More bad news leaks. Edu job looking disastrously tough

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Ohhhhh boy.

Everyone has just realised that we are in a tight spot with basically everything.

Ornstein echoed a bunch of the things that I wrote yesterday and none of it looks great.

Mustafi ain’t going nowhere because he loves his deal, but he now knows the manager thinks he’s shite.

Chambers wants to stay, but knows the manager thinks he’s average.

Koscielny is on strike, and we’re actually upset that a 33-year-old defender is not on the plane to America because he’s one of the best we have at the minute.

The only defender available for the first game of the season is Papa. Meanwhile, Villa have dropped £50m on 3 centre backs this week alone.

We can’t even organise next seasons defender. Stories emerging that Spurs are about to gazump us for Saliba.

Bad times indeed.

I can’t make this any better for you. I have heard from a lot of very good people that the club is in an incredibly bad space. The manager is a farce, we have no leaders at the training ground, and our approach to transfers has been so bad this summer, that we’ll likely end with very little to show at the end of the window.

It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Edu isn’t coming in to make light tweaks, he’s going to have to come in with a wrecking ball. The job is going to be to flatten the whole thing and start again.

New vision. New manager. New squad. New energy.

This season is a write off before it’s even started. United might not have a world-class manager, but Mike Phelan is a great coach who has built winning machines before. Pogba now appears set to stay, they’ve added some good players and they already had a pretty good squad.

Chelsea were 4-1 better than us in April playing terribly. They have a young manager who knows the players, the club and the youth. He might not be incredible, but despite the transfer ban, he seems to be having a far calmer summer than us.

Spurs are adding good players to an already great squad.

I don’t need to go any higher up than that, do I? Could go lower though. West Ham are having a good summer, so are Leicester.

We don’t even really have a coach. People still bemoaning Wenger’s squad of players forget that those same players took us to 22 games unbeaten. The more Emery’s ideas settled, the worse things got. This season, he doesn’t have the new manager good will he had last year, he also doesn’t have political capital with the players, and he’s burned bridges with a fair chunk of a squad he’s likely going to HAVE to use.

That end of season review session looks even more nuts by the day.

So where do we go from here?

I have no idea. Edu; looking ragged already, is going to have to put plans in place very quickly this season. He really, really, really needs to be a good leader. Someone that’s here to succeed, not sit out a cushy highly paid job. A total driving force for Arsenal. Really, we need to hope he holds himself to a high standard because Stan K certainly isn’t going to.

A lot rests on the man from Brazil.

I have faith, because if I didn’t, we’d have absolutely nothing to look forward to.

See you in the comments x

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  1. Chris

    If only there was a way to ‘tank’ like in American Sports ie Chicago Cubs and come back a few years later all guns blazing. This would be the summer to do that!

    The reality is our dross are going nowhere but would you even trust the club right now to not extend the contracts of some of them? For example if Xhaka is made captain he will be a fixture for years to come.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    By the looks of it, the “big wigs” have travelled for the Arsenal USA tour. It’s not unreasonable to lean toward the thinking that no strides will be made whilst this tour takes place.

    I keep on saying, the likelihood is that this Arsenal side go into the season unchanged from the previous.

    This was once a prideful club to follow with genuine ambition. Lord knows what happened.

  3. TR7

    I would rather have Chambers in my team than Mustafi. Holding, Chambers, Sokratis and Monreal should be our 4 center back options if we don’t have money to buy a new CB.

  4. Ishola70

    Chambers needs to show that he has lost his soft aspect.

    Nice enough footballer at CB but too many times soft.

    Typical Wenger signing for CB.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    “This was once a prideful club to follow with genuine ambition. Lord knows what happened.”

    Kroenke happened, my man.

    Kroenke happened.

  6. Up 4 grabs now


    Chambers has had two good loans now playing at Boro, almost getting promoted.
    And a relegation dogfight being player of the season at Fulham.

    He’s got a lot more experience since he played regularly for us, would definitely rather seem him and the big Greek than anyone else at the moment. If he plays well holding can be eased in rather than rushed back.

  7. China1

    TR7 agreed

    Chambers isn’t top class but he’s not one of our biggest concerns. He’s also a better backup RB than AMN so I’d be comfortable with him staying.

    The only reason he’d be worth selling is that it would generate a bit of cash, but then we’d be weakening our already shite defensive unit for it. Not sure we really win in the end

  8. Guns of Brixton

    Chambers found his level at Fulham imo.

    Remains to be seen if he can step up to the big leagues but there has been little evidence for it.

    I would allow him stay because we are so desperate and he did do very well on loan last season.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Look, the Arsenal hierarchy have decided that making money is where they want to be…and they are doing well. Think about it, we just signed a mega deal for kits…kerr ching. What did Arsenal have to do exactly for that deal? Not much. Tickets are always sold. Tv cash, in the bank. My god, Arsenal are the holy grail of any investment dream: low spend for high returns.

    The football is secondary I’m afraid. We have to have a team so we sort of do…I bet if Stan could avoid the actual kicking the ball bit, we would completely cease to exist.

    Edu is a stooge. The world says we need a TD so reluctantly we got one (10 years late) but hey. What exactly is Edus credentials? Just like Emery, he’s a body in a role, nothing more.

    The club as we know it is long gone. So

    1. Stop supporting.
    2. Stop complaining.

  10. TR7


    ‘ Chambers needs to show that he has lost his soft aspect.’

    Well it’s something which can easily be worked upon and improved. He is a better reader of the game than Mustafi and relies on his technique unlike Mustafi who goes sliding in all his challenges.

  11. Un na naai


    Maybe not a complete culture change but to change the elements that needed changing. Work rate, attitude, defensive awareness, tactical awareness.

  12. Ishola70

    “’Well it’s something which can easily be worked upon and improved.”

    I’m not so sure.

    It looked like he lacked toughness on too many occasions when in an Arsenal shirt.

    Sometimes that can’t be resolved. It’s just in the person’s genes and is a characteristic.

    Put it this way I don’t trust Chambers at this point.

    Would have to show more steel in his play for me to be trusting of him.

  13. Up 4 grabs now

    Ishola, who do you trust more chambers or mustafi?
    That’s starting to look like our opening day options partner for sokratis.

  14. Graham62

    Sitting up here on the fence overlooking the Emery reign, it’s not easy to put things into perspective. The daily squabbles on here prove that. However, there are a few things I do know that leads me to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. If Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis had stayed, it would have been far far worse.
    2. Fact. Emery inherited a total shitfest left by the old regime which has to be totally eradicated.
    3.Fact. Kroenke is culpable in all of the above and needs to be pressurised to either show his face and some balls or, better still, get the fudge out.
    4. Somehow we, the fans, need to forget our differences and put the club first. Difficult I know, but key to our future progress.
    5. Emery needs to also show some guts and demand change. Personally, I don’t feel he is up to this. I don’t think any of us do. He seems more of a yes man than a ” no I don’t agree with that” sort of person.
    6.We need to stop dwelling on the past and our frigging philosophies and values and reinvent ourselves.
    7. As a collective, we need to put an end to this shambolic situation.

    Do we all agree?

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Graham, you had me at

    1. If Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis had stayed, it would have been far far worse.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Normally I would agree but…

    Wenger still had power over current players and incoming players. Emery has zero pulling power. None.

    I’m not defending Arsene but the man did crazy better than anyone.

  17. TOLI83

    Sell Aubamayang?!

    He’s our top goal scorer and Tallisman.

    Selling him would be the icing on the cake for a truly toxic summer, whatever money we get we have shown we are inept at converting it.

    Top clubs don’t continually sell their best players.

    As I said until Kronke is interested the lot underneath won’t feel the drive or the mission because it doesn’t look like their is one.

  18. Ishola70

    Up 4 grabs now:
    “who do you trust more chambers or mustafi?
    That’s starting to look like our opening day options partner for sokratis.|”

    Well it’s not a good situation all round is it.

    The likelihood is though that Emery puts in Mustafi ahead of Chambers.

    With Chambers because of his past inclination to show brittleness you could get away with him against teams that don’t rough up in attack. Not really physical upfront. That’s if he hasn’t toughened up while away on loan.

  19. chris


    Your point number one is bang on. They both had to go.

    I don’t think anyone here is pro Emery, I’d be amazed (and disappointed) if he was still here in 12 months unless he performs a miracle. He isn’t the biggest issue we have though.

    It’s always been Stan. He is a disease that needs to be eradicated but I honestly don’t see how. He is in it for the long haul, he thinks we will eventually end up in a lucrative European Super League which will be a somewhat closed shop like MLB , NFL and the income will be insane simply to exist in it.

    It will take a whopper of an offer from someone to convince him to sell and even then he has indicated he wants ‘portfolios’ for his son and has no interest in selling.

    If you had a DoLorean and could change one thing from Arsenal’s event history it would be the selling out to Kroenke would surely be up there.

  20. Victorious

    So links to a CB from Benfica, Ruben Dias? With just the paltry 54M as release clause then, lol..

    Another deal if true when we likely end up get laughed at, when will this club stop embarrassing themselves?

    Clubs appear to be a total shambles this moment ,

    I mean absolulely no plan and embarrassingly pissing off clubs by continuously low balling for players ,how does the budget of a newly promoted Aston villa completely blow ours out of the water?

    Absolutely not supporting this club next season if the likes of Mustafi, Elneny,Jenkison,and Xhaka are still a mainstay in the team, coupled with the clowns in charge, no way, thanks

  21. Up 4 grabs now


    At least there’s a chance that chambers may have learnt from his mistakes.
    I don’t think mustafi can.
    Would rather see chambers given a chance.

  22. Just Another Customer

    Yeah CG sound argument that we don’t want the 80m from Auba just his cute little smile from the cheerly Gabon lad to liven things up.

  23. Victorious

    So who gets the armband next season?

    Obviously not going to be Ozil as the manager don’t like him

    Hopefully not Xhaka or Sok. The former is a calamity whilst the latter will likely get sent off in just too many matches

    So Bad is the situation currently we have absolutely nobody resembling a leader in the entire squad

    I will chance my arm and make Holding the captain, couldn’t get any worse

  24. Just Another Customer

    Last summer looks all positive but this one is drab passionless turgid of all even Wenger gave us excitement with his last minute bargain bin shopping spree or the occasional Arshavin or Ozil.

  25. Thank you and goodnight.

    If any of our strikers get injured I honestly think we’ll be in a relagation battle, that’s how bad we are. Hate saying told you so, but in regards to people who thought kroenke would be our abramovich….told you he’d screw us over

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Please drop the ridiculous pretence.

    We were 3rd with 6 games left against teams that finished below us, we quite clearly had the requisite quality

    Neither Spurs nor Chelsea were spectacularly better/worse than the previous season. We failed our responsibilities, period.

    We’re now showing absolutely no ounce of savvy to take steps forward.

  27. Gentlebris

    I don’t understand what Edu offers in scouting, football efficiency and overall pitch monitoring that Sven doesn’t offer double.

    Vinai and Raul must have ganged up against Sven for daring to shake the table, if they didn’t get rid of him he would have laid their gross incompetence bare for all to see.

    So they went to Stan:

    ‘Mr Kroenke, we think it might have been a mistake hiring Mr Minslitat. The man has other ideas that clearly don’t support the culture you want preserved at Arsenal. And now he thinks we should give him even more responsibilities. We think we should allow him to find other projects that suit his person.’

    Kroenke yawns and reaches for his telephone.

    Josh is too busy to pick the call, the hot lady is dishing hot things at the moment.

    Kroenke mutters some words under his breath about Josh being always unavailable. He reaches for the t.v remote to change the channel.

    Vinai coughs.

    Kroenke blinks and suddenly remember the gentlemen who work for him.

    ‘i was trying to get Josh for his opinion, but not to worry, make corrections where you think it’s necessary. I put you in charge so I wouldn’t have to worry about these things anyway.’

    And the man who has the passion, the talent and the vision to make a difference at Arsenal was shown the door.

  28. Ishola70


    To imply that Arsenal have a better squad than Spurs and Chelsea is as already said just peddling untruths.

    It’s already been explained to you the reasons why Arsenal finished as close as they did to Spurs and Chelsea.

    And yet you claim that Arsenal had the “quality” to finish top four.

    Tell us these “qualities” of the team that should have ben top four.

  29. Marc

    I know I shouldn’t but I’ll bite.

    CG – Your knowledge of Arsenal is pathetic. You mentioned boycotting the EL group stage matches – I already have for the last 2 seasons and so did thousands of other ST holders, have you not seen the attendance figures? Because the matches aren’t a sell out you also cannot put your ticket on ticket exchange so ST holders know they are throwing circa £100 quid away.

  30. China1

    Relegation battle?

    Take a deep breath. We are shit by major club standards but still better than much of the dross in the PL even on a bad day

  31. Marc

    Someone referenced the post from 2 days before this one about Pedro going from “5 years till we win the CL” to utter despair.

    Just a point on this – what’s happened between the 2 posts. Kos has acted like a petulant child and gone on strike and there’s a rumour that the Spud’s are trying / have hijacked the deal for Saliba.

    So a player that many on here were saying is washed up or hasn’t been good enough for years has played a hand that means he’ll never kick a ball for the club again and a deal for a young player who will be sent back on loan for a year that many were describing as ludicrous with our limited transfer budget might be under threat.

    Deep breath everyone – there are problems but if you lose your shit over the above how the fuck are you going to handle things if something genuinely bad happens?

  32. Marc

    “Hate saying told you so, but in regards to people who thought kroenke would be our abramovich….told you he’d screw us over”

    I have never heard anyone suggest or even give an indication that they think Kroenke would be our Abramovich.

    Where do some of you get this shit from?

  33. China1

    We have a small budget because the club constantly thinks it’s being clever by self imposing dumbass financial restrictions on itself

    And the times when it does loosen up a bit it’s absolute clowns left with the responsibility of spending it. No way it works out well

  34. englandsbest

    Pedro yo-yos, one post he is up, the next he is down, Just like the rest of us fans.

    Speaking of myself, I have always identified Stan as the major villain, raising the ticket prices sky-high in that first year at Emirateswas enough for me. People who focused 100% on Wenger misunderstood me. They thought I was pro-Wenger.

    Well. I have yoed-yoed a little on Stan. I wish he was gone, I wish he’d sold out to Usmanov, but that did not happen, He is here, and the season-ticket holders lack the will to get rid of him. (I sympathise with them, by the way.)

    So let’s adjust to the reality: we have an absentee owner who won’t put a cent into the Club.

    The former owners of Arsenal were custodians: they didn’t put money in, they didn’t take money out, and they endeavoured to leave Arsenal in a better state than they found it. I believe that is why Stan bought the Club, the long successful record of self-sustaining.

    He appears to be offering something similar: you can spend whatever you make. (Whether he sticks to that if and when the Club starts making big money, who can tell?)

    However, taking him at his word, Arsenal is eminently suited to self-sustain, and to win things, provided it is run properly.

    How to do that? As in any business, reduce expenses and increase revenue.

  35. Gentlebris

    ‘Absolutely not supporting this club next season if the likes of Mustafi, Elneny,Jenkison,and Xhaka are still a mainstay in the team, coupled with the clowns in charge, no way, thanks’

    Then you are definitely not supporting Arsenal next season because Xhaka is contesting for CAPTAINSHIP as we speak.

  36. Graham62

    Even in our 22 game unbeaten run we flattered to deceive. I think we can all agree on that.

    We were close to top 4 because others faltered. What happened in our last six games came down to attitude. Both our players and our manager failed in their responsibilities to understand the importance of focusing 100% on every game. A unfortunate trait that we have had at the club for many many years.

    As for our squad being good enough, I’m not so sure. What I do know though is that the weight of having players like Mesut Ozil in the camp, probably cost us more towards seasons end than some folk on here would lead us to believe.

    I personally feel he had a detrimental effect on the likes of Mkhitaryan, Guendouzi, Torreira etc, although I know they wouldn’t admit it.

    So am I saying we would have made top 4 without Ozil being around?

    Most definitely.

  37. Marc


    Without getting into a long drawn out debate on Kroenke I’d say he’s a hands off owner who puts people in to run the club and in general allows them to get on with it.

    Where we’ve seen him move away from this is when the value of his investment is under threat ie Wenger getting one season to get us back in the CL – when it became clear he’d fucked it up the second season he was gone.

    I’d be interested to know what Sanllehi and Venkatesham have given him as a plan for the short, medium and long plan.

  38. Marc


    I’ll meet you in Epping Forest – I’ll bring the shovel you can dig the shallow grave. You may have to dig it big enough for 2 though as I don’t think Pierre will let go even when Ozil’s dead.

  39. Spanishdave

    There were large protests at Man U and at Liverpool which did result in changes to the owners attitudes.
    We will get protest but only when the soft core of fans wake up , and that will only happen if the results are poor and we become mid table.
    I think Emery will go and Freddie will take over and that will happen before Xmas.
    If moral is low Emerys pigeon English babbling will not motive them.
    I think the players will not play for him now

  40. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Absolutely not supporting this club next season if the likes of Mustafi, Elneny,Jenkison,and Xhaka are still a mainstay in the team, coupled with the clowns in charge, no way, thanks‘

    You’ll have to watch as a neutral next year because they will all be here.

  41. Leftsidesanch

    We just need for Emery to come out and say Good Ebening in the middle of the afternoon as usual and tell us that Bellerin, Holding, Nelson etc will be like new signings.

    Clown FC.

    This club is indefensible, we’ve been patient for too long, too many excuses have been made. Call it for what it is.

  42. Bob N16

    In a parallel universe Graham your definitive statement that without Ozil we would have made top 4 could be proved or disproved. Without access to a parallel, Ozil-less universe I think the obvious focus of our attentions, should be on our defence. There is no way we will improve if we don’t bring in, a starting LB and CB.

    As ES and others have considered, it’s probably going to be next summer when we’ll off-load Mhiki, Ozil and Mustafi. With one year left on their contracts, they’ll be easier to shift.

    I know it’s unlikely but I would focus my attentions on swapping Xhaka for a more dynamic CM all rounder to partner Torreira and get a couple of top class loan players in to fill in out wide and ACM.

    There’s still time but we can still be excited by the season ahead but they’ve got to get dealing.

  43. Un na naai

    Aubameyang is not our best player
    Not even close
    He turns up for 1-2 mins a game
    He’s 30 and not needed. Time to cash in

  44. Nelson

    I wonder what is the moral of the team, seeing the captain got hung out to dry. No body approves Kos’s action. The way the board issued two short sentences makes me think that there is a story behind this. Some suspect that the club had given Kos a promise but didn’t honor it after the lost to Chelsea in the final.

    I can also imagine those satisfying faces of the SPUDs supporters seeing how this club becomes a joke in the football world. I can’t see many sponsors would want to associate themselves with this club.

  45. Marc


    The main rumours are that Kos expected to be let go for free and is pissed off we want a fee. I’m sure if he’d been made a promise his agent would’ve had that all over the papers.

  46. Marc


    Even if it was verbal if it had been made they’d have leaked it. It would divert blame from the player onto the club.

  47. Paul Drakes

    Not one mention of the whole orchestrater of this whole fiasco Stan Kroenke in your piece today.We could have a double management team of Guardiola and Klopp and we’d still struggle.We all know Emery isn’t the right man going forward but the whole foundations at Arsenal are on quicksand.A decade of mismanagement by gazidis,pacifism flouted as ‘class’ by the fanbase and indulgence in a egotistical Wenger is not going to be erased by one manager.This is going to take a long time to rectify if at all.We are heading towards the football wilderness if we aren’t already in it.Kroenke is the worst thing that ever happened to this club.This club has no vision and no courage to fulfill a vision that will see this club prosper.Emery is just a fall guy even though I agree with you that he isn’t good enough and was an underwhelming appointment from the beginning.

  48. Marc


    Well this is a player who admitted he wanted France to lose the World Cup final because he wasn’t there.

    Not really a guy who puts other people first.

  49. Spudnik

    This feels like a shocking state of affairs. Last summer we had a new manager and new signings already on board. This summer Arsenal are negotiating for a teenager for a month only to be gazumped by fucking Spurs. And now what’s this? Fucking Wolves reckon they can get in there as well. Fucking Wolves for Fuck’s Sake.

    I never thought the Zaha deal was credible. Not at £80 million. But we can get Malcolm for 30ish only to have fucking Everton as our competition. Fucking Everton.

    It is truly a shocking state of affairs when Arsenal are battling Wolves and Everton in the transfer market.

  50. Dissenter

    Football wise, we lose nothing by ditching Koscielny
    Koschielny actually helped the club with this silly tantrum. Emery was very silly to even ask him to stay another season, at least now we have to sign someone to take his place.

    It’s not all gloom. The rest of the squad travelled and are apparently enjoying the preseason.

  51. Dissenter

    This persistent bitching is also kind of silly.
    It’s not like anyone here is going to walk away from Arsenal. Is it?

  52. CG

    Newcastle United v The Arsenal is a Relgation 6 pointer- if Emery*** stays the season.

    We may have better players than the lower ranked mid table teams- but they will have a team spirit and a BETTER coach and without the distraction of The Loosers Cup

    Every player currently at Arsenal probably with the exception of Iwobi and Torr The Myth sees Emery as figure of Fun.

    Arsenal have lost 50% of the last 10 games

    We could not beat the 4th worse team Brighton ( home or away – Take Your Pick)

    That will get you relegated in any league in the business.

    The talismanic Rambo has left – booted out shamelessly By The Spiv.

    The long standing player and Captain Kos – wants out too.

    Ozil, Miki, Xhaka, Sead, PEA,Laca all think Emery is useless

    If people dont think- we cant get relegated.

    Man United 1974.
    Spurs 1977
    Forest 1993

    Tick Tock

    *** good news – he will be gone by Nov.

  53. Champagne Charlie

    Auba is an elite goal scorer, there’s definite risk when considering his sale. But his conversion rate was top class last season despite his misses, so you could argue if it drops then his worth falls off a cliff.

    We’re a better side with Laca as CF, a wide player like Ziyech/Fekir, and a competent CB, than Laca/Auba squeezed up top.

  54. Dissenter

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better, that’s unavoidable.
    We can’t move some of these players on because if the stupid wages that they are on. No one else will buy Mustafi when he’s on 120i weekly.
    We will be shit average for 1-2 seasons then we won’t be so hamstrung.

    The good parts to this situation is that it takes the veil off how bad the club was run until now. Hopefully, Pedro is right about Edu.
    Woke up this morning and I’m not angry at Arsenal.

  55. Dissenter

    It also show how bad this tabloid rumor generating mill is.
    Most of these Arsenal related transfer stories are 100% false, yet they appear on the pages of “newspapers “

  56. Samesong

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better, that’s unavoidable.

    Your greatest statement on Le grove!!!!

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Saliba is going to be an important moment for the new lot, if he picks Spurs then I can imagine he fan base reacting angrily. It won’t be so much about the player but more that this will be a symbol of everything going wrong. Spurs offering more money up front than Arsenal and a player thinking Spurs is more desirable.

  58. Dream10

    Champagne Charlie

    Lacazette is a forward who has fantastic shooting technique. Get into his feet and he can pick the corners with little trouble.
    However, struggles to hold the ball up, at times doesn’t have enough speed to separate from a defender to go thru on goal and doesn’t generate enough shots. We’ll need a player who gets 20PL goals on one side if Lacazette and Zaha are in the front three

  59. Dissenter

    Anyone who say how the club was wrong had to have seen this coming.
    That’s why Pedro’s special sauce theory didn’t make any sense.

  60. Dissenter

    I think to any 18 year old player who didn’t grow up in north London, spurs are just as attractive as Arsenal.
    New stadium, great training facilities, very good manager, good young squad etc.
    Anyone upset at the prospect of Spurs being as attractive or even more appealing than Arsenal must have been in a lengthy hibernation for a while now.

  61. Un na naai


    I don’t disagree but he’s worth £80m, he’s 30, he gives the ball away too much, offers little on the ball and really only offers tap ins. If we use the money wisely then we are a better team without him.
    We’ve also finished 6th and 5th with him in the side so while his personal goal tally may be Impressive it would appear it is to the detriment of the team rather than enhancement

  62. Marc


    The problem isn’t Saliba picking the Spud’s over us – what if we sign him what does that mean for the Spud’s.

    The problem is we aren’t bringing in other signings. Some years ago Vertonghen picked the Spud’s over us, he’s into the last year of his contract and won’t sign a new one so there’s a decent chance he’ll be sold this summer. If not he’ll do one more season and then move on.

    Precisely what has he won at the Spud’s? Fuck all, what can he tell his grandkids in 30 years time – I might have won fuck all but I played in the worst CL final in years, I played under a manager with special sauce – at this point he’ll be put into care for dementia.

    Players have picked the Spud’s over us before and they will again. The problem is just how stagnant things appear to be at Arsenal at the moment.

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sorry Pedro

    I have no faith…

    Spurs nicking Saliba is the final straw

    May they started talking him up mid July we lose it…

    Clubs dead
    Games dead.

    Only wAy forward is to sack players.

    And replace with youth.

    If it’s bottom half of league so be it..

    We need to root out all the wrongs at the club playing side.


    Where has all the money gone

    Tv money
    New ground money
    Flats sold money
    Sponsorship money, ok Adidas not till next year.

    Some cunts had their hand in the till

  64. Ishola70

    Newcastle are in absolute turmoil.

    No manager, no signings and fans threatening to boycott the opening match against Arsenal.

    Could well be that Arsenal have a nice opening fixture there.

  65. Samesong

    Could well be that Arsenal have a nice opening fixture there.

    Imagine Arteta getting the Newcastle job and playing us first game lol

  66. CG


    “”” Newcastle are in absolute turmoil.No manager, no signings and fans threatening to boycott the opening match against Arsenal.””””

    That means they will have a better manager better than us then.

    No manager v Emery?
    Who wins Out?

    Every foto you see of our one- he is holding a bloody clipboard.

    I wish some one would tonk him over the head with it!

    What can possibly be on it!!!!??

  67. Ishola70


    “Imagine Arteta getting the Newcastle job and playing us first game”

    He’d have to be a maschoist to pick that gig first up.

    Stevie Bruce is the fav to get the job and the geordies ain’t happy with that at all lol.

    No reason why Arsenal can’t get six points up on the board first two games but then looms Anfield.

  68. Batistuta


    It’s a public forum, people are allowed to bitch and moan at how badly the club is being run by the owner and CEO. Stop policing people

  69. Marko

    Any signings? Can’t even be arsed with getting excited about links to Diaz. Links won’t save us. As for Tierney honestly I’d walk away it’s a pain in the arse at this stage and apparently he’s in pain when he runs something about his pubis. My pubis is fine I saw it last week. Move on and haggle with the next one

  70. Just Another Customer

    Would rather spread those goals between interchangeable players that play well together rather than just relying on a 30 year old tap in merchant with sparse involvement to the play of the match. Might as well profit from him now – he’s our Suarez/Coutinho or whoever else.

  71. CG


    “””””Raul Sanhlehi is just as clueless as Ivan Gazidis.””””””

    They Are Buddies!

    Ivan got Raul The Arsenal Gig!

    And my Golly- we are paying the Price for it!

  72. Champagne Charlie

    Disagree about Laca with his back to goal, he’s miles better than Auba in that regard and I wouldn’t offer Auba being a threat in behind as a counter balance because his threat as that goes hasn’t been prevalent at all since he’s got here. Of the two I’d have Laca and feel confident his goal tally would improve with support (but he has age and more of a game over Auba for me).

    Know what you mean, I’d cash in on one of them if it meant a fresh impetus. Can’t explain or offer an idea of what we’re doing though. Just watching the clock tick by the looks of it. No bold overhaul, no really savvy left field shit. Your guess is as good as mine. Tierney wrapped up apparently, that’s one step, but not inspiring stuff.

  73. S Asoa


    Read you for the insight
    “ meeting.What is Raul going to tell Kroenke? I nearly sign a player on which we banked the future of the club, but then because I tried to be too clever I lost the deal to our rival at the 11th hour.What is Edu going to say? Hi my name is Edu, I started yesterday. I used to play in the great Arsenal team, but now We really are in shit without a paddle.“
    Going in a shit without a paddle is absolutely LoL.Classic

  74. KAY Boss

    Can we go for DELPH? Experienced pro and solves a problem area which is CM and he’s mobile of course. He will provide that needed experience and a good mentor for Luca. At the price of £10m and our financial constraints we should be all over the
    deal and gazing eveerton to it.

  75. Champagne Charlie


    Hot no to that one. You act like an Everton and soon you’ll be one. We should be following the approach of Ajax, Dortmund et al.

  76. Mr Serge

    Marc as fellow ST holder the other day you said as long as you are not in the north bank . What did you mean by that ?

  77. Un na naai


    There’s nobody to get bums off seats next season

    Maybe Nelson or another youth player can have a Michael Owen-esque effect. One can but dream. We need something to excite us. Just shows how spoiled we have been since 1996 though eh with the quality and skill we’ve been exposed to regularly at Highbury and the Emirates.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Even if Nelson or Eddie or Wilcox bosses it from the start, won’t be enough .

    Company should pay off

    Most deflated approach to a season I can ever remember

    Even under terry o Neil n don Howe there was a bit of optimism…


    I couldn’t care less …

  79. Dissenter

    What’s up man
    Cheer up. It’s not like we are battling for relegation😀😀😀

    I wonder why we didn’t try to get Delph. He’s going to be another steady reliable. no-frills player, like Milner had been for Liverpool.

  80. Dissenter

    Let Koscielny go for £2-3 million or let him by back the last year of his contract which is worth £4-5 million.
    Bring an end to this silly standoff. Everyone knows he’s leaving this summer, whichever way it ends.