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Unreal scenes in London when a couple of idiots tried to attack Kola and Ozil on scooters. Why the fuck anyone would attempt to attack a man who is clearly a fucking athlete when he’s with his wife is beyond me, but god bless the response. Ozil put the car in first gear and cleared the women away, Kola went for both of them… LOVE TO SEE IT.

Obviously, everyone has different responses to this sort of thing, but it does go to show you, these people are cowards. They legged it from a single unarmed man and they were wearing crash helmuts! Honestly, the bravery is something else… what a soldier!

On a side note, scary times in London that the dangerous shits are attempting nasty stuff like that… still can’t believe the uproar when police were knocking them off their bikes.

We also signed a player! Hooray.

William Saliba pushed off the advances of Spurs to do a deal with us. He’ll go back out on loan next season and we’ll hopefully have a very talented player on our books in the next two seasons. The club has to be praised for moving very fast on that deal and looking beyond our immediate needs. We should make ourselves the best club on the planet for young kids to learn their trade.

The club Q&A was about as interesting as it always is. I’m not sure Raul and Vinnai have quite grasped how educated our fans are. We’re obsessives, we know how they work the media, we know the finances, the masseuse, the tea lady, we’re fluent in operational structures. That Raul took offense to Arsenal fans not taking positives from last season is quite something. It always worries me when the standards at the top aren’t very high.

Back to positives.

Ceballos also signed, he’s in on a loan deal, I think he’s another impressive signing… there is a kicker though… If he does well, he’s back to Madrid. If he tanks, our season is ruined.

It’s still tough to look at this window with much hope. We’ve not moved the squad along, old players are a year old, bad defenders are still bad, the captain thing is still unresolved, we’re a bit of a mess.

I totally understand that the club is in a transitional moment, I just find it very difficult to understand how a summer can be run so badly? From the outside looking in, it looks like we’re willfully ignoring the most dilapidated areas of need in favour of a really shiny winger.

Things are so rough, Jenkinson looks likely to be a fixture this season. I find that maddening. We’re trying to develop a high-performance culture at the club, and we’re allowing fans to take a squad number… and we’re having to suck up the reality of loading up average players on massive contracts, again. Literally the same issue we were bemoaning back in the day when Nik B wouldn’t leave his £52k a contract.

I like some of the backroom moves, but it’s still hard to fathom what this summer was all about… to be honest, to me, it looks like we just waited for Edu. If that’s the case, we’re at ground zero again.

Still, there comes a point where you have to just be pleased with any move. Dani boy is a very good player, Medley has moved to the first team squad, Willock looks very promising, maybe Reiss or Saka could cut the mustard?

It’s all very hopeful, but that’s football my friends!

Right, I’m going to get my head back in the game next week, work has been fucking beastly this last month. I’m looking forward to getting back to some normality!


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  1. Guns of Hackney

    We’re ‘signing’ players for next season? That’ll play well when we’re relegated and at Doncaster Rovers battling for a draw.

    I’ve just ordered lunch for next year. I’ll starve to death in 3 weeks but hey, speculate to accumulate right!

  2. Receding Hairline

    China I think he will join Napoli, seems they are in the driving seat. And knowing Napoli they have future resale value in mind. I just don’t buy this criticism convincing a player through his agent is shameful that Valentin is running with.

    Posters here like to point to my militant defense of Emery but no one bats an eyelid at his militant criticism of Raul and Emery. All bad things he reads about them he exaggerates any good ones he attributes to Freddie or Sven who is no longer here.

  3. Un na naai


    Plus pepe is going to be an absolute monster wherever he goes. If he can match his performance levels for Lille or even raise them then he will be a definitive signing for whoever gets him
    We need to ensure we are that club

    On that and Saliba alone this summer would give me cause for serious optimism moving forward
    Even though defence needs addressing I’d be very excited to add pepe, Saliba and tierney to our squad in one summer to add to the exciting prospects we already have at the club.

  4. Gentlebris

    I know Pepe put in 22 last term and he’s younger, but I would spend the money on Zaha.
    Zaha has seen it all in the Prem. A known terror for defence across EPL. A guy who can create a lot of space for both Auba and Laca. And thirsty for a second chance to prove himself at the top level. £60m would do it too as against €80m for Pepe.

  5. Un na naai


    So you don’t think that we are one of the clubs who’ve agreed a fee or you doubt that he would choose us out of the four?

  6. Un na naai


    Zaha no2 for me behind Pepe. The kid is going to be phenomenal at a bigger club. Perfect age, great physique for a wide player. Tricky as hell and with en eye for goal. Runs all day.

    Left footed to boot. Please god make this happen for us.

  7. Guns of Hackney


    The french league is shit.

    I remember a certain Lacazette looking like a cross between Romario and Pele for three seasons…he can barely hit a donkey’s arse with a banjo now.

    Pepe May be the bollocks or he could just be bollocks. The french league is so one sided, it’s hard to judge a players actual level.

  8. KAY Boss

    So now paying a little higher commission to an agent to get whatever you want is bribery. In the past we refused to guarantee ‘necessary ‘ conditions for players like Messi and Mbappe and we lost great players. Pepe I like. Zaha too.
    So who will u prefer?. I’ve got a feeling we may sign either one of them and Everton Soares.
    And also the fact that Napoli has an €80m bid accepted doesn’t mean the other three has the same amount accepted. We may have a lesser bid but acceptable to Lille. It’s up to the player to decide. Maybe Napoli were quite desperate to get the player so decided to outbid us and the other three.

  9. Gentlebris

    ‘Pepe May be the bollocks or he could just be bollocks. The french league is so one sided, it’s hard to judge a players actual level.’

    Exactly my opinion. No one knows how he turns out.

    With Zaha, one is sure 100% that opposition defenders are duty bound to stay back and watch him. We need that kind of fear factor back.

  10. Un na naai


    That’s bollocks
    Lacazette was our best player last season in a side that scored more goals than anyone outside of the top two whilst finishing 5th and losing most of our last 8 games

    And just because the French league is a lower standard it doesn’t mean it doesn’t produce top quality talent
    Did you not watch the last World Cup?
    Granted most of them weren’t actually French but the French league and German leagues are closest to ours in terms of physicality and style so they adapt well to our football and the pace and power of the league.

    If you watch Pepe and the way he plays you’ll know straight away that the kid has everything to be as good as any wide forward in Europe right now outside of the obvious two.

    If we nick him we are going to be frightening going forward this season.
    Fingers crossed

  11. Guns of Hackney


    I’m all for speculating but has no one actually wondered where we’re getting the £80m from?

    We can’t afford Tierney at £25m but can now spend 3 times that on a prospect???

    I think this is more Arsenal PR bullshit.

    This is a classic Arsenal “we tried” moment.

  12. Pierre

    “They are a similar price but Pepe would have significant and maybe increasing resale value in a few years if we wanted to whereas Zaha is on his last big move and is a depreciating asset after this summer”

    And I always thought it’s what happens on the football pitch that determines whether a player should be signed or not ..

    Silly me!

  13. Un na naai

    Zaha is good and I would t turn him down but there’s a reason why the top clubs are after pepe and Everton are after zaha, pepe is going to be one of the best wide forwards in Europe. He already is at 23/24

    Him and Aubameyang either side of lacazette would scare the shit out of any defence.

  14. Guns of Hackney


    I hope you’re right, I really do. The fans need a player to be excited about and TH was a loooonnnggg time ago.

    Let’s hope Pepe is real and actually comes to us.

  15. Globalgunner

    If those bike robbers had attacked Bellerin. He would have been screaming. “Don’t cut my hair, anything but my hair”.

  16. KAY Boss

    China, in as much as I like both players, and u, I disagree with your assertion that Zaha has no resale value. If Zaha gives us 2-3yrs of incredible performance, and the bayerns, the barcas, the madrids circle, he could be sold for much higher than what we may buy.
    I don’t think the club will go beyond the £60m ish mark. If Palace refuse, I think we might not go back for him and Everton will be the fall on guy.

  17. Gentlebris

    ‘I’m all for speculating but has no one actually wondered where we’re getting the £80m from? We can’t afford Tierney at £25m but can now spend 3 times that on a prospect???I think this is more Arsenal PR bullshit. This is a classic Arsenal “we tried” moment.’


    We will know in the coming days. I have a feeling that the reason we are low balling for people like Tierney is to keep things huge for a giant signing upfront. And if we could pay £27m for Saliba and loan him back, Stan might have been responding.

  18. Gentlebris

    ‘Zaha is good and I would t turn him down but there’s a reason why the top clubs are after pepe and Everton are after zaha, pepe is going to be one of the best wide forwards in Europe. He already is at 23/24’

    A lot of big club went for Morata and Di Maria, see how they did in the Prem.

    Football recruiting is mostly about imagination and less about being influenced by popular values.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    The real point about all the speculation about Zaha, Pepe and Everton is not which player we buy, but the fact that there is clearly budget at the club to spend serious money on a winger.

    As I have posted on several occasions the official line is that the club has a very limited transfer budget. However that budget can be increased for the SPECIAL player.

    Frankly I agree with that policy. Arsenal have spent a lot of money in recent years on very mediocre players and then had great difficulty on offloading them.

  20. Un na naai

    Yeah or we’ve offered low first instalments for tierney and Saliba while offering a large £30m or some such for pepe with the rest to follow

    Don’t shoot down my dreams at 8:12. It’s the most positive arsenal related news since I don’t know when

    And we’ve had rvp, cesc, Wilshere, santi and Sanchez since TH14

    Can’t expect anyone to hit even rvp heights let alone Thierry.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    Mmnnnn…I don’t think Arsenal are that savvy. Here’s the thing, if you want to go big for someone, do it. If we are low balling teams to look poor, it can backfire on us for ALL players. Clubs will just think we’re tire kicking losers and refuse to deal with us.

    Anyway, a french prospect up front is not going to cure our problems in defence. £80m could have really fixed our back line.

    Arsenal still seem all over the place with recruitment.

  22. Un na naai


    I doubt we would experience such issues with Pepe in 2-3 years if it comes to it.

    Obviously the idea that he shoots us to the title a few times over a gloriously distinguished arsenal career is more appealing than making money on selling him

  23. Un na naai


    If they nick Pepe and tierney all is forgiven on the transfer front.

    How emery uses the palyers at his disposal would then have to be reassessed in the coming season after eating such glorious opportunities in April/may

  24. Gentlebris

    ‘Can’t expect anyone to hit even rvp heights let alone Thierry.’

    Martinelli could rise higher than Thierry in years to come. ESR too. Or any kid with talent. You never can tell.

  25. Un na naai


    Do Maria went to shit at untied because he had dull defensive coaches who stifled his flair and he had his home broken into

    Chelsea is a strikers graveyard
    Shevchenko, Torres and crespo all bombed there after previously showing wild class form throughout their careers

  26. Gentlebris

    ‘Anyway, a french prospect up front is not going to cure our problems in defence. £80m could have really fixed our back line.’


    Barca was never really great at the back imo, but upfront they wouldn’t even allow you to breathe.

    And we might be doing it the Liverpool way, prioritising attack this term and prioritising defence next term.

    This regime may have some vision after all.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s managing director has now issued statement about transfers.

    1. The so-called limited budget of £40 million is a figure he does not recognise and has never been issued by Arsenal.

    2. Arsenal’s financial situation is more difficult than in past because of 3 years in Europa League.

    3. Transfer Trading this summer is very difficult not just for Arsenal, but in the
    market generally.

    4. Sanhelli is working hard on bringing in players, but some speculation and
    assumptions makes job difficult.

    5. 85% of the transfer rumours, which are published are untrue and should be
    taken with a pinch of salt.

  28. Un na naai

    Calm down mate. You’re getting a bit carried away. Yes it’s conceivable but unlikely.

    Only Ronaldo has really compared to Henry since he left arsenal in the premier league.

  29. Gentlebris

    ‘Chelsea is a strikers graveyard
    Shevchenko, Torres and crespo all bombed there after previously showing wild class form throughout their careers’

    Un, you have quickly forgotten about Drogba, upon all the troubles he caused us.

  30. Un na naai


    So the gist is

    1. We signing Pepe
    2. We signing Pepe
    3. We signing Pepe
    4. We signing tierney

  31. Gentlebris

    ‘Only Ronaldo has really compared to Henry since he left arsenal in the premier league.’

    Sentiments my friend.

    I would have Frank L. In that category. Maybe even Rooney.

  32. Un na naai

    Trust me I have not forgot Drogba but just because they’ve had two success uo front in the last 15 years doesn’t mean that Pepe isn’t going to be a great player.

    Morata didn’t do well. Didn’t acclimatise. Not many Mediterranean/southern European strikers do in our league. Torres and Zola being the standouts.

    Morata failing at Chelsea has no bearing on how well Pepe will do wherever he goes
    He’s not be best suited to Italian football though so I’m sure Napoli are behind the prem clubs in terms of his personal preference.

  33. Un na naai


    If we are talking forwards then those two are head and shoulders

    In fact even if we are talking just title winning performances and sheer footballing capabilities then Ronaldo is the only player who really compares to Henry

  34. Un na naai

    I’m sorry

    Rooney isnt in the same league as Henry and Ronaldo

    He could have been had he not had he not been asked to become a water carrier for Ronaldo and Tevez

    Fergie ruined him but created one hell of an attacking side though

  35. Gentlebris

    ‘Morata failing at Chelsea has no bearing on how well Pepe will do wherever he goes
    He’s not be best suited to Italian football though so I’m sure Napoli are behind the prem clubs in terms of his personal preference’

    Un, the point was a lot of clubs going for Pepe as against Zaha.
    And I brought up those names to tell you that lots of clubs can be wrong at the same time.

  36. Gentlebris

    ‘In fact even if we are talking just title winning performances and sheer footballing capabilities then Ronaldo is the only player who really compares to Henry’

    Ronaldo is far greater than Henry though. Guy flops at Barca.

  37. Gentlebris

    ‘Zidane hardly rolling red carpet out for s return here. If we can make it permanent I’d be a lot happier than with a straight one season loan.’

    ZZ would pour flowers on red carpet if Ceba is on 17 goals, 25 assists next May.

  38. Un na naai


    But those clubs weren’t wrong in going for the talent. The talent is there. It’s how they manage it that matters. Look at the talent United has been wasting since Fergie left.

    Di maria

    Look at the clubs Di Maria has played for in his career. Him not doing well at untied doesn’t mean they were wrong for recruiting him but wrong in how they utilised him.

    I’m not saying zaha isn’t an exciting forward I’m saying that the top teams around the world are in for pepe who is 2-3 years younger. Zaha is in his prime
    Why aren’t Napoli or Madrid or juve or Barca or Liverpool or United or Bayern being linked with him? Why just arsenal and Everton?

  39. Unai

    As I said the other day, it suits us to keep our true budget quiet.

    When Chelski n City came on the scene they paid a premium for just about every player they bought because everyone knew they were flush, no benefit to broadcasting your budget but there is to downplaying it.

  40. Un na naai

    ZZ would pour flowers on red carpet if Ceba is on 17 goals, 25 assists next May.


    You’re getting carried away again. That ain’t happening. But yes if he performs exceptionally well then it would of course give him pause for thought. Let’s see. If we have no hope of making him permanent then it’s a dud for me. Very happy with Saliba though and excited for Pepe if the reports are factual

  41. Un na naai

    Pepe has the higher ceiling and more to his game than zaha
    I’d take zaha don’t get me wrong but Pepe would be a dream signing right now to add to Saliba and hopefully Tierney

  42. Versus

    So. Lets get this straight. We’re in the europa league for the 3rd time. We’re penny pinching after 10 years in the new stadium and we’ve employed a manager who won said EL 3 times. So we go into this TW and so far we paid 15M for a loanee who didn’t want us to have an option to buy clause in the loan deal, a spanish player who loves real madrid and wants to some day prove himself there, and teenage CB who could be the next VVD or he could turn out to be phillipe senderos. Who we need now but can’t use now and have to wait for next season. Next season where we could have finished 5th 6th again and be in the europa leage for a 4th straight season… THIS, is our transfer window strategy!!????


  43. CG

    Emirates Cup this Weekend

    Tickets Galore available.
    Oodles of cheap tickets to see the new exciting signings…. hahahahaha

    No one sensible will pay to watch The Clowns Chameleon tactics.
    (Painful to watch….)

    It’s the empty seats that gets them all in the End.

    What was the point of moving to The new 60 000 seater stadium and then appointing Emery as your Head Coach ??

    And Vinny and Raul are flummoxed at the negativity surrounding the club

    Arsenal 1 Brighton 1
    Arsenal 1 Chelsea 4

    Might have something to do with it…

    Tick Tock Clowns!

  44. Un na naai


    If we nick Pepe and Tierney it will be a good window.

    Saliba will be a top centre half. He looks mustard.
    We have Saka Holding willock bellerin nelson nketiah guendouzi Saliba Smith Rowe Torreira Martinelli and chambers

    All young and all with promising looking futures.
    You add Pepe and tierney to that lot with Aubameyang and Lacazette up front then Things are certainly looking very much brighter squad wise

    You add another centre half and a permanent cmf next summer (to the standards being brought in now)and we are looking good

    It’s nit done yet and if it’s just tierney then It’s a 6/10 but we get Pepe in there then I’ll be very happy. It would look to me like the club aren’t looking to waste money on any old shit just to add a body at the back but really planning their route forwards

  45. Un na naai

    Emery has to ditch that high line for now though. No new center half equals no high line for me. Not with papa and Mustafi still starting for us

    I’ll tell you what else as well
    I’ve been impressed with Martinez in goal lately.

  46. Gentlebris

    The one thing we are doing that I feel we shouldn’t is Tierney.
    A Scottish league star with injury records for £30m.

    And Celtics are parading themselves as selling some super star.

    Alfred Morelos is the only guy in that league who I feel could cut it on tougher ground. And he is being talked about for peanuts.

    Tell Celtics to shove it. Let’s see who else comes for their superstar at those figures.

  47. CG

    If this Tierney is such a prized asset.
    Why are there no other clubs in for him?

    9 games in 2019?
    30 million
    (£3.3 mill per game in the SPL!!!)

    Might as well burn the money with this lad.

    The jump in class to the Prem will only exacerbate his legacy issues.

    Would we buying Tierney if Dortmund Eye not been ousted?

  48. Valentin


    I was not referring to Pepe and the inside forward/winger position.
    I was answering to Dissenter general assertion that all Raul deals will be good deal.

  49. Gentlebris

    I can’t believe I was writing same thing as CG same time.

    I have to go for some check up next week.

  50. CG

    The G

    As always you are right.
    We are The Arsenal.
    We should be acting with class….
    Give agents as little as possible.

    They are The Scum of The Game

    That’s why its scandalous we are run on the whims of a Spiv!

    Utterly unacceptable for us.

  51. vickingz

    Dunno the craze for this zaha, I keep wondering if he ain’t that diving shitty player who couldn’t even do something meaningful in just concluded afcon. He’s just an average average player. If walcot had been in CP, all the years he was at arsenal, he would have commanded same amount zaha is commanding now

  52. Un na naai

    Theo could have been a class striker had he been used properly by wenger rather than on the wing
    Still over 100 goals from a semi injured and semi benched right winger was a great return for £12m

    We had value from him

  53. Pierre

    “And we might be doing it the Liverpool way, prioritising attack this term and prioritising defence next term.This regime may have some vision after all.”

    good in theory but the thing is, the season before last we scored 120 goals or thereabouts, in all competitions , so offensively we were in a strong position and one would have presumed that the new regime would have continued to prioritise our defence and defensive midfield..

    I’m really not sure that Emery considers the defence as a priority ..nothing he has done at the club so far gives me that impression .

    So , whether we recruit defensive based players or not it is possible that our defence may not show any improvement, or marginal at best due to the fact that the manager appears to be very similar to Wenger in that he believes attack is the best form of defence.

    Zaha or Pepe of course would be very good additions , our problems the last couple of seasons have been our away form , basically because we do not have the fear factor, Zaha or Pepe would immediately provide the fear factor so teams will not be able to attack us with impunity due to being aware they may get caught on the counter .

    With Lacazette,Aubamayang and Zaha/pepe up top we would not have to over commit ourselves going forward as we often did last season …those 3 would need a solid base behind them to allow them to do what they do best ,create and score.

    I am hoping that Emery has learnt his lessons from last season and provide a solid base for our very good offensive players, but I have my doubts.

  54. Valentin


    Anybody who defend Mina Raiola when he is suspended for violating transfer law lose any credibility. This man is a cancer for football. A parasite of the highest order.

    When Dissenter argue that commission are a percentage of the fee, here is counter exhibit A. Mini Raiola organised deal where he received 60% of the transfer fee. Not the player, just him. His commission was bigger than the player signing-on fee. FiFA would like the percentage to be limited, but it cannot legally restrict his trade. In order to shame clubs, the English FA is now forcing clubs to publish the total annual amount paid to agents.

  55. vickingz

    Un nai, you ain’t understanding me. If theo had played for CP, he would be commanding the £60m figure to come to arsenal. What i’m saying is, zaha is just being hyped and overly hyped. His mates are in everton, he should go there.

  56. roaaary

    Havent seen much of pepe but I’m not sure what he offers over zaha.
    Pepe seems an inside forward who is fast and skillful. He comes centrally a lot and picks up goals…..all which zaha can do
    I actually think zaha is more tricky and more powerful as pepe looks lightweight


    U N N
    Theo Walcott 10 years to score 100 goals do the Maths.
    And to suggest he could have been a better player if he
    was to have played in a different position CF ? a player
    who could not head the ball.
    Your credibility and continuous waffle fail me.

  58. Un na naai

    Wood for brains

    Yes and he spent half of that injured or off the bench

    You do the math
    How many of our wide players are scoring 10 goals a season anyway? Or supporting attackers?

    Yeah that’s what I thought. Shaadup

  59. Unai

    Val, why does it matter what goes on between club and agents in our situation?

    Pretty much every big deal will include a large commission, we either accept that or do as we have done in the past and exclude ourselves from the best players.

    Football is morally corrupt, accepted but most of the deals are 100% legal as you state yourself.

    Until someone says otherwise its just parts if the game, no points for being above it on a moral standpoint.

  60. Valentin

    I don’t think that Walcott would have ever been a world class striker a la Aguero. However what is clear is that with proper coaching he could have been a much better player than he currently is.
    Wenger has special training session for Anelka and Henry, but for the following players completely neglect that part. He was expecting a player to be intelligent enough or instinctive to know when to make the right run and take the right position.
    That approach works for some exceptional players but most need a more directive/assertive approach. Sterling is a classic example of somebody who has tremendously benefitted from a more detailed tactical training.

    Also a more detailed tactical training means that the entire team progress together. Both individual and collective ceiling is raised. By not changing his approach, Wenger limited what individual players and the club in general were able to achieve.

  61. China1

    Zaha isn’t a good goal scorer though.

    He’s hit double figures only once or twice in his career

    For the price being talked about, comparative ages and likely goal contribution zaha loses badly in a like for like at a similar price

  62. Unai

    As much as Pedro protests I think having an operator like Raul who understands the dark arts is going to be a benefit to the club long term.

    It kills ‘The Arsenal Way’ but if we get anything like the success teams like Barca and Real have had from operating like this the Arsenal way can go fuck itself frankly.

  63. Valentin


    I understand that the club tries every trick to convince players to join us.
    I just hope that this approach of paying more commission will not backfire in the long run.

    I am not naive enough to think that money will not play a part of any footballer decision, but Players should want to join us for the project rather than just money. Otherwise you end up with mercenaries or player’s agents trying to get a move every two years for their own benefits.

  64. Unai

    Val, that pretty much describes all modern footballers, they are employees.

    The days of Big Al and Matt Le Tiz kissing badges and loving clubs are long dead.

  65. Un na naai


    Completely agree regarding Walcott
    Could have been lethal. Wenger ruined him. Along with Ox and Wilshere

  66. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Emery is going to have to be brave and play Ceballos as a #8. Like Wenger did with Cazorla when he lost his dynamism. Let Xhaka and Torreira share minutes


    U N N
    If you thought Walcott aided our attackers WELL.
    It was hard enough for him to put his own mind into
    gear as what to do next.
    I believe the main injury put him out of the game for 6 months
    and a shoulder injury when he joined 18 games.
    Yes he lost speed after the CLR.
    But he still did not have the marbles to be top class just that early speed that was often wasted.
    CF NO.

  68. Valentin


    When I say the project, I don’t mean fidelity to the club or kissing the badge.
    Nicolas Pepe has already stated that he does not want to go to a tier 1 club, because he needs minutes to progress. He also prefer a club that would play to his strength. So fast football very good on the counter-attack.
    That the kind of argument I was referring to.
    Hopefully with him on board, we would rejoin the tier 1 level clubs. In a couple of years, he would then has fewer reason to leave.

  69. WengerEagle


    If Ceballos provides the connect between the midfield and the front 3 (presuming we get Zaha), I’ll be ok with Auba, Laca and Zaha putting up the vast majority of our goals/assists. He still needs to chip in with his fair share though, 2 goals and 2 assists won’t cut it.

    We need 5-10 goals and 5-10 assists out of him at least to get close to replacing Ramsey.

  70. WengerEagle

    Bash on Ozil all you want for being a pussy on the field (found it hilarious that Dissenter censored the word on here btw) but there’s a fair amount of wannabe hardmen on him that are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they too would have shat their arsehole out in that situation.

    Doesn’t matter if they were both a couple of retards that had never used a knife before, Kola and Ozil weren’t to know that and going for a helmeted chap wielding a 10 inch machete with your bare hands is insanity no matter how ballsy.

    Ozil did what 99.9% of the general population would have done in that situation unarmed.

    Kola is just a different kind of human, was raised by parents that lived in a literal war-zone so no doubt he’s seen some shit.

  71. KAY Boss

    Happy Pepe Day to u all.
    Un calm down. I can see you are ecstatic about Pepe’s possibility of joining us.
    I’ve not watched him enough. Per reports on his performance last season, if he indeed sign for us, I hope he lives up to his billing.
    Funny how Klop Empire ( a Liverpool blog) are stating that his agent is greedy. I’m in love with Raul’s dark art in transfers.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is clear that Arsenal plan to bring in two more players above and
    beyond the business sofar concluded and the promotion of four U23 academy players.

    The next transfer is almost certainly Tierney at left back. The rumours plus
    statements and actions of Celtic appear to confirm this. The fact that he has
    not played in any games for Celtic sofar this summer is a clear signal that he
    is leaving.

    The final piece in jigsaw appears to be the recruitment of a winger. There
    are suggestions that we could be after Zaha, Pepe or Everton. It is very difficult
    to assess which is the most likely.

    Zaha has indicated that he is a lifelong Arsenal supporter and would prefer to
    come to us. He is an excellent player, but older than the other two and the
    transfer fee demanded is well above what he is probably worth. Also it is
    complicated by the add on fee of 20% contracted by Man Utd.

    Pepe had a very good season scoring 20+ goals. He is 2-3 years younger than
    Zaha. Currently his market price is higher than Zaha and the fee demanded
    more or less in line. The negative is that he has been playing his Football in
    France so he is a financial risk.

    Everton is highly rated in Brazil and has already played for their National Team. He is a similar age to Pepe. The positive is that he is likely to be cheaper than other two and therefore lower risk. However, we do know that not all Brazilian players are necessarily a success and there are also problems with third party contracts. If we go for this option my guess is that it is because Edu our new technical director has assessed that this is a risk worth taking.

    Somehow I think that Arsenal’s incoming transfer business will be completed
    next week.

    The next question is how many players will be offloaded and who. The only
    one sofar who is almost certain to leave is Koscielny.

  73. Un na naai


    Haha. I do like zaha too but for me if we can get Pepe then let’s have it

    Football is a game of opinions
    Mine is that Walcott was much better off the shoulder running into through balls with no time to panic
    He played on instinct
    He scored goals against the best teams we’d faced in that era and Michael Owen would have been no better had you put him wide right.
    Not saying Walcott was as good as Owen but you wouldn’t play Wright or Owen on the wings because they are wasted there

    Each to their own and all. I get why so many disregard Walcott beavue he did blow hot and cold and did panic and wasn’t the best on the ball but as he got older he was a quality finisher and just as he found his feet up front wenger benched him.

  74. Receding Hairline

    Personally I would have preferred Zaha. Something about Pepe doesn’t sit well with me, screams one season wonder.

    For the poster who mocked Zaha for doing nothing at the AFCON, Zaha had a better tournament than Pepe and Ziyech.

  75. GS88

    From the Oracle.

    Arsenal have reached an agreement with Lille to sign Ivory Coast winger Nicolas Pepe for ~€80m, paid by instalments to fit #AFC budget. 5yr deal, agent agreement still needed but set to be closed in next 24/48hrs. Napoli also have agreement with #LOSC but agent rejected proposal

  76. Emiratesstroller


    A possibility that we finish in top 4 and qualify for Champions League, but we
    will not win EPL Title with current defence.

    Clearly Arsenal will be a potent force with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Niekatah and
    a new quality winger on the books.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    There’s rumours that Tierney is edging closer to a move now with most of the issues between the clubs resolved.

    I’m still not sure on this Pepe stuff, it’s been so widely reported that Zaha is Arsenal’s number one target and this could well be his agent trying to get more fees out of Napoli.

    Personally, I would actually prefer Zaha even though he’s older. But I’d be very excited about Pepe, obviously.

    We’re starting to wake up late in the window now which makes sense given our limited budget.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    ‘So that 45m budget as expected was a load of bollocks.’


    Like Ornstein just said, paid in installments.

    Round of applause for Sanllehi.

  79. China1

    Let’s save loving Raul’s dark arts for when they actually deliver and the club is demonstrably stronger

  80. Marc


    No we won’t be challenging but it should get us top 4. With CL money next summer we take the next step. Pedro is very fond of using Klopp and Liverpool as the way it should be done well I’d say we’d be well on schedule to competing in 3 or so years.

  81. Un na naai

    I can dare to dream

    Is it too much to ask to add Harry Maguire to the squad this window too?
    Look we get Pepe and tierney then it’s a 10/10 from me considering our funds

    If we get these deal over the line then I will be delighted. Did edu assist in this or was it Raul? If it’s raul then I doth my cap. Great work.
    With Saliba coming next year and the yoot a year older then there is plenty of cause for optimism
    As long as emery ditched his ridiculous penchant for a high line with slow defenders.

    Could be some sight though with bellerin and Tierney overlapping Aubameyang and Pepe.

  82. Marc


    We could well be looking back in a year or two and saying the biggest signing the club has done in a long time was Sanllehi.

  83. Marc

    Un na

    “Could be some sight though with bellerin and Tierney overlapping Aubameyang and Pepe.”

    You’ve also got Ceballos linking play.

    This season could officially be moist!

  84. Cesc Appeal


    We seem to be following that Liverpool model. Before Liverpool got Van Dijk they were electric in attack but leaky in defence.

    I think we are going to be the same this season.

    Pepe, Lacazette, Aubameyang. With Dani Ceballos in midfield.

    Point to a team that won’t shit themselves at the sight of that.

  85. Chika

    After Leno and Torriera, would Pepe make it the third player we’ve beaten Napoli to recently?

    Bellerin and Pepe on our right sounds really tasty.

    Rugani on loan?

  86. Cesc Appeal


    ‘We could well be looking back in a year or two and saying the biggest signing the club has done in a long time was Sanllehi.’

    It seems as if he got the agent.

    That’s the contract approach, his name carries a lot of weight and he knows how to win a race for a player.


    What a day.

    3 days: Dani Ceballos, Saliba and Pepe.

  87. Un na naai


    Come on man. If he brings in Martinelli, Saliba, Ceballos, Tierney and Pepe in one window he deserves credit and no small amount either. This goes a big big way to advancing us. Don’t get me wrong we need a centre half this season but if emery gets his coaching cap on and abandons the high line then I’d be content with sokratis, Holding, Chambers and erm just that lot for the season.
    This doesn’t look quite so bad as a starting lineup
    bellerin sok Holding tierney
    Torriera Chambers xakha
    Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang

  88. TR7

    How can budget story be bollocks when you can estimate our cash balance with reasonable certainty. It’s not an inside the 4 walls thing. AFC should have close to £100-120M of cash balance of which we should not be able to spend more than £50M, £60M max and we haven’t spent more than that.

    Ceballos – loan fee of £5M
    Saliba – £5M installment this year is my guess as he is still going to be playing for St Etienne.
    Pepe – if reports of a 5 year deal is true, you would assume we are paying £20-25M upfront.

    We still should have fund for Tiernney plus I expect a few transfer out. If Raul manages Pepe, Tiernney, Ceballos and Saliba in one transfer window then a job well done from him.

  89. Marc


    Pedro has this obsession with using a modern method to scout players. Now I’m all for using all available tools to help identify targets. What Pedro can’t seem to get his head round is having someone who can close a deal is important, it also doesn’t stop the use of data.

  90. Un na naai


    I’m not convinced on him yet. Let’s see how he adapts and wether he would sign permanently but if he’s a success then Greta

    And yes. I’ve been sodden all morning

  91. Gentlebris

    ‘Is it too much to ask to add Harry Maguire to the squad this window too?
    Look we get Pepe and tierney then it’s a 10/10 from me considering our funds’

    Maguire, you are crazy my friend 😃😃😃😃


    Pepe eh?

    That took some balls.

    Crystal Palace must hope Everton come through for them.

    Or Zaha gives them the treatment.

  92. China1

    Seems there are lots of reports about the Pepe story but I’ll wait until it’s officially announced before thinking too much

    If this happens and we got tierney over the line it would be a good summer of signings and we could spend the rest of the summer just trying to flog our tat

    I don’t mind if arsenal still have some big issues next season, what I demand of the club is that we’re taking serious steps forward. If The squad has made demonstrable progress by the start of the season I’ll be happy and accept it

  93. Gentlebris

    ‘We could well be looking back in a year or two and saying the biggest signing the club has done in a long time was Sanllehi.’

    Now you are taking it too far.

  94. Un na naai


    Ain’t gonna happen. Not dropping his captain for a loanee.
    I actually think xakha would excell in that formation anyway
    If Ceballos can prove his defensive worth then I’d drop out chambers for home games and put in Ceballos.
    Who knows
    Maybe ozil will up his fucking game this season with all the talent around him and with the competition.

  95. Un na naai

    Zaha will be fuming
    Had palace played ball he’d be a gooner right now
    I’d be fucking fuming if I were him

  96. Paulinho

    The whole instalments thing is beside the point though.

    More or less every big transfer is paid in instalments.

    So when Ornstein comes out and says £45 million it’s kind of bollocks because he is implying we can’t see sign a player/s this summer that are valued above that figure.

  97. Samir

    Pepe incoming without CL football? If Raul pulls him off with Tierney he’s worked an absolute miracle transfer window. The best we’ve had for many years.

    Wonder what will happen to Zaha and Everton Soares?
    Pepe on the right, Everton on the left? Or is that too much to ask for

  98. Cesc Appeal



    You need the deal closer, the person who knows how to speak with agents and how to win races for players.

    Munich, Napoli, Inter, United, Ateltico, Liverpool, PSG etc all interested in him. Arsenal got him.

    TR7 Un


    There’s a time for fair criticism and there’s a time to be fair regardless of whether your fans of the new regime or not.

    This is a time where, as Arsenal supporters, we should all just be excited together.

    Great signing and I agree completely with TR7 this does nothing to suggest our budget is more than £45 Million which makes the signing all the more impressive.

  99. Marc

    Un na

    That’s the risk you run if you fuck about. One of the problems with all the money in the PL is that small clubs and Palace is a small club get ideas above their station.

    Know you place bitches.

  100. China1

    If we had Auba laca pepe attack wise then I’d put a midfield of industry behind them in tough games where ozil can’t be trusted

    Part of the problem last season is that we basically only had two goal scorers meaning we needed our AMs or WBs to contribute a lot creatively

    If we had Auba laca and Pepe then you don’t need to ask quite as much of our midfield and full backs which would benefit our defensive setup

  101. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Zaha will be fuming
    Had palace played ball he’d be a gooner right now’

    Also might make the Scottish press think again with their stories about ‘Arsenal will come back’.

    Yeah, ask Palace about that one.

  102. Cesc Appeal


    I feel more comfortable now that Ornstein has confirmed because he rarely does without being very certain.

    Either it happens or this is the biggest f**k up in Ornstein’s career.

  103. Un na naai


    100% mate
    Hats off. Taking a knee. I was wrong. It just looked like another miserable meandering disappointment.

    Emery-over to you…..

  104. Gentlebris

    ‘This doesn’t look quite so bad as a starting lineup
    bellerin sok Holding tierney
    Torriera Chambers xakha
    Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang’

    Pls don’t ruin this moment by mentioning Xhaka.

  105. Marc


    “If we had Auba laca and Pepe then you don’t need to ask quite as much of our midfield and full backs which would benefit our defensive setup”

    Me, Cesc and a few others have been saying that for ages.

  106. Paulinho

    Hopefully Pepe is good at dropping off and shielding the ball in deep areas, and he’s not just one of those that – like Auba – that comes alive only when facing the goal with acres of space in front of him.

  107. Chris

    A high speed winger with huge technical quality who cuts in on stronger foot to shoot on goal.

    I remember feeling like this when we signed Marcy Overmars. Fucking excited!

  108. WengerEagle


    That would be assuming that nobody else comes through the door then past Tierney because Celtic are hell-bent on getting 25m minimum up front for him. Even with 80m broken up into 5 installments you have to imagine that they are getting at least 20-25m up front on the first payment. Martinelli and Ceballos loan fee take the number up to closer to 60m. Is none of the Saliba fee being paid this summer either?

    Pepe is a real statement of intent so credit where credit is due. Prefer him to Zaha if I’m honest, higher ceiling and better end product even if Zaha is the better dribbler and would bring other qualities.

    Pepe is huge because unless he struggles terribly to acclimatise we can reasonably expect 15 goals out of him this season which goes a long way to take the burden off of Aubameyang in particular and Lacazette too.

  109. Paulinho

    Marc – Last time I defer to the the silly red line when it comes to spelling. Assuming it’s the yank spelling, but might be wrong.

  110. Gentlebris

    ‘feel more comfortable now that Ornstein has confirmed because he rarely does without being very certain.’

    Ornstein hates this regime for being played. He wouldn’t have confirmed anything glorious about them if he wasn’t tripple sure.

    Pepe is done, and I have to love it, Zaha or no Zaha!