Dear Josh,

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I was going to write this blog like a letter, but I felt like an idiot, so instead, let’s just talk about issues like we normally do.

That letter…


Josh wrote back in double-quick time and he also did an interview on the website.

However you cut it up, he was affected by the critique, he penned a thoughtful response and he said some things that should please. He also spoke with passion, which makes English people happy.

He correctly called out that Arsenal has been making a lot of changes. I can go along with that. We’ve also made a lot of mistakes, which is why things are so bad at the minute.

He basically said what we all knew… Arsenal is a Champions League spender on wages with a Europa League budget. So forget about financial favors some of you thought Raul was going to snag in his sit down with the KSE crew this month.

He also empathised with the fans. He really tried to double down on the fact that he went to Baku and saw the tears in the players eyes. I understand that he wants to be seen as a fan, but flying out privately to watch your team in the final is par the course. Regardless, he wants you to know he gives a fuck.

He really drilled home the importance of Edu, calling him the final piece.

He said the club and his family is in it to win it. That was great to hear.

Overall, it was a good response and timely.


I don’t want to write like the leftwing media here, ‘we got what we wanted, but it’s still not enough’, but I do think there are a few things about the response that need addressing.

Firstly, if you want to win and that’s what the focus is, what happens if, like the last 10 years of KSE bland-on-toast, it fails?

Will they sell up and move on in shame? Is there any consequence for not winning? If you can’t make a club work in over a decade, why not sell up if you fail again?

Seems a ridiculous thing to ask, but ultimately, if winning at all costs fails, why keep it going? Pass it onto someone else and make $2.5b in the process.

Secondly, I find it staggering that someone overseeing the wreckage of this summer can confidently say that Edu is the final piece of the puzzle.

Are. You. Kidding.

We have a bang average manager, there’s no chief scout, our head of performance was booted back to Australia, we are a total mess.

Edu is the FIRST piece of the puzzle.

Another point, that hasn’t been addressed by anyone at Arsenal.

What is the timeline?

You can’t keep talking about winning if you don’t state what you want to win and by when.

Is the whole exec leadership team going to be held to account here?

I read that Josh is a very likeable guy behind the scenes. He looks like a fun guy, he has a yacht, is a total playboy, and probably has Thierry Henry in a WhatsApp group.

My question is… do they fear him? Is Raul’s neck on the line if we are not in the Champions League in 3 years. What is Vinnai being held accountable for? Who is demanding absolute fucking excellence at the club moving forward?

Where are we going to be in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years… and what is the crowning glory of this group of men?

Saying you want to win means nothing without a timeline and brutal consequences for failure.

If we want to be seen as an elite team, there has to be a standard we’re held to… because the sharp reality of business is this: If you don’t hold people to account, they generally don’t hold themselves to one. This is exactly what happened with Ivan Gazidis. His main goal was self-preservation and all of his decision making was geared around prolonging the gravy train.

He bottled firing Wenger when Klopp was available. He bottled paying a little extra for BIG names. He allowed Wenger to sit on cash and treat it like his own, when the real value was in rapidly appreciating players. He bottled the manager decision. He bottled creating a structure with hierarchy. He bottled seeing his vision through. Why? Because Josh and Stan didn’t hold him to sporting standards. His standard was to never rock the boat, which meant low-risk decisions, always.

Raul has the job of his life, he has fallen up the ladder and now has incredible wealth and power. He will hold onto that job in the same way as Ivan did if Josh isn’t careful. Winning SHOULD be part of his remit. Not a nice to have.

I would love to hear Josh come out and tell us the standards he expects. I would love to hear in the press that losing at Arsenal comes at a cost. I don’t want to hear our manager say that he likes Arsenal because the pressure is different. I don’t want a coddled environment. I don’t want to hear the players let whingeing get in the way of prep . I don’t want the bus driver running team motivation speeches. I don’t want to see average players prancing around at the club because they love their contracts. I don’t want to see our head of psychology on the club website 5 years straight if he’s not improving the mental state of our players.

I want us to be the best.

Ok, I’m sounding like a brat now, but simply put, I appreciate Josh speaking to the fans… but we have been fed inspirational words for too long. Time for action, great results and dire consequences if things don’t move forward.

In other news:

The Saliba deal is nearly done. That’s great fucking business.
Arsenal are still chasing down Tierney
Ceballos on loan is something we’re pursuing
Malcolm could also be on the cards
The talk is hot for Everton
Emery is expecting FOUR players this week

Get a centre back in the mix and the summer won’t have been a total disaster. The season will be, but that’s another story.

See you in the comments. xx

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  1. Marko

    You sound embarrassed

    How so? Club with no European football who can’t rub two pennies together are signing up Upamecano? I don’t see it. A loan move for that Turk Juve just bought is more likely.

  2. Gentlebris

    Too much yammering here, one can’t even find a common theme anywhere. And some fella begging for some ‘A’ listers to come ‘rescue’ the blog, what blatant tosh!

    Anyway, Willock is here to fulfill Jack’s potentials. A combination of silk and steel, something our midfield cries for.
    If Ceballos was that good, Madrid would tell people to go fuck themselves. They too are rebuilding and they need all kind of concepts to get their level back. So don’t go on overdrive just because some kid had a good outing in an age grade competition.


    MR ZAHA is coming!

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘Wilfried Zaha has told Crystal Palace he wants to leave after returning from the African Cup of Nations, Sky Sports News understands.’

    By the time we go over there for another talk, Palace will be serving us tea to sweeten our mood.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Rumours are Spurs are going to spend £70 Million on Lo Celso, potentially a great signing, but does seem they are stacking talent in one area.

    That would be £130 Million on central midfield players.

    If they’re losing Eriksen to Madrid I’m not sure those players will replace his creativity and they’ve also got a RB and LB problem. Unless they are selling someone else or they are going on a massive net spend seems an odd one.

  5. Marc


    They’ve listed a dozen or so players they want to sell. Some of which are down to a year on their contracts so they can’t afford not to.

  6. Graham62

    What the fudge is Charlie Nicholas talking about.

    He says it would be a good idea to bring Wenger back to the club to help in our player recruitment drive.

    Is this a joke or what?

  7. Gentlebris

    ‘No he’s not.Not unless his old man’s going to become club gardener at least.’


    No banter bro, I keep having the feelings that this guy will come here and piss on Hazard’s record.

  8. HighburyLegend

    But seriously, he was probably drunk…
    Anyway, the return of the specialist in failure would be the cherry on the cake!! lol

  9. Victorious

    Zaha submitting a transfer request will certainly spice up things

    Interesting to see how long Palace hold their nerves.

    Reckon deal might be done for 55M +add ons

    No way should they force him to stay

    No wonder Emery has been yapping about expensive signings and what not.. Might be that all eggs gave been chunk into the Zaha basket

  10. Victorious


    Everton Soares is been used as a smokescreen to force Palace hands..

    They play same position and we’re never signing them both

    Looks like Emery wants Zaha and Edu has come in and say look this might be a better alternative but Emery wants to linger on a bit and see if Zaha will happen first

    Risky but worth it

  11. GS88

    Respect for some of your responses to my earlier post.

    In my opinion the A listers of Le Grove are:

    Romford Pele
    Cesc Appeal
    Emirates Stroller
    Wenger Eagle
    Tits MaGee
    Midwest Gunner
    Leeds Gunner
    Ishola 70
    Louis Almeida
    Alex James
    Freddie Ljungberg
    London Gunner
    Pat The Gooner
    And there’s a few more that escapes the memory at this time, but only about 9 or 10 more.

    The ones that have stopped posting are totally missed. We need you all back posting again.

  12. Gentlebris

    ‘I agree.Zaha still a possibility.’


    I would even say a reality. Unai has put Palace in their place by subtly declaring we would pursue a second option if they don’t sell.

    I’m sure they want to sell.

    They have been hoping for a bidding war but nobody is even remotely interested but us, not even Spuds who seem to be licking our footprints around this summer.

    People are not particularly interested not because Zaha is not excellent but because there are too many hot wingers in the market this summer, and people would avoid buying from a prem team if they could.

    We need a prem established guy who could push us across the fourth line, if not we would be doing our shopping elsewhere ourselves and avoid the greed in the prem. Plus Mr ZAHA wants us.

    Good enough for us, Chelsea are in jail, United are wary of bringing another one back after Pogba, Spuds have Son, City have too many qualities already and the top clubs in Europe who might need Zaha don’t have to tick prem established box…..good wingers everywhere too.

    So Palace is over a barrel imo.

  13. Victorious

    I believe it normally starts from there RH, Guy is probably avoiding creating a messy situation and hoping Palace see reasons with him

    Wouldn’t be shock horror to see a transfer request quickly drafted if Palace remain adamant

  14. Gentlebris


    How dare you hurt the prince of Le Groove by leaving him out of your ‘A’ listers.

    Trust him to sob in bed tonight.

  15. Bob N16


    I think you make some good points around Zaha. It seems to me that Emerson, a recent success for Brazil, would be half the transfer fee of Zaha – 5 years younger with a much higher ceiling.

    Sure Zaha is use to the premiership but our vision of attracting top quality younger players is much more Emerson than Zaha. We have PEA and Lacazette already established as quality attackers, so having say Emerson or Malcolm as newbies with fantastic potential, is the way to go. Apart from the obvious fact that we have a limited budget. If we can get Zaha for say £50m maybe it’s worth it but I’d still be thinking Brazilian.

    I appreciate not much has been signed, sealed and delivered but I’m beginning to feel optimistic. Tierney, Ceballos, Emerson + a CB with several promising youngsters including Martinelli, Willock, Nelson. Our squad would look so much better….particularly if we can see the back of Mustafi!

  16. Samesong

    Joke Friday

    What is the difference between a Arsenal fan and a baby?

    The baby will stop whining after awhile.