Arsenal come back with the funds

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Well GOOD morning to you all.

I was thinking about that Laurent Kos contract issue yesterday, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was very clever.

You give an older player a 3-year deal, which is good news to the player. The clubs assumption, generously, is that they will be relevant-ish for the first two years, but then less so in the players 34th year, but they are still kept on life support with a performance related bump so it’s not offensive. Maybe the total value of the deal is front-loaded to make it more interesting to sign.

Arsenal make the final year of the deal an unpleasant place to be if the player is not playing. That gives two options: The player leaves, freeing the wage bill. The player stays and DOES NOT mail it in for the final year. The player stays and doesn’t play but doesn’t cost at lot.

Daniel Levey of Spurs has a different way of making the final year tough. He gives players a bit of premium in their contract offers. So, say you have a young Harry Kane, you give him more than he’s worth at a young age and you give him a loooong deal. Then his special sauce is putting an optional extra year in the deal, so if it gets to that danger zone where they look like they could be off, he activates the additional year. The hope is also that the player becomes more valuable than the deal as it chugs along.

You’ll remember comically that Arsenal did this with defensive superstar, Johann Djourou.

So whilst I don’t agree that we should be keeping Laurent this summer, I do like the idea of being a little smarter with contracts so we don’t have to suffer the indignity of having 60% of our squad waiting out their deals.

In more positive news, Arsenal has kicked into gear with the Keiran Tierney deal. We’re finally going to cough up the £25m needed for him. That’s super exciting, he has all the ingredients Emery desires from a left back and he’ll be a nice counter to Bellerin on the right. The Celtic fans are naturally gutted, they feel like they’ve been pillaged by an English club again, and hopefully that’s 100% true.

There are STRONG rumours from France that we’re in the race for Pepe this summer. The £80m man is looking for an intermediary club for him before he moves to a big club and that intermediary is Arsenal.

Utter tosh people. If you think we’ve been pissing around in the shame mud all summer trying to work out Zaha when we’ve been carrying £80m of gold for Pepe, you are a madman.

Though Pepe has a lot going for him, namely age and fanciness because he’s foreign, we do not have that sort of cash… and Luis Campos is not going to let his star man leave for £40m while Spurs drop £80m on a similarly valuable player.

I’d imagine the noise is that PSG haven’t moved yet and the panic is setting in with his team that he won’t move this summer.

Zaha really would be lovely. Someone that’s powerful, direct, skilful and a total bully would be a very steep upgrade on what we have at the minute. It’s just a shame there’s nothing in our mixer worth swapping. Either because the player wouldn’t go, or the player we’d swap is clearly not good enough.

It’s also worth noting that whilst we sit there and concern ourselves is the lack of wingers at the club, there are bigger issues we’re facing down.

We lost all of our leadership. Petr Cech may not have been the biggest name at the club last year, but he took over from Per Mertesacker as a big voice in the dressing room. He’s gone.

We lost Aaron. I cannot overstate what an issue that’s going to be this year. We lost his energy, his passion to move the ball forward, the threat in front of goal and obviously the deep understanding of what it meant to be an Arsenal player.

We have 1 centre back that wants to be at Arsenal next season. That really is a problem. Can someone please get Lewis Dunk on the blower right now? Whoever we bring in needs to be organised and a natural born killer when it comes to leadership. We simply cannot go into the season with Mustafi throwing himself into imaginary challenges like a lunatic every game.

I don’t know how we’re going to plug all these gaps this season. From the outside looking in, it seems like we’re in a very nightmarish place. There’s no fixed vision of where we’re moving as a club, because the person tasked with that blueprint only just landed.

Interesting looking at the Chelsea model. Bringing in a young coach, take the transfer ban on the chin, refocus the club for a year, then spend the savings surplus next season when you know which young players are going to be good for anything.

We look like we have a self-imposed transfer ban, and to be honest, it’s looking more and more like the gaps in our armour are going to have to be filled by the kids. Chelsea is like the person dieting because they’ve been slung in a Spanish prison, we’re dieting because we’re on a self-imposed Crouch End juice cleanse.

Before I go, I’m not sure who this seasons celeb right back is going to be, but how about Dani Alves? He dresses real nice and he is a WINNER. Would shift some shirts as well. Make it happen, Edu.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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  1. Moray

    Tierney can wake up and smell the coffee if he thinks he’s going to be beating anyone 4-0 at Arsenal!

    I wonder if he is our answer to lack of leadership on the pitch?

  2. Graham62


    Re: Josh Kroenke.

    A chip off the old block.

    I hope someone took him to one side to explain to him that’s not how it works.

    I know, clutching at straws again.

  3. Gentlebris

    Do not, I repeat do not bid more money for Tierney or even yield to Celtic’s demand of how the payment should be structured.

    Guy is a risk.
    A good player maybe but his injuries are a big red light.

  4. Graham62


    Re: “Our image problem”

    What I don’t get is how can we keep making so many poor decisions without anyone seeing what it is doing to the clubs image?

    Arsenal have become a joke in this aspect of their operation. Where is our PR department? What are they doing to highlight this shambolic state of affairs? Why aren’t the board and the owners being drilled on this? Yeh, by our frigging PR executives!

    From our transfer dealings, to our contract negotiations the “image” of Arsenal FC is falling apart at the seams. To say I’m ashamed of my club is an understatement. I mean, how the fuck can Josh Kroenke get away with wearing a Rams shirt on a fudging Arsenal tour?

    Give me an economy ticket and a taxi ride from the airport and I’d go and have a chat with him. This is the problem, ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. Everyone totally aloof from the realities of things.

    I’ve never felt so detached from my club.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Some Celtic fans are demanding that Arsenal should pay £40m for Tierney before they accept. Apparently it’s an affront for them to be accepting anything less. According to them them if we were willing to shell out for Zaha we should be willing to pay the same for their player.

    Please, this is getting silly now.

    We’ve met their evaluation… either they want a deal or not…

  6. HighburyLegend

    “Off to work now.”
    Ozil’s mantra.

    “Can someone please let me know when anything positive happens at AFC.”
    And you also wants the next winning numbers of the lottery ?

  7. Leftsidesanch

    We’ve met the valuation for Tierney, there’s no way he should be going for anymore. If Celtic want to be difficult then we should move on to other targets.

  8. Terri Maaki

    Pedro… With all due respect you need to start doing something about this, its open season on Muslims on this forum. This aint no faux outrage, your letting peeps getting away with it for a long while now… if your aim is for a diversity of ‘football’ opinion then great, but if you want downright abuse then I’m sure a couple of us can go in hard in reverse. Fix this up otherwise it is going to escalate

  9. Un na naai

    I wouldn’t mind. The discussion yesterday was tennis based so this has come as an almighty surprise.

    Lovely stuff though Jay. Real nice for a Monday morning.

  10. Vintage Gun

    C’mon Jay. Leave that stuff out of here.

    Anyways, regarding Tierney £25m is a very good offer.No matter how it’s structured.
    I think the problem has been the way most media outlets and pundits reacted to our opening £15m offer with screams of “Celtic would be foolish to take less than £40m” and “LOOK AT WHAT WAN-BISSAKA JUST WENT FOR”.
    All that talk put batteries in Celtics back and now they feel as if they are getting lowballed despite the fact that deep down without the media hype they would have accepted this offer.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Well I got it wrong
    Well done England

    Want 36m for Everton

    Just pay it if you want him.

    Don’t pussy foot around

  12. Vintage Gun

    Take Zaha for instance.

    Nobody and i mean NOBODY was claiming him to be a £80-£100m player during the last season. We bid £40m and all of a sudden we’ve outrageously and shockingly had the audacity to bid half his value,

    How many wingers in the PL have cost that fee? Sterling? NO, Sane? NO. Salah? NO Surely Mane? Again NO.

    Basically as much as i like Zaha and think he’d strengthen our left flank, £55m would be my cut off point.

  13. OleGunner

    Seeing images of Josh, Raul and Edu yucking it up at a training session just makes my blood boil.
    Sure it’s just an image, but its not in any way an encouraging one.

    Terri Maaki, expecting any sort of moderation on this blog is laughable.

  14. HighburyLegend

    @Ole : maybe Edu is just another “puppet”, who came just for the love of money ??

    (–>> shocking!!)

  15. Ishola70

    “Seeing images of Josh”

    Did you like his Rams T-Shirt?

    I suppose we should just be honoured that he even bothered to turn up.

  16. OleGunner


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Edu is ultimately just a puppet.
    This regime so far has given us almost zero reason for optimism, and I appreciate they inherited a massive shit show.

    Josh in a Rams shirt is just an Ultima troll move.
    Like hey guys, ya’ll know where my real priorities are right?

    I’m reading too much into this crap, but with how the window has gone I can be nothing but paranoid.

  17. CG

    Who needs to hear from Silent Stan when you have fotos?

    That foto yesterday with his son Josh K and Co was utterly horrific.( Even more excruciatingly than Emerys’ Good Ebening).

    Look at the state of them all????

    They All look like they need a good bath, a good tailor and frankly a good spanking.

    I never thought I would see the day AFC executives would be wearing Primark clobber in the public arena and think its acceptable or even normal.


    Is this us 2019?
    The Arsenal?
    Executives looking like they are on their hols in Benidorm!!!

    As you all know – I have no time for The Clown currently foistered upon us The Spiv.

    But the training ground is his arena.

    Raul and Vinny constantly ‘in it’ and overlooking everything is terrible optics

    (And if they dont know that. They are even more useless and duplicitous than I expected.)

    In a way – if there is one slither of positivity that comes through.

    We now all know- we have ONE MISSION.
    We need to get these Kroenkes out of the club.
    Their involvement is clearly malignant.

    Enough is Enough..
    That Foto Shames us!

  18. Ishola70

    All in vain but at least views aired.

    Now that Kroenke Snr has absolutely no-one to answer to at the club it’s unlikely he will ever be seen in public at an Arsenal event or gathering ever again.

    Will see son on occasions akin to parent sending kid to the shops for a loaf on bread on errand.

    Kid unhappy that he has been sent on errand trolls shop.

  19. Dissenter

    Is Tierney that good ?
    I mean the commentary about Iwobi learning from Tierney was a bit dim because the level of opposition they face weekly is legions apart. I’m sure you can find you tube videos of Iwobi having quality moments against quality opposition. I’m pretty sure he has some good goals where he hit the ball well.

    Scotland (national team) is really bad, with or without Tierney.

    I wish Arsenal could play Kilmarnock 6 times a year.
    I’m sure Iwobi wishes he could play Kilmarnock 6 times every season.

    Tierney still needs to make that step-up to England. Let’s drop the pretentious hype …okay?.

  20. Dissenter

    Who didn’t know the Kroenke’s had multiple sporting businesses before they bought Arsenal.
    What’s all this psthetic hullabaloo about Josh showing up in a Rams shirt?

    The Rams operate in LA and are also in preseason camp very close to where Arsenal are training.

  21. KAY Boss

    £25m for Tierney is the maximum we should go. If Celtic is demanding more, then we should move on to another target. The reported bid meets their valuation. They just unhappy with the payment structure.
    But as I said yesterday, IMO, I think is already done. It’s just media being late to info on the deal including the skys and the ornsteins.
    Le Grove part of the signatories to the Kroenke petition. But does it amount to anything meaningful?

  22. Ishola70

    What are you going on about Dissenter?

    It doesn’t matter if it is in LA.

    It is an Arsenal camp in LA. The former over-rides the later as far as fans are concerned.

    It was crass and as others have said just highlights this situation with the Kroenkes that Arsenal are some poor distant cousin they care little for.

  23. David Smith

    I am less concerned with the Rams shirt, it is a different sport after all, than the passive ownership, doing absolutely nothing while the ship sinks, hiring, then having to pay off a regime that were wrecking the club, then just taking the money away as the waters are rising.
    This can only confirm this club are purely a low risk investment vehicle , collateral for other projects, which can exist in mediocrity to achieve some sort of level of these very aims.
    As deluded, egocentric, and incompetent as Wenger was at the end, I am increasingly getting the feeling Wenger may have understood this at an early stage and somehow tried to marry Kroenkes ways and putting half decent team together in a tough environment before becoming completely deluded, entrenched and intransigent.
    The model is now Leicester, Spurs etc, problem is, those teams are run by people who care, it seems we are not

  24. David Smith

    I don’t think there has ever been any doubt which sports team are dearest to Kroenkes heart , and it isn’t us
    The shirt is a silly throwaway thing, but we all know the score anyway

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are dropping down the pecking order in both EPL and UEFA Football
    not because our revenues and bank balances are weak, but because the club’s
    owner treats the club purely as a business devoid of any real PASSION or AMBITION.

    The club’s senior management appear to have little flexibility or say in how money is being spent in the transfer market.

    They are required to work within a very limited budget and our horizon when
    it comes to buying players is very much now second or even third tier.

    Every “selling and buying” club on the planet knows by now how inept our club
    is. Selling clubs demand exorbitant transfer fees for average players and when
    we attempt to sell similar calibre players their wages impact on their sales value.

    I am all for introducing youth into first team squad. This should be the barometer of our Academy Programme.

    However, the reality is that the club lacks players of potential to play in defence and for this reason we should be focussing this summer on bringing
    in defenders.

    What concerns me is how Arsenal unlike most of our competitors appear to
    have an inability to get deals over the line. You don’t see that happening with
    other English and Continental Clubs.

    We are now just three weeks to the close of transfer window without completing a significant deal. The major concern is that many potential selling clubs will be soon time limited in finding replacements.

    Tierney is hardly a mega star. Why is it so complicated to get this deal over the line? Also why has the club been so slow to find a new Centre Back when we
    know that most of the players in our squad are not good enough and need
    to be replaced.

    Finding a winger is a luxury and not a necessity. The club has two or three youngsters like Nelson and Saka coming through system who could be outstanding in next couple of years. Why are we focussing on that position in
    transfer window when we know that our defence should be priority?

    What is becoming clear to everyone is that the way the club is being run at
    moment is completely shambolic.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting that Le Grove is a signatory to that letter to Kroenke yet I don’t feel Pedro is anywhere near as critical of Kroenke as many of the others on that list are. Interesting to see how Pedro shapes any critique of Kroenke in his post.

  27. OleGunner

    That letter is well phrased, precise and to the point.
    Glad to see so many more prominent Arsenal groups and blogs sign off on it including this place.

    My main worry is that Kroenke will use it to wipe his ass during his morning dump and move on with his day.

  28. Graham62


    Who, this time last year, would have said Wan-Bissaka would go for £50m?

    I agree though, £55m for Zaha is realistic.

    The thing is with Arsenal they act like a bargain basement team with their transfer dealings and offers.

    As for the tennis, can’t wait for the time clock to be introduced at the US Open.

    No more GS’s for the control freaks that are Messrs Nadal and Djokovic.

    Twelve years too late though.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    #WeCareDoYou is trending worldwide as is Stan Kroenke.

    In a PR era and hypersensitivity to social media that will definitely be picked up on.

  30. Nelson

    “when the Managing Director and Head of Football speak to invited supporters on July 25th.”

    Le Grovers can start submitting your questions to Pedro…

  31. Cesc Appeal

    I do like the part about hearing all their guff about ambition but seeing nothing to suggest how exactly they are going to achieve EPL and UCL success.

    I mean, hearing that and then seeing them allow Wenger to run the club into the ground for 6 years and then offering up £60 Million last summer and £40 Million this summer during a complete restructure and rebuild of a club that has dropped from UCL to Europa League sort of torpedoes any notion of their super ambition.

  32. Dissenter

    Maybe Josh should have taken off his shoes as well
    Do you realize that the Kroenke’s talked about ‘synergy’ between their sporting organizations when ey were buying up shares.
    We would be using Rams facilities had the stadium project in LA been completed.

    Get over it. Arsenal is not the only sporting business they have. We are only one in a group of businesses. We are training 8,000 miles from home and who cares 3hat short he shows up in.
    You lot get distracted by a lot of BS when there a bigger things going wrong.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Celtic are treating us like the kunts we are. Turning down £25m for a piece of shit left back. You must be kidding me. This chap is worth at best, £5m. This isn’t Roberto Carlos.

    Arsenal are being mugged off.

    The sooner this club just dies, the better. The humane thing would be for Stan to sell and open a mall.

  34. Dissenter

    Everyone knows that the Fenway group applied baseball moneyball techniques to Liverpool to help it succeed.
    They applied Boston Red Sox methods to help Liverpool. No one is complaining now.
    There are also many photograph of the Liverpool owner [and his retinue] showing up to Liverpool US summer camps with Red Sox apparel. Liverpool typically train in Boston, same as Arsenal will typically train in LA.

    People just like to make up drama.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    People are picking up on the Rams shirt because they see it as symbol or symptom of the Kroenke’s lackadaisical ownership.

    If the Liverpool owner turns up in a Boston I doubt Liverpool fans will care because they know their owner cares about their club and is presiding over an upward trajectory.

    The Rams shirt to many Arsenal fans is a symbol of years of neglect, allowing a geriatric fuck to run the club into the ground, hands off ownership, zero investment even after their lack of oversight put us into football and financial troubled waters and now trying to suggest we’re superduper ambitious with an entire budget amounting to less than Spurs spent on a single player.

  36. China1

    Pedro knows as well as the rest of us how toxic stan’s negligence has been but he took a punt on stan not being a terrible owner a while back and we all know he considers it bad form to admit when he’s made an error of judgement and change course. That’s the marketing line of thinking where you lose support by flip flopping.

    We all remember gazidis lol.

  37. Nelson

    “You mean untold weren’t asked to sign that statement?”

    I am more surprised that AFTV hasn’t signed that statement.

  38. Dissenter

    Would you be satisfied if Josh had gone to change his shirt minuets before showing up at the Arsenal camp, just for ceremonies reasons only to continue the passive hands off management approach.
    It’s not like he showed up at London Colney in a Rams shirt. We are 8000 miles away from home training close to the Rams summer camp which is Josh’s primary office.
    We are owned by an organization that never hid the fact that we would be one in a group of businesses. The major shareholders were aware of this before they sold out.

    The Kroenkes have talked about ‘synergy’ which is not different from what the Fenway sports group does with Liverpool.

  39. Ishola70


    You can excuse Josh Kroenke as much as you want.

    They are shit owners .

    Liverpool lot have proved good owners. They would have more leeway in regards turning up at a Liverpool camp wearing colours of other team(s) they own. Nobody would care because they have been seen to have done well for the club.

    Kroenke’s are shit owners so have less understanding in this matter. There is more resentment towards them.

    Dissenter feels it necessary on here to keep “defending” the Kroenke’s on here or at least gets a little uptight when they are called out or criticised . Has been noted.

    Say after me Dissenter.

    “The Kroenke’s are shit owners of Arsenal FC”

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Why are you obsessed with clothing?

    The Rams shirt hasn’t sparked anger because of the shirt, it’s because of years of negligent ownership culminating in a summer where Arsenal have £40 Million to spend in a hyper inflated market where we’re being outspent by West Ham despite assertions from KSE that we want to win the UCL and EPL.

  41. Dissenter

    You’re all mixed up my friend
    The Kroenkes are shits owners isn’t debatable. They’ve been utterly negligent. I’ve said that from day one of you ever bothered to wake up from your Xhaka-induced coma.
    It’s the whining about Josh showing up in a LA Arsenal training camp in Inglewood next to his primary office where he actively supervises the Rams…wearing a Rams shirt that’s pathetic.

    I’ve told you that Fenway sports group’s cross pollination of ideas between a US baseball organization and Liverpool didn’t stop them from winning the CL
    Stop focusing or getting mad at fluff. The real issue is the passive hands off nature of their management.

  42. China1

    The kroenkes are toxic wastrels and so long as they are here we will probably never return to relevance

  43. Ishola70

    Fans get annoyed seeing son’s owner wear a club shirt in an Arsenal training camp where it is thought that club in training camp is just used as an offshore bank account in relation to the team son’s owner is wearing.

    Please forgive us Dissenter for our irritation.

  44. Marko

    Dissenter I think you’re wrong on this one (only one?) While it’s not a big deal it’s tone deaf and given the perception that they don’t give a shit to roll up at an Arsenal training camp in Rams gear just adds more fuel to the fire. Has anyone ever seen one of them in Arsenal garb ever? I mean I get that they were probably doing something in this Arsenal Rams meet up or whatever it was but he couldn’t have just changed his t-shirt? Probably not

  45. Receding Hairline

    “Why are you obsessed with clothing?”

    To be fair he isn’t

    Posters picked up on it and held it up as a lack of class or something. I do agree he has wasted more time than deserved on the subject

  46. salparadisenyc

    Don’t really see the harm in wearing a Rams T in LA to an Arsenal training sess, team just had sick run into the super bowl. I was more struck with Raul than anything else in that picture, fully expected him to say “Ze plane, Ze plane” giving us his best Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

    Congrat to LG for signing onto the Kroenke Statement, #wecaredoyou, quality stuff from all involved.

  47. Receding Hairline

    Marko it simply means Josh is a Rams fan not an Arsenal fan. They never said they were fans when they came buying did they?? Josh probably doesn’t enjoy football same way i can’t make head or tail of American football.

  48. Dissenter

    The people moaning about Josh showing up in a Rams shirt are the ones getting bogged down in the weeds I wasn’t the one who started the whining about Josh showing up in a Rams shirt.
    Would it have made an iota of difference is he wore a short with a Ralph Laurent logo?

    The real issue is their hands-off approach to management . It’s their repeated failure to articulate a vision for Arsenal. It’s their unwillingness to set goals and oversee their hired hands properly.

    …not some silly Rams shirt?

  49. Ishola70

    No-one cares about what the Liverpool owners do or don’t do Dissenter.

    They have free rein with the Liverpool fans at this time because they are seen to be doing a good job for the club.

    People will pull up the Kroenke’s because they are not seen to be doing a good job. Just leeches whose real sporting interests lie elsewhere. So they will be criticised and yes for anything that is seen as a slight on the club.

    If you can’t see that you are daft or just looking for arguments.

    You got all uptight on here the other day as well when Kroenke was criticised?

    What’s your game?

  50. China1

    is there any evidence that him wearing one of their shirts meant that he did, or enabled him to transmit useful knowledge to arsenal that has been learned from the rams that he couldn’t have shared otherwise?

    His shirt isn’t helping him cross pollinate lol. If that’s his plan then god help us!

    The shirt is a small issue in isolation but context shows you he doesn’t give a fuck about arsenal and here he is taking little steps to support that already widely known fact.

    As was said, it’s not an example of some clever cross pollination, it’s a little symptom of a massive, larger issue, which is that they don’t give a toss

  51. Receding Hairline

    “Fans get annoyed seeing son’s owner wear a club shirt in an Arsenal training camp where it is thought that club in training camp is just used as an offshore bank account in relation to the team son’s owner is wearing.”

    You might need to calm down and re-type this cos it’s not making much sense

    Same family that owns the LA Rams own Arsenal. He can come naked if he is a nudist. What he wore to the camp is irrelevant, he was not even obligated to be there yet he was.

    As for the calls for new leadership, isn’t it a bit too soon to pass a vote of n confidence in Raul, Vinai and the just resumed Edu?? I mean many stood by and did nothing for a decade while Gazidis ran us into the ground now no one is willing to give the new regime more than 18 months?? doesn’t add up.

  52. Nelson

    “Arsenal fans have united to call on “absent” Stan Kroenke to end his reign of “passive” ownership and reinvigorate the football club”

    Obviously not Le Grovers. We all know who defends the administration. Grad to know that they are in the minority among the Arsenal fans.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Very very interesting and telling that Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) or any of the other well known people on their channel are nowhere near that statement.

    Don’t want to poison their relationship with the club I guess…

    Their whole raison d’etre is supposedly allowing the ordinary fan to speak…. did Robbie Lyle say anything on his Transfer Daily Show yet?

  54. Marko

    Dissenter doing cartwheels everytime a fellow American is spoken about is a sight though

    But to be fair it speaks volumes of the Arsenal fanbase to get so pissed off over a fashion faux pas. Fuck all else to talk about I suppose

  55. Dissenter

    Is you’re going to bash them for real mistakes, do so…not moan about a shirt.

    The shirt issue is not a symptom. It’s a distraction.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Whilst the Kroenke’s may not take a blind bit of notice about the consumer [supporter] they will be concerned if the commercial sponsors [Adidas, Emirates
    and Rwanda] were to pull the plug.

    These three sponsors are investing almost £110 million pa in the club.There
    will come a point where they are reluctant to keep on investing money in
    a club for such poor return on investment.

  57. China1

    How you present yourself is actually important because it tells your staff a bit about you

    It’s like a ceo showing up to a board meeting in sandals and flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt. Do you get the feeling their mind is on the matters at hand?

    You accept that they are hands off and negligent yet the very first and easiest step to remedy that would be to present that they actually care about the club. And if you’re gonna do that, it makes far more sense that it be done in either arsenal branded or neutral clothes

  58. Ishola70


    “cross pollinate”

    Who wants to cross poliinate with that bastardised Rams team anyway?

    Boston Red Sox could get down with. An American sports institution with a proud and long history.

  59. Leedsgunner

    Who cares what Josh K wears? I care whether he has any influence on his dad to convince him to open up that chequebook of his.

    He could show up dressed up like Ty of AFTV but if he can’t convince his dad to invest in the club it means absolutely jack.

    Forget the gestures, let’s focus on the substance.

  60. Dissenter

    Actually some CEOs show up in informal attire to stress a point.
    Steve Jobs brought that into American business culture and it’s steeped in.
    It’s not all prim and proper everywhere, surely you know that.

    Your business….your rules.

  61. Receding Hairline

    “And then Receding comes in the defender of everything Arsenal.Even the shit owners of the club.”

    Ishola the owner of a football club is allowed to wear whatever he wants. You are raging that Josh Kroenke somehow putting on an LA Rams shirt (another franchise they happen to own) is somehow symbolic and an insult on Arsenal football club. That’s nonsense.

    He visited the training base, he was not obliged to. They have replaced all those at the head, yes they allowed Gazidis and Wenger set us back a few years by their hands off approach to ownership but let’s be real here, your anger is them not putting hands into their pockets and handing Arsenal to splurge on players , the Rams shirt is just a trigger to your needs for a sugar daddy.

  62. Marko

    Cross pollination and synergy 🙂 I don’t think the Rams would want anything to do with us they’re a pretty competitive and ambitious team these days

  63. Samesong

    How you present yourself is actually important because it tells your staff a bit about you

    Thats between staff/ colleagues

    That doesn’t apply for the owner

  64. Dissenter

    Seems you’re just in a blind rage at this point, much like your Xhaka-manic episodes.
    I’ll wait for your Lithium cocktail to kick in and then we’ll chat some more.

  65. China1

    What message do you think Raul and co get when they’re meeting the distant owners and they can’t even be arsed to pretend to care lol

    And you wonder why wenger and Gazidis felt so relaxed whilst running us into the ground. Every aspect of the kroenkes from their absenteeism, to their words to their lack of basic effort in presenting themselves tells our senior management ‘we are not interested’ and then people here are curious about why we’re plodding along again this summer without a care in the world.

  66. Receding Hairline

    “What message do you think Raul and co get when they’re meeting the distant owners and they can’t even be arsed to pretend to care lol”

    And you drew this conclusion because he wore a Rams shirt?? Nice

  67. China1

    Steve Jobs wore smart casual and a plain, non-distracting attire the same every single day of the week so that he could spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time being productive

    He’s not a good example

  68. Edu me a favour

    From the moment Stan sat in that ast meeting a couple years back and literally stayed silent , the whole time , in the face of people asking ‘ aren’t you going to speak !?’ We must have know what he thought of the fans , we must have realised we were doomed – if you can go to a supporters meeting and act that way , it speaks volumes. It showed what he thought of Arsenal , and it showed that he has no clue what it means to own a football club in England. The more we moan , the more disdain he will have for us – Arsenal is his and that’s a fact. in his billionaire head , he owes us nothing , so don’t expect him for one second to do more than wipe his arse with that open letter.

  69. Ishola70

    Dissenter at it again.

    Blind rage? lol

    As said been noted that you turn up when Kroenke is slagged on here.

    Cartwheels as Marko stated lol

  70. Cesc Appeal

    The commercial partners is where you apply the pressure, did enjoy seeing AFTV people doing anti-Kroenke stuff whilst being decked out in all their new Adidas stuff.

    That will fucking learn em, take my £200 for all this Adidas merchandise, now I will bitch about the owner not investing.

  71. China1

    No I drew this conclusion based on a decade of uninterested negligence followed by a t shirt

    Are you being willfully ignorant of this lol

  72. Champagne Charlie

    Just knew Dissenter would stumble in and ask what’s wrong with Josh being in a Rams shirt. So out of touch it’s painful.

    Say it slowly….Emery, Vinai, Edu, Raul…all dressed in Arsenal clobber. The suits just with a token Arsenal training T-shirt and their regular clothing.

    Josh rolls up in Rams gear completely numb to perception and and solidarity.

    You were saying the same thing about Vinai’s embarrassing internal email that was leaked. “Why”, “what’s the fuss”. You just don’t seem to get it.

  73. China1

    It’s been repeatedly explained about 10 times. If they were good owners nobody would care.

    But they are disgraceful owners who have run our club into the ground whilst putting their interest into other clubs and i don’t know what more they can do to spell it out for you that your football club is meaningless to them. They could issue a statement saying we don’t give a fuck and you’d be on here saying actions speak louder than words so we shouldn’t get so worked up about it

  74. Alex Cutter

    “Boston Red Sox could get down with. An American sports institution with a proud and long history.”

    Stick to cricket or whatever your other hobbies are. The Red Sox are famous for being one of the most racist franchises in all of US sports…

  75. Dissenter

    ‘It’s been repeatedly explained about 10 times. If they were good owners nobody would care.’

    Then why not criticize them for the substance of their bad ownership?
    I wonder why people can be so obtuse about a simple point I’m making.
    The shirt incident is a distraction.

    Much like CC quibbling about a leaked internal letter to staff a while ago.

  76. Alex Cutter

    “Alex tell us their terrible racist past. And also tell us their “sporting” history.”

    That’s what google’s for, dickhead. Do it yourself. Or just shut up about things you know nothing about.

    I’m just going to sit back and watch you candyasses tear each other apart because the owner’s little boy didn’t wear the correct shorts and you’re all butt-hurt about it.

  77. Champagne Charlie


    Nobody is losing their shit over a T-shirt, or an email, they’ve simply both been highlighted as representational of the apathy in leadership.

    When the email leaked I posted the leak with literally two words: “good grief”. It was you that steamrolled in with the rage you accuse Ishola of dismissing the importance of the email, saying it doesn’t matter, going through your entire gymnastic routine of defence.

    Same today. Some folk have commented that Josh is a bellend because he can’t even make the effort to don some Arsenal clobber and what do you know? Dissenter back on hand to challenge any and all passing comment.

    Yet come the end you’re actually going to lecture folk on making a fuss? Pull the other one. You’ve taken Banfords mantle and you’re the first line of defence for anything America-related.

  78. salparadisenyc

    Don’t really get the rage against a trustafarian getting his team wrong sportsday. To think these owners are Arsenal thru and thru is comedic, had he worn anything Arsenal there would be complaints about that. The owners are hollow, thats not changing.

    If they were doing the business nobody would care, thats the obvious elephant in room.

  79. Marc

    I’ve got to say with all the problems we have to deal with I think getting wound up over this is bonkers.

    If he turned up wearing a Tottenham shirt then yes but a team from a different country who play a different sport who the Kroenke’s own as well?

    I really think so many people today spend their time trying to find something to be offended by. They then have to have a competition as to who was offended the most.

  80. Un na naai

    Utterly chuffed that everyone is finally cottoning on to the fact that STAN KROENKE is the biggest problem at arsenal and has been since he first started courting share holders. He’s a fucking leech.

    Expect Pedro to take up a sharp defence of him in a post today or is this the day he flip flops on Stan?
    It’s been in the post for a while and thankfully everyone else is starting to see that this man and the way he’s running things is taking arsenal backwards. Perhaps terminally.

  81. Ishola70


    I know the Red Sox have a long and proud “sporting” history.

    Are the Red Sox the only sports club to have been involved in relation to “racist” incidents and accusations in the past? Long past?

    Who cares about this bastardised LA Rams team with no history? Or are they “clean” on the “racist” side? That’s good.

  82. Un na naai


    Come on. It’s in bad taste. He can’t be that stupid and if he is then he has no business running a club like ours.

    It’s not the fashion element it’s the fact that it signifies where his priorities lie.

    I wouldn’t trust the fuckers if they were decked out in gooner gear and dyed their pubes red and white though

  83. Ishola70

    Flamengo and Fluminense used to make their black players wear white make-up.

    Still seen as the two biggest clubs in Brazil with proud and long sporting histories.

  84. Un na naai


    You’re right but let’s not pretend that Raul and emery would be unstoppable with abramovic begind them. Whoever is managing arsenal will be hamstrung by stan and KSE though. Why do you think nobody bar emery wanted the job I the first place? Chelsea is more appealing these days and they’re cut throat

  85. Champagne Charlie

    “Flamengo and Fluminense used to make their black players wear white make-up.“

    That’s hilariously shocking, like how was that ever once considered alright 🤦🏻‍♂️

  86. Un na naai


    so he fucking is!!! How’s abouts that!!!
    Then why does he always defend kroenke?? Always. Without fail. The mother of all flip flops 😂

    A covert flip flop made public
    You’ve been outed Pedro 😂 😎

  87. Alexanderhenry


    There has been an overreaction to the shirt incident. It doesn’t really bother me.

    However, it does highlight just how pissed off arsenal fans are.

    If Stan actually bothers to pitch up to a game next season, the crowd reaction will be interesting.
    They might have to disguise him.

  88. Alex Cutter

    “I really think so many people today spend their time trying to find something to be offended by. They then have to have a competition as to who was offended the most.”

    They just feel stupid, used and impotent for letting the situation get so bad over the years, and need to point fingers at anyone else, because the idea of the club they loved becoming irrelevant — and owned by an American who doesn’t give a shit, and who will own the club as long as he wants — is too much for their brains to absorb.

  89. Ishola70

    “If Stan actually bothers to pitch up to a game next season”

    lol no chance.

    As said before doubt he will ever be seen again at an Arsenal event or gathering.

  90. Marko

    I mean he signed it but it was only a couple of days where he was saying that if Raul and co were to ask for financial aid this summer that they should be sacked on the spot.

  91. Un na naai

    Alex cunter defending his Yankee brethren….. who saw that coming???
    And the cheek of him claiming others are facing off in the offensive olympics. Dear lord the epitome of irony

  92. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t think he flip flops, I think he’s of the opinion we could/should be much better off as a result of the management these last few years (and I’d have to agree), and that Stan has provided enough for us to be better placed.

    But overall I’m not sure any arsenal fan considers Kroenke an owner worthy of praise, except Banford obviously.

    I said years back Stan was the issue I’d tackle first and foremost, but the dissenting voices gunned for Wenger. That was the micro and we needed the macro targeted. Now we’ve replaced Wenger, “improved” (so so loose an application), but there’s still a massive hindrance on proper evolution imo. No guesses for what that is.

  93. Alexanderhenry


    He used to pitch up occasionally.

    If he becomes completely absent it will only add fuel to the fire: more fan discontent, more bad press, unhappy sponsors etc.

    This is The Arsenal after all. It’s a global brand and far higher profile than any of his other franchises– I don’t care how big the Rams studium is, outside the US no one gives a damn about them.

    If kroenke continues to neglect arsenal he’s in for a rough ride- rougher than he realises perhaps.

  94. Un na naai


    Come on man. West Ham are spending more than us this season on one player. Please don’t tell me we only have £45m to use for transfers
    We did £70m last year and were still outspent by the majority of premier league clubs inc Brighton and newly promoted sides.

    Pedro has flip flopped an awful lot in the past year or two on emery and Raul and Sven and monchi and edu and overmars and all sorts. Today he’s flipped his biggest flop yet on Kroenke

    My point was more in humour than anything else though Pedro so don’t ban me 💕
    I’m just glad you’re seeing through the mist and starting to realise that we are a club with the hand break on with a wheel lock, and Stan is in the driving seat

  95. Un na naai


    Yes mate
    So happy that we are now finally turning on him. Shape up or fuck off ya wrinkly liver spotter lizard.

    As Charlie rightly points out, our “fans” were not focused on the problems source
    Only the symptoms.

  96. CG

    As CG predicted- Arsenal have had to Raise their agreed price with St. Etienne to stay in the race for the players signature.

    Outsmarting The Market – they told us….?
    Innovative – and The Arsenal Way – they told us?

    Absolutely Amateurism- not nailing this deal down weeks ago.


    No wonder why they are reneguing on Kos’ agreement…
    As for the Tierney transaction.
    Its beyond parody

    We are offering £25 million for a player the New Teck Deck has even scouted.

    How we know this?
    He has played only 9 games in a Pub League this calendar year…

    The Question is?
    Who has scouted Tierney if has only played 9 games???

    Making this up as you Go Along

    Destined to fail for a Decade.

  97. Ishola70

    It was always said on here by many that Wenger needed to be discarded to see Kroenke come more into focus.

    And really this is what is happening and will continue to happen now Wenger has gone.

  98. Alex Cutter

    ” I don’t care how big the Rams studium is, outside the US no one gives a damn about them.”

    Yet somehow the club and property are more profitable than Arsensal. It’s almost like the US teams have enough money and support to not need any interest from the rest of the world. Wonder why Kroenke doesn’t give a shit about them?

  99. Un na naai


    Oh really?? So you were right all along then. We needed to sack a legend. Pay him off millions. Hire an inferior manager. Let him take us backwards. Cost us more millions. Lose half our team. Not replace them.

    All to shine a light on kroenke. Great logic that.

  100. Marc

    Strange thing is if the PR arm of Arsenal and Adidas were up to speed they would have done a release showing Josh being given one of the new shirts etc

    Then every one could be offended by him wearing a shirt but not having respect for it.

  101. Marko

    We could have gotten Diallo instead of Sokratis I believe. There were links. Diamond eye had his preference though

  102. Alexanderhenry

    Un na nai

    Pedro’s reluctance to go all out anti Stan is perhaps because it’s a dead end argument.

    It would make the blog dull. He believes we’re stuck with him so there’s nothing to discuss.
    I’m not so sure. There’s a lot more momentum behind ‘kroenke out’ thinking since wenger left.
    Let’s see how Stan responds.

  103. Receding Hairline

    “As Charlie rightly points out, our “fans” were not focused on the problems source
    Only the symptoms.”

    The lengths you go to excuse Wenger (and Gazidis ) of all responsibility for the gross misuse of resources we witnessed the past five years is funny. Yes the Kroenke’s had a part to play but they are by no means the “source of the problem”. Calling Wengers mismanagement and haphazard squad building over the last five years is symptom is intentionally understating what happened.

    Wenger was a football man through and through, he had the respect and trust of millions of Arsenal fans, rather than build a club we would all be proud of by properly delegating duties he surrounded himself with yes men with the sole purpose of having absolute power. If Kroenke had moved to remove Wenger earlier 70% of you who ow scream blue murder would have been up in arms.

  104. Champagne Charlie

    “Come on man. West Ham are spending more than us this season on one player. Please don’t tell me we only have £45m to use for transfers“

    Our club is geared towards being in the CL, and by that I mean we operate spending as though we’re a CL club generating those revenues. Revenues we’ve not had for two, now three, seasons.

    That takes a hit, but then so does our poor transfers of the last 5 seasons. So having less than ample funds isn’t totally foreign, although I call bullshit on the figures being thrown about.

    We’re not flush with cash is more how id see it.

    That said, circa 18 months ago we ripped up the operational strategy and layout of the club above the playing personnel. Since that point, since we hired Sven and Wenger announced he was leaving end of season, we’ve done absolutely nothing conducive to bettering our position moving forward. Nothing.

    The managerial hire was a real poor one, the back room hires (harder to be sure of) are not doing the business, and the new brain trust are seemingly lacking much of a brain. We just haven’t set any dominoes in motion at all, there’s been no seismic action, no floodgates opened, no watershed moment, just new appointments and status quo resumed. Really, really odd gambit from the outside looking in.

  105. Receding Hairline

    “We needed to sack a legend. Pay him off millions. Hire an inferior manager. Let him take us backwards. Cost us more millions. Lose half our team. Not replace them.”

    You are yet to explain how this “gone backwards thing” happened

    Europa league club when Wenger left , Europa league club one year later. What has actually happened to constitute going backwards, oh yes Sven left.

  106. China1

    The primary reason that people will get worked up over a shirt is that there’s nothing else positive to be distracted by and we’ve already discussed the other 10000 major club issues relentlessly for ages

    There’s only so many days the kos story could remain interesting, right?

  107. Danny

    Blackpool last season, the fans did a boycott of anything connected with the club until the owner was removed. Of course I’m not comparing them to us but this is the only way Kroenke might get the message that we all want him gone. It’s simple – don’t go to the games and buy nothing from the club.

  108. Ishola70

    Wenger was clearly regressing anyway as manager and the club was seen as Arsene FC.

    So him going yes will make the focus on Kroenke now more focused and clear.

  109. Un na naai

    Now now hairline

    I never claimed Wenger wasn’t an issue did i? Never claimed we should keep him in a job. I’m saying that kroenke is the source. He needs addressing first.

    I’ve noticed that the Nigerians tend to stick up for each other a lot these days
    Hive mind mentality

  110. Receding Hairline

    “I never claimed Wenger wasn’t an issue did i? Never claimed we should keep him in a job. I’m saying that kroenke is the source. He needs addressing first.”

    No Wenger needed addressing at least five years ago if not earlier, That you are still here claiming we went backwards with his sacking is laughable. We finished 5th then 6th his last two seasons, if anything we stood still, saying we went backwards is nonsense

    “I’ve noticed that the Nigerians tend to stick up for each other a lot these days
    Hive mind mentality”

    You have an issue with Nationality, stop addressing people based on where they come from. Deal with the points being raised and not this juvenile approach of doubling back to who is Irish, African etc …you did not request to be born an Englishman…you had no say in that.

  111. Champagne Charlie

    I’ve never understood the idea Wenger was “easier” to extract from his position than Stan when the two were here.

    One won us trophies and earned adulation far and wide, the other hasn’t ever been heard saying a thing about the club. Just newspaper quotes, and they ain’t great.

    Would’ve thought if the fans aligned to extract Stan the “AKBs” would’ve hopped aboard that mission even if it was foolishly to supplement Wenger tha God with an owner that would allow his magic to be weaved once more.

    Clearly that’s as far fetched as it comes, but we’d be in a better place now with an owner completely switched on to the needs of the club – irrespective of manager.

  112. CG


    “””You must be loving it? Having your theories come true through the whole year?””””

    Hardly Hard.

    If people can’t detect this Mob ain’t Scoundrels, Losers, Frauds,Snakes and Incompetents- frankly they are beyond help.

    I am standing my prediction we will get relegated within 4 years ( unless We Change owners)

  113. Danny

    we will get relegated within 4 years
    Judging by our performances in the last 7 matches of the season, it’ll be less than 4.

  114. Un na naai


    We’ve hired an inferior
    We’ve gone backwards no doubt and we continue to slide. Look at this abomination of a summer. ABOMINATION!!! Our squad is weaker than it was 4 weeks ago never mind than when wenger left us.

    And maybe if you weren’t so clicky I wouldn’t notice how all the Nigerians huddle together and nibble off other posters for each other.

    Just an observation. And erm, I made my football related point and then made a separate observation. The latter doesn’t negate the former.

  115. Un na naai


    Been with you from the start bud. Some of us were blessed with foresight and perception. Others were blessed with retro active face saving and point scoring……

  116. Batistuta

    Just signed the petition online.

    While that whole endeavor is great and it’s great that fans are uniting to speak out about how horrible the Kroenke family is to us, i feel like the only time they’ll pay attention is with empty seats on matchdays, that’s what will get more attention in my opinion anyways.

    Also now that Celtic have rejected the 25 million offer, can we now just move on to other targets or is there any point continuing to haggle with them with just under a week till the season starts

  117. Un na naai

    Ishola’s pre school attempt at making sense of screeching for wenger’s head aptly dismantled by CC.

    Just Perfect.

  118. Marc

    I’ve got to say I’m really excited by the prospect of all the Le Grover’s getting out there and making life for Kroenke untenable so he sells up.

    Can’t wait for a break down of what the plan is.