Arsenal come back with the funds

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Well GOOD morning to you all.

I was thinking about that Laurent Kos contract issue yesterday, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was very clever.

You give an older player a 3-year deal, which is good news to the player. The clubs assumption, generously, is that they will be relevant-ish for the first two years, but then less so in the players 34th year, but they are still kept on life support with a performance related bump so it’s not offensive. Maybe the total value of the deal is front-loaded to make it more interesting to sign.

Arsenal make the final year of the deal an unpleasant place to be if the player is not playing. That gives two options: The player leaves, freeing the wage bill. The player stays and DOES NOT mail it in for the final year. The player stays and doesn’t play but doesn’t cost at lot.

Daniel Levey of Spurs has a different way of making the final year tough. He gives players a bit of premium in their contract offers. So, say you have a young Harry Kane, you give him more than he’s worth at a young age and you give him a loooong deal. Then his special sauce is putting an optional extra year in the deal, so if it gets to that danger zone where they look like they could be off, he activates the additional year. The hope is also that the player becomes more valuable than the deal as it chugs along.

You’ll remember comically that Arsenal did this with defensive superstar, Johann Djourou.

So whilst I don’t agree that we should be keeping Laurent this summer, I do like the idea of being a little smarter with contracts so we don’t have to suffer the indignity of having 60% of our squad waiting out their deals.

In more positive news, Arsenal has kicked into gear with the Keiran Tierney deal. We’re finally going to cough up the £25m needed for him. That’s super exciting, he has all the ingredients Emery desires from a left back and he’ll be a nice counter to Bellerin on the right. The Celtic fans are naturally gutted, they feel like they’ve been pillaged by an English club again, and hopefully that’s 100% true.

There are STRONG rumours from France that we’re in the race for Pepe this summer. The £80m man is looking for an intermediary club for him before he moves to a big club and that intermediary is Arsenal.

Utter tosh people. If you think we’ve been pissing around in the shame mud all summer trying to work out Zaha when we’ve been carrying £80m of gold for Pepe, you are a madman.

Though Pepe has a lot going for him, namely age and fanciness because he’s foreign, we do not have that sort of cash… and Luis Campos is not going to let his star man leave for £40m while Spurs drop £80m on a similarly valuable player.

I’d imagine the noise is that PSG haven’t moved yet and the panic is setting in with his team that he won’t move this summer.

Zaha really would be lovely. Someone that’s powerful, direct, skilful and a total bully would be a very steep upgrade on what we have at the minute. It’s just a shame there’s nothing in our mixer worth swapping. Either because the player wouldn’t go, or the player we’d swap is clearly not good enough.

It’s also worth noting that whilst we sit there and concern ourselves is the lack of wingers at the club, there are bigger issues we’re facing down.

We lost all of our leadership. Petr Cech may not have been the biggest name at the club last year, but he took over from Per Mertesacker as a big voice in the dressing room. He’s gone.

We lost Aaron. I cannot overstate what an issue that’s going to be this year. We lost his energy, his passion to move the ball forward, the threat in front of goal and obviously the deep understanding of what it meant to be an Arsenal player.

We have 1 centre back that wants to be at Arsenal next season. That really is a problem. Can someone please get Lewis Dunk on the blower right now? Whoever we bring in needs to be organised and a natural born killer when it comes to leadership. We simply cannot go into the season with Mustafi throwing himself into imaginary challenges like a lunatic every game.

I don’t know how we’re going to plug all these gaps this season. From the outside looking in, it seems like we’re in a very nightmarish place. There’s no fixed vision of where we’re moving as a club, because the person tasked with that blueprint only just landed.

Interesting looking at the Chelsea model. Bringing in a young coach, take the transfer ban on the chin, refocus the club for a year, then spend the savings surplus next season when you know which young players are going to be good for anything.

We look like we have a self-imposed transfer ban, and to be honest, it’s looking more and more like the gaps in our armour are going to have to be filled by the kids. Chelsea is like the person dieting because they’ve been slung in a Spanish prison, we’re dieting because we’re on a self-imposed Crouch End juice cleanse.

Before I go, I’m not sure who this seasons celeb right back is going to be, but how about Dani Alves? He dresses real nice and he is a WINNER. Would shift some shirts as well. Make it happen, Edu.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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  1. Guns of Hackney

    Dani Alves?

    I’d rather Danny Dyer.

    You do not, and I mean, do not come from Barca via Juventus while winning 400 trophies to us…that’s the equivalent of super business class on those £30,000 private pods to Ryan air from Magaluf to Manchester.

    Pepe has no sauce. Zaha is not worth the effort. If palace don’t want £40m plus two or three of our players, move along. He’s 27 and already tanked at United.

    Our last genuine leader was Paddy and that was 2005!

    Tierney better be saucy. £25m for a Scottish based player is heavy heavy money.

  2. Marc


    “We have 1 centre back that wants to be at Arsenal next season”

    That makes no sense –

    Sok – Happy as far as I know
    Holding – Coming back from injury but happy as far as I know
    Mustafi – Won’t fuck off

  3. Marko

    You’ll remember comically that Arsenal did this with defensive superstar, Johann Djourou.

    That was a cock up. Not quite the option of another year that you alluded to one of those obligation when he made a certain number of appearences but point stands.

    Dunno if it’s us but Everton Soares has said he can’t play Wednesday against Bahia because there’s a quote “offer on the table” from an unnamed club. He could be a very shrewd signing. Worries about his ability to settle in the premier league notwithstanding

  4. Marko

    No to Alves. Didn’t we learn from the Lichtsteiner signing. Also bemoaning losing leadership? What fucking leadership has this club had since the days of Vieira and Adams. Even Thierry Cesc and RVP were no great leaders at the club. Influential sure

  5. Marc

    I don’t know who is directing the F1 on Sky but they are fucking useless – keeps cutting away from a major piece of the action.

  6. Marko

    A shame we didn’t bin Lacazette this summer. Haller for 40 million would have been a great replacement and we would have money left over to play with

  7. Dissenter

    Dick Law continues to shed light on his dealings;
    ‘Chelsea were loaning Michy Batshuayi to Dortmund and Aubameyang was coming to us. It was the three-way deal. ‘Dortmund said if we don’t get the player from Chelsea, then Aubameyang doesn’t leave and, of course, if we didn’t get Aubameyang, we weren’t going to let Giroud go. ‘In football, we don’t end up talking to our counterparts on a personal basis very much, but we were at such loggerheads during that three-way move that I called Marina [Granovskaia] and said everything was going to live or die on the three of us trusting each other. I’ve got so much respect for Marina, she’s always been a straight shooter. And she said if we get Giroud, we will loan our player to Dortmund and then you guys can sort yourselves out with them. And that’s what happened.

    That was Dick Law’s finest hour and that Chelsea CEO is a proper manager. She has the balls of 5 men.

  8. Dissenter

    Alves is a freak of nature. He’s still good for the top of the premier league but cannot play too many games.

  9. WengerEagle

    I’d pass on Alves too but he just won player of the tournament at the Copa America, nothing like Lichtsteiner who was well past it.

    He’s too old to be facing top PL wingers week in week out though, never been strong defensively even in his prime.

  10. Guns of Hackney

    I’d have sold Laca and Auba. Both limited and at 30 Auba is only going down.

    £100m for those two and we would have been in a much better position.

    Forget the shared golden boot…Auba is a miss machine.

  11. Marko

    That was Dick Law’s finest hour and that Chelsea CEO is a proper manager. She has the balls of 5 men

    I mean his finest hour would have been signing him when he was at St Etienne but I suppose it wasn’t his fault that one. Dick Law’s finest hour was when he left Arsenal.

  12. Dissenter

    Everton Soares is also wanted by Everton, if you believe Richarlison.
    Richalison publicly stated that he was courting him all through the Copa America for Everton.
    He also said he was trying to convince Neres too.

  13. Dissenter

    Facilitating a three way transfer under a very tight deadline was an amazing teat.
    It doesn’t excuse the other fairings though.

  14. Dream10

    Haller would have provided a different alternative to Aubameyang. Someone who can hold the ball up and get others involved plus a decent aerial threat coupled with goals.

    Have a feeling Lacazette will get a new deal with an increase in wages. Don’t think that’s smart. If Aubameyang is sold in the next 12-18 months, we’ll have Lacazette as our #1 CF. Not sure we’ll be in CL contention with him as the #9.

  15. Dissenter

    I don’t think Everton Soares is going to Everton or Arsenal. He’s destined for the very top.
    He’ll probably sign an pre-contract agreement with PSG soon

    I’m just speculating of course.

  16. Marko

    I mean the only thing that matters is who’s cheaper Everton or Neres and then go for him. I don’t think we should worry about Everton and Richarlison imagine not being able to compete for a player with Everton FC

  17. TOLI83

    Couldn’t Chambers play as a cb until Holding is back ? He doesn’t seem to factor into options there amongst the comments? I’d have him above Mustafi.

  18. WengerEagle

    I mean I wouldn’t complain about either of them as you’d imagine that they will cost considerably less than either Zaha or Pepe and have arguably a higher ceiling.

  19. NT

    Pedro, we are still suffering from the Wenger hangover! We have useless players brought by Wenger, who have no sell-on value, but still chewing up wages. For example, the 35m we spent on Mustafi could have been spent on two quality young defenders. No club will take Mustafi or Mo Elneny for anything close to 10m.

  20. Receding Hairline

    Maxi Gomez has joined Valencia Eagle, 14m with Santi Mina going the other way.

    Don’t know what is it about lacazette that gets fans so heated up,We had to spend 50+ million on Auba because he wasn’t pulling his weight, Auba has outscored him since coming here. He is 28, he isn’t elite.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Emery got the gig on knowledge of the yoot.

    So throw all the yoot in.

    Sink or swim….

    You will only know if you’ve followed through if you fart.


  22. WengerEagle

    Agree Lacazette is a nice player to have but he’s not a world class CF and he’s not getting any better at 28.

    His goal return has really been pretty mediocre.

  23. Batistuta

    Best not to touch any of our strikers at this rate and with Raul and co overseeing that as beyond them its,


    Good luck getting 10 goals out of any of that lot

  24. Marc


    It’s not so much is Chambers a better option than Mustafi it’s is a card board cut out of Mustafi a better option than Mustafi.

    Personally I say yes.

  25. Receding Hairline

    Eagle he has this infuriating habit of delaying shots, does all the good work then takes ages adjusting himself for the shot, doesn’t have a strikers instinct of being where the ball will drop, good in general build up play better than Auba but last season he started countless counter attacks by picking the wrong pass, I have seen much better players leave Arsenal, I wouldn’t notice lacazette leaving.

  26. Dissenter

    I wonder why people still main about having a lowly paid player like Iwobi around the team.
    He shouldn’t be getting so many games but is a damn good back up who also an academy product.

    How much do you think we get for him?
    For all you whining, you are not ready to have Arsenal take ANY risk at all.

  27. Pedro

    ‘The Sunday Times claimed that the signing of Denis Suarez caused friction between Sven Mislintat and other members of Arsenal’s transfer team. Mislintat preferred that Arsenal promote a player or two from the youth team instead of opting to loan Suarez with option to buy.’

  28. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta no one is saying sell and keep the money, many wingers can comfortably give you a return of 13 goals a season.

    Not that I believe anyone will offer above 45m for lacazette, the 80m thing is fantasy. We might actually need to sell lower than we bought.

    We keep lacazette here till he is 30 then what?

  29. Dissenter

    I’ve always believed that one of the strikers ought to ave been sold early in the summer. I’ve said so all season.
    We ought to have sacrificed one to fix the midfield and the central defense.

  30. Dream10

    Harry Maguire to Utd for 80m (60+20)
    Lewis Dunk. to replace him for 45m

    Forget about Wilf Zaha unless you’re willing to pay 65-70m

  31. KAMP

    Lemina is our answer for right back. He’s got pedigree in that position so can fill in till Zoolander is fit, and then he can ‘compete’ with the rest of the midfielders for the box to box role.

    Compete my arse, the lad from Southampton is a shoo-in for a first team spot in our midfield, and likely he knows it.

  32. Marko

    It’s been discussed Pedro. No quotes no nothing and it states that Mislintat wanted him to use Willock and Saka on the right flank instead both of who aren’t RW players. Stinks of click bait. But he’s had priors with managers old diamond eye.

  33. Batistuta

    Receeding and Dissenter

    I actually don’t have any loyalty to any Arsenal player to be honest, Fabregas did a number on me back in the day.

    My point is that i don’t trust those running the club to get an adequate replacement if we sold off any of them, not the lot that have taken almost all summer negotiating a deal for players from mid-table clubs in France and Scotland or took a broken player on in January, that’s actually my point

  34. Dissenter

    ‘Mislintat preferred that Arsenal promote a player or two from the youth team instead of opting to loan Suarez with option to buy.’’

    The decision to promote players from the academy is primarily the academy academy director [and coaches] in conjunction with the head coach.
    That’s not Mislintat ‘s job as head coach. He must have had a telling off from everyone else on the team.
    If he left because of that then he has no business trying to operate as a technical director.

    Do you think technical directors win every argument in a transfer team?

    It’s not isn’t make his own mistakes too. Win some…lose some but stay together as a team.

  35. Marko

    The daily infatuation with our kids continues. One day it’s going to dawn on people that they’re mostly shite but until that day we’ll have to hear about how great they are I suppose

  36. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta your distrust for the present regime is well noted.

    What is also well noted is your vagueness when pressed on how better to deal with the mess at hand considering the lack of funds and players on contracts above their output waiting to “outlast the manager”

    As for your glee at the Tierney bid, it is still heavily tied up in bonuses if reports are to be believed, we just went away to restructure it, no one has offered them the demanded 25m upfront.

  37. Dissenter

    People moan all day [not Batistuta specifically] then ask them which risk do we take

    Hmmm. .. sell Iwobi. … he’s a low wage player whose contribution matches his wages. He should be solely a back-up.
    Sell Ozil…they know fully well it’s almost impossible to move on the semi-retired footballer.
    Sell Myhki… who else will pay his salary?

  38. Marko

    I’d say the club were expecting something to come from Atletico this summer honestly. No way you could predict that they’d spend about 150-160 million on Felix and Morata. I think the lad is going to struggle initially and I have no idea why they signed Morata for 50 million. He’s got to be the most expensive back up striker in history at this stage

  39. Champagne Charlie

    “The more I hear about Sven the more it sounds like he was interested in doing everyone’s job but his own.“

    Not sure how you arrive at that. Hardly been a smooth operation since his departure has it? Last summer shits on this one to date and that’s saying something.

    I’d skip trying to pigeonhole anyone else on here mate, you’re literally just known for being Emery’s first line of defence. Stop courting the backhand you keep getting delivered

  40. Receding Hairline

    Maguire 80m (60m upfront) ..Lewis Dunk 45m as replacement. Even Brighton are shifting players for fantastic profit. Because they are in demand.

    I’m still waiting for the suitors banging on our doors to take our players , world cup winner Mustafi I’m looking at you.

  41. Batistuta


    It doesn’t bother you at all that the new guys who were meant to usher in a new more modern era for Arsenal a year after are taking forever to strengthen the squad, this after being here for a whole year?

    Pray tell what bonuses have we been tied up preparing for a whole month since after the first bid? Why don’t other football clubs have this same issues when buying players and please don’t say lack of funds because I’m sure the management knew very well how much we had before making any bids.

    As for making suggestions as to how to move on players, already did… I’m not getting paid mega bucks to know how to shift players or have better squad balance, it’s the job of certain folks who are paid handsomely by a club with one of the most expensive season tickets in World football so maybe rather than hope for a nobody on Le grove to reach them or make suggestions for them on how to shift players( don’t think they know we exist by the way) I’d rather they actually earned the millions they’re been paid for

  42. Mysticleaves

    “We lost his energy, his passion to move the ball forward…”

    Ramsey? Move the ball forward?

    Absolutely would love Pepe over Zaha. If Pepe eventually moves, it will be for under 60m though. But straight choice between Pepe and Zaha and I am taking the former. Younger more end product, same pace, same dribble ability, resale value, X factor. Many things in favour

  43. WengerEagle


    Yeah re Lacazette I’m with you. He’s too ponderous and lacks that classic nose for goal that Auba possess even though he’s a better footballer than Auba for my money. Also lacks pace and his short stature makes that stand out as a real flaw to his game.

    We’re all only guessing where we are it when it comes to the summer budget but if selling Lacazette is a necessary evil I wouldn’t have a problem with it so long as we came through to next season better balanced going forward and with a proper understudy CF to Auba, not Nketiah.

  44. Marko

    Last summer shits on this one to date and that’s saying something.

    I mean it depends on which side of the aisle you’re on. In hindsight last summer wasn’t that great either. No significant departures 70 million spent and let’s be honest with ourselves here only the goalkeeping issue was addressed. Fast forward to this summer and we’re having the exact same squad issues (no wingers, Defence, Midfield and full back positions in need of strengthening) no significant departures and apparently on less of a budget. The notion that Sven, the man responsible for Lichtsteiner and whose major departure last season was Lucas Perez, would have been hard at it this summer is more hopeful than expectant.

  45. bennydevito


    Boris Becker just liked my Tweet about my nickname bennydevito coming from Danny Devito whilst commenting on the final! 🤣

  46. Batistuta


    At least there was some sort of movement when Sven was here, wasn’t perfect mind you especially with the departures but goodness gracious those in charge now seem even more clueless. Bids they know would get rejected instantly, taking ages to tie up deals e.t.c.

    Look, while i acknowledge the amount of work to be done to get us competing again is ridiculously much, those in charge aren’t helping themselves by wasting so much time

  47. WengerEagle

    Griezmann confirmed to Barcelona after a bit of fuckery on Atleti’s part claiming the transfer had not happened.

    Intrigued to see where he plays along the frontline with Messi at RF and Suarez as CF considering he too is a lefty and not a winger.

  48. Marc

    The Sven story is only being picked up and pushed by people with an anti Emery agenda.

    When you look at what is being suggested it shows you just how desperate some are to beat Emery with any stick they can make up.

  49. Valentin

    That is exactly the head scout job to tell the head coach that the player he wants is not as good as one freely available in the academy.

    Head coaches will always prioritise experienced players over untested players. Unless the player is so talented it is a no brainer, otherwise in most case the risk is not worth the potential reward. The first phase of Wenger reign was based on making those tough calls. Anelka was languishing in the PSG reserve and within 1 year he was replacing the icon Ian Wright. Viera, Henry were rotting in Italian reserve.

    Even in the case of Messi, it took Guardiola which had managed him at Barcelona B to put Messi in the Barcelona team in place of Ronaldinho. Does anybody think that any other manager would have made the call? I can’t see a manager without connection with the Barcelona socios and strong temperament taking that calculated risk.

    Emery had no connection with Arsenal. He also know that if he were to fail he would never get a chance at such prestigious club again soon. Blew the chance and you will be excluded from the list of top managers for big clubs. Of course he needed a push to make the right decision: prioritise the academy players over an average Barcelona player.
    The fact that Raul spent so much time removing the obligation to buy mean that he also was not convinced. He was now realised that it was the wrong decision. Hence Freddie being brought into the first team to try to influence things in favour of the academy players.

  50. Receding Hairline

    Eagle not Nketiah indeed, I’m not even convinced he will end up in the championship. More league 1 level.

    Batistuta yes they are fantastically paid to do their jobs so let them do it,stop asking them to hurry up and pay 25m because you are irritated by the deal. Nor should you be hurrying them along on other targets either, when the window closes we can all draw our conclusions. We still need to perform on the pitch even if we win the window.

    By all means continue complaining though, before someone calls me an Emery defender.

  51. Marc


    Are you saying Sven was actually involved in the negotiations for Torreira, Leno, Sok and Guendozi last summer? Rather than him identifying the players and putting them to the transfer committee.

  52. Marko

    At least there was some sort of movement when Sven was here, wasn’t perfect mind you

    So you just want signings for the sake of it. Tierney taking too long we should have just nabbed Targett and be done with it. Taking too long on picking a winger why not just get in Ryan Fraser who’s sitting on his arse all summer. I get where you’re at it is looking like we won’t be winners in another transfer window yet again (shocking I know) but I’m not sure I’d agree with the scattergun approach you’re alluding to as in just get some bodies in cause that hasn’t worked out for us in the past. If we have targets they’re targets for a reason and we shouldn’t just move on because it isn’t happening in a timely fashion

  53. Batistuta

    Oh the ol famous let’s wait till the window closes before we can make any pronouncements on what’s been a poor summer this far, almost like the old Judge me in May i thought we’d retired with Wenger.

    Oh and Receeding

    We all know what’s going to happen on the pitch this season if we dont get a move on like other clubs are doing but do you though.

  54. Marc

    “That is exactly the head scout job to tell the head coach that the player he wants is not as good as one freely available in the academy.”

    Completely wrong the head scout is there is identify new players – if someone else is suggesting a player he should prepare a report on him, if the player isn’t good enough he should be recommending alternatives not getting involved with other peoples job.

    Hasn’t Pedro already said on here that one of the frustrations with Sven was he was rarely in London? Then how the fuck did he know so much about our youth players?

  55. Marko

    Whether or not you agree with how long it is taking the club have decided that Tierney is who they want. The idea that they should move on because the selling club isn’t initially inclined to sell straight away is silly. It’s that kind of approach that gets you another Kolasinac or Andre Santos

  56. Batistuta


    Are we meant to have just single options for the positions we want to strengthen?

    Nothing scatter gun about moving on to plan B if A doesn’t work out, it’s what well run organizations do, only time it’ll probably be understandable to haggle with wages and ish is when you’re buying the real top tier players not players from Celtic and St Etienne.

    Can’t say it’s all Tierney or nothing, i mean come on man, there are about a half dozen getable LBs that are maybe affordable I’m sure you can name of the too of your head. Same with Saliba .

    I’m sorry if it seems I’m asking for signings just for the sake of it but it doesn’t feel or seem like there’s been any plan whatsoever to the summer

  57. WengerEagle

    Let’s be real here for a minute, it’s hard to see us making any more than 2-3 signings max at this point and that takes us where exactly considering we’re already a player down from last season’s sorry bunch?

  58. Un na naai


    He’s have been right. Abysmal move. Symptomatic of this current arsenal manager and transfer team.

  59. Marko

    Oh the ol famous let’s wait till the window closes before we can make any pronouncements on what’s been a poor summer this far, almost like the old Judge me in May i thought we’d retired with Wenger.

    Again not making excuses here but that cunt failed every single transfer window he had at Arsenal manager and the new set up is year two (year one if you want to count it with Edu on and Ivan leaving) so it’s not really the same thing. They should be afforded time whereas Arsene’s time should have been up years ago

  60. Wasi

    Would Love an Alves to challenge Bellerin at the RB position. We really need a voice, a leader , a winner in our squad and you dont do better than Dani Alves. He is no LICHTSTEINER. He just won the Copa America captaining Brazil. And he was one of their best throughout the tourney. Also he broke the record for the most team trophies for an individual.
    Tierney finally joining .
    Pepe links have been denied by the ever-reliable Orny so i dont think theres anything there . Why would you bid 80m for Pepe when youve been chasing Zaha literally all summer.
    Links with Everton of Brazil who starred in copa america. Would be a realistic and considerably cheaper and younger option than wilf zaha. Anyways happy to see Pedro finally realising the quality of Zaha.
    EDU is finally here and he is making moves. Edu use ur special sauce to convince Stan to splash some cash. Wishful thinking at its very best.
    But would love for Edu to get us some Brazilian flair . Dani,Everton,Martinelli. Thare would be a real Brazilian flair at the club.

  61. Receding Hairline

    Yes Batistuta one actually has to wait for the end of an event to pass judgement. Shocker I know. Even when Wenger said judge me in may, may judged him.

    When the window ends we can all lament if need be, unless of course you are more interested in I told you so. I do agree it feels like there is no plan but that’s just a feeling, we don’t know for sure because there is no way we can.

  62. Batistuta


    How long does it take to negotiate a deal for a player? 2/3 minutes


    How long does it take a well run club to negotiate a deal for a player who’s been on holiday all summer? 2/3 hours tops?

  63. Dream10

    Alves better off at. City. He won’t be able to handle the defensive load when playing for us. Think he’ll end up at Spurs though. Pochettino is a big fan of his

  64. Champagne Charlie

    “Oga Charles I no get your time this Sunday, swerve“

    Weird, considering you chirped up on the last post to have a pop. Now I respond and you’ve no time for it today?

    Give up you fraud.

  65. Un na naai

    Again not making excuses here but that cunt failed every single transfer window he had at Arsenal manager

    Marko clearly wasn’t watching arsenal back in the late 90s early 2000s was he?

    If you’re going to spout off marko, try to keep it relatively factual. Wenger brought in a large portion of the premier league’s all time top 50. What a doughnut

  66. Dissenter

    ‘That is exactly the head scout job to tell the head coach that the player he wants is not as good as one freely available in the academy’

    He can suggest it but he doesn’t have the authority to do jack. The sake way he can recommend to the team chef what to serve for pre-match lunch.

    The fact that he supposedly left over this shows him up as a little child.
    Hope he makes Stuttgart great again.

  67. Marc


    That all depends how hard you negotiate – I mean it’s fucking easy to walk in and pay over the odds but getting a deal that you think is worth it might take a bit longer.

  68. Batistuta


    So let me get you straight, we are all meant to relax all summer, eat our baggles and wait for the window to end before we admit that it was a failure, then at that point we’ll all be asked to support the boys as there’s nothing that can be done at that point.

    Anyone sure Wenger and Gazidis are not still out and about somewhere at Arsenal HQ

  69. Klele

    Nice article but dont over praise Chelsea. They had 40 players out on loan that they can run the rule over. So the transfer ban doesn’t really handicap them.

  70. Un na naai

    I’d take Alves too.


    You judged him all year round. Day in day out. Don’t make out like you waited for May.
    Was is and always will be a better manager then Unai Emery. Even at his worst

  71. Champagne Charlie


    You used to moan endlessly about Arsenal fans waiting for a summers end to pass judgement. Now it’s fair game?

    I thought a changed (supposed improved) dynamic was supposed to see a different approach?

    Seems you’ve gone from bitching about all the things Wenger got wrong, to giving slack upon slack to the new crowd.

  72. Marko

    Are we meant to have just single options for the positions we want to strengthen? Nothing scatter gun about moving on to plan B if A doesn’t work out,

    No but you shouldn’t just move on to plan b because plan a takes longer I mean that’s kinda stupid if you ask me. Clearly we didn’t move onto plan b because at no point was it a question of Tierney being unavailable or non-transferable. It takes a month to get in Tierney fuck that lets get in whoever cause it’ll only take two weeks to get in him. That’s silly. Truth is whether or not you agree with it or whether or not it’s a good plan but there is an actual plan at Arsenal this summer Tierney and Saliba suggest that. Not a plan to take over the world that’s for sure or even north London for that matter

  73. Dissenter

    Why not abandon every game in the 67th minute of stop dicking just when the fizz is about to erupt.

    You are risk averse obviously but you just want it now….right now.

  74. Champagne Charlie


    You not fancy Dani Alves?

    I agree with where you’re coming from, but for me the idea was right with Licht and maybe Alves could provide that. Although the up/down nature of the prem might be beyond him.

  75. Batistuta


    I have no issues whatsoever with negotiating not to over pay but surely it shouldn’t stretch out for this long especially with the amount of work we needed done this summer and that’s been my point all along

  76. Dissenter

    Poor Un na
    Crying is eyes out over Wenger
    Shall we bring back Jackie boy from Westham’s sick-bay?

  77. WengerEagle

    Saliba doesn’t affect the first team for at least a year Marko so at this stage even if Tierney is brought in the next couple of days [optimistic] we’re less than 4 weeks away from the PL kick off and we’ve lost 1 first team player in Ramsey and brought one in Tierney.

    That’s shocking considering the EL Final was over 6 weeks ago.

  78. Marko

    Seems you’ve gone from bitching about all the things Wenger got wrong, to giving slack upon slack to the new crowd.

    Yeah expect you to not see the difference between someone failing year in year out for nearly 15 years and a new structure in place for 12-24 months.

  79. Gentlebris

    ‘I’d have sold Laca and Auba. Both limited and at 30 Auba is only going down. £100m for those two and we would have been in a much better position.’

    £100m for both Auba and Laca?

    Your dealer is doing one under the table, he has begun to mix some dangerous powder into your order, unknown to you of course.
    I urge you to change the man or quit drugs.

  80. Batistuta


    Kindly do well to respond to me with actual arguments or conversations not the last thing you out up there man, didn’t understand a single thing

  81. Un na naai

    Seems you’ve gone from bitching about all the things Wenger got wrong, to giving slack upon slack to the new crowd.


    From the day emery was appointed. Only his big talk has backfired on him and now it’s a face saving, pride salvaging exercise for Marko and his mongo brigade.

    Tied their colours to the wrong mast and are now having their noses rubbed in it daily. But not by us. By emery, Raul and kroenke. What a giggle

  82. Marc


    Let’s look at it another way – one that doesn’t carry so much emotional attachment for us.

    David De Gea has a year left on his contract – why have ManU not agreed an extension? If he won’t sign why haven’t they sold him? They are less than a month off being able to get a replace if he were to leave and it’s been widely publicised that the Glazers want players with resale value so letting go for free isn’t a great idea.

    How long does it take to do the above?

  83. Receding Hairline

    At least Un na nai and CG have given up all pretense of being critical for the good of the club. They just want Wenger back and are now comfortable saying it. Still waiting for some to come around.

    Fraud for not wanting a back and forth with you today after chirping up yesterday? Lol…are yesterday and today supposed to be the same? I’m allowed to get bored with you the very next minute oga.

  84. WengerEagle


    Alves is still a top class player but yeah, I’d worry about how at age 36 he’d adapt to the frenetic and unforgiving physical nature of the PL, he’s never been solid defensively but playing for Barcelona and PSG that’s rarely ever been a problem given how absurdly good he has been on the ball and attacking the flank just like Marcelo at Real Madrid.

    He’s also a huge personality so could potentially fracture the dressing room if his stint isn’t going so rosy and he loses his place to Bellerin when he returns. Agree with Dream that a move to Citeh would make more sense for him at this stage in his career, add to that lofty trophy count and not have to worry about being exposed defensively.

  85. Marko

    WE yeah we’ll have to wait and see what happens won’t we. The point being that we shouldn’t just target players who can be signed up quickly is my point. Moving on to plan b cause plan a is drawing on a bit isn’t a great plan. CB is going to be interesting to see what happens there. Might be an indicator of us being desperate or actually having a plan. I have a feeling De Ligt might have fucked us a bit. Kimpembe might have been available had he gone to PSG or Umtiti if Barcelona got him. Anyway just speculation

  86. Un na naai

    Marko thinks winning 5 FA cups a league title, going a season unbeaten, outplaying Barca with 10 men in the champs league final and constantly finishing 1-4th in 15 years BAR ONE SEASON is constantly failing

    Do your ever think before you open your trap?

  87. Batistuta


    The De gea situation and our inability to close any kinda deal all summer are two different scenarios, probably not the best to use to make comparisons

  88. Mysticleaves

    “Even in the case of Messi, it took Guardiola which had managed him at Barcelona B to put Messi in the Barcelona team in place of Ronaldinho.”

    What?? I take it people don’t read Valentin’s posts anymore. Messi’s debut was in 2004/5, Guardiola came to manage Barca 2008. By then Messi was already a beast in the first team. Or is my memory failing me?

  89. WengerEagle

    Haha mystic you’re not going senile just yet indeed, Messi had already come runner up in the Ballon D’or in 2008 and 3rd place in the 2007 one before Pep took over.

  90. Mysticleaves

    “outplaying Barca with 10 men in the champs league final”

    Lmao. So many pearls today. These Wenger guys. Am in fits. Barca wanted to kill us the whole match. Even as 11 v 11. Wtf is going on today?

  91. Un na naai


    Nice try. I don’t want wenger back. I just acknowledge his superiority to any of the fools at the club currently.

    What I want is Raul and emery gone. The fact that we’ve lost Sven in itself is a big red flag. This isn’t going well and it’s getting worse with each passing month. You’re using wenger as a deflective tactic but and it’s highky transparent.

    The sooner we all unite to end this regime the sooner we may see arsenal improve. We will not under emery, Raul and kroenke. Emery will be gone by this time next year 110%

    And the likes of you will claim you never backed him.
    Just like joe didn’t Scream for emery’s head after the Leicester game

  92. Champagne Charlie

    “Yeah expect you to not see the difference between someone failing year in year out for nearly 15 years and a new structure in place for 12-24 months.“

    Oh that must be it, you’re sat here all enlightened while others are left in the fog.

    Maybe I see no difference because we’ve changed all the faces and the same shit is being offered up?

    This is the second summer, and third window of negotiations the new lot have had and there’s not one shred of evidence that we’ve take steps toward a “better” model. As Weagle states, 6 weeks since the EL final trouncing and we’ve only lost players to expired contracts.

    But again, must be different from your perch.

    Yea I hear you, do you not think he could act as a kind of grounding for any new prospective Brazilians? Say we were to get Everton and another prospect?

  93. Mysticleaves

    WE thanks for reassuring me. 😆😆 Had to sort that out you know.

    Are you the one with the tennis final commentary? I hope Federer wins though. I am a massive Rafa fan and Djoker already looks like he’s going to overtake Rafa on titles won so the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend. Wonder what happens when these 3 guys retire

  94. Marko

    Charlie what is it with you and RB’s. First it was Lichtsteiner then it was Antonio Valencia and now it’s Dani Alves. I know you don’t rate Bellerin that much so what gives? Your only knowledge of RB’s coming from that premier league sticker book circa 2009?

  95. Marko

    Rugani not a possibility from Juventus?

    No noise about him whatsoever. Seems like the type who’ll be happy to sit around for the next few seasons before wanting to leave

  96. Receding Hairline

    Yea we lost Sven to Stuttgart… Big red flag that. How are we going to replace the 13 months he spent at the club.

    Unite to end this regime? Jeez its not North Korea its football.

  97. Rambo Ramsey

    If you are a non-Londoner . . . .why would any self-respecting human being support this farcical club/business organization?

  98. Paulinho

    Federer has been shocking – serve apart.

    Looks like Novak is in his head more than Rafa was a few years back.

    Boring match.

  99. Un na naai


    Barca had little penetration until Larson came on
    We had the better of the chances
    Henry has two sitters to bury and he fucked it.
    I would t even call their goals clear cut as they should have been routine near post saves but we had a Swiss cheese in goal

  100. TR7

    WE, I am cursing myself for posting the last comment. Totally jinxed it, Djoker wins another set in tie breaker. Federer playing better tennis but Djoker returns almost everything forcing Fed to make errors on his backhand.

  101. Un na naai

    If you are a non-Londoner . . . .why would any self-respecting human being support this farcical club/business organization?


    It’s a ruse, intended to aide in the construction of some sort of personality

  102. Marko

    Maybe I see no difference because we’ve changed all the faces and the same shit is being offered up?

    True. But the difference between the new regime and the old is the new one hasn’t been given enough time to properly judge them and they’ve still got a chance of overturning the club’s fortunes. Whereas the old regime are to blame for what you’re currently seeing and had failed for years in the transfer market.

  103. Mysticleaves

    This season to me is exciting. I can see the things happening behind the scene and I like to get behind the whole set up. I am trying to be as objective as I can and hold on to my little wins.

    First being the youngsters brought into the first team, let them actually play let’s know if they are good or bad. Then change them, since we are transitioning anyways

    Second being the structure where Edu will take charge of basically everything and how we play. I look at Ajax and what their TD/DOF have been able to achieve, hiring coaches that suits the style the team wants to play and setting the pace in player recruitment.

    It will be a good season cos it has already been written off by me. New faces, closer to the playing style the manager wants, let’s see what happens.

  104. Elmo

    England being absolutely dominated by the Kiwi bowlers in the CWC final. On this pitch, in these conditions where it’s moving about, 240 was a great score.

  105. WengerEagle


    Would make a lot more sense if we were really in for Everton/Neres. All for it in that case if it helps them settle in.


    Yeah although if Federer wins then that pretty much signals the end of Rafa’s hopes of catching him so it”s a lose-lose for him pretty much no matter who wins today.

    Huge day for the GS count, if Djokovic wins he’s odds on for overtaking Federer imo but if Federer wins then it all but seals his place at the top.

  106. Marko

    Not even worth a response with that drivel.

    I suppose I made it up. Dishonest doesn’t begin to paint your picture mate. Yeah we’ll just gloss over you thinking Lichtsteiner was a good idea last summer about how Valencia could have been a good idea because unlike Lichtsteiner he knew the league (you love that one) and now it’s what with regards to Dani Alves? “the idea was right with Licht and maybe Alves could provide that”. Genius that.

  107. Champagne Charlie

    “Whereas the old regime are to blame for what you’re currently seeing and had failed for years in the transfer market.“

    This is bollocks. We’re 3 windows into this new lot and how they have approached each has been plenty questionable.

    All are aware with the fabled “mess” they’ve been left, but that offers absolutely fuck all excuses for chasing a useless cunt in Jan, battling the club captain in the newspapers, and spending absolutely nothing to date however big/small the war chest.

    Yes, they’ve issues to deal with left by the previous lot….but the point you’re continually distracting from and excusing is that their ability to deal with these issues has been nothing short of abysmal thus far.

  108. Batistuta


    How much time exactly are we supposed to give the new regime to get at least the basics which we hated the old guys for which is haggling over transfers? This is their 3rd window and it’s not looking at all positive though.. I mean everyone we wanted shifted at least after a year are still here though being told it’s because there aren’t any takers for them so best they’re here till their contracts expires before the new guys can be properly judged? I’m trying to see where all of this staunch defence of Raul and co who seem clueless at the moment is coming from.

  109. China1

    I’d much rather see us spend 30m on Everton than 60-80m on Zaha or Pepe

    Pepe is nearly mid 20s with only one great season and Zaha is good but not world class or that young so the valuation is silly for a club in Arsenal’s position

    Everton looks like a smart gamble financially in comparison and is also within our budget

  110. Valentin


    Messi was not the main player until 2008. In fact between 2004 and 2008 he was in and out of the team due to injuries.

    I remember that when Ronaldinho was sold, a lot of people questioned that decision. A lot of people were still unsure whether Messi could play a full season and more importantly could carry the team like Ronaldinho had done it.

    Of course now looking back that sound ridiculous, but at the time there was a real debate on the subject.

    Same thing regarding Henry. Now an revered icon, but when he joined he was an unknown quantity. He had won the 98 World Cup with France, but he was back in the U21.

  111. Rambo Ramsey

    Hair transplant

    “Yea we lost Sven to Stuttgart… Big red flag that”

    T’was actually.

    It told the World that Arsenal have no plan in place, its all make it up as you go along.

    Wenger is off.

    “We are the three Arseketeers and we’ll make the club club great again” -Gazidis, Raul, Sven

    “Oh no wait, change of plans, I’m going now. Bye bye” – Gaizidis

    “We have an exciting structure in place with a awesome approach to transfers”

    One window later…

    ” I don’t like this German brat. Fvck off Sven” – Raul

    ” Lets welcome this dopey looking exec instead, looks like he’s got mad nodding skills”