Positives to be had against Madrid

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Well, Arsenal didn’t disgrace themselves in a fun game against the MIGHTY Real Madrid.

We more than held our own against Zidane’s team of champions, in fact, it’s hard to say that we didn’t dominate them at times.

Unai Emery looked like he really wanted it… the scariest PE teacher this side of the Atlantic last night. It looked like he really needed to show the world, the fans, and the press that he can cut it against big teams and he wants a seat at the big boys table.

Once again, we rolled with players that really shouldn’t be anywhere near the tour, but hey, Bale landed some game time, so I guess everyone is out here shop windowing players they want to move on.

I thought there were some real positives. Firstly, we went two goals up and dominated from the start. Arsenal looked like they’d adapted to the heat more so than Madrid. We pressed well, even Ozil was getting involved in the dirty work. It is true, blondes really do have more fun.

How about Carl Jenks smashing into Marcelo? Take that you ‘I’m too good to play with Carl’ mug.

The second half was more interesting for me because we brought Saka, Eddie and Reiss into the game. They were a real menace. The pace and athleticism they gave our forward line was transformative, the shame of it was that it was meshed in with youthful bad decision making. They were all fluffing their lines like shy teenagers attempting to ask the head cheerleader to the dance.

It was a touch embarrassing to see us take the ball to the corner last minute, but at least the players are taking the preseason seriously.

Madrid won on penalties, but who cares, really?

So what have we learned…?

Things are getting desperate now. We may or may not have signed Ceballos. We’re no nearer on a powerful winger. We seem further away on a left-back than ever before. Emery is trying to promote an exciting future on the pitch, but it’s with kids, not mature stars.

The four players he thought he was landing haven’t materialised, and we’re very close to the start of the season.

I mean, I’d rather that than attempt another season with a bunch of players that are unlikely to find the next level for us… at least it’ll be exciting and committed.

We’ll see though, plenty of time until the window shuts… sort of.

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  1. CG

    Gazidas chose his Chum Raul for The Arsenal post.

    Gazidas rightly gets castigated for his Arsenal Stewardship.

    Hardly surprising Gazidas Chum is Stinking the place out…

    (No surprise to me,anyway.)

    We should not be Run on The Whims of a Spiv. WE NEED TO BE RUN PROPERLY WITH PROVEN WINNERS.

    Raul is Toxic
    He has to Go.

    Ps. I dont post anywhere else.
    I am loyal to The Grove …..like all you Good Folk ……

  2. Wengaball

    Özil getting a lot of stick for ‘driving away’ and ‘leaving his friend in danger’. All based on half a second footage of the car jerking forward.What really happened was Kola got back into the car, the jackers chased them for another one mile, before they stopped the car and ran into Likya, a Turkish restaurant where both are well known. The staff and customers apparently got into action and jackers fled.Back to the car moving forward. Maybe it is not what we saw? In fact it definitely was not. So what was it? Maybe Özil is shouting at Kola to get back in as he prepared to pull away – which would be the most sensible thing to do. Maybe he tried to knock over the jacker who was coming from the front.I would say both played true to character – one using his brawn, the other his intelligence in the situation. The brawn obviously made for better optics but the decision to pull away and reach a safe place probably saved them their lives, at least serious injury.

  3. asad

    smart move by ozil to stay in the car, since the co-owner of the restaurant they ended up at said the attackers were trying to get in the car & had bricks. apparently, kolasinac got in the car a bit after fighting them off & they were chased for 10-15 minutes until they got to the restaurant.
    wonder if there’s footage of ozil’s driving skills.

  4. Valentin

    None of the UK newspaper quote the loan fee at 15 millions. They say that the total cost of the loan will be 15 millions.
    The loan cost include the loan fee, the player salary. It would not surprise me if they have also add the employer contribution and any agent fees to pad the number.

    According to report, Real Madrid seem to consider him as a 40 millions player. If you consider the loan fee paid for players of such value such as Jaime Rodriguez and Kinsley Conan, then the total amount is less shocking and more in line with them.

    I still think that this is overpaying, because right now he is not a 40 millions player and the fact they are the one who wanted the loan. Real Madrid to showcase his talent with the objective to either maximise his value for next summer sale or potentially convince Zidane to integrate him while Modric leaves. The player because he is eager to make the Spain squad for the next Euro. Arsenal was the only Europa League club not competing in La Liga, with a Spanish coach whom he already know, and who were willing to guarantee playing time.

  5. Valentin

    Seems that the transcript of the Arsenal Q&A on Arseblog was heavily edited or that it was a lot less confrontational than initially reported.

    As reported by others before, there is no mention of Inflation and especially player price inflation being a big factor in Arsenal having a very difficult transfer window.

  6. Spanishdave

    The media now consider us a hard up club with no money. Just the ticket for Stan one of the worlds most riches men.
    Poor Arsenal penniless.
    What an image he has created, struggling to buy a 25m player.
    After ten years of ownership it’s come to this.

  7. Sid

    This is so fucking funny, now a metro article that quotes the previous sun article on the 15 million figure is being used a source.

    In case you missed it, the latest metro link refers to the sun link for the 15 million figure.

    Some here need help.

  8. CG

    Question for Raul and Vinny, albeit belated.

    If it’s such a difficult inflationary transfer market and hard to recruit players why are newly promoted Villa spending £100 million on 6 players?

    The Truth is You Ain’t Got a Clue and have been boxed in with the ridiculous appointment of Emery.

    Next Signing an injured Crock Jock Tierney, that no other club in Europe wants.

    Tierney has played in only 9 games in 2019.

    He will arrive injured
    He will always be nursing an injury
    He will go back to Celtic or Hibs in 18 months injured.

    And that as always is The Truth!

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have made two positive transfer decisions. Ceballos will strengthen our midfield options along with Willock who I think will make the grade.

    Saliba is a longterm acquisition who will hopefully improve our defence when
    he arrives for season 2020-1.

    However, Arsenal need to improve their defence for “this season” and that means bringing in at least one CB and a LB. Personally I would prefer to spend
    £40-50 million on decent defenders rather than on Zaha.

    Zaha is a decent player and at 25 moving on to 26 has reached his peak, but the
    transfer fee and wage cost for this player is unrealistic. Personally I don’t see
    that he will make a material difference to our prospects whilst our defence continues to be brittle.

    Hopefully Arsenal will focus over next two weeks on bringing in the defenders
    we need rather than being screwed over Zaha.

  10. Mr Serge

    Emirates don’t agree with your assessment of Zaha he is dynamic and aggressive and will score goals for us I know he never scored tons of goals at palace but neither did Mane for Southampton as an offensive team be will be amazing for us

  11. Sid

    Thanks azed for saving us from the metro quotes sun merry go round.

    So a total fee of about 8 million including wages so about half of what is being reported by the rag that is sun.

  12. CG

    Saliba will probably play 50 plus fixtures before he joins us.

    If he were to suffer a Rob Holding injury- another £30 million would have been wasted.
    We are liable now, presumably.
    For £30 million- we should have the player NOW!
    Not tomorrow

    Or at least a compromised deal – where we get him in The Jan window at worse.

    To wait 365 days for a teenager!

    (Outsmarting that Market , again Raul….)
    Laughing Stock….

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Mr Serge

    Arsenal do not need to spend mega bucks on Zaha when we have got some very
    talented wingers coming through the system. Okay they may not be ready this
    season, but our forward line is not in bad shape.

    Zaha is a vanity project for a club with by all accounts a limited transfer budget. If Arsenal were in a similar situation to both Man City and Liverpool
    then of course we could afford to buy him.

    However, we are not. The team will struggle so long as we operate a weak defence. I would remind you that both Bellerin and Holding are not match
    fit and apart from Sokratis our defensive resources are waifer thin.

  14. Dark Hei


    The forbes article sounds a lot more credible.

    15m is the figure Raul coughed up for Tierny a permanent signing.

    Personally, I will skip on Zaha.

    Emery’s priority is to field a back 4. That isn’t going to happen even if we sign Zaha. A pair of fullbacks should be the priority.

  15. Dark Hei


    Yup, Zaha is a vanity project.

    If we learn anything from history, he is either going to walk on a free or sign a mega wage packet at the age of 29.

    And if history goes to form, he will dye his hair blonde.

  16. Chika

    Glad both Ozil and Kolasinac including their wives are safe after the unfortunate attack. Only a bunch of idiots would jump at the chance to label Ozil a pussy without having full knowledge of how the events played out.

    Well it’s the internet, everyone is a tough lad!

  17. Dream10

    Mr. Serge

    Mané’s Expected Goals per 90 is better than Zaha’s. In fact, Mané has scored double figures in every one of his five.seasons in the PL. Zaha just one.

    Zaha high for XG90 is 0.34 in 17/18. Mané has eclipsed that in every single season in England.

    Nicolas Pépé produced an exceptional season of 22 goals and 11 assists as Lille’s talisman. He can create his own shot and.has a decent shot volume. Zaha is a better dribbler, but Pépé is decent. We have only two goal scorers who can hit double figures. Aubameyang is a regular 20+ league goal scorer and Lacazette is a guy who will score 13-18 in PL. Believe Özil, Ramsey and Mkhitaryan got 5, 4 and 6 goals each last season. Someone like Pépé is essential.

    Aubameyang is the only regular capable of averaging 3 shots per 90. Lacazette produces a low volume for a quality #9. Perhaps Nketiah and Nelson can hit those numbers as they have that individual athleticism and.mobility to do so. Pépé certainly can.

    If we score at least 80 goals in 38 PL matches we’re almost certain of CL football. While Zaha’s individual class is enticing, Pépé is the better bet.

  18. Dream10

    Outside of Leroy Sané who is unsettled at Man City, Nicolas Pépé is the best player we can sign this window. He’s more valuable to us than a Maguire, Koulibaly, Ceballos, Tierney or a Zaha.

  19. China1

    I have to say this blog is much more enjoyable when you ignore all of CG’s posts and skip to the funny last line…

    ‘Tick tick!’

  20. Nelson

    I skip not only the CG’s posts. I skip also those posts where there is an agenda against Emery or Ozil. I got tired of those posts a few months ago.

  21. HighburyLegend

    “Özil looked absolutely terrified”

    lolz, like I was saying, he’s the same, on and off the pitch.

  22. Spanishdave

    Emery seems to be happy with our sub standard defenders who let in more than 50 goals last year.
    He has the same blind spot as Wenger so the same old defeats will happen.
    Our defence is shambolic.

  23. Un na naai


    Ive got to say I agree. As much as I would love to add a bit more zest and variety to our attacking play, we do have some very talented youngsters at the club in those positions.

    If we manage to nab a starting centre half and left back AND a winger then great but we’ve all known for 3 seasons at least that the defence needs special attention
    It’s been ignored over and over and over again bar the signing of sokratis.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Please enlighten me. What do you expect Ozil to do in the circumstances where
    he is confronted by a knife yielding gang?

    Do you think that Arsenal would be best pleased if two of their first team squad through reckless bravado had landed up seriously injured or even dead?

    Some of the posts on here are idiotic and childish.

  25. Uwot?

    The media looking for any angle or stick to beat us with.The metro,sun ,The mail ,The star ,The mirror.David bullshi ornstein,talksport.All without exception a bunch of c*** ts.oh how I wish for a miracle this season.just to shut em up….

  26. Mysticleaves

    I skip not only the CG’s posts. I skip also those posts where there is an agenda against Emery or Ozil. I got tired of those posts a few months ago.

    Nelson did you hack my brain?

    Zaha would make a difference in our team. It’s dead certain. Pepe would also make a difference. What I don’t like is their valuations. None are worth more than 50m. For add-ons sake throw an extra 10. That’s 60 max. Anyone of them we get I would be happy. Including Everton.

    I would back Zaha to score around 15 to 20 goals and assists in this team ever season. Same for Pepe and Everton.

  27. Un na naai

    Dream10July 26, 2019 10:38:22
    Outside of Leroy Sané who is unsettled at Man City, Nicolas Pépé is the best player we can sign this window. He’s more valuable to us than a Maguire, Koulibaly, Ceballos, Tierney or a Zaha.

    Dream but we don’t NEED a shiny new winger, we just want one.

    We were the best attacking side last season outside of the top two
    It was only our shambolic defence and awful high line that prevented us from making champions league

    There is a case to be made that we will improve defensively immediately if we change this high line, slow defenders strategy but we 100% need a left back and ideally one more centre half before looking at wingers
    Saka, Martinelli and Nelson are adequate cover for a side capable of scoring the third highest amount of goals in the premier league

  28. DivineSherlock

    Some people are never fcuking satisfied . Saliba potential worth could be more , he is by all accounts a beast of a defender . he could be our DeLigt . If he was signed by Spurs you fucking lot wouldve cursed Arsenal . Why do you even follow Arsenal if its causing you this much discomfort.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    I like this whole Dani Ceballos fee thing, people quoting different papers that all quote the same source for the story…The Sun.


    Some people literally trip over themselves to try to discredit the new regime. Funny how they were so subdued for years and years now they’re actually sleuthing to try and find something.

  30. Dream10

    Seems Edu, Raul and Vinai were annoyed and shocked with the negativity and vitriol of the fans.

    If we get off to a bad start, say 2 or 3 wins in the first ten PL matches, it will become unpleasant. They’ll sack Emery for some breathing room. But, the toxicity will be higher than ever.

  31. Cesc Appeal



    As a French journalist said weeks back this could be the equivalent of signing a De Ligt level young CB last summer before everyone started taking notice.

    By the end of next season we could have a starting CB worth £60 Million or more (if everything goes well) that we paid £27 Million for. He could be the centre of our defence for the next 10 years and be worth a fortune.

    Not to mention we’ve only paid about £4.5 Million for him this window.

  32. DivineSherlock


    Same with Ceballos , yes the option of buying him is not included but that tells me that Madrid rate him highly . They dont want to sell him .

  33. Dream10


    Emery will be careful not to throw the kids in the deep end. Will be very surprised if Martinelli and Saka start more than ten PL matches. We overachieved in scoring 71 goals last season as we created significantly less chances than 17-18. Unlikely we.replicate the 71 next season.

    A wide goal scorer with pace, dynamism and most important, ability to his create own shot is essential to the load of Aubameyang, particularly away from home.

  34. Marc

    ” If he was signed by Spurs you fucking lot wouldve cursed Arsenal . ”

    The same applies to Ceballos on loan. Everyone would be talking about shrewd financial management with the stadium debt.

    We’re currently in a situation where the new management structure cannot do any right what so ever.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    We scouted Saliba in March as well, way before most everyone else. So much for this ‘contacts approach’ and not scouting great young players. Although I would imagine the usual suspects will claim that was a sticky note Mislintat accidentally left on his desk.

    Ceballos still wants to try and make it at Madrid. But if he has a great year here and the fans take him, the midfield situation could be totally different at Madrid if Pogba etc are bought and they may then entertain offers from us for him and we may equally be the first choice for Ceballos at that point if he lives here, is settled here, likes the EPL and has his good friend Bellerin here.

    It suits some people to judge us out of context. I’m not doing that and I won’t judge until this window closes.

  36. Receding Hairline

    “Emery will be careful not to throw the kids in the deep end. Will be very surprised if Martinelli and Saka start more than ten PL matches. We overachieved in scoring 71 goals last season as we created significantly less chances than 17-18. Unlikely we.replicate the 71 next season.”

    Many of the criticism from last season was our xG stats, no way we improve on that if we do not improve on our attacking options. We are one-dimensional in attack. Posters don’t just want a winger, we need a winger. And no Saka or Martinelli should not be thrown in at the deep end, these youngsters need to be protected.

  37. Marc


    Whilst I agree that our goal scoring last season was higher than what you’d expect with the chances created when you look at the team last season it was very one dimensional.

    Ceballos acting as a no 10 that gives a fuck plus a proper wide player should see be able to repeat if not improve on that.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Then we sign some middle of the road CB who’s average for the fee we can pay, Saliba turns up at Spurs next year and looks great and by the end of that season people are saying ‘how the fuck did Spurs sign a CB for £27 Million who is now worth £60 Million and looks a superstar at 19? Outsmarting the market Sanllehi? We’re a fucking joke’.

  39. Receding Hairline

    “We’re currently in a situation where the new management structure cannot do any right what so ever.”

    We know those that have this view, they are still reeling from the fact fans dared call for a change from Wenger. Now they are trying to prove nothing has changed since Wenger left and he was in fact working miracles.

    I don’t understand their infatuation with Sven though.

  40. DivineSherlock


    Yeah man . It does looks like the Club is looking long term , which is the way to go . I’m sure once Edu sets in his job , we would be much much better.

    The only problem I see is short term , Defence . A signing of Sokratis caliber would be good addition . Also would love Everton at Arsenal . He looks great , is young and fits the bill .

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Having added Dani Ceballos if we can add a winger as well, the potential of a new winger, Aubameyang and Dani Ceballos behind them could be a very dynamic and effective attack.

    The ball carrying ability of a winger will be vital for us away from home as well. On that note Dani Ceballos is rated for his call carrying ability. Currently we have no one who fronts their man and takes them on.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    I am sure that Saliba is a great piece of business for NEXT SEASON.

    However, my concern is for THIS SEASON if our defence continues to leak like a sieve. We have been awful in this department for two seasons.

    On a separate point there are now rumours circulating that Arsenal have made a bid for Pepe which is acceptable to his club.

    What may be emerging following yesterday’s Q & A by Sanhelli and Edu with Arsenal Supporters is that Arsenal’s budget is quite different from what has been touted.

    It is beginning to sound like there is a basic budget for regular squad/team players, but if someone rated a potential match winner is available Arsenal
    can and will go the extra mile.

    This sounds very much the £90 million bid albeit unsuccessful made two seasons ago for Lemar.

  43. Un na naai

    Marc CA

    The new management bombed last year as hard as wenger ever had.

    4-1 in a ducking European final to our cuntish London neighbours?
    5-1 to Liverpool
    The defeats at palace, Leicester, wolves, Brighton, West Ham after sitting in third position and looking pretty just for 6 chances to be thrown away to qualify for the champions league

    The shitty high line with slow cb
    The avoidance of signing a cb this window that we can use this season.

    We bright this guy in to get us back. If we were going for patience and youth and building then why hire a guy who’s track record shows he does the opposite of what the club is looking to achieve?

    He’s a short term manager at club looking to execute a longer term plan. With no money and a plethora of youth options available.

    How does Ceballos feed into that long term plan? We can’t afford to sign him. So he just sits in the way of a young player who can benefit arsenal, financially or through his first team performances.

    There is a reason everyone is underwhelmed. We all thought we’d see a change when wenger went but we haven’t. It’s the same old shit.

  44. Marc


    I agree especially on Pogba – I have a feeling he’ll stay at ManU this summer. Which is good for us because he’ll soon blow up and be a disruptive influence. Madrid spend £130 million plus on him next summer and they might be looking to generate some funds.

    As for making a judgement on the summers performance it’s what I’ve been saying all summer. I’ll judge when the window closes, it is frustrating to not get deals done sooner but there will be reasons for that. So far we’ve got 2 of the targets we’ve been after that leaves 2 more with the chance of a CB.

    I will make you a bet though, even if we bring in a winger Zaha or Everton for example plus Tierney and then sign a CB say Cahill as backup the usual suspects will still be complaining about what we’ve done and trying to find ways to pull it apart. I have a feeling you won’t take that bet though!

  45. DivineSherlock

    Is Pepe that good ? I honestly haven’t seen much of him . I remember Lemar being that good cos he played well for Monaco in UCL . Can anyone enlighten me here ?

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I think Sanllehi said you will see Edu’s effect next summer. I expect to see us looking at the South American market a lot more with him. I also think he will be quite good talking to players in a way that some other DoF/TDs may not be.

    Very smart hire by us I think.

    Yeah I mean all the scaremongering from the usual suspects about Emery filling the squad with late 20s and 30 year olds to serve his own needs panned out didn’t it? Of the 3 signings one is a loan and he’s 22 years old, the other two are permanent and are both 18 years old.

    Some people.

    I’d also like a CB but I don’t want to see us clutter up the squad and wage bill. If we’re not sure then leave it. It’s the equivalent of putting a plaster on a fractured bone.

    I’m confident a new full back and a winger (as well as obviously making us far better going forward) will help us in defence slightly…though I still expect us to concede a lot of goals.

    I’d imagine they are looking at it as we finished a point from 4th last year, this year we have 3 chances of UCL football (4th, Europa League and potentially 5th) and if we do that then we can drop serious money on the defence and a CDM and/or CM player if players like Holding, Mavropanos, Guendouzi, Willock etc haven’t stepped up.

  47. Un na naai

    Currently we have no one who fronts their man and takes them on.

    We let two walk for free along with Ramsey Bennacer and Adelaide.

    Woeful mismanagement of saleable assets.

  48. Dream10


    I would like to see Ceballos as a#8 at home beside Xhaka. Dani is not a final third guy. He provides illusiveness and can dictate rhythm. Play Özil/Iwobi at #10.

    In some matches away from home, he can partner one.of Xhaka/Torreira & one of Willock/Guendouzi in a three CM setup. Or pair him with Xhaka with a back three (Torreira not a back three guy).

    Don’t really want to see Emery try to balance a side. That’s not his strong suit, no matter how much it’s emphasized. He’s not an improver on the defensive side like a Conte/Simeone. However, his sides are best when they go for it. Offensive football the best bet for a CL spot.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    It looks like Zaha, Everton and Pepe are the players we’re looking at for the winger position. Not bad is it? If we get Tierney along with one of those then our flank play could be transformed this season.

    Some people are still trying to exculpate Wenger, either by making out the squads and the situation is not as bad as people are claiming or that Wenger worked under the same conditions as the current regime and did better.

    Laughable. But leave them to it. Pathetic.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Dani Ceballos can bring. I liked the beginning of his announcement video talking about Spanish players being artists etc and saying ‘but you don’t need me to tell you that’ while images of Fabregas and Cazorla played. If you can be like them in the midfield for us you’re going to a fan favourite.

  50. Un na naai

    . So far we’ve got 2 of the targets we’ve been after that leaves 2 more with the chance of a CB.


    A loan midfielder who may bomb and IF he doesn’t he goes back
    I won’t slag the signing if Saliba as I think it’s a smart move and he will be a top centre half (with the right coaching) but all we have to show this far is Cabellos and Martinelli. Martinelli being the more positive of the two.

    If we don’t sign a left back and a centre half the. It will be a giant failure of a window and had they not thrown away the champions league and extra funding we could be taking about a vary different set of circumstances now. Never mind the money thrown away in Ramsey, Bennacer and Jeff and welbeck and all the rest in the last 12 months.

  51. Dissenter

    Edu; “Unai has been here for one year and he has done very well, but I am excited to see what he can do with a similar squad with a couple of signings. When we see how the players get used to the system of the coach for longer, it makes much more sense to me”

    Pedro won’t like reading that
    Edu thinks Raul is doing a very good job.

  52. Mysticleaves

    If we bring in a winger and Tierney without a CB like Cahill I will be thrilled. Better leave our defence as it is than add Cahill. He’s been a liability for a long time and is 33. Better Mustafi than him.

    Just get me a winger. That’s what I need.

    Bellerin Chambers Sok Kola
    Torr Ceballos Ozil/Xhaka
    Laca/Iwobino Auba Zaha/Everton/Pepe

    Top 4!

  53. Batistuta

    Hate to be a bearer of bad news but everything else means absolute nothing if we still have that midfield that every team casually strolls past both home and away and a defence for the season without a defender who isn’t just coming from long term injury or a wrestler.

    What exactly is the target this season by the way? I honestly can’t do another Europa league season after this but hard not to see it being the case if we don’t bring in someone at CB.

    Why the obsession with the attack and nothing to help that defence for “this season”?

  54. Batistuta


    Bellerin won’t play till maybe October and Lord knows how he’d be like when he returns, same with Cahill so why would you turn your nose at a short term fix like Cahill if we are not getting anyone in permanently this summer

  55. Mysticleaves


    Based on the French league and watching Pepe over 90 mins, you will see a very intelligent off the ball runner. He also is a monster in creating space for taking shots either by body feints or foot races. But what I like most is how he uses his marker to disguise his shots. Granted I didn’t watch him all season but the 5 or 6 90 mins matches I watched, that’s what I saw.

    He isn’t always too involved but mostly cos last season he was goal hanging.

  56. DivineSherlock

    Un na Nai

    Never mind the money thrown away in Ramsey, Bennacer and Jeff and welbeck and all the rest in the last 12 months.


    Who decided to run down their contracts to the last year ? please pray tell .

  57. Dissenter

    What’s a 33 year old Cahill going to add to our defense?
    Don’t we have enough geriatrics already?
    I would rather placate Kos to give one extra year by sweeting his terms than bring in Cahill.

  58. Receding Hairline

    “I would rather placate Kos to give one extra year by sweeting his terms than bring in Cahill.”

    Or play Chambers, we are already paying his salary and he can’t be worse than Cahill @ 33 surely

  59. Batistuta


    It’s a short term fix seeing as we are throwing all our money on getting a Winger?

    What do we do? Roll with the sane back line for the 2nd season consecutively?

    The defence remains a problem so does Xhaka sitting in front of them but if we could get in a Cahill or a Rugani on loan (we’re skint) , why would anyone be against it?

    Again people aren’t just exaggerating how bad our defence is even with everyone fit, our defensive line is very very bad and no Winger is going to stop us from conceding bucket loads again

  60. Receding Hairline

    “Top 4!
    With the same manager who couldn’t beat Brighton at home?
    I don’t think so.”

    Or one can twist it and say with the same manager who has the third best home record in the league last season behind Man City and Liverpool

  61. Mysticleaves

    Danny can you remind me the position Emery played against Brighton at home? Thanks.

    Batistuta, it’s pretty obvious, Cahill can’t improve us the way Licheinster didn’t improve us. We can’t be adding bodies just because. Chambers is 100% better a choice now than Cahill

    RH, desperation does that to people sometimes.

  62. Dissenter

    Cahill had to be really bad because Sarri didn’t play him at all
    It brings back Lichsteiner all over again. We should have realized he was done when Juve kept him on the bench.

  63. Batistuta

    Chambers is nor good enough, we’ve seen all he is all about and isn’t he parr of the “assets” we can easily get good money for? I mean we say we don’t have money but refuse to do away with players whom we all know are just not good enough.

    Surely someone would give us 20milliom for Cahill and we can add to that to get in a capable CB since we’ve barely touched our budget for the summer and according to the suits, it’s maybe bigger than the amount that’s been quoted all summer

  64. Receding Hairline

    “The defence remains a problem so does Xhaka sitting in front of them but if we could get in a Cahill or a Rugani on loan (we’re skint) , why would anyone be against it?”

    There is a lot wrong with picking up a player released by Chelsea at 33. I mean some here thought Kos is justified in wanting his contract torn up because he is 33 but some of them also want 33 year old Cahill handed a contract. Now add the fact he was never that good to begin with and is now a very poor player there is a lot wrong with picking him up even for six months, If after all your criticism Cahill for six months is what will placate you Batistuta i don’t know what to say with you.

    We have Chambers, play him.

  65. Batistuta

    No reason or excuse why we didn’t beat Brighton last season at home and the manager has to take some sort of blame for that too.

    This militant defence of Emery sometimes does feel weird and very Wengerish.

    He’s the manager and the bulk does indeed stop at his desk and apparently he’s not learnt because we’re rolling in with the same defence that cost us last season

  66. Mysticleaves

    Batistuta, by January we will have 3 People in a back 4 that weren’t majorly part of the previous season. We would also have a midfield and attack with improvements. Am not sure this season and last would ever the same.

    Unai is getting the kind of players he wants and should play close to what he wants now. I said that that’s when we can realistically judge. Guess what? That’s what Edu said too. Wasn’t really rocket science for people without agendas.

    Will we suddenly concede less than 28 goals? No. But if we can hold it to anywhere 35 to 42 and score over 80 while playing excitingly we will make top4 and fans will be pleased and we can then address the defence.

  67. Batistuta

    Fair enough Cahill would probably be a bad option but we need a body I’m defence for this season and Chambers doesn’t seem like the best option for that, he played in a team that conceded bucket loads last season and had to even be moved to midfield at a point after being benched for a couple of games. He’s the kind of player you sell and get better players or add to an already poor defence, doesn’t make any sense

  68. Un na naai


    Wow what? Both are going for £35m
    That could be ours


    Were Ramsey and welbeck not saleable assets last summer? Did the club have no choice but to keep hold of them or did emery want them?
    And Bennacer and Adelaide were sold because emery didn’t want them.
    They are now fetching £35m from small clubs
    If we still owned them then I’d expect that value to increase.

    Minimum of £70m thrown away there hybthe new regime in players we no longer have. Toilet

    As was the end to the season. Fucking dog shit

  69. Catalyst

    A major positive is we will see less of mikhi on the pitch. If he has any sense left in him, he should hand in a transfer request to wherever.

  70. Mysticleaves

    “No reason or excuse why we didn’t beat Brighton last season at home and the manager has to take some sort of blame for that too.”

    I could give about 4 reasons that include both the manager and the players but I guess you already know. If we have a repeat of last season Emery goes, no doubt. He’s better equipped now. But to blame a new coach in a new country and league playing with ineffective tools, of which he has made known to the board since January, for not qualifying for UCL is a bit agendarised.

  71. Receding Hairline

    “No reason or excuse why we didn’t beat Brighton last season at home and the manager has to take some sort of blame for that too.”

    Yes he should and he has been blamed for it many times. Of course some of us saw Xhaka pulling people down in the box and Auba missing a sitter but whatever

    “This militant defence of Emery sometimes does feel weird and very Wengerish.”

    Nothing Militant. If you want him crucified for not beating Brighton at home you should also be big enough to acknowledge he had the third best home record behind the two exceptional teams in the league

    . Or are we all supposed to pretend his first season in a new league was an unmitigated disaster??

  72. Batistuta


    We don’t know what shape or form Bellerin and Holding will be in when they return from long term injuries besides we still looked very vulnerable when they were fit so having 3 new faces by January doesn’t really make any sense as an argument.

    It’s simple really, we need better defenders than we have got on our books for the past 3/4 years

  73. Guns of Brixton

    Got 2 players.

    Ozil and kolo attacked

    But no new post yet.

    If only something post worthy cud happen… 😁

  74. Batistuta


    And yet somehow same Xhaka is being talked about as captain…. I mean what does that say about the manager that a player who has committed the most errors leading to goals since he for here is being talked about as captain?

    Again all I’m saying is people should be allowed to criticize the manager without some of you getting all bent out of shape about it, it’s all opinions at the end of the day.

  75. Mysticleaves

    “And Bennacer and Adelaide were sold because emery didn’t want them.
    They are now fetching £35m from small clubs”

    ERM, has it been accepted that Unai met Benancer at Arsenal or do people know he left in the 206/17 season and finished playing his 2nd season for Empoli?

    Also has Jeff being signed by a club for 20m already?

  76. Receding Hairline

    “Again all I’m saying is people should be allowed to criticize the manager without some of you getting all bent out of shape about it, it’s all opinions at the end of the day.”

    One can also argue you should let people compliment him or even defend him if they please without labeling them militant. It’s all opinions isn’t it??

  77. Mysticleaves

    “We don’t know what shape or form Bellerin and Holding will be in when they return from long term injuries ”

    Batistuta, thankfully we know what shape a 33 year old CB that barely played last season and wasn’t originally that good will be in.

  78. Dream10

    Xhaka, Leno almost certain to lead the team in minutes played. Xhaka will be an easy choice to captain the side.
    Even Aubameyang will be dropped for a game or two for Lacazette due to Emery’s tactical reshuffling.

  79. Batistuta


    He has better tools now? You sure about that? We have only added just the 1 player this summer and it’s nor in a position that we needed the most surgery and again there doesn’t have to be an agenda before one criticizes the club or the manager, sometimes it’s just folks saying it as they see it or feel it is and I’m sure most of us including myself came to the defence of the manager quite a lot last season but the bulk of the guys who contributed to how bad were have been for a while now are still here and that’s partly still on the manager

  80. KAY Boss

    As I said yesterday, if we can’t afford a quality defender now, we could at least go for short term fixes like Jerome Boateng or Rugani on loan from loan. Just can’t stand this defence for another season.

  81. Batistuta


    I already said maybe Cahill is a bad example but you didn’t address my point though did you, are we better equipped with pretty much the same defence and Calum Chambers of relagated Fulham who shipped the most goals in the division last season

  82. Dream10

    Not interested in Rugani. He’s turned us down before to stay on Juve’s bench. Let him make the step down to a Milan/Firoentina/Lazio. Seems to be more comfortable in Serie A.

  83. Batistuta


    That’s my point, a short term fix at least till next summer, but as usual most fans only care about how we put them in and nor how stop them from going in

  84. Batistuta


    It’s all you do though so one might be forgiven for thinking it’s militant. You jump on every single criticism of Emery like it’s some sort of crime to call put the manager

  85. Mysticleaves


    I was looking more at the fact we could get CM, winger and LB plus possibly a CB (that’s not Cahill). Then he would have had what he needs.

    Our middle was very very dire last season, very flat and rigid. No movement, no lateral play. To me, considering the style we wanted to play, it needed surgery the most. Hopefully Ceballos and Willock (when he gets the chance) begin to solve that.

    A winger also massively improves us. So to would a defender or two but We can’t fix all these position immediately and I would prioritize the attack and middle too if I were the management. We aren’t a defence first team (since GG) incase you forgot.

  86. Receding Hairline

    Fulham did not get relegated because they had Chambers in defense …just saying.

    Chambers of relegated Fulham is frowned at

    But released Cahill of Chelsea of the 12 appearances last season will improve us.

    Or are we just bringing in bodies for bodies sake??

  87. Receding Hairline

    “It’s all you do though so one might be forgiven for thinking it’s militant. You jump on every single criticism of Emery like it’s some sort of crime to call put the manager”

    Your opinion..i don’t jump at anyone, I have criticized Emery lots for his shortcomings last season. I can’t sit back and watch someone say because we did not beat Brighton at home last season top four is written off this season. That’s not criticism pls

  88. Mysticleaves

    Replying to your last message Batistuta, see my 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. Ideally we should sign a defender or but an tired of these Licheinster kind of short fixes already. NO to over the hill players for 1 season for me.

  89. Unai

    Un, drop the Ramsey talk, he well and truly mugged us and got himself big fat pay off, seeds of that particular harvest were sown long before Emery came along.

    Unless you want to amuse us with a hypothetical scenario where we force a player, with one year left on a legally binding contract to walk away from his multi million ££ pay cheque?

  90. Danny

    Danny can you remind me the position Emery played against Brighton at home? Thanks.
    With that attitude, we’ll be stuck with this useless manager for years to come.
    I was very excited about the start of last season, new era and all that but for the coming season I have no expectations at all with Emery and I’ll be stunned if we get higher than 6th.

  91. Dream10

    If you can’t sign a CB, keep Bielik and coach him up. Make the unit better than the sum of its individual parts.

  92. Mysticleaves

    Danny, I already said am looking forward to the next manager to be one of the invincibles or Arteta but that would depend on how Emery does this season.

    However I am willing to make a bet with anyone interested that if we get all our targets this TF, Emery will make top4.

  93. fsaf

    2 of the 4 really talked up transfers materialized yesterday. Tierney and Zaha/Everton the only 2 left. Club is methodically achieving our transfer goals. I can see us securing these 2 as well.

    Now, if we are going to see a CB coming in as well I have no idea. I guess AMN is seen as a LB and we won’t be buying anyone in that position although there was some noise about Thomas Meunier I don’t think it was all that real.

    I like the way our team is shaping up.. except that Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi are still here. Would love to see the backs of all 3 of them.

  94. Danny

    July 26, 2019 12:35:52
    Fair enough.
    I will enjoy the coming season much more than last simply because my expectations are soooooo low compared to last. I might even go to more games than last season and if we lose I wont throw a tantrum. This is of course very sad but that’s our level nowadays.

  95. fsaf

    Also, could we please forget about Nicolas Pepe.

    We are competing for Zaha with Everton FC and we aren’t sure we can outbid them. Well Pepe is wanted by Inter, Napoli, Liverpool, Manure and us. And he is evaluated at over £70m.

  96. Freddie Ljungberg

    Hilarious that Don are blaming Bennacer leaving on Emery when he left before he came and it was his daddy Wenger that shipped him out, CG levels of stupidity.

    Would also like to see links to an actual transfer of Jeff for 20m, all I’ve seen is that that’s what Angers wants if they’re selling him.

    We can say we want 50m for Ozil all we want, doesn’t mean anyone is stupid enough to pay it.

    Welbeck on a free still having problems finding a club, didn’t want to leave last summer with one year left of his contract. Ramsey had months to sign his contract but was too greedy and we rightly pulled the contract. Yes he should have been sold 2 years ago if anyone was interested but that’s on the old regime.

    So much hysterics, so little reality.

  97. fsaf

    “Lille president Gerard Lopez confirmed there were four offers on the table for Pepe, but did not name the clubs. ‘For Pepe, we have received four acceptable offers from four big clubs. Napoli have made a bid for Pepe which satisfies our €80m (£72m) demand,’ he said.

    Arsenal and Liverpool have come to an agreement with Lille.

    L’Equipe claim it is down to the 24-year-old to decide his destination. Four clubs have matched Lille’s asking price for Pepe. All the deals are believed to be in the region of £72million, with Serie A duo Inter Milan and Napoli the other two sides in the mix.

  98. KAY Boss

    Our failure to qualify for the club last season was partly Emery’s fault and partly the players fault.
    U don’t blame a coach when his striker misses a penalty and sitters while defenders are busy accumulating yellow/red cards and others having brain farts. U blame him when his changes and tactics ain’t right on a day.
    Emery will make top 4 but not with the usual suspect who hurt us last season.
    Looking forward to us signing a Lb, rb, a winger(s) and a cb.

  99. fsaf

    From the same article:
    “United, who are already struggling to agree a fee with Leicester for Harry Maguire, have made their interest known, but are unable to make a concrete offer until they raise funds by offloading players.”

  100. DivineSherlock

    The fact that Welbeck has not signed for any club shows that he was indeed not a saleable asset . Also why wasn’t Ramsey given a contract extension by Wenger and co before? Why was he allowed to run down to last year where no player in their right mind would sign an extension . He rightfully went to a club where he got the highest wages , Raul and co didn’t think it was right .

  101. Receding Hairline

    “I don’t get the complaints from some on here about Ceballos”

    He is Spanish. Emery is Spanish. He said Emery was instrumental in his coming here..that sealed his faith for some.

    He is likely to flop…remember Suarez they say.

  102. Unai

    Freddie, the best bit about his argument is that, to retain the value of Ramsey n Wellbeck we should have resigned them forgetting they would both have required signing on bonuses and increased and extended contracts pretty much negating any resale value.

    Wellbeck has been proven to have no value yet his still bangs on about it.

    His arguments are so dumb.

    Club has done the right thing by pulling the plug on both.

  103. fsaf

    Ceballos looked like the next Iniesta in the season before he joined Real Madrid. Insane player if he can develop well. Did things that not many have seen a teenager do. Ever.

  104. Receding Hairline

    “The fact that Welbeck has not signed for any club shows that he was indeed not a saleable asset”

    So much for that guaranteed 15m he would have brought in if he was extended and put up for sale

  105. Freddie Ljungberg

    If we have to spend 70m+ on a winger I’d rather it’s Pepe than Zaha, being the best player outside the top 6 is not going to take us closer to Liverpool and Man C, Pepe has the potential to be just as good as anyone they have on the wings and has age on his side. If we want to catch up to them it’s going to take time so younger players are the way to go, we could also get a good 5 year out of Pepe and then recoup most of or more of his transfer fee depending on how he works out.

    Still, would prefer we spend that 70m on Everton + Upemecano instead, would make us stronger overall and Everton has similar potential to Pepe.

  106. Dissenter

    It seems Bayern have bought Xavier Amaechi by proxy- they got Hamburg to make the bid. The park him here for one season and bring him over next season.
    That’s how they signed Serge Gnabri, then they got Bremen to make the purchase.

    Valentin is Valentin no doubt but he is being proven right on the singular issue that we need to give our youth a proper escalator to the first team.
    Maybe not Amaechi, he’s gone already but we need to make sure that these exits occur less frequently.
    If Amaechi got a chance in the first team and fuc*ed up then by all means sell him. But to sell without a chance to prove himself….somethings not right.

  107. DivineSherlock

    What people rightfully forget is why the fcuk Ramsey , Welbeck or anyone for that matter was allowed to run down their contract to last year . Criminal Mismanagement right there.

  108. Unai

    Divine, that was the ‘ideal’ scenario..

    Actually think that was the final nail in the Wenger coffin, actually cringed when I heard that.

  109. Mysticleaves

    Danny. Lol that sounds like a plan. For the new season I am excited. Because of our youngsters and because it is seeming we can get to play the we we want. Lets know who to blame. You look at about 70% of the goals we conceded last season and you see a lot of individual mistakes, even in the EL final. We didn’t close because of Emery. This would have been glossed over if our attack was anyway exciting. it wasn’t. Hopefully not this season.

    Massively excited by this Pepe news. If we are truly in there with an acceptable bid, we have a big chance of getting him.

  110. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter but why does Amaechi have just a year to run on his contract. I don’t buy the his refusing to extend being linked with his not being on the bench in the Europa stuff. Why was he down to his last year???

    Lot’s of mismanaged contracts being laid at the feet of not even Raul or Gazidis but Emery, that is unfair and annoying. Why should Emery be put under pressure to play 17 year old or lose them?? What happened to long term deals and loans like Man City, Chelsea etc do it??

  111. Mysticleaves

    Freddie, that nobody called that out even showed the irrelevance of Benancer while he was here. Not all players make it but you would hope the better ones are given a chance. Also not exactly our academy product. I would say we did good business with Bennacer in hindsight.

  112. Freddie Ljungberg


    True, I’m not even blaming Wenger for letting him go, it’s easy to criticise with the benefit of hindsight but he really didn’t stand out as an exceptional talent while with us.

    Funny to see people bending over backwards trying to discredit a manager 1 year into the job (although the groundwork was laid before the season even started for some) and getting so much wrong.

  113. DivineSherlock


    Which is why I don’t like people defending Koscielny here. We are entitled to a fee , no club has offered one , he wants a transfer and loyalty bonus all while the club cancels his contract just like that ??

  114. Freddie Ljungberg

    Most of the perceived faults of the manager can be explained by the poor squad actually, hard to judge his abilities then, I thought we overachieved for large part of the early season to then collapse after a few crucial injuries.

    The tinkering – No fullbacks, poor CBs, poor midfield, no wingers, what formation do you play and do you switch it up if players are unavailable/injured?

    The 5 captains – Who in our squad is a stand out for being Captain? And guaranteed to start? We have no one worthy.

    Sure he made mistakes, but it was far from a disaster, no one in their right mind was expecting us to push for 3rd before the season started, we were only in that position because we overachieved first half of the season and Chelsea and Man U were a mess.

  115. Receding Hairline

    Freddie many here want to paint a picture we were odds on for third place despite the coach not because of him and that we missed out solely because of him. And i am called militant when i dismiss that as nonsense.

  116. Mysticleaves

    Nelson, Saka and now Martinelli would have been ahead of Amaechi. They all can’t make it with us. He seemed the least talented of that trio and if he makes it with Bayern, good for him. The ones we are keeping, let’s develop them. Is all.

    But yeah, our academy is better now. Wenger neglected it for a very long time and prioritized unearthing foreign gems. There seems to be a plan for them to succeed at least as pro footballers. Fran and Crowley should have made it here. If Iwobi did, no reason they couldn’t

  117. Batistuta


    If you bothered to read up, you’d see where in my discussion with Mystic, i mentioned citing Cahill as maybe a bit of a reach in terms of what we need but doesn’t mean Calum Chambers in our defence will make us less vulnerable as you suggested