Arsenal fans finally unite around a single cause #WeCareDoYou

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You’ll have probably seen the letter a group of Arsenal fans has pulled together that’s gone out on the internet.

The gist of the document that you should be reading right now is that Arsenal, despite all the trumpet blowing and promises, still appears to be as rudderless as ever.

We’ve been driving into the abyss for years, club leadership has been taking temperature checks using the wrong the metrics, we didn’t invest, we didn’t make big decisions when we needed to, we thought a cash pile was success, now the walls have come crashing down in one massive heap of average.

To make matters worse, Stan took the club private, so our access to exec leadership is even more pointless than it was before.

Football isn’t a business, it’s a community endeavour that grew into something so unlikely, fans let the raiders take grip in the game before we knew what was going on.

Arsenal feels like it’s being run like a super average business at the minute. We’re being outspent by Aston Villa and Leicester. Our strategy is confused. Our hiring policy is errant. The stadium is utterly bereft of excitement. Arsenal is an ordeal, not the joy it should be.

For too long, our fans just grumbled into twitter feeds, digging into opposing trenches to fight it out over details so insignificant, they allowed us to take our eyes off the core issue… leadership doesn’t care, no one is accountable for success.

Nothing quite summed up the ownership issue like Josh K turning up to the LA training session wearing an LA Rams t-shirt. At best, it’s an embarrassing oversight, at worst, it’s a spiteful jab at the fans that confirms our worst fears… we don’t matter.

This letter is the coming together of names that don’t usually mix. This is fans from around the globe making a statement. This isn’t a rabble demanding the Saliba deal goes through, this is a group of people that just want to see a better Arsenal. It’s a simple demand, but a necessary one.

What is the plan?

If we’re being run like a business, why is it such a sloppy one?

Why don’t we have spikey voices on the board that will hold people accountable?

Where is the innovation?

Where are the ideas people?

Why is no one EVER held accountable?

Raul might have that covered. Edu might be the saving grace. This season might be the final episode in a desperately repetitive Netflix series called Operation Transition that seems to have been on repeat for 10 years.

It might not be…

But the fans have spoken, they’ve asked the question, do you care?

I think this is a great first step.

Unite the voices. See what the club response looks like, then regroup, and work out the next steps.

Let us know what you think in the comments. If there’s ever a day the club is reading, it’s likely today.


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  1. Un na naai

    Insisting that being black means you simply must subscribe to his group think hive mind politics. Black people cant be individuals in the eyes of far leftists. Oh no.

  2. Minden Raider

    Goodnight boys, keep posting its hilarious, and yes Im a fucking wind up merchant, always have been but difference is I can take it as well as dish it out. Talking of films, my favourite film is “The Fighting Prince of Donegal”. Anyone tell me who the star was (without the internet). Come on Gunners time for bed it is 11 pm here in Alicante and Old Fuck should have been in his bed 3 hours ago (my carer says so). She is a lovely girl lol Up the Gunners always

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t bite
    The moment you do they win…

    Sarcasm best way to get out them…

    What age bracket are you…
    Ove4 or under 30 ?

  4. Minden Raider

    Hi Un na naai. Do you mean Donegal and Galway. You are not an Paddy by any chance, we need more on here, would raise the IQ lol

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Superman 3

    Bit thunderbird ish…

    But for its day,..

    Have a few mates who were scaffolders on the films at pinewood ..

    Good stories ,..
    Mad as fuck tho.

  6. Minden Raider

    Un na naai. No Donegal is a county in Province of Ulster and Galway is a county in Province of Connaught.

  7. Un na naai

    I mainly watch old films or foreign cinema now
    Hollywood has been dead for years bar just a few directors. Paul Thomas Anderson. Nolan. Wes Anderson. Fincher. Tarantino. Not many others to admire.

    I’m 34.

  8. Gooner Sam

    If your reading KSE. I love Arsenal, I love the excitement and anticipation I used to feel. I rarely do now, there no ambition and little hope. I will always love the club but I want the realistic hope back

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your not iron minded are you…

    I love Ireland as a country to visit…

    In fact so much me miss us is a paddy..

    Me dad in law is great lad..
    Betting n boozing ..

    Places we go to regularly.
    Great country

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Good age…

    80s child…

    Era of god music…

    London lovers rock

    The clash etc..

    Don Howe manager of arsenal when you born or the masters GG

  11. Un na naai

    Marko’s thinking of the quiet man. My dad visits the filming site regularly. Little town called cong.

    Best Irish film of all time??

    War of the buttons or raw head Rex

    Has nobody seen I saw the devil? Really?

  12. Un na naai

    I preferred 90s music. Indie. Britpop. Was a little before my time, just but that what I gravitate towards. Or I used to. I listen to a lot of classical and instrumental now.

  13. Minden Raider

    R.S.P.C Arsenal. Not iron minded at all. Im a Paddy through and through who left Ireland in 1966 as a 16 year old (when I saw my first Gunners match and was hooked). Went back to Ireland when I was 42 retired at 66 and here I am living the dream in The Costa Blanca. Regards to all your relatives (Irish or not)

  14. TheLegendaryDB10

    Unbelievable… 63,000 have signed and it’s still going!!

    Talking of films, absolutely love Fight Club, Se7en and The Matrix (1st film).

    Just recently discovered and watched Hellraiser. Great horror film!

  15. Un na naai


    You got Kodi? You can rent it on amazon
    For me it’s up there with oldboy. I won’t spoil it for you but was just non stop action and psychological horror/thriller.

  16. Un na naai


    It is but I saw the devil is a close second
    The wailing is really good too. Train to busan is decent.

    There’s two in planning on
    The Yellow Sea and the chase are meant to be good.
    But deffo check out I saw the devil. Was hooked from first to last

  17. Minden Raider

    Un Na Naai I have been in bed but sneaked up. On a serious note do you think Dick will last the season

  18. Cesc Appeal

    AFTV did a video on the petition a couple of hours ago, no doubt that will bring some signatures to it tonight and tomorrow.

    Regardless of whether people think Kroenke cares…it’s not a good look for him

  19. Un na naai

    I’m 3-4 episodes in and quite enjoying it. Don’t spoil it. Can’t get into any series at the minute. Want to watch Chernobyl but waiting for the Mrs to piss off for the weekend and I’ll sit down with that.

  20. Un na naai


    If you like helraiser you’ll enjoy event horizon. Massively underrated horror. Up there with “the thing”and “the fly”for me

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s a good tune,,,


    Won’t spoil it.. it’s ok..

    Me fave to watch when missus ain’t around is

  22. TheLegendaryDB10


    I’ve watched Event Horizon 10+ times already!! Love that film. Sam Neill is chilling in this film. Totally agree. It’s a massively underrated film.

    If you like your Horror films, have you watched John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness?

  23. Gentlebris

    ‘Brazilian journalist Sergio Araujo is reporting that Arsenal have today sent medical staff to Brazil in order to finalise a deal for Gremio forward Everton Soares.’

    Everyone having a go at Arsenal fans this summer, can’t blame them though. I bet that Brazilian dude walked long distance home from a bar and got a little breeze-happy in the head. What’s in fashion? Tease those desperate fuckers labouring under Kroenke.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The main ma

    Sir tippa

    Man still cutting tunes n playing gigs…

    A London institution .

    This man should get more exposure truly ,,

    The blessed one tippa,

    Where do you start . Where do you end with his sounds ….
    Thank the lots him London


  25. Un na naai


    No. I’ll check it out.

    Yeah. They need to do more horror like event horizon and hellraiser. Lovcraftian horror. I really enjoyed annihilation too. Read the book. Really good twist on the book.

  26. Cmansf

    Unfortunately, this is a good start but the only way any change is possible is for the sponsors to get unsettled as they have a far greater voice than fans.

    Whilst the football is turgid, we still went a bought the new kit in droves and the stadium will be 80% full most games. Just look at Man U and Newcastle both been trying to get their owners to change or move out the club for years but unwilling to take the ultimate step and stop supporting the team visibly and with their hard-earned cash.

  27. Un na naai


    Just watched the trailer
    Thought I was watching big trouble in little China. Half the bloody cast
    I’ll give that a go though

  28. Gentlebris

    Seeing this is a film night, you must have seen CASH IN THE BANK, a thriller by I. Gazidis.


    THE NEXT LEVEL IS THE NEXT LEVEL, an award winning movie by monsieur Wenger.


    GOOD EBENING, by Unai Emery.


    YOU ARE NOT A COACH, by Prince Mesut.




    YOUR SUMMER IS MINE, by Mr Levy Fucker.


    I WANT ALL YOUR 45, by Mr League One Level.

  29. TOLI83

    Probably one of your best posts Pedro has sparked a film discussion !!!

    I’m in and well done for doing something about it, bravo.

    A true influencer, enough is enough.

  30. MidwestGun

    As I always like who done it movies..

    Why you looking at me? Starring Josh Kroenke.

    Who’s hair is this, anyhow? Starring Stan Kroenke.

    I signed yonder online petition as well.. even though I don’t really think it will do anything .. what the hell if Pedro can take the time.. to sign up for it… I guess I can give them my electronic signature.. it was ticking away at near 65k when I last saw it.

  31. TheLegendaryDB10


    “Lovecraftian horror.”

    Yep. The best genre. Prince of Darknees and The thing are part of John Carpenter’s Trilogy of Apocalypse. His 3rd film At the Mouth of Madness is a gonna be if some sorts to H.P Lovecraft. Not as good as the other 2 but fun nonetheless.

    If ever you want to actually read Lovecraft, I suggest you read Call of Cthulhu, followed by At The Mountains of Madness. My 2 favourite stories by him. If you do end up getting sucked in, you’ll end up reading everything he wrote (just like I did).

    When you do watch Prince of Darkness, I suggest watching with it with all lights off and the sound high enough to immerse you. You won’t regret it.

  32. David Smith

    Sadly, The club are doing very well for Kroenke, and he isn’t going to let a few fans alter that.
    Telegraph journalist Matt Scott explains it far better that I can , scroll down to 5 July 9.02am

    This club is nothing more than an investment vehicle, what we do or don’t do on the pitch, within reason has no consequence for Stans MO.
    Depressing. David Dein, Lady Nina and a few still here , hang your heads in shame for what you have bought on this club, perhaps for good.
    Wenger was many things, in the end, inept , incompetent , ego driven, self serving, but perhaps ultimately, just someone who genuinely cared about the club who thought he could navigate Stans ways and manage his way through this with a half decent team but became obstinate , and perhaps mindful of offers he turned down 15 years ago, determined on self preservation. I suspect deep down, though he may not be contractually able to admit it thanks to a big payoff, Wenger may have more contempt for Stan than any of us

  33. Nelson

    Arsenal XI: Macey, Jenkinson, Chambers, Medley, Thompson; Olayinka, Burton; Martinelli, John-Jules, Saka; Nketiah

  34. DaveB666

    OK – Alderweireld – a known release clause, he doesn’t have to move, kids can stay in school- we have history in taking spuds best defenders – why isn’t this priority one (especially with club captain staying at home…..)

  35. Leedsgunner

    Ask yourselves this.

    What one factor was crucial in getting rid of Wenger in 2017?


    Half Empty stadiums.

    If we stay away, Kronke will notice because it will hit him in the pocket.

  36. MidwestGun

    Good Ebening. Emery interview.. says he is trying to figure out tonight which youth will make an impact this season.. Looks like the formation might be a 4-diamond 2 with Martinelli at the top of the diamond in midfield. Saka and Eddie up top.

  37. Nelson

    In the state, there is a tradition to sing the national song before the game. Tonight, they display the two flags instead.

  38. MidwestGun

    Yep….They are singing … plus some pyrotechnics . smoke bombs and explosions.

    By the time it starts I’m gonna say it will be 90%… Beer lines are probably long.. although they did say it might rain..

  39. Alex Cutter

    Eleven rids the growth herself as Hopper’s group arrives. Plans are made to take Eleven to safety, while Hopper, Joyce and Murray will shut off the machine, with Dustin and Erica navigating them from his radio tower. Dustin enlists Suzie’s help for a necessary code. Billy and the Mind Flayer trap Eleven at the mall. Billy seizes Eleven for the Mind Flayer while the others distract it with fireworks. Eleven is able to awaken Billy’s mind from his memories, and Billy sacrifices himself to protect Eleven. Hopper fights with Grigori in the gate room as Joyce prepares to trigger the shutdown. Hopper throws Grigori into the machine, causing it to go haywire and block his exit. Hopper nods at Joyce to trigger the shutdown, seemingly disintegrating everyone in the gate room, and stopping the Mind Flayer. As Dr. Owens arrives with military forces, Eleven sees from Joyce’s expression that Hopper is gone. Three months later, Joyce’s family and a powerless Eleven prepare to move out of Hawkins. Joyce gives Hopper’s written speech to Eleven. In Kamchatka, Russian guards are instructed to feed a prisoner, but “not the American”, to a captive Demogorgon.

  40. Alex Cutter

    …”about 70% capacity looks like in the stands.”

    So much for fans giving Kroenke the business.

    Typing “Kroenke sucks” on the internet is infinitely easier than actually doing something about it.

  41. MidwestGun

    Well half the fans are probably Rapids fans.. and this might be the one time in their lifetime some of these fans will ever see Arsenal play.. But yeah not gonna see much protesting tonight,

  42. PieAFC

    I like how Eddie is dropping deep. Picking the ball up loads, can tell out of the rest he’s probably spent more time with the first team.

  43. MidwestGun

    Yeah not bad… hard to tell much though Rapids are very bad and this is their youth team too.. Game doesn’t have much flow.. we are defending well… for once.

  44. PieAFC

    Yeah definitely Mid.

    Kind of on the assumption it must be Freddie’s set up. Play the way he did with the u23s last season.

    Probably change the system second half with the senior players…

  45. MidwestGun

    Yep.. I was thinking same Pie. 4-4-2 defending looks pretty solid they seem to know to jump into it 2 blocks of 4 pretty quickly.. So must be youth team drilling. Attack is basically just 1 v 1 dribbling… and our attackers are better then their defenders for the most part. Martinelli and Saka and Eddie like to run at players .. Olayinka’s goal was a thing of beauty off a bad turnover by the Rapids.

  46. Guns of SF

    you see the youth play with abandon… can you imagine Ozil doing what Olayinka just did and score? Its just ridiculous. I bet the second team could give the first team a run for the money…. no kidding

  47. Guns of SF

    Jenks is like an old man out there. Kinda embarrased for him.
    This guy will always be stuck to us. He is a reminder of things gone awry wenger era

  48. MidwestGun

    Yeah … Martinelli looked ok… hard to tell.. I think he prefers playing on the left.. in all the videos I saw.. but he does like to push the ball forward … run at players .. I do like that. He really should have scored probably.. panicked a bit.

  49. Guns of SF

    Kinda funny how our kids are taking to the first team in MLS

    Just shows you,,,,, we got some talented kids…

  50. Guns of SF

    SJ earthquakes the local team here is doing well. We went to the game vs Salt Lake and left before the end- Of course in the car driving away we see the game winning goal on the large jumbotron by SJ.

    Figures lol

  51. Guns of SF

    why cant we produce an eden hazard type… our team is still crying out for that type of player… we get top 3 for sho

  52. PieAFC

    The midfield defensive duo. Play with. Structure. Almost ends being a 4-2-4.

    Burton and the other fella.

    Not UE system at all.

  53. MidwestGun

    And that’s it.. well not sure what I learned. Except what I already know.. I would play Chambers at CB before I would play Mustafi.. and Kola.. can’t play FB… we need Tierney.. or somebody,

    Martinelli and Saka looked ok.. Youth midfield played better then when Willock and Ozil came on… but match was already over.

  54. Nelson

    We don’t have an effective system to move the ball forwards. Our defenders and midfielders can’t pass the ball forwards. Too slow and tedious.

  55. MidwestGun

    Nelson .. I don’t know about all that… don’t think it was the system, imo. partly these types of games are disjointed and partly they are playing at mile high altitude first game of the season. .so out of shape.. you aren’t going to see end to end action. And partly we don’t have a midfield that is all that creative… or fullbacks.. I mean Jenks was the starter. so our forwards drop deeper to get the ball and run at people instead of through link up play through the midfield. We could use an upgrade in the midfield.. but we all knew that.. at the very least replace Ramsey. Anyhow.. I didn’t take all that much from it.

  56. Tony

    Better than the live version is this CD;

    Also a big movie fan since the mid 60s.

    Really enjoy true inspirational stories of peoples’ struggles in love and how they win though against all the odds:

    Door to Door is just one of many great movies. Just got a copy brought over for my son (10) and daughter (21) to watch and they loved it:

    Great motivator for management team building and sales training courses that always invoked good discussions after.

    Disagree that there are too few good series around. Plenty to find if you look for them.

  57. China1

    That keeper we used against rapids looked massive

    Seems like he has a penchant for spilling the ball when he saves shots tho even tho he got away with it every time this match

    Looks like saka was good again and the second goal was a banger

    Nice chested goal off that blasted cross by martinelli as well

    Seems like we were leaking chances like a sieve as usual mind

  58. Emiratesstroller

    It is crystal clear that Arsenal do have youngsters who can make the grade in
    first team over next couple of years and the question for me is why we are still
    prioritising wingers when there are players like Martinelli, Nelson and Saka
    coming through system.

    Okay they may not be the finished article this season, but then frankly unless
    the club are prepared to spend £70-80 million on a winger in this transfer window on the likes of Pepe or Zaha I don’t understand the point of pursuing
    such a player.

    Arsenal are unlikely to qualify for Champions League [Top 4 Finish in EPL] next season on current evidence so from my perspective we should be
    rebuilding areas of the team/squad where we know that there are serious
    weaknesses and the club do not have “quality” resources in pipeline.

    Personally I would prefer to spend £50 million on a top class Centre Back or
    Creative Central Midfielder.

    What is becoming clear also is that the so-called £45 million net budget is almost certainly a myth. As I forecast many times before the amount of money most probably available is in the region of £100 million [our sponsorship package] albeit there is probably reluctance to spend it.

    The feedback I have got back is that the low budget was for public consumption and potential sellers rather than the reality of situation.

  59. Leedsgunner

    If we are going to spend £80m we could buy a back four if we’re canny and careful.

    Alves – back up RB (free)
    Konate – £30m
    Dunk – £25m
    Tierney- £25m

    This would be better for the team than a star winger.

    If a proven winger is a must we need to sell our deadwood pronto to raise as much money as we can.

    Jenkinson- £5m
    Kos – £5m
    Kolasinac – £25m
    Mustafi – £15m
    Elneny – £10m
    Asano – £2m

    I’ve left out Özil because I don’t think he can be sold due to his wages. Bielik, I think wants to go for more first team football but hopefully he can see that if he plays his hand right he can be a useful squad player especially with Holding on the mend and Kos out the door but if push came to shove he could be sold for £20m plus as he is attracting a lot of interest.

    I also really hope Xavier Amaechi can also be brought around but I think he’ll go and we should sell him for £15m plus especially if clubs like Bayern are looking at him.

  60. KAY Boss

    I get it when fans feel we should provide a defender this summer. Build up is way too slow. But with quality wingers, opposing teams barely attack knowing the dangers when they’re caught off guard.
    Honestly don’t know of a seasoned defender that can help us except Koulibaly. He’s way out of our range.
    Dunk? But he’s been priced at £45m.
    Anyone with a shout of a decent/good cb on affordable price?
    Nuhu Adams of Hoffeinheim is my choice.