Why are Leicester out-summering Arsenal?

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Groundhog summer my friends.

Every day, I’m just here bringing you a slightly different blend of bland.

Reports in France allude to us having secured William Saliba for next season by dropping a £5m down payment today, allowing us to pick up the full tab next season. A bit like buying a sofa at DFS, except you let DFS have your sofa for a year while you basically sit on the floor like a lemon.

Anyway, I like the look of the deal, and for me it does tell you that the club, though moving slower than a golf cart in a tarpit, probably has a firm grasp of the finances. This sort of move doesn’t seem like the type that would predicate a begging bowl presentation from Raul and VV in America this week, does it?

I think this summer will likely land us where we want to be.

Wilfried Zaha is going to be a total menace to Hodgson if he isn’t allowed to move this summer. £40m (+Chambers) is great money however the deal is spliced up, and Palace know this is likely the peak of his value. They should cash in and spend their £94m wisely because making this drag on out of principle could be the difference between staying up and going down.

The Tierney deal chatter has gone quiet, but again, are Celtic really going to pass on £22m? They have a disrupted player on their hands as well, how many left back slots at big clubs are opening up that would see him as the ideal candidate over the next 3 years? He could end up at Southampton or Everton if he’s not careful. For such a pissy disparity (£3m), it’d be really fucking dim to let a deal fall away for both he and the club. That said, Arsenal might have a better player lined up, though I’d imagine signing a Brit appeals for many reasons.

If we throw a loan move for Raul’s fave Brazilian, Malcolm, you’d have to say that we’ve done some solid business for a small budget.

My big worry is the same as yours… it’s not really enough, is it? Additionally, summer is where you prepare and condition players for the season ahead. You have loads of free time to integrate new ideas, new players and a new team spirit. Introducing half-fit players in a months time is going to do us no favors. Having the rotting fish heads hanging around taking a sledgehammer to the ambience is also a disaster. Cancerous personalities can do so much damage to a team culture even if they aren’t actively pursuing destruction… the mere presence of someone you know is on the way out can be a distraction.

I’m also wondering what happens if we sell two or three of the wantaways at the death… do we just go really slim in defence or midfield? Will we be replacing? Or going with youth?

Still, back to the positives:

At the very least, there’s a platform emerging… it’s not absolutely elite, but it’s probably a little more interesting than a Hazardless Chelsea can do. Our summer might look better than the one going on over at United if Paul Pogba and Lukaku exit the building. I’m not sure it matters how much money you throw at Ole G, I am pretty sure the second half of his season is the real him and their season is heading for the central reservation.

I mean, this is a little rich coming from me, Emery has just as much chance of tanking next season as Lampard and Ole G… you can but dream. The 4th spot party feels like it’ll be decided on who makes least bad decisions this summer versus anything else.

My hope is that we don’t fall off a cliff next year because we don’t need Edu fighting forest fires again next summer.

The big worry is looking at Leicester having a good summer. Ayoze, Thauvin and Tielemann’s being added to an already competent squad with a very competent manager who will have had a chance to embed his ideas and ELITE motivational approaches.

‘Jamie, I have two fingers, I want you to pull one’

‘NOT NOW JAMIE, at the end of the season when the cameras are here.’

I’d imagine they’re going to lose BIG HARRY or someone like Chilwell, but if they can absorb that, they could be a surprise package next season.

Watching teams like Leicester do smart things is what keeps me going. Football rebirths don’t have to be a 15-year turnaround job. I thought Matt Scott put the situation very well.

Liverpool and Spurs made it happen in 5 years. Part of making it work is sticking to a plan for longer than 7 months. Our crushingly bad transfer windows over the past 15 years took a sharp turn for the better under Sven M, we identified talent early and finished our moves very quickly. He shifted on deadweights like Coq, Theo and Giroud. He bought some very tidy players. It was a mixed bag, no doubt, but the point for me was that we were following a process. That process would likely have produced if he’d stayed around.

Notable that since he landed the boot, our whole approach is a mess. We can’t sell players, it’s taking an age to buy them and it’s not abundantly clear what we’re attempting. Meanwhile, Sven has sold 11 players and signed 4 in Stuttgart. Is that a coincidence? Unlikely. Say what you will about the shaggy-haired scout, his German efficiency is certainly lacking at Arsenal at the minute.

That’s why Edu really needs to be a central pillar for the next 5 years because after 22 years of doing things exactly the same way year after year, we’re now one of the most schizophrenic clubs in the Premier League. Give me the calmness of a setup that gets its work done quickly and delivers closely to a smartly devised plan that progresses the club every season.

That’s all I’ll ask. Until I get it, then I’ll find something new to complain about.

We’re a week away from the 7th rebirth since Wenger left… this one is most certainly the one I’m looking forward to the most.

Don’t let us down Edu… and Raul, get cracking on those signings. x

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  1. NW9 gooner

    I always skip CGs comments but for his first one today- can anyone explain how Emery at the helm can ensure that Spurs win the PL and with someone else as our manager helps MC win it

  2. NW9 gooner

    After reading Dick laws comments on our Lemar bid it is obvious that it was made after M city bid for Sanchez at the last hour and it would have been funded by Sanchez’ s sale proceeds-

  3. NW9 gooner

    And Sanchez was a cun’ of the first order- he agreed a new deal with us reneged on it and signed with MU for much more money

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    That article was just so much drivel. Does he think it’s 2015? Ozil is not that player anymore and hasn’t been since before Emery arrived.

    He was wank under Wenger at the end and he was shite for Germany and subsequently booted out.

    Spare us the chances created stats Pierre and be a good boy and go have some quality time with your Ozil real doll. Sounds like you need it.

  5. NW9 gooner

    Pierre- just leave it now I luv Ozil, was over the moon when we got him but he is probably past his best or at least does not fit the system Emery wants. You are just sounding stupid with your obsession with your pro Ozil and anti Emery tirades

  6. NW9 gooner

    With Ozil’s wages we can probably get two even three very players who would improve the team much more than Ozil can – our concern should be the team . Every one of us have our favourites but he should not be to the teams detriment

  7. Marc


    Your obsession with Ozil has gone from making you look like a twat to being a completely fucking retard with that article. To actually link to it on here is the actions of a jilted ex who needs to realise that the other party has moved onto much better things.

    The author of that article needs to get their heads out of their arse – how do you compare a driver who is at the peak of their powers and leads the current Championship by 31 points to “I’ve got a sick note and can’t play today” Ozil?

  8. Ishola70

    That article has a cheek to make a comparison of Ozil to Fabregas and Bergkamp.

    Fans love a top star player at a club don’t we all but their is delusion in thinking that Mesut Ozil is a top star player.

  9. NW9 gooner

    The last few matches I strongly feel that if Ozil had not played we would have won at least one match and that would have got us CL. We would have been defensively better and not leaked the bloody goals that we did. Ramsey injury cost us dearly and Ozil just did not rise to the occasion.

  10. Ivan

    Marc – that article is pure clickbite for trolls

    I watched that interview author reffers too, and bs he wrote is taken out of context.

    If anyone interested it os pulled out of Nico Rosbergs interview of Toto Wolf.

    Rosberg had quite a few sucessfull persons interwieved on his yt channel. Its called beyond victory and he had some interesting people there (Xabi Alonso and Flavio Briatore are really good watch, Toto Wolf too).

  11. NW9 gooner

    Ornstein has said we are still interested in a center back midfielder and a winger We are linked with wingers but are the midfielder and back

  12. TR7

    ‘Ozil was a world class player but has deteriorated abysmally the last few years’

    Ozil never really was a world class player. Also I don’t agree he has deteriorated as a player, he is still the same player he was 4 years ago or for that matter 7-8 years ago. He was always tremendously overrated. Griezzman, Pogba, Delle Alli etc. also have this great hoopla around them but they are all limited players.

  13. Marc


    Giving a “special” individual leeway beyond what other’s get is fine if they are performing at a superior level.

    Ozil hasn’t broken a sweat for fuck knows how long let alone performed at a high level.

  14. Marko

    I didn’t even bother reading the article. It was posted by an obvious fuckstick and even by the title you just knew it was written by an idiot. There is no one in the world of football who is capable of getting that googly eyed fucker back to any semblance of the kind of player that he once was which was honestly not world class to begin with. Think about it even at the height of his career Real Madrid made the conscious decision to keep Angel Di Maria and sell him and that pigeon looking fucker was never close to being world class

  15. China1

    Guns mate you laugh but edu has done all that and more!

    In all seriousness tho, he was a quality player for us, has had a good career post retiring so far. He knows the club, was s winner when he played and should have inside knowledge on the South American market, especially Brazil’s. He’s also young

    He might end up failing but he’s a good signing on paper and probably more exciting than the actual players we’ve been looking at!

  16. Mr Serge

    So Tierney was omitted from the Celtic squad and their new left back played which means good news for us

  17. Ishola70

    Mr Serge
    “So Tierney was omitted from the Celtic squad and their new left back played which means good news for us”

    He’s recovering from a hernia operation.

    He was never going to play in the match even from subs bench.

    He was listed in the 24 man squad list for CL.

  18. Ivan

    Marc – exactly, author of abysmal article Pierre linked took his drivel out of context from Toto Wolf arguing about importance of taking individual approach in higly stresfull and competitive enviroment.

    Toto has really deep and interesting view on leading succesfull team, and hack that wrote article about Ozil took some of his points trying to be clever, looking like a proper fool in the proces.

    Same happened with Pierre linking that article here 😂

  19. Ishola70

    Fabregas was interviewed on TV quite recently about Ozil.

    He tried to be polite as possible in saying that Ozil needs a world class team around him to really see the best of him.

    Basically implying not “world class” player.

  20. CG


    “”””but he’s a good signing on paper””””

    Well done.
    Finally caught up.
    That’s all it China

    A Superficial appointment. Co- ordinater!!!
    (Male version of Miss Moneypenny.)

    But the masses will lap it up.
    They always do!

    (GoH and Pierre excepted.)


    He will have a different role within 18 months( hopefully replacing Raul The Spiv)
    And Emery will be gone within 18 weeks

    Nothing will improve at Arsenal – until they appoint a proven proper manager not a proven Looser!

    I KNOW IT!

    The rest is all Fudge!
    And delaying the inevitable.

    Until then T.T.

  21. Marko

    Sky now reporting the Ozil loan to Fenerbache and they usually report stuff when it’s pretty far along so hopefully it’s true.

  22. Thomas

    I’m not sure why people still refer to Ornstein. The guy is a complete fraud.

    Btw Arsenal ceased to be a joke yet or what?

  23. Graham62

    “Why are Leicester out-summering Arsenal?”

    I think it’s pretty obvious.

    Over the past four years they have become a far more appealing product than ourselves. Progressive and proactive owners, they also now have a manager that knows what he is doing and a far eastern fan base that pours millions into the club.

    They captured the footballing worlds hearts not only with their magnificent EPL win but also in their handling of the tragic events following the helicopter crash last year.

    Compared to our inept leadership of the past decade, Leicester City FC make us look second-rate in so many respects.

  24. Whitty

    Edu won’t change a fuckin thing with the tight yank cunt owning the club.

    Just PR for the fan boys.

    What’s the point?.

  25. Ivan

    Ozil’s greatest enemy is his flimsy character and lack of ability to adapt or improve apects of his game that are not related to his talent.

    There were quite a few players from continent that were surprised by phisicality of prem.

    Succesfull ones improved themself. Ozil and other flops didnt.

    Its not that he cant, simply he wont, hes the talented guy that takes easy route instead of going for the jugular of problem, same attitude we all resent him during games. He can be fantastic if the stars are well aligned on his day, but mostly football matches are won on talent and drive for victory, not on horoscope.

  26. CG

    Well said Graham( hope you dont mind I borrowed one of your words)

    Leicester City are brilliant football club.
    A shining example

    The Thais owners see to that!

    We had those Thais in charge- what a football club we would have again!

    !!!Boycott the Buggers!!!

  27. CG

    Cha Cha

    For young players they are.
    Without question

    Emery or Rogers?

    What talented young player would want to play for Emery???

    Saliba – is the luckiest player alive.
    He swerves him!

  28. NW9 gooner

    Marco -the news is encouraging but still a
    long way off – my only relief will be that we have to get someone to replace him

  29. Marko

    Leicester City have overpaid on Tielemans and pissed 30 million away on Ayoze Perez. We do not need to be more like them. People do realize that they’re a midtable club right? That’s not just me

  30. NW9 gooner

    TR7- you are just biased regarding Ozil – he was world class at RM and playing for Germany and the first one and half years with us. Very few players have his vision of the field – he could probably still be very good in a slower league say the Italian. Don’t compare him with Dele Ali for gods sake-it’s a sacrilege

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Smith Rowe has been called up to the first team squad as well.

    That’s Willock, Nketiah, Nelson and Smith Rowe called up to the first team.

  32. Marko

    CA I don’t think it means that they’re not going to possibly be loaned still this season I think it’s more of a case of acknowledging them as seniors now. I would be shocked if ESR wasn’t sent out on loan.

  33. bennydevito

    Cesc Appeal,

    I was just about to post the same comment.

    4 youngsters promoted to the first team squad for this season and extensive game time from Iwobi, AMN and Guendouzi last season prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the notion of Emery not liking youngsters and only signing journeymen is a total load of bollocks.

    Looking forward to seeing what our youngsters can do this season.

  34. Mark


    Sky now reporting the Ozil loan to Fenerbache ”

    I’d celebrate that almost as much as Wenger leaving.

    When are you going to open your eyes & let them connect to your brain? Instead of this hero worship which seems to blind you to people’s faults. Did it with Wenger too!!!
    In Today’s game you want players who ; are brave ,influence, lift, battle and give all for the team . Ozil falls short in most of those and for what we pay him, it is to the detriment of the club and team.

    What were his figures for last season 3 assists and……
    Nothing to shout about is it. Real players show the manager (and the fans) what they’re made of & raise their game . He’s done fuck all all season and he’s had more chances than Willock & some of the other youngsters, who would probably have been more productive last term.
    Do you seriously believe Emery has anything to do with it ???

    Or do you post such drivel for the attention it gets you? Regardless of whether it’s negative.

  35. Samir

    Ozil out would be great for the club. Even if we have to subsidise half his wage for the next few years. We need to start over.

  36. Mark

    @IvanJuly 9, 2019 21:02:37

    “Ozil’s greatest enemy is his flimsy character and lack of ability to adapt or improve apects of his game that are not related to his talent.”

    Good post Ivan. You said it better than I did. 😁Totally agree.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    It seemed he was likely to go back out on loan, I wonder if given the situation with the squad and lack of ability to make many transfers they are going to see how he does in preseason?

    The rumour was that he would go back to Leipzig.


    Was always a stupid notion, wasn’t it? Agenda fueled, you might say.

    I like the look of Willock, I think he could potentially develop into a useful player. I’m really not sold on Nelson, would like nothing more than to be totally wrong. But something about him and his time at Hoffenheim that just makes me think he’s being way, way overhyped.

  38. Marko

    CA better than nothing I guess but I don’t see ESR or Nketiah making much impact next season. A loan would be better

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I think Nketiah will be one for the exit in a year or so, I don’t think Smith Rowe is physically there yet though he has a lot of potential and Nelson…I don’t know, I just don’t get any kind of feeling he might be good from him. People go on about his loan, he started well as an impact player but never established himself and fell out of favour completely in a side that finished 9th in Bundesliga.

  40. China1

    Is iwobi even that young now? He’s been in and around the first team for about 3 years already. He’s not a kid anymore even if he’s reasonably young

  41. China1

    Cesc didn’t Nelson get injured for a while which heavily disrupted his playing time?

    I’m not sure but I thought that’s what I read somewhere

  42. Cesc Appeal

    He’s a ST, isn’t he?

    No point really unless you’re selling Lacazette and want to use the majority of the funds on Zaha or another winger.

  43. Edu me a favour

    In a world where Serge Gnabry couldn’t get in a Tony Pulis West Brom team – I dont think we should be worried about Reiss nelson and his time in Germany – ( which was actually pretty decent , even tho it tailed off a bit towards the end ) let’s see how the kids get on this season before we write them off completely.

  44. Leedsgunner

    Forget Diáz. We are well served in the striker department. We need defenders.

    As I said the other day, we have a Spanish coach and a Spanish head of football… and the Spanish under 21 s won the U21 European Championships this summer. We should be exploiting their contacts and bringing in the stars from that squad.

    Jorge Mere and Nunez would be a great start.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Celtic beat FK Sarajevo on Tuesday 3-1 in their first game of the season… a Champions League qualifier and most importantly for us Tierney was nowhere near their first team.

    I know he is recovering from a hernia operation but I just wonder, with the Saliba deal now virtually done he will be the next deal to be announced. Ironically Saliba staying in France has freed up the money to bring in Tierney.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    This would be my take on acquisitions and departures this season.

    LB Tierney ?
    RW Zaha ?
    CMF Willock [U23 Promotion]
    AMF Smith-Rowe [U23 Promotion]
    RW Nelson [U23 Promotion]
    LW Martinelli
    ST Nkietah [U23 Promotion]
    CB Saliba
    CB Mavropanos

    GK Cech
    GK Ospina
    RB Lichsteiner
    RB Jenkinson
    CB Chambers
    CB Koscielny
    DMF Elneny
    CMF Ramsey
    CMF Suarez
    AMF Ozil
    ST Welbeck

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Sofar the club has offloaded Cech, Ospina,Lichsteiner,Suarez,Ramsey and Welbeck.

    My gut feeling is that Ozil and Koscielny could leave in addition to Jenkinson,
    Chambers and Elneny who are clearly surplus to requirements.

    Arsenal might be prepared to SELL other players in squad but only if there are significant offers made with adequate replacements found.

    However, I think that it is unlikely because I think that our arrival, replacement and departure list is already fairly large.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    I made a list of 11 departures. 6 have already gone and I have added another 5.

    Several weeks ago I did not think it likely that Ozil would leave, because I thought that no-one would be prepared to pay his wages.

    Now I think that situation may well have changed now that he has married a Turkish Girl and has built close relationships in that country. Somehow I see
    Fernebrace finding the money or at least reaching agreement with Ozil perhaps at a lower rate.

    Arsenal are unlikely to get a transfer fee of any significance from the deal, but
    at least we will probably be able to write off the £17 million pa salary cost over
    next two years.

    On the issue of Centre Backs we are buying Saliba for season 2020/1. So we need to buy at least one starting X1 player for this season as well.

    Basically Arsenal need to have 4 Centre Backs on its books. The only two who
    I consider to be of acceptable standard are Sokratis and Holding.

    So if I have a choice between Mustafi and Koscielny I would opt for the former.
    Koscielny played in most of the games at the end of the season where we suffered heavy defeats and I am afraid he can no longer cut the mustard for
    the team.

    That has been very obvious for a long time.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    In an ideal scenario I would replace both our starting eleven centre backs this
    season. Sokratis is also fairly mediocre and probably no better than a bench player at a top club.

    Sadly Arsenal are not going to buy two centre backs this season as well as Saliba.

    If I have the choice between Mustafi and Koscielny I would opt to keep former.
    Koscielny at 34 and injury prone is no longer capable to play for club at our level. That has been blindingly obvious for two seasons.

  50. Left testicle

    That Ozil to Fenerbahce story on Sky Sports Transfer Centre was their version of clickbait. They put two and two together and came up with five.

  51. Receding Hairline

    “Haha Leicester City more appealing than Arsenal.”

    I blame Dissenter for this love-in for a club that have finished 9th, 9th and 12th since winning the league. They did not even pretend to kick-on from that miracle. Yet they are “attractive”

    Reports coming out that Tielemans and his agent wanted to wait for United but decided to join Leicester since a bid wasn’t forthcoming from United. Yea Leicester are attractive all right.

  52. Receding Hairline

    “That Ozil to Fenerbahce story on Sky Sports Transfer Centre was their version of clickbait. They put two and two together and came up with five.”

    Yea it was nonsense

    People need to get their head around the fact Ozil will be here one more season. It is up to Arsenal to freeze him out, play him in cup games and the Europa league and he might forgo that last year.

    Problem with that is the fans on social media will start circulating clips from the Leicester game at home once we have a bad result, one will be forgiven to conclude we have never lost a game with Ozil playing

  53. Chris

    And still idiots like Pierre and all the deluded on Twitter still defend Özil and spend all day producing nice pretty colourful flow charts stating his apparent worth, when they simply fail to use their eyes and see that he is worthless.

  54. Dissenter

    Finally things are beginning to get and a positive atmosphere is beginning to seton
    Saliba is done if you believe the tabloids
    Tierney’s deal appears to have gone too far for it not to happen. The Glaswegian lad is not going to skip a major London club and go to little Naples.
    Celtic can have their pick of either Emile Smith Rowe or Nkettiah on loan to facilitate the deal.

  55. Dissenter

    At this stage, everyone can see that Pierre’s obsession with Ozil is pathological.
    Please show some compassion for Pierre. If you’re religious, light a candle for him.

  56. Graham62

    The Leicester debate is interesting.

    My point yesterday, which was mocked by some, was based around what Leicester City have achieved these past 4 years and how they are perceived by the footballing community worldwide.

    Some on here still belittle them for winning the league title in 2016 and consider their success of that season as a fluke of nature. However, the way they won it was based on a belief and desire to succeed against all the odds. It was Roy of the Rovers stuff. We all got caught up in the hype. Could a small provincial club knock down the powerhouses of the EPL? The answer was yes and, I hasten to add, deservedly so.

    Now compare the 3 years we have had in comparison and how we are perceived by that same footballing community. A laughing stock? A joke? A team and club of underachievers? Predictable and unappealing? Take your pick. Yeh, we may still be considered a “big club” by many but the way we have been run is nothing short of a shambles and embarrassment .

    What image do we have? That’s right, how do we come across to to the footballing world? Not too good is it? At least Leicester City fans know that they are trying to develop and progress, with an ownership and board that genuinely have their best interests at heart.

    Assuming that you have a divine right to be considered superior because of your “values’ and who you think you are, has been Arsenal’s downfall. The arrogance of it all just beggars belief. The boring and disrespectful rhetoric of recent years along with the mismanagement and neglect of the entire AFC infrastructure, has proven to many of us that we are not the club we think we are.

    Yes, Leicester City are a smaller club in so many respects, nevertheless, they are perceived by many as a far more constructive and “appealing” football club at this moment in time.

    Just accept it.

  57. Gonsterous

    Don’t see the fuss with Leicester. They are spending money on average players who are mid table players in the PL. They will have their lukaku moment but apart from that I think Leicester just flushed 100m down the toilet with those purchases.

    Not to Say we aren’t a joke. All we have to show for is that martinelli chap who reminds me of denilson. Will be sold after a couple of seasons.

    Tierney looks decent, and if the malcolm and zaha rumours are true, we may have a decent team. I think the main priority of the club is moving ozil before going out to reinvest in the squad.

    Tierney, zaha, malcolm and a new CB could be a decent summer. But I’m sure we will find a way to fk it up. We have the arsenal DNA after all.