Arsenal fans finally unite around a single cause #WeCareDoYou

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You’ll have probably seen the letter a group of Arsenal fans has pulled together that’s gone out on the internet.

The gist of the document that you should be reading right now is that Arsenal, despite all the trumpet blowing and promises, still appears to be as rudderless as ever.

We’ve been driving into the abyss for years, club leadership has been taking temperature checks using the wrong the metrics, we didn’t invest, we didn’t make big decisions when we needed to, we thought a cash pile was success, now the walls have come crashing down in one massive heap of average.

To make matters worse, Stan took the club private, so our access to exec leadership is even more pointless than it was before.

Football isn’t a business, it’s a community endeavour that grew into something so unlikely, fans let the raiders take grip in the game before we knew what was going on.

Arsenal feels like it’s being run like a super average business at the minute. We’re being outspent by Aston Villa and Leicester. Our strategy is confused. Our hiring policy is errant. The stadium is utterly bereft of excitement. Arsenal is an ordeal, not the joy it should be.

For too long, our fans just grumbled into twitter feeds, digging into opposing trenches to fight it out over details so insignificant, they allowed us to take our eyes off the core issue… leadership doesn’t care, no one is accountable for success.

Nothing quite summed up the ownership issue like Josh K turning up to the LA training session wearing an LA Rams t-shirt. At best, it’s an embarrassing oversight, at worst, it’s a spiteful jab at the fans that confirms our worst fears… we don’t matter.

This letter is the coming together of names that don’t usually mix. This is fans from around the globe making a statement. This isn’t a rabble demanding the Saliba deal goes through, this is a group of people that just want to see a better Arsenal. It’s a simple demand, but a necessary one.

What is the plan?

If we’re being run like a business, why is it such a sloppy one?

Why don’t we have spikey voices on the board that will hold people accountable?

Where is the innovation?

Where are the ideas people?

Why is no one EVER held accountable?

Raul might have that covered. Edu might be the saving grace. This season might be the final episode in a desperately repetitive Netflix series called Operation Transition that seems to have been on repeat for 10 years.

It might not be…

But the fans have spoken, they’ve asked the question, do you care?

I think this is a great first step.

Unite the voices. See what the club response looks like, then regroup, and work out the next steps.

Let us know what you think in the comments. If there’s ever a day the club is reading, it’s likely today.


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  1. KAY Boss

    Proud to have signed the petition. DB10, thanks for posting the link here.
    Any development on Tierney, Saliba or Everyone Stares?

  2. Pierre

    “Emery has to bed some of the youngsters this season.”

    I presume you mean give them some game time ..

    Would love to see Saka and Nelson given a run of games but it is looking more likely that Emery is not prepared to take the risk as he is looking to sign wide player who I presume would be starters , Saka and Nelson will not get a look in if we do make the expected signings.

    I would say that probably the only young player who will get a chance is Willock , who will basically replace Ramsey in midfield ..

    Personally,I would like to see a dominant defensive midfielder come in though I
    I expect Guendouzi to have a good season , the experience he gained last season should prove to be invaluable..
    He should be stronger on the ball and his reading of the game must go up a level but I’m expecting him to cement himself in the side.

    Unless we receive injuries to either Lacazette or Aubamayang , don’t expect any of our academy players to make the breakthrough.

  3. Chika

    Kay Boss, according to recent reports the fee for Everton Soares might be up to €70M as he’s jointly owned. Apparently, his club Gremio would be getting about 50% of the fee.

  4. gunnershabz

    i do like the look of martinelli and Saka, that is the future of our inside forwards

    do we take the risk and blood reiss nelson, saka and martinelli as our wide players this season

    i think we should

    we can then buy a quality box to box midfielder and defensive players

  5. gunnershabz

    We know chelsea are going through a different structure now focusing on there youth and i think we should too

    man u also looking at young players with speed

    we really need speed on our counter attack and these youngsters are quick enough

  6. Emiratesstroller


    Football in EPL and Europe is a “squad” game and there should be opportunities for youngsters to establish themselves as indeed is the case in Bundesliga and French Ligue.

    Arsenal have a number of talented youngsters who have not been afforded much opportunity to prove themselves at the club.

    Willock may well be the first youngster to establish himself in the team, but
    there are plenty of others who could well be offered a similar opportunity.

    Two seasons ago I was advised that Smith-Rowe was the “stand-out” player in
    Academy. Last season he looked promising when I watched him at Emirates,
    but then suffered injury.

    There are no two or three wingers coming through system most notably Saka
    who could be the real deal. Buying a new winger this season will in my view
    stunt their opportunity to prove themselves.

    The wing is probably the one position in the team where you can afford to
    gamble with relatively inexperienced players. Mbappe, Sterling and Sanchez
    have all been introduced playing in that position at a relatively early age and
    I see no reason why Arsenal cannot adopt a similar viewpoint with the talent
    currently available.

    Arsenal’s problem at the moment is that there are far too many positions in the team where the personnel is substandard and realistically we don’t have
    an unlimited budget to solve the problem.

    The club needs to prioritise where we have the most pressing weakness and that for me is our defence.

    It has been blindingly obvious for the last two seasons that our defence leaks like a sieve and is not fit for purpose. It is a combination of factors not least
    poor concentration, discipline, organisation, communication, teamwork and
    above all an ability to defend properly.

    Bluntly it is a complete rebuild job and that should be the primary investment
    in team and not spending money on forwards.