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Unreal scenes in London when a couple of idiots tried to attack Kola and Ozil on scooters. Why the fuck anyone would attempt to attack a man who is clearly a fucking athlete when he’s with his wife is beyond me, but god bless the response. Ozil put the car in first gear and cleared the women away, Kola went for both of them… LOVE TO SEE IT.

Obviously, everyone has different responses to this sort of thing, but it does go to show you, these people are cowards. They legged it from a single unarmed man and they were wearing crash helmuts! Honestly, the bravery is something else… what a soldier!

On a side note, scary times in London that the dangerous shits are attempting nasty stuff like that… still can’t believe the uproar when police were knocking them off their bikes.

We also signed a player! Hooray.

William Saliba pushed off the advances of Spurs to do a deal with us. He’ll go back out on loan next season and we’ll hopefully have a very talented player on our books in the next two seasons. The club has to be praised for moving very fast on that deal and looking beyond our immediate needs. We should make ourselves the best club on the planet for young kids to learn their trade.

The club Q&A was about as interesting as it always is. I’m not sure Raul and Vinnai have quite grasped how educated our fans are. We’re obsessives, we know how they work the media, we know the finances, the masseuse, the tea lady, we’re fluent in operational structures. That Raul took offense to Arsenal fans not taking positives from last season is quite something. It always worries me when the standards at the top aren’t very high.

Back to positives.

Ceballos also signed, he’s in on a loan deal, I think he’s another impressive signing… there is a kicker though… If he does well, he’s back to Madrid. If he tanks, our season is ruined.

It’s still tough to look at this window with much hope. We’ve not moved the squad along, old players are a year old, bad defenders are still bad, the captain thing is still unresolved, we’re a bit of a mess.

I totally understand that the club is in a transitional moment, I just find it very difficult to understand how a summer can be run so badly? From the outside looking in, it looks like we’re willfully ignoring the most dilapidated areas of need in favour of a really shiny winger.

Things are so rough, Jenkinson looks likely to be a fixture this season. I find that maddening. We’re trying to develop a high-performance culture at the club, and we’re allowing fans to take a squad number… and we’re having to suck up the reality of loading up average players on massive contracts, again. Literally the same issue we were bemoaning back in the day when Nik B wouldn’t leave his £52k a contract.

I like some of the backroom moves, but it’s still hard to fathom what this summer was all about… to be honest, to me, it looks like we just waited for Edu. If that’s the case, we’re at ground zero again.

Still, there comes a point where you have to just be pleased with any move. Dani boy is a very good player, Medley has moved to the first team squad, Willock looks very promising, maybe Reiss or Saka could cut the mustard?

It’s all very hopeful, but that’s football my friends!

Right, I’m going to get my head back in the game next week, work has been fucking beastly this last month. I’m looking forward to getting back to some normality!


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  1. Marc

    There’s also a chance we’re working on some more commercial deals – it’s an area we’ve lagged behind on for years.

  2. Dissenter

    ‘Seems fishy to me, you see shit like this happen to force other deals. I’d be surprised for us to chase Zaha all summer and dodge at the last for seemingly more expensive player.’

    72 million is <80 million
    Someone is struggling with a Zaha-withdrawal 😂😂☹️

  3. WengerEagle

    Watching the videos a lot of Pepe’s goals seem to be on the counter-attack/when the opposition are stretched at the back.

    He’s brilliant in these scenarios. Hopefully when teams park the double-decker at the Emirates he can be effective in those matches too and his game translates to cunning his way through bodies rather than just running past them at speed in space.

  4. Marc


    We will see some players moved on I just don’t think it’ll be Auba. Elneny, Miki, Kos, Mustafi, Kolas, Chambers are all possibilities.

    With the way Sanllehi has performed so far there could be a pretty decent chunk of money there.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I really don’t understand what people are struggling with in terms of our funds.

    It’s all about installments and payments this summer that fit in with our budget.

    Pepe can cost £72 Million but if Lille are happy with accepting £20 Million this summer of the total fee than that only takes £20 Million out of the £45 Million budget.

    What don’t people understand?

  6. TR7


    ‘I’ll just point out that Ornstein the oracle had us down for a £45 mil transfer budget this summer, so I’d take his tweets with a pinch of salt.’

    Transfer window is still open and my sense is we will offload players too. I don’t see how Mikhi stays at Arsenal if any one of Zaha or Pepe is signed. We could see any two of Iwobi, Nelson, Mustafi and Elneny leave too. Our net spend will be known at the end of TW, too early to rubbish budget figure. Even if we don’t sell any one for big money, budget figure of £50M can not be conclusively rubbished.

  7. Pierre

    “You think Arsenal gets rid of their academy product ( iwobi)on 40k yearly who’s already out-producing your man-crush.
    Ever heard of depth in a squad.

    As I said , the introduction of Saka and Nelson will cover the depth of the squad issue.

    Besides that , whether iwobi is on 10,20,30,40 of 50 grand a week ,it makes no difference, he’s not good enough now and never will be quite good enough …sell him and give a couple of other academy players the chance to prove themselves…iwobi has had more than enough opportunities to show us what he can do.

  8. WengerEagle

    I’d keep a hold of Nelson. Even if his all-round games leaves a lot to be desired, he scored 7 Bundesliga goals in very limited minutes last season, some of them match winners.

    He can come off the bench if we’re flailing and offer a goal threat.

  9. Cesc Appeal



    I’d use Nelson as a substitute.

    I think he will be sold by Arsenal in the future, but if he can get some goals in the EPL there’s a chance we can sell him for an inflated fee of £20 Million or more even with a small amount of goals and playing time this season.

  10. Receding Hairline

    There is nothing fishy there

    Lille settled for a payment structure that Palace would not have accepted. That the Pepe deal was not advertised like the Zaha one doesn’t mean we started working on it yesterday night.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    You look to next summer and if Martinelli and/or Saka have stepped up or show real promise you could look at making £40-50 Million out of selling Nelson (if he doesn’t really impress) and Iwobi.

    This is how the club should be doing things.

  12. GS88

    Would be extremely pleased with Pepe, Ceballos, Martinelli, Tierney…. and a central defender, which is an absolute must.

  13. Chika

    “Celtic have offered Honduran LB, Emilio Izaguirre, who was supposed to be leaving a new contract.” Remember they already signed a new LB few weeks ago.

  14. Chika

    “Lille expected to replace Nicolas Pepe with Dodi Lukebakio from Watford, who are in turn hopeful of signing Ismaila Sarr from Rennes.”

  15. Marc


    Last summer felt good because it was the start of a new era. What we’re seeing this summer has got me really excited for season. Can’t wait for it to kick off now.

  16. Paulinho

    “Hopefully when teams park the double-decker at the Emirates ”

    He looks like he’s got a decent give and go on him so hopefully a few wall passes can open up teams who sit deep. Also can open up his body and curl effectively so if defenders back off him they run the risk of being used as a guide to be curled around.

  17. Marc


    It’s possible the Tierney was tied up some time ago and we’ve agreed to keep it quiet while Celtic get themselves sorted.

  18. Dissenter

    You would think that English clubs [who are awash with PL cash] would be the one to embrace the structured payments for transfers
    Instead it’s the continental clubs who don’t have problems with it.

    You have to wonder how Zaha will feel because in some ways Palace cnuted themselves out of a proper negotiation with all the luster.
    The same way Tierney will feel if we walk away because Celtic want to quibble about receiving 3 million in 2019 or 2021.

  19. Pierre

    Nelson is a similar player to Jordan Sancho, both have similar attributes, however Nelson hasn’t the composure and awareness that Sancho possesses and that’s what sets them the moment.

  20. kristoman

    Wow anything to make the arsenal fc look good.

    pl can anyone here give me a link to where a transfer fee of a player is paid over 5 years instalment?

  21. Marc


    Palace could now find themselves stuck with a player who unhappy and uninterested. If the season goes pear shaped it could cost them hundreds of millions.

  22. Dissenter

    With the exception of the Neymar deal where Barca insisted on a 100% cash payment to punish PSG, most transfer fees are guarantee payments over several years.
    In this case, what will Lille be afraid of; that Arsenal FC would be bankrupt by 2024?

  23. Paulinho

    For such a athletic, nimble looking guy, Nelson has got a turning circle to rival that of Xhaka. Takes the dude an age to turn. One of his biggest problems and means he can’t get quickly enough in position to dribble.

  24. kristoman

    And if it so, why are teams like everton not doing the same? At least they could pay 14m every year for a player like pepe, can’t they?

  25. Receding Hairline

    Not just the Neymar deal, Greizmann, Laporte, and Rodri to name a was paid in full. I think Liverpool had to pay for VVD in full too due to all the issues with Saints on the transfer. I think in LA Liga if a player has a buy out clause the money is paid in full to the Liga office and then given to the selling club.

    But 90% of transfers money is paid in installments. Its noteworthy the fee for Pepe is 80m euros plus add ons….a lot has been invested by AFC into this kid if true

  26. Versus

    Defence Defence Defence smh.

    These are signings wenger did for years. Attacking exciting bla bla bla it always crumbled because we never had a defence.
    Arsenal fans are so f**king guillble. We’ve seen this before we’ve had ST’s AM’s before. Top class players. None of them could counter-act the defence sabotaging all the attackers good work.
    Why isnt he fixing the defence now. Not next year! Idiot could be out of a job by next year. 4 things saved emerys job last year. They didn’t do shit for Arsenal as a club on the whole, but they saved emery individually.

    1. Joses terrible utd
    2. That early unbeaten run
    3. EL final
    4. Spurs NOT winning UCL

    Why isn’t he or they fixing the damn defence.
    we had (at the time) a WORLDCLASS Alexis sanchez and a WORLDCUP winning OZIL and still!!! The damn defence destroyed everything. We still have ozil AND auba and Laca and still!!!! The defence destroyed everything.


  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    Pepe would be a really exciting signing if true, already better than Zaha and much higher ceiling.

    Think we will still see a lot of Iwobi this season on the left, we can’t keep beasting Auba and Laca in every game and not expect them to break down.

    Last season we were winning a lot of games with either of those on the bench coming on against tired defenders, with Pepe in the team we would still have 2 goal threats on the pitch when one of our strikers are rested.

    Really would be great to go from 0 dribblers in the team to 2 excellent ones in Pepe and Ceballos.

    Tierney looks to be coming to a close as well. Will we get another CB in though, that’s the question. I can’t see it without some sales first.

  28. Dissenter

    I agree
    Remember when Dortmund refused to sell Lewandoski to Bayern and insulted he leave on a free after the season …on principle?
    They bumped up his wages by £3 million to compensate him because they know what that does for motivation.
    If you want to believe Charlie Champagne, it will be hunky-dory with Tierney and Zaha. It’s only the buying club that’s under pressure. Tierney, because he’s a fan; veneer mind that he’s missing out if playing for Arsenal for 200% wage increase.

  29. kristoman

    really disenter
    so tell me, why does the year account do not reflect this? Also why are the clubs not going into frenzy to sign players since they can pay the fees say over 6 years instalment. Pl give me one link

  30. Freddie Ljungberg


    Emery isn’t in charge of transfers.

    We are trying to build a team that can compete at the top again, we’re doing that by investing in excellent young players with world class potential, exactly how we should be doing it. We can’t fix the whole squad in 1-2 windows, it will take some time, but if we get the deals done that are being reported now we are not far off.

    What’s to complain about?

    Who cares if Emery only gets this season? If he gets fired our squad is still in much better shape than when he arrived and it’s so refreshing buying players with a plan.

  31. Chika


    Re Tierney, I strongly suspect it’s pretty much wrapped up. We should get more clarity by Monday.

  32. Dissenter

    It just occurred to regarding the discussion we had yesterday about the agent commission

    Do you realize that the burden is on us to do more to get top players because we are a Europe league team?
    We will have to offer more wages and more agent fees to outbid club’s operating at a higher level.
    City too used to pay those ‘taxes’ a while ago. It’s the price of being in the doldrums for too long.

  33. Marc


    Oh dear can you actually count?

    It doesn’t matter whether a team is paying out £20 million up front to sign a player or £20 million in instalments on a couple. Their budget is £20 million and that’s what they are spending. Club accounts also show money owing on transfers still to be paid both in and out.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    A time where we’ve had long overdue excitement this summer and some still find points to moan about. Unreal.

  35. Marc

    Anyone coming on here and complaining about the Pepe deal is clearly a Spud fan who’s worried about top 4 this coming season.

  36. HighburyLegend

    “I strongly suspect it’s pretty much wrapped up. ”

    Lennon : “It is as you were a week ago. Two bids have been in and two bids have been rejected. That is where we are.”

  37. kristoman

    instalment payment are not up to 5 years unless the selling club agree to it. It is usually 50~60% of the actual fee and the rest on instalment. Even this is subjected to agreement by both club especially the selling club

  38. Dissenter

    Smaller clubs in England are awash with money nemesis didn’t want to sell their best best players because staying in the league is worth more than a measly transfer sum. They try to scare off buyers by insisting on cash payment because FFP still restrains to an extent.

    The seemingly protracted nature of this window is the astute nastiness of Raul Sanllehi. He’s serving warning to all that Arsenal won’t be push-overs.
    The media also scored a home run on Arsenal fans by running the biggest organized scandal that our transfer budget was 45 million…repeat a lie so often that it became facts gnawing away at gooners everywhere.
    I think you need a good rub-down man, not links 😀😀😀

  39. Versus

    LeftsidesanchJuly 27, 2019 14:07:07
    A time where we’ve had long overdue excitement this summer and some still find points to moan about. Unreal.

    MarcJuly 27, 2019 14:07:11
    Anyone coming on here and complaining about the Pepe deal is clearly a Spud fan who’s worried about top 4 this coming season.

    Ok so we bought Ozil, not exciting? Na we still was waiting right? Ok so WENGER buys SANCHEZ. still not good enough. Not worldclass. No no no we need more. Ok so then we buy Laca and Auba.. hmmm damn still not exciting. Dammit its been so long since we had a reason to be excited by signings???? Only last year Auba came and Won Golden boot. Damn you arsenal. We’ve been waiting so long for exciting players. Smh


  40. Versus

    Next season i don’t want to see anyone complaining about the defence, because right now some of you are happy kissing josh kronkes arse, and I’m going to be right here next season to remind you how you was kissing kronkes arse while our defence was left in tatters.


  41. Un na naai

    Man I don’t know how you can’t be happy today if you’re a gooner. Happy days

    Of course we want the defence sorted but it looks as if the club is planning smartly. Time will tell and if the right players aren’t available for what we can afford this season in defence then they may as well use what they have to strengthen other pressing areas which is exactly what they are doing
    Saliba comes next season
    Maybe with another centre half and who knows how holding and chambers may get on at the heart of our defence with tierney and bellerin either side? We could be already on the up

  42. salparadisenyc

    Without defensive reinforcements all is lost, Raul going full Wenger here but I’m not complaining. Gangster move.

  43. Northbanker

    Personally really excited if Pepe is signing for us. Looks much better value for money than Zaha who has already failed at Man U. Seeems to me that the Zaha deal was perhaps a deliberate distraction all along. If thats the case then the club showing more cuteness than seemed likely before.

    Hoping that Tierney deal is going to happen and that just leaves a last minute CB. Cahill may still be a decent bet to allow Medley and Salibas time to grow.

  44. Radio Raheem

    We should move on from Tierney.

    We’ve seen an established world cup semi-finalist fullback move for £20m without much fuss. Don’t see why should draw out a transfer for an injury-plagued, albeit talented player from a second rate League.

    Will the best left back in the Romanian, Belgian, Swiss, Greek, Championship, Secunda….be that much worse?

  45. kristoman

    yeah i agree, but our budget is 45m of which auba and lace instalment payment are still there or have we finish paying up those one. Mind you i look at the yearly expenditure of arsenal for the past three seasons on transfer and find no instalment payment except we were paid 1m instalment for defender we sold to valencia

  46. Dissenter

    Radio Raheem
    I’m pretty sure Celtic too are feeling the heat.
    They’ve bought his replacements already and are just grandstanding

  47. Caligooner

    Kudos to the arsenal hierarchy today. We were linked with Pepe all year and I thought it would never happen. Glad to be wrong.

  48. Northbanker

    If Palace still mange to flog Zaha for an inflated fee then I wonder if we could get a loan fee from them for Nelson? Nelson could then get invaluable EPL experience for a year with decent game time while we look to blood Saka who is probably a better player vying for same position

  49. Radio Raheem


    Yeah I get their game. But it’s annoying having to hear their cronies drone on about what a talent he is and that’s without reading the crap Lennon comes out with.

  50. Champagne charlie

    “72 million is <80 million
    Someone is struggling with a Zaha-withdrawal 😂😂☹️“

    Zaha is never going for 80 mil you spanner. Zaha withdrawal? What are you on about?

    “If you want to believe Charlie Champagne, it will be hunky-dory with Tierney and Zaha.”

    I’ve said absolutely nothing about Zaha. Lying through your teeth is becoming quite the habit isn’t it?

    You’ve obviously had a cup of coffee today because you’re bouncing about the place like a fucking hysterical teenager. Let’s watch all your predictions come to be….oh wait.

  51. TR7


    ‘Mind you i look at the yearly expenditure of arsenal for the past three seasons on transfer and find no instalment payment except we were paid 1m instalment for defender we sold to valencia’

    That’s not correct. As per audited financial 2017-2018, we have transfer creditor (installment money due to be paid for our purchases such as Auba, Laca etc.) of £100.2 million. However we also have transfer debtor (money to be received for sale of players such as Ox, Giroud) £61.5 million.

  52. Jamie

    Great news these last couple days.

    A solid CB, binning Mkhi and Elneny, and it’s been a one of our best windows in ages.

    Shame we can’t fuck Ozil off to Turkey/China.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    It’s as many of us thought, the difference between Lille and Palace is the latter wanted far more up front this summer of the whole fee.

    Sanllehi is making the £45 Million budget work but it explains why deals are taking so long. We have to pay exactly what we want to out of the budget to make sure we have enough money for other targets.

    Looks as if it will be £20 Million to Lille this summer.

  54. Radio Raheem

    I haven’t watched any of the preseason matches. How has Özil looked?

    Based on last season, selling him would be our biggest signing.

  55. Dissenter

    You’re right, waiting on a cancelled flight to set of on a one week cruise
    You won’t have to read my caffeine-laden rants for a while.

  56. Un na naai

    You’ve obviously had a cup of coffee today because you’re bouncing about the place like a fucking hysterical teenager. Let’s watch all your predictions come to be….oh wait.

    😂 😂

    Was waiting for that response
    Didn’t disappoint

  57. Uwot?

    Radio-F** k the jocks.Disrepectful in the extreme.lennon quoted as saying “ if they can’t afford him” look elsewhere.if we get him ( Tierney) would love it.just to piss him & their delusional fans off.

  58. Mysticleaves

    From the pre season matches alone Ozil has looked really rejuvenated and at home with what Unai wants him to do. If he plays like he has in the season proper it would be a massive improvement from last 2 seasons

  59. Un na naai

    Don’t fall into it. He’s false dawned us so many times
    I’ve been thinking the same thought but I’ll take nothing but the largest pinch of salt where that bug face is concerned

  60. Childish Gambino

    Im happy we are giving players good but not obsene money. We had take that stand with Ramsey.

    Leno – 100k
    Mustafi Kos Sokratis Bellerin: 90k – 110k
    Holding, Jenskinson, Elneny – 50k
    AMN, Matteo – 40k
    ESR, Nelson, Willock: 25k – 40k
    Torrera & Monreal – 70k
    Xhaka – 150k
    Auba & Laca – 180k
    Mhki – 200k
    Ozil – 350k

    Martinelli: 35k – 50k ???
    Pepe: 80k -100k
    Tierney – 70k
    Saliba: 40k -70k ???

    Once we get rid of Ozil & Mhki our wage bill should be ok moving forward.