Eddie delivers.

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Unai Emery pulled a magic trick out of his hat. He used the powers of youth to completely disguise that Arsenal hadn’t added a single first-team player to the squad this season and we’re three games into preseason.

Quite amazing to be having a 2012 like conversation after all the backroom upheaval to address exactly this.

Before I push on into the game. I’m also finding the strategy for moving certain players on a touch baffling. If we’re serious about selling anyone, why are we starting them on this tour? Mustafi and Jenkinson should both be getting their marching orders, but we have them stinking out the tour instead? Seems a very odd way to go about things.

Anyway, the game didn’t really tell us much about the upcoming season, other than it looks like it’s going to feel very familiar unless something very aggressive happens in the next two weeks.

Our defence seems to have honed its ability to leak good chances. Fiorentina were very poor but found ways to get in behind us time and time again. It doesn’t seem to matter what system we play, we’re a disaster. It obviously doesn’t help when you have Mustafi in the starting 11, but look, it’s not me putting him there.

My major worry is this: Emery has zero pedigree with defences. He averaged 49 goals a season at Sevilla. He took PSG from 17 goals, to 27, to 29. He couldn’t better Wenger’s tally last year, dropping 51 goals despite adding a keeper, 2 defenders and 2 defensive-minded midfielders. Where does the progression come from? Nothing in history to suggest he can change things.

Moving forward we looked interesting. Eddie had a really good game. He finished very well twice. Those chances haven’t been going in when it comes to competition time. I’m of the mind that he should go out on loan this season and see if he can work on his decision making. He needs to get some teeth. I know as fans we always lose our minds with kids on preseason, but the reality for Eddie is that Emery is not going to give him many chances this season because he has Laca and Auba… so maybe he should take the move out and force his hand in the back half of the year.

I also enjoyed seeing Willock on the scoresheet again. He really does have to be ready this season, at 19, it’s a big ask, but he does look the most ready. He’s focused, he has the physicality and he can be decisive. Let’s hope Emery doesn’t bottle it.

I also thought Gabriel looked sharp… he has a lot of pace and power. That long run he made was very exciting. It’ll be interesting to see what the club does with him. Can he cut it in the first team? A huge ask if we’re honest, but you never know… I guess it’s dependent on how badly we fuck our big signings.

I was watching with my dad. He made the point that we might as well give the kids a shot, because if it’s mistakes the manager is worried about… he’d not keep playing Mustafi and Xhaka. Let’s hope he doesn’t get consumed by the panic of his job situation and move away from his youth focus.

In other news, there’s hot talk that United are in for Auba for £62m. Arsenal fans are furious at the thought of us moving him on. I love Auba, I think he’s a joy to watch at times, however, if there’s huge money on the table for a 30-year-old, we should take it and progress the squad. As things stand, we’re finishing no higher than 5th this season… if £80m gets us Zaha and Pepe, we’re in a more solid grounding next season… we might also be able to kick this Tierney deal over the line.

Holding onto your best 30-year-olds when you’re skint isn’t progression in my opinion. Especially when they only have two years left on their deal.

Right, dine out on that my friends.

What did YOU think? See you in hell (comments).

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  1. Champagne charlie

    That hypo team is League cup throwback material, few pony old heads and some decent yoof.

    Where’s Carlos Vela? Stick him in for a bit of nostalgia.

  2. WengerEagle

    Neymar situation is a strange one, you’d have to think that there’s no going back now to work with Tuchel and the side for him if Barcelona don’t stump up the cash but how are they able to afford to pay 70m for De Jong, 100m for Griezmann and another 200+ million on Neymar on top of that?

    They’d have to sell off half of their team to fund that surely. Still think that Griezmann was an odd move for them to make given Neymar was angling for the move long ago and he’s already proven to have amazing chemistry with Messi and Suarez.

  3. Champagne charlie

    Ironically enough Carlos Vela is playing pub football and necking quesadilla’s on the reg, but would still improve us haha

    not sure what that speaks to more of, his talent or our lack of spark.

  4. Marc


    Well it’s rumoured that Barca were majorly pissed off with Neymar’s behaviour over the deal original transfer.

    Maybe they’ve just got their revenge.

  5. Champagne charlie


    Xhaka by a country mile, he’s got a mistake in him but he’s absolutely a positive influence on our side.

    Denilson was a more polished Elneny, average at everything instead of shite at everything.

  6. Valentin


    You may laugh at that now, but 15~20 years ago Far East tourists (Japanese and Chinese) were a lot less discerning. Going to Harrods and visiting Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diane tacky memorial was de rigueur for tourists.

    Far East players were still viewed as a charming oddity. Inamoto was really revered by some Japanese. Him Joining Arsenal was seen as putting Japan on the football map. That sound ridiculous today, but at the time his move was huge news. There was no movie Crazy Rich Asian.

    Things have changed but old timers still remember. Brixton has gentrified and even has a Foxton now, but those were time were black cabs refused to go south of the river because according to them it was full of black, Irish and other dodgy people.

  7. WengerEagle

    Vela and Ibra are just goofing around in the MLS, it really is a shocking level of football even in 2019 with all of the talk of progression for the US game, etc.

    Ibra at close to 38 just clowned the entire league in a matter of a couple of days, interviewed by ESPN before the LA derby laughed off the suggestion that Vela is remotely comparable to him (as he was playing for Pep’s Barca at Vela’s age) and that he’s still by far the best player in the MLS as an old geezer. Also didn’t exactly have much kind words for the quality of the league, ‘a Ferrari amongst Fiats’ being the quote I believe.

    And what transpires in the match the next day? LA Galaxy beat LA FC 3-2 with an Ibra hatrick of highlight reel worthy goals.

  8. Champagne charlie


    Yea it’s pub football mate, the stars that go there milk it and say nice stuff about growth. Until Ibra-dontgiveashit-ovic rocks up and mocks the lot for being wank

  9. Dissenter

    I wasn’t at your remark.
    It was the spectacle of Japanese tourists cheering in with bags of Harrod’s purchased items that made me chuckle. Didn’t they know that it makes them a target for pickpockets
    I get what you’re saying though. When Chinese tourists started to travel around the globe in the late 1990’s they had do sense of decency and had to be taught to behave per normal mores. I remember seeing people from China [no offense meant] spitting everywhere.

  10. DivineSherlock

    Anyone thinks we should go in for Bale maybe ? Better than Zaha ? Wages might be a problem also no UCL . other than that no disadvantages.

  11. G

    ” It’s sad isn’t it that, because of Wenger’s and Gazidis’s gross mismanagement, we have to even consider selling one of our top players.”
    What u on about.. Arsenal have always considered selling their top players

  12. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Carlos Vela shouldn’t have crossed the line though. He was never in the same planet as Ibra.
    They love Ibra here because he adds more drama to an otherwise crappy league. He’s always creating news.

  13. Moe

    Selling Auba to United for anything less than 80mil would rival Wenger- level stupidities like trading Sanchez for Mikhi, buying Silvestre, sticking with Almunia, letting Ramsey n Welbeck walk for free, offering 350K to Ozil etc.

    Enough with the stupid moves, am convinced Raul will not display that level of stupidity.

  14. Unai

    CC, you’ve lost your fricking mind if you think selling Auba to United is a good idea, if there is half a chance he brings them in above us this season we would be bat shit crazy to entertain the idea regardless of how we spend the cash.

    Our priority is to 4 and doing anything that could even potentially hinder that is just dumb.

  15. Marc

    Bale’s on £600k per week, if he half his demands it’d reverse the savings we’ve got off the wage bill this summer.

    I know everyone’s got a hard on for how efficient Madrid have been with him but who can afford to pay him £300k per week? ManU, City, PSG I think all the noise out of Madrid is pure bravado.

    He’s got 3 years left on this contract – how many here would give up £93 million?

  16. Dissenter

    He’s 30 years old and has only 2 years on his contract.
    One of Laca or Auba ought to have been sold this summer imo

  17. Unai

    Dissenter, where are the goals coming from without him?

    Who replaces him for the same money?

    All I’d say, if we sell it needs to be abroad.

    We also need to stop worrying about resale value on our prized assets, hes worth more to us over the next 2 years than 62m

  18. Champagne charlie


    You’re not reading the intention behind a sale. Nobody needs schooled that selling a good player hurts us, and selling to a rival helps them, but the consideration should be outside those restrictive ideas.

    – United are going to buy and strengthen, they’re mega. It will happen, Auba or another they will replace Lukaku.

    IF, huge contextual word here, we can sell Auba and it produce a net gain on the squad through smart re-investment……then it’s a deal I’d have no issue with.

    I don’t care about how Auba strengthens United, if we take care of ourselves and become better as a whole through Auba’s sale, then it’s a clear progressive strategy. That is all I’m saying, I’m well-aware there’s hypotheticals dotting about there.

    But the overriding point is we should be capable enough to sell and gain, sell and gain. It’s what Dortmund do, Atletico do, Liverpool have done, Spurs have done. Yes, often they’ve found continental buyers, but you don’t get to choose when you’re hamstrung by finances. And would I swallow Auba at United for us to go from strength to strength? Yes, quite comfortably.

  19. Pedro

    Man, Washington is a very odd place. Nerds galore. Fashion levels are shameful.

    Anyone read the Saka quote that Emery hands off talking to the players to Ljungberg?

  20. KAY Boss

    Quite a few players who made rave news but ain’t mentioned for some transfer windows now. Notably, Leon Bailey, Belloti, Draxler. Bellotti surprises me most. Seem to have regressed a bit.
    Reminds me back in the day when we were linked to Gabriel Agbonlahor.
    Are some saying we should trade Auba to Utd, and sign who? Wingers? So I want those people to give me a name which will bang in the goals if Laca were to get injured. Some fans really make u wonder what they actually want. And the amount being quoted is ridiculous considering Ayoze Perez went for £30m and Holler going for over £40m. Not to mention a certain Joelington. That amount quoted for Auba has given me headache. Need to get some pills.

  21. KAY Boss

    Almost half a fortnight to start the league and yet no confirmation as of any signing yet? Things never change with arsenal. Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are. Good night.

  22. bennydevito

    PierreJuly 21, 2019    18:18:46

    Personally, I would like to see someone like Thierry Henry or Ian Wright take Nketiah under their wing .

    Nketiah has bags of talent but he looks like he is trying too hard to impress and tends to rush things , especially in front of goal.

    Someone like Henry could teach him the importance of composure when he is attacking a defender going into the area and make him realise that he is the one in charge when he has the ball at his feet.

    At the moment Nketiah is in too much of a hurry to get a shot away , he needs to learn to slow down, learn deception or he will be too easy to read by defenders.

    I like his hunger and desire and he has a little bit of Ian Wright about him though nowhere near as clinical but that have come with the more chances he is given by the manager and the more goals he scores.


    Hmmm. I can kind of see Pierre’s point but he doesn’t look like he’s trying to hard or rushing his shots to me, know the contrary, he looks calm and composed.

    The main thing for me is that he gets Welbeck’s squad place and doesn’t go on loan.

  23. Marko

    I personally think it’s a good thing that we now have an assistant having a bigger influence on matters and getting stuck in

  24. Marko

    Shame it wasn’t a few years earlier we might have made more of the opportunities with Gnabry, Reine Adelaide and Chris Willock for example. Dan Crowley perhaps

  25. Champagne Charlie

    Shame it wasn’t last season, we could’ve gained 1 point in the league and have CL money to burn.

  26. bennydevito

    Good on Emery letting Ljungberg do some of the team talks especially as his English isn’t the best and Freddie will know the youngsters better.

    Pep delegates loads to Arteta so well done Emery on that front.

    I’m actually quite optimistic with Freddie as the assistant that our youngsters will get their fair chance this season.

  27. Marko

    Shame it wasn’t last season, we could’ve gained 1 point in the league and have CL money to burn.


  28. Carts


    Barcelona’s net spend is a modest €120m so far. Although rumour that they needed some sort of bridging loan to get Griezmann across the line adds a level of perplexity to things.

    I read that they’re in line to raise about €80m flogging several more heads, but as you’ve said, raising cash for Neymar will be tough.

  29. Unai

    CC Dortmund have said they will no longer sell to Bayern for obvious reasons and I cant see pool or spuds doing the same to top 4 rivals.

    You talk of net gain however selling to a rival in the first instance is a net loss.

    Selling abroad, provided we gain a suitable replacement(s) is one thing but selling to a rival for the very thing we intend to achieve is foolhardy and frankly unpalatable.

    I didn’t agree with the RVP sale or the Sanchez deal, Auba to United is equally as sickening.

  30. Champagne Charlie


    Selling any player is a net loss if you don’t replace them, that’s an odd comment.

    If we sell Auba which lets us shore up the defence by 20 goals and add a better calibre attacker from wide then his goals are offset by overall improvement.

    Idk what you’re arguing against, there’s not actualities here it’s speculative. But bottom line is as follows, and please explain to me where it doesn’t apply:

    – Sell player A to get better as a team than you were with player A through reinvestment.

    That idealistic formula should apply to literally any player walking. Weird if you don’t think that’s the case.

  31. Unai

    I’m arguing that selling to a rival is moronic, honestly, further details are irrelevant.

    We saw what happened with RVP, we should never repeat that mistake.

  32. Champagne Charlie


    It’s moronic because of what happened with RvP?

    Well I’m that same vein it’s utterly irrelevant for what happened with Alexis…

    That argument is literally a “just cos” approach, and as I’ve said numerous times already Man United are going to buy regardless. So other than emotional god knows what, your argument isn’t based on anything it seems.

  33. Dissenter

    We may have to do a few unpleasant things to find our way back to the top.
    The model we are using is flawed; we have two 55 million transfer fee center forwards in the club and have to alter the set-up to accommodate them.
    I would rather have one center forward [of Auba or Laca] and have at least one elite winger to start games.
    Nkettiah/Martinelli/ John-Jules can battle it out to start from the bench.

    Auba is 30 y/o and has only 2 years left on his contract, come this time in 2020 he will be in the driving seat [regarding his contract] and may leave on a free too in 2021.

  34. Carts

    If we failed to find an affective system which can extract top outputs from Auba and Laca, then I would’nt averse yo selling one of them

  35. Unai

    On the contrary, I think your judgement has been tarnished by your emotional attachment to the previous regime, they lived for this sort of deal.

    It’s like you have some weird form of Stockholm syndrome.

  36. Champagne Charlie


    That makes absolutely no sense at all, and now you’re just resorting to flailing quips because you can’t express a view beyond “it’s a rival”.

    Unpick the logic behind what I’ve laid out, don’t hit me with absolute horseshite because you’re stuck.

  37. Unai

    Sports, you dont sell to rivals, business you dont deal with competition, you’ve got one example (Sanchez) where it didn’t quite work out for a rival, even though it could be argued we came off equally as badly.

    Your argument is based on being like Dortmund who have put a stop to this very kind of activity.

    I’m stuck?

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Liverpool sold Sterling and Torres to PL rivals. They bought Suarez and Coutinho in and later sold them too.

    It’s not a Dortmund only strategy, so trying to rest your pipe on some notion they’ve “stopped” selling to Bayern is actually you yourself again using the one apparent example as a supposed ruler of all.

    Atletico sell within Spain, Italians sell to one another, Germans do, French do.

    You sell if you’re capable of taking that sale and making more out of it than you had prior.

    No amount of archaic principles stand against the reality. You don’t seek out selling to a rival, but if you can turn it into an opportunity that’s exactly what good businessman do.

  39. Kay

    At this point if we get 80mil for Auba, we should sell him asap. However we shouldn’t be buying Zaha for the Auba money. We should buy a quality cb and Everton suarez.

    We would still have the same 40mil to buy Tierney and a decent enough CM.

    We get 4 new players and lose 1 (30 yr old)

  40. Champagne Charlie

    If Edu comes in, sells Auba, and makes us saucier, id say he’s a ballhair from a bronzey outside the stadium.

    It’s speculative stuff at best, Auba and Laca instagram montage incoming this season without question.

    Best case scenario we get Zaha in the mix and make it a three way.

  41. Chitom

    Champagne CharlieJuly 21, 2019 22:20:41
    UnaiIt’s moronic because of what happened with RvP?“

    The RVP to United sale makes perfect logic in comparison to the brain fart of an idea of selling Auba to United now.

    For one , RVP wanted to move and there’s no proof Auba feels the same now.

    Two, United weren’t our direct rivals because even without RVP there was a 19 points between two clubs in the standings.

    Three , Arsenal were firmly grasping the CL places with or without RVP while now it’s a four way scrap and we were only 2 points out of third and 1 point out of fourth last season.

    And finally, the same posters who say Emery can’t be trusted with improving the defense want him to sell the only player possibly bridging the gap to the CL places in order to invest in defense they say he can’t be trusted fixing.

    Oh, and there’s that too, Arsenal could already invest in a world class defender if they wanted too because they are sitting on 230m cash.

  42. Pedro


    Arsenal aren’t sitting on mountains of cash they can use on players.

    We should do anything we can to push deals over the line. Selling Auba at his peak would be great biz if the numbers were good and we had good replacements lined up.

  43. Chitom

    Torres and Sterling aren’t good examples either.
    The left Liverpool for clubs challenging for a title while Liverpool wasn’t even in the title challenge picture.

  44. Chitom

    Pedro, if and it’s a big if .
    Sure , have the Auba / VVD swap for even money and I’ll go happily along with that.
    And even then could you honestly say someone like Mustafi is mentally capable of eliminating his kamikaze defending regardless who’s playing next to him .
    I couldn’t.

    You want to sell Auba, fine .
    But then you go along with Josh Kroenke’s patience is the order of the day approach and you don’t moan when Arsenal miss out on CL again next season.

  45. Nelson

    After watching G. Martinelli’s performance, I can imagine that he could be developed to be a striker like Jamie Vardy of Leicester City. He has the speed and the size. He would be more valuable to become a striker.

  46. Nelson

    I can’t believe Raul came up with such offer “Arsenal’s £25m offer for Kieran Tierney includes too many add-ons and is dependent on them qualifying for the Champions League”

    This reminds me of our £40 m +1 offer for Suarez. Raul probably thinks that he is smart and everybody else is dumb.

  47. China1

    Pedro you wanna sell 30 goal Auba for 62m then We’ll buy 10 goal a season Zaha who isn’t even young for 10+m more than we get for Auba…

  48. China1

    There aren’t that many big clubs which sell their best players to *direct rivals for anything less than major funds (62 isn’t that much)

    You can talk about Atletico but they just made a fortune off griezman and outside of one season, they aren’t likely league winners anyway

    You can talk about Dortmund, but they aren’t normally serious league competitors with Bayern in most seasons

    Barca and real don’t do that

    Man utd don’t do that

    Chelsea don’t do that

    City don’t do that

    Liverpool sold Torres to Chelsea when Chelsea were a notably stronger team and again, for what was almost as much money as we are talking about for Auba and that was like 10 years ago…

    Ac Milan do it, and juve always win the title…

    Arsenal did it a few years back with rvp and crippled ourselves whilst handing the title to them. A few years on and we are in direct competition for 4th place with them and you wanna sell them a 30 goal striker which is exactly what they’re crying out for. Absolute madness lol

  49. China1

    By all means if the offer is silly like close to 100m, sure or if it’s to a club outside of the country for 80m, well that’s one to look at at least

    But 62m to utd is absolutely bonkers

    1) do you think arsenal are going to replace him with someone with similar or better output? Do you really trust our recruitment that much? We’re looking at 10 goal Zaha for 80m and you trust our guys with transfers? Lol.

    2) if Auba gets a similar goal tally this season and it edges us into the CL, how much will that be worth for us financially? Because honestly it seems more likely that Auba gets us across the line for top 4 than a front line of iwobi, laca, Zaha – a frontline with zero elite players, and one who is only average

  50. China1

    Buying a great CB probably won’t save us 20 goals a season because the defense as a unit is a shambles. One player probably won’t be the single difference

    We will still have xhaka arsing around, ozil probably stinking the place out, kolasinac at LB and a less than stellar bellerin alternating with a pretty poor AMN at right back. A top CB would be lovely but one of those alone probably won’t make a 20 goal difference to us. 10 maybe.

  51. Moray

    So we have maybe 2-3 really good
    Players at the club and you want to sell one of them, in the vague hope we could then buy a couple of defenders late in the window who would improve the team.

    It’s madness. We wouldn’t get more then about 60m and that’s peanuts in today’s market.

    It’s not like he’s on the slide or anything.

    And to Man U, who we need to pip to 3rd or 4th place? Simply retarded.

  52. Chris

    Selling Auba at this stage would be a mistake.

    If it was part of some master plan back on the duets day of June, then it could be understandable. As it stands we would have to replace a golden boot winner and all his contribution, and use the money wisely within 2 weeks. I know the summer is rush rush already but it would be adding another 3 rungs to the ladder for no reason.

    I can reason with the clubs sell to their rivals anyway because let’s be honest it does happen a lot, but I still wouldn’t be happy with it anyway.

  53. Alexanderhenry

    Selling Auba is likely.
    Both Josh and Emery promised significant signings and that’s the only way arsenal can raise the funds it seems.

  54. Graham62

    The legacy of Wenger and Gazidis.

    Create a system whereby our better players get totally pissed off and want to leave or, because of financial mismanagement, are offloaded to keep us on an even keel. Whilst on top of this our worse players are rewarded beyond belief and consequently cannot be discarded.

    Ah yes, The Invincibles.

  55. TitsMcGee

    Unai Emery pulled a magic trick out of his hat. He used the powers of youth to completely disguise that Arsenal hadn’t added a single first-team player to the squad this season and we’re three games into preseason.

    Quite amazing to be having a 2012 like conversation after all the backroom upheaval to address exactly this.”

    You don’t go ~ 15 years of being irrelevant and have people lining up to join the squad. This is what was lost of the slack-jawed rabble who refused to force out the old man after it was obvious we were never going to win with him again.

    He single handedly created a culture and worldwide image of Arsenal being a joke. That’s hard to break. Strap yourselves in. Arsenal will have to crash and burn before anything gets done.

  56. Pierre

    Personally,I would think it is wiser to sell or offload our average players and keep our talented players if we want to improve as a club, unless the player actually wants to leave..

    I believe that sooner or later the owner will finally put his hand in his pocket to help the club get back to the top.
    The reason being that there is a good chance that the team will be playing to a half empty stadium if the results and performances are not up to scratch .
    If we hit the ground running then there will be a feel good factor, fans are very fickle and will attend games with a smile on their face.

    I don’t believe that we need 3/4/5/ hundred million to sort the team out…..about 150 million from Kronke on top of of the 50 million budget plus sales ,which could give us a total of 250/300 mill in total , this will buy us a quality defender and wide player and strengthen the squad at left back and still have change.

    Then there would be no reason to sell Aubamayang or Lacazette.

  57. Catalyst

    A joke is what it would be if we sold our best player to man.utd AGAIN.
    Can’t be doing stupid shit like that then cursing throughout the whole season.

  58. KAY Boss

    So should we sell Auba and replace with who exactly? We were moaning some years ago of having just an ok striker in Giroud with back ups as Welbeck and Bendtner and you are happy because of a some inepts, we should sell our 30goal striker and sign someone who we ain’t certain will be a success. Assumptions and presumptions have taken the better part of judgment. We might as well sell Laca, Auba and Leno to them.

  59. Rainman

    Everyone seems to be forgetting we still have Lacazette. He might not be as good as Auba, but still a pretty darn good striker. I think we should sell him, and use the money to address other critical areas in the team. No point having two expensive strikers, when we are sorely lacking in defence and the wings.

    Fuck Man utd, they aint doing shit, with or without Auba. We dont need to be scared of “strengthening” them.

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Auba is a potential £60m commodity that wouldn’t massively be missed. He’s alright, not great. Limited and doesn’t really contribute to the team outside of a few goals. At 30, his time is almost up.

    £60m could get us

    1xCB CM
    CM and Attacking wing
    Attacker and CB

    With the youth available we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  61. Alexanderhenry


    It is a joke but I don’t see any other way for arsenal to raise funds.

    Auba and laca are the only players of any great value at Arsenal. Auba is pushing 30 though, so it’s more likely he goes.

    As I said previously, both Emery and Josh have promised signing that fans should feel ‘excited’ about.
    They got to deliver something.

  62. Alexanderhenry


    But it would leave us with one proven striker- a return to the days of giroud having to play every single game.

    Who plays up front if laca is injured?
    We already have no real pace and penetration on the flanks.

  63. Guns of Hackney

    Auba is totally expendable. Laca is rubbish but one would hope he may flourish as the lone forward.

    Honestly, if we lose out on £60m for Auba…well, Sanchez to city all over again.

    Why not £30m from United and a defender?

  64. Guns of Hackney


    One would hope with the cash we would buy another forward. Or, add another couple of attacking wings to supplement the striker. We just have to spread the goals around a bit.

    Is icardi still a thing?
    Raid the bundesliga. They always seem to have decent forwards.

  65. Guns of Hackney

    If someone offers you £6000 for a 12 year old Mondeo, you take it and get the fuck out of there before they come to their senses.

  66. Valentin

    Granit Xhaka on Instagram: “Sometimes it’s not about who has more talent, it’s about who’s hungrier #GX34” [IG: granitxhaka] #afc https://t.co/VdOwgSJjW0

    I was going to post back.
    Sometimes it really about who has talent.

  67. Pierre

    So we sell one of our strikers to fund buying a couple of defenders who will play in a flawed defensive system….

  68. terraloon

    A couple of weeks ago a statement of intent was issued from Arsenal to the effect that unless a player entering the last two years of their contract signed a new one ( If offered) then they would be sold. No ifs or buts Arsenal weren’t going to take the financial hit suffered from the Sanchez, Ramsey

    There is no doubt PEA is on the downslope of his career. He is still a very decent player but he isn’t the freak of nature that is Ronaldo nor is he a marketing icon . In effect any club that buys him knows that there is no sell on nor can they build the future around him.

    I don’t doubt that Utd would have in in a heartbeat but not for anything other than a bargain fee. They ain’t going to pay say £62 million for a player who has 3 maybe 4 years at most . With an annual wage of around £10 million he would be costing them £20-£25 million a season. I just can’t see them shelling out that sort of money. Nor indeed can I see any of the half dozen other clubs that could pay say £50 million + committing anything like that sort of sum in a 30 year old, and that’s even in the crazy market that currently exists.

    I don’t doubt Arsenal if Arsenal were offered £62 million they would sell.

    Yet again I suspect Arsenal have painted themselves into a corner probably the club don’t want to offer him an extended and improved deal past his 32nd birthday, would have to replace him and that would mean spending big and we are getting ever close to the window slamming shut and that means most likely he will still be around on the same contract in 12 months time and as we all know if a player enters the last 12 months of their deal the players value drops like a stone.

  69. Un na naai

    if Auba gets a similar goal tally this season and it edges us into the CL, how much will that be worth for us financially? Because honestly it seems more likely that Auba gets us across the line for top 4 than a front line of iwobi, laca, Zaha – a frontline with zero elite players, and one who is only average


    Our squad is already worse this year than last season. Cabellos coming in on loan will not change that. Neither will Tierney if he comes.

    We won’t be qualifying for the champions league come May anyway so we may as well just begin building for the season after. That means getting what we can for Aubameyang who isn’t all that and 30.

  70. Guns of Hackney


    Lacazette is not a good player. Like Auba, limited.

    Can’t head
    Can’t find a pass
    Can’t shoot
    Can’t tackle
    Not prolific

    Apart from that, he’s okay. Plus, he has a couple of years on Auba so I would keep him until someone better is found.

  71. Guns of Hackney


    It’s like me going into a Ferrari dealer, begging for a Ferrari fast and only paying the £250,000 when I become a F1 superstar.

    Arsenal cant get a deal over the line.

  72. TOLI83

    Auba our top goalscorer and the joint PL top scorer.

    1st time in years someone from our club managed that.

    And people want to sell him.

    I don’t trust we’d spend 60/70m wisely anyway.

    He will get 20/25 goals plus next season and probably the season after that. We are hardly a free flowing force under Emery, Auba has done well.

    Whoever likened him to a Mondeo earlier had me in stitches. Brilliant!!! Our fan base is On another level sometimes.

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    There’s no room for players like Xhaka and Mustafi even in a 5th placed PL team.

    Pedro bang on when he says that these teenagers cannot be worse than Xhaka and Mustafi when it comes to the common howlers from each of these two. Sack these two ASAP. Bring in the teenagers. If we do not get 4th, let it be 8th. How does it matter? Who cares!!

  74. Graham62

    Lacazette is a good player.

    Let’s keep it simple shall we.

    He played with a very average midfield and weak defensive unit behind him. Lack of creativity meant that he was often left to his own devices. Was the only player who showed genuine passion last season. Will score and make goals given the opportunities. Causes fear for opposing defenders.

    Your perceptions are not my perceptions.

  75. Unai

    Wenger has turned our fanbase into an accounting team, what happened to on field accomplishment? Goal scorers are rare as fuck in the prem, we have ONE, we need to retain him

    GoH, Auba is limited but he does the basic expectations of a striker well, he scores goals. Lots of players have a wide range of skills but fall short on this critical point but goals are more important.

  76. Graham62


    Previous post directed at you.



    Still though, what is he on about?

  77. Bob N16

    Guns, can’t agree.

    Lacazette is an excellent centre forward. ‘. Can’t pass, can’t shoot’….just words – no real substance in your criticism. Many times last season he was our best performer. Sometimes it’s easier to be negative than give credit where it’s due.

    You appear to comment through a prism of negativity. There is admittedly a lot that has been sub standard in recent times but that shouldn’t cloud some positives – Lacazette is one of those. Supporters of most teams would be happy to have him in their ranks.

  78. Graham62


    It says more about about our fanbase than anything else.

    Also, all this talk about Edu/Raul/Sven drives me up the frigging wall.

  79. Freddie Ljungberg

    So Fekir is going for 22m incl bonuses with a 120k a week wage, still haven’t decided if he wants to go to Betis yet. Why the fuck are we not in there, he wants to play with Laca agin so he would absolutely come here.

    an Attack of Everton Auba/Laca Fekir

    with Ceballos behind them would be absolutely devastating.

    When Ceballos goes back to Madrid we can evaluate our young wingers and if they’re ready we can move Fekir to Cam, if not we buy a Cam and keep him out there. Think we’re missing out on a massive opportunity here, bargains like that doesn’t come around very often.

    And no, he’s not broken, the guy is 25 and had 2 seasons of football after his injury, one of which was his best ever.

  80. Freddie Ljungberg

    Why is anyone taking GoH seriously? He’s just here to complain, he’s admitted many times that he’s not a fan of Arsenal anymore, if he ever was.

    Less said about his other character traits the better.

  81. Graham62

    Criticising players who are clearly not up to scratch is justifiable, but to say Lacazette is “rubbish” borders on insanity.

  82. Un na naai


    Why the hard on for Cabellos? He’s dull. Have you actually watched him? Do you watch him regularly? He’s boring. What on earth gives you the impression he will be devastating? He’s a light weight passer. Not great passes either but simple obvious passes.

  83. andy1886


    So Arsenal’s player of last season is shit, and selling the golden boot winner to a direct rival is a good idea.

    Nice work genius.

  84. Un na naai


    Lacazette is hands down our only match winner. Our only antagonist. He makes things happen. Scores goals from nothing. Runs his bollocks off. Fights to win.
    Maybe if our dull as dishwater manager finds a way to enhance his attributes rather the negate them then we could see a 25-30 goal per season lacazette

    Don’t forget he was dropped for long periods last season when it was clear he was our best attacking player.

    Another whoopsie moment from the incompetent emery who then had to reinstate Lacazette because Aubameyang on his own just wasn’t happening.

  85. Valentin

    Saka’s interview confirmed that Freddie is helping the transition from academy players into first team players.
    Funny how those who rubbished the idea are very quiet on that front.
    The most damning part of the interview is the fact that Emery does not talk to them directly. The role of the head coach implies to know his players. A easiest way is to talk to them. How will he be able to communicate with them effectively during the season if he does not know them. Unless this is a PR exercise mandated by the management and as soon as the season starts they will be kicked to the kerb.

  86. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    I don’t think you have seen Ceballos at all, seeing as you still can’t spell his name you probably haven’t even seen his youtube highlights.

    He would be a massive upgrade on Ozil, unlike him he can actually dribble and shoot, also has an eye for a pass.

    Don’t see why anyone would have a problem getting in a very promising player on loan for a year that fixes one of our problem positions, gives us time to address it next summer properly.

    The devastating part was more in regards to the front 3 though (or 4 if you count one of our strikers coming fresh off the bench).

  87. Unai

    Graham, totally agree, we’ve turned into a right set of white flag waving pussies.

    GoH, not strengthening your rivals/competitors is business 101, never give up a competitive advantage.

  88. Vintage Gun

    Hey i’ve got a crazy idea… Why don’t we just keep Auba? Infact add another year on his contract.

    I don’t care that he’s 30 as as fast as he (still) is most of his goals come from his movement and speed of thought. He’s a poacher above all else so even if his rew pace declines over the next year or two, he’ll still get goals.

    Not EVERY player needs to get clipped at 30.

    Oh and £65m would be a nothing price.Especially in this market.

  89. Guns of Hackney


    Ha ha…United have been weakening us for years selling us their old shite. We got one back when we sold Sanchez to them but to really even the score, Auba would probably make us about equal.

    £60m for us right now would be better than holding onto Auba.

  90. Un na naai


    I do t have a problem with him. I’ve seen only seen highlights videos of him but I don’t see anything special there at all. I just don’t get what all the fuss is about as it looks like ZZ agrees with me
    Normally a highlights reel will show the player at his best but there’s barley anything other than simple 5-6 yard passes
    Just basic ball retention
    As I said. A poor mans arteta
    He doesn’t appear to be able to shoot dribble or tackle

    So tell me what are his strengths??

  91. Unai

    Val, The most damning part of the interview is the fact that Emery does not talk to them directly. The role of the head coach implies to know his players. 

    How do you extrapolate ‘not talking directly’ to ‘not knowing’?

    Head coach implies head of a team, delegation is key to successful management.

  92. Valentin

    Since his return from injury, Fekir has not been the same. Gone is the burst of pace on 5 yards. He is now much more stocky. He had to hit the gym because any injury to his knee could be the end of his career.
    Also he is not a 10 anymore, he plays on top as a striker in the style of Aguero. From a Liverpool’s perspective he could be a stand-in for Firmino. However Arsenal has a more pressing need of a winger inside forward.

    Even at a reduced price, because of his high wage and serious risk of injury and its own financial problems Arsenal should not go near him.

  93. Unai

    GoH, selling them our shit?

    Not sure I’d call 1 of 3 top scorers in the prem with the best goals/min ratio of the 3 shit but each to there own I guess.

  94. Un na naai

    We already tried this shit with Suarez in January. I dont see Cabellos adapting to the premier league or sealing a permanent transfer to arsenal
    He’s not got enough in his locker

  95. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    Are you sure you’ve watched the right player?

    Because if you watch this: https://youtu.be/qShV2n6YZmo and think Arteta I honestly can’t help you.


    Sure, Fekir is a striker now…
    If he’s so busted please explain the season after his injury? He had a dip in form last season but that is only natural after the failed move to Pool.
    for 22m it’s a no brainer regardless of your “expert” opinions.

  96. Valentin


    Imagine, Iwobi is injured and Saka is called upon to replace him. At the same time, you want to change tactics. You need to quickly communicate to him all the instructions. How do you explain the subtle change of tactics you want him to follow?
    Because you have never talked to him directly before, you don’t know how to talk to him. Do you use complex words, write down on a piece of paper tactic notes, point to him?
    That’s why communication is so important. You need to be able to transmit the information quickly and be sure that the information has been understood.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    I find some of the posters on here depressing.

    They suggest that we get rid of one or other of our two strikers [goalscorers]
    notwithstanding that they scored last season 50 goals!!!

    For the record Arsenal completed last season with 73 goals in EPL ranking
    us the third most prolific team behind Man City and Liverpool.

    Arsenals’ problems are not in the strike positions, but elsewhere in the team.
    The idea that a striker is too old at “30” is daft.

    Professional sportsmen in 21st century can have longer careers than their
    predecessors provided that they are not injury prone and maintain a decent
    lifestyle. Aubameyang at 30 is now at his peak and there is absolutely no
    evidence that he will score fewer goals this season.

    Nkietah looks like a useful addition to our strike force and has certainly more
    goalscoring potential than Welbeck, but he is not ready to play 35-40 90 minute games each season.

    The reality is that if we were to offload either of our two strikers a younger
    replacement scoring half the goals produced by Aubameyang would cost us
    at least £50-60 Million, which is what Chelsea spent on Morata.

    Let’s be clear replacing Aubameyang with Zaha or Pepe is not a solution. They
    are wingers and not strikers. If you recruit them they might score 10-15 goals
    a season. If we buy either of these two players we would be spending at least
    £50-60 million with less end product.

    Arsenal’s priorities this summer should be sorting out our midfield and defence. There is some evidence that we could solve the former by end of this week.

    Sadly the latter is at the moment not the case, which does concern me.

  98. Un na naai


    Ian Wright hardly played once Anelka got into the team that year
    Better example would be Bergkamp and Kanu in 04 although different types of players and certainly more involved than Aubameyang with the ball.

  99. Freddie Ljungberg


    We won’t get an option to buy anyway so that doesn’t really matter does it?
    It makes us less reliant on a semi retired Cam for a year until we can shift him on.

    Also comparing our midfield options with that of Real Madrids has to be a joke right?

  100. Valentin


    The reason Fekir failed his medical is because the insurance was not willing to cover the high risk of forced retirement caused by injury to his knee ligaments.

    It does not mean that he can’t play, just that if he is injured on his first game then it is money down the drain.

    If it was such a no brainer, Fekir would have more suitors. The fact that not one of the big clubs in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy made any offer for him tell you that they either don’t rate him or that they worried about his knees and think it is a risk not worth taking even at a reduced price.

  101. HighburyLegend

    “The club is in a situation where nobody knows which direction to take”

    Jens Lehmann nose best!!

  102. Freddie Ljungberg

    Of course you know all the details of his medical, why wouldn’t you. Did the goblins whisper it to you in your sleep because there hasn’t been any official statement like that.

    For 53mil I can understand why Liverpool hesitated, for 22m we are not going to get a better player so it’s a chance worth taking. I don’t care what other teams do, we have a lot of positions to fill and not enough money to do it so picking up an absolute bargain is something we should be looking at doing.

  103. Emiratesstroller

    One suggestion being made now is that Arsenal are offering £55 million +
    Jenkinson and the loan of Nelson to Crystal Palace in exchange for Saha.

    If we were to offer £60 million + Jenkinson and Nelson I could see that as a
    realistic offer.

    On a separate matter I would not offload Iwobi, because of his versatility. I
    would prefer to offload Mkhitaryan instead. Iwobi may not be the best
    footballer on the planet, but there is still room for improvement.

  104. Chitom

    Arsenal don’t need three more players but an upgrade on players they do have.
    In today’s market 60 m spread between three signings might get you marginal upgrades over the likes of Jenko or Elney , who shouldn’t be anywhere near Arsenal squad to begin with.

  105. Valentin


    There is no big secret.
    He failed his medical, so Liverpool wanted to renegotiate terms, Lyon refused. Liverpool issued a statement about it. Lyon countered it via their own statement.

    You may think that £22 millions he is a bargain, but The fact that nobody of notes is after him at 22 millions should tell you that this is a risk that most clubs are not willing to take.

    In view of Arsenal finance taking a 22 millions punt on a single player with serious medical conditions would not be wise.

  106. Un na naai


    He looked better in the video you sent than what I’ve seen of him for Madrid deffo.
    But Suarez has a nifty little YouTube video too and he was toilet.

    On the signing aspect, what’s the point then? If he does well and we can’t have him then why bother? It’s a lose lose situation. All he is is another poxy body. That’s it.

  107. Unai

    Val, if our youngsters cant take direct instruction regardless of who delivers it then we have a real problem.

    Personally dont see the issue, I mean footballers are characterised as dim but I think they have a grasp of basic english and tactical fundamentals.

  108. Un na naai


    Arsenal do need 3 more players
    £30m gets you plenty in today’s market if you know where to look

    Leno, papa, Torreira, guendouzi, tierney, Saliba.

    All £30m or under

    Jay da Silva £2m
    Lloyd Kelly £13m
    Targett £17m
    Tielelemans £40m
    Daniel James £15m
    Trippier £20m

    There are bargains to be had in this country too.
    We are just incapable of finding them any more
    Holding was our last

  109. China1

    I also agree that if Auba had been flogged right at the start of the window as part of some clear bigger plan then I would at least see what to make of it

    But this is arsenal. There is no genius plan. We’ve just had a direct competitor out a less than remarkable sum of money in front of our faces for our best player and we’re so accustomed to small club thinking that we’re actually considering it

    Let’s just bring arsenal back already. What’s even the point of all this ‘change’ if we end up in exactly the same shit?

  110. China1

    Seriously lol if we could all be told we’d get rid of wenger, gazidis, even and half the backroom team, then a single year later we’d be having a summer like this and people excitedly talking about strengthening our direct rivals for not much cash I’d just say keep arsene because what’s the difference?

    At least arsene had history that people could think fondly back on. The current regime edu aside are more of the same weak tat but without any of the rose tinted memories of yesteryear to garner support

    Shambles arsenal. We really are

  111. Unai

    China , wenger had years to create this mess, we should give the new regime more time to fix it.

    First impressions are a bit meh but we haven’t signed a post man yet so at least we have that.

  112. Un na naai

    Unai you fool

    Our last bargain from this country

    “There are bargains to be had in THIS COUNTRY too.
    We are just incapable of finding them any more
    Holding was our last“

  113. China1

    Unai the problem is that the new regime are performing indistinguishably from the last

    Quite literally if this summer was a wenger gazidis summer no one would bat an eye lid. We’ve replaced everyone but the owner in recent years and we are doing the same dumb shit

  114. China1

    Arsenal are a 10 year case study in mismanagement and mediocrity and in all this time our grand vision for what comes next is exactly the same

    The kroenkes are such cunts for allowing the club to so eagerly flush itself down the toilet.

  115. Un na naai

    “China , wenger had years to create this mess, we should give the new regime more time to fix it.“

    Unai you fool
    Not when the new regime is proving to be more incompetent than wenger was at his lowest ebb
    We’ve let the following players leave for nothing since wenger left


    While turning down the chance to offload Ramsey and ozil for good money last season

    We’ve brought in Suarez and Martinelli since Sven left

    And dithered on everything else.

    The mess weneger left got wasn’t so bad when it went on a 23 game unbeaten run and was beating Chelsea and spurs and untied and Napoli and Valencia was it? Didn’t see you moaning when wengers team beat Fulham 5-1 and Leicester 3-1 playing the sort of football we’d grown accustomed to over the years

  116. Un na naai


    When does the new regime assume responsibility for its own ineptitude? How many years? How much money spent? Does every wenger signing need to be replaced? Do Nelson, Saka, nketiah and co not count as wengerized palyers seeing as his far reaching tentacles were embedded in the youth set up?

    What about Freddy per and bould??
    They all played under wenger. They’ve been corrupted. All won trophies under him so surely they would only extend his vision at the club?

  117. Unai


    With the exception of Ramsey that’s not exactly a star studded list now is it….

    Didn’t see you moaning when wengers team beat Fulham 5-1 and Leicester 3-1 

    I’ve been moaning since 8-2 mate and 100% was last season!

    Am I thrilled by what the new lot have achieved? Not really.

    Am I prepared to accept there are mitigating circumstances? Yes.

    Am I prepared to give them 10 years to get it right? Absolutely not.

    Do find it ironic that folk who gave wenger so much time are now in such a rush however.