Arsenal come back with the funds

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Well GOOD morning to you all.

I was thinking about that Laurent Kos contract issue yesterday, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was very clever.

You give an older player a 3-year deal, which is good news to the player. The clubs assumption, generously, is that they will be relevant-ish for the first two years, but then less so in the players 34th year, but they are still kept on life support with a performance related bump so it’s not offensive. Maybe the total value of the deal is front-loaded to make it more interesting to sign.

Arsenal make the final year of the deal an unpleasant place to be if the player is not playing. That gives two options: The player leaves, freeing the wage bill. The player stays and DOES NOT mail it in for the final year. The player stays and doesn’t play but doesn’t cost at lot.

Daniel Levey of Spurs has a different way of making the final year tough. He gives players a bit of premium in their contract offers. So, say you have a young Harry Kane, you give him more than he’s worth at a young age and you give him a loooong deal. Then his special sauce is putting an optional extra year in the deal, so if it gets to that danger zone where they look like they could be off, he activates the additional year. The hope is also that the player becomes more valuable than the deal as it chugs along.

You’ll remember comically that Arsenal did this with defensive superstar, Johann Djourou.

So whilst I don’t agree that we should be keeping Laurent this summer, I do like the idea of being a little smarter with contracts so we don’t have to suffer the indignity of having 60% of our squad waiting out their deals.

In more positive news, Arsenal has kicked into gear with the Keiran Tierney deal. We’re finally going to cough up the £25m needed for him. That’s super exciting, he has all the ingredients Emery desires from a left back and he’ll be a nice counter to Bellerin on the right. The Celtic fans are naturally gutted, they feel like they’ve been pillaged by an English club again, and hopefully that’s 100% true.

There are STRONG rumours from France that we’re in the race for Pepe this summer. The £80m man is looking for an intermediary club for him before he moves to a big club and that intermediary is Arsenal.

Utter tosh people. If you think we’ve been pissing around in the shame mud all summer trying to work out Zaha when we’ve been carrying £80m of gold for Pepe, you are a madman.

Though Pepe has a lot going for him, namely age and fanciness because he’s foreign, we do not have that sort of cash… and Luis Campos is not going to let his star man leave for £40m while Spurs drop £80m on a similarly valuable player.

I’d imagine the noise is that PSG haven’t moved yet and the panic is setting in with his team that he won’t move this summer.

Zaha really would be lovely. Someone that’s powerful, direct, skilful and a total bully would be a very steep upgrade on what we have at the minute. It’s just a shame there’s nothing in our mixer worth swapping. Either because the player wouldn’t go, or the player we’d swap is clearly not good enough.

It’s also worth noting that whilst we sit there and concern ourselves is the lack of wingers at the club, there are bigger issues we’re facing down.

We lost all of our leadership. Petr Cech may not have been the biggest name at the club last year, but he took over from Per Mertesacker as a big voice in the dressing room. He’s gone.

We lost Aaron. I cannot overstate what an issue that’s going to be this year. We lost his energy, his passion to move the ball forward, the threat in front of goal and obviously the deep understanding of what it meant to be an Arsenal player.

We have 1 centre back that wants to be at Arsenal next season. That really is a problem. Can someone please get Lewis Dunk on the blower right now? Whoever we bring in needs to be organised and a natural born killer when it comes to leadership. We simply cannot go into the season with Mustafi throwing himself into imaginary challenges like a lunatic every game.

I don’t know how we’re going to plug all these gaps this season. From the outside looking in, it seems like we’re in a very nightmarish place. There’s no fixed vision of where we’re moving as a club, because the person tasked with that blueprint only just landed.

Interesting looking at the Chelsea model. Bringing in a young coach, take the transfer ban on the chin, refocus the club for a year, then spend the savings surplus next season when you know which young players are going to be good for anything.

We look like we have a self-imposed transfer ban, and to be honest, it’s looking more and more like the gaps in our armour are going to have to be filled by the kids. Chelsea is like the person dieting because they’ve been slung in a Spanish prison, we’re dieting because we’re on a self-imposed Crouch End juice cleanse.

Before I go, I’m not sure who this seasons celeb right back is going to be, but how about Dani Alves? He dresses real nice and he is a WINNER. Would shift some shirts as well. Make it happen, Edu.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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  1. TR7

    ‘England are the arsenal of the cricketBottlers

    Looks like NZ bottled it. Gave away 6 runs holding a catch and then a boundary hits one of the runners and goes for 4.

  2. Kamp

    Nerves of steel, that man. Attritional expertise coupled with frightening mental strength and sublime talent.

  3. TR7

    ‘Second Final Djokovic has saved two match points against Federer and come back to win.’

    Was it the match in which Fed won first 2 sets and then lost the next 3 ?

  4. Mysticleaves

    As a massive Rafa fan I think you have to say Djoker is the greatest of all time. He’s come in when Rafa and Federer were dominating and ridiculously owned them. Almost every GS he won was against the top 3. He came in, beat them and owned them. Federer is the most talented but he doesn’t have the mentality of the greatest so I would place him 3rd. Rafa is 2nd for that Wimbledon 09 victory. He conquered Federer there. also cos of the adversity he faced. Had to crudely change his game to stand a chance in the other surfaces. and if it wasn’t because of injuries, would have passed Federer in trophies count.

    However Djoker is the best. Heartbreaking but I admit it. He’s made of steel. Has a very diverse game and has a winners mentality. Hats off

  5. WengerEagle


    My mistake, apparently was the US Open SF that Djokovic beat Federer after being down by two match points.

    He did the exact same the very next year in the SF against Federer too. Went on to beat Nadal in that Final.

    Also beat Federer in back to back Wimbledon Finals in 2014 and 2015. Definitely has the mental edge over him just as he does with Nadal.

  6. WengerEagle


    I agree with you, reluctantly too as I love Rafa but it’s undeniable at this point IMO.

    GS count would cement it. On 16 now only 2 off of Rafa and 4 off of Federer.

  7. Elmo

    England win CWC. Super Over with NZ needing 2 from final ball, after England needed 2 from final ball in regulation to win!

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Hamilton wins the British GP, England win the cricket World Cup, now the world is waiting for the English team to bring the big one home against the Colorado Rapids on Tuesday.

  9. Un na naai

    Erm Federer has the most grand slams in an era of greats. Probably the greatest era and he’s still on top

  10. Champagne Charlie

    Can’t go along with that chat, Federer is best ever for me.

    Nobody does for Tennis what Federer does.

  11. TR7

    Yes, Federer is the greatest tennis player ever talent wise, nobody even comes close.He is a magician. But got to admit Nadal and Djoker have nerves of steel and they have a mental edge over Fed.

  12. WengerEagle

    He’s won 4 GS titles since Jan 2010, Federer no doubt benefited from being in a weaker era before the emergence of Rafa and Novak coming into their peaks.

    All three are phenomenal but Djoker and Fed have strongest arguments for goat claim for me. Djokovic not there just yet arguably but he will be by the time that he retires.

  13. Mysticleaves

    Federer loses the match even before he starts in the press conference. He appears so jittery and full of respect. He’s Mr nice guy. Insanely talented though cue his trophies count. but his mentality is weak. I guess it’s a game or opinions though

  14. Mysticleaves

    Now over to Nigeria to make it an all West African final in the AFCON. I just feel Algeria will win. They have been excellent so far an just conceded the 1 goal against Ivory Coast in the last round. Hopefully Nigeria proves me wrong

  15. Wasi

    England win by scoring more boundaries. Best cricket match in the history if the game. Stokes brilliant throughout the world cup.

  16. Champagne Charlie

    Fail to see how you can offer up “mentality is weak” with a straight face when talking about Federer.

    Argument you make against Roger can be flipped for Djokovic the remaining years of his career no? Roger nearing 40 and Rafa being held together by tape. Who’s he facing to make his slam count credible?

    Trophy count is bollocks to a point for me, same application with golf. Tiger is the best player ever, by a mile. But Jack Nicklaus has won more majors and it will more than likely stay that way.

    More ingredients for me, and Federer ticks more boxes than anyone to ever play. He’s synonymous with Tennis.

  17. TR7

    In my book, Fed is the best and Djoker the third best but I fear Nadal may not even be in the GOAT discussion a few years down the line.

  18. Mysticleaves

    We can dispute about who’s the greatest but what can’t be disputed is that of the 3 Federer is the weakest in mentality. Unless you want to be contrarian, of which I will leave it to you.

  19. Dissenter

    Mystic may have a point about Federer.
    Federer tends to lose these mentally anguishing dawn-out games against his close rivals; first it was Nadal [at his peak] and now Djoker.

  20. WengerEagle


    Come on now, Federer is old now but Djokovic exploded in 2011 when Fed was 29 and still in his physical prime. He dominated Federer H2H in both of their primes and in trophy count.

    Rafa is only a year older and he’s far from as fragile as everybody makes out, he competes at virtually every major I mean he is hardly Del Potro who misses years at a time.

    Federer won the vast majority of his titles when his competition was Rafa in nappies and Roddick, Hewitt, Safin and Nalbandian.

  21. Mysticleaves

    For context, by the time Djokovic won his first GS in 2008 AO, Federer had already won 12 and Nadal had won just 3.

  22. Un na naai


    And look how competitive he is. He was always older than both players through their career and has a joe guy and power disadvantage yet still goes toe to toe with them and beats them regularly

  23. Un na naai


    Wouldnt Algeria be considered North Africa considering they are literally at the furthest northern point of Africa?

  24. Dissenter

    Nadal will alwysbbve in the conversation. He’s won some nail biters and has almost totally dominated on clay.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    It’s tennis mate, how much of his career has Roger spent battling Novak post-30?

    5/6 years older is he not? That’s a ridiculous gap for that sport. Any wonder his 5th set record is less stellar against two new age physical monsters.

    As I say, I don’t get blindsided absolutely by trophy count, because it’s not the be all imo. It’s a matter of opinion but if you pulled an average joe aside they’d know Federers face above all. There’s merit in that sort of association and domination.

    There’s popular players, but then there’s absolute beacons of entire sports. Roger is one of them for my money.

  26. Un na naai


    Yes but if you take him away from clay then he’s not has good on any other surface. But yes, he’s of course always in the conversation. The dude is a tennis legend.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    I say all this as a complete Nadal fangirl btw, used to give it the ‘vamos’ and bicep flex when he hit winners. Twat 😂

  28. TR7

    Dissenter, I love Nadal but it won’t be long before people start talking on the lines of ‘hey look he has won 18 GS but 12 of them are on clay’. I don’t see Nadal winning any other grand slam except French Open. So even if he surpasses Fed and wins 21 GS with 15 of them French Open, it wouldn’t matter much for most experts. Djoker looks set to be the one ending up with most slams so of course he will always be in the conversation. Fed is the most brilliant player ever so he will always be in the reckoning too. My fear is Nadal will have fewer backers in the GOAT debate unless he starts winning Wimbledon, Aus or the US open.

  29. WengerEagle


    Which is why he’s the current goat, but Djokovic is absolutely in the conversation and could overtake him. Even Nadal has an outside chance still if he can get over the mental hump outside of Roland Garros.

    I mean there is a clear trend in Federer’s timeline that he was unbeatable between 2004-2007 and he collected GS titles for fun. He won 11 out of a possible 16 in those calendar years. Cue the emergence of Nadal as a threat in 2007 on surfaces outside of Clay and culminating in the 2008 Wimbledon Final where he slays the dragon over 5 sets. He goes on to lose to Nadal as well in the 2009 AO Final and he was fortunate that Sorderling sprung a fluke win over Rafa in the French that year, capitalised beautifully to complete the Golden Slam or whatever it’s called. He also won the 2009 Wimbledon tourney where Rafa was injured and the favourite. Rafa won the 2010 Wimbledon tourney.

    H2H Rafa was crushing Federer. I mean have you seen Federer’s H2H against the competition before Nadal and Djokovic? It’s laughable.

    He was 21-3 against Roddick.
    18-9 against Hewitt with 7 of the first 9 matches going to Hewitt when Fed was very young to skew the stats.
    10-2 vs Safin.

    It should factor into it if you’re going to use the old age chestnut against Novak.

  30. Mysticleaves

    Unai, Algeria is North Africa.

    Dissenter, I think it’s the game plan. Stick back, soak the pressure and hit on the counter with Iwobi, Chukwueze and Musa.

  31. David Smith

    If we really are going to have to field the kids, not really an emery strongpoint is it.
    Perhaps his punishment for D Suarez

  32. WengerEagle


    Well that’s a different debate to be had.

    Ronaldo is imo after Messi the most recognisable and iconic face in the sport in the post-Maradona era. Brazilian Ronaldo that is.

    Nearly every footballer says that he was their sole idol including even Zlatan who’s in love with himself.

    He single-handedly changed the role of the CF position. A reason why some of the past great goal-hatchers like Gerd Muller have such amazing goal counts is because they never really strayed from the penalty area.

    And here comes this young Brazilian kid exploding through lines of players from the halfway line and bringing chaos to the entire defensive line.

  33. Un na naai


    Yes but then the argument should count when reversed.

    Both Djokovic and Rafa are bigger, stronger, more powerful specimens. Both much younger than Roger and at their physical peak conditions. The fact that Federer can compete with them at all with such disadvantage only serves to highlight his superior technical game.

    He’s the better player. He’s the Messi to the other two’s Ronaldo. He’s all about the most beautiful aspects of the game whereas the other two are geared towards the physical.

  34. WengerEagle


    That’s why I was so gutted when Djoker edged him at Wimbledon last year as he would have pillared Anderson in the Final. And the 2019 AO Final was disappointing too because he’s 1-4 in Finals there now.

    The FO count does skew his GS count slightly although I’d say being a multiple champion on 2 other surfaces means that he’s still well in the conversation. He needs to win a couple more outside of Roland Garros to overtake Federer for me though for the reason you have said.

  35. WengerEagle

    But Cristiano Ronaldo’s accomplishments put him ahead of Ronaldo in terms of the greatest debate. Only romantics overcome with nostalgia would disagree.

    5 CL titles is insane. Took Maldini a quarter of a century of playing to achieve that.

  36. WengerEagle


    Rafa is but Novak is slight like Roger, both 6 ”1. Better gas tank sure. I wouldn’t say that he has much of a physical advantage over Federer after age though.

    I agree that he’s the most iconic but as for the best? I’m going for the guy that has more often than not handled him in the biggest H2H battles and has been just as consistent over his career and will likely overtake him success-wise.

  37. Un na naai


    Is Federer 6,1? Djokovic looks bigger than him. And more powerful too. Either way it’s clear your mind is not for changing but as Cc says fed has 5-6 years on Djokovic and that’s no small thing in a sport like tennis.

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Novak has a definite physical advantage over Roger, he’s a much better athlete in terms of physical capacity and his flexibility is unbelievable.

    None of the three imposes via stature, but Nadal is a colossus in that domain in terms of strength and power, Novak is an iron-lunged gymnast, and Roger is basically just tennis-fit.

  39. WengerEagle


    Could say the same for you boys.

    For me it’s a debate to be had is the point. If Federer had won today nobody would have been mentioning that he’s old and past it. Since 2017 at 35 years old he’s actually played his best tennis since his late 20’s.

  40. WengerEagle

    It is funny how Rafa has to change his soaked shirt about 4-5 times a match vs a big three opponent and Federer can go 5 hours without leaking a single bead of sweat.

    Perfectly sums up their playing styles.

  41. Elmo

    I did have to laugh at the sheer speed Rashid ran from the group after the trophy lifting once the players picked up bottles of bubbly to spray around. Clearly he’s been in that situation before and absolutely pegged it!

  42. WengerEagle


    It’s all a part of it though. Ronaldo is a much better athlete than Messi and it is a huge reason as to how he’s even been able to keep their rivalry somewhat competitive over the years.

  43. Mysticleaves

    And Rafa is just 6’2″. All are physically similarly built. Any power Nadal has is not as a result of physical advantage.

    Nigeria could have scored twice before Mahrez went on and did that. Would be a mountain now as Algeria are very composed and rarely give away chances. Am surprised Nigeria is getting much space to work with in their 3rd.

    Chukwueze needs to get in the game and I don’t know what Henry Onyekuru has done but he needs to come on.

  44. Redtruth

    Federer looks like one of those Puppets from the Muppet Show
    Neither of these two clowns (Djokovic and Federer) would have won a French Open title had they had the misfortune of playing Nadal.

  45. TR7

    I am a Rafa fan so I am not going to make biased excuses for Fed but it’s true in 5 set matches, Djoker and Rafa have clear physical advantage over Fed. If somebody told you beforehand that Wimbledon final would be won in 5 sets, you would probably never put your money on Fed against Nadal and Djoker.

  46. Nelson

    Iwobi doesn’t get onto the ball much. He has created two good chances but Ighalo didn’t convert both times.
    I find that Iwobi has proved his passing ability.

  47. Graham62


    Top 3.

    Federer is #1 because he plays within and respects the rules of the game.

    Novak and Rafa do not. They bend the rules to suit their needs. If you don’t agree, then you don’t understand the rules of tennis.

    The age difference is key. ND had an easy ride into the final, whilst Rafa stood in the way of Federer. If RF had won today, which he should have done, it would have gone down as probably one of the greatest tennis triumphs of all time.

    One final point. Federer is a proactive player and takes risks that Novak or Rafa never will. They are both reactive.

    So, although Novak and Rafa are phenomenal talents, they are not and never will be held in the same high esteem as Federer.


  48. Un na naai


    Of course they would have. His age would have been a significant talking point had Federer won. And so it should be. He was born in 81 that makes him 37 going on 38 and still dominating the sport at just under 40 taking a supreme player like Djokovic to the wire in his prime. Just like he did with Rafa when he was at peak physical condition.

    Federer is a better tennis player technically. It’s only his age and physical disadvantage that prevents him from winning games like today. Fed at 28 would have won this

  49. TR7

    In fact Fed deliberately tries to keep his points short against Rafa and Djoker because he knows he can’t win long rallies against them. To keep points short he has to play a high risk game and display higher shot making skills. Djoker and Nadal play very safe in comparison. So physicality is a big factor.

  50. WengerEagle

    ‘It’s only his age and physical disadvantage that prevents him from winning games like today. Fed at 28 would have won this’

    Convenient to say this. Djokovic at 28 beats 28 year old Federer more often than not, he literally had the most dominant season of tennis in the open era at age 28 winning all 4 Slams.

    I mean 22 year old Rafa beat 27 year old Federer in the Wimbledon Final and Australian Open Final that year.

  51. Redtruth

    “Federer is a better tennis player technically. It’s only his age and physical disadvantage that prevents him from winning games like today. Fed at 28 would have won this”

    A peak Federer was no match to Nadal in his prime.

  52. WengerEagle

    Agree but it’s like I said, most revered and best are two different categories.

    Would anyone really have Zidane or Ronaldo ahead of Cristano Ronaldo in terms of career totality?

    But they’re more respected and revered worldwide than Ronaldo will be when he retires.

  53. Graham62

    If the 25 second service clock had been applied over the past 15 years, Federer would have won many more GS events.

    Also, look at today. Novak 15-18 bounces on first service and then, sometimes,a further 12-15 bounces if he was doing a second serve.

    Kyrgios, who is a headcase, is correct. Novak and Rafa get protection from the authorities.

    Always have.

  54. Mysticleaves

    “Novak and Rafa do not. They bend the rules to suit their needs. If you don’t agree, then you don’t understand the rules of tennis.”

    Maybe I don’t Graham. But I respect your choice of top 3. It’s always going to be them anyway. I thought I saw it all with Pete Sampras. “One of the top 3 tennis players of all time” doesn’t read badly for either of them

  55. Redtruth

    “Convenient to say this. Djokovic at 28 beats 28 year old Federer more often than not, he literally had the most dominant season of tennis in the open era at age 28 winning all 4 Slams”

    Nadal pulled out of the French Open in 2016 which more or less handed the title to Djokovic.

  56. Un na naai


    Rafa was at his physical peak in his early twenties and Federer was beating him too. Fender has beat both these younger men throughout their careers at a height and power disadvantage and still maintains superiority in GS and win percentage.

    After he turned 30 you’d expect his win ratio to drop along with his ability to win grand slams or even make finals and semis

    It hasn’t. And no I don’t think a 28 year old Djokovic beats a 28 year old Federer

  57. Un na naai

    But let’s flip it

    A 26 year old fed vs a 31 year old Djokovic. Who wins? Give fed the same age advantage and he takes it. Jesus he’s nearly 40 and should have beat him today

  58. Redtruth

    Nadal for me is best as he’s beaten his rivals on all surfaces whereas Djokovic and Federer have never beaten Nadal on Clay (French Open).

  59. TR7

    Got to say 38 years old Fed was the better player today. Won more points and more games. He lost all the sets in tie-breaker -cruel.

  60. WengerEagle


    27 is far closer to your peak than 22 is. Rafa’s peak was 2010-2013 from 24-27.

    And you make it out as if they’re these giants and Federer is a dainty little finesse player, he’s a superb athlete in his own right.

    Physicality is part of the make up of a great player.

  61. Graham62

    If Rafa and Novak played within the rules or, let’s say, were made to play within the rules, their GS victories would have been far less.

  62. Un na naai


    But Ronaldo (cris) is a proactive sportsman. He will be revered yes 100%
    He takes the game to the opposition and plays the sport on the front foot.
    It’s not a correct comparison. They are revered for being great, winning and engaging in their respective sports in an entertaining and thrilling way.
    That’s why they are revered.

  63. CG

    Another Day
    Another Humdinger of a post by our ever improving PedRo.( my- he is hitting some form in the last week)..
    And I off course – thank him for it.

    And I will off course return with my views and thoughts later.

    And its all:


  64. TR7


    ‘Nadal for me is best as he’s beaten his rivals on all surfaces whereas Djokovic and Federer have never beaten Nadal on Clay (French Open).’

    I was making this point to WE a couple of days ago. People rarely talk about this very important factor. Before Nadal, all Spanish players were one trick pony clay court specialist. Nadal transformed himself from a clay court player to beat the greatest grass court player ever (Roger) and the greatest hard court player ever (Djoker) in their respective fav courts.

  65. WengerEagle


    He’s not proactive in the same way as Messi is or Ronaldo before him was. He’s more reliant on his team mates and capitalises on opportunities that drop to him.

    Whereas you look at Messi who is expected to dribble though lines of players to make things happen for club and country.

    And I used the comparison as Ronaldo has a massive physical advantage on Messi given he has the vertical leap of an NBA player, is 6 foot 1 and weighs 85 odd kg and was blessed with blistering pace in his pomp. He’s the greatest ever football athlete.

  66. Un na naai

    Yes physicality is of course an integral Make up of sport but most neutral fans are drawn towards technical ability and skill in sports like tennis forts and foremost.

    It’s why Messi pips Ronaldo for most fans

  67. WengerEagle

    He’s never beaten Novak at Australia TR7 which is his favourite hard court slam.

    And he’s 1-3 vs Federer at Wimbledon, he nearly choked away that win after being 2 sets up and cruising too.

    I love Rafa but 12 of his 18 slams are at the French, literally double the count of his remaining slams on 2 other surfaces. More often that not he’s come up short at Wimbledon/Australia, he was shocking for years at Wimbledon in fact.

  68. Un na naai


    Yes. And Messi is considered by purists to be the better player
    As Federer is over Nadal and Djokovic

  69. Graham62

    England cricket World Cup champions!

    Lucky, but what the heck.

    First nation on the planet to win the Football World Cup, the Rugby World Cup and now the Cricket WC.

    Bloody marvellous!

  70. WengerEagle

    True TR7 but the courts are slower than in Australia. Federer hasn’t won a US Open title since 2008 for this reason.

    Nadal has never won the ATP Finals either [Indoor hard court] while Federer has won 6 and Djokovic 5.

  71. Un na naai


    Yes. As is age difference and physical disadvantages. There was nothing in it today between a nearly 40 year old Federer and a 32 year old Djokovic. The youngest and fittest of the 3 by far.

  72. Dissenter

    This handball rule for penalties is so confusing.
    I wouldn’t have give that as a penalty but then…

  73. Un na naai

    He’s 38 this year. Next month actually after checking. Even a dunder head like you must admit that what he did today was outstanding for a man of his age??

    Only his superior skills allow him to compete with a much younger man

  74. TR7


    Indoor hard courts are unbelievably fast. Herculean task for any clay court player to adapt himself to. A task too heavy even for Nadal. It will be akin to asking Fed and Djoker to win on a clay court 100 % slower than Roland Garros. Not sure whether Monte Carlo is slower than even Roland Garros.

  75. Dissenter

    Anytime I see Chukwueze I just see Wenger’s incompetence ‘
    We had this lad brought in by Kanu and messed up big time.

  76. Dissenter

    Bennacer us a good as anything we have currently
    My only grouse is that he’s rather short, a bit like Torriera.

  77. Redtruth

    Back in Borg’s day the Clay Courts were much slower and the Grass Courts were much quicker than today, which makes his French and Wimbledon titles even more impressive….

  78. Dissenter

    Once Djokovic showed up on the scene, Federer’s invincible aura was gone. He’s had to work for everything since then
    Federer was untouchable with only the odd loss to Rafa [mostly on clay]

  79. Dissenter

    Arsenal FC has made too many errors to still be relevant.
    We actually had some decent players in out academy and let them all go.

  80. TR7

    Borg won 6 FO and 5 Wimbledon -so he owned two very contrasting GS and that is when he retired only in the age of 26. He has to be part of GOAT debate too.

  81. Dissenter

    Lest minute free kick —- you pack the wall with 7 players.
    Make him go over the wall, see if he can’t bring a ball over and down that close to goal.

  82. Dissenter

    The goalie would be covering that position. Poor goal keeping- he didn’t organize his wall properly. He wasn’t sighted at all when the ball came.

  83. Graham62

    Red truth

    Give Nadal and Djokovic a wooden racket and they’d struggle big time.

    Give Federer one and he’d cream them both.

  84. Crimson

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalJuly 14, 2019 19:11:30
    England are the arsenal of the cricketBottlers

    You have to laugh at some of the dumb idiotic cretins on here.

  85. Leedsgunner

    Celtic apparently have rejected our £25m bid for Tierney because they don’t like how we have structured the payments…

    Dither, dither and dither and we always end up losing the deal but we never seem to learn.

    It goes from bad to worse. Even Scottish clubs are playing hardball with us with impunity.

  86. Champagne Charlie

    Josh Kroenke rocking up to the Arsenal camp wearing a Rams T-shirt is about the level.

    Vinai, Edu, Raul, Emery dripping in Arsenal gear…in comes Josh with his Rams clobber. The pride..

  87. Guns of SF

    I have said it many times. Doing biz with Arsenal is akin to hammering your fingernails on a daily basis.

    The nickel and diming is rather embarrasing.

    I doubt we nickel and dime buying clubs for our players… however if we want a player we will waste the entire window and pre season, over a few million if that.

    Its a fucking joke- feels like a team doing business doing the great depression.

  88. Elmo

    Guns SF

    Funnily enough, the Great Depression was Arsenal’s heyday, the most successful era of the club. 5 league titles during the 1930s, and known as the Bank of England club due to lavish spending.

  89. Leedsgunner

    I ask again is this the reason we moved to the Emirates?

    It’s as if we’ve moved backwards… and we are falling into the abyss.


  90. Guns of SF

    If we are not careful, our image problem is going to make things really hard in the next few years. ( negotiations, leadership, performance on the pitch, sponsors, etc.)

    We need to remain competitive and I am hoping our Defense can hold up… Bellerin and Holding need to remain healthy this season or we are doomed again.

    We need Tierney like yesterday