The youth makes a statement

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I watched Arsenal play on the plane yesterday as we beat the mighty Bayern Munich. I know it’s tough to read into these sorts of games, but a win is a win however you chop it up.

The players looked fit, the haircuts looked fresh and that away kit looks stunning.

I don’t want to pontificate on the details, but here are a few things I enjoyed.

Ozil looked like he wanted to play. No point in having a haircut that pretty if you’re stuck on the bench. He moved around the pitch really well and caused a nuisance.

Auba looks very fit and ready to go, I thought he had an interesting game drifting in and out of wide positions.

Joe Willock could be a surprise package this season. He’s an actual athlete and he looks like he has something about his game. He’s very composed and focused, hopefully something happens for him this year.

I was also very happy to see Eddie score. That kid is a poacher and I’d love him to land a little more game time this year.

I also really like the look of John-Jules. He’s compact, fast and making a difference when he shows up. He has teams like Juve and PSG chasing him, he either plays or we lose him. We are long overdue a Jack Wilshere like kid on the scene.

Also… how about Emery and those pearly whites?

Things look like they’re moving in the transfer market. Zaha has said he wants out at Palace, Tierney is moving forward, the club are nearly done on Saliba and Ceballos looks like he could be reality with Spurs dropping out. Throw in a ‘now’ centre back and we’re rolling.

I know the French papers are reporting a bid for Pepe, but be real, we don’t have £80m to spend, so any money flashing from our wallet is monopoly paper or it’s a ‘we tried’ bid.

Right, Fiorentina up on Saturday. I’ll be back with a more imposing blog tomorrow! In the meantime, know that The Arsenal Opinion is back on the regular starting soon… in the meantime, I did a little something with the team over at Mundial. It’s about the Arsenal vs United rivalry. You should put it on your playlist RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Un na naai


    I know. However the same applies to shitty London parents and I drew a parallel. Don’t think I haven’t funk it

  2. Marko

    PSG a good fit for Everton as well. They’ll have a lighter wage bill with Neymar going to Barça. Less pressure on him there. Also, Milan were the first Euro club linked to him

    PSG aren’t going to be interested in him they’re likely to get a player from Barcelona if the Neymar deal even goes through. Milan were linked to him when they weren’t in trouble with FIFA over FFP and when Leonardo was there but now they can’t afford a pot to piss in. There might be a couple English teams in for him and it’ll be a travesty if he ends up wasting away at Everton or Newcastle and we didn’t even try for him.

  3. Marc


    If he’s the player being talked about on here and he goes to Everton or Newcastle he’ll be gone in 18 months or so.

  4. Marko

    Everton Soares has been offered to Arsenal, with Gremio in need of money & Edu close to the player & his representatives, although sources at Arsenal are distancing themselves from a deal, but there is a chance the club could pursue a move before deadline day. [@charles_watts]

    This was literally two days ago from the same person saying that there’s no interest in him. Between “distancing themselves” and “there is a chance the club could” you get the idea that said individual is covering every single base/angle known to man so as to appear knowledgeable.

  5. Marc


    I’d also guess that his income is linked to “hits”. He doubles up by contradicting himself and then triples if we do go for him.