Lucas Vázquez over Wilfried Zaha?

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Arsenal kicked off preseason with an U23 draw against Boreham Wood. Top geezer, banter king and all round top boy John Jules saved the day with two goals. Lovely. Nice to see the kids can’t defend either.

Today we have to get into the bed with the cold hard reality that Lucas Vasquez might be a thing. Madrid want rid of a wide player who was a big part of the team in one of their worst years in the last decade.

His statistics look about as sexy as those of the pretty boy from Barcelona. Last season, the 28-year-old Spaniard dropped a whopping 5 goals and 4 assists in 47 appearances. His minutes clock up to 29.5 games. That’s a seriously pony return for someone playing for Madrid. The numbers are a little better if you go back a few seasons, he was making a contribution every 121 minutes the two season before, which is better than Iwobi, but still not exciting.

My concern with this rumour is two fold.

Firstly, it’s us giving up on Zaha. Which could be seen as a whatever moment. Zaha’s numbers aren’t that exciting, his average minutes per contribution are worse than that of Vasquez, sitting at 169 minutes per contribution over the past three years. Even his best year was 154 minutes. However, he’s playing for Crystal Palace, so that has to be considered. Anyway, Zaha is only one year younger, but he plays more minutes and knows the league.

Secondly, if we go down this route, it basically means we’ve given up on proper scouting and we’re well and truly burying our snouts in the bargain bins of Europe. The player picks up a fairly small wage for Madrid standards, but you’d imagine we’ll be giving him a massive bump, some places reporting £180k a week.

Still, if you’re Emery and you’re being allowed to sign these types of players, who would you blow your money on, £30m on Vasquez, who has 183 starts for Madrid… or a £80m Zaha?

It feels bland to me, but hey, anyone is better than the no one we have lined up at the moment.

If we’re looking to the more positive options we have on the table, you could think that Arsenal are going to invest in youth this season.

Reiss Nelson had a team contribution every 78 minutes. Sure, it’s in a weaker league, but that’s exciting to read. Worth noting he scored that off a very low amount of shots. He scored 5 from his first 6 shots during his loan, which means he’s either the most elite finisher to grace the game, or he found a lucky streak.

A player I think could be a big talent for us at some point is Bukayo Saka. He’s fast, has a fantastic left foot and looks like a very exciting prospect. Are we not due a breakout teenager at some point? Would Emery consider blooding either of the two above? It’d certainly be more popular than Iwobi clogging up the right week after week.

The we also have salt of the earth diamond gem, John Jules. 29 goals in 54 appearances last season, he’s very young, but hey, PSG and Juve are interested. At the very least he deserves to be on tour, at the very most, maybe he’s the greatest player to grace an Arsenal shirt since the MIGHTY Jack Jebb?

Whoever we sign wide right and left this summer, at least we know there are two kids coming through that could potentially impose themselves on the first team. I just hope they find the courage to make it happen, I love Eddie, he has it all, but he’s been desperately unlucky so far. We need him to find his feet next season for sure.

ESR is also back from a pretty bland loan move at Leipzig, I believe the German club wanted to sign him but we refused. Can he make an impact on Emery this year? His long rangy legs and bursting runs forward could be valuable, but there is so little time at the highest level to make an impact and stay there.

This is a big year for the kids. Emery is going to have to be more strategic with cups that don’t matter this season if we’re going to attempt to win the Europa league and qualify for the top 4 this year. The exec leadership talk a really big game when they big up the youth, so let’s see if they have the guts to follow it through. The league cup should be about youth, so should early stages FA Cup. If they aren’t good enough, let’s be faster about moving them out. If they make an impact, excellent, we have more depth than we did last season.

It appears Chelsea are trying to play the same game in bringing Frank Lampard back into the fold. They want to see more kids coming through and his close relationship with them looks very similar to the one Freddie has with the current batch.

… but we did hear this last season and the return wasn’t great with the homegrown crowd. AMN and Matteo landed lots of game time, but others weren’t so lucky. That has to change this season.

The biggest block is the anxiety Unai Emery will feel about his job. He has to succeed. That doesn’t bode well with giving kids a look in. So we’ll see.

Right, that’s me done, see you on the other side. x

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  1. TOLI83

    Great post.

    AMN needs to play in a CM role in a 3 man midfield is we are truely going to understand how good he really.

    Matty G should be good this season given the experience he gained last season.

    Reiss Nelson needs chances to prove himself. I’m not expecting much from him this season.

    Not many talk about Holding, he was immense for us when fit and can’t wait to see him back consistently. Future captain if he stays injury free.

  2. Ishola70

    Napoli close to selling Mario Rui their LB apparently in the next week for around 15-20m to either Benfica or Torino which in turn will see them putting in a bid for Tierney.

  3. TOLI83

    I’d be surprised if we didn’t get Tierney now.

    However the fan base are expecting a marquee signing. Vasquez surely wouldn’t fit that? Is Carrasco plying his trade in China recently any more capable, who knows? Both gambles.

    Zaha with his proven prem experience is the only obtainable target who we know who can propel us forward on the wings. He needs to submit a hard/fast transfer request to Palace and make it known he wants an Arsenal move.

  4. Nelson

    Vázquez’s signing looks so similar to Suarez’s signing. Emery wanted Suarez. Now he wants Vázquez. It is another reject from Spain who has ever played in EPL. We should spend the 30m on defense. FFS!

  5. T

    I would be really happy to see torreira, AMN and iwobi in midfield. There is a bit of everything in that trio and they would complement each other pretty well.

    With mattyg, ozil/mikhi and xhaka there would be alternatives too.

    What the team needs is a quality left back and a tricky left forwars.

    Zaha,lacazette and auba would be really interesting to see together!

  6. Gentlebris

    ‘Sorry, but we need to push the boat out for Zaha.’
    Boat already out, Graham, and Zaha sailing back with it.

    We are just hanging Palace on the rope to dry a bit.

    They have always known they have to sell at some stage, and now the player has spoken through his brother, they know the time is now…… Arsenal know too.

    Palace would be sufficiently stupid to think they could keep a player like Zaha against his wish, he is too rich in character for that.
    And the best bit about it….. the player chose us, and I can understand that.
    He has looked at us and knows he could come in and be a legend.

    So Zaha is at the door, just let Palace jump about some more and we will come in with a ‘grab your final decent chance’ bid…..£55m plus Mikki or £40m plus Nelson.

    Palace will grab with both hands, tears of joy running down their cheeks

  7. Goonermay68

    By you sayin “ Eddie” im assuming you mean Nketiah? I was at Emirates that night when he came on and scored,he played a few more games,And scored at Burnley? He is NOWHERE good enough,his performance v Blackpool was awful,yes hes a kid .hes Too small and of all of the players to loan out ? He should be first. Emery has also installed in his teams they still need 10 passes before shooting around the box.same as the previous clown.yesterday was a prime example the boys played some good stuff on a few occasions had an opportunity to shoot,But no! Get closed down or pass,pass again.

  8. Gentlebris

    Iwobi scored the winning goal for Nigeria at the AFCON yesterday and I remember he also scored the goal that qualified Nigeria for the last world cup.
    Not as bad as Pedro makes him look.
    The lad is the only one we have on board with the combined ability to skin his man and also roll a final ball.

    Decent boy who needs to work on his one on one with goalies. But obviously, he will eventually get there.

  9. David Smith

    Get the feeling that emery is most likely toast after next season pretty much whatever he does with his appalling end of season.
    But, having said that, Stan has let worse buffoons than Emery loose on the club for years.

  10. KAY Boss

    I hope this Vazquez rumors are bland. It just rumors spinning by his agent or some journos. At 28, Zaha all day over him.
    No signing yet, haaa!!!

  11. TOLI83

    Isn’t Emery on a two year deal anyway? This is his last most likely whatever happens @David Smith?

    Mustafi has taken Arsenal off his bio on insta. Not sure if that means anything but we can all pray.

  12. vickingz

    Why should we be looking at a 28 yr old epl newbie as our winger?? Emery keeps showing himself to be clueless together with Raul. Samuel chukwueze oooo

  13. Uwot?

    expect Ryan Fraser arrival on our budget.Apparently already spotted in London.we can’t or won’t get Zaha deal over the line.please god not waste of money.depressing ,really depressing.not sure can stomach watching Xhaka,miki,bug eyes & Mustaphi next season.will be the death knell for Emery poor b’stard…

  14. Gentlebris

    ‘@ gentlebris, at what age will iwobi get there?’

    Iwobi imo is trying to roll it in like Henry. Let the boy work on it, I feel it might turn out good when he masters it. The way he rolled it pass Onana(a decent goalie)yesterday points to good things.

    Let’s see our lad this season.

  15. Ishola70

    Finishing is not the only problem with Iwobi.

    Too many times he looks half asleep on the pitch. Too languid.

    Needs to show more hunger and fire in his game.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    The Vazquez rumours seems to be rubbish from what a lot of people have said, looks as if it came from his agent using what was a genuine interest last summer from Arsenal to try to get some attention for his client.

    I get why you’ve picked up on Vazquez, but I think this summer is proving (Andersen and Praet for example) you cannot believe what you read.

    At the moment I think Arsenal are struggling to make more than one signing at a time knowing that if they offer the money that is required this summer it means they have nothing to pursue other deals without selling…which looks unlikely.

    Might be something to the rumours of a meeting in the US when Arsenal arrive to ask Kroenke for more money.

  17. vickingz

    @ gentlebris, that was a fluke, he didn’t roll anything. Did he even have to roll it? He had plenty of options and that he scored hasn’t all of a sudden made me forget who iwobi really is. He would never have been in super eagle if not playing for arsenal and whatever factors again that came into play. People forget things easily, don’t they?

  18. Nelson


    I agree with you on Iwobi. He has scored a worldie at the end of last season. I sure hope that he can deliver more of that this season.

  19. Graham62

    If it is the case that we only have a £45m transfer kitty, then where does it leave us?

    When you see teams like Leicester/Wolves/Everton etc splashing the cash, it sort of turns your stomach.

    Anger and Frustration are not the right words to describe my own feelings. To be honest it is “shambolic” that a club who were top of the pile in 2006 find themselves in such a mindblowingly regressive position after 13 years of raking in the riches.

    We all know that Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke, in their own ways, have failed in their responsibilities to lead the club forward. Some on here point the finger at Emery and the new regime, which is not only embarrassing but, significantly, also highlights another key reason as to why these numbskulls were allowed to get away with things for so long. Yeh, that’s right, thanks very much Arsenal fans.

    The truth of the matter is that the guilty parties, two of whom are no longer with us, will always be seen as nothing more than “chickenshits” in my eyes. Kroenke has the chance to redeem himself, but only if he starts to show a true attachment and allegiance to the club.

    I know, I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  20. Graham62

    Honest to god, if I had a billion or two to hand, I’d pay off Ozil and Co myself.

    Unfortunately , I don’t.

  21. CG


    “””” a big year for the kids. Emery is going to have to be………””””””””””

    Emery did not even attend the Borehamwood fixture.
    Too bone idol or too busy reloading his clipboards.?

    One would have thought he would wanted to see some of them in action ……might even have found a player to make an early season impact.

    Is it not his job to attend AFC fixtures??
    Or is he going to watch the game,at another time on his video machines?

    He has no interest in playing youngsters
    He would not even have a clue what to say to a youngster…..He doesn’t even speak coherent english

    Jibberish is his language

    And He deals in stodge.
    Old, decrepit, stale, slow stodge

    From the Banegas, To Suarez , To Lichtensteiners.

    He Revels in it.
    Like a Pig in Sh*t!

    Season from hell started yesterday – it will get much worse.

    And I thank PedRo for his post.


    Ps. No surprise that there are over 30 executive boxes empty and unsold for the forthcoming season.

    Only the desperate and lonely would want to watch Emerys Arsenal!

  22. Ishola70

    I’m sure the narrative as this window continues though will be that the current players Arsenal have are pretty good after all. There will be nothing else to hold onto.

    Said before if Arsenal are of the thinking that really only minor improvements need to be made to this team and the points finish last season leads thems to believe that then they could be in for a rude awakening this coming season.

    But we all know who is going to be the fall guy in all this don’t we.

  23. Marc

    It’s very easy at the moment to slip into a negative frame of mind. Have we given up on Zaha? Who knows but someone said the other day (I think it was Cesc) that we might be seeing some of the dark arts by Sanllehi to unsettle the player. Did Zaha really threaten to go on strike as claimed on the blog yesterday? We’re suddenly being linked with alternatives from big clubs.

    It could all be part of screwing Palace down. We could just be floundering.

  24. Graham62

    To be honest, if Emery wasn’t at the game yesterday, that’s a massive mistake on his part.

    Maybe he should sit down and watch “Million Dollar Arm” to understand that being their for the kids is so so important.

    Great film but shite decision by Emery.

  25. Marc


    The Mail on Sunday (I know I know) are running a piece today that Danny Rose heads a list of 8 players the Spud’s want to unload this summer, a good month or so ago there were stories about them wanting to shift on a dozen first squad players that didn’t include Eriksen. They’ve got Eriksen, Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Janssen all down to a year left on their contracts.

    My point to the above is the transfer market has been painfully slow this summer. Our window closes weeks before they do across Europe – I have a feeling that those interested in buying players that clubs want to offload will play a long game.

  26. Uwot?

    As said previously.expect Ryan Fraser.its happening.Our club is unable to play hardball with palace.Those days are long gone.ever since we tried the penny pinching philosophy adopted by wenger & implemented by gazidis we have become a laughing stock with clubs knowing our “ tactics” from the off culminating in the Suarez fiasco & continuing to a lesser degree with others.Both in outgoings & incomings over the past seasons.Its tarnished our reputation & made any dealings torturous….

  27. Marc


    If Emery wasn’t there, there either has to be a really good reason or it’s a massive fuck up by both Emery and the club. Just the perception is piss poor let alone any knock on effects.

    Of course I’m sceptical about believing anything CG says – this guys a proven troll and has openly wanted us to lose matches.

  28. andy1886

    Don’t know about the long game but the EPL TW closes on 8th August. In all likelihood we’ll still be trying to shift deadwood off the books after that as most other leagues keep it open until September 2nd. Question is will the club work on the basis that we will shift some of those players after the EPL window closes or will they play it safe and base purchases on a budget that assumes that we wont shift anyone not sold by August 8th? Most likely the latter in which case expect minimal changes this summer.

  29. TOLI83

    Unable to play hardball with Palace?

    That’s what we’re doing, isn’t it?

    We can judge the window come the end of July, as that’s when the transfers should be in.

    At the moment it’s anyone’s guess.

  30. CG


    “””To be honest, if Emery wasn’t at the game yesterday, that’s a massive mistake on his part.”””

    Emery has basically created a two tier system within the club.

    His absence yesterday- means he has totally ‘washed his hands’ off the u23’s.

    What with our paucity of transfer funds – the u23’s is a vital footballing resource to be tapped into.

    Emery could not even be Arse-d to turn up.

    I cant imagine any other club manager NOT attending that fixture yesterday.

  31. Marko

    Kike Marin says there’s zero interest in Vasquez from us. Not that I ever really felt we wanted him.

    As for the this year is key for our youngsters stuff why’s that? Did all of a sudden some of them get good enough for first team football? I highly doubt that. Like I said before most of the young players aren’t good enough to make it as premier league footballers let alone here at the club. Those who are most likely like Saka Nelson and ESR have serious question marks about them and likely need loans.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    No th this fella from Madrid….

    It’s like the club teases again, linked with all star youngsters only signing one whilst saying … ah the others are two expensive..

    Well united shelled out 30m on young Rio and he became a rock.

    15 years
    After we are umming an arhhhing over 30:m

    It’s total bollocks.

    We’re a third world team in a first world league.

    Something has got to give.

  33. Marko

    And on Tierney it’s the most drawn out fucking thing I’ve ever seen I’m a bit inclined to just walk away. Given the circumstances of other clubs we could probably get a free run at Grimaldo or Gaya or maybe a move for Aaron Martin. It’s clear we’re not getting him for the bargain basement fee we were hoping for so maybe we should consider moving on.

  34. Marc


    A lot of those who are promoting some of the youth players beyond their current level of readiness are the same people saying that Chelsea’s transfer ban is going to be a good thing and Lampard is going to do well.

    If we were to go heavily with youth and both us and Chelsea struggled the same people with being shouting about the missed opportunity.

  35. Marc


    We might have signals from Tierney that he wants to join us over the other clubs linked. It might just be a case of waiting for Celtic to blink.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Seriousely if you were a player annthe club tha5 wants you to join keeps flicking around on yer value.

    It will make you think , fuck it .. I will go elsewhere…

  37. Emiratesstroller


    For me it is important that we start introducing academy players into the first
    team squad.

    1. Unless we do so we will land up losing them for peanuts as we have already seen with Gnabry, Reine-Adelaine and Bennacer all of whom are now valued in transfer market at £20 million+.

    2. Arsenal’s first team squad for EPL and Europa Cup can accommodate 25 registered players. The reality is that you need a maximum of 18-20 players
    considered good enough for starting X1 and the balance are players who are
    considered bench players. Personally I would rather promote 3 youngsters
    to squad than retain services of players like Chambers, Elneny, Monreal and
    Koscielny who are not good enough to play in first team.

    Moving on to the issue of our transfer budget. Personally I don’t believe that
    it is only £45 million net. The likelihood is that the net budget is around £70
    million with perhaps at least another £30 million generated from sales i.e. a gross transfer budget of £100 to 120 million.

    The transfer budget will of course be paid most likely by instalments over
    two years.

    So my guess is that the club can buy comfortably 3-4 good standard players
    with the budget.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I thought the same.

    Pedro’s post implied this is a Chelsea strategy and not the necessity for them that it is, it’s their only option and they still decided to spend £45 Million on Kovacic.

    Very few youngsters in Arsenal’s batch will make it, none of them are ready for anything above fleeting appearances right now.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Tru dat…

    Youth youth youth.

    Watch Chelsea bloom in n3xt two years with the introduction of youth.

    I can’t believe that not one youth player has not match the standard to play regularly in the first team

    Have the bollocks to do something arsenal.

  40. Marc


    Chelsea have lost Hazard – one the best players in the PL over the last few years. Their striker options aren’t great and Abramovich seems to have lost interest or at least a degree of it.

    Lampard may go on to be a good manager but I really wish people would stop this “he knows the fabric of the club” bullshit. OGS knows ManU – what did he do last season? Shearer knew Newcastle and he got them relegated.

    A good manager who knows the club is a bonus because of the identity with the fans beyond that it doesn’t mean fuck all.

  41. Marko

    the same people saying that Chelsea’s transfer ban is going to be a good thing and Lampard is going to do well.

    I actually tend to agree with that. There’s a huge difference between some of the young players at Chelsea and the young players at Arsenal and it’s that the likes of Mason Mount, Abrahams, Tomori and the likes have been getting a lot of game time and impressing in the last couple seasons and it’s helping their development. Whereas at Arsenal even our best young players have barely played any decent amount of football the last couple years. Reiss Nelson only started 5 games last season. Plus in Hudson Odoi they have an obvious talent that is ready for game time despite his age. We don’t have that at Arsenal. Our most developed players are either Nelson who’s got huge question marks over his ability to impact a game over 90 minutes or Bielik who has been playing in a poor level of football the last couple years. Probably most if not all of our best chances of producing good young players are in need of a good loan next season. I can’t think of anyone being an obvious option. Oh and AMN needs to be sold not tried out in a midfield three. He’s fucking dogshit I don’t get what people think they see in him

  42. Marc


    I’m not saying Chelsea don’t have some good young players they do but as you say that doesn’t mean ours are ready.

    It’s also one thing looking the part on loan or as a bit part player something else when the pressure is on because there’s no back up.

  43. Graham62

    Can’t put my finger on it but I have am convinced Frank Lampard will move Chelsea forward.

    No disrespect, but OGS is not cut from the same cloth.

  44. Marko

    I do feel though that we’re getting better at loaning though slowly but surely. We actually have a guy now and that’s probably not only the best route for some of the players to make it to the first team but our best strategy for keeping them. It’s a far better strategy than fuck it lets just play this under 23 player in the hopes that he’s good enough or that he decides to stay with us. If you’re good enough you’re good enough and for a lot of these youngsters that means impressing on loan.

  45. Marko

    In saying all that about Chelsea and how some of their youngsters aren’t that bad there still going to struggle this season of that there can be no doubt. As good as you think Abrahams has done he’s no Costa and they’ve struggled for a striker since he left. But most importantly losing Hazard is huge. They won’t be top 4 this season

  46. Marc


    We’ll see but that Chelsea squad has a recent history of downing tools. Lampard will have to be able to deal with some big attitudes when things aren’t going to plan.

  47. Graham62

    There seems to be a cloned lethargy in many of our youngsters.

    AMN is a perfect example. Switches off/ seems not to care/loses interest. These traits are evident to us all.

    Why is this?

    Oh yeh, now I remember.

  48. Marc


    “They won’t be top 4 this season”

    So that leaves 4th between us ManU and a potential dark horse. All assuming the Spud’s maintain tier level of course.

  49. Champagne Charlie

    Vazquez is surely nothing more than a lazy link, or us posturing about having “options” as we drive a hard Zaha bargain.

    The guy is fucking average as it gets. Better than what we have wide, sure, but a total nothing signing imo. I’d sooner have Ryan Fraser, he’s younger, knows the prem, and he could link well with Tierney as they speak the same language….

    In a supremely enticing fantasy of the summer I’d love to see us bin Auba to China and bring Zaha AND Fekir to support Laca (ooh friendsss). I think that could be levels of sexy and unpredictable, removing the square peg Auba/Laca thing too.

    But alas, we don’t do bold shit and I can see us desperately clinging onto any and all remote talent because we’re worried about getting it wrong. Starting to get a bit groundhog-ish with the new lot, was hoping we’d at least try and look a bit more brazen.

    Nevertheless if we draw out Zaha and bag him for a relatively modest fee you’ve got to take your hat off in a transfer climate of Wan Bissaka for 50 mil. Still, bit twitchy getting, serve me some Tierney at least to keep me keen and dreaming of Mbappe (is that still on Arsene?..)

  50. Bubegunner

    Lucas Vasques?? 30m? I hope this are news thrown by Madrid just to raise his value, You have Ziyech for 25 , Frayser also, Fekir for 30 or even lower and go for fucking garbage, Vasquez?? God give them some brain please… Please no..

  51. Marc


    The Vazquez could just as much be his agent trying to drum up some interest.

    So much click bait and utter bullshit stories out there.

    As you say it would be nice to get another transfer or 2 done so at least if we are playing games over Zaha we’ve got other things sorted.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I mean Ole was having his rim licked by many on here when he first arrived wasn’t he?

    He’s smart to go this season because he has a ready made excuse if doesn’t do that well, lost Hazard and no transfers.

    Despite the fact that he has a squad of champions, despite the fact he has a £60 Million signing arriving as well etc I expect many Arsenal fans who buy into the notion of rookies, sauce etc to allow him that excuse whilst not applying it to others in more desperate circumstances squad wise.

  53. Nelson

    I find Willock is physically stronger than Guen. Both Eddie Nketiah, Reiss Nelson and Joe Willock should be given some substitution appearance in the first team and also play in the cup games.

  54. Marc


    But that’s the issue too many on here apply double standards.

    For example I cannot believe that the Spud’s won’t face a financial impact of the new stadium – everyone accepts that we were faced with a period of austerity (I know there’s an argument over how long) why shouldn’t that impact the Spud’s as well?

  55. Marko

    keep me keen and dreaming of Mbappe (is that still on Arsene?..)

    I think so he was still in charge of recruitment at the time but was just unwilling to pay what was it 2 or 3 million in agent fees or fees to the family or something ethically whatever. In hindsight…

    I do see Fekir and Malcom as legitimate targets though. Cheap and possibly on loan.

  56. Marc


    I do think we’ll see a signing to try and get the fan base going a bit – it’ll also be to keep Adidas happy with their investment.

    Could be a pipe dream but let’s hope not.

  57. HighburyLegend

    If a “total nightmare season” can afford some drastic changes for the club, I’m in, 100% in

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Malcom apparently is going to be used in the Neymar deal so that may be out the window.

    Shame, the rumour was we could have got him on loan which might have meant we could buy Zaha and loan Malcom which would have vastly improved our forward line, add in Tierney as well and the wide areas become a real threat.

  59. Bob N16

    Marc, I’m sure Spurs will be impacted by the stadium costs but they made the CL so extra money there and more significantly one feels that Pochettino would have wanted assurances about spending.

    Graham, can agree that AMN does make mistakes but believe his relaxed/ composed style acts against him when he makes a mistake. I believe he’s hardworking and conscientious but laid back.

  60. Marko

    Malcom replacing Neymar…I just can’t see them being happy with that. It’s neymar ffs if it’s going to happen no way they don’t insist on Coutinho or Dembele. Malcom only cost 37 million euros there’d still be a huge difference in price to make up. Nah I can see Malcom happening for us or an Everton

  61. Marko

    I don’t see Neymar leaving if I’m honest. The deal is too complicated and Real signed Hazard and Barca are bringing in Griezmann. I just don’t see how they could do it

  62. Kamp

    Lots of optimism on LG today. Totally onside with promoting youth into backup positions and selling on deadwood for whatever we can get.

    Zaha is a must. All the pieces are aligned and the player (via brother) has shown his hand. It’s a marquee signing which lifts the fans, squad and gives us electricity and direct running. 55 plus Miki is a great shout to whoever suggested it above.

  63. Marko

    Lacazette is officially not going anywhere this summer. Atletico just signed up their 3rd forward of the summer.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t really want to hear from Kroenke I want to see him doing something this summer.

    I’m not one for owner investment, I would prefer to make it on our own steam, but we’ve been so fucked up because of the total mismanagement over the last 6 years that financially we’re too weak to really do anything major.

    On two grounds then I think Kroenke should put his hand in his pocket.

    Firstly, he was the chief pro-Wenger fan and just sat back and watched the mismanagement of the club for years. If fans were calling Wenger’s economic stupidity, the declining standards on and off the pitch and the lack of footballing infrastructure at the club how on earth could he not see it? In that way you could say there is a moral duty on his part to correct his massive mistake and stop asking the fans to financially back the club when he won’t and stop asking them for patience which they have given for a decade.

    Secondly, just economically it makes sense. I’m not even asking for him to fork out full fees for people just the money we’d need this summer to put on players (for example, if Palace want £40 Million now of a £50-70 Million fee plus player total). We could manage UCL football in three different ways this year. A top 4 finish, winning the Europa League and potentially even finishing 5th if City are banned. With Chelsea in the shape they are, with United still having Ole and with Spurs potentially about to offload a lot a players the chance is there to grab UCL football. For the sake of economic conservatism and short term minimal gain you risk losing out on long term massive gain.

  65. Kamp

    At 25, with pace and muscle Umtiti is a must also. Injuries are a concern but that notwithstanding, we must go for top tier talent. Liverpool showed that with their defensive and GK signings.

    Quality is where it’s at.

    Selling the deadwood and throwing the kids in to back up the first 11 is the way to go.

  66. Marc


    You may not remember but we made the CL final the summer we moved into the new stadium as well.

    The Poch can want all the assurances he wants if they don’t have the money they don’t have the money.

  67. Marc


    If you were going to make funds available to get us back on track this summer does make sense. ManU still all over the place, the Spud’s looking to shake things up and Chelsea with a transfer ban.

    It would mean out money should have a proportionally bigger impact.

  68. Chrispy

    A big shout out to TOLI83 for commenting first and none of that 1st,2nd,3rd , tr4phy bollox that the usual gimps clog up the comments with. Vasquez is about as underwhelming as it gets. Zaha too at the prices being banded about. I’d take Saka and Nelson all day.

  69. Kamp


    Good point from a business perspective. An investment now would have a disproportionate impact considering the chav ban and united still chasing unicorns with a class of 92 fairytale manager calling the scuffed shots.

    Spend big on Zaha as our franchise signing, fix the defence with Umtiti, tierney and Dacoure and address the other issues with tactical signings and we could be on our way.

  70. Cesc Appeal



    It just makes footballing and economic sense.

    They’re all going out to the US, I’m just hoping that is on the agenda. Because right if you think we’re pursuing Tierney (£25 Million), Saliba (£25-30 Million) and Zaha (£50-70 Million depending on players used) but with Celtic and St Etienne seemingly pushing for the majority or total fee up front that means £30-50 Million (at lower prices) of our budget gone.

    Even if they did demand £12-15 Million (half fees) up front that is still £24 Million gone leaving £20 Million in cash this summer to work with…what the fuck do you get with that?

    It’s all fine (sort of) if you can sell players to fund moves but the rest of the world aren’t as stupid as we’d hoped. The only team that seems interested seems to be Fenerbahce (linked to Mustafi, pussy and Elneny) but that is loans. Outside of that Jenkinson is the only ‘hot property’ which says everything.

    Kroenke can’t sit back and look at that and essentially ask the fans to hope.

    You sat back and let an incompetent geriatric fuck this club along with a bald headed charlatan. By the time you thought ‘maybe I just actually have a Kroenke involved in the club’ it was far too late. Damage limitation not avoidance at that stage.

    I just cannot see the logic in a miserly spend when the window of opportunity for UCL might be closed next year and we’re sat with a lowly budget again and at that stage massive owner investment becomes a necessity to avoid becoming a 6th or 7th placed team.

  71. andy1886

    All for giving youth a chance, but that means drip feeding them, not throwing a whole bunch in at the same time to sink or swim. That was Wenger, either no youth or for cup games sending them out barely supported by any senior players. Stupid idea. George Graham had the best record with young players, brought them in one or two at a time, let them settle before bringing in others.

  72. T

    I too hope that Nelson gets some minutes of the bench and a few starts early on in the season to show what he has got! Who knows maybe willock or ESR get a nod for a few games too if not going on loan?
    It would be really sad if the club paid big money to sign awerage players over giving youth a chance.

  73. andy1886

    Cesc, the only player I’d expect us to make reasonable money on is Chambers. Seems clear that Emery doesn’t fancy him but given his age and performances on loan he has to be a £20m player in this market. As for Bug Eyes, Mhiki or Mustafi just giving them away on a free would be better than keeping them. And just buy Tierney FFS.

  74. Kamp

    I think it’s time to move Xhaka on too. He’s not build for this league. Torreira too. Has attributes but the league is too fast and physical. We’ve probably seen beat his best, and it ain’t good enough.
    Compare that to Ndombele who has joined the spuds and you’ll see my point. We should test Watford with 30mil or 20 + Jenkins/miki etc to get in the power and box to box athleticism/aerial ability we need.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    We’re in trouble with our budget, I always thought it would be hard to move our dross on unless you can get EPL clubs interested. But these guys see our dross every year so that is unlikely.

    Can you imagine a team giving us money for and then paying Mustafi at least £100 000 a week on top of the fee?

  76. Kamp


    I know YouTube scouting is there to deceive, but I think you can spot a good highlight reel when one comes out.
    Check out Zaha’s. What you will see is clips against us,United, Chelsea, pool, City and spuds. Him on the ball running rings about player and them trying to stop him in threes and fours. That’s what he brings. Toughness and the fear factor. If it takes three to stop him, just think about the space that creates for everyone else. He’lm make everyone else look much better 50/55 plus a player or 60 cash is a good deal.

  77. Pedro

    You guys really think that the newly installed hydra-exec team are planning a little trip out to Kroenke estates to beg for money 9 days before they go on tour to America?

    Nothing would say incompetence quite like that.

    … and for what, helping them push 27 year old Zaha over the line?

    Our finances are in the absolute shitter, last thing an owner that’s desperately frugal is going to do is hand over cash for another player that’ll have little resale value.
    The last thing two new execs are going to do this late in the game is fly 12 hours with a begging bowl, because that would demonstrate a lack of understanding for the market and a lack of preparedness for this summer. It’d look even worse considering the manager they chose bombed.

  78. Pedro

    … and I’m not even sure we’re in trouble with our budget.

    £40m bid for Zaha
    £30m for Saliba
    £20m for Tierney

    £6m spent on Gabriel.

  79. KAMP

    The Vasquez deal must be a smokescreen/backup option. Remember we have been ‘offered’ Fekir for €30m…that’s a franchise signing right there for a guy who can contribute goals in the double figures. He’s got to come in before Madrid bench warmers are considered.

  80. Bob N16

    Pedro, that might be it with outgoings bringing the net spend to a figure that has been banded around.

    Marc, hope you’re right about Spurs, assume they’ll not spend a lot net but have quite a few players who could be sold for decent money.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    ‘… and I’m not even sure we’re in trouble with our budget.£40m bid for Zaha
    £30m for Saliba
    £20m for Tierney£6m spent on Gabriel.’

    Means precisely nothing.

    If we’d completed Tierney and given Celtic the fee then bid for Zaha I would be agreeing with you.

    As it stands the way we’re doing things suggests that actually the money is a massive issue.

    Complete Tierney potentially don’t have the money for Zaha and Saliba unless you can negotiate a minimal payment this summer/sell some players.

    Going to Kroenke for money given the economic argument is the opposite of incompetence as well. Incompetence would be refusing to ask for money when it’s needed because of Kroenke’s poor ownership and let the golden chance for UCL revenue and course correction pass us by.

  82. andy1886

    Kamp, I like Zaha, as you say he can be a big game player and you always need those in any side. What I’m not convinced about is that we have the transfer team at the club who can make it happen. They’ve already pissed off Palace which isn’t a great start. That deal has Suarez Mk.2 written all over it. The thing I’m not keen on is bidding for ‘talent’ (i.e. prospects) for big money from other leagues. Too much risk when they’re not proven yet in their own country let alone in the PL which will be a completely different ball game. Sure, gamble a few million here, but we can’t afford to spend half our budget on a ‘maybe’.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    You can bid £40 Million for Zaha, £30 Million Saliba and £25 Million for Tierney but if you’re asking to pay those fees over 4 or 5 years those are potentially weak bids especially if another team comes in offering the fee up front or over 2 years with a larger payment this summer. Look at the Wan Bissaka deal.

    Doesn’t mean ‘Arsenal aren’t struggling with the budget’ because they’ve made those bids in fact it suggests the total opposite.

    I always thought my friend had money issues, then he made an offer for a £100 000 Lamborghini on a 100 year payment plan so I guess not.

  84. Pedro

    CA, so you are suggesting that we are bidding on three players with only the cash for one? Sounds like a supposition.

    I’m also not sure there’s a good economic argument to be made here.

    We have a bloated wage bill
    Revenues are regressing
    We have too much deadwood in the squad
    We are a Europa League team

    ‘Please give me money out of your own pocket to solve this problem a week before the preseason tour’ is reactionary and would be recieved very badly considering Ivan and Arsene never went begging for money / Stan is paying off a very expensive franchise in America.

    It also sounds like the opposite of economic. It’s a lazy solution with no guarantee of success considering the manager in charge.

    We’re not exactly bringing in Joao Felix here. It’s another 27 year old that has little hope of being sold on even if he is a success.

    … and again. Execs need to be in control. Begging for money when Stan is the owner is a short cut to losing your job. VV will know this and so will Raul.

  85. Pedro

    As for deals being done over years… that’s the state of play with deals across the whole of Europe for 20 years.

    It’s not a new thing or an Arsenal thing.

  86. Marc


    The difference between the Zaha and Suarez deals is that Suarez wanted to leave Liverpool for CL football – he wasn’t that fussed about us we just happened to bid. Liverpool made some promises about letting him go in a year and gave him a raise.

    If the stories are correct Zaha not only wants to join us but he’s an Arsenal fan and according to Pedro yesterday threatened to go on strike. Palace cant’ afford to have their top player switch off for a season – it could cost them their place in the PL. That’s worth over £100 million losing £20 million on a player against that isn’t the terrible thing it looks like at first glance.

  87. Cesc Appeal


    Your argument just makes no sense.

    Laughable you talk about supposition when you present unaccepted bids as evidence of us not having an economic problem…wonder why they are unaccepted?

    Staggered payment may be common, asking to pay £40 Million over 5 years may not be that regular and again obliterates your economic strength point. Palace just asked for £42 Million up front for Wan Bissaka but you’re rolling with staggered bids as evidence of things being okay…I wonder why you’re doing that as well? Why would you want to make out that we should absolutely be able to bang out a great transfer window? Hmm.

    The economic argument doesn’t make sense? Revenues falling?…if only we could add a major source of revenue…say the UCL.

    Now if only there was some golden opportunity to do so…wouldn’t it be great if we had three shots at obtaining it, say from the Europa League, from a 4th place finish and potentially even a 5th placed finish.

    Jeez, if that was the case it probably makes sense to go hard in the close season if that opportunity was on the table. Right?

    Bloated wage bill at worst cycles out over the next 2 years and is a result stemming from Kroenke’s ‘I’m not involved’ approach.

  88. Champagne Charlie

    “Vasquez is about as underwhelming as it gets. Zaha too at the prices being banded about. I’d take Saka and Nelson all day.“

    League cup here we come, at best.

  89. Dissenter

    Kroenke needs to ask hard questions before he releases any money to the management team. The days if implicitly trusting people are over.
    We need to sign mainly players that have a resale potential, of course there will be exceptions to that rule.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Kroenke needs to ask hard questions before he releases any money to the management team. The days if implicitly trusting people are over.’

    Absolutely. Not suggesting otherwise. It seems the new lot do have targets and are not just going asking for funds, they’re asking for funding for players already being talked to.

    Kroenke is a massive part of the fuck up we’re in, he can’t ride horses on his ranch in Missouri and ignore the cluster fuck he’s created from a lazy ownership style of ‘well if Wenger says he knows what he’s doing and we’re still in the UCL, great’.

  91. Cesc Appeal

    John Jules traveling to the US with the first team squad.

    Not sure if that was always planned or as a result of yesterdays game?

  92. Dissenter

    Does Zaha guarantee us CL football?

    I’m posing this question because there’s an erroneous assumption that promoting certain academy players condemns us to mid table mediocrity.

    We shouldn’t be keeping a 25 million transfer rated Chambers to back up Torreira at a time when we don’t have money to bring in better starters.
    That’s one of the imbalances we need to correct.
    Let’s get a proper player to start in every position, then we can use subsequent seasons to work on back-ups. Some of the promoted players will fail but a few will succeed.

  93. Cesc Appeal

    I quite want to see Bielik given a go at CDM in pre-season.

    Given his U21 performance this summer a lot of fans on here would probably be asking the club to look at him if he wasn’t already an Arsenal player.

    Big jump from League 1 to EPL though. Certainly could take Elneny’s place on the bench.

  94. Marko

    Nothing would say incompetence quite like that.

    Quite like asking the owner of the club to help out the club?

  95. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your all being sucked in by names…
    Cos he is a Barca player must be brilliant ..

    Van bronchurst

    To name a few … Ain’t or wernt brilliant for us.

    No point in buying top shelf players just wanting casjlh.

    Would rather young wanting to impress an become world bearers .

    As stroller pointed
    3 former yoots worth 20m.. not world class yet but must have board thinking

  96. Pedro


    Your economic argument is to inject Arsenal with outside cash. That is a bad approach to business, and a bad approach to take with Stan.

    I didn’t say we were economically strong. We are a mess because we keep making bad decisions.

    You don’t double down on being badly run by asking for outside injections of cash… and you’d never present that as good economics, as it appears you are trying to do with your argument that you think makes sense.

    We are in a mess, we need to get out of that mess ourselves and reset the club.

    If Raul and VV have sat on this for a year and their best plan is a begging bowl, they should be dismissed.

    I do not believe that is the plan of two people that have gone public talking about the Arsenal way of doing things. I think it’s just made up press.

  97. andy1886

    Marc, fair point although what I was suggesting is that we’re quite likely to cock the deal up by acting stupidly from the first bid just like we did with old bitey. Why can’t we learn to negotiate properly? We’ve been terrible at it for the last decade. We’ve got idiots on million pound salaries who can’t even do the basics right. Talking of which did you see Dick Law going on about the Suarez incident recently? Came across as whining old fool who clearly still can’t see why offering the extra £1 might be deemed as taking the piss.

  98. Marc


    “You don’t double down on being badly run by asking for outside injections of cash… and you’d never present that as good economics”

    Sorry but that’s so far removed from real business as to be laughable. Lot’s of businesses look to refinance to correct previous mistakes. If we’ve done what should’ve happened ie remove the two main problems Wenger and Gazidis then you’re now talking about a different management team changing the way we do things. If that includes a short term cash injection that is not bad business unless we repeat the previous mistakes of spending it badly.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    That isn’t my argument.

    My argument is for one time owner investment to help us achieve the goal of UCL football which would bring about a long term self-sustainable economic model with the revenues to compete at the top and never have to look to owner investment again.

    The reason I ask for it is because currently our squad and our finances leave us 6th of 6 teams at the top of the table and this season 1) Europa League, 2) Top 4 and 3) Potentially 5th open up UCL football.

    In that environment leaning on a paltry £45 Million budget…now that is incompetence.

  100. Cesc Appeal


    You’re also presenting the mess at the club as a reason not to invest…there’s only one person left at the club whose fault the mess is.

    And we’re asking him for money.

  101. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    More clubs should follow Millwall lead an have fans q&a sessions before season starts no vetted questions just fans feelings

  102. Dissenter

    Cesc and Pedro
    I think you guys are battling and quibbling over an unnecessary fort

    Arsenal need a loading dose or infusion of funds [like is done for many IV medications] to kickstart this new era.
    The question is where does it come from; Externally from Kroenke or not.

    We have money that has shown up in every financial statement as ‘cash in bank’ that was most likely accrued from Wenger’s refusal or inability to take transfers seriously.

    Arsenal ought to release some of those funds for transfers. That will help relive some of the acute issues we have this window.

  103. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Look Stan would have seen another yank invest over 100m an get fuck all back

    Fulham khan the man

    Stan will keep his cash we can all beg won’t change a thing.

    Only at board level could it possibly change.

  104. Marko

    Yes, that would be utter incompetence of the highest order.

    Again just so that we’re clear you’re saying that it would be utterly incompetent to ask the owner to help out with the club that he owns? I’m not advocating that he throw a couple hundred million down our pants but at the very least he could do more than the sum total of zero which is what he’s contributed. He could also help with the sponsorship side of things considering his standing in American business

  105. Dissenter

    Kroenke doesn’t need to spend HIS money.
    He sure can authorize the club to spend monies idling away in our accounts.
    Liverpool declared 10 and 4 million as cash in hand in the last two seasons. They have debts of over £150 million. Arsenal FC doesn’t need to be carrying cash in hand of 90-150 million.

  106. Marc

    Gaining CL football would also stop the decline in revenues. And I don’t just mean via TV money.

    CL football makes it easier to sign other sponsor deals.

  107. andy1886

    Marko, if we know what we’re doing it’s not so much asking Kroenke to ‘help out’ it’s more like asking Kroenke to make an investment in his asset. If we do it right we would improve our chances of CL money, increase interest and therefore ticket sales, merchandising, TV exposure and subsequent sponsorship deals. And if we buy well and sell well we should make good profits on players. All of which would increase the value of his investment.

    The reason he isn’t going to invest (not spend) is that he doesn’t have faith that the people running the club are competent enough to deliver.

  108. Pedro


    How often to businesses go back to shareholders and ask for a cash injection because their wage bill is out of control?

  109. Dissenter

    CL football makes it easier to sign other sponsor deals

    It didn’t stop us from signing the lucrative visit Rwanda and the Adidas deals

  110. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Has the club fully explored sponsorship ?

    Sell name of the bridges
    Sell the name of the stands
    The carslberg lower stand.

    Sell the walkways hovis walkway
    Sell the concourse will sponsor flooring
    Sell the programme

    There must be more ways to being in money

  111. Marko

    My argument is for one time owner investment to help us achieve the goal of UCL football which would bring about a long term self-sustainable economic model

    That is a way that he can help. Also by bringing in a couple players who are sellable assets in the future that way we can go again and without Stan needing to invest again. I mean look here’s the thing the only way we’re getting out of this rut is with investment. That’s it

  112. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Is chips still there
    Didn’t help his comment we follow arsene with what he says he gets comment

    If he is still there sack the cunt

  113. Marc


    Football has a different cost basis to other businesses. The principle remains the same. Putting money into a business to invest that leads to increased revenues is a sound and often used business practice.

    I’m not advocating spending £300 million, just a loosening of the purse strings to help with this summer.

  114. Pedro


    I’m not sure venturing down the route of Manchester City sponsorship fraud is good business practice either.

    Stan is a business owner. He’s a frugal one. We are not frugally run. I’d imagine he’ll have the same view he’s always had, use the resources you have at your disposal to make this club run properly.

    No injections.

    That would be bad business for him, especially considering there is no TD, an average manager and no chief scout running the show there.

    These so-called great economic decisions for the club are just gambles… we’ve had 3 seasons of that and its got us nowhere. Why would another £40m help now? Especially considering the dire run in last season.

  115. Kay

    “”Raul and VV have sat on this for a year and their best plan is a begging bowl, they should be dismissed””


    Raul being a “contacts” person, should have placed himself in a position to sell atleast 3 out of the dross we have by now and shouldn’t be waiting for the Aug 1st week to complete deals for Tierney, Saliba and Zaha or Fekir.

  116. andy1886

    Marc, yes, that was Joel Campbell. Waste of time ultimately, so obviously we learnt from that and two years later signed Sanogo (lol).

  117. Dissenter

    Potential investors and cooperate clients look at a lot more than CL qualification before deciding to take up corporate sponsorships

    They see Arsenal playing in Singapore, Australia, and Los Angeles to full stadiums
    They see a hastily arranged ASTV fane meet in Dubai filled to the rafters with fans
    They look at how every Arsenal story in the tabloids is easy click bait
    Arsenal is, and will always be a good commercial partner because the club is indeed a global entity.
    We reached the semifinals and finals of the EL so it’s not like we are being knocked out by Qarabag or something.

  118. Pedro

    Kay, absolutely.

    It is unbelievable that we’ve not found a place for Xhaka, Mustafi, Mikhi and Kola at this stage.

    Would love to see what that Dortmund CEO would do with Arsenal, but I’m sure it’d be more creative than what we’re seeing at the moment.

  119. Marc


    Despite what many on here think we are still a huge club – of course we can sign deals. CL football just means we’re more attractive to prospective sponsors.

    Watch ManU go into full panic mode if they’re still struggling and not making CL football on a regular basis with the Chrysler deal is coming up for renewal.

  120. Marko

    How often to businesses go back to shareholders and ask for a cash injection because their wage bill is out of control?

    I’m not sure that’s what’s being discussed. We’re not asking for money to be added on top of the problem we’re talking about an owner helping a club during a period of need. That doesn’t then mean that we don’t have to address issues with regards to the bloated wage bill or underperforming playing staff

  121. Pedro

    Dissenter, the 32 corp boxes still available is a big story.

    Bankers don’t want to take their clients midweek to see Ostersunds… and it is very hard to shift a weekend ticket, even when free.

  122. Pedro


    Businesses don’t generally go to the market to ask for cash injections for hire, stating the reason is they are so badly run they can’t shift previous bad hires.

    No one would invest in that sort of business.

    Also, there is a grim record of clubs that invested that little bit extra to make the elite and failed miserably.

  123. Marko

    I’m not sure venturing down the route of Manchester City sponsorship fraud is good business practice either.

    I’m not even saying that. Look at United they have Chevrolet as a sponsor why can’t Stan help us out in a that regard? He knows a tonne of American businesses and corporations he could even help out that end by getting some of them on board with Arsenal. But that’s another area where he seemingly does nothing to help

  124. Emiratesstroller

    I thought that transfer instalment plans are now time limited by UEFA.

    As far as I am aware Arsenal do not buy players with repayment plans of more than two seasons, although they may pay add-ons beyond those dates.

    I agree with Pedro that we should not be spending mega bucks for players aged 27+. Assuming that they are on 3-4 year contracts they will have limited resale value once they reach their 30th Birthday.

  125. Dissenter

    I agree with Pedro
    Raul and Vinai can’t go back to ask for an external infusion of money. Kroenke can offer it u prompted based on his own observations.

    If I were Kroenke …and Raul along with Vinai came to ask me for more money, It would be a sackable offense.
    It’s like saying you want to keep running the business in a bloated manner.
    Let them cut the fat first;
    -streamline certain parts of the business – there’s too much duplication of duties in the back room.
    -They shouldn’t have a business model that pays back-up players more than other teams pay starters.
    -We shouldn’t be bidding 30 million for players that will be loaned back for one season if our finances were so dire.

    Kroenke cannot loan the club a dime under these circumstances. We haven’t demonstrated that we are willing to do what is necessary- how many of our dross players have gone?

    It’s just throwing money at the same problems.

  126. Pedro

    Marko, because business doesn’t work like that.

    There has to be value in a sponsorship deal.

    Will association with X brand result in an uplift of sales for my X

  127. Micheal

    Sir John Chippendale “Chips” Keswick sits on the board of Arsenal for two hugely significant reasons –
    1. He is an Old Etonian, a former chairman of City bank, Hambros and a director of the Bank of England. He can open doors to the British establishment and money men who may find Sleazy Stan is not to their taste.
    2. To obediently do everything Kroenke asks him to do without question.

  128. Marc

    “Hi Boss,

    So I’ve sold 3 players (assets) that are down on our books as having a value of £75 million for £3.59. It has cut the wage bill though.

    Oh yeah could I have £100 million to replace them with?”

  129. Marko

    Businesses don’t generally go to the market to ask for cash injections for hire, stating the reason is they are so badly run they can’t shift previous bad hires.

    Maybe that’s the problem at the end of the day because we’re talking about a football club here and not a business. And I don’t agree with the notion of a club in trouble going to it’s billionaire owner who’s never contributed before and asking him to help now I don’t agree that that’s incompetent or embarrassing. Let’s be honest here we’re only going to improve with investment and an overhaul on the playing side of things and not with a mangerial appointment. That’s how we get back to the promise land

  130. Marc


    No I’m not. Risdale bet the farm on getting CL football or better. I’m asking for an advance in our allowance.

    I should also add that in return for the investment there would have to be a condition that the money go on a player with at least potential resale value.

  131. Dissenter

    ‘Dissenter, the 32 corp boxes still available is a big story’

    You need to realize that not everything is a localized Arsenal problem.
    You don’t think the Brexit induced flight of financial services [and other moneyed business] back to the continent has anything to do with this?

    Don’t you realize that many heavily rollers have moved away from London in recent years to places like Monaco or even Singapore.
    Banks have moved $1 trillion away from London in recent years

  132. Pedro


    Football is a business and the problem with the game isn’t that not enough clubs don’t go to their owners for financial doping. Quite the opposite. Everyone is waiting to see if there’s a consequence for this sort of behavior.

    You don’t think it’s incompetent because you are a fan and that sort of rationale makes sense to you.

    Stan is not a fan. Never has been, never will be. He buys businesses and has consistently expected them to run properly.

    The strategy of investing his own money is like him trying to get out of a roulette hole by taking a loan out.