Eddie delivers.

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Unai Emery pulled a magic trick out of his hat. He used the powers of youth to completely disguise that Arsenal hadn’t added a single first-team player to the squad this season and we’re three games into preseason.

Quite amazing to be having a 2012 like conversation after all the backroom upheaval to address exactly this.

Before I push on into the game. I’m also finding the strategy for moving certain players on a touch baffling. If we’re serious about selling anyone, why are we starting them on this tour? Mustafi and Jenkinson should both be getting their marching orders, but we have them stinking out the tour instead? Seems a very odd way to go about things.

Anyway, the game didn’t really tell us much about the upcoming season, other than it looks like it’s going to feel very familiar unless something very aggressive happens in the next two weeks.

Our defence seems to have honed its ability to leak good chances. Fiorentina were very poor but found ways to get in behind us time and time again. It doesn’t seem to matter what system we play, we’re a disaster. It obviously doesn’t help when you have Mustafi in the starting 11, but look, it’s not me putting him there.

My major worry is this: Emery has zero pedigree with defences. He averaged 49 goals a season at Sevilla. He took PSG from 17 goals, to 27, to 29. He couldn’t better Wenger’s tally last year, dropping 51 goals despite adding a keeper, 2 defenders and 2 defensive-minded midfielders. Where does the progression come from? Nothing in history to suggest he can change things.

Moving forward we looked interesting. Eddie had a really good game. He finished very well twice. Those chances haven’t been going in when it comes to competition time. I’m of the mind that he should go out on loan this season and see if he can work on his decision making. He needs to get some teeth. I know as fans we always lose our minds with kids on preseason, but the reality for Eddie is that Emery is not going to give him many chances this season because he has Laca and Auba… so maybe he should take the move out and force his hand in the back half of the year.

I also enjoyed seeing Willock on the scoresheet again. He really does have to be ready this season, at 19, it’s a big ask, but he does look the most ready. He’s focused, he has the physicality and he can be decisive. Let’s hope Emery doesn’t bottle it.

I also thought Gabriel looked sharp… he has a lot of pace and power. That long run he made was very exciting. It’ll be interesting to see what the club does with him. Can he cut it in the first team? A huge ask if we’re honest, but you never know… I guess it’s dependent on how badly we fuck our big signings.

I was watching with my dad. He made the point that we might as well give the kids a shot, because if it’s mistakes the manager is worried about… he’d not keep playing Mustafi and Xhaka. Let’s hope he doesn’t get consumed by the panic of his job situation and move away from his youth focus.

In other news, there’s hot talk that United are in for Auba for £62m. Arsenal fans are furious at the thought of us moving him on. I love Auba, I think he’s a joy to watch at times, however, if there’s huge money on the table for a 30-year-old, we should take it and progress the squad. As things stand, we’re finishing no higher than 5th this season… if £80m gets us Zaha and Pepe, we’re in a more solid grounding next season… we might also be able to kick this Tierney deal over the line.

Holding onto your best 30-year-olds when you’re skint isn’t progression in my opinion. Especially when they only have two years left on their deal.

Right, dine out on that my friends.

What did YOU think? See you in hell (comments).

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  1. Chitom

    Arsenal have a better chance of finishing in the top four this season ahead of United and Chelsea than the last.
    United are a mess and Chelsea without Hazard will struggle too.
    Selling Auba to a direct competitor would be madness.

  2. Marc

    ” I think he’s a joy to watch at times, however, if there’s huge money on the table for a 30-year-old”

    Sorry but selling Auba to ManU would be a disaster. I don’t agree with selling him I’d keep him unless a real big money bid came in, all we’d be doing is selling him for £13 million less than ManU paid for Lukaku.

    If we are to sell him it has to be abroad. If we sell him to ManU he’ll be the difference between them finishing above us and not.

    The one area of the team that isn’t fucked up and half on here seem determined to tear it apart. It also sends a terrible message to Adidas.

  3. Marc

    James does however make a good point about loaning Eddie and selling Auba.

    What happens if Laca gets injured?

    Pedro I really think you’re all over the place at the moment.

  4. Chitom

    the TW is progressing exactly how I thought it would.
    No one wants our overpriced, underperforming players and Arsenal aren’t the type of club to tell a Mustafi he needs to find another club if he wants to play football this season.

  5. Marc


    Pedro talks about a huge bid at £60 odd million – the Spud’s have just paid that for a midfielder and ManU paid £50 million for an inexperienced RB.

    If they offered £120 million it might be a difference conversation.

  6. James.wood

    Auba and Laca showed disdain when they where subbed
    last season mopey faced facial signs to me
    showed they where both not happy with being taken off.?
    I think the press picked up on this.?


  7. HighburyLegend

    “if there’s huge money on the table for a 30-year-old, we should take it and progress the squad”
    Of course, this is a well known tradition at Arsenal, to sell our strikers to Manure!!
    (Not funny ??)

  8. Marc


    Firstly I don’t want players looking happy when they are subbed.

    Secondly maybe they are ruing missed chances.

    They were occasions when Laca was subbed where you could apply what you say but not with Auba.

  9. HighburyLegend

    What’s worried me is to see that Edu is not worried with the possibility of seeing Mustafi and Xhaka in our squad next season.
    Edu out!!

  10. Chitom

    Everyone pray Sokratis stays fit because without him in the line up Arsenal’s back four most likely will consist of AMN at RB, Mustafi and Monreal at CB , and Kola at LB.
    Put Xhaka right in front for “protection” ( cough, cough) and watch opposition tremble with fear. Lol.

  11. Lari03

    Like Moreno lived out his contract at Liverpool, Arsenal will slowly wait on Mustafi’s contract until he’s bored of bench warming. By the way we still have Elneny on our books, as well as Jenkinson.

  12. Spanishdave

    They cannot get rid of Jenks , but Madrid can tell Bale to piss off.
    Just shows our soft core, for our multi millionaires.

  13. Shad

    Auba scores goals at the same rate he misses sitters, but with 2 years left on his contract and no apt replacement as yet, I would not sell him at all.
    Only if he refuses to sing an extension and we can sell hiim for closer to £100m, then can it be considered.

  14. James.wood

    Marc I’m seeing different things to you.
    I won’t say your wrong.?
    But as now a solely tv fan I’m pretty certain
    neither of them like being taken off
    As you say I don’t want players to look happy being taken
    off but some players react with a different view to that.
    And feel they are being made the scapegoat.
    Just a view.

  15. Marko

    I still see departures though. Other windows close in September so there’s less of a rush to get rid of them. Ideally what they should do for example with the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka etc for instance if they really want to get rid of them is show them here are your replacements and you’re not going to be registered in the premier league list so you have 3 weeks to find a club elsewhere in Europe. That SHOULD do the trick honestly

  16. Shad

    It is diablocal that the only CB we have been linked to and are probably signing) is Saliba, who is being loaned back to St. Etienne.

    The car crash that is Mustafi flanked by Papa cannot be allowed to start the season.

    Imagine Papa getting injured and it would be Mustafi and Monreal.

    We are royally fucked.

  17. Henry Root

    The Auba to United bid was a rumour from weeks ago that has been rehashed. We would have to be offered £90 million but I suspect they will promote Greenwood to play with Rashford . They might be interested in trying to buy Kane

  18. Shad


    True. We don’t want Holding being rushed back a la Koscielny and then we end up breaking him even more. I’d say earliest start would be October and then eased into the fixtures slowly.
    The future looks good with him and Saliba, flanked by Bellerin and Tierney (assuming we don’t f**k it up). That is one pacey and solid backline.

  19. Marc


    It’s reported that Bale’s on £600k per week and has 3 years left on his contract. He might take a cut but he won’t go down to £100k.

    How many clubs are there that can get close to what he’d want? PSG, City (doubt it though) and ManU?

  20. Shad

    Numerous reports saying Raul is back in London this week to drive transfer business. Hoping we don’t get stuck with Denis Suarez kind of deals/players.

  21. Marc


    They reckon Holding is ahead of schedule and could be close to being ready for the start of the season.

    I’d still bed him in easily but it’s looking promising at least on that front.

  22. andy1886

    Surely we can sell Xhaka? Possibly the only player not yet tainted enough to put off potential buyers. Then we might some cash to buy either a new DM or a more defensively capable midfielder. I’m sure we could cope without his occasional nice pass which is usually balanced out by equally frequent brain fart moments.

    Sell Auba though? To United? Hard to believe any Arsenal fan would tolerate that.

  23. TR7


    Did you watch Mav at all last season?Rabbit in headlights, guys definitely not ready for the prem regardless of how bad the other options are.’

    A young teenager coming back from an injury layoff not looking up to speed in the limited game time he gets in a league still alien to him is hardly a matter of surprise. As far as I am concerned he has it in him to come good if the manager shows faith in him and gives him adequate game time. Talking of rabbit in headlights, what about calamitous Mustafi continuing to be a regular fixture in our starting line up for one more season at least ?

  24. Unai

    TR7, your right, hes a raw kid who needs game time.

    A loan? cup games? Fine.

    30+ games in the prem would be pure negligence.

  25. Marko

    Irrespective of whether Bellerin and Holding are close to a return it shouldn’t be a reason to stop us from still addressing the defence. Only Arsenal fans get excited about two players who even prior to injury were still very up and down players and still were part of a defence that wasn’t good enough. And coupled with being out for 6/7 months and the seriousness of the injury it’s wishful thinking to expect them to come back in and be a solution. This is from a guy who actually thought holding was arguably our best CB prior to injury. Bellerin has been average for a couple years at least

  26. TR7

    No club in their right mind should pay £90M for a 31 year old one trick pony striker but United under Woodward have been horrendous in their managerial and player recruitment, so hoping again hope we get to do an Alexis on them yet again.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Would have to be big money for us to sell Aubameyang, not convinced by having Lacazette as the starting ST. He would have to step up massively or we’d need to get enough quality in the wide positions to compensate for his average returns.

  28. Pierre

    As for the being happy or whatever after being subbed, it’s intolerant you have to humour Emery by playing the smiling , clapping to the fans ,high five the manager game .

    If you come off looking seriously missed off as Ramsey and Ozil did before Christmas last season , you will marginalised from the team .

    Lacazette learnt pretty quickly as he looked unhappy the first time he was substituted and he was sub for a few games ….after that he played the game and came off smiling and clapping the fans ,hence he was back in the fold and escaped marginalization.

  29. Champagne charlie

    “I’d keep him unless a real big money bid came in, all we’d be doing is selling him for £13 million less than ManU paid for Lukaku.”

    Right but none of that is particularly relevant if the sale of Auba means we m are a net gain as a side.

    You can be fixated on “big money”,or this player vs that player (29 year old Auba vs 25 year old Lukaku us a weird comparison), but that is just fluffy fan angst getting in the way of realities.

    Selling Auba to make us better is a no brainer. The emotional response to keep him is only that, emotional.

  30. Valentin

    If ManUtd are really willing to offer £80 millions for Aubameyang, let’s sell him and reinvest properly in the team: A CB, a dominant CM.

    The problem is that nobody trust Raul to make the necessary correct purchase. Even if he were to make contact for the right player, he would be swindled of Arsenal cash. A la Howard Wilkinson who contacted ManUtd for a player ended up selling Leeds best player Eric Cantona for peanuts.

  31. TallestTiz

    Pedro, like any other Arsenal fan is confused. “Loan Eddie, sell Auba” for around £60 million in today’s inflatef market? Same people claim to dislike being a selling club.
    Pleee stop what ever you’re drinking.

    If only consider an £100+ million from a club abroad and £150+ million from a club in England

  32. Cesc Appeal

    This close to the end of the transfer window United would have to offer £90 Million to even make me think about it.

    Aubameyang is our most important offensive player.

  33. China1

    62m for Auba is not that much money in the grand scheme of things.

    If the offer came from outside England it might at least be worth listening to, but to man utd that’s complete suicide. Just because utd were irrelevant last season doesn’t mean they couldn’t have a lucky year or you know have a 30 goal a season Gabonese forward drag them to 4th at our expense…

    Look what happened with rvp – that’s literally madness Pedro. Also what gives you so much confidence that with the extra 62m we’d manage to sign two quality wingers like Zaha and Pepe?

    Let’s imagine this rumour is true, it would probably take a good week for us to negotiate and finalize the deal at least, eating into our summer. Meanwhile 62m doesn’t even meet the asking price for Zaha, even if they might be tempted. But let’s say we chip in the extra to get the guy. We won’t be spending that much again on Pepe. No chance in hell. As well, arsenal can’t even get the Tierney and Saliba deals over the line after several weeks of negotiation despite offering more than the market rate lol. I have absolutely zero confidence in Arsenal’s ability to successfully negotiate the outgoing of Auba and the incoming of two major signings in relatively quick succession.

  34. China1

    It’s not an emotional response to be against selling your best player to a direct competitor for a less than massive fee now is it

    That would be the most arsenal thing ever to go into the summer trying to sell ozil mikki xhaka mustafi and jenkinson and literally all of them are still here but we sell our most important player to a direct competitor for only 3/4 of the asking price of a less than world class crystal palace player

    Selling to improve is one thing, selling your best player for a less than massive sum to a direct rival is madness and just RVP over confidence mark ii

  35. Nelson

    I am disappointed with R. Nelson. Yesterday, he didn’t play like a winger. He didn’t run with the ball and didn’t take on any defender. I am afraid Martinelli will surpass him as our next winger.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    If we play hardball and demand £90 Million with the majority up front and that helps us land Zaha and a great CB that is something you can potentially understand.

  37. Graham62

    I forget who said it the other day, but someone on here compared Eddie Nketiah to Gerd Muller.

    I know!! GERD MULLER!!!!!!

    My take on Nketiah is such. He has talent, of that there is no doubt. He has speed and balance. He has good movement and positional sense. However, he lacks the outward hunger and desire to want to score………at all costs!!

    Gerd Muller was a legend and one of the greatest strikers of all time. He sniffed out goals and had the knack, as all great strikers do, of being in the right place at the right time. Eddie, at this stage, doesn’t have this.

    I sincerely hope that with game time, good coaching and the commitment to work on his finishing after all his colleagues have left the training ground, we will see a marked improvement.

    Do we have a gem in the making?

    Only time will tell.

  38. Dissenter

    In all fairness, Pedro was dealing with heat exhaustion when he stated that £62 is a big money offer for Aubameyang. He’s caught up in the 100-110 degrees heat wave on the east coast.
    Let them come back with £100 million then we start listening.

    Auba is 30 year old and has 2 years left in his deal.
    Sell Auba; get Everton Soares, Tierney and a central defender.

  39. China1

    close to 100m and arsenal can sign two serious players and potentially a bargain on top, so I’d take that.

  40. China1

    Dissenter we should already be able to afford Tierney and Everton without the Auba money. If we sell Auba for 100m and only sign those two and a CB I’m afraid it will be another example of cash hoarding arsenal again.

    We should be signing Tierney and Everton before the 100 even gets touched. Use that for a top quality CB and a quality DM/CM and we’re talking!

  41. Graham62

    Lacazette was pissed off when he was substituted because he knew he was giving his all and the fans love him for that.

    Ozil was pissed off because he genuinely thought he was playing well and felt he was being victimised.

    We all knew differently.

  42. Freddie Ljungberg

    “West Ham are in pursuit of Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny, according to Ahly News.

    The Egyptian news outlet, who have over 100,000 followers on Facebook, claims that the Gunners are ready to cash in on the 27-year-old enforcer this summer and West Ham have “opened their doors” to the Egypt international.

    It is understood that the Hammers are prepared to pay £9million for Elneny, but Arsenal want more than that so they can make as much money as possible to help fund their swoop for Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha.

    Ahly News adds that West Ham see Elneny as a replacement for Italy-bound Pedro Obiang.”

    Hardly the most reliable source but if true just take the 9m and run ffs.

    Sell Jenkinson for the reported 5m and we would have made 23m on Jenks, Ospina, Bennacer and Elneny. None of them will affect the on pitch performaces in any way, with only a handful of games between Jenks and Elneny last season.

    That would take our “45m budget” that I think is bullshit, up to 68m.

    Time to ship out some of the other wasters too, or get their replacements in so it finally dawns on them that they have no place in the team.

  43. Dissenter

    There’s tabloid talk that Juventus re trying to sign Danny Rose from Spuds
    You have to wonder why the player who’s always lamenting about racist abuse will consider moving to Serie A.

  44. Graham62

    It’s sad isn’t it that, because of Wenger’s and Gazidis’s gross mismanagement, we have to even consider selling one of our top players.

    No doubt they’re both sitting in the back gardens of their palatial mansions, sipping on their vintage Chateau Petrus, gloating in their own success and excellent work.

    God and to think some fans still adore them.

  45. Dissenter

    I want us to sell as many players as possible … but not to fund Wilfried Zaha.
    Best player player in a non top-6 club is not the same as world-class.

  46. Guns of Brixton

    Selling a confirmed 20 + goal per season striker to top 4 rivals would be disastrous.

    Auba has shown he can perform in this League whilst Pepe hasn’t, and Zahas stats are bang average to be blunt.

    Very very few strikers that can score 20 + goals a season exist right now and they re all very expensive.

    So selling on our best player / striker when we re broke as joke, and as it stands our attack being the only thing going for us is a disastrous move.

  47. Marc


    Danny Rose is several rungs of the ladder below complete moron. Once the fans realised he reacts badly he’d get it constantly.

  48. Champagne Charlie


    It is emotional, because you’re too busy worrying about a direct rival and not focused on whether a sale of Auba brings our side on any.

    You think Man United are going to struggle to improve? Their recruitment is irrelevant to us. Only questions we need to be concerned with is how we manage to make significant gains.

    If that means selling our best player to United then I’ll drive him myself, and give them Mkhi back so they can get the ‘Yo Pierre’ vid down.

    Arsenal need to improve. We don’t need to bleed from the fanny over 30 year old Auba.

    Whether we have the guys at the club capable of spinning Auba our for a net gain is another argument all together. But every fucker we have is a sacrificial lamb for the cause.

  49. Marko

    If that means selling our best player to United then I’ll drive him myself,

    Wouldn’t drive Lacazette though.

  50. Marc

    There are probably 5 or 6 20 plus PL goals a season strikers in the league. ManU don’t have one selling ours so we score less and they score more? Hmmm that sounds a great idea – why don’t we offer to help the Spud’s pay for their new stadium while we’re at it.

  51. Crimson

    Agreed Dave… There are lots of people on here that need to get a life.
    Probably including me. 😜
    But still I read… Hmm
    Most posts are negative and I understand the frustration from the bottom to the top of the club, things need and are changing. It’s a slow process…
    Be positive and don’t drag this site down. 💋

  52. Batistuta

    Why would anyone want to sell our best striker to a direct rival? Golden boot winner? Probably has 3 good seasons left in him at the top level if he looks after himself?

    Again, are people actually saying we again sell our best player to Man Utd especially knowing it’ll probably take Raul and co another 2 years to sign a worthy replacement at this stage

  53. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers, good post Pedro.

    With all due respect Pedro, Emery has come out and said Nketiah is going nowhere and staying with us.

    He also says that are waiting on 3 – 4 top quality very expensive players but are remaining patient as they don’t want to drop down to their 2nd tier list of players.

    This is music to my ears. Very promising stuff.


  54. Champagne Charlie


    Why not Lacazette? Every player is dispensable, that means every player funnily enough.

  55. Batistuta

    See Madrid taking a stand with Bale and then you’ve got us still starting Mustafi in games because ” he’s wages are too big ” .

    I mean even against a poor Florentina side,you can still see both him and Xhaka are absolutely going to cost us points if they’re still here so how on earth haven’t we taken a stand with these error prone players? I mean Xhaka one could understand as he always has the odd good game but seriously, what exactly is this club doing to free up wages asides letting players run their contracts down and leave on a free?

  56. Marc


    Sorry but you’re being positive now and that’s not allowed on here. I was being positive but I’ve been shown the error of my ways and repented. We’re fucked we might as well apply to play in League 2 although we’re so bad we’ll probably be embarrassed there on a regular basis.

    We should just donate our best players to other teams as punishment for sacking Wenger – oops wasn’t supposed to let that slip.

  57. Batistuta


    Lol I’m not mate, it’s just bonkers to even consider selling our best player to them AGAIN unless they’re paying stupid stupid money for him

  58. Marc


    That’s the thing £60 million is peanuts for a top striker in todays market. If we were to sell him we’d need Laca and the 2 new wingers to score 35 goals between them next season to stand still.

  59. Batistuta


    Completely agree there. West ham got Haller for a huge sum too so unless Utd want to pay upwards of 100 million then they can as well go fuck themselves really

  60. Uwot?

    Ye gods.will we never learn.selling aubangthemin to Manure will help them get top four at OUR expense.Madness.only the ditherer would sanction such a sale.Not even for £90 plus million.it would be like rvp all over again.enough is enough.

  61. Marko

    Charlie you have argued against selling Lacazette in the past. Something about being able to hold up play and being younger and such. It’s just ironic that you’re now saying that we shouldn’t let emotions get in the way of selling Auba is all. No big deal. Given last season I would be less inclined to sell Auba given he’s better but it would be hypothetical given our needs. Definitely wouldn’t sell to a direct rival though. We did that before and it was dickless then and it’s dickless now

  62. Champagne Charlie

    “That’s the thing £60 million is peanuts for a top striker in todays market. If we were to sell him we’d need Laca and the 2 new wingers to score 35 goals between them next season to stand still.“

    Yea like that time we sold Alexis and tore it up for them.

    That’s such ABC logic. Obviously nobody wants to sell to United or whoever the fuck else, but if they came knocking with good money we should be a smart enough club to turn that into a positive for us nvm them.

    You’re concerned with that because the folk we have at the helm have shown absolutely no ability, and there I don’t disagree.

  63. Pierre

    Personally, I would like to see someone like Thierry Henry or Ian Wright take Nketiah under their wing .

    Nketiah has bags of talent but he looks like he is trying too hard to impress and tends to rush things , especially in front of goal.

    Someone like Henry could teach him the importance of composure when he is attacking a defender going into the area and make him realise that he is the one in charge when he has the ball at his feet.

    At the moment Nketiah is in too much of a hurry to get a shot away , he needs to learn to slow down, learn deception or he will be too easy to read by defenders.

    I like his hunger and desire and he has a little bit of Ian Wright about him though nowhere near as clinical but that have come with the more chances he is given by the manager and the more goals he scores.

  64. China1

    Right so we’ve sold two top players to utd and one won them the league and the other flopped, ergo it’s not a bad idea? Nice logic

    You must be a quality gambler with such disregard of risk

  65. Marc


    That’s with out even getting close to the value we got from the Sanchez deal – could’ve had £60 million from City the summer before instead we got Miki.

  66. Dissenter

    Woodward is such a fool he would get United to cough up £90-100M for PEA if we lay out the bait.
    Arsenal will be bigger fools for declining the offer

  67. Batistuta

    If United offer 90 upwards then yea do the deal but anything less then they could go do one.

    Anyway it’s all moot, deal is never going to happen and he’s not exactly angling for a move so best to move on from that

  68. Chris

    Man Utd can have Aubameyang for £100 million and we get Sánchez back for nothing and they pay his wages. Deal Noel!

  69. Graham62


    I said the same thing on here several months back.

    Although he’s only 20, this will be a very important season for him to stake a claim in the First XI and, by that, I mean step up to the plate and push Auba and Lacazette for a place in the team.

    If he’s as good as some people think he is, nows the time to show it.

  70. Dissenter

    The Neymar transfer saga is another one to watch
    I’m not sure Barca will burst their guts to sign him. It’s entirely possible they will get their pound of flesh from PSG and the player by letting them hang, only to walk away.
    Problem is that Neymar is stuck on a little kayak in a shitty creek…and he’s burned the bridges at both places.

  71. Wasi

    There are so many people here saying sell auba for 100-120 mil. Guys he is an elite goal scorer yes but is on the wrong side of 30 and has 2 years on his contract. We were lucky to even have been offered Icardi swap(if that was even real bid). And that too was because inter want to get rid of him. And apparently the player rejected us. Ofc why would you come to arsenal when you can go PSG, Juve etc. Anyways my point being that auba is probably gonns be with us next season and if we do decide to sell him it’s not gonna be for more than 70mil at the very very best. I can only imagine an Ed Woodward panic buy or a mad chinese paying more than that amount.(highly unlikely).
    People talking about getting rid of Xhaka. I can only imagine the abuse he is gonna get this season as thr captain when we lose away to wolves. Honestly he is going nowhere, he is comfortable, earning a good amount and is going to be made the captain. Not to mention how much Emery likes him even though he prefers mobile high pressing players.Tbh he has been constantly upping his game since joining us. So maybe we can see an error-free Xhaka this season. And if he keeps making these silly mistakes we are gonna have matty g,cabellos and willock on his heels waiting to pounce at every opportunity.
    “We are finishing no higher than 5th”. As things stand we are the best placed club to finish 4th even though our transfers have been non-existent yet.
    Chelsea just appointed Lampard hoping to find the next Pep G abd gave him a squad consisting of bang average players and no Hazard to carry them. Honestly Pulisic,Kante,hudson odoi and maybe RLC are the only players chelsea fans can get excited about. ManU well they are in turmoil. Just spent 50 mil on a 21 yr old RB though that might look cheap if he does pan out well.Dont really have a striker that suits Ole’s style and no proper right winger. Also they keep playing The prodigal son Messe lingard. Ole has come out and stated that mason greenwood might start on the opening weekend. We all know he is a big fan of the Football manager game but this is real life Ole.
    One more thing of note. The club finishing 5th will also probably play in CL season after if Fifa decides to upheld City’s ban which they should given city have broken so many FFP’s over the years and now they tryna act sincere. Pep g coming out saying we cant afford this we cant afford that after literally spending 250 milon his defence alone. But i really like what city owners have done. They came in ,invested heavily with their oil money, built a global fanbase by continuous winning and expanding. Ofc they broke the FFP’s and might get 1 year out of UCL. but the reward is extremely large than the risk/backlash they took. Now City is on of the best clubs in the world,their fanbase is expanding continuously and their commercial revenues have also gone up up and up.

  72. Valentin

    I am not so sure that ManCity fan based is secured. Most of their new Far East and U.S based fans are glory hunters who would move in an heartbeat to another club if UEFA seriously curtails its cheating right to buy competition way.
    That may be strange for older fans, but there’s also the player’s fan phenomenon. People who support a player and not a club. When the supported player switches club those fans also switch allegiance to his new club.

    One of my colleague was a CR7 Uber fan. When he moved to Juventus she became a Juventus fan.

  73. Wasi

    Yeah you are right to some extent. Some glory hunter fans would switch allegiances pretty quickly if UEFA do decide to rreeaaally punish city the chances of which are none. But most of these fans after supporting one club through its glory years will develop a connection with the club and become loyal fans. Think about the new generation of young kids. The kids that are in the age grouo of 12-16. These kids are gonna grow as city,liverpool,juve,psg,barca

  74. Valentin

    One of last season Arsenal problem was their utter reliance on Lacazette and Aubameyang to score. The same way selling Van Nistelroy helped MqnUtd rebalance their squad, selling Aubameyang can help Arsenal rebalance the squad.

    We scored an inordinate amount of goals via set pieces and via individual brilliance goals rather than overall play.

    Also Aubameyang was really a flat track bully, hardly scored in game against the other big 6. Having two or three players who can his goal scoring load and still contribute to the overall play may be a step forward.

    Of course there is no guarantee that we will buy the right players nor that our coach will setup the correct tactics to produce the more balanced expected results.

  75. Wasi

    ,madrid fans. Unlike us because we grew uo watching arsenal and manu dominating the PL. Honestly i think the main reason that manu have such a big fanbase is because at the time the TELEVISION came out Manu were really dominating football. And everybody want to support a winning team. So people who got a new tv, followed football saw manu dominating, playing attacking football , signing big players and just became loyal to the club. That is why i think there is such a big following for Manu in Asia. The tineline matches perfectly. Although mani already had a big following in Europe prior to that.
    Where was i, yeah so the kids in that age grp will grow city fans and probably in a decade or two city will have more fans than an arsenal or chelsea and dare i say manu.Unless we act and do something now.

  76. Wasi

    And CR7 is different. City do not have someone on the level of CR7 to make people change the clubs they support. Only a CR7 and Messi have that capability.

  77. Marc


    I with you there 100% a big chunk of City’s new fan base have just followed the cash.

    If the cash went away so would the fans – they are not a big club by history anyway – they didn’t even sell out their first home CL match.

  78. Wasi

    Selling auba makes sense but only if he is sold to a foreign club for 70+ mil. What we need is a good LB, CB and bellerin to return. We have good youth options in attack + the old guard too. And hopefully one more winger by the end if the window.

  79. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie you have argued against selling Lacazette in the past. Something about being able to hold up play and being younger and such. It’s just ironic that you’re now saying that we shouldn’t let emotions get in the way of selling Auba is all”

    Not sure you get irony. I’ve sided with selling Auba over Laca, but I’ve said more than once that despite Laca being my current darling of the team I’d see the back of him to fund a proper go of it.

    “Right so we’ve sold two top players to utd and one won them the league and the other flopped, ergo it’s not a bad idea? Nice logic”

    That’s not my logic though, that’s you jumping in half-cocked at a retort to Marc’s post.

    My logic is dead simple: there’s nobody I’d be against selling, to whatever club, if it meant we’d be better placed to see a net gain in our own level. Argue against that, I’m all ears.


    “Good money” is a figure that lets us reinvest to a level above if we were not to sell. There’s no magic number in mind, as long as the figure lets us achieve that growth it can be 60, 70, 100 mil. I don’t care if he makes United better, they’re going to get better with or without us selling Auba – but if them buying him allows us to go up a gear I’d be all over it and not shed a tear.

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’ve aid before Eddie has style like Wrighty

    Lads a natural poacher …

    Good unselfishness by laca

    I think if united offer 80m he goes

  81. Wasi

    They followed the cash and they are enjoying their success.And even if the cash went away i dont think they’d lose even 15% of their followers. Only the very new ones.
    And i dont think ppl support a club for its history anymore only the old ones who have witnessed it.
    I started supporting Arsenal for its free flowing football and ozil’s silky play like 3 -4 years ago and im not even like a ozil uber fan who would change clubs with ozil. if u ask me real or barca its barca everyday .
    Did the arsenal fans stop supporting arsenal when our best days went away ? no, r8. Because we’ve developed a connection and that would be the same with city fans
    and they might not hv a gr8 history but they are breaking a ton if records and making it.

  82. Marc


    Your going up a gear requires the wingers brought in to score a combined 35 goals with Laca who got 13 last season.

    I’d prefer to add the winger we’ve been linked with to add to the 35 goals Laca and Auba got last season.

    Ultimately I think we’re talking hypotheticals because I don’t think it’s going to happen – if it does I’ll be sure to remind you when the damage to Arsenal becomes clear.

  83. Wasi

    How would i know?
    Im guessing its a good amount cuz there are a good amount of arsenal fans where im from.

  84. Marc

    Most of the money from overseas is indirect. TV money, sponsors who want to be associated with a popular club, shirt sales money goes mainly to Adidas although they will factor in the popularity of the club in to the main deal.

    Overseas fans will contribute very little directly.

  85. Champagne charlie


    Of course we’re talking hypotheticals, and I’m well aware of Auba’s contribution. I’m just not ignoring the current situation we’re in with regards to getting guys in.

    The big words here are the IF’s, it’s so hypothetical but it doesn’t make it incorrect.

    Atletico sell their stars to their rivals, and savvy their way to better. Dortmund sell their stars to rivals, and go cocoon to butterfly real quick. The premise that we should be desperately clinging onto a 30 year old striker for fear we can’t cope without him is….and I don’t mean this lightly…..embarrassing.

    There’s two scenarios that I totally accept are idealistic/aspirational by nature:

    1. We keep Auba and raid the sofa hard to get Tierney and Everton over the line.
    2. We sell Auba (insert anyone of genuine transfer value) and and it unlocks Zaha, Tierney, Meunier, Zagadou

    Option 2 is much more progressive in my book everyday of the week. Auba has 2 prime years in the tank, all those names have 4/5/6 easy.

  86. Valentin


    I think that you overestimate the appeal of the club.
    A player does not have to be a super star, he just need to have a connection with some fans.
    Remember when Inamoto join and there was a list of Japanese fans following his every move.
    I remember a game at Fulham where there was rows and rows of Japanese fans coming with Harrods bag cheering him when he started to warm up.
    When he left, they left with him.

    Rio Miyaichi’s Roy of rover story captured the imagination of a lot of Far East fans not just Japanese. When he left same thing happened again, they left with him.

  87. Marc


    Do you remember the Japanese journalists who were turning up to matches in the hope that he got a run out?

    Fucking hysterical.

  88. Gommit

    I would think that Holding and Papa would be our main CB’s this season. Mustafi is on the transferlist.. I don’t think we have to complain more than is needed.. Yes it makes little sense to us the fans to see Mustafi play in the preseason games but it is positive to see some of the young players wanting to get their chance and sensing the possibility of a breakthrough season.

    My main concern is that Iwobi and Mhiki will/might be our first choice for the wings…

  89. Dissenter

    I think the Arsenal global supporters aren’t going anywhere. Our support is fully baked. It may not be growing to draw in casual glory hunters but it’s solid.

    Some clubs have mysticism and a sense of class, Arsenal is one.
    I’m not sure that it can withstand one more decade of Kroenke malaise though.

  90. Dissenter

    ‘I remember a game at Fulham where there was rows and rows of Japanese fans coming with Harrods bag cheering him when he started to warm up.’

    That was really funny. They came directly from shopping at a high brow store to cheering a nonentity.
    Maybe they were his extended family.

  91. Valentin


    I do remember them. Some were as excited as kids.
    One of the first time he went on the pitch, one member of the Japanese press screamed, shrieked and cried like a baby. My wife and I initially thought that he was some family member who has made the trip. But later we noticed that he had a press badge.
    That was absolutely bonkers!

  92. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    With a c

    Damn you..

    Ain’t that bad…

    Granted ain’t strong on paper ….but we don’t play on paper …

    You can see why I finish
    Last in fantasy league team….

  93. Words on a Blog


    If you’re still wondering why no one bar Martinelli has joined Arsenal yet, it’s all about Arsenal struggling to show sellers the money.

    In technical terms, it’s cos our deals are “highly structured”.

    Sadly, “We’ll give you £5m now and another £20m if we get top 4” doesn’t quite cut it.

    Come on Celtic, have some faith in Arsenal!

  94. Marc


    I’ll be relieved when that one goes through. Stupid to be excited about a player we won’t see for a season but it’s a sign of the club looking to the future and of course we’ll get excellent updates on his progress from our French Le Grover’s.

  95. Words on a Blog

    St Etienne have been quite canny in their dealings with Arsenal.

    The line they (quite reasonably) have taken is: if you guys insist on deferring and backending payments for Saliba, you can bloody well wait for a year before he joins you.”

  96. Words on a Blog

    All this struggle to get deals over the line comes back to the Kroenkes and their miserliness.

  97. Words on a Blog

    Still at least Arsenal will have a cash pile that is the envy of all the other Premier League teams….

  98. Marc


    City spend big all the time but pulled out of the Sanchez deal when it got crazy and it appears have just done the same with Maguire.

    Being shrewd isn’t the same as miserliness.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I will be too.

    Looks good, now watch him do an ACL in May 2020.


    I think that was part of selling him from the off, unless someone offered truly crazy money. The player wanted another season as well.

    I do agree though, Kroenke is literally expecting miracles if he thinks the issues in this team can be addressed with £45 Million.

    I want to say their smart enough not to think this, but maybe American sport has addled their brain in terms of how recruitment works?