shame

    Had we Got Zaha
    6 points on the board from Day 1…..

  29. Un na naai


    Hmmm. X files. Rick and morty. I wouldn’t refer to them as guilty pleasures as I would proudly declare my admiration. Maybe less so than well established shows

  30. Un na naai

    Not fucking Luther anyway
    What dog shit
    Mrs has the right hump
    Laughed her taste down the street and into the dustbin
    Thankfully I did it via WhatsApp while she’s at her mums

  31. Upstate Gooner

    Arrested Development is very good but you can’t talk comedy TV shows without mentioning Seinfeld. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of my personal favorites as well. NewsRadio – very underappreciated show in my opinion. Weeds is great. IT Crowd was hilarious. And most recently Barry, and Happy!

  32. Champagne charlie


    Haha Eastenders go’wan lad. Scrubs does have a bit of that, but there’s a couple of guys that balance it for some laughs. Just fairly gash tv I’ve giggled along to over the years.

    Desperate Housewives! Good shout. Actually watched a few of the Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt leading…..proper thespian me.

  33. Pedro

    WE, I gave a few people plenty of chances… but when the MO is to discredit my work / my character, it’s time to say goodbye.

    Certain people start it, then others follow. When they’re gone, it doesn’t happen.

    Why write a blog if you don’t enjoy the comments section?

  34. Chris

    I can appreciate the US Office but to me it doesn’t hold a candle to the original. I may be biased as I grew up with Gervais’ version but even now I can watch it over and over.

    Also enjoyed Extras a hell of a lot.

  35. WengerEagle


    Hahaha we should coin them ‘Bamfordisms’.

    -Ending a sentence with, guy or, cheers. [After hurling abuse, lol]
    -fuckin’ or a censored attempt at the word fucking [not edgy enough to say the full word eh].
    -Dropping in that he played ‘ball at college level and is a Harvard graduate.

  36. CG

    This Cebollas Chap.

    His Legs.

    Latest fotos.

    Hardly Stuart Pearce thighs.

    He will last 7 Games.

    Have a Look at those Legs.

    Protein Diet this one…..

  37. Un na naai

    Handmaids tale

    Wasn’t guilty at first but the longer it goes in the more obscene it gets, the guiltier I feel about it.

    And offred. I’m sorry. The term “fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch” was invented for her
    Amazing actress though. Thoroughly angry looking

  38. WengerEagle


    I can respect that, your blog so you should be able to have free reign to censor posters you don’t enjoy reading.

    He was very militant towards Emery and I had my run-ins with him too about that. 180’d from hating AW to loving the smell of Emery’s farts.

  39. Pedro

    Yeah, can understand going from being an AKB to critical now he’s gone… but to go from analyst to psychophant over a manager that’s never done anything at the club was beyond bizarre.

  40. Champagne charlie


    Yea you knew his fanny was twitching when ‘guys’ were left and right. Lost count of how many times he’d tell someone “you’re not very smart”.

    A tame line, but speaks volumes about his ego lol just couldn’t function with anyone cutting into his logic. I’m sure he drops in here to keep abreast.

    Hates me, which I just smile at honestly haha most awkward thing for his is he was one of the main reasons I started posting here. Found him quite funny 😂

  41. Champagne charlie

    An interesting season ahead on the old Emery front you fancy.

    If he does well can it be claimed it’s down to signings? (The reverse argument for his downfall this past season)

    What is success?

    Be curious to see the usual suspects draw their respective lines. Personally I’m hoping we sneak into the CL any which way and upgrade him. But hey, if he wants to defy all logic and become a worthy foe to Pep and Klopp then the stage is yours Unai. I don’t buy it though.

  42. WengerEagle

    Never watched Hollyoaks, just know that there was some fit bird called Mercedes in it because it would come on after Home and Away [another guilty one hehe].

  43. Un na naai


    He wasn’t that bad. He is a colourful character. He livened the comments section. And to tell you the truth if it were not for him (like cc) and marko and the rest I’d never have been stirred to comment here. It’s that excessive level of interaction that draws people to the comments section
    It was for me anyway

  44. Un na naai

    Hill wood
    Depends on your era

    Anchorman for me
    Step brothers and love honour and obey ties at second

  45. Un na naai


    I never have
    I’ve got Irish cousins. The most manliest men you’d ever encounter and they never miss their soaps
    It’s as vomit inducing as it is hilarious

  46. WengerEagle


    He had some top takes outside of football which seemed to be a bizarre blindspot for him. Wallace and him agreed on everything politically but were polar opposites when it came to football opinions.

    Funnily though his take on football [genius in his mind] was the one that he seemed to take by far the most pride in which is why he would become so cunted off if anyone so much as dared to disagree with him. Like Joe Rogan who is in my mind the best podcaster there is to do it and the best sports commentator of all time on UFC but takes the most pride in his stand-up which he is shockingly bad at.

    Has made for some hilarious dialogue over the years between yourself, Marko, TR7 and others with him when pulled up for talking shit.

  47. WengerEagle


    They have a cult following over here the Soaps. We have our own Dub version of Eastenders called Fair City. Grim is the only word appropriate.

    Now that’s vomit-inducing, makes Eastenders actors look like Oscar winners.

  48. Champagne charlie


    Yea I rate him outside of football tbh. His character is questionable given just how intensively he couldn’t cope at disagreeing and having his verdict unpicked. That aside though I reckon he’s plenty solid.

    He’s like a drunk cunt swinging at a piñata with football sometimes though, and that did make for some colourful and amusing dialogues. Probably he the most genuine whoppers of anyone on here I reckon, Neymargate arguably top of the lot.

  49. Un na naai


    I love joe rogan
    Listen nearly every night. If the guest is boring I switch to Jordan Peterson

    Never watched his stand up. What I love about him is that he comes across as an every day guy. He asks the questions we all want to ask. His diverse guest list is amazing. I wish he’d swing more towards science lea my guests more regularly though rather than Eddie bravo all the time. Some of the info you get is mind boggling. The Bob Lazaar interview recently was very good
    As was the one with the girl who does the time restricted eating. The guy who thinks that humans evolved from eating magic mushrooms.

  50. Champagne charlie

    Rogan is the best at podcasts I agree. Jordan Peterson is a YouTube vice of mine, guy is too intelligent, it’s incredible

  51. Un na naai


    Went to his show
    Would love to meet him. An hour having him unpick me. Genuinely cares about the people he encounters too
    His bbc radio 5 sob was endearing. I’m certain he will go down as one of the greatest thinkers of our time
    His GQ interview was just leagues apart from anything mainstream offers. Mainly because the girl who interviews him was a credible challenge.
    Has a really soothing voice too which sends me to sleep. People talk about Wenger…. I wish Dr Peterson was my dad

  52. Un na naai

    Mad how many people out there are listening to and watching the same stuff
    I honestly thought I was in the minority but it’s going mainstream

    Can’t beat YouTube

  53. WengerEagle


    JRE is great, agree. List of guests are incredible, I watched the Lazar one a couple of weeks back. Other top guests are Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk one was amazing, Alex Jones ones just for the craziness and lols, Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, Russell Brand, Wiz Khalifa [I’m a hip-hop fan so was loving that one], Henry Rollins, Joey Diaz, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tim Kennedy and I’m missing out so many there.

    As you say his ability to be able to sit there and have a 3 hour conversation with literally anyone without awkward pauses or stiff transitions is mind-boggling considering most are people who he’s never before met.

    Have you seen the one with Gavin McInnes? He’d be right up your alley. Old-fashioned traditionalist provocateur that’s incredibly quick and funny and loves taking the piss out of the politically correct and the left.

  54. Champagne charlie

    Peterson is a force mate, complete conduit for modern thinking and illuminating actual consciousness.

    He’s not radical, just incredibly eloquent, interesting, and near impossible to argue against logically. Really enjoy his views, period.

  55. Drey

    Nice to see the comments about Comedy..
    My top comedy shows:

    — Veep
    — Californication (Hank Moody seems to get the girls almost effortlessly it’s annoying.. Charlie keeps getting stupid every passing episode)
    — The Office (US)
    — Parks and Recreation (Ron Swason)
    — New Girl
    — Archer
    — New Girl
    — Modern Family ( I really missed the young Luke)
    — Brooklyn 99

  56. WengerEagle


    And what’s most hilarious about that is that to this day, he’ll maintain that he was in the right re Neymar. He’ll take that one to the grave.

    Do you watch any of Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopolous, Steven Crowder. Ben Shapiro? All have right leaning opinions and I find myself enjoying much of their content. We’re led to believe that any right-wing or conservative perspectives are inherently bad but they speak plenty of sense to my ears even if I disagree with some of what they’re saying, religion a big part.

  57. Champagne charlie

    Milo and Shapiro yes, the other two I’m unfamiliar with. I’m like yourself, I see some rationale in right-leaning ideas and don’t agree at all with the ridiculous one or the other POV.

    I agree/disagree with principles across the spectrum. Shapiro is both excellent and annoying at the same time, Milo more an irritating cunt but some of his views are fair imo.

  58. Drey

    Are you a teenager? All of those are quite recent.

    No, I’m not a teenager.
    I’m not 40 years old either

  59. Un na naai


    That hotel guy was good too
    Alex Jones was insane
    Elon musk looked like he was resigned to extermination

    The guy who took (excuse spelling) auyisca and claimed that there were people in America centuries before common consensus agrees

    Just great people with great information and good intentions.

    Mcinnes? Yes seen it. I know him well. They spoke about inbreeding in certain populations
    I thought his marijuana discussion with Steven Crowder was a the worst I’ve seen of him
    Own Benjamin’s recent attempts to discredit him was utterly humiliating. Almost Brent like
    I have to say his conclusion on Alex Jones’ sandy hook theory was quite something. Like he was reaching out to a friend who is losing touch with reality.

    The time restricted eating one was really good too.
    And the fella from blink 182. Poor lad. As much as I want to believe we aren’t alone he’s just lost. So many great discussions. And the female writer who is digging into JFK and other “conspiracies”

    Every time I think of one another pops up. I hope joe rogan lives forever and keeps giving me such intriguing discussions

    There’s a few other guys on YouTube who I like too but a little out there conspiracy wise
    A Geordie fella who covers the massive mcann case a lot
    Richard d hall
    That’s his name. Not sure I buy all his stuff but he lends an interesting alternative view

  60. Un na naai

    Milo used to be great
    He’s become more of a showman rather than a serious polictical commentator.

    Shame as he was such a breath of fresh air.

  61. Un na naai

    Peterson is a force mate, complete conduit for modern thinking and illuminating actual consciousness. He’s not radical, just incredibly eloquent, interesting, and near impossible to argue against logically. Really enjoy his views, period.

    I’d pay a good money for an hour of his Time
    He always gives it freely though. He will sit all night to chat to fans and such. Just a genuinely caring man. Intellect aside. Someone to truly aspire to and an antidote to modern western “role models”

  62. Un na naai


    Sorry mate. You’ve been waiting patiently for a response. Yes porridge was good. As was two Ronnie’s
    You won’t het the likes agin. Before my time but I still draw a strange sense of comfort from watching older comedy that I do from modern equivalents.

    Never liked on the buses though.

  63. Danny M.O

    I think if we still went for zaha after we bagged pepe then i think a lot of teams will take us seriously.

    We would then have mentors for saka and reiss. I am hoping we can still shift some deadwood and bag some more players. i think we still need a cb, cm, and full backs.

    If we do all this then i see no reason why we wont get top four.

  64. Caligooner

    They wouldn’t be mentors for Saka and Nelson because those players would leave if we also bought Zaha. They wouldn’t have a path for meaningful minutes to the first team for five years.

    It would also call bullshit on the focus on youth.

  65. Leedsgunner

    If Pepe did come in surely that’s curtains for Iwobi… unless Emery decides to play him as a no 10 as he does when he plays for the Super Eagles.

    If he were surplus to requirements if it was up to me I would be straight on the phone to RB Leipzig to propose a swap for one of their young centre backs… either Konate or his partner Upamecano… better yet see if they would be interested in taking Mustafi plus say £20m for the defensive partner as well.

    If we were able to land two CBs like those two for Iwobi, Mustafi plus £20m that would be excellent.

  66. Caligooner

    I think the only way we can get rid of Mustafi would be to pay someone to take him at this point. The biggest waste of 35 million ever. The window where we bought him and Xhaka is just nightmarish.

  67. Moe

    Hell Yeah, a competent half back and the kid from Celtic and its a wrap. We will contend for the title.

    Where are the Wenger fan boys…..hehehe. You know yourselves, losers!

  68. Moe

    To believe that we beat the Spuds to sign Saliba and beat both Pool and United to Pepe. Dithering Wenger could never pull that out on his best fuckin day.

    Exciting football is back bitches

  69. Freddie Ljungberg


    Iwobi has been playing mainly on the left and Pep is a right winger, he’s also the only winger we’ll have outside kids so selling Iwobi would leave us with Saka as our starting left winger, or we have to play someone out of position.

    Also no way we’re buying 2 young starting CBs when we have Holding and Saliba is c|ming next season.
    Would be over the moon if we got either of Koante or Upemecano though, would make our backline levels better now and when Saliba comes in it would be right up there.
    Can’t see it happening though unless we can offload a bunch of players this week.

  70. kristoman

    Has the deal been announced by arsenal or lille? Or these jubilation b/c of dave the octupus. Pl if it is real i would like to drink myself to stupor. If it is not official yet then all of you stupid to believe this

  71. Freddie Ljungberg


    we’re still another excellent window or 2 away from competing for the title, Pool and City are years ahead of us in their squad building, our defense is still lacking in quality and depth and our midfield is not good enough, this takes us a step closer though and top 4 is a minimum this season.

  72. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    If Pepe did come in surely that’s curtains for Iwobi
    Not really.
    Iwobi can still play.. especially in a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. It means curtains for Miki … I hope … Tired of seeing him in any capacity.. but on the wing he was a joke.
    Auba …. Laca…… Pepe


    Teirney Holding Papa Bellerin

    Its an option… Notice I have eliminated the Axis of Evil Ozil/Miki, Mustafi and if only we could replace Xhaka..

    I’m not gonna get too excited until it’s a done deal.. though on Pepe… been down that road before.

  73. kristoman

    I believed LEMAR and HIGUAN were already an arsenal players sometimes past. In fact they were in england completing their medical only for them to sign for other club. So forgive me for not believing based on onstein says so

  74. Leedsgunner


    If we managed to offload

    Jenks £5m
    Elneny £10m
    Asano £2m
    Mustafi £10m
    Bielik £15m
    Koscielny £8m
    Monreal £5m

    In theory that’s £55m right there from selling off our deadwood… surely that’s more than enough to bring in one young class defender to bolster our defence now.

    Saliba is good but we won’t have him until next year and to be honest I don’t think I can take another year of Mustafi… more than enough to by Konate or Upamecano.

  75. Leedsgunner


    I genuinely forgot about Mkhitaryan… I wonder if we could sell him to a smaller club like Aston Villa for £5m…

  76. kristoman

    8m for KOS? A 34yrs injury plagued defender who only has 1 year left in his contract. Are you leaving in la la land?

  77. MidwestGun

    I think they are keeping Jenks around because of Bellerins injury to be honest. And AMN getting abused at RB in preseason and EL final.

    Rb is going to be a problem to start the season.. and depends on how Bellerin looks post injury but maybe longer. CB same thing … I think the are keeping Mustafi due to injuries. and MOnreal same thing due to Tierneys injuries.

    I don’t like it .. but it’s how it is.. they can’t be considered deadwood because they are only backup right now until we get replacements.

    Defense is still a hot mess.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg


    Probably not going to get those fees for Kos or Bielik but add Chambers to the mix and we could get even more, doesn’t look like anyone is interested in any of our players though, understandably.

    Even if we managed to sell off a couple of them it’s still not sure it will be added to the budget, could very well be that we have counted on some of that as a way to keep our net spend lower.
    Leipzig wants ESR on loan again, I would use him to sweeten the deal for Upemecano (Konate has a much longer contract), but again, I can’t see it happening. Would make it our best window ever by miles though.

  79. kristoman

    this is our problem we give to much valuation on our deadwood even when we know they are high wages. Know wonder no one want to touch them with even a broom stick

  80. Moe

    A very beautiful sunny day in Noo Yawk got even better. Gotta go back out to get wasted again. This is too good to be true.

  81. KAY Boss

    Kike Marin reporting our bid for Pepe is less than being reported.
    I had guessed so. I think the main media reported the interview from the Lille president about the €80m they had agreed with “Napoli “, thereby affecting all the other three parties. The figured was basically Napolis. He also didn’t say exactly the amount the supposed three bid. My opinion though.

  82. Moe


    If we can get Tierney and a good CB, I won’t fear Pool one bit. City maybe, but defo no other team.

    That is if the Pepe deal goes through. Our fire power would be insane.

  83. MidwestGun


    hmmmm yeah could be.. I didn’t put him in there because Emery tends to favor Xhaka but your right. There is light at the end of the tunnel maybe..


  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    Still soft as shit in midfield and 1 or 2 injuries and it all falls apart, we need more quality and a deeper squad to make a sustained challenge.

    In one off matches we could beat anyone though, including City.

  85. Brooklyn

    Pepe would be nice signing but I do have reservation between him and Zaha as per our squad composition. Pepe will presumably play in right side where Auba seem better suited then on left when playing alongside Laca. Laca does provide something outside box but mostly Laca and Auba come alive inside penalty area same as Pepe it seems. Martinelli though young seems naturally aggressive goal attacking player compared to our other young players. I just think our problem in some games last season was invention when opposition parked around their bus so Zaha probably would have been better in that regard.

    That said Pepe does seem to have some flair and is young enough to improve his overall game. He probably is already worth more than Zaha and adding goals to team is something I don’t mind.

    Thoughts Grover’s?

  86. China1

    Yeah it’s not official so the ejaculation is certainly premature

    Pepe could be signing for utd by Wednesday…

  87. Tony

    Un and Charlie
    Halt & Catch Fire
    The A Word
    Were 2 great series

    Guilty Pleasure: The Good Doctor

    My top comedian: Jim Jeffries

    Sorry never answered your top 5 gigs:

    Genesis – Knebworth is my standout gig but because I was on the road for most of 9 years I got to see so many bands both obscure and through to mainstream.

    So very difficult to have a general top 5 with music being such an emotional animal.

    From smokey jazz clubs to the stadium gigs and festivals – all have different meanings and emotions to process and enjoy.

    I’ll wait for the deal to be signed and medical done before getting excited about Pepe joining us.

    If true, Pepe is just what we need.

    Not long now …………..

  88. luke

    Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Gavin Mcinnes? FFS is this an arsenal blog or an incel proud boy discord server?

  89. China1

    Unless we can recoup 40m in sales I don’t see us buying another CB this window

    And I don’t see us recouping 40m in sales

  90. Mysticleaves

    Really gutted for Marko. On le grove’s best day. A coming together of sorts by all the factions of the grove, he’s nowhere to be seen. Chai. Pedro, hope this is not your doing?

  91. Leedsgunner

    If Pepe does come in I have to admit I’ll be very very excited.

    We’ll have a front three to rival anyone in world football… including Liverpool and Man City.

    This is why we moved to the Emirates!!

  92. Leedsgunner

    If Pepe doesn’t come in, the outrage and mockery will be huge… and the backlash will sting like something fierce versus Sanllehi.

    Ornstein has staked his whole rep on the line… he’ll hate Arsenal FC for the rest of his life if it fails.

    The Kronkes, in the meantime will have played an absolute blinder if this deal comes off. They have managed to convince the whole football world of our poverty without even giving a sniff away that this was in the works… for months.

    This summer will be a case study for years to come on how to fool everyone to believe what you want them to believe… they played us all.


  93. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a happy thought…

    Maybe we DID bid £50m for Maguire after all…


    If nothing else, this one deal will make everyone sit up and take us seriously again… and it might have the happy effect of convincing our top targets to push to join us.

    Think about it, Tierney will put pressure on Celtic to get the deal done…

  94. Alex Cutter

    “So weird to come here and everyone is being nice to each other.”

    Are you too stupid to see the commonality between the right-wing twats participating in this circle jerk?

  95. Gonsterous

    Squad is lot stronger with Pepe. It seems clear the objective is to get CL footie, but if we don’t win the EL this time round, I will be gutted.
    I supported Emery last season (though he made some dodgy decisions), because he did not have a squad good enough to finish in the top 4. But my expectations and pressure for the manager have risen. No EL and top 4 (yes, I believe we can achieve both) and he has failed for me.

    I think we will land Pepe, the days of dithering seem to have come to an end.
    Tierney seems done too. Just need a tough CB who will give us the much needed aggression that our team lacks, since the viera and keown days.

  96. Moe


    Agree with you both on our soft midfield/calamitous Xhaka, but hopefully we now only have to worry about Xhaka in the starting 11. I believe Ozil just got consigned to the bench especially in tough away games and with a new decent CB Mustafi is sold or gets relegated to the bench.

    I still like our chances with Torr and Cebalos as guaranteed starters. You will see how Auba and Laca step up once Pepe becomes the new kid on the block………goals galore. Finally, a wide player who can dribble and go at his man. Pool’s mf is full of worker bees, and not much finesse and City’s defence is still questionable. Chelsea and United will struggle big time, and the pretenders down the lane are yet to worry me.

  97. prvhc

    People talking of Milo,Shapiro and Peterson as intellectuals…. laughable.
    If you want a good Joe Rogan podcast,check out his latest one with Dr Cornell West. One of his best,by his own admission

  98. SUGA3

    Milo is intelligent, even though he is mostly just an agent provocateur. And he is not wrong on most issues.

    Shapiro is a zionist shill, but it is difficult to beat him in a debate. One would call him an intellectual.

    Peterson has made a name for himself and now he does include some right bollocks in what he says these days. He is one of the ‘wheat and chaff’ types. Either making the chaff believable because he is credible and says it, or making the ‘wheat’ less believable due to association with the chaff.

  99. Tony

    I’m with Charlie# freejoe

    Bamford not so much perhaps needs longer to see the err of his ways. Say 2021?

    With Bamford and CG here there’d be no coherent space left.

    Wonder what Emery has got in store for us against Lyon today?

  100. fsaf

    “MysticleavesJuly 28, 2019 06:00:28
    Really gutted for Marko. On le grove’s best day. A coming together of sorts by all the factions of the grove, he’s nowhere to be seen. Chai. Pedro, hope this is not your doing?”

    “Guns of SFJuly 28, 2019 06:01:02
    Bring back Marko”

    Yeah, sad that Marko, Banford and Jo.e are all banned while ppl like CG are allowed to post.

    I am actually r.aptora but I got permaed months ago hence I stopped posting.
    No warning btw. Straight up permaban.

    All good though, no ill feelings.

    Happy that Raul, Edu and the rest are giving us an exciting summer. Can’t wait to see the back of some of the useless players and we have quite a few of them.

  101. prvhc

    The only issue where I found Milo ‘right’ was his pushback against militant third-wave feminism.On every other issue,he speaks horse shit.
    I suppose being an intellectual means one has to make intelligent points.Shapiro wins debates because he speaks fast and has gotcha points.
    As for Peterson, I don’t think even his ‘fans’ understand what he’s saying most of the time.There’s a hilarious video on YouTube of a game in which people are given two quotes,one spoken by Peterson and the other by a random word generator,and the players have to guess which is which.

  102. Mysticleaves


    I am actually very amazed at the people Pedro choose to ban and those he allows. Bamford, you, Marko, solid posters that can go batshit crazy on their off day.

    CG however is batshit crazy all the time. Go figure

  103. WengerEagle


    Don’t believe that I held them up as intellectuals [only pretentious people use this word anyway], just said that I like some of their content, Peterson more than the others.

    Anyway I’m not going to stray into politics anymore because it always turns into a complete shitshow on here.

  104. Un na naai


    We were actually expressing our love of comedy. Entirely wasted on you as you wouldn’t have a funny bone in your in your whole body

    You’re about as cheerful as herpes