Positives to be had against Madrid

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Well, Arsenal didn’t disgrace themselves in a fun game against the MIGHTY Real Madrid.

We more than held our own against Zidane’s team of champions, in fact, it’s hard to say that we didn’t dominate them at times.

Unai Emery looked like he really wanted it… the scariest PE teacher this side of the Atlantic last night. It looked like he really needed to show the world, the fans, and the press that he can cut it against big teams and he wants a seat at the big boys table.

Once again, we rolled with players that really shouldn’t be anywhere near the tour, but hey, Bale landed some game time, so I guess everyone is out here shop windowing players they want to move on.

I thought there were some real positives. Firstly, we went two goals up and dominated from the start. Arsenal looked like they’d adapted to the heat more so than Madrid. We pressed well, even Ozil was getting involved in the dirty work. It is true, blondes really do have more fun.

How about Carl Jenks smashing into Marcelo? Take that you ‘I’m too good to play with Carl’ mug.

The second half was more interesting for me because we brought Saka, Eddie and Reiss into the game. They were a real menace. The pace and athleticism they gave our forward line was transformative, the shame of it was that it was meshed in with youthful bad decision making. They were all fluffing their lines like shy teenagers attempting to ask the head cheerleader to the dance.

It was a touch embarrassing to see us take the ball to the corner last minute, but at least the players are taking the preseason seriously.

Madrid won on penalties, but who cares, really?

So what have we learned…?

Things are getting desperate now. We may or may not have signed Ceballos. We’re no nearer on a powerful winger. We seem further away on a left-back than ever before. Emery is trying to promote an exciting future on the pitch, but it’s with kids, not mature stars.

The four players he thought he was landing haven’t materialised, and we’re very close to the start of the season.

I mean, I’d rather that than attempt another season with a bunch of players that are unlikely to find the next level for us… at least it’ll be exciting and committed.

We’ll see though, plenty of time until the window shuts… sort of.

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  1. Chris

    Come on guys. I’ll take the piss out of Ozil all day long for his invisibility on the pitch, but he was just attacked by a scumbag with a knife, seriously can’t be judging him in a potential life and death situation. These things happen so fast and survival instinct kicks in.

  2. CG


    “””Darren Arsenal suggesting he doesn’t think Sanllehi was expecting it to be that hostile,””””

    Raul better to get used to it

    We are The Arsenal
    We don’t do Spivs !

  3. Danny M.O

    On that video alone i would make kolasinac captain. A man willing to go to war with a knife wielding maniac should be rewarded.

  4. TheLegendaryDB10

    Tony Attwood

    Just fuck off this blog and get your head back up AW arse where it belongs.

    I really wonder where your sudden at all cost defence of the club comes from when you just sat there cheering like a seal when the club was becoming more and more of a laughing stock under AW.

  5. Marc

    People get a grip if you’re Ozil driving that car a) have the doors locked b) if some cunt on a scooter pulls a knife run him over c) you need to be asking Kolas what the fuck are you doing the doors are locked.

  6. Samesong

    Kola deffo done some MMA he got the build for it.

    What a day today 38c in London

    I missed out as I’m currently in Alanya but I must say it been bloody hot over here too and will be over 30s in the next coming week. Ozil should hire Kola as his bodyguard. What a guy. Nuff respect for him now.

    Proper scumbag that guy with the knife.

  7. Dissenter

    Ozil drove off and left the guy defending him alone to fend off knife wielding attackers!!!!


  8. Left testicle

    While your in Turkey tell Erdogan that Mesut says ‘Hi’ and can he send him some clean knickers.

  9. Mark

    @Un na na
    “Shit had they invented the wheel in Nigeria before the Europeans arrived?”

    You really are a thick prick!

    Some of the oldest civilizations were spread across Africa. Long before the

    Europe had any cities. Stick to football you mug cos you know nothing about history. Just your Trumpian rhetoric rising to the surface.

  10. CG

    Raul The Spiv Tonight

    “””we will do our best, I want to make a point, Edu does not have responsibility in this window, his real job starts in September”””””

    What a joke.
    Edu Might as well have stayed in Brazil after all.

    A year on from Dortmund Eyes dismissal we finally get a replacement in Edu.

    If Raul was shocked at the hostility that occurred tonight….wait until a few months into the season.

    The Gathering Storm is coming…..and I cant wait…they deserve it.

    Tick Tock

  11. MidwestGun

    Just saw that Ozil, Kola thing… That’s pretty crazy… Ozil probably doesn’t want to come play in the MLS anytime soon then… We don’t even bat an eye here unless the carjackers have on full combat body armor and at least 2 AR-15 assault rifles.

    Kola is a bad azz though… I think the 2 people you probably would never want to run in to in a brawl on our team is Kola or Papa… they both have a bit of the crazies.

    Too bad neither one of them are really good enough to make captain.. they have the right attitude. unlike .. the bleach blonde.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    If both Kolasinac and Sokratis it would have been like when you see gorillas just pounding on something until it’s jam…sorry jelly for our American friends

  13. Un na naai

    Brilliant from kolasinac

    Top man
    Big respect
    I dont blame ozil for runnjngbhut trying to drive off? Hmmm. Bad form man. I wouldn’t be at all happy if a mate did that to me

  14. MidwestGun

    You don’t suppose one of those dudes was Pierre trying to get Ozil to come back home with him to his basement shrine/ dungeon to sign his posters do you?

  15. Left testicle

    On the Sky Sports News rolling banner…
    Reports suggest Ozil fled scene whilst teammate Kasinac confronts attackers with bare hands.

    Ozil being trolled by the Sky Sports News ticker.

  16. Left testicle

    I think he would demand more than just signing posters – if you know what I mean. 😉

  17. BacaryisGod

    Ok-so you make 350k a week and you have an extremely high profile and have waded in political waters too with support for best man Erdogan. You have a 100k car. Maybe just maybe you shouldn’t be relying on Kolasinac as your muscle. You could probably even have Erdogan hire a couple of his thugs to protect you at a discount.

    That aside, Kola is a true beast, no doubt. I’m not blaming Ozil for a second for running into that restaurant if reports are accurate. Typical human response.

  18. MidwestGun

    If I was Ozil I would ask for a transfer request immediately.. It will only get worse.. There is at least at 50% chance those dudes were hired by Edu from a Sao Paulo hood no?

    So you need me to get rid of Ozil… no problem.. Did one of those dudes look like Thiago Silva by chance?

  19. Marc


    I called the same thing a month ago – made the point that Pedro’s being trolled by another blog as revenge for helping to get rid of Wenger.

    Pedro actually seems to like it though.

  20. Dissenter

    Why do the metropolitan police want to talk to Kolasinac
    Don’t they have the video?
    His eye account can’t surpass what crime video expert will glimmer from the HD video feed. .

  21. Left testicle

    They want to talk to him to tell him to calm down and give the knife wielding scum a chance.

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Sorry Marc it was you.

    I feel that you got that call right as he immediately ceased posting the moment you posted that. We should try calling him out whenever thst twat posts. Hopefully Pedders pulls his fingers out if his arse on this one and bans him once and for all.

  23. KAY Boss

    Ozil may not be the most likeable of players, but to say he’s a p***y cos he ran for his life is childish. I’ve not read any where that he drove off. He ran into a nearby Turkish restaurant for safety. Kola did what he did because he felt he could deal with them. Sometimes, some of u need to face these thing before u will understand what human instincts are.

  24. salpardisenyc

    Keyboard warrior Dissenter says Ozil’s a pu$$y running from a knife fight carrying his two fists… so he must be.

    Go and have a quiet word with yourself then report back.

  25. Elmo

    Telegraph reporting Everton have offered £60m + Cenk Tosun for Zaha, and that Chelsea want to informally agree with Palace to buy him next summer, with Batshuayi going the other way.

    Unless we’re suddenly going to pull £70m+ from a back pocket, I can’t see Zaha happening for us. Hope we’ve been looking elsewhere.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Kolasinac is trending everywhere.

    The more you read it/see it the more respect you have for him.

    One of those guys has a big knife

  27. CG

    Telegraph UK

    “””Ceballos’ loan fee and wages top the £15m mark but the deal does NOT include a compulsory purchase next summer.””””

    So what is the point of such an expensive youth set up….?

    Might as well disband it or cull it by 50%

    No wonder the Polish u21 lad is off….

    Willock and Genduszi If they had sense should look for new clubs immediately.

    Such a depressing short term view…..

    Loaning players is what RELEGATED threatened clubs do.

  28. Dissenter

    “Keyboard warrior Dissenter says Ozil’s a pu$$y running from a knife fight carrying his two fists… so he must be.”

    Really, this is not the first time you’ve twisted my post to score cheap points
    I said he was a pu$$y for driving off and leaving his friend behind.
    Have a word with yourself. I’m sure you will like your friends to do the same to you.

  29. salpardisenyc

    Cheap points?

    This isn’t a competition mate, flip side is you used a potentially life threatening situation to beat up on the poster boy for Le Grove abuse who was in that situation. Large swathe of it deserved, but not this.

    Both their wives in the car apparently.

    You’re classier than that son.

  30. MidwestGun

    Loaning players is what RELEGATED threatened clubs do?
    You mean relegated Clubs like Athletico Madrid who loaned Courtois from Chelsea.

    Or Bayern Munich who loaned Coman from Juventus?

    For somebody who goes around calling everyone clowns CG… you sure don’t shit about football.

  31. Dissenter

    So you would have driven off and left your friend?
    The pu$$y tag applies to you to if you would have driven off and left your friend who’s trying desperately to protect you and the wives?
    I wonder what Kolasinac’s wife was thinking when Ozil drive off?

    I never said Ozil was a coward for running away from a knife fight. It was for leaving his friend who could very well had been dead by the time help came. You knew what you were doing.

  32. Valentin

    More and more UK newspaper are now reporting that the total cost of the loan will be £15 millions.
    If true, this is shocking. Shockingly stupid to spend that amount of money on a loan when we desperately need a new CB.

    Raul got lucky that that info filtered after his Q&A, otherwise it could have been even more confrontational.

  33. MidwestGun

    I just wish the lunatics would fact check their rants before they did them.. I suppose it’s a product of the Trump era.

    About like the time he went off on a massive rant about nobody on the management staff or suits ever seeing Tierney play in Glasgow… never mind Emery played them in CL with PSG in Glasgow and he was in the lineup.

  34. CG

    Midwest Gun

    Did those clubs and examples you mention ultimately own those players…?

    If we bought Ceballos with an option to buy- its arguably a sound signing.

    It is not.
    It’s a loan – with no option to buy.
    And that is asking for Trouble…

    This will cause problems in the dressing room 100%.

    How can the manager ask for loyalty and commitment from the players when he is FAVOURING a temporary player over a contracted one?

    I can see ructions in training……

    Would not be surprised if Genduzi in particular is not involved somehow….

    Maybe he will just go through him in training and put him out for a few months ….( this does happen)

    This Loan signing with no option to Buy is a Mistake.

    That is undeniable for anyone with a semblance of footballing knowledge.

    Mind you – most on here are Delinquents and would not be aware of it’s clear pitfalls.

  35. Champagne charlie

    Just seeing that Kolasinac thing, have to give him mad respect. His on field stuff clearly isn’t for the cameras like some of these “hard men”.

    Ready to scrap a couple of cunts with weapons? Submit that footage to Emery lad and get yourself the armband.

  36. CG

    The G

    “””More and more UK newspaper are now reporting that the total cost of the loan will be £15 millions.”””

    Outsmarting the Market… they said.

    £15 000 000 and we dont even have the asset! That’s Smart….

    These are the biggest Cowboys in Football.

    A Win Win for Real Madrid. (They have The players Registration)

    A Lose Lose for Arsenal. ( we have nothing)

  37. Freddie Ljungberg

    I mean the guy is constantly rambling on about “soccer” and then trying to lecture other posters about the sport. Clearly delusional as I’ve said from the beginning, too bad his straight jacket slipped so he could start posting again.

    Don’t buy this 15m nonsense for Ceballos one bit, the original reports were something like 6-7m including wages. This new figure originated from the Sun, make of that what you will…

  38. MidwestGun

    That’s not what you said though is it CG.

    You said only relegated threatened Clubs do loans.. Also how do you know Ceballos if he is successful here wont end up here.. You don’t .

    Also you know fuck all about Guendouzi and how he feels. You rant about the dumbest stuff honestly.

  39. Freddie Ljungberg

    No way are we nickeling and diming all summer long to then cough up 12m in loan fees + wages for a player in a position that although we need better than we have now isn’t the highest priority for us.

  40. CG

    I want Vieira in charge

    It’s you Loosers who want these Spanish Cowboys in.

    An Emery Arsenal will always be in Spurs Shadow

    A Vieria Arsenal will mean the boot is on The Other Foot.

    Anyone backing this New Regime is a Looser of The Highest Order.

    Truth Hurts
    Deal with it.

  41. Champagne charlie


    Can you tone it down a bit mate? You seem to flirt with fair points only to drive a mile past them and offer up pretty daft suggestions.

    Idk if you’re presenting a kind of schtick here, but what might’ve started amusing has gone far beyond that. You’re becoming a real blight, it’s not necessary.

  42. Nelson

    I am surprised that Kolasinac tried to use the hand to fight off the attacker. I would expect that he’ll kick the shit out of that guy.

    London will not be my next vacation spot.

  43. Champagne charlie


    Bit dramatic there mate, list your potential destinations and I’m sure the well traveled folk on here will tell you plenty of stories and truths.

    London is fantastic to visit

  44. Pierre

    So the Ceballos loan will cost Arsenal close to 300 grand a week..

    I will give it a 50/50 chance of even being a limited success, so if it doesn’t work out this could turn out to be an even bigger cock up than the Suarez plan deal.

    If this loan deal was for say Gareth Bale , we would have a player who can play wide, who guarantees you goals and assists and top level performances and has smashed the premier league previously ….then one would say fair enough , the only risk would be on the injury front .

    However, with Ceballos it is a high risk on all fronts , he has been brought in to play as some sort of attacking midfielder I presume…..a position that we are well stocked with Mhkitaryan, iwobi, Ozil and possibly Willock all vying for that position…..The usual suspects may have a hard job defending this deal if it all goes tits up.

    It reeks of desperation I’m afraid.

  45. Sid

    Un na

    I don’t watch women’s football for any reason because it’s shit. And the women are largely ugly lesbians. Rapinoe being a prime example

    Pedro, such a shinning example of your blog!! I wonder why you would tolerate such uncouth behaviour? You might not have seen it this time, but it is not the 1st time either that such degenerate comments were made by this small man.

  46. Valentin


    I doubt that Tierney was scouted by Emery during the 2017-2018 season Champion’s league games between PSG and Celtic. Celtic were awful during the games. Both home and away Celtic got spanked.
    A fair few goals came from his side, so Tierney is more likely to have hidden any copy of the two horror shows than remind Emery of it.

  47. Valentin

    The amount seems to originate from the Telegraph rather than the Sun.
    A 4 millions loan fee that was initially reported seems to be the initial upfront payment rather than the full amount.
    If true, this is bonkers.

  48. MidwestGun

    I doubt he scouted him then… either but he has seen him play. But the point was CG went on a long long rant about how nobody at Arsenal especially the manager had even seen him play.. blah blah blah.. Actually, he said he would bet anyone that Emery hadn’t seen him play… when I pointed out he has .. *crickets*

    Point being CG talks a load of bollocks. And passes it off as truth… pretty much like Trump .. to be honest.. maybe he should be a politician.

  49. MidwestGun

    Anyhow.. as you probably know .. Emery is not on my favorites list…. would like to see the backside of him…but I could do without all the slogans… and hyperbole.

    Reason I want Emery gone has nothing to do with Spivs or all the nonsense CG spouts.. or Pierre at times. But because I don’t think we can move forward without a manager who can set the team up to be solid defensively..
    And who won’t stops playing players who clearly are useless despite bad performances.. I mean he kept playing Miki… tried him at winger, cam, cm, dm,,,,, I think even once as a fullback…
    Mustafi.. he tried at both CB positions and right back… it doesn’t matter where you play him, just don’t play him… and I think he values Xhaka way more highly then he should.. Ozil subject has been covered sick of talking about it.

    So for me I would like Freddie or maybe Vieira due to I think they would set us up better defensively and quickly identify players who don’t need to play.. as well as play more youth and develop them maybe. But I’m surely not gonna start an anti Spanish manager…. rant or go overboard on Emery when he inherited the mess he did.. and he is on a short term contract. I think this may be his last season as well…. I don’t see him getting an extension if we don’t play better and for that to happen we have to be better defensively and stop playing the axis of evil…. Miki/Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka..

  50. Dissenter

    You’re too quick to believe every tripe rumor that slanders Raul or Emery
    You’ve thrown all caution to the winds just to nail Emery.

    Suggesting that we paid £15 million to sign Ceballos is rather silly , don’t you think? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

  51. Pierre

    Let’s hope the 15 million figure is way off the mark otherwise it could be another case of a player being judged not on his football ability but on the amount he is costing the club per week , which I believe is the wrong way to judge a player .

  52. MidwestGun

    I should add I can’t take anyone seriously that are suddenly full of fire and brimstone when for the previous 5 season or more before the last one… all they talked about is this beautiful free flowing football and supposedly a manager who knows best despite making horrendous glaring errors in game management resulting in lopsided losses and ignoring team needs in transfers and essentially ruining any kind of payroll structure as well as trusting players who are way past there best. But yet no criticism.. or very very little. Some of the same exact things Emery has done in a shorter time period.. And also without as much structural power, but now it’s suddenly Armageddon. That’s called being a hypocrite…. not a good look especially when you call all those who recognized Wenger was done long ago, stupid or uninformed.. Nope they were just right and you were wrong… Being right about Emery wont make up for that no matter how hard you try. In short, Truth Hurts

    And also I would just rather Arsenal not suck rather then be proven right on an internet blog. So if by some miracle Emery proves my judgment about him wrong I will be more then happy.

  53. Freddie Ljungberg

    The transcript from the Q&A is up on Arseblog:


    Thought this section on our transfer budget was interesting:

    “why have we only got £40m to spend on transfers?”

    VV: “I don’t recognise this £40m figure, I have read it a lot. That doesn’t come from us, that doesn’t come from the club. The numbers never come from us. We never ever, ever, ever talk about how much money we have to spend because that’s the least helpful thing you can do. Raul’s job is hard enough, if you go into a negotiation and everyone knows how much money you’ve got, it doesn’t really help.

    “It is true that our funds are more limited after three years in the Europa League, but the budget isn’t £40m. We have the budget to make a difference, but as Raul says, this is a particularly tough window and we’re in the middle of it. I sense and understand the frustration, but there is a huge amount of misinformation out there in the market.

    “I read and am sent articles about players we’re supposed to have missed out on and they’re players we’ve never even talked about. I get why sometimes it’s hard for fans to understand what we’re doing, but I’d say that’s because about 85% of what you read just isn’t true.”

    We have the budget to make a difference.

    Hope they do that too because the villagers are getting restless, and not only the village idiots like Pierre and CG.

  54. MidwestGun

    Thanks Freddie.. This is the part that worried me.. given what I said earlier

    “What is most important is to talk with the coach, about how he is feeling about the team, what system he wants to play. He knows more than anyone, more than me, about what he wants. We’re going to do our best and we will keep working, but I will not mention any names.”

    I think this Is the crux of the issue..in regards to the disconnect between the Club and the fans. It’s that the suits and managers value some player much more then the fans. Especially given that the manager keeps playing some players like Xhaka, Miki and Mustafi and they haven’t been moved out by the Execs. Even Xhaka talked about being made a Captain.

    I mean I hope I’m wrong and we see them in a more limited role.. but I kind of doubt it.

  55. Dark Hei

    Even if it is 15m, well it really depends on your point of view.

    Assuming a 5m annual salary and a 10m loan fee; on a 4 year deal, that works up to about 40m transfer fee.

    I think it is reasonable given that Cabellos is kind of hot property now.

  56. Dark Hei

    What is more worrying is Raul’s ability to plead poverty to Le Grove and our folks are so easy to lap up the stupidity.

    We went from lambasting Arsenal for being a finishing school for the top tier to actually CELEBRATING that we are now a developing school.

    Arsenal just signed Cabellos on loan! Lets cheer! That is so late twentieth century Spurs.

  57. MidwestGun

    Dark Hei-

    I don think anyone is celebrating …definitely not lapping it up… pretty sure everyone signed the Kroenke out thing.. That was about money as well. We don’t need a sugar daddy.. although that seems like some want. We just need to be able to spend the money we reasonably need to spend given our resources.

  58. Guns of Brixton

    Agree with Midwest Gun 100% there.

    We are all 100% aware of the poor financial straits the club are in.

  59. MidwestGun

    Basically. I Think your confusing people being happy about getting a player that can help us or at least seems to be a quality player, with being happy about the transfer window transactions and the alleged financial constraints in the form of a loan. I don’t see abundant happiness anywhere on here ever to be honest. lol That’s just part of the commenting thing. People are usually more motivated to talk about things they don’t like then things they do… I don’t really need to get off my chest … that I’m happy today for example. But I would love to talk about why the medical insurance system here is sh.it. … but I won’t.

  60. Slade

    Emery has a lot of work to do…the players have been with him one year and know what is expected of them. Midwest, I will assume you are from the states (as am I) and you should be well aware of the gigantic effort and cost to return a once proud club to a source of pride for the loyal fans and players.
    In any sport, clubs lose their way and it requires time-not one year…maybe not two years-to gather the players, the staff, reinvest and re-educate to direct the club forward.
    Everyone can criticise, everyone is clever/boring/funny with their remarks regarding the club. Perhaps some of this gets certain commenters through the night….
    Arsenal is a work in progress and all of the parts are in flux and may change in an instant if necessary…announcing your disdain for Emery certainly keeps you in good graces with the author and many others…perhaps the disdain is warranted.
    Let’s see what the season brings and let the work progress…

  61. MidwestGun

    Slade my disdain not sure if that’s the right word… my disappointment and lack of faith in Emery is based on last years end results and the continued use of certain players and his record previous to this of defensive awareness is not good. Couple that with .. what I consider 1 maybe 2 cbs we can play and no fullbacks right now and I don’t see us attempting to move in that regard in a positive manner. I’m not sure this seasons result will be much better if you look at our back line. I was encouraged by the youth in preseason.. but not sure that is Emerys thing either we will find out as you say..

    As for staying in good graces with Pedro… it’s not a high priority of mine however to agree with him on everything. I do consider what he has to say… and weigh it on its merits as I do anyone who makes a comment who I have respect for. Cesc Appeal for example.. I don’t agree with on everything but I respect his opinion as I do most on here… and If I don’t I will usually tell you…. 😀

  62. Dark Hei


    Thanks; I guess I didn’t scroll back far enough.

    Personally I think Dani Cabellos is a good player. However it is just unbecoming of a big club like Arsenal to have a potential key player as a loan signing who made it clear that he sees us as merely game time.

    And we beat Spurs to the signing because we are willing to be cheaper bitches by agreeing not to have a permanent deal!

    On the practical side, I do see the merit of getting quality, even if it is for a brief period, as opposed to signing permanent mediocrity.

    The Cabellos deal do keep the powder dry for more spending. Well I assume we will be spending money, right? RIGHT?!

    I am going nuts.

  63. Mysticleaves

    The people that slated Ozil for driving away should bow in shame. From the video it looked like Ozil wanted to come down but Kola tucked him in. London also is right hand drive right? So Ozil couldn’t have driven off as he was on the left. Their wives were inside the car too. I could hear their terrified voices in my bedroom. But he’s an easy target so….he’s a pussy. Smh

  64. Mysticleaves

    Dark Hei, that Ceballos deal only makes sense. If he plays well for us we will buy him for 40m next season. Or play Guen and Willock next year. They must have come on in leaps too

  65. China1

    Ozil is a pussy but not for freaking out in a life or death situation

    Whilst I don’t blame him for what happened, it does match their character that kolasinac would not give a fuck and get out to fight whilst ozil would run away

    But again, this ain’t no football game so shit happens. I don’t wish that on ozil. I do wish he’d run away from the club tho!

  66. Dream10

    Glad Sead and Mesut are alright. Some were saying their wives were in the car.
    Scary stuff.

    Raul and Vinai were at the Q and A forum
    From the sounds of it, they weren’t happy with the negative tone of the supporters.

  67. China1

    I don’t like t that we don’t have an option to buy Ceballos but I do think we may need some assymetric solutions to overcome our squad issues

    At the end of the day, if he is a key player and helps drag us back into the CL then leaves, so be it. We’ll be a stronger overall team and with CL money and prestige when dealing with replacing him

    It’s not ideal, but if the reports of him being quite cheap are true than I can get behind it.

  68. China1

    I’ll be glad to hear they noticed the negativity of the fans

    Let it be known if the club continue to arse around and flounder time and again that negativity is only going to rise and rise

  69. China1

    Not gonna lie if it’s a choice between helping my friend in danger or getting my wife out of danger, I’d probably go for the latter

    What if you try to help him and you both end up getting stabbed? Your wife is sitting in the car next to them. Being a hero then won’t have been worth a thing

    I’m not saying ozil was right but the situation is not exactly black and white and in the heat of the moment with adrenaline pumping he’s not exactly wrong to put his wife first

  70. Tony

    So £40million isn’t our TW budget and never was, right?

    So is it more or less in broad not specifics terms?

    Sounds like more of the same lip service with Raul blowing his own trumpet and smoke up everyones’ arses, but complaining that the market is tough this window to be readied as his ‘failure’ excuse.

    Raul has absorbed Edu of any TW blame it seems.

    So then it all comes down to Raul’s head being on the block.

    Oh and Saha has said in the Mirror today that he is open to a move to Everton and Chelsea also considering sorting out a Saha bid now for when their ban is over.

    If the above arseblog link was the outcome of the Q&A, then it was a total waste of time.

    Time is running out for Raul………………

  71. MidwestGun


    Yep as you said it is encouraging that they got the message, I guess.. But I do find it a bit strange they would think …. we lost the EL final badly to a semi-on vacation Chelsea side… lost a very popular player in Ramsey.. signed a player then loaned him back…so not relevant to this season.. signed an 18 yr old..so not relevant to this season . got a player on loan with no option to buy very late in the transfer window and thought …the fans must be ecstatic at our progress.

  72. Pierre

    So , Raul or the other one say the 40 million figure is not true as they want to keep the figure close to their chest as it will immediately add 10/15 mil to the asking price if the selling club know we have money.

    Isn’t it a little naive ( or stupid) to say they don’t want to let the selling clubs know that we have money to spend whilst at the same time TELLING the world that we have money to spend.

    A shrewd negotiator would have said nothing , now we have a situation where the selling club are at the negotiating table and know the offers that are on the table are way below what Arsenal can pay afford.

  73. Mysticleaves

    “Whilst I don’t blame him for what happened, it does match their character that kolasinac would not give a fuck and get out to fight whilst ozil would run away”

    Yea, everybody ain’t the same first off. If Kola could take them, fair enough. Maybe Ozil could but not at that moment cos of other responsibilities.

    ESPN reported that eye witness say that hood was kolasnic’s hood that Ozil and wife was only visiting his wife. Maybe that’s why the stuff went down as it did. Kola wasn’t originally in the car. But whatever. Glad they are ok.

  74. Pierre

    “I’m not saying ozil was right but the situation is not exactly black and white and in the heat of the moment with adrenaline pumping he’s not exactly wrong to put his wife first”

    Whether Ozil’s wife was in the car or not, I don’t believe it made any difference …..there is no way Ozil would ever have got out of his car willingly to confront the attackers.

    He looks shit scared when he has to contest for a ball in the air so for him to confront someone with a knife …it aint happening.

  75. Mysticleaves

    If Zaha doesn’t materialize then we have to pull Everton out of the hat. Every report I have seen doesn’t report 3rd party ownership. They just say he has a 40m€ buy out fee. That’s about 34m£. It’s a no brainer to me if true.

    Or maybe we get Malcolm on loan with option to buy at same 34m. He’s just only 22

  76. Tony

    For once I agree with you Pierre; Raul and Vinai are amateur-hour protagonists bit like Ozil pretending to be world class footballer these days, but the stats don’t lie for our senior muppet suits and sadly Ozil, too.

    Seriously Pierre what are you expecting from Ozil this season? What’s your anticipated assists and goal stats for all competitions?

    I know it’s tying one arm behind your back, but leave out any Emery bashing in your Ozil summation. For the simple fact that he could be gone by Xmas if nothing else.

  77. Sid

    Respect to Pierre back commenting on this blog after his altercation with Kola.
    Naah that CG can tell the size of his coconut

  78. Dream10

    Palace claiming Everton are interested in Zaha is just a ploy to get the Arsenal to pay north of 70m for the South London boy. He’s not interested in going up north. There’s a deal to be had in the 55-60m range with Arsenal legend big Carl Jenkinson joining Palace.

    Pépé and Everton still in play as well. My preference is Pépé.

  79. Unai

    Pierre, Vin was between a rock and a hard place.

    In one hand, they need to keep the budget quiet but in the other they need to appease the views of the fans, he couldn’t just ignore the question, the response was as ambiguous as it could be.

    What really irks me, even though I know it shouldn’t, the main protagonists against Raul, Vin & Emery are the same people who called for patience for Wenger year after year after year.

    If we had applied this pressure 10 years ago we would have avoided this shit storm, dont feel like the AKBs really have a right to ask for change as they are complicit in creating the mess.

  80. Unai

    Just read the transcript from the Q&A.

    One things that strikes me, I didn’t see the word inflation??

    Has it been edited or was that just scaremongering on Twitter earlier?

  81. Unai

    Graham, I’m not 100% sold on Zaha as a player but recognise the need for a similar player.

    Be interested to see if we have a second option (ie a plan). That would be a clear indication that we have changed as a club.

  82. Mysticleaves

    I think after Unai, our next coach will come from Freddie, Vieira or Arteta. I would be extremely happy with that as far as Edu proves to be capable in the TD role

  83. Mysticleaves

    Zaha as a player will be good for us. I think the issue people have is he’s not worth top dollar

  84. Pierre

    Ozil…no point.

    It will only open a can of worms .

    Nice try though …maybe you should give your opinion on his coming season.

  85. Unai

    Mystic, I think if we make Cl and retain it fir a couple of years it would be a problem for Paddy, Arteta etc to get the gig.

    I see us going for a top coach in that scenario, too risky to hand the revolution to inexperienced hands.

    If Emery bombs this season though it could be an opportunity for one of them though.

  86. Chris

    Please can certain people on here remember this
    “I get why sometimes it’s hard for fans to understand what we’re doing, but I’d say that’s because about 85% of what you read just isn’t true.”

    85% ie in all likelihood loan fees being quoted from toilet paper like The Sun with no quotes to back it up. And subsequently used as a stick to beat the club with after backing an ailing regime for years unwaveringly.

  87. Guns of Hackney

    £15m for a season and Cabellos. So just the cool £1m a month then. That. Is. Insane. Even by Arsenal standards.

    Arsenal are actively baiting you into hating them.

  88. Unai

    Dunno Guns, I’m not the one making unsubstantiated claims so not really on me to prove or disprove them.

    All I can say, nothing official has come out and it seems (correct me if I’m wrong), The Sun have basically made that figure up??

  89. Mysticleaves

    Unai, am looking at a situation where the head coach has no much of a draw moving forward. It helps though but paddy and Freddie are greats in the game too, not so much Arteta but he’s highly recommended.

    But ultimately, the vision and project of the club should be able to convince any player whether to sign or not. With Edu in place now, you would think we will have a large sample size of players that fit into what the coach will need.

  90. Dark Hei


    The Sun journo put his name on the story. A certain Mike McGrath.

    Something about rhyming names puts me off a little. But I googled him and he seems like a real person.

  91. CG

    Vinny knows nothing about football.
    Nothing ….he should not comment on it.
    He is a corporate lackey to his bones.
    A marketing man.

    Why oh Why does he always have to be present at these events-. holding The Spivs hand.?

    Just get on with your job and market the brand as they are so fond of stating.

    Here is a tip.
    Get on with selling those 32 unsold corporate boxes.

    Honestly is there a more gormless ,useless and uninspiring quartet than


    If they they are feeling The Heat now- wait until we get butchered at Anfield and when the probable League Champions Spurs come to town in Game 4 and spank us …

    How I wish I was invited to the Q&A last Ebening….. they would have squealed.

    T.T. &T.H

    We deserve better than these shower Muppets.

  92. vickingz

    I just hope this quoted price ain’t what got paid for ceba’s loan o. I’m willing to bet this guy won’t do better than willock this season.

  93. CG

    Dont worry – come September Edu starts his job properly.

    Everything will improve then…..hahahahahaha

    12 months it took to get A Bloody Teck Deck in.

    12 MONTHS!!!!!

    Brazilian replaced Edu with Junihio the following day!!!

    Chelsea had Cech in place weeks ago.

    Fail to Prepare
    Prepare to Fail.

    And Fail is what we Will Doing Big Time!

    Tick Tock!

  94. Mr Serge

    GOH a loan deal is never 15m it’s usually a couple mill plus the players salary no way we paid 15m for a loan fee that would be the biggest loan fee in history
    Don’t believe everything you read man

  95. Wengaball

    Özil getting a lot of stick for ‘driving away’ and ‘leaving his friend in danger’. All based on half a second footage of the car jerking forward.

    What really happened was Kola got back into the car, the jackers chased them for another one mile, before they stopped the car and ran into Likya, a Turkish restaurant where both are well known. The staff and customers apparently got into action and jackers fled.

    Back to the car moving forward. Maybe it is not what we saw? In fact it definitely was not. So what was it?

    Maybe Özil is shouting at Kola to get back in as prepared to pull away – which would be the most sensible thing to do. Maybe he tried to knock over the jacker who was coming from the front.

    I would say both played true to character – one using his brawn, the other his intelligence in the situation. The brawn obviously made for better optics but the decision to pull away and reach a safe place probably saved them their lives, it at least serious injury.