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Wow, wow, wow… Raul S has pulled off the shock signing of the summer, with Dave Ornstein announcing the Spaniard has reeled in one of the best talents in Ligue 1 with Nicolas Pépé.


The above tweet is obviously a massive L on my part, but there are layers to my unprophetic words. Firstly, the fact we’ve managed to scrabble together €80m for a player is quite incredible. If there were a saying from this summer it’d be…

‘It’s all about the instalment plan, fam’

Secondly, I am HUGELY surprised that we were the only major club outside Napoli in for his talents. I know I have repeatedly defended what Arsenal is to players and managers around the world, but I didn’t think we were in that league of intrigue for names that had clubs like Paris and Liverpool sniffing. Just goes to show you, London is a huge pull, the full stadium is unique, the training ground is special, the chance to play must also be important, and the new guys must be able to sell a dream.

What a moment, I can’t remember Arsenal dropping a signing this major since we brought in Thierry Henry. He’s the right-winger of our dreams. The most exciting Ivorian since Yaya Toure stepped foot in Boreham Wood (Jokes Kolo, jokes). He scored 23 goals last season and gave 12 assists. He’s been making a contribution to Lille every 101 minutes, which is far more impressive than what Zaha has been doing at Palace over the past season. The best he’s mustered is a contribution every 152 in his best ever year last season.

The player himself is a joy to watch, for some reason I spent a lot of time watching Ligue 1 last year and he’s been one of the stand out guys. He’s powerfully built, standing at 6ft. I think he’s slightly lighter in frame than Zaha, but he’s electric on the ball. He has deft feet, he moves at pace, he’ll come deep, he’ll stretch teams and in front of goal last season he blew up.

We’ve struggled for years to add players with athleticism to our frontline, it’s great to see we’re finally moving in on players that are a huge issue for teams on the counter. When you have a shite defence like we do, the last thing we need is to be pressed into our own half because the only person chasing a long ball is Auba (who can be crowded out physically in big games).

Outside that, this has been a fucking great signing for the fans. This is a premium signing. I really think Zaha would have been good for us, but that could have gone the way of Welbeck, or it could have just been a move that was ok.

Pepe has a higher ceiling than Zaha, I think he’s better technically, and he’s 2 years younger. Our guy has resale value as well, which is super important when you look how we’re going to have to work the ins and outs moving forward.

It’ll also be good for the squad morale. No one wants to go back to preseason and have no new faces to look at. This will add the squad vibes and it’ll be just as fun for the players as it has been for the fans.

I know that a few of journos are saying the move favoured us because we were willing to give his agency team the commissions they wanted. It seems like the cost of football these days, but it’s dodgy all the same. We’ve lost out on lots of big names in the past because we’ve ignored the dark arts of the game, and now it looks like that’s where we’re playing them… but like most things in sport, you cease to care if you have a shiny new player rolling out in a redshirt.

I did think it was quite amusing that Raul and the exec leadership team spent an afternoon getting pounded at the fan Q&A for basically no reason… they could have just said we’d be signing Pepe this week and everyone would have shut the fuck up. It’s a bit like chewing out your partner for not doing anything for your birthday, then packing up your bags and leaving them, only find out their last-ditch attempt to meet you was a surprise birthday party with the Rolling Stones.

What I find particularly handsome about this summer is that the roof of the house has blown off and we’re out the front painting with a really nice Farrow and Ball shade of gray. Where are the defenders?!

Are we Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle? It’s looking that way… but hey, at least the players are exciting.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    It looks as if Tierney is getting closer and closer.

    Pepe meant to have his medical towards the end of the week.

  2. Guns of SF

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Great news this morning about Pépé
    Now Tierney and this was a good window fo sho

  3. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s recovering from a hernia operation, not a football related injury so should be fine.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Says we’re interested in bringing in Khedira on a free.

    At 32 how is he? Haven’t seen him play in a while, better alternative in the midfield than Xhaka?

    If he’s still serviceable and we get him, Tierney and Pepe I’ll be happy. Add a CB to that I’ll be ecstatic.

    Need some outgoings now.

  5. Marc

    “‘Everton as well’ ”

    Is actually a bit daft if we get Pepe. How many attackers do we need? I do expect some outgoings but I can’t see Ozil leaving and I’m 50-50 on Miki.

    We’re trying to get the wage bill under control – having Auba, Laca, Pepe, Ozil and Everton is a bit excessive when we could use the money to strengthen elsewhere. That’s without Iwobi and the other youngsters.

  6. Valentin

    Khedira would be another Lichsteiner level of stupidity. When a defensive player is deemed to slow and too old to be effective in the slow Serie A, he has no chance to be anything else than a car crash in the faster, more aggressive, more relentless EPL.

    What would be the point of bringing experience if the only experience he could impart is how to sit on the bench.

  7. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, I don’t really take anything he says seriously but if you say so I hope we avoid him then.

    Oh well, if we get Tierney and Bellerin comes back at least we can play with a back 4, that should help somewhat but we’re still screwed at the back if any of our starters are not available, the drop off in quality to our backups are enormous.

    Can’t see that getting addressed this window unfortunately. Hope to be proven wrong.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Hamburg will pay a fee in excess of 2.5m euros (£2.25m), plus several million in performance-related add-ons, while Arsenal have a sell-on clause but no buy-back option.”

    Sounds like an ok deal for someone with no clear path to our first team anyway. Let’s hope he earns a big money move in a season or 2.


    That would be ideal, can’t see it happening though

  9. CG

    30 000 000 Tierney
    30 000 000 Saliba
    72 000 000 Pepe
    £132 000 000 Total

    Dont we have Scouts anymore?

    I always thought the name of The Game was to buy them cheap and at the beginning of their careers.( eg. £ 6 million on Martinelli)

    How do we sell players on for a PROFIT if you you spend so much on them in the first place?
    ( especially adding into the exorbitant agents fees)

    Agents Doing Well as Usual

  10. WengerEagle


    There is a lot riding on Bellerin coming back the same player which is far from a given for a player that’s suffered an ACL.

    Find it strange that people are penciling him back in to take from where he left off before the injury.

    If there’s any kind of complication re Bellerin be it injury set-back or returning a yard or two slower, the alternative is AMN who’s absolutely shocking defensively.

    Dani Alves on a free is a pipe dream but wonder if there’s a decent RB out there that we could take on loan or on free agency. One doesn’t spring to mind past Alves who most clubs will want to sign and imo will return to Barcelona.

  11. Guns of SF

    I’d take Alves

    Nothing like licht

    A winner and a freak of nature plays like someone younger than his age

    A winner all around

  12. Marc

    CG was referring to Levy as the master and how he’d gotten one over on Sanllehi a couple of weeks ago when the Spud’s were linked to him.

    We sign him and he’s not very good – what a surprise.

  13. Freddie Ljungberg


    Getting hot and bothered about us not signing Zaha, complains we don’t do scouting. Dementia is a bitch.

    Also your numbers are wrong, no surprise there.

    it’s 25m Tierney and 27m Saliba.

    Saliba is 18, just had his first season as a senior, we should have signed him as a toddler.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, it’s a lot of hoping and praying going on with regards to our defense, and yes, AMN is shocking defensively, I’m surprised he’s gotten off so lightly here and is still highly rated after that abysmal performance against Chelsea.

    We were briefly linked to some league one or championship 21 year old right back a couple of weeks ago, but other than that and Meunier before the window opened it’s been very quiet.

    Building the team from the front worked for Liverpool so we can only hope we’re doing it as well as them, the signs are encouraging this summer, much better targets than last year, not to mention the haphazard nature of our recruiting before that.

  15. China1

    Don’t mean to shit on the excitement but our excitement is premature

    Pepe is not currently an arsenal player and there’s a grand total of zero stopping another club coming in with a better offer before he signs for us

    Same for Tierney. Let’s have some closure to the deals before we commit too much excitement

  16. Dissenter

    About to switch off my phone for takeoff, then I remembered you arguing very eloquently with numbers and figures that the transfer budget is right about £45 million
    Do you still think the transfer budget is 45 million ?

    Ha ha today is comeuppance day for some.

  17. China1

    If we do sign Pepe I don’t think we will sign Tierney *and* a cb. Tierney is presumably still on regardless but I don’t see us finding money for a CB on top. That’s probably just chambers for this season and we can review the CB position again next summer

    The khedive a talk is interesting. Not sure if he’s up to the job but *if* he was signed on a free for one season with an option to extend and without astronomical wages he could be a valuable squad player. But I’ll save judgment on him for those who have seen him play the in the last year because I haven’t

  18. Dr nelmab

    If pepe deal clicks,that will be a huge boost for the arsenal attack.

    However,I would have preferred a tested and trusted playmaker in the person of Hakim Ziyech,who will be available at a relatively cheaper price,giving toon for the remaining funds to strengthen the porous defence.

    Also,giving the youngsters like saka,reiss nelson,amaechi ample playing times will add depth to the team rather than being depleted when injuries ravage at any point in time along the busy schedule of the EPL seasons.

  19. Hitman

    Usual caveats about Utube clips and there will be less time and space in Prem/ better defenders etc
    BUT Pepe looks like a superstar in the making. Surprised none of the euro big boys after him.
    If only Ozil had a bit of mojo. Could see Mesit supplying some ammo to Pepe’s runs.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Freddie daring to discuss being a bitchYour whole country is bet over
    As evidenced by the facts I gave you last night You’ve got no room blandland”

    What the fuck are you rambling on about now you demented cunt?

    Still going on about Sweden? How predictable.

    You need to find a new schtick, finding out where posters are from and then trying to use that against them is getting so stale and boring.

    Just because you are a cunt doesn’t mean that all englishmen are cunts, see how that works? No, probably not, you’re too dense.

  21. TR7


    About to switch off my phone for takeoff, then I remembered you arguing very eloquently with numbers and figures that the transfer budget is right about £45 million.Do you still think the transfer budget is 45 million ?Ha ha today is comeuppance day for some.’

    Yes, I said and I maintain as on date we should have close to £100-110M of cash balance and Arsenal is unlikely to spend more than £50M (net). Not because we can’t but because we traditionally play it safe and spending £70-80M plus is going to put us in a precarious position. Expecting some players to be sold in the next 10 days. Besides, looks like we won’t be shelling out more than £50M in payments, good work by Raul and Fahmy in structuring deals.

  22. CG


    “””” Surprised none of the euro big boys after him”””””

    Maybe its because you are just dense OR more likely that,

    These Big Boys are no so Daft to spend £72 million on a player and agents fees who has one great season in an average league.?

    You are probably just dense*

    *With the Greatest respect

  23. Mysticleaves

    China, am saying it in the best, most friendly and seriously no harm intended way but you are crazy. Lol. If these people sign Khedira even for 2 months cover loan it will spoil all they work (and talk) they have done this summer. Where’s Guen and Willock’s game time?

  24. Alexanderhenry


    Yes, we’re paying in installments which is how we’re managing to splash £72 million on a single player.
    From what I’ve read, most of the deals the club is involved with are quite complex–add ons, loans etc.

    It’s a convoluted way of going about things. I hope it works.

  25. Freddie Ljungberg


    Man U, Liverpool, Psg and Napoli also interested, 3 other clubs agreed fees with Lille according to their manager so there was plenty of interest.

  26. Mysticleaves

    Salibas 27m fee include add-ons too. Am guessing 5-10m. But I expect him to meet all the clauses in the deal.

  27. Marc

    “These Big Boys are no so Daft to spend £72 million on a player ”

    Nah they prefer to play over £140 million for Coutinho.

  28. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s about time we took some chances and pushed to get our CL status back, that’s needed to make the final step to start competing at the top again. If back loading of player deals gets us there it’s absolutely the right way to go. Being conservative will get us nowhere fast and might see us slip down further in the table with several teams below us consistently outspending us.

  29. Jamie

    Don’t worry, Tobs. CG will no longer be posting here on Jan 2nd assuming Emery hasn’t been sacked by then. He gave us his word.

    Tick tock truth hurts

  30. Champagne charlie

    “Ha ha today is comeuppance day for some.“

    Got to feel for the lad. Waiting to go on a cruise, he’s necked a Bacardi Breezer, and that’s him spilling absolute shite on here about some imaginary comeuppance.

    Struggling to see who loses with us signing Pepe. Throwing haymakers at shadows bless him.

  31. Tobs

    Even if your preference is Zaha, I don’t see how a real Arsenal fan can be displeased with a potential Pepe signing. At the beginning of the summer he was my preferred option, just thought that there was no way we can get him.
    If we can get Tierney and a CB in addition, it would have been a sterling summer. Credit where credit is due to Raul and the team.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    None on Pepes level though, and they do love an expensive statement signing or 2 over there.

    Maybe moving Martial into the middle if they get rid of Lukaku? Not sure what they’re thinking or if there’s any truth behind their interest, they were not one of the clubs that agreed a fee apparently.

  33. Wasi

    Tierney and Pepe looking so close. If these deals get done this will be our best transfer window in some time and if we can also sign a good CB while offloading some of our deadwood i would probably rate it as our best window in the PL era at least. Idk about the windows prior to that anyway.
    Raul,vinai , huss have done a brilliant job. Identify weak spots, make a list of targets, thrash awesome instalment deals(lol), do a lil dance in the announcement video. Raul means some business. Maybe he wants to prove the world ( to Barca) he’s still got it . We need people hungry for success . And Edu hasnt even begun yet. This window is all Raul as stated by himself in the Q and A. Idk if Zaha was the 1st option or Pepe (probably it was Zaha), but Pepe looks a better ‘investment’ at 70 mil than Zaha at 80. Gutted for Zaha though. If he stays at Palace next season its gonna be a bumpy ride for sure.

  34. Elmo


    I don’t think the £45m figure was illogical when you looked at the fundamentals:
    – the club will declare a big pre-tax loss for the 18/19 season, and ran a large operating loss the previous season (the new sponsorship money simply plugs that shortfall)
    – the owner will not accept a loss-making business, so costs have to be rationalised
    – the club still had a healthy cash hoard on the balance sheet, but there was little evidence that the owner would allow this to be spent on transfers
    – the club has always been financially cautious, so was unlikely to loosen up its policies, and the owners were historically unambitious

    What will be great to see if Pepe and other deals go through this summer is that the ownership ARE willing to show some ambition, investing in young talent to push us back into the CL by using some of the hoarded cash for transfers, and being willing to spend revenue from future seasons (i.e long-term installments) on expensive players now who could become worth a lot more.

  35. WengerEagle

    They clearly want to bin Alexis but are in an Ozil-esque situation there themselves because of his wages.

    Leaves them with Martial, Lingard and Daniel James as wide options seeing as how the plan seems to be to play Rashford as the CF with Lukaku looking likely to leave.

    They could do with a starting wide player seeing as how James is coming from the Championship and Lingard is shite.

    I reckon we’ll get Pepe over the line mind.

  36. CG

    Young Jamie

    “”Don’t worry, Tobs. CG will no longer be posting here on Jan 2nd assuming Emery hasn’t been sacked by then. He gave us his word.Tick tock truth hurts”””

    And you have my word.

    Emery will be gone by Nov

    Expectations Levels heightened by this bizarre signing

    Cebollas immediate team selection will alienate other players.

    Newcastle 2 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 0 Burnley 0
    Liverpool 3 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 1 Spurs 6

    Emery sacked International weekend after Players Revolt
    Fred caretaker until Enrique ( most likely )
    Joins up with The Spiv

    CG continues on Le Grove
    Apologies forthcoming…

    (That type of thing….)

  37. Un na naai

    Has any of you mugs ever watched Luther? Better yet, have any of you enjoyed Luther?

    My wife assured me it was dark
    Don’t watch it she says
    It will give you nightmares……

    Is she for fucking real? Has everyone gone backwards or just women?? This is shit
    The biggest lot of shit I’ve watched since doctor who
    The bbc sure know how backwards Mongs speak to each other

    They look like they were going for snappy dialogue
    The only thing that snaps when I watch it is my banjo string
    This is awful
    I’m ashamed someone I love told me it was good
    The only thing dark about Luther is Luther

  38. Tobs

    Everything seemed slow, ponderous and frustrating- your typical Arsenal summer, but they obviously were working hard behind the scenes. Making bids, negotiating, trying to stretch our funds as far as they can and importantly not compromising on quality.

    We can’t do all the work in one summer but there are incremental changes.

  39. WengerEagle

    Could argue that Pepe will be the best wide player in the PL outside of Man City and Liverpool if he translates his level in France to the PL.

    Would you swap him with any of Chelsea/Spurs/Man United’s wide players? I wouldn’t.

    Son is the only one in the discussion but he’s more of a CF.

  40. Marc


    I’m with you on that one. What Arsenal fan can be upset with signing Pepe? He’s a good player who looks like he could get better, it’s a position we’re desperate to fill and it’s a great statement of ambition.

  41. Hitman

    I don’t think I’m that dense CG. And I know my football.

    Its not often I get that excited about a signing.
    But the boy looks like the real deal.

  42. Wasi

    any way to block the negativity coming from CG when the club is actually trying to do something nice and getting fans excited.

  43. WengerEagle


    I’m still not sure who got the shittier end of the stick in that deal.

    Both clubs thought that they were being really clever and pulling off a masterstroke and they are now saddled with players years past their sell-by date on silly wages. We probably edged it purely on virtue of Sanchez’s contract being double that of Miki’s.

  44. Tobs

    It should be a given, that you should be an Arsenal fan to post on this forum. CG definitely isn’t one. Irrespective of your views on Emery, a Pepe signing is exciting and it lays down many markers. It speaks to our ambition, drawing power and negotiating ability.

  45. WengerEagle

    Steady on, 16-18 PL goals is a huge ask for a wideman in his debut PL season. It took Sadio Mane 4 seasons of PL football to crack those numbers.

    I’d be very happy if he scored 10-13 PL goals and 15-20 overall. Anything more than that and I’d be thrilled.

  46. Tobs

    By the end of the window here, there will still be 3 weeks to shift players. I’m pretty confident that there’ll be some sales.

    It’s been a slow window, probably because of our relative lack of funds and a difficult market, but we are finishing it quite professionally. There will be no excuses for Emery this time.

  47. Un na naai


    It’s so so bad
    So bad
    BBC is so lost
    They make programmers about people who work for the bbc
    Nobody talks like this
    What a fucking yuppie bubble

    Weagle ive been meaning to watch the wire but the mrs has begged me to wait for her
    The fact that she endorsed this absolute vomit endusing horse shit is enough to make me refuse her requisition.

    Man. How did he put his name to this
    Swear to god it’s funnier than step brothers

  48. WengerEagle

    Last season was a crap one for CF’s around Europe in general, I mean 22 goals was enough to win the Golden Boot in the PL and the Bundesliga.

    Take out Messi and M’Bappe and nobody else in Europe came near cracking 30 league goals. Quagliarella put in a career season with 26 Serie A goals but after that, nobody anywhere across the top 5 leagues scored over 22 league goals.

  49. Receding Hairline

    Wonder why anyone replies to CG. Nothing he writes makes sense so what exactly are you guys replying to?? How is Zaha one of us? He would have been tearing it up at united if that move worked out.. One of us indeed.

  50. MGooner

    Am I on a Manu blog now?

    I thought we had signed someone on an EMI. Who plays on the left wing now – Will the Nigerian still be our left winger or are there other plans?

  51. CG

    Naive Tobs

    “”””It speaks to our ambition, drawing power and negotiating ability.””””

    I would say it speaks volumes that Raul and Vinny got it in the neck this week at the Q&A and decided to impulsively pay the fee Lille and his agents have demanded.. ..

    Basically they have BUCKLED and PANCIKED at the first sign of supporter strife..

    ( good luck Unai- your superiors Buckle Quickly)

    I have not said Pepe is not an exciting prospect…

    I have said he was the wrong choice ( Zaha was The Clowns No.1 choice as well as mine, remember )

    And we have overpaid to the tune of £40 million for the player…

  52. WengerEagle

    Absolutely, Sopranos is right there.

    About preference really because there’s so little to separate them. Sopranos is arguably more entertaining and enjoyable but The Wire is the best all-round show for me as it’s more educational than spending half a decade in school in addition to being an amazing show.

  53. Un na naai


    I’m in it
    I think I’ve got to get Chernobyl in first though
    True detective is great though
    British crime dramas are just humiliating
    Why do they try? Who convinced these people that their interpretation of the world is worth a watch?
    Shit I actually prefer Hollywood

  54. CG


    “”I don’t think I’m that dense CG. And I know my football.”””

    I apologise
    I should not have called you Dense.

  55. Marc


    I’ve been doing Dexter recently – completely missed it when it came out but a mate nagged me into giving it a go and I’ve got to say I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

  56. Receding Hairline

    I enjoyed Luther when I saw it. Nothing special but it wasn’t bad either. Certainly not bad enough for the BBC to be abused but abuse seems to be Un na nai answer to everything.

    For a man who enjoyed a kids movie so much he changed his moniker you should pipe down.

  57. Marc


    I thought True Detective season 1 was really top notch, couldn’t get into season 2 the same way. Season 4 was pretty good though.

  58. WengerEagle


    Same, Sopranos as well I’ve seen 2 or 3 times. Each get better on the re-runs imo which speaks to their quality.

    Breaking Bad is brilliant in its own right but it’s much more reliant on the suspense/element of surprise, doesn’t hold up nearly as well on the re-watch.

  59. Un na naai

    The only realism offered in Luther is the absolute ineptitude of the metropolitan police
    In fact it under sells it

  60. Tobs

    Zaha or Pepe? There are no wrong answers here. Either will do a job. Zaha is prem ready and proven, Pepe is younger and has more end product. I ain’t mad at either of them.

    Sidebar – the negotiations began at least 2 weeks ago and the so called oracle said ‘ Arsenal has not submitted a bid and do not have the level of money being reported’.

  61. WengerEagle


    The Brits do comedy better than anyone imo but yeah, they should leave the dramas and thrillers to the Americans.

    Americans don’t do comedy very well but when they do it’s fantastic -Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Entourage. Seinfeld and Frasier are classics too even if they are a little dated at this stage.

  62. Un na naai


    There is a season 4??
    You know what though? Carmen Ejogo from season 3 is one of the most genuinely Anglicly beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Every scene she stole. Captivating

  63. WengerEagle


    Never watched Dexter myself, heard it’s quality for a few seasons and then tails off pretty drastically but so do most long-running TV shows.

    Brits know when it’s time to call it quits and keep some integrity while the Americans are more shameless and flog it to death, raking in the gravy.

  64. Champagne charlie


    Ozark is decent, as are the rest offered up. Brit tv shows have been shite for a little bit, we do period stuff well but anything original doesn’t seem to get the budget needed to bring it to life.

  65. Marc


    I’m on season 6 and it’s still well worth the watch. It’s not as strong as season 1 but part of that is the novelty of the idea.

  66. Un na naai


    Come on man
    The yanks don’t have the dry humour of the every day Brit, or Irishman but they know how to write comedy at elite level
    They’ve over taken us
    When was the last time you watched a funny British production?
    Gavin and Stacy
    Love honour and obey?
    Bo selecta?

  67. Pedro

    Chernobyl is the best show of the year so far.

    Euphoria is just fucking mental.

    Have to agree with some of the earlier comments… The Wire is a classic, Sopranos is still incredible… and I like Gommorah as well.

    Fleabag for comedy.

  68. Un na naai


    Yeah that’s on the list but the Mrs offered that and Luther

    I’m now duty bound to laugh at her suggestions

  69. Pedro

    WE, I liked it, bit cheesy. If you know anyone that’s tried to kill themselves, it was refreshing to watch.

  70. Champagne charlie


    I think US, but we flood the cast and a lot of the locations for shooting.

    Ideas are American and budget is American, hence the ability to put on a show.

  71. Marc


    Yeah American money but almost all UK cast and a lot was filmed in Northern Ireland.

    Not sure about the screen writers, obviously Martin is American.

  72. WengerEagle


    Black Books, IT Crowd, The Inbeweeners, The Office, Extras, Shameless, Peep Show, Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers is hilarious to this day.

    That’s off the top of my head.

    What are all the elite US comedies?

  73. Champagne charlie


    Went with the wrong one there then, Luther is fanny magnet stuff with Idris. Ozark is the story and the character relationships, some good characters there. Classic drugs, money and gangsters routine, with a twist.

  74. Marc

    Just a shout out but I re watched the first season (I say season it was a couple of episodes) of Prime Suspect a little while ago.

    That was still as good as when it came out.

  75. KAY Boss

    I think Everton should be signed to take the other wing. Iwobi is all but a good squad player or perhaps can generate circa £20m from his sale.
    He’s too consistently inconsistent.
    Pepe’s acquisition was a rabbit pulled from the hat. No one saw it coming not even the so called itks and even Ornstein. Ornstein reported weeks back that if we sign Zaha, he’ll be very amazed because of lack of funds. I wonder what’s up in his mind now.
    Waiting for the media/pundits to come mock us about our structured deal since they all went aloof when we bid £40m for Zaha with installments.
    Also waiting to hear from the Scots about how talented is. All have eggs on their faces.

  76. Champagne charlie

    Gervais is top comic in the UK for me Weagle, guy creases me. Like the Scots lads patter too, Kevin Bridges.

  77. Un na naai

    This is the end
    Pineapple Express
    Wedding crashers
    Step brothers
    Meet the parents
    Curb your enthusiasm

    You forgot Ali g in the usaaiii

  78. CG


    What on earth goes through ones mind and comes put with a name like Receding Hairline???

    If Emery does stay beyond Jan and I go into Permanent Exile.

    I will not miss you one iota.

    Every other poster is interesting in their own way- barring you!

    You are the Unai Emery of Le Grove.

    Bloody Useless.
    Bloody Gormless.

  79. Un na naai

    Bridges is great
    Billy Connelly too

    Mickey flannegan is funny as hell
    Love Dara O’Brien doing stand up

  80. WengerEagle


    Agree. Not crazy on his stand-up but he’s hilarious in everyday conversation and is just extremely quick-witted and sharp. Dominates interviews with anyone, even elite US comedians.

    Brent is my favourite comedy character of all time hands down.

  81. Un na naai


    Yeah I was thinking the same myself
    This Luther bollocks is all about middle aged and middle class London women fantasies.

    It’s not written for men. The dialogue is obviously vag based

  82. Champagne charlie

    Old Big yin is a legend. Unreal humour and delivery. Brilliant bloke

    Not fussed for Flanagan, but 1D for me. Dara I can take or leave, what’s his “best” stuff?

  83. Un na naai


    I meant just well written comedy. In any medium

    We have lost our mojo on this side of the pond
    They are underrated too. It’s just that their common man doesn’t get british humour

  84. Champagne charlie

    Yea Luther smacks of eye candy carrying a show. If the story and characters are bland then it’s not pointless imo.

    Yea Gervais makes smart US comics look very deliberate and slow. Who are the top US comics anyway?

  85. Leedsgunner


    Please can someone tell me this is true and not some awful prank?

    I’ve just come back from hols… is this for real?

    😂 😂 😂 😂 of joy!
    😳😳😳😳😳 of shock.

    Has anyone told Tottenham Hotspur?

    Zaha as smokescreen… absolutely love it.

  86. Champagne charlie

    I’d take Jason Bateman over Will Ferrell every time, like my comedy dry and sharp. The theatrical stuff is a bit meh for me, gets the laugh but it’s kind of cheap. Kevin Hart going a bit that way.

  87. Un na naai


    I’ve watched dara and been caught off guard by his humour
    I’ve iriah family and maybe I’m swayed but he tickles me

    Flannegan 100% makes me laugh. He’s just got one of those faces that sets me off before he even opens his mouth

    Saying that cc
    You make me laugh too. But you’ve got that jack d, funny when I’m annoyed humour. But I do watch out for your barbs and they do tickle me

  88. Elmo


    I found Afterlife really self-indulgent. Didn’t want things to work out for Gervais’ character, and many of the rest are just annoying (especially his dead wife!).

    Really enjoyed The Americans on Prime Video. Great Cold War setting and it’s enjoyable viewing you can pick up any time, rather than needing to be in the mood for something dark, grim, complex etc.

  89. WengerEagle

    Chappelle and Bill Burr by far the best US comics for me. Chapelle far out in front but Burr is the only one a worthy second.

    As for UK/Ireland, I like Bridges too, Frankie Boyle when he’s not being overly dark and alcoholic is great and rate Dave Mitchell, Dylan Moran, Dara O’Briain, Steve Coogan, Greg Davies Jack Dee and I can take about 10 mins of Jimmy Carr’s one-liners.

  90. Champagne charlie


    Lol Jack D, never heard that one but I’ll take it.

    Idk mate, they don’t blow me away. Like I appreciate them, but I don’t lose my shit over those.