Ultimate endgame: Stan sells. But how?

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Great to see Arsenal fans responding so well the letter yesterday.

Could lead to nothing, or it could be the first step on the path to real fan action. You know, like sending a severed horse head to Josh wrapped in an LA Rams shirt.

Too far?

Sad reality for us is that the exec leadership team only answer to one man, and if that man doesn’t want to make greatness happen, we’re fucked.

The only true way of making things hard for Stan K and his trustafarian man baby is to make a statement in the stadium.

Literally, don’t show up.

I think the empty stands worried the club and those sun-bleached red seats on TV never look good. The only way to make things really unappealing for Stan is to starve the club of fans in the ground. You have to hurt a money many where it actually stings… the wallet.

The way to real change is to convince Stan that selling the club is more financially viable than pumping a few million quid in here and there.

Ultimately, I don’t really understand the point of having a foreign club in the portfolio if you’re actively tanking it into the ground. We’re must be annoying, the cost of bringing us back to the top is getting higher and higher as each season passes, and to truly make it happen, there needs to be a concentrated effort.

I’m not sure Stan has the stomach for that.

Even if we move back to the top, does it really impact their LA life? Doubtful. Not sure people in their circles give a rats backside about how his English club is doing.

We know that £2b wasn’t enough for Stan. He’s already rejected a mega bid. But everyone has a price. There’s a threshold for every owner. A cost vs aggravation equation. One that looks to be getting the better of Roman Abramovich of late. The Russian has no love from the people, no love from the government, and things are so crazy, even he’s starting to look like a pauper.

… however, slate Roman all you like, he loved the football. Joy factored in his passion.

It doesn’t factor into Stan’s. Most billionaires would stop doing something when it became arduous or unsatisfying… or, you know, a bit embarrassing. The sticking point is that Arsenal was never a plaything for him, it was just an asset that made good returns (in a property sense). The only difference now is that the top four supremacy we once boasted has disappeared. How much more valuable can the club get without success?

I read an interesting quote about someone in politics.

‘If you have no values, how can you be judged?’

It’s similar in sport.

‘If you don’t care about winning, how can you ever feel the burn of failure?’

Back to the takeover… where does the money come from?

We’re a real jewel, a very attractive sleeping giant, instant credibility if we were purchased. But are the Arab countries getting a bit bored of throwing so much money at a problem that even PSG levels of investment can’t crack the big trophies?

Or does the fame, credibility and power our postcode offers investors still make us a prize worth chasing?

You still have to give reason for someone to sell.

Arsenal fans are a comfortable bunch. We’re mostly well off, we mostly don’t like conflict, and the idea of spending your Sunday protesting something that is ‘supposed’ to give you joy seems a little offensive to most.

You also don’t want to be told what to do by some loudmouth behind a keyboard or camera. You don’t want your fandom to be judged by whether you go or not. I’m not a season ticket holder at the minute, but when I was, I detested armchair folk telling me how to support.

‘Go fuck yourself’ I thought. I put my money down. I stand in the cold watching Theo Walcott fall on his arse all day. I’ll support how I want. It’s very, very hard to take a rationale view to football, especially if you’ve spent money on it.

… but perversely, if you see your season ticket as a long term investment, the way to get the most value from it is to miss 5 games in unison with 30,000 other fans when things inevitably go sour this season.

The property equivalent is a little bit like owning an old property in London they won’t let you build on because it’s listed. Do you sit on it, because there’s sentimentality and rules in place, or do you burn it down totally by accident?

There aren’t many that take the latter option, but those that take the former are richer than you.

Do you want to be football rich? Well, you know the answer (don’t go. Please don’t try and start a fire)

My campaign would be:


Needs some work for sure.

Let me know what YOU think in the comments.

P.S. I was flying through the preseason game, but excellent to see Martinelli and Saka score! Well played to Olayinka as well. WINNING START. x


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  1. CG

    Well said Pierre

    The fundamental problem with the Clown is

    He believes in Systems and not in Players.

    Hence why that clipboard is super glued to his hand. Always devising a system is our Unai,

    The players ability is actually secondary.

    When he goes
    We will look back- shake our head.

    And think ‘ how the hell did this man ever manage Arsenal ‘…..

  2. TheLegendaryDB10


    Any comments about the petition and Kroenkes Jr reply??

    Or do you want to keep on rabbitting on and on about what we already know: that we are defensively very weak?

  3. Pierre

    “Or do you want to keep on rabbitting on and on about what we already know: that we are defensively very weak?”

    Actually my point was more to do with the misuse of our offensive players and the lack of cohesion in our attacking play .

    Ceballos will be arriving shortly on loan from Real Madrid…I like his style of play, tidy player who keeps it simple , is he what we need at this present time, probably not but let’s hope he is a success.

  4. Guns of SF

    ” It’s no secret that we have a Champions League wage bill on a Europa League budget right now. That’s a fact. And one that we’re figuring out how to face internally at the moment.”

    Ozil this is talking about you pal…. the noose around our collective ankles.
    Dont blame you for taking the deal but you are not good enough, nor wanted anymore…. wake up and leave!

  5. Dark Hei


    Absolutely with you.

    It is just sad that the boss blames his employees for their shoddy work when he checks into the office at 10am and leave work after lunch.

  6. Dark Hei

    Guns of SF

    That wage bill thing is just BS.

    Under Wenger, all players had a built in mechanic in their contracts with a CL component.

    They only get their full salary if they are in the CL. Which was why 4th place is a trophy.

  7. Tony

    JK’s full response:

    Dear Arsenal Supporters, Fans, and Gooners worldwide, I’d like to start by clarifying that my family owns Arsenal together, and when it comes to the Club, my father and I are in constant dialogue. So when you hear from him you are hearing from me, and the other way round. So I pen this on behalf of myself, my father, my family and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

    We know we have some of the most passionate fans in any sport, anywhere in the world. It’s part of what makes us such a special and unique Club. And while we understand, appreciate, and agree with concerns about our Club failing to achieve our goal of qualifying for the 2019-20 Champions League, we respectfully disagree about our Club being at a crossroads and that things need to change because so much change has recently occurred.

    Over the past year we have turned the page from our traditional model of football operations that included a Manager and CEO, to a new chapter of Arsenal Football Club that is led by a Head of Football and Managing Director. Since their appointments and that of Unai Emery as our Head Coach we have continued working to develop a modern infrastructure, designed to move us forward. This will take time to play out, but this was always going to be the case after such a long period of time operating under a different model. For us, the most important thing to achieve was not simply change for the sake of change, but to ensure we put the right people in the right roles to work together in a positive environment to achieve our stated goal of winning silverware both domestically and in Europe.

    We know this can bring uncertainty, and perhaps everything we’ve done in the past 12-14 months have brought about additional uncertainty during a period of unease when supporters, coaches, players, and management are rightfully frustrated by lack of success on the pitch. With all the work we’ve done on the structure of football, commercial and operational departments, we would say that the Club now needs a period of stability rather than additional change.

    We want to be clear we are in sports for one reason and one reason only…to win. There is simply no better feeling in sport than winning at the highest level. We know there is a lot of hard work ahead and understand that supporters want success now. We will continue to push forward trying to balance the short and long term vision without abandoning the core principles of the Club that have sustained us for the past 133 years.

    We believe that in professional sport you are as only as good as your last match, and unfortunately the last 45 minutes of our season were not our best. On behalf of my family and KSE, I was in Baku for the Europa League final, and was on the pitch after the match representing our Club as the second place medals were passed out to our players and staff. I saw and felt the same frustration that was visible on the face of every Arsenal fan, player and staff member, and the most important thing that I saw in that moment was how much people care and a resolve to face the failure and work even harder.

    As Raúl said in our recent announcement regarding the appointment of Edu Gaspar as the first technical director in Arsenal history, Edu represents the final piece of a very important jigsaw puzzle that is our new football operational structure. He is first and foremost an Arsenal man who understands the ethos of our Club and, as an Invincible, he understands the mentality required from top to bottom across the entire Club for us to return to the level at which we all expect to be competing. He joins Freddie, Per and Steve Bould, all winners with Arsenal DNA, who love our Club.

    We are not naive in our thinking that our ambitions can be achieved overnight, and are putting processes in place to ensure we are stacked not only with talent, but talent with the proper mentality to help us achieve our highest goals in the future.

    We know we have a job to do and we will attack it daily. Our Club has a beautiful history full of honor, class, trophies, commitment to the community and player development in which we all take immense pride and will no doubt continue to honor. We also must be aggressive and creative in the modern day transfer market to push whatʼs possible both on the pitch and how itʼs evaluated in pursuit of the biggest trophies in English and European Football.

    As for our supporters, we say thank you. Thank you for your passion, thank you for your commitment, and thank you for being the lifeblood of our great Club. There will be both victories and defeats in our future together and we thank you for your continued support through both competitive experiences as we push forward to create a new, proud, history of Arsenal Football Club. “Victoria Concordia Crescit” is our Club’s famous motto, and one that we all hold dear to our hearts.

    May North London forever be Red…

    Josh Kroenke

    Looks like he has mastered the art of ‘Lip Service’ from AW & IG

    Now we have to wait and see if the Kroenkes’ definition of “Be excited” is the same as us supporters or matches our reasonable expectations for the next season.

    We’ll know in 3 weeks…………….

    As for Alves I’d take him because of our TW budget but not on £200k a week.

    At least Alves can bring leadership qualities, passion and probably be able to motivate what’s left of Ozil’s lost talent and negative mindset.

    Problem is what has Ozil got left in his skill set pool – probably very little if the last few seasons are anything to go by.

  8. Dissenter

    There’s nothing that Josh can say that will satisfy people.
    Action, as they say speaks louder than words. We want action.

    I appreciate his candor about the possibility of trophies.. His family fu*ked up by leaving Wenger in charge for 8 years more than necessary. They deserve all the scorn thats coming their way.

  9. China1

    Josh talks a very good game but let’s see him put his money where his mouth is, metaphorically if not literally

    That’s a lot of big talk for a club who have basically only managed to sign a technical director so far this summer

    Time for progress josh. Get a move on while you’re at it

  10. Mysticleaves

    “I appreciate his candor about the possibility of trophies.. His family fu*ked up by leaving Wenger in charge for 8 years more than necessary. They deserve all the scorn thats coming their way.”

    You want to give the new team a chance or you prefer living in the past?

    I think the campaign got a reaction from the Kroenkes. It’s a small win. But, really, what can this new set-up, considering where we are coming from, be doing that they aren’t doing? Let’s give the new people a chance, this is reset level.

  11. Moray

    Spot on, Dissenter. It was under the the Kroenke’s “custodianship” that we went from being a Champions League team to a Europa Cup team. It was under their ownership that we saddled ourselves with these terrible contracts that now hang over us like the sword of Damocles.

    Josh is unfortunate in that he is dealing with fans who are eyes wide open, having been fed snake oil for years by Gazidis and promised year after year by Wenger that things would get better. We were also fed the “transfer buzz” pill through carefully placed PR in order to fill the season ticket allocations.

    Josh also talks about keeping in line with Arsenal traditions but I don’t believe he really knows what these are: Having no Kroenke in attendance at the vast majority of our games as well as a Board of clueless and out of touch octogenarians and an unaccountable management – that is the Arsenal tradition, but unfortunately the world and the game has changed and we expect more.

    Anyway, proof is in the pudding. But Josh doesn’t have much cooking time to play with as the fans are mightily pissed.

  12. Moray

    Mystic your point about giving them a chance is valid. The problem is that this isn’t year one under the Kroenkes. They have effectively been in charge for years now and their indulgence of an obviously failing Wenger and Gazidis has brought us to the depressing state we now find ourselves in. For Josh to make out like he’s just taken up the reigns is pretty bold. It would have been nice for him to make some acknowledgement of that but I expect humility is not a quality you learn if you are a billionaire’s Son.

  13. Mysticleaves

    What was missing from that piece was accountability from the kroenkes. He clearly stated that Vinai and Raul are in charge. The bigger question is will they be held accountable? Experience from the last 10 years says no. Infact the only bit of accountability was had when Josh came into the picture 1 year ago and changes galore have happened.

    Going further he’s the one in charge of Arsenal FC, cos he’s been the one seen often times, so he really has to hold those guys accountable. that’s how progress is made.

    As for Ceballos, do I need to start dreaming about him or what? So many rumors about him in the last 24hrs and he makes perfect sense for us. Loan with obligation to buy is perfect for me. The kind of C(A)M we need honestly.

  14. Mysticleaves

    Lol Moray I guess I addressed yuur post without even seeing it. Cheers man. This is the JK show now. Let’s see how he does moving forward

  15. Mysticleaves

    Also, how did D£ Light end up with Juventus? The least interesting and most boring project of all

  16. China1

    Josh says we will need some creative solutions in the transfer market. Would love to see any solutions frankly because unless creative solutions means martinelli to bang in 20 goals from out wide and who knows what the Tierney outcome will be, I haven’t seen any solutions

  17. China1

    Cabellos looks insane in his YouTube reels

    Everyone and their uncle looks good on YouTube but he looks quite special

    His ability to accelerate to top speed instantaneously, stop dead, turn and accelerate instantly to top speed in the reverse direction is something I’ve literally never seen before

    He appears to take loads of tiny steps but somehow is still insanely quick and efficient with them. It also looks like he’s pretty aggressive and a hard worker

    Him at AM would dramatically improve our setup if his videos are reasonably reflective of his levels. He looks like the kinda player City would be in for. I would be willing to go for loan with obligation to buy for 50m next summer. Maybe even a couple of appearance related add ons.

    Throw in mustafi and ozil for shits n giggles

  18. China1

    The same reason anyone joins juve, psg or Bayern, for an easy life with guaranteed titles every single season where you only have to truly exert yourself in the knock out rounds of the CL. Plus it’s decent there these days too

    By the time De Ligt gets bored and moves on in a few years he will be a young man with several trophies already to his name and probably appearances in CL semis or better

  19. Unai

    Hard to blame Josh and Stan for all of Wenger and Ivan’s errors, much of the fanbase insisted it was this way until the bitter end, if anything they are as accountable.

    I have very little sympathy for those that stuck by Wenger in the last 4-5 years, you were warned about this.

  20. Moray

    “His ability to accelerate to top speed instantaneously, stop dead, turn and accelerate instantly to top speed in the reverse direction is something I’ve literally never seen before”

    You’ve never met my kids then…I just wish they could do it with a ball.

    Apparently there is no obligation to buy clause, which doesn’t surprise me – we are not in the driving seat for this transfer. Even so it would be a good bit of business considering the deficiencies in our squad. And good for the lad too as he is guaranteed game time.

  21. Tony

    meanwhile Unai offers a different thinking to Kroenke junior:

    “Unai Emery has urged Arsenal to make “big, expensive” signings and wants to bring in four new faces this summer.”

    Gunners boss Emery is making big demands as he looks to shake up his squad despite Arsenal director Josh Kroenke warning the club will struggle to bring in top signings.

    Emery said: “I can say to our supporters we are going to make a very good team with the players there now and three or four players who can help us in a few days.

    “Our target is to get three or four players who can really improve our squad now. We are being very, very demanding and first speaking about the possibility to sign very expensive players.”

    “The first player in our list is our first target, if we cannot achieve that the second. We are thinking every time they’re going to improve our squad.”


    Well Emery has got a brutal entry into the fist 10 games of the season, Emery has got to be feeling the pressure with the TW history thus far.

    Will Josh have Emery’s back if we don’t get the needed players and the results go badly?

    Emery is punching above his weight at The Arsenal as the end of last season showed Emery’s short comings and ability to learn from mistakes.

    He could surprise us this season but I use the word ‘could’ very sparingly.

    Things could get very toxic for the Kroenkes, Raul, Vinai and poor Edu next season as the fans seem to be uniting slowing against the owners.

    I’ve even wondered if Raul is that canny that he’s orchestrating fans’ emotions in a way that suits His agenda to push the Kroenkes into action.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    The right way

    Just four stupid things that should tell you why AFC is gone and never coming back.

    Move along. Kroenke and his son have this club forever.

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Your heartstrings are being pulled by the owners.

    “We are owners, we’re custodians”. No.

    Arsenal isn’t an artwork being passed through the generations, we exist here and now and our primary goal is to win. Period.

    Arsene used the same trick. He made you think that he loved the club and was acting in its best interest…while he trousered his £12m a season. All for the love and love is expensive!

    Seriously, the club is dead.

  24. Leedsgunner

    There’s one very sure way of demonstrating that the Kronkes care about the football club. Give the club enough money for us to compete for the best young talent without us having to scrimp and beg and be the laughingstock of every transfer window.

    Otherwise what has Josh really done? Write a letter full of excuses.

    Talk is cheap.

  25. CG

    Unai Emery on Edu

    “”””Raul, Vinai and I were trying to find the best person who can help us with experience and also with knowing this club. It’s Edu.””””””

    So Emery was involved in recruiting Edu as Teck Deck…..

    I thought his remit was Head Coach.
    And Not in the process of selecting Technical support.

    He cant select a Captain. (Would not let him near any exec descion.)

    No.6 chosen Yesterday C. Chambers

    (No.7.No.8. No.9 on there way )

    Following on from the Sunday Times and PedRo’s exclusive- you can now see why Dortmund Eye was ousted.

    Old Pals Act 2019
    Raul/Emery/Edu/ Vinny

    Doomed to Fail for a Decade.

    Why this will indeed be The season from hell ….
    I have Spurs down for the title by 9 points.

    Man City CL Distracted
    Liverpool Exhausted
    Chelsea Embargoed
    Man Utd -Loosers Cup.
    (Spurs at a canter)

    North London wont be Red for a long time, Joshie!

    I think – I’ll sign that petition again- different alias …

    Tick Tock.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    Edu is another salaryman.

    The whole system is set up to watch each other’s backs.

    Josh isn’t turning on his father.
    Edu isn’t turning on his boss whose made him a millionaire again.
    Emery is happy to have a job.
    Ditto Raul.
    Ditto CEO.

    Arsenal are doing just fine and on the opening day, 60,000 twats will turn up and clap like little seals, go home and bitch online…repeat in a week.

    No one, not a person or sports team should ever hold that kind of unhealthy power over you.

  27. CG

    Josh talks about the modern structures that are now in place.

    But if Emery is selecting the Teck Deck – its akin to Wenger selecting the Chief Exec.

    This ain’t a modern proper structure.
    It’s an Old Pals Act and Alliance.

    Sign the Petition

    Thrice or Twice will Suffice.

  28. GuNZ

    Just read my boy Giroud’s take on the Koscielny (or ‘Loto’ as he’s insisted on calling him since they used to come in from the back yard for angel cakes and ginger beer – or bière as Olivier used to say) spat. I had to tell Olivier off for being a bit fucking disrespectful to the Arsenal what with all that ‘I love Chelsea’ shit, but boys will be boys.

    What the fuck are we going to do, fellas? Where’s the fucking direction? I have, it is true, drunk a Mariana Trench full of vodka and tonic this afternoon/evening, but I’m fucked if I know how the fuck we’re going to challenge for anything at all this coming season.

    Yours in abject horror of what is to come


  29. CG

    And why is Vinny involved in selecting the new Teck Deck?

    He is a marketing man for goodness sake…
    What’s his footballing expertise?

    No wonder he would not “change a thing with regards to Emerys appointment “””

    He should be trying to sell those 30 plus unsold Corp boxes.

    Jobs 4 The Boys!
    Joined at the Hip – these 4 Dopes.

  30. GuNZ

    My son-in-law, a Crystal Palace season ticket holder reckons Zaha’s got a CP eagle mosaic on the bottom of his swimming pool. I’m betting it’s going to be easier and cheaper to remodel that into a cockerel than a cannon.

  31. GuNZ

    There was a an old shit called Stan Kroenke
    Who said of Arse-nal ‘fuck I’ll bonk ‘er’
    I’ll tear her piss flaps
    And then well perhaps
    I’ll rip up her arse as an encore.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Trippier is a weird way for Athleti to spend 21m pounds, he is 28 and was poor last season. Now moving out of England for the first time in his career and concerns over his Spanish, i find the whole thing weird.

    Athleti have made a lot of strange decisions this window.

    At least they are active though, if Emery is to be believed we will see some incoming over the next few days, outgoings will probably be Elneny, Chambers and co.

  33. Leftsidesanch

    Giroud’s lack of self awareness is staggering, who care’s what he thinks about Koscielny ‘s situation at Arsenal!!! He lost all good will with his taunting of Arsenal following Chelsea’s triumph in the EL final.

    “With Arsenal it’s more difficult to win the title”

    Of course it is, when your first choice striker doesn’t score from January – April 2016 (14 games to be exact). Leicester then went on to win the title that season.

    I think he did a reasonable job for the price we paid for him, but he’s gone down in my estimations now.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    Anyways, Kroenke JR and Emery have been giving it large in terms of player recruitment, so we shall see what pans out in the coming days/weeks.

  35. Valentin

    The first few matches may be challenging without any new faces in the squad especially defensively. They are the kind of matches that Arsenal are expected to win comfortably. If we don’t the season may become a lot more tricky for Emery.

    He knows that he will be the one getting the boot if things turn pear shaped. Without new faces ready to play at the start of the season, we may already be too far behind our top 4 rivals by the end of September. His comment about needing 4 bug players has a whiff of truth but also desperation.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are not going to compete financially in transfer market with Man City,
    Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and probably Juventus.

    However, I would expect them to compete with other major clubs including Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs.

    My criticism of the owner, Board and Senior Management at the club is that there is a lack of leadership, proper planning and ruthlessness when they
    enter the transfer market. This has been the case now for a very long time.

    Everyone knows that Arsenal’s major weakness in recent years has been our
    defence and yet the club has shown very little application to resolve our problems in that department.

    I don’t expect them to buy wholesale in one transfer window to solve that situation, but I would have expected them to buy at least two players this
    summer and that process should have been completed by now.

    What we are going to land up with as has been too often the case is buying
    low budget mediocre players.

  37. Graham62


    Thanks for posting the entire response from Josh.

    Certain key points are missing from his open letter to the fans, specifically his acceptance that, as owners, they failed in their duties to oversee and monitor the previous eight years of leadership under Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis.

    “Because of this we find ourselves in a financial quandary,equating to a lack of a structure and ,significantly, sufficient funds to pursue our goals. Our neglect in this matter has meant that we (as owners) are reviewing our own roles and input into matters and will take it upon ourselves to invest appropriate funding into the “process” to alleviate any shortfalls. Our existing wage structure is unsustainable and has been for a considerable time, which ultimately is down to us. Our transfer policy and player contract procedures over the years has been shoddy and unmanageable. We have treated you, the fans, with contempt and disrespect. My father and myself have failed in our duties to oversee the operation in a fit and proper manner. My actions the other day were also inappropriate and counterproductive and, for that, I also apologise.

    We understand and sympathise with your grievances and will take it upon ourselves to act in the appropriate manner to restore your faith in us as owners and Arsenal Football Club as a whole”.

    Ah yes, if only it was a perfect world.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Nice to hear the manager talking about wanting 3 or 4 signings. He was careful to balance it out by saying he had good players and young players, but glad it wasn’t the rubbish we’re use to about supermarkets, super qualideeeee etc.

    Really would be good to get a great signing over the line this week. It sounds as if the club is talking to a lot of people trying to get things done by the unease comes from the lack of actual signings.

    It could be 3 or 4 all happen within the space of a week, but supporters don’t know that and if one is close they need to get one done now I think.

    Just over 4 weeks until the new season.

  39. Marc


    It also doesn’t help the “new” management team have no PTR to fall back on. As fans we’re so used to piss poor windows it’s very easy to fall into the view that’s what we’ll end up with.

  40. HighburyLegend

    “Unai Emery: Arsenal targeting ‘very big, very expensive’ signings”

    Yeah right…

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    People are judging this lot by the last regimes standards which is understandable, but we need to see what they do and also recognize the financial circumstances they are in are tough.

    If it is 3 or 4 players then I would guess it’s going to be a midfield player (looking like it might be Dani Ceballos), then a LB (looking like Tierney), then a winger (looking like Zaha or Everton Soares) and then the last one I would guess potentially a CB (no idea who) or maybe it will be Dani Alves?

  42. Guns of Hackney

    If we signed these mystical 3/4 players…it wouldn’t touch the sides.

    We need approximately 28 players, at least a whole board, 60,000+ new fans and probably a new coach driver (why not).

    Shitty little club.

  43. Moray

    “Unai Emery: Arsenal targeting ‘very big, very expensive’ signings”…for which we are offering 20% of the asking price.

  44. CG

    NUFC Supporters Group Statement

    “””Steve Bruce is an unambitious appointment by an unambitious owner.”””

    Unai Emery is an unambitious appointment by an unambitious owner

    Mike Ashley and Stan Kroenke
    Two peas in The Same Pod

    Joint Boycott First Game of the Season

    Sign the Petition

    Twice or Thrice will Suffice!

  45. Henry Root

    As one of the twats who actually go to games I regret the conflict between feeling the compulsion to follow my team as I have for sixty years and my disapproval of the current regime. But Arsenal is in my blood and like many fans I would support the team whoever plays for them and whoever owns them. It doesn’t mean I don’t dislike the Kroenke regime intensely .
    Frankly given some of the comments on here and the dislike fir the club I’m at a loss to know why some posters follow the blog and comments so closely . They are not what I recognise as Arsenal fans .

  46. HighburyLegend

    “They are not what I recognise as Arsenal fans .”
    The fans on Le Grove all have a different way to react…

    So you think that, because they behave like a*holes, they don’t suffer to see the actual state of their beloved club ??

  47. Leedsgunner

    So we’re targeting “very big, very expensive players” now are we?

    Did anyone ask him expensive in which currency?

  48. Dissenter

    I think the Kroenke’s knowmthey fuc*ed up by leaving Wenger on for so long.
    I read Kroenke specifically talk about putting in a ‘more modern structure’ which was a tacit way of acknowledging the moribund management style of Wenger.
    The past is the past. There clearly been a generational transfer of the club- Kroenke Sr has passed it to Kroenke Jr.
    The Kroenkes are now listening. They need to show that by loosening the purse strings this summer. They need to make a statement.

  49. HighburyLegend

    “Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has said that Arsenal are yet to make a bid “anywhere near Wilfried Zaha’s valuation”.”

    Hey Roy, you silly twat, why do you react like if you were coaching a top club ?? lol

  50. Dissenter

    What I still don’t agree with his this relentless angry mob mentality that thinks blind anger is a plan.

    The billionaire’s son knows more about counting currencies than you.

    The fans wanted a reaction. The Kroenkes have issued the most passioned verbal response since they bought the club. It won’t be enough because people want action.
    Let’s wait and see how the window ends up.

    The same fans who sang ‘one Arsene Wenger’ till the end are now up in arms.

  51. Dissenter

    I hope this Zaha bid is now dead in the water.
    Palace don’t want to sell him. He’s their ticket to staying in the division. They are looking for ways not to sell him and a very complicated transfer process gives them just that.
    They won’t sell him and will increase his wages at the end of the window since they value him as a £80-100 million player.

  52. Micheal

    I do not believe a fucking word the Kroenkes say. There is more credibility in a Boris Johnson statement that what Josh says and Stan is accountable to no one.

    Stan and Josh have no interest in our club, they have no concern for its supporters and little interest in the heritage.


  53. Dream10

    Emery wants Zaha as first choice. Reckon Saliba, Tierney and Ceballos will be done in the next 10 days. The wide forward signing will go down to the wire.

  54. Valentin

    A more modern structure will not make one iota of difference if the people in charge are incompetent.
    You may have the best scouting department of the world, but it is useless if your negotiation team can’t close a deal.

    Sometimes you need to know when to walk away from negotiation because clearly the opposite side is not negotiating in good faith. No point in being stringing along.

    Also I have my doubt regarding the more modern structure. A more modern structure does not mean more people, it mean the right people in charge working in collaboration but still accountable for their own decision and their own department. (Still can’t fathom what our two executives still do at every Arsenal US training session in short). Everything else is just corporate newspeak.

  55. Danny

    “Arsenal director Josh Kroenke admits the club can’t compete for ‘top trophies’ as he reveals his hurt after supporters’ protests against dad Stan”.
    One word – CUNT.

  56. China1

    A Saliba Tierney caballos zaha martinelli window would be massive but we’ve only got the least important of the lot so far so let’s cool the excitement

    This is arsenal lest we forget

  57. NW9 gooner

    Sky reporting we are close to signing Saliba and Ceballos – get Everton and a cb and it would be fairly good summer

  58. HighburyLegend

    But the most important is to make sure that Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi are staying.
    (not funny ??)

  59. Chika

    Fans demand action and not a letter from the PR department. We’ve been battered for too long to be swayed by some fucking letter.

    Only idiots would ridicule spirited efforts without offering any suggestions whatsoever.

  60. China1

    Are we really in that tough a financial situation?

    Or it’s just that the club wants to spend the money it has cautiously?

    Because revenue may not be ideal in the EL but we still have massive cash reserves and also cut a fair bit off our wage bill already

    So what exactly will stop us from spending 100m this summer (not including sales) apart from our shitty owners not wanting us to?

  61. Nelson

    This #wecaredoyou movement did result in Josh, coming up with this message. It is a good start. Now he is aware that there is an united front monitoring the performance of the club. I hope it is the end of Stan’s Arsenal and the beginning of the Josh Arsenal.

    Emery came out with this statement of 3 to 4 new hirings. It sounds too good to be true.

  62. China1

    We’ll presumably (hopefully) bin off kos this summer as well, so with no other outgoing we’d still have opened up a small fortune from the wages side

    From then I gather we could easily spend 100-120m of our cash reserves if we actually wanted to

    Which we really should by the way. Not because we should throw robbed of money at everyone we buy, but because the club needs several better players in terms of quality, several new faces to bin off the shitty attitude of old and several new players to generate a buzz around the club which can help translate into results on the field, a better season and more progress next summer

    If arsenal just sign one or two solid players it’s going to be more of the same this season with negativity from the fans and players which will once again drag us down

  63. China1

    Saliba (next year), Tierney, Everton, martinelli, caballos, and another solid CB could realistically be had for a total of 100m. If we managed to sell a couple more dross the net spend comes down to maybe 70m and we’d be a vastly more interesting team going into next season.

    I can’t stress enough how important the new faces are for the fans. If we sign the players above and it takes a bit of time to bed them in, people will have a bit of patience I think. We can see a bigger picture and something to be excited about that we’re building towards.

    But if we line up next season with mustafi, xhaka and ozil ALL in and around the first team then if we signed Tierney and one other decent player, the fans will be rattled and edgy with the team from the moment we concede our first silly goal.

    The fans are the 12th man so if you can’t get your fans to buy in to your project then you are handicapped regardless of if you made a couple of solid improvements on paper

  64. Dream10

    “Arsenal did seem to be avoiding the mistakes Manchester United did when Sir Alex Ferguson retired, as they proactively and pre-emptively put in place a technical structure to replace the various strands of the club the grand patriarch had control of, and made up to 10 backroom appointments.

    The jewel of these was said to be head of recruitment Sven Mislintat.

    The ultimate numbers man didn’t even see out a full season at the club.

    Sources now say his departure did come down to a fundamental difference in approach, reflecting how Arsenal put in place a technical structure but maybe didn’t put enough thought into its cohesion.

    One final issue that summed it up, if not quite the final straw, was the signing of Denis Suarez. Sources say Unai Emery – who was initially supposed to be just another collaborative element of this technical structure as the head coach – insisted he was a crucial player for the Champions League push. Mislintat disagreed, and felt Emile Smith-Rowe could step in.

    The club went with Emery, and Mislintat just went.

    With him went his ultra-analytical approach to recruitment, to be replaced by Raul Sanllehi’s more intuitive relationship-based approach – now furthered by the appointment of Edu.

    This isn’t to say that one is inherently more correct on the other, or that Arsenal don’t use analytics at all now, but it does put more pressure on that department.

    At a time of such penury, the club need to make the shrewdest moves possible. The club needs to be as efficient as possible.

    Even aside from the questions over the recruitment process, some wonder whether that kind of execution is possible. Agents who have worked with Arsenal complain of having to wait weeks for responses, often on some trivial issues to do with their players, and the talk is often that too many decisions are “made by committee”.

    That committee has now committed to a specific recruitment approach, at a time when getting it right – and getting shrewd moves – has never been more important.

    They need to make the right statements.”


  65. Marko

    Very odd that statement from Emery. On the one hand kudos for not doing an Arsene Wenger and paying lip service for doing fuck all he said he wants 3-4 for the team “now” which leads me to believe that not is he unhappy with how slow we’ve been but also he can’t be counting Saliba since he wouldn’t be part of the team “now”. But I don’t understand the angle they’re coming from by saying big expensive signings are on the way. Tierney isn’t that big or expensive, Cebellos is on loan and Everton isn’t that expensive either. Maybe we are working on a deal for Diaz? Big ask they’ve put a target on their back if they aren’t busy before the end of the window. Which is 22 days from now I believe

  66. Dissenter

    ‘Because revenue may not be ideal in the EL but we still have massive cash reserves and also cut a fair bit off our wage bill already’

    I echo that
    Arsenal has more cash in the bank than anyone else. They need to loosen the purse strings this summer.

  67. HighburyLegend

    “Or it’s just that the club wants to spend the money it has cautiously?”

    The Kroenke family prefers obviously keeping their money for the NFL.

  68. Nelson

    I am sure that those big sponsors such as Adidas have a data section monitoring Arsenal’s world wide support. Their market is not only in north London. Whenever I talk to young football fans (not in England) about EPL, Arsenal is regarded as a joke club. None of them pick Arsenal as their favorite EPL team. There will be a loss generation of world wide Arsenal fans.

  69. HighburyLegend

    An for buying NFL shirts, of course…
    (in fact they’re right on this point, the AFC shirts are far too expensive!!)

  70. Dissenter

    Do you realize that all parties were wrong in that scenario you posed; some wanted Suarez and Mislintat wanted Emile Smith Rowe. The former came injured from Barcelona and the latter wasn’t even fit enough.
    I think management teams disagree a lot about options and some times the members have to take one for the team- you win some…you lose some.
    If that’s what happened then we are better off without Mislintat because it seems he can only work in a team of one, one where he is always right.
    That so-called disagreement ought to be very minuscule in the scheme of things. Mislintat shouldn’t be walking away because of that.
    Besides he wasn’t the academy director nor the manager, what if those perople disagreed with him about Emile-Smith Rowe?

  71. Valentin


    The article is exactly explaining what was wrong with Arsenal.
    People keep banging about structure, but here we have a more modern structure thwarted by people. Raul and Emery did overrule the man in charge of recruitment.
    I have no doubt that Even must have been a pain to deal on a daily basis. However what is also clearly evident is that he was competent in his field. So far the other two have not demonstrated that same level of competency in that field nor in their own.

    Emery failed to reach his targets when it seems easier to get Champion’s league than not. He blew his big opportunity and he knows it. He has the look of a man who knows he is on his last chance.

    Raul is a Barcelona man. He never had to fight in the mud with less rich clubs to get his man. Doing a deal is easy at Barcelona because players and agent want to go there. Dealing when not at the top of food chain is completely different. At Arsenal he is learning on the job what buying and selling players is really about for mid level clubs. Right now He is finding adjusting to life in the ocean as a fish rather than a great white shark challenging.

  72. China1

    Honestly even with all those heavily linked players I’d even offer alvez a one year contract (or include a second year pay as you play type deal) at 150k and see if he bites

    No transfer fee, better than bellerin and mikes better than AMN. Bellerin is injury prone anyway and needs someone to push him. The team would benefit from his leadership and his presence would give the fans a lift with that little bit of magic. He wouldn’t have to bomb forwards relentlessly, just having alvez in and around the first team would be good for arsenal. Especially some of our laid back kids like AMN who need to be shown how an elite pro really takes it seriously

    This idea won’t be popular with everyone but if he’d accept it I think it would be a win for the club. City are interested in him which must tell you something you’d think

  73. Marc


    The role of the head of recruitment is to identify targets not to interfere with the youth team. If Sven thought Suarez wasn’t up to the job he should have been suggesting alternatives not push a 18 year old from the youth team who was deemed a) not to be ready b) injured.

  74. China1

    Not only do players want to join Barca but they can’t even be arsed to negotiate with clubs most of the time and just match the asking price

    Luis Suarez had a 40m release clause and Barca still just paid their higher asking price but who cares when you’re minted

  75. NW9 gooner

    If today’s news is true then I would say Arsenal are going about in the right way- even if you have money why should you pay more than the market price – everyone negotiates to get the best prices and we are doing the correct thing.

  76. China1

    The only team that has almost always sold to Barca at below the market price is….


    Thanks to our professor in economics

  77. Marc


    “Luis Suarez had a 40m release clause and Barca still just paid their higher asking price but who cares when you’re minted”

    Suarez signed a new deal after the Arsenal bid which altered the buy out clause or removed it.

  78. Marc


    ” even if you have money why should you pay more than the market price ”

    It’s amazing the number who don’t understand that if you just pay whatever you’re quoted the asking price will automatically go up when you approach.

  79. Marko

    I say again man who brought in Lichtsteiner was dismayed with the Dennis Suarez signing? Who the fuck cares. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that’s why he left. He left because they didn’t offer him the TD role. In hindsight it might have been for the best.

  80. China1

    From memory we sold Henry for 16m (market price in those days 35m)

    Fabregas for 25m (market price in those days 40m)

    Hleb was also piss cheap

    The only time we got a good deal was for song

    We literally burned about 45-50m in additional market value selling players to Barca over the years which back in those days m, if invested well (lol!) would buy you a world class player or a couple of excellent ones. But instead we bent over for them and bought Park chu young

    But no.

  81. Moray

    Marko, I think our idea of expensive might differ from Emery’s.

    Though GBP25m for Tierney is a lot of money, in today’s footballing terms it’s a piss in the dark.

    I do, however, think there is money there if we really need it, particularly considering the big wage commitments we have lost this summer organically already. We may yet be surprised.

  82. Marc


    It’s possible that Sven’s behaviour during the Suarez deal is what made the club realise he wasn’t suitable for the TD role.

  83. China1

    Marc oh I didn’t know that.

    Are you sure though? Because their club owner was literally giving a public speech at a dinner laughing at how they had a release clause which we met and they just turned it down anyway. If they did it to us they could’ve messed with Barca too

    Arsenal should’ve taken them to court over that

  84. Receding Hairline

    ” If Sven thought Suarez wasn’t up to the job he should have been suggesting alternatives not push a 18 year old from the youth team who was deemed a) not to be ready b) injured.”

    He did have an alternative. He wanted Perisic (player he signed for Dortmund shocker) on loan. Perisic was 29 then and we could not agree on a deal with Inter. The fact that three days ago the report says he wanted Saka or Wilock given game time and today it says he wanted an injured Smith Rowe tells you all you need to know with regards to the credibility of those reports.

  85. Marc


    There’s a lot of conjecture over whether it was a full on release clause or not when Arsenal made the approach. Ultimately if the player had kicked off it would’ve forced Liverpool’s hand. Liverpool persuaded him to stay (maybe made a promise about leaving in a years time) and gave him a raise. No way they do this and then either remove the clause or increase it.

  86. NW9 gooner

    One loan deal addressing our need, one player for the future , now use your net budget to buy the others

  87. Dissenter

    Mislintat has a say in the proceedings of the transfer team but he’s not supposed to have his way with every transfer
    Anyone who’s had to walk with a team knows you can’t win every argument. Really if Sven left because he didn’t get his way with recommending an academy product [not under his ambit] over a loan transfer…then he can rightly fuc* off.
    That was a small disagreement considering that we will make bigger signings than that. He ought to have stayed. The Suarez loan failure would have strengthened his hands and weakened others.
    Stuttgart have the pleasure of having his eminence in charge. I bet he has a team of ONE to work with over there.

  88. Receding Hairline

    And again as many have pointed out it was not his place to demand players get used more in the first team, his job title was Head of Recruitment. Many go on and on about our need for defenders but his time here saw three defenders join , Mavropranos who the jury is still very much out on, Sokratis who cost more than he should have and Stephan who never had the legs to play here.

    I mean if you make a call like Stephan and then get annoyed that someone else made a call like Suarez its laughable. Suarez did not arrive here injured by the way, he was injured playing for us.

  89. China1

    Hmm maybe, tho this is the one time when I don’t blame arsenal for low balling as they did the right thing

    What was embarrassing was us getting laughed out the room and the club just accepting it because we accept we are a joke. The jokes in football so often seem to be on us and the club never knows when to bite back

  90. Valentin


    If ESR was at another club and Sven had pushed for him on a free transfer as an alternative to Suarez would you find that acceptable?

    If yes, then consider the academy as another club. BTW it seems that Freddie has been moved to the first team exactly for that purpose. Being the champion of the academy player against Emery. So clearly even that management saw there was a separation there that Emery was not naturally incline to fill.

    If you don’t think that the role of the head of recruitment is to recruit player from other club even against the wishes of the current head coach, then what is the role of head of recruitment?
    Head of recruitment is different from Head of scouting. Scouting is just identifying players. Recruitment generally sit above scouting. A head of recruitment is in charge of signing the player.
    So actually having the head coach decide on a player and then arrange above the head of recruitment to recruit a player is plain wrong. Moreover the decision was proven to be the wrong one.

    How can a head of recruitment judged on his work if somebody overrule his decisions? Modern structure can only without interference by other departments. Without that there is no accountability possible.

  91. Uwot?

    Nelson-just where exactly is it you talk to young fans & they say Arsenal are “joke “ club? Not in my experience of travelling around the world.i’ m taking a wild guess & say it’s either India or Malaysia fly infested Manure loving holes.youre obviously associating with the Wrong yoof..

  92. Graham62


    Arsenal have been a “joke club” for about 8 years(some would say longer).

    It officially started after our 8-2 loss at OT and it’s been downhill ever since.

    Kids can’t relate to Arsenal any longer.

    Shite! Even mature adults can’t relate to them.

    Tends to happen when your brought up on mediocrity.

  93. Dissenter

    Suarez has come out to say he was 50% 16 days after he arrived at Arsenal
    ‘“On the 16th day of arriving at Arsenal I was not even 50 per cent, it was a year to forget but also to learn.’
    It doesn’t say he arrived injured but I just suspect he wasn’t fit.
    I was curious why Arsenal kicked him out before the season was over. There was talk that we weren’t pleased in some ways.

  94. NW9 gooner

    Suarez ‘s clause was that we could talk with the player only- there was no obligation for Liverpool to accept. This was confirmed by everyone including the PFA – what made it a bit derisory was the one pound extra bid . We were a better club those days and probably overplayed our arrogance

  95. Marc


    No if we were going to bring in a player to help the push for CL football I would not take an 18 year old with zero first team experience as being the right player to do that.

    “BTW it seems that Freddie has been moved to the first team exactly for that purpose.”

    Have you read Arseblog today? It may be the reason the club put out why FL was moved in to the role but that doesn’t mean it’s the actual reason.

    You just massively come off as someone who wants to find any stick they can to beat the current management team – whether it’s the truth or what happened was poor behaviour by someone else doesn’t seem to matter to you.

    “Modern structure can only without interference by other departments.”

    Then why the fuck is it OK for recruitment to interfere in the youth department.

  96. Marko

    It’s possible that Sven’s behaviour during the Suarez deal is what made the club realise he wasn’t suitable for the TD role.

    I heard he’s a bit weird but I actually think it’s the deals that he actually done which might have gone against him in the end. It’s actually quite funny but there seems to be this concern with Emery (who doesn’t have final say on transfers) that he would only target players he’s worked with before and journeymen and that’s exactly what diamond eye did and I’d say that they were looking for more young pick up’s than anything. I know it’s just reports but there’s a significant difference between our targets this summer and the ones under Sven. The oldest being Zaha at 26 while he signed up 28/29 year olds and a 34 year old. I think that might have made a difference

  97. Dissenter

    ‘How can a head of recruitment judged on his work if somebody overrule his decisions? Modern structure can only without interference by other departments. Without that there is no accountability possible.’

    How can a head coach be overruled on his decision about who is promoted to the first team?
    How can the academy director be overruled on his decision about who is promoted out of the academy?
    How can the head of football be overruled about his overseeing duty blah blah blah

    The point being that ….it’s a transfer team/committee. No one gets to have their way all the time.
    If Sven can’t take one for the team then he has no business being at Arsenal.
    He made mistakes too; Sokrates was not the right choice(when Issa Diop was available) and Lichsteiner was rubbish.
    Director or recruitment is not synonymous with Grand duke of recruitment.

  98. HighburyLegend

    “Tierney, alvez, Saliba, cabellos, martinelli, Everton dooooo eeeet”

    Possibility that Everton finish above us this season ?? lol

  99. NW9 gooner

    Marc – they actually removed it- they were able to sell him for much more (60mil or so) so actually we were instrumental in getting more money for Liverpool. Despite Henry’s bravado they were scared and rectified the position .

  100. Graham62


    You what?!!?

    How about all of Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the entire African continent, Australia, NZ, the United States , South America, Russia etc etc etc.

    You should get out more. Our image is tarnished worldwide.

    Your perceptions show an ignorance to where Arsenal find themselves at this moment in time.

    Our identity has been destroyed.

    Over to you Josh.

  101. Marko

    I feel like the Dennis Suarez signing is going to be talked about for years to come (or literally as long as Emery is manager and then instantly forgotten) which is quite funny because there’s so many worst signings that this club has done that are being conveniently forgotten. Also the whole Sven wanting to give Willock or Saka time at RW instead even though they aren’t RW’s and now all of a sudden it’s turned into wanting to give ESR the opportunity it’s all bullshit. None of those three were/are even remotely ready and Perisic/Carrassco/Suarez made sense at the time but it didn’t work out. You move on to the next one

  102. Receding Hairline

    Valentin you do know Emile Smith Rowe was injured during the period Suarez arrived at the club right???

    “It’s actually quite funny but there seems to be this concern with Emery (who doesn’t have final say on transfers) that he would only target players he’s worked with before and journeymen and that’s exactly what diamond eye did ”

    Exactly ….that has been conveniently ignored. Perisic was another one of his former hits he wanted to remix.

  103. NW9 gooner

    Valentine is arguing as if everyone is pulling in different directions- it’s so simplistic. We have a group approach to our decision making now – the only area where anyone has any monopoly is the team selection by the head coach

  104. Dissenter

    Graham 62
    Continue to run amok with the blind rage. I’m sure you’ll stumble on a plan real soon.
    Is your hair on fire by any chance?

    The billionaire’s son and heir has said all he’s saying at the moment.
    Try to get invited to the meeting with Raul and Vinai on July 25th, maybe you can channel some of that anger there.

    Arsenal reputation tarnished?
    By what exactly? For smuggling child prostitutes into China or smuggling crack into Malaysia?
    What has ‘tarnished’ our reputation
    Stop being so dramatic.

    Why not just wait and see it Josh can match his words with action?

  105. NW9 gooner

    Some people have been saying that the club has no plan B as if we are privy to all that is happening. Emery has confirmed this plan B in his interview. The only problem of our approach is that the new players will need time to bed in and that may impact our first few matches. So the sooner we get them the better .

  106. Marko

    Sokrates was not the right choice(when Issa Diop was available) and Lichsteiner was rubbish.

    Dissenter ain’t right on a lot of things but he is right in this regard. Diamond eye signing Sokratis for 15-17 million when Diop is going for 22 million is just lazy and picking up Lichtsteiner was a horrendous decision. You couldn’t believe that he was incapable of picking up a RB for a minimal fee. Youcef Atal moved to Nice for 3 million last summer. Hakimi moved to Dortmund on loan. Maffeo off the back of a brilliant spell at Girona moved to Stuttgart for 9 million euros.

  107. Nelson


    I am from north America. Young people here want to associate with winners only. Sadly, Arsenal is not a winner these days.

  108. Marko

    Also this whole Edu is just an observer and doesn’t start work in earnest until the window finishes is nonsense btw. No way we sign Martinelli and possibly Everton Soares without his involvement. And if that’s an example of his involvement then I can’t wait to see what he’s got lined up for our attack over the next few years

  109. Graham62

    The Owner.
    Unai Emery.
    The New Regime.
    Arsene Wenger.
    Ivan Gazidis.
    The BoD.
    The Fans.
    The Players.

    Care to make a pie chart anyone.

    To be titled: #WhoIsToBlame?

    I’ll give you my results later tonight.

  110. Valentin


    I think that you get wrong end of the argument.

    The head of the academy deal with academy players. He does not decide when a player is moved up or out of the academy. That is the job of the head coach and head of recruitment. He may say that player is not yet ready, or that player is not good enough. I have not read Arseblog post, but when Freddie was promoted to first team, it was announced that it was clearly as a link to the academy. That repeated when Steve Bould formal announcement was made.

    There is a lot of club where the head coach is given a group of players and has no say in who to bring only what kind of players to bring. A head coach may make suggestion but the final decision must reside with the head of recruitment. Otherwise you end up with players whom may not fit into the club overall. Or players nobody wants or know what to do with once the head coach is gone.

    I give you two examples why it is important to have the final decision with the head of recruitment. Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool wanted Brandt but the head of recruitment got Salah instead. I don’t think any Kopite will dispute that this was the right choice. At Leicester FC, Steve Walsh recruited Ngolo Kante when everybody thought that he could not cut it in the EPL. If you have a head of recruitment, you have to trust him and let him do his job.

    Sven was recruited as head of recruitment not participant to a recruitment committee. He was also promised by Gazidis to be considered for the position of Director of Football. Why should he accept less responsibility than he was entitled to, simply because Raul felt threaten?

    Again I never said that Sven did not make mistake, everybody does. However I know that overruling a head of department is wrong as a question of principle.

  111. Uwot?

    As I understand it Nelson.N.America has the 2nd highest Arsenal support outside of Africa & has the highest support of any club outside of Manure? Kids will always follow the herd.perhaps it may be the case in last few years but not historically .

  112. Receding Hairline

    “There is a lot of club where the head coach is given a group of players and has no say in who to bring only what kind of players to bring. A head coach may make suggestion but the final decision must reside with the head of recruitment. Otherwise you end up with players whom may not fit into the club overall. Or players nobody wants or know what to do with once the head coach is gone.”

    Valentin Sven suggested Perisic, a player he scouted many years ago and brought to Dortmund, we made Inter an offer and they refused. His next suggestion was then players from the academy?? If he was that convinced those players were ready to step in why recommend a 29 year old in the first place??

  113. Receding Hairline

    “Sven was recruited as head of recruitment not participant to a recruitment committee. He was also promised by Gazidis to be considered for the position of Director of Football. Why should he accept less responsibility than he was entitled to, simply because Raul felt threaten?”

    I doubt anyone at Arsenal felt threatened by Sven.What really is there to be threatened by?? They probably didn’t think he had that much about him to warrant the airs he gives himself. I mean whipping up an old Dortmund scout pad to recommend Aubameyang, Sokratis, Perisic is not innovation, Many teams were still out performing us in the scouting stakes when he was here.

    If he could get so upset over a loan signing done without his consent, how then will he be able to entertain recommendations made by the hundreds of scouts who work for AFC?? He wanted total power and it seems Valentin is backing him on that.

  114. Marko

    West Ham signing Haller for 45 million is a great signing. But I honestly have no idea why people go to that club. They literally have delusions of grandeur and then finish mid table and end up with pissed off players dying to leave. You wait a year or two and Haller will be priced out of a move away from West Ham

  115. Marko

    He was also promised by Gazidis to be considered for the position of Director of Football.

    If Ivan promised it then we were definitely right not to give it to him

  116. Valentin


    Emery said that he wanted a winger hence the suggestion of Perisic, Carasco then Saka and Nelson.

    Emery then arrange to have Suarez who despite Emery attempt to pass him as such was not a winger but a central midfielder. He said so himself in his Arsenal initial media interview.
    In that case then ESR make sense. Regarding the injury, I would blame the medical team. It seems they have misdiagnosed him or at a minimum underestimated his injury otherwise he would not have been sent away on loan.

  117. Receding Hairline

    Valentin your thoughts on our medical team is well documented so i will skip that.

    “Emery said that he wanted a winger hence the suggestion of Perisic, Carasco then Saka and Nelson.”

    Why suggest Perisic and Carrasco at all if he is confident Saka and Nelson were ready to step in?? Simply recommend he plays them and close the door to any outside recruitment.

    If he can recommend two players from outside why can’t the coach whose future lies on champions league qualification recommend a player he used on the wings at his previous club??

    You say Suarez is not a winger but he has had no issues playing there, he blossomed there under Emery so what you think about that is irrelevant

  118. Marc

    “I give you two examples why it is important to have the final decision with the head of recruitment. Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool wanted Brandt but the head of recruitment got Salah instead”

    Then shouldn’t Klopp have walked?

  119. Receding Hairline

    “Then shouldn’t Klopp have walked?”

    Nail on the head, Klopp should have resigned and joined another club since that is the accepted reaction to having a suggestion ignored.

  120. Marc

    The biggest point that Valentin seems to skip over is that as Suarez hardly kicked a ball for us why didn’t any of these youth players step into the breach?

  121. Valentin


    Klopp accepted the decision of his head of recruitment, he did not go bypass him to get his preferred player.
    That’s what a good team player head coach does.

  122. Receding Hairline

    Marc don’t get him started on that.

    He has an obsession with youth especially ours. It is very convenient for people to use cases like Gnabry as cautionary tales but no one remembers cases like Eastmond who played quite a few games for us but could not even establish himself in League 2 after he left. 95% of the players in the academy will not play for Arsenal, 90% would not even play for a championship club.

  123. Gonsterous

    Arsenal looking to sign very expensive players’ – Emery eyes four new arrivals ahead of new season

    Ironically, when you have a 40m budget in today’s market, everything looks expensive.

  124. Marc


    Yeah I’m waiting for all the “Chelsea youth amazing and the way to go” after they score a single goal.

    When they miss out on top 4 I’m wondering what the excuse will be.

  125. Receding Hairline

    “Klopp accepted the decision of his head of recruitment, he did not go bypass him to get his preferred player.
    That’s what a good team player head coach does.”

    So it was not good team playing when Emery accepted the signing of Stephan, Sokratis, Torriera, Guendouzi, Leno?? Can’t Sven also be a good team player and accept the decision of the man whose job will be on the line if his targets are not met???

    Sven was the poor team player here not Emery,.

  126. Valentin


    Like I said numerous time before.
    Unless ordered by management , most head coaches don’t bring youth team players into the first team. The demand for short term success and the risk of getting sack override any potential long term reward.

    At Chelsea, Sarri had no intention to play Calum Hudson-Odoi until Marina stepped in and fearing losing him for nothing next summer ordered him to do so.

    Part of Freddie’s role will be to be the academy’s players champion. At the beginning of last season, Emery have the same speech of giving youth a chance. In reality He did not. This year, he will have a chaperone.

  127. Marc

    I don’t know who this Angelino is for City but he’s given away a penalty and should’ve just had another awarded against him.

  128. Receding Hairline

    “Like I said numerous time before.
    Unless ordered by management , most head coaches don’t bring youth team players into the first team. The demand for short term success and the risk of getting sack override any potential long term reward.”

    And you think it is fair for a manager to be ordered to play players whose mistakes and rawness will cost the team points and then sack the manager when said dropped points leads to an undesirable league placing???

  129. Marc

    Good to see Craig Paulson is fully up to standard for the new season. 3 penalty decisions, one given correctly, one not given incorrectly and then one at the other end given incorrectly.