Positives to be had against Madrid

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Well, Arsenal didn’t disgrace themselves in a fun game against the MIGHTY Real Madrid.

We more than held our own against Zidane’s team of champions, in fact, it’s hard to say that we didn’t dominate them at times.

Unai Emery looked like he really wanted it… the scariest PE teacher this side of the Atlantic last night. It looked like he really needed to show the world, the fans, and the press that he can cut it against big teams and he wants a seat at the big boys table.

Once again, we rolled with players that really shouldn’t be anywhere near the tour, but hey, Bale landed some game time, so I guess everyone is out here shop windowing players they want to move on.

I thought there were some real positives. Firstly, we went two goals up and dominated from the start. Arsenal looked like they’d adapted to the heat more so than Madrid. We pressed well, even Ozil was getting involved in the dirty work. It is true, blondes really do have more fun.

How about Carl Jenks smashing into Marcelo? Take that you ‘I’m too good to play with Carl’ mug.

The second half was more interesting for me because we brought Saka, Eddie and Reiss into the game. They were a real menace. The pace and athleticism they gave our forward line was transformative, the shame of it was that it was meshed in with youthful bad decision making. They were all fluffing their lines like shy teenagers attempting to ask the head cheerleader to the dance.

It was a touch embarrassing to see us take the ball to the corner last minute, but at least the players are taking the preseason seriously.

Madrid won on penalties, but who cares, really?

So what have we learned…?

Things are getting desperate now. We may or may not have signed Ceballos. We’re no nearer on a powerful winger. We seem further away on a left-back than ever before. Emery is trying to promote an exciting future on the pitch, but it’s with kids, not mature stars.

The four players he thought he was landing haven’t materialised, and we’re very close to the start of the season.

I mean, I’d rather that than attempt another season with a bunch of players that are unlikely to find the next level for us… at least it’ll be exciting and committed.

We’ll see though, plenty of time until the window shuts… sort of.

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  1. DM

    Nice Boomslang. I was one second too early, got the dreaded ‘you are posting comments too quickly’. Rookie error

  2. Daniel

    The negatives of pre season are that we are not doing anything significant in the defensive department. If Kos is to leave and Saliba is for next year, we are going to struggle again.

    Tierney would be great addition as left back does need an upgrade, but as Bellerin wont play for some time, we will struggle in his position.

    We really need to sign a centre back and at least make it look like we trying to address our issues. Cant believe Jenkinson and Mustafi are getting game time

  3. Receding Hairline

    What’s shocking is that the powers that be actually wanted Koscielny to stay and play a major part next season. Monreal is also hanging around,he looked retired last night, interesting to see what happens if indeed Tierney is brought in. Will Monreal be used in central defense??

    We are conceding bucket loads again next season if so

  4. Receding Hairline

    I guess Pedro did not pick up on the sack-able substitution made in the second half or maybe he considers it irrelevant which it is.

    “The four players he thought he was landing haven’t materialised, and we’re very close to the start of the season.”

    Well Pedro he is not making enough noises on that, he is giving press conferences naming Jenkinson and Niles as options in a back four.

  5. Ishola70

    Song a day from a specific year.

    Start with 1970. An American band from San Diego called Iron Butterfly

    Soldier In Our Town

  6. Marc

    I maintain my position from a couple of weeks ago. For the club to drip feed into the press we’ve only got £45 million to spend for months in the run up to the summer and then not manage to spend it would tear the current management structure to pieces.

    Sanllehi’s first summer would be shown to be inept beyond belief and he’d likely find himself fired – most probably as a fall guy to cover for the Kroenke’s.

    I still think we’ll add 3 maybe 4 signings.

  7. Champagne charlie

    “I still think we’ll add 3 maybe 4 signings.”

    Who, what, where?

    Looks all the world like Zaha and a late Tierney breakthrough at very best.

  8. Batistuta


    The summer has already been a shambles, there’s no sugarcoating the disaster it’s been so far even if we bring in 10 players, it’s still very very poor planning

  9. Dissenter

    I didn’t realize that there were so many dedicated gooners in the DC area.
    It takes a lot of motivation to go to a god-forsaken Redskins stadium in the middle of nowhere on a Tuesday night. I hate that location and the way they try to nickle and dime you for everything.
    Arsenal did well. The player that got the most WTF comments was Mykhi. There was a universal clamor that he’s not an Arsenal level player.

  10. Wasi

    Even if we do sign Tierney. He is going to be out for some time at the season start and bellerin too. Aand Holding . So as things stand we are on our way to conceding 45+ next season too. Emery clearly came out and said that we will sign 4 players tops. 4 being Saliba,Cabellos,and probably Tierney and a winger. And there havent been proper links to a CB so i dont think we are lookomg for a CB. Unless ofc Mustafi is offloaded along with Koscielny. We also need a backup RB. AMN is not developing as a RB and Jenks is all heart but unfortunately very less skill.
    Ozil,Laca,Auba very good in the First half but after Being 1 man down thanks to an extremely soft dismissal the rhythm just broke.
    Interestingly Ozil captained the side even though Xhaka was on the pitch. So its a 2 horse race for the captain’s armband as it stand. Xhaka was poor in possession but his long through ball to Nelson was as good as it comes. I doubt if even Ozil could play that ball. He is just like Mustafi, He is got the skill but not a head to go with it. Also in the modern game his agility is like that of a Panda in a jungle of cheetahs. He is just good but not the level we need now. Hope Emery fields a torreira-cabellos partnership next season. It will be like the cazorla-coquelin partnership considerably upgraded.

  11. Marc


    Saliba, wide player and a LB you’d assume Tierney. After that I think we might get a make shift CB.

    All this assumes Ceballos is going through.

  12. Words on a Blog

    1) Everyone accepts that Arsenal’s primary weaknesses are in defence.

    2) Kos, leaving; Nacho, shot.

    3) Holding, recovering from injury; Mustafi, newly possessed of a crisis in confidence to catalyse even more brain farts; Sokratis still prone to losing his head; Kola, still unsure of how to defend; AMN, not really a defender; Chambers, Tier 2 defender, Bielik, on his way out.

    4) No sniff of any new signings in defence for next season with only a couple of weeks to go till the window shuts.

    5) We are almost certain to leak goals by the bucketload next season. What the fuck is the club playing at?

  13. Daniel

    The optimism Arsenal fans had of a mass clear out of under performers has not materialised and is adding to the frustration of lack of signings.

  14. Receding Hairline

    “The optimism Arsenal fans had of a mass clear out of under performers has not materialised and is adding to the frustration of lack of signings.”

    Yes the outgoings were equally as important as new players. No one of note has gone. We even have Jenkinson now mentioned as an option by Emery which is bonkers

  15. Daniel

    Words on a blog

    Exactly this. Our defensive options are a joke, yet bar Tierney (who is currently injured) and would be a great buy we are linked with no other defenders.

    There needed to an overhaul (Kos, Monreal, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Chambers out) and few quality (starters) additions acquired

  16. gunnershabz

    maybe they have stats showing most of our goals are from the left back channel position hence Tierney

    we all know mustafi stats are good on paper but in reality he is a disaster

  17. Danny

    Everton to talk to Zaha.
    Probably a made up story by C.Palace to get us to offer more.

  18. Marc

    Out of the players we want moved on that are realistic ie Ozil isn’t gonna happen, neither is Xhaka so we’re looking at Mustafi, Jenkinson, Elneny, Miki, Kos and maybe Kolas how many does any one on here think if sold would be sold to an overseas club?

  19. Marc


    Yeah agree if Zaha were to suddenly sign for Everton it would just make him look a tit. All this I want to play for Arsenal – it’s my team would be shown to be bollocks. I’d also point that we’re in for a shot at 4th this season, Everton look to me as if they’ve been overtaken by Wolves and Leicester. Not really much of an upgrade.

  20. Marc

    “Has anyone thought that Maybe Emery is happy with the spine of the side …hence no signings.”

    No Pierre only you looking for a way to have a pop at him.

    Emery’s on record as saying he expects 4 signings.

  21. Danny

    Has anyone thought that Maybe Emery is happy with the spine of the side
    Of course, it will be enough for us to get 5th or 6th which will mean the Europa League which is fine by him.

  22. Words on a Blog


    Of the two alternatives, which do you think is more likely/realistic?

    A) Emery is happy with his defence

    B) The club is too stingy to buy any defenders on any terms other than backended, contingent payment plans that no seller is happy with?

  23. Valentin

    + Koscielny is banned to the U21 until the winter TW when he will be sold for less than what clubs are currently offering.
    + Mustafi is Mustafi. Usually decent but ready for a brain fart at any moment.
    + Sokratis the octopus is a yellow card per game. Will be sent off at least twice this season.
    + Mavrapanos is again injured and will have no pre-season.
    + Chambers is still Bambi on ice. Try his best, but needs a grown up with him.
    + Saliba does he even exist? Won’t be available anyway this season.
    + Holding is still recovering from his injury and will not be 100% match fit before end of September.
    Bellerin the same.
    Monreal can’t cope with pacy winger anymore.
    Kolasinac is not a left back.
    AMN is not a right back.

    Yet we made no attempt to get a new CB available for this season and now looked we may get gazumped by Everton for our main target Zaha.
    Tierney or whoever end up being the new left back better be Roberto Carlos, and Maldini all rolled into one player.

  24. Receding Hairline

    “Of course, it will be enough for us to get 5th or 6th which will mean the Europa League which is fine by him.”

    This idea he is obsessed with the Europa league because he won it thrice has been over used. He has won it three times why will he want more?? His targets here include getting us into the champions league , his contract is two years with a possibility of a one year extension, an extension he won’t get if we remain in the Europa.

  25. Receding Hairline

    “+ Koscielny is banned to the U21 until the winter TW when he will be sold for less than what clubs are currently offering.”

    Is this a fact?? Can i refer to it if Kos leaves this window??

  26. Danny

    an extension he won’t get if we remain in the Europa.
    As I wrote above regarding Josh’s letter.

  27. Wasi

    All of mustafi,kos,mikhy,jenks,elneny and kola can be sold . Some overseas and some domestic considering we agree to sell them below their transfer value

  28. Marc


    My point was more along the lines of outside of Jenkinson I can see all of those players moving abroad where the window doesn’t close until early September.

    If you were one of those clubs would you make it easy for us?

  29. peanuts&monkeys

    All that Arsenal truly needed to add this summer were an experienced CB snd a youthful, dribble-friendly (left) winger. Even I could have landed these two even with 45 million pounds.

    What was rocket-science in it?

  30. Dissenter

    Koschielny did the fans a favor.
    Had he gone along with Emery’s wishes, he would be on the pane returning back from a “successful’ preseason in the states.
    Instead he went on strike which will force the clubs hands to make one meaningful change in central defense.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    Sorry. But:

    A) friendly
    B) we lost it
    C) still the same dross that will kick off the new season.

    I’m all for going all out on the yoot. 100%. Do or die.

    Emery hasn’t a clue. And…I still haven’t seen Arsene and Unai together at the same time. Just saying.

  32. Danny

    This line:
    we would say that the Club now needs a period of stability rather than additional change.

  33. Dissenter

    It seems PSG have signed Idrissa Gueye from Everton for 28 million
    Another one on average wages that is easy to move on.

  34. Valentin


    If Koscielny is sold this transfer window, it won’t be at the £10 millions that Arsenal is currently quoting. More likely to be around £3 millions which is what Bordeaux and Lyon were willing to pay. That would be a massive climbdown from the club.

    Like it has been said before, Arsenal still think that he can be brought into the fold. Hence why no sudden rush to get another CB on the cheap. My take is that he will sulk. With no pre-season, no motivation and the fear of getting injured his performance will be poor and we will cut our losses in January.

    Anyway feel free to gloat when he is sold for £3.1 millions.

  35. Pierre

    Not sure

    I’ve said before that we should have gone for Tyrone Mings and Nzonzi …we could have picked them up for under 45 million .
    They are both 6ft 5 in and are exactly what we need at this present time .
    Both know the English game, both decent footballers and both would give us the physical presence we need at the back .

    Instead we are after a winger , a playmaker and an attacking full back so maybe Emery is happy with on defensive options.

  36. Marc


    I’m beginning to see a pattern – players who aren’t on stupidly high wages are easier to sell than a crappy player who earns more than 95% of the Spud’s players.

  37. Valentin


    Do you disagree on any of the points that I made or do you just enjoy my comments so much you have to mentioned them at every turn?

    It is a little stalkerish, don’t you think?

  38. Guns of Hackney


    Lolz. I love those plucked out of context v’s polls. Total bullshit but entertaining.

    I’d take Arsene back now. And I was, am and will remain a Wenger out man but that’s how lowly I rate Wengemery.

    I’d rather have Gordon Strachan as boss.

  39. Wasi

    Right no club wil make it easy for us but the position we are right now do u think we really have any power in negotiations. We have dross players, everyone knows we wanna ship them out, they are on high wages. What did you expect. Its not like clubs are dying to buy our players , its like we are dying to sell our players. So we are on the losing side and id rather take a loss here them see this dross blocking the path of our youth next season.

  40. HighburyLegend

    @GoH : Arsène is waiting, in the shadow, like the dirty ghoul that he is… to take Emery’s job when he will be sacked, so there is hope for you. 😉

  41. Receding Hairline

    “Anyway feel free to gloat when he is sold for £3.1 millions.”

    You know you can just say 3.1m or 3,1 million without the s.

    You just stated as a fact that he will be banished to the U21 and sold at a loss in the winter, i simply asked if i can quote you on this without getting accused of lying if he moves this window.

    Considering the fact we are were never getting 10m from anyone to begin with how is selling him for 3m a loss?? Did we reject a 10m bid this summer ?? He wanted to leave for FREE!!! If he goes for even 500k we win

  42. Guns of Hackney


    I doubt many wouldn’t want Arsene back over emery. At least Wenger bantered the fans. Emery is literally nowhere to be seen.

  43. Dissenter

    I was equating your commentary to the level of Ornstein. That’s hardly disagreement.
    I was just in awe of your unique manner of delivering the Arsenal bulletin like a weather forecast.
    “The sun will rise in the east today …chest beat
    “The sun will set in the west today…self congratulation.

    I’m awe-struck. How do I get your autograph mate?

  44. Marc


    I understand what you mean but I’m not sure it’s that easy. We’re about to show a pretty hefty loss on our next set of accounts if we start selling players below their value on our books that’ll increase the losses and could cost us European football because of FFP.

    It might be a case of shifting what we can now and then letting some of them rot for a season, they then might reduce their demands whilst the value of the player would’ve reduced on the accounts.

  45. Receding Hairline

    “If they can afford to pay £27million for a player and send him back on loan, they can afford to play £60, 70million for Wilfried Zaha.”

    Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan

    This is the level of misinformation we are dealing with. Even Celtic will bring nonsense like this to the negotiation table

  46. Dissenter

    In management terms, Raul is on trial, like a quasi- probation.
    If he fails to deliver this wonder then he’s gone because the fans won’t keep quiet. . That’s why I objected to the Kroenke’s using money to make some problems go away.
    Lets see what this guy [Raul] has before committing more money to him.

  47. Marc


    I don’t know how good Sanllehi’s English is but someone needs to teach him the phrase “Don’t be a cunt”.

    It would be even more applicable to Simon Jordan than normal.

  48. Pierre

    I’m also beginning to see a pattern , if anyone on Le Grove talks sense , like Valentin who obviously knows his stuff , they will get abuse from the obsessives.

    It’s a sort of admittance of defeat by them, as they continue to lose the argument they will resort to abuse as they know they haven’t the acumen to compete with him.

  49. Mark

    ” …section have been more pleasant and more importantly a lot more interesting the last few days without CG’s presence”

    I was thinking the same thing, (I usually just scroll past anyway. ) Just didn’t want to Jinx it by saying his name out loud.

    I watched the game last night and I can only say that Xaka imo is a real problem for this team. I struggle to see the positives he really adds or has against other players. He gave the ball away consistently (3 times in a row, we conceded possession cos of him!)
    The commentator said we can’t keep giving the ball away, just neglected to say it was Xaka again!!! Reallyy poor !
    Can’t tackle , slow and reckless and this fabled passing I hear mentioned, well really???

    When I think of good passers Xaka doesn’t come straight to mind.( Fabregas, Berkamp Xaka , Fuck off!
    Defense splitting passes by him are very few if at all?? That aspect of his is so overaged . I really can’t understand why people overlook just what a liability Xaka is. He should have been subbed as well, was useless at the end list the ball trying to keep it in the corner and see the game out, but gives them another potential opportunity to win it at the death.

    The defence needs addressing !! Before the kids came on we were camped around our box inviting wave after wave of attacks.
    Strangely, We looked a bit more composed than usual and actually managed to play ourselves out of some tight pressured situations from defence. Far from ideal but a small positive.

    Jenna worked has but ultimately doesn’t really have the quality, Nacho needs to go.
    Kolasinac just not good enough defensively. There was loads of space All down our left side which I couldn’t understand wasn’t being addressed by the players. Nacho was aware of it and pointed tried to cover, but why does this happen?

    I believe when you have players who are not really challenging/pressing the opposition , this is why teams just walk through our midfield like it ain’t there,cos it ain’t!

    As soon as the kids came on Real had to back off and worry about defending. Eddie was unlucky not to get the winner with the header cos it was a driven cross, a poor 2nd touch stopped him finishing his other chance. But at least he is getting in those positions, and I feel he will score more than he misses if he gets a good run in the team & doesn’t have the worry of trying to become part of it. He’s good enough now imo.

    We need additional players ! Yes it’s getting late in the window but let’s be honest, when the last joker was in charge nothing happened until the last day anyway, if at all!!!
    So we’re already ahead of that game. I do believe that we will get some players in I hope we get at least 2 defenders. However I will wait till the window is closed before commenting and keep an open mind, cos there could be things going on that I’m not privy to…..

  50. Receding Hairline

    “If Koscielny is sold this transfer window, it won’t be at the £10 millions that Arsenal is currently quoting. More likely to be around £3 millions which is what Bordeaux and Lyon were willing to pay. That would be a massive climbdown from the club.”

    Koscielny asked the club to rip up his contract so he leaves for free. That was what happened. Arsenal did not reject a bid from anyone for him. So if he indeed leaves for 3m or 10k i don’t see how the club climbed down. He wanted to leave for FREE.

    But Pierre says you know your stuff and we can’t compete with your acumen, millions and all.

  51. Dissenter

    That was an excellent illustration of why we are where we are.
    Doesn’t the former Palace chairman know that we deferred paying the bulk of the Saliba fee until next year when he joins us?

    Same as Lennon publicly comparing Wan Bissaka with Tierney forgetting that the former does not play in a league where the clubs can play each other as much as 4-5 times in a season. The UEFA coefficient of Scotland is lower that that of Cyprus.

  52. Valentin


    You just stated as a fact that he will be banished to the U21 and sold at a loss in the winter, i simply asked if i can quote you on this without getting accused of lying if he moves this window.

    Considering the fact we are were never getting 10m from anyone to begin with how is selling him for 3m a loss?? Did we reject a 10m bid this summer ?? He wanted to leave for FREE!!! If he goes for even 500k we win

    Where is my comment did I said that he would be sold at a loss? I said he will be sold for less than what we could get right now.
    Arsenal is quoting 10 million to prospective buyers which scare them off. Some have offered 3 million which we have rejected out of hand. So either we really expect a high fee or we just want to keep him at Arsenal.
    The high fee like you said is never going to happen, then it really means that as reported we expect him to come back into the fold.

    It is fanciful to think that Koscielny will be fully committed. In 6 months time, management will realise that Arsenal is still paying the wage of an unmotivated senior player and it would be best to cut our losses. By that time, any offer is likely to be less than what was offered now.

  53. Marc


    You didn’t say he’d be sold at a loss you did say that he’d be sold for less than what’s on offer now.

    Implying a loss on what’s currently on offer.

    Where you’re being pulled up is that Kos threw his toys out of the pram because we wouldn’t let him leave on a free. Also where did the supposed £10 million fee come from?

  54. Chris


    The £10 million fee was plucked from a Daily Express article. An incredibly sturdy source.

    Yep Valentin knows his stuff alright.

  55. Marc


    What happens if a player isn’t registered before a window closes because of a legal dispute?

    Does he go back to Atletico with the deal cancelled or just wait for the next window before he can play?

  56. Marc


    With regard to Kos maybe the club are also making him sweat a bit. He can still be sold up to close of the window in early September.

  57. Valentin


    Aulas, the Lyon chairman has publicly stated that they were interested in Koscielny but that the deal could not happen because Arsenal wanted 10 millions.
    That number has since been repeated by every media.

    L’Équipe reported that both Bordeaux and Lyon were willing to go as high as 3 millions but that Arsenal rejected their offers and refused to negotiate.

    Knowing that if Koscielny were to invoke the Webster Clause (that I mistakenly thought he could not do anymore) he would only have to pay his final year salary (90kpw X 52 = 4.68 million). Hence Arsenal should not expect to receive any bid higher than that.

    I can’t see him staying happily bat Arsenal. I also doubt that he would get a good reception the first time he would step on the pitch.

    Arsenal may think that he will come into the fold. I don’t. You don’t call your lawyer to fold immediately. That will drag and drag.

  58. WengerEagle

    They’re talking about the latter Marc.

    Problem apparently was his release clause (180m originally) only dropped to the 108m that Barcelona paid after July 1st and his move was all agreed before that date.

    Good chance of them siding with Atleti.

  59. Receding Hairline

    “Where is my comment did I said that he would be sold at a loss? I said he will be sold for less than what we could get right now.
    Arsenal is quoting 10 million to prospective buyers which scare them off. Some have offered 3 million which we have rejected out of hand. So either we really expect a high fee or we just want to keep him at Arsenal.
    The high fee like you said is never going to happen, then it really means that as reported we expect him to come back into the fold.”

    Who offered 3m?? Valentin herein lies my problem with you. Koscielny asked to leave for free, he believed he was promised he can leave for free this season..end of.

    You always like to type from the perspective of an ITK, which i know you are not.

  60. Marc


    I was shouted down when I suggested he buy his way out of his contract if he wanted out so much. Why hasn’t he?

    As for the honesty of a Chairman of a football club – won’t be betting my house on it. As for information repeated by other media outlets definitely won’t be betting my house on it.

  61. vickingz

    I just watched our loss to Southampton last season again and i’m asking myself, what has changed in this arsenal team? I’ve watched enough of guendouzi to know he ain’t a player we should be playing. He offers nothing than headless runs and one out of twenty through pass, a flash in the pan. I’d really love to see his tackle statistics. Another useless player is iwobi. The rest are professional useless players. We were just running like sheeps without a shepherd. I’m really waiting for emery’s apologists this season to see what they’ll point to again. From emery didn’t have pre-season, he couldn’t coach this and that into wenger’s players, he changed formation to accommodate wenger’s players, he’s still gonna fulfill the goal of getting us to champions league. These were all we were hearing from emery’s blind followers. I’m waiting to see what they dish out this season

  62. Marc


    I’d guess it’ll come down to when it was signed off. It’s only a deal when it’s in writing!

    That second sentence is also sent to Kos.

  63. Valentin


    Again the lying snarky comment.
    I have already explained what happen.

    Aulas made the remark on TV during the Women World Cup when he was interviewed.

    I gave the link because it was the first that I found in English. It has since been repeated by the every media.

  64. WengerEagle


    The people in charge at Barca must have a dangerously low collective IQ- if they had just waited until July 1st to open talks it would have been a smooth transfer.

    Doesn’t surprise us in the slightest though with all of the stories coming out on what a shanty town La Masia has turned into in recent years hence nobody coming through and their questionable signings.

  65. Valentin


    I am saying that we should sit down and start negotiating.
    We may be able to extract a CB on loan for a season.
    Clearly Koscielny will leave at the end of the season. I would be delighted to be proven wrong, but I can’t see us make use of him in any meaningful game this season, then it is better to cut our loss.
    Same thing that happen to WestHam with Arnautovitch. They accepted half his release clause amount because they wanted the issue resolve immediately.

  66. Marc


    Well I’d say it’s two things. It’s not low IQ it’s arrogance, secondly they’ve lost their contacts guy the one who can get deals done!

  67. Wasi

    I dont think FFP can ban us for going into loss for 1 season.And even if we sell mikhy,mustafi, elneny, jenks for combined 50-60 mil after august 8 that’ll still be a good win. We can then invest that money during the Winter window into a good CB or whatever the need of the squad and hopefully attain a CL spot for next season. With that money coming in we wont be in loss anymore while also clearing out the dross.
    Are you serious about us signing Nzonzi and Mings?

  68. Valentin


    Because Arsenal quoted 10 millions and refuse to entertain any negotiation.
    He think that the 3 millions is fair and that in view of his service they should let him go.

    It is a shitty situation and nobody will win.

    My take is it is unlikely that he will come back into the fold, so let’s be adult about it and sort it out as quickly as possible.

    Having a sulking senior player stuck in the reserve is not good for either parties.

  69. Marc


    Well that 50 – 60 million isn’t good if they’re valued at 100 million – it’d add a £40 million loss to our accounts. They can’t ban us for one season, I believe it’s looked at over a 3 year cycle but it’d still mean we’d have to show a £40 million profit to correct it.

  70. Bob N16

    Is it not possible to buy out your contract? If that is the case then Koscielny could buy his up for say £5m. The idea of any transfer fee that is more than £5m is therefore not going to happen. Or am I missing something?

  71. Pierre

    I was but too late now…

    Mings has gone to villa for 25 million and I have no doubt be will go from strength to strength under the wing of John Terry who I am sure knows a good centre back when he sees one.

  72. Marc


    Players over a certain age can buy out either the last year or 2 years of their contracts. It depends on their age and a few other things – it’s called the Webster clause – it’s a new version of a Bosman.

  73. Receding Hairline

    “Because Arsenal quoted 10 millions and refuse to entertain any negotiation.”

    So the alternative is 3m or free?? Haven’t heard of such a transfer before. Maybe Arsenal quoted 10m in the knowledge club captain has already agreed a deal and wants to be let go on a free.

    You seem to ignore precedence set if Kosielny gets everything his way. You are acting like the club has done him wrong, i disagree. If he has clubs that want him desperately he can hand in a transfer request, it cannot be 3m or free FFS

  74. WengerEagle


    Asensio bolloxing up his ACL might convince Zidane to pull the plug on it. Would be amazed to see Bale still at the club in September and leaves them a little short for the two wide slots with Hazard, Isco (?,better as part of the midfield 3), Vasquez and the kids Vinicius and Rodrygo who are both 18/19.

  75. Wasi

    Yes 40 mil loss might be reported only if we dont qualify for the CL next season. If we do i think it will even out and might even go into positive. And even if we dont we will still have one more season for the cycle to complete where we can cover the losses by reducing the transfer kitty/selling players.

  76. Champagne charlie

    Pinocchio swinging is dick all over the show today. Looking forward to the excuses this season should it go as it’s shaping up to

  77. Valentin

    Bob N16,

    I thought as well that he could invoke the Webster clause, but two friends both lawyer disagree on that.
    One says that he has left it too late as he has not given enough time for Arsenal to find a suitable replacement of similar value.
    The other argue that as long as the transfer window is still open and he is in dispute with the club, the club is aware that he could invoke and as such he still can.

    As I am not a lawyer, I have no idea which one is right. Anyway the Webster clause would cost him 90kpw x 52 weeks = 4.68 million to be released.

  78. Wasi

    Nzonzi couldnt even cut it in the Serie A now. He is just a downgraded Xhaka now.
    As for mings , i dont know what to say havent seen him but all i have read about is his poor injury record and low quality
    And the most important point- These 2 players dont fit the dortmund+ model we are trying to implement.

  79. WengerEagle

    July 24th now with one signing for next season and a loan yet to be finalised.

    Everyone still cool as a cucumber that we’ll be hunky dory by August 10th?

  80. Marc


    OK I’m trying to understand your mind set.

    Are you siding with the player because he’s French?

    Are you scared of confrontation?

    I ask this because you comments are so flaky you really need to fucking man up.

    Firstly Arsenal is bigger than any one player and it’s about time we start showing some balls and that players can’t ride roughshod over the club any time they feel like it.

    Secondly – you can’t count. If Kos is desperate to go he can buy his contract out, that’d be £4.68 million according to you which is £1.68 million more than the 3 millions you mention which could actually be Euros so even lower.

    He’s also not stuck with us until the 2nd September so plenty of time to negotiate.

    It looks to me as if the club are making a stand against players taking the piss, you on the other hand want to give in instantly. Would you like some cheese with that surrender?

  81. Receding Hairline

    Eagle Madrid based outlets say he is gone on loan. Asensio’s injury has nothing to do with him apparently they still have options. He is reported to have completed a medical,

  82. Receding Hairline

    “Pinocchio swinging is dick all over the show today. Looking forward to the excuses this season should it go as it’s shaping up to”

    Yet i am the one always looking for an argument and also lacks self awareness.

    This guy

  83. Champagne charlie


    You’re Shrek, back to your swamp lad the world doesn’t revolve around you. Off you go

  84. Valentin


    Again you deliberately twisted what I said.

    The club will not budge from the 10 millions. Transfer is not going to happen at that price.

    So the choice is between

    1) sell a player at a reasonable price which looks like being 3 millions or even extract a player maybe on loan from the buying club.

    2) keep an unhappy, unmotivated senior player while still paying his wage. Knowing that in January he will be able to negotiate a pre-contract. I doubt that he will be as professional as Ramsey.

    3) keep the player who suddenly come back into the fold.

    To me Option 3 is fanciful to the extreme.
    Option 2 is a bad option that cost money and satisfy nobody.

  85. Leftsidesanch

    Nope, we’ve been utterly pathetic this window and if the season goes as we expect, Emery can take that permanently stupid look on his face and fuck off.

    That fat cunt Raul can too.

  86. Chris


    As Marc says, you are willing to take a football chairmen on his word, and the gossip column from a disreputable newspaper stating his comments as fact, and that was then recycled throughout other questionable websites.

    So forgive me if I seem ‘snarky’ but you often present your opinion as fact based on really shoddy evidence.

  87. Receding Hairline

    “You’re Shrek, back to your swamp lad the world doesn’t revolve around you. Off you go”

    Guess you are looking in a mirror princess, only one here who thinks he is the center of attraction is you.

  88. Leftsidesanch

    I’ve mentally prepared myself for the fact that if we are adding at CB for this season, then Cahill’s going to rock up on a short term contract also.

  89. Marc


    There is a 4th option.

    Make the player sweat until mid August so that he either buys out his contract or issues an apology to the club that ties in with a deal done before the window closes in France.

    You really come across as completely lacking in any balls.

  90. Marc


    I wouldn’t be surprised. I think the original plan was for Kos to be cover for a season with Saliba joining next.

  91. Champagne charlie


    Yea that’s why I put effort after effort into lying about what folk say so I can act the big lad. Obviously conquered your cul-de-sac, venture out into the word a bit more you fanny instead of acting the giver of truth on here.

  92. Valentin


    My position has nothing to do with being French as Koscielny.
    It is just a rational, accounting view of the situation.
    Like I said WestHam were exactly in the same situation than us with Arnautovitch. They went the grown up route and accepted a lower fee.

    My view is that if Koscielny stay with us but does not play and we sell him in January, he would have cost us 30 weeks of salary or 2.7million.
    Between the 3 million offer and the 2.7 million saved we should be able to get somebody on loan for a year.

  93. Receding Hairline

    Valentin Koscielny’s salary was paid the many months he was injured, if the club believe they can pay his salary ( heavily dependent on performance and appearances as Pedro posted earlier) just to avoid setting an unwelcome precedence of a player demanding to be freed of his contract and getting his way so be it.

    You are assuming he will be made to start matches, i don’t buy that assumption. He might not even feature and then quietly leave the club in January, but the message has been passed

    You are siding with Koscielny on this and i cannot for the life of me figure out why. Anything out of France is Gold to you

  94. WengerEagle

    Kos as cover implies that the plan was for Sokratis-Holding to be the starting CB pairing for the season in which case Emery has to take full responsibility when we concede close to or even crack 50 PL goals once again.

  95. Bob N16

    I’m certainly not an apologist for Emery but I feel that the way the club is now set up, he’s far from the transfer negotiations.

    Should we not assume that Raúl has to be seen as the man responsible for the financial side of the transfers? I appreciate there is a Dick Law replacement, some ex Sky man, but Raúl, within the limitations of the budget has be the main man.

  96. Leftsidesanch

    Marc, yes indeed I understand the thinking although I don’t agree with it. Not enough has been done to rectify a defence that has conceded 51 goals two years running.

  97. Valentin


    Let’s assume that we make Koscielny sweat until September, we have to pay his salary for an extra 5 weeks. That also reduce his Webster clause by that same amount. So in the end he got his wishes and fly back to France.

    However the English transfer window is now closed, we can’t get a replacement.
    I can’t see the benefit of teaching Koscielny a lesson if it is to the detriment of Arsenal.