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Well Happy Pride Day over in London! Great to see Adidas keeping creativity levels high with that rainbow number offering. I still find it interesting that the Premier League doesn’t have a single publicly acknowledged queer person… until I read some of the comments under Arsenal’s Pride post.

… more work to be done you sense.

Same with the Arsenal transfer window.

Zaha sent out one of those tweets that a girl you used to go to school with that got pregnant at 16 would send.

‘People twisting things that I say to mean things that I didn’t say aren’t worthy my precious time’

No idea what it’s referenced to, but Zaha did speak to a reporter at AFCON.

‘I think Steven Parish is a wally and I shall strike if this isn’t resolved’

Wooooah, strong words Wilfried. Very strong words.

The Saliba story continues to chug along at a snail’s pace, Arsenal are apparently back in with another bid, believed to be £30m. That will apparently be enough to snare him, providing Spurs don’t gazump us. The player will go back on loan.

I’m not sure what that means for the rest of the defence. I’m not sure we were a left back away from making things right last season. There’s very little smoke around any other defensive names. Upamecano rumours have died a death as have any stories about defenders exiting the club. To go into the new season with one new signing would be quite spectacular unless the club truly rate some of the kids coming through. Is there a strong future ahead with Rob Holding and Mavrapanos stepping up their game next season? Worth noting that last season, we were always on for conceding 50 goals. I know it feels like we were defending like beasts before the Holding injury, but it’s simply not true.

I am fascinated to see what Emery is planning to do next season to fix the grim issues we suffered as a team last year. We were embarrassingly porous all season, and I’m not quite sure what the plan is going to be if we don’t move on some of the error-strewn players we have in the squad, things aren’t going to look much better. Adding more athleticism to the setup is obviously one step, most of the squad is sluggish and weak. Changing the system could be another thought. Or just putting more focus on a system that forces players to care a little more about their positioning and the stupid things they think about doing.

I think the really fascinating thing this summer is that we’ve not attempted to replace Aaron Ramsey, arguably one of our players of the season. Where is that drive, energy and general attacking threat going to come from? An internal promotion?

We’ll see, there’s still time to run, but this summer is looking more and more like a holding pattern than the free selling and free buying one we’d hoped for… that’s not good news for Emery if that stays the same. His coaching will have to find a new level if he’s to survive the year with the same squad. He is going to have to do some work to have the players believe in him again, that disgraceful finish is a very dark cloud hanging over his ability to strategise inspire a squad he’s had a lot of time with.

Preseason tour is in 10 days. Chop, chop Raul.

Right, that’s me done… see you in the comments x

P.S. Losing 3-1 to Boreham Wood at half time.

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  1. Micheal

    Pre-season in a matter of days, none of the liabilities shipped out, no defenders signed, no Ramsey replacement – it feels like we are back in 2015.

    What’s the plan Stan ?

  2. Guns of SF

    Ive given up on Mavropanos. Seriously… this dude is like a cult figure… just waiting for break through and be the next Maldini in hiding… just not going to happen.

    We need Tierney asasp. I have no faith in Monreal- dude is highly unathletic. only uses his left peg, and simply cannot keep up anymore. Ditto Kos

    I see Bell, Sok, Holding, and hopefully Tierney as our back line.

    Still not great but better than Kos and Monreal in it

    We need Zaha…i hope this comes through….
    Nelson as the other winger

    Just start it up

  3. Moray

    It’s looking dangerously like we are going to be playing the coming season with a weaker squad than last. Say what you will about our need to cut the wage bill and bring through/in some youth to lower the average age, but this is an extremely worrying possibility.

    Other clubs are not going to stand still. Man Utd have the resources for an overhaul and Chelsea have some good young players coming through. Spurs seem to have more resources than I thought, and even if they are buying from funds ahead of Eriksen leaving, they are buying ambitiously and with intent to upgrade.

    I suppose if nothing else, we will be a year closer to getting Ozil etc off our books.

  4. Ishola70

    Comeback from the kids.

    Playing at a higher tempo this half.

    That’s what you gotta do against physically stronger players. Up the pace.

  5. Rough coin

    How can Madrid sell Theo Hernandez for €20m and arsenal is finding it difficult to ship out a seasoned pro like mustafi, xhaka, mkhi and ozil…

    Wonders they say, would never end

  6. Ishola70

    Tierney’s agent saying no club has put a bid on the table to make Celtic think of selling as yet.

  7. andy1886

    So if we go into next season with a weak squad, no major signings, and Ozil stinking the place out like a smouldering turd it will all be Emery’s fault right? That we can’t even close out Tierney after weeks of haggling suggests that nothing has changed. That we would bid for a prospect for £30m and loan them back when they are desperately needed now suggests nothing has changed. Given some of the dross that the manager has to work with I doubt that even an amalgamation of Pep & Klopp could get us top 4 let alone close to challenging.

  8. Leedsgunner

    3-3 Full time Result versus Boreham Wood

    This result has to be seen in the light of Ballard our best U23 defender leaving on loan for Swindon… however others SHOULD HAVE stepped up.

    Disappointed with Medley especially, he really needs to start staking his place on the fringes of the first team.

    Decent fight back though… although you could argue we shouldn’t have went behind in the first place.

  9. Champagne charlie

    “I think the really fascinating thing this summer is that we’ve not attempted to replace Aaron Ramsey, arguably one of our players of the season. Where is that drive, energy and general attacking threat going to come from? An internal promotion?”

    I think that’s why Arsenal seem driven in their pursuit of Zaha, he can be the indirect replacement and perhaps we recruit a more ‘workman’ like midfielder who isn’t as heavy hitting in the last third aka Praet or whoever else.

    Ramsey was always an odd fit given our CM options, he never did much of the defensive stuff or build up, but came through with his final pass/shot efficiency. Basically if you were to ask if I’d replace Rambo with a quality winger I’d say yea, because we don’t have a quality winger and our CM could act like more of a stable or conservative CM base without him in there.

    He’s cool to have if you’ve got 2 absolute show runners anchoring him, but less impressive when you’ve got Xhaka and Torreira

  10. Wasi

    Are we missing someone from last summer this time around. Someone named Mislintat. Yes we are horribly missing Mislintat this transfer window. Raul won the power struggle to do what? Unsettle Tierney,Zaha,Fraser,Carrasco,Saliba and then wait out the whole summer for one of the clubs to drop the price. Is that his masterplan. At least firsr sign Tierney as he is available and affordable and then turn your head to other target/s. Mustafi all smiles in training.SMH. Dump him off whatever the price mate. 5 weeks left for the season to kick-off and here we are with 1 signing that too made for the future.Havent cut the wage bill, not even tried to fix the defense. HORRIBLE. If we cant get someone in 3-4 weeks before the season begins its gonna be really tough to gel them with the squad. People chanting ‘kroenke out’ at the kids friendly. Thats the spirit lads. Gotta get that rat out of our club. USMANOV you following mate. I juts hope we dont repeat the summer in which we panic bought the likes of mustafi and xhaka and perez. Hopefully Edu has some sauce about him. Maybe he can work up some magic.

  11. Valentin

    A while ago, I mentioned that Arsenal academy had not produced a single premiership regular CB since the creation of the premiership. The closest to near premiership quality CB are: Justin Hoyte and Kyle Bartley. Luke Ayling now at Leeds is now a right back.

    That is a an indictment of the academy coaching staff. Even after Wenger departure, we seem to continue that ridiculous idea of converting defensive midfielder into CB. Sheaf, Bielik. None of those attempts never worked.

    Bielik came as a precocious defensive midfielder and we then spend the next three years trying to convert him into a CB. He goes to Charlton and they decide to put him back as a DM.

    Our pursuit of Saliba stems from the fact that we cannot produce decent CBs.

  12. terraloon


    The plan was always for Morata to be at AM next season the issue was Chelsea wanted a commitment to them buying him that has how now happened.

    As far as I can see Costa will be gone (Everton are said to be interested in him) as will Griezmann that means that AM will still be looking for someone.

  13. Leedsgunner


    I find the club’s treatment of Bielik strange. The boy is a natural DM, and if we gave him the chance he could be a decent understudy/competition.

    He has done what has been asked of him every loan he has gone to and was Charlton’s outstanding player last year.

    He probably has glanced at the game time Guendouzi has been given and asked… why not me? Frankly I don’t blame him. Don’t we want hungry ambitious players?

    For a club that cries poverty at every given opportunity we treat our best youth players badly… and then we moan about it when they decide to elsewhere.

    This coming season I think we have a great group of youngsters that I think deserve a chance especially in the Europa League and Cup games.

    Ideally I think we should keep our best players fresh and fit for the EPL so that we can make a good concerted effort for 4th place… the way we wilted with, what was on paper, the easiest run in for 4th with 8 games to go was disgraceful.

    W.illock, Nketiah, Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe, Bielik, Saka, John-Jules and Martinez should be given time.

    Training with the first team isn’t good enough. Young gifted players need game time and if we are as cash strapped as we are led to believe we need to make better use of our youngsters.

  14. Valentin

    What I don’t understand with that pursuit of Saliba is the desperation. Why are we not at least going for our second choice CB? There are other decent CB for the price discussed. Maybe they don’t have the same uplift potential, but they would be available immediately. Kannemann should not even be an option when you look at his injury record.

    To me it looks like Raul is relying on Sven’s list and that list does not have a second choice of CB. Currently Saliba is a 20~25 millions player, especially if he is to be loaned for a year.

    The other strange thing is the staggering of payments. According to reports Saint-Étienne will receive most of the payment upfront. Why not offer a small initial down payment, then the full amount when Arsenal can actually use their players.

  15. Leedsgunner


    Cheers for the info… errr, I hope we don’t lose Lacazette.

    Frankly given the choice I would rather see PEA go… I rather not lose either of them tbh but if given the choice, I’d plump for PEA… and use the funds to bring in two young top defenders. Surely in this absurd market we should be able to achieve £100m for him at least?

    Everyone else seems to be able to sell their players for sky high prices… except us. why is that? Is it because of the wages that they are on?

  16. Mr Serge

    Valentin do you know that we have produced more premier League player than any other club that is currently in the league just not CB unfortunately

  17. Leedsgunner


    “The other strange thing is the staggering of payments. According to reports Saint-Étienne will receive most of the payment upfront. Why not offer a small initial down payment, then the full amount when Arsenal can actually use their players.”


    What happens if we loan Saliba back to his club and he picks up a serious long injury coming up to his move to Arsenal — I suspect we will still be asked to take the player if this happens.

  18. Leedsgunner

    @Mr Serge

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want our amazing duo to go.

    In a squad of average players they are the two marquee players we need if we have any hope of entering into the Champion’s League.

  19. Dissenter

    I cannot imagine any situation that would exclude Beilik from the senior team. He has done enough to be in the squad ahead of Elneny this season. I do hope he’s smart enough to cut short his summer break and join the team early for preseason.
    That’s what Bernado Silva did to sway Guardiola last summer. Hen came back early after playing in the World Cup to join city’s American tour.

    Beilik makes it easier to sell Elneny and Chambers.

  20. Dream10

    Leeds + Valentin

    I’m expecting Bielik to be sold in the next few weeks. Either to a Fulham or Charlton.
    Unfortunate, but the club don’t rate him.

  21. Dissenter

    Iwobi is really a wussy wimp.
    I never seen a 5′ 11″ player weighing about 165lbs be so lacking in physicality

  22. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Leeds United are seriously courting Bielik… I would hate to lose him. However if we do, for goodness sake have written in good sell on, first refusal and/or buy back clauses.

  23. Valentin


    Arsenal does not offer a path from U23 to first team to players who are not precocious genius: Fabregas, Wilshere. Most of them making the step up owe that move to first team to luck and injuries rather than anything planned.

    That is not a new problem. At least they are not recognising that and are trying to fix the issue.
    With abroad especially Germany and France emerging as a viable career path, more and more academy players may just decide to go elsewhere if their initial club cannot or is unwilling to integrate them.

    If Bielik is not offered consequent playing time this season maybe first in the Europa League, I could see a mass exodus from our academy players, just right when they are starting to show sign of potential success story. Same thing with Willock , Nkethia.

  24. Dissenter

    I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed with that expectation.
    Beilik will stay, Elneny and chamber will be shifted out.
    Frankly, that’s a very easy way to net £30-35 million in transfers.

  25. Globalgunner

    It boggles the mind how Bielik can be considered worse than El Neny or even the abysmal Xhaka

  26. Dissenter

    I too was skeptical about Beilik initially when posters like Valentin and Words-on-a-blog were championing him. Turns out they were right despite the level he played last season. The lad is good.

    He’s definitely good enough and solves two problems easily.
    At the very least, he’s better than Elneny who can be shifted away for 5-8 million.

  27. Valentin

    Mr Serge,

    Technically that may be correct, but personally I make a distinction between players joining Arsenal as 7/9/12 years old kids and those joining us as 16 years old. IMHO, the later are the result of good scouting rather than proper academy work.

    If you then look at those, the numbers are not so flattering anymore. The numbers are also skewed by the fact that 10 years ago, there was a lot less proper academy.

  28. CG

    Borehamwood 3 Arsenal 3

    Borehamwood join Wolves, and Chelsea who have have scored 3 goals or more in a SINGLE half of football against Arsenal

    Leicester and Crystal Palace took 90 mins to achieve the same feat.

    All these have taken place in the last 10 games or so.

    This club has the footballing equivalent of Ebola.

    And nothing or no one seems to want even find a cure or indeed the vaccination.

    The old players dont rate Emery
    It seems the young ones dont too….!

    He, Raul and Stan all have to Go.

    This club is on its Knees…..
    Borehamwood FC have more self respect than we do these days.


  29. CG

    I am so disgusted .
    I have refused to thank PedRo for his post.

    In fact – I am going on strike.


  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    “In fact – I am going on strike.”

    Yes, the first proper win this silly season, let’s all pray that it’s true. Would be almost as good as offloading Ozil.

  31. Dream10


    Really hope Bielik stays. I’m a fan of his.
    However, I don’t think he’ll hang around to be a squad guy who plays 200-300minutes the whole season. I don’t trust the club to be savvy enough to sell Chambers for 25m.
    Bielik is an easily sale. They’ll keep Calum for cover. Elneny is touch and go.

  32. Valentin

    I agree with Dream, Bielik is the most likely to tell the board: I want to leave, I am not signing a new contract without playing time guarantee.
    Elneny will happily sit and draw his fat cheque.

    If that happen, then Raul has to make a decision and the easiest would be to sell Bielik and keep Elneny.

    According to reports Chambers has already been offered to Crystal Palace as part exchange for Zaha, so if there is any takers he will be gone.

  33. Dissenter

    Raul will know we have to sell players to raise funds.He had a reputation for moving out players at Barca.
    They will have to entice Elneny by facilitating his exit with some type off pay-off. Elneny is that type of player who is happy to just live in London.
    Chambers will be easy to sell and has too much pride to stay when he could be playing elsewhere.

  34. bennydevito

    Good Ebening Grovers,

    Happy Pride day in London? What’s that then? What are people celebrating being proud of in London exactly?

    Red London buses?

    Big Ben? The Thames river and the London Eye?

    Oh I see; GAY pride.

    What I don’t understand is that if they’re so proud of being gay why have they dropped the word Gay from their gay parades? Pride on its own does not mean gay, pride is a definition of achievement unrelated to a person’s sexuality, although in the context of homosexuality and marriage now being legal, that in itself is something to be proud of if you’re that way inclined I guess, but call it what it is – Gay pride, not pride. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality and equal rights for all, absolutely, just not sure you need a parade about it or a whole month dedicated to it, as a person’s sexuality is their business and nobody elses, and completely irrelevant to anything else, at least it should be, in my opinion.

    I’m not proud to be heterosexual and wave it around in other people’s faces, because it’s nobody else’s business, and I certainly wouldn’t expect a parade about it, although I have been seeing people talk about a straight pride parade recently online which is absolutely ridiculous! Straight people haven’t been persecuted and denied rights, so a straight pride parade would be a joke.

    One last thing. Queer? Since when and why is that an acceptable term to use? Queer meaning odd and unusual and a derogatory term used to insult gay people – why the hell would they use that term amongst themselves? Are they odd and unusual? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Anyway, back to football, not sure what people’s sexuality has to do with it, or anything for that matter, but I guess it keeps the masses distracted and the left wing happy for a month of the year when Donald Trump hasn’t said anything unpopular according to them that is.

    All these transfer rumours do my head in and Twitter only makes it worse with all these lying ITKs claiming they know what’s going on when in reality they know shit.

    I hope the Vasquez and Marcello rumours are a load of crap, and as much as I’d love Zaha, de Light is going to Juve for as little as £46m allegedly so our money really should be going there instead, and for £60m I’d rather we sign Fekir and Ziyech together than Zaha.

    Tierney, have we even bid for him? Saliba, have we even bid for him? Apart from Zaha, who have we actually bid for? And why are we intent on spunking all our money on Zaha, begging Kronke for more money to buy Zaha when we can’t afford de Ligt or Maguire or Chilwell, players we actually need and could do with when the defence is where our money needs to be spent the most?

    What a joke we are.

  35. Marko

    Arsenal does not offer a path from U23 to first team to players who are not precocious genius

    I think you’ll find it’s because most of the youngsters aren’t good enough. Even now of all the up and coming talent coming through only really Nelson, ESR and Saka have something about them and even then there’s serious question marks about Reiss Nelson’s overall play during 90 mins and ESR’s lack of knowing what his best position is

  36. Marko

    The lad is good. He’s definitely good enough and solves two problems easily.

    Easily. That’s Bielik easily solving problems in midfield and at center half. Mind boggling really

  37. Champagne Charlie

    Bielik and Chambers are not at the level.

    Incredibly hopeful/blinded fans sometimes because a player is young. League one to top 6 in the prem? Really?

    Also, Chambers did well at Fulham, but instead of translating that to him being good enough for Arsenal, how about we take the lead of others and fleece him for good money.

    Some aggressive player turnover isn’t a bad thing for Arsenal, we’ve been guilty of keeping guys around far beyond their due here.

  38. Mysticleaves

    Lol. Marko has to disagree with everything. I have not seen a single post that you agreed with except it involves buying People worth 30m and above

  39. Marko

    Mystic why would I agree with giving game time to someone who’s only impressed in the third tier of English football or q kid who’s not in the slightest bit ready. I’m looking for us to improve and that doesn’t happen with keeping Bielik and Chambers or forcing someone like Ameachi into the first team squad. My fucking god what is wrong with some of the fanbase. Most of these players aren’t even going to make it in the premier league even less at this actual club. That’s not me being negative that’s a fact that continues to happen at many clubs. Take Reiss Nelson for example probably the most developed and ready of all the youths and yet he is at best a squad player and that’s a stretch. Guendouzi is probably a better example but he didn’t really come through the ranks

  40. Wasi

    Bielil does not solve any problems outright. Not midfield not defense.He is a versatile rotational option as of now who needs a chance to prove his worth. The club needs funds so maybe Keep Bielil as a rotational option. Give him some chances to impress in the Europa league group stages. This way we will have good cover at CM and CB even if we decide to sell chambers and elneny ro raise funds. Same can be said if we decide to keep Chambers and sell Bielil and Elneny. But seeing how poor we are ,chambers will bring in more money , close to 25-30 mil if we sell right which we never really do. Elneny is neat and tidy but doesnt really show any ambition to even compete for the starting spot. He knows he is a rotational option and is happy with it. We cant have such players blocking the path of our hungry youth products. We can easily raise 10-12 mil off Elneny. Maybe use him in the deal for Zaha.

  41. Wasi

    And what us up with these Vazquez rumours. Perfect example of a journeyman . Never really made it at Real, was always a rotational option. Now with the signing of Rodrygo and Hazard he is not even that. Read reports we could pay as much as 30 mil for him. Joke. I wont take take him for anything more than 10 mil and 50 k/week . He is already 28 isnt really a good dribbler or a goal threat or a creative machine. He is just an average backup player imo. Dont want to see him anywhere near Arsenal..
    The way Raul is handling the signing of Tierney is ridiculous.20-25 for Tierney is actually a very fair price . Just get it done man. Someone just paid 50 mil for a similar kind of player with less experience. Just dont want to see us bottling here. LB is the priority and Tierney is a wonderful start ro fixing this porous backline.

  42. Mysticleaves

    “Incredibly hopeful/blinded fans sometimes because a player is young. League one to top 6 in the prem? Really?”

    This ridiculous metric that a player must play in premier League to guage his readiness.
    Cesc played in la masia academy and immediately moved to EPL,
    Bellerin played in championship and owned the rb spot,
    Guendozi came from ligue 2 and made 30+ EPL plays,
    Delle Alli came from league 1 and played in the EPL etc etc.

    It’s always about the quality, maturity and environment

  43. Mysticleaves

    Guendouzi is probably a better example but he didn’t really come through the ranks

    I think difference between Guendozi and say, Willock or our other better talented players is that he was given an environment to thrive. Trust too by the manager. That’s all Chambers, Nelson, Willock, Nketiah, Bieliek needs now. Maybe Mavropanos.

  44. Dissenter

    ““Incredibly hopeful/blinded fans sometimes because a player is young. League one to top 6 in the prem? Really?””

    Respectfully, this same metric can be used to disqualify the likes Tierney who plays in a league comparable with the championship and league one in quality.

  45. Dissenter

    I like Chambers too but we have to raise funds and he’s reportedly told the club to sell him iff he’s not going to get game time.

  46. Dissenter

    People forget that Guendouzi made that leap from Ligue 2 to the premier league last season. There’s no reason why Bielik shouldn’t get his chance too

  47. Ishola70

    What people like about Bielik in the long run he has to rein in a little bit.

    He’s aggressive, likes to get in on the action but he has to be more measured over time. If he doesn’t he becomes yet another indisciplined CB that costs his side too much.

    Yet to see what Guendouzi is going to offer either end of the pitch. He neither looks really good on the edge of the opposition area nor defending his own penalty area. It looks nice his passing in the central and him running around but he has to show more either or one end of the pitch otherwise he becomes just a nondesript passing CM.

  48. gunnermjj

    Fly Emirates & Visit Uganda & Rainbows.

    Ah, the UAE & Uganda, those famous pro-gay-rights nations!

    The club is a joke; no management, no vision, no talent, no accountability, no cash, and morally bankrupt.

  49. Marko

    Respectfully, this same metric can be used to disqualify the likes Tierney who plays in a league comparable with the championship and league one in quality.

    As bad as you think the Scottish league is it’s not comparable to league one. Oh and he’s played in the Champions League so there’s that. You’re adorable dissenter Mavropanos is overhyped while Bielik is good enough to solve two positions for us after a stint in league one? You’re consistent I’ll give you that

  50. Nelson

    Arg vs Chile. The game is back on. Chile just scored a penalty. 2 – 1 for Arg now.
    Both teams play with 10 men. Messi red carded.

  51. Ishola70

    This Erick Pulgar in the Argentina – Chile game just sprinted back from the centre circle to his own penalty box and intercepted an Argentinian cross which would have most certainly been a goal for Argentina with a player unmarked waiting for the cross.

    That’s the sort of player you want in this present Arsenal midfield.

    Only 12m.

    The club are not even trying to improve.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Lil problem of getting rid of dead weight xhara .

    Few big clubs sniffing around him a there is arsenal.

  53. Ishola70


    He’s only 12m though and coming from Bologna you would think his wage demands wouldn’t be that high.

    And he’s not a star player. Not a poster boy. But the sort of player Arsenal could do with in midfield atm.

  54. KAY Boss

    Few weeks to new season and yet no signing of note. Wenger might have been the problem, but I think the structures in the club is cancerous.
    Loving the goal scored by South Africa. Proper team goal. Elneny has played pretty well. What on brink of elimination.

  55. Dissenter

    I stated that Beilik will do as good a job [or a better] than Elneny
    Of course he won’t be a starter but I would rather have low wage Bielik providing coverage than Chambers who can be sold to raise money for key transfers.

  56. Nelson

    As I posted before, there will be no signing before Raul meets with Stan next week. The club will present the signing as if Stan is in charge.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    “Respectfully, this same metric can be used to disqualify the likes Tierney who plays in a league comparable with the championship and league one in quality.“

    Be respectful as you like, you’re wrong.

    Tierney plays in front of 60k (average home attendance last season: 57k) supporters every home match, is part of a side that isn’t allowed a bad performance (let alone defeat), is expected to win every domestic trophy available, and plays European football.

    He’s thrived under all that pressure, been the standout young player, elevated himself as a leader in that side, and performed very well against top sides he’s faced.

    Playing for a mid table league one side with an average home attendance of 11k is not remotely comparable. The Scots Premiership might be mince by European elite standards, but you’re talking as someone who patently hasn’t a clue here.

  58. Champagne Charlie

    Hold on, that’s a shit comparison.

    Guendouzi bossed Ligue 2 as an 18/19 year old, (enough for us to buy him under the noses of PSG) then just played a full season as a 19/20 year old for Arsenal.

    Bielik has just played a season in League one, at 21, and has been at Arsenal 4 years. If he was the answer to a question it would have been explored by now. He’s sub par.

  59. Marko

    I stated that Beilik will do as good a job [or a better] than Elneny

    And I quote “He’s definitely good enough and solves two problems easily.” So that’s I’m guessing DM and CB. I doubt you’ve actually seen him that much cause if you did you’d know that he isn’t a viable option for CB at all and frankly the confidence you have that he’d be better than Elneny is a stretch considering again the level of football that he’s used to.

  60. Marko

    Charlie is about as right as a person can be on Bielik. Do people not get that he’s been here years and he’s never made it past preseason. And yet one decent season in the third tier of English football and all of a sudden he’s a solution to not one but two problem positions?

  61. KAY Boss

    How long will this Tierney/Saliba deal drag on? Frustrating not have any player of worth linked to us especially in our achilles hills. Defence!!
    Money is the problem so they say.
    If we were to sign Ronaldo or Messi we may perhaps need a whole season to get a deal of it’s magnitude done.

  62. Marko

    Dissenter does it seem like I’m taking it personal? I’m really not. I couldn’t care less that you get menstrual at the mere mention of Mavropanos but at the same time get absolutely lost in the stars with regards to Bielik. It doesn’t bother me when you’re wrong

  63. Elmo

    Wtf. Chelsea gave Loftus-Cheek a 5 year £150k pw deal! What’s he ever done in terms of actual production? That’s an Arsenal style deal right there.

  64. Elmo

    Ander Herrera’s wages after Bosman to PSG: £300k pw! Getting these free agent deals wrong is becoming cripplingly expensive.

  65. Nelson

    @Davis Smith

    Copa America final is tomorrow. He might as well takes a short trip up to Colorado next week and participates in the meeting with Stan.

  66. Marko

    He scored 10 goals in 40 games last season. Which was basically his first chance in the Chelsea team. 120,000 isn’t too bad

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    No other way to put it
    We are in lumber

    Laughing stock cos of owner
    Laughing stock cos of previous manager

    Totally inadaquate squad

    Get a spine

    Don’t cut it.

    Sink or swim
    Spend or promote

    Leave or stay …

    Calls yours Stan

  68. Sid

    Such a brilliant statement from Beppe Marotta. Arsenal should copy paste this as a press release replacing the names with Ozil and Mustafi.

    “When building a project, you have to find the right profiles,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italia.

    “We had the opportunity to speak to the players themselves, with full respect for their contractual situations, but explained the position of the club, which I think is the most important thing.

    “Both players know full well they are not part of our plans. That doesn’t mean we doubt their talent or capabilities, as I consider them to be two excellent players.

    “Talent can win you games, but the squad wins you the league, which is the main objective we are setting out for. They are not part of our project, with all due respect.

    “It’s one thing to say Icardi is on the market, which we have already confirmed, but quite another to respect contractual obligations. There is an agreement in the contract that the player must be allowed to take part in training and we have no intention of denying him that right.

    “After that, the Coach is the one that will choose the line-up.”

  69. midvoc

    wtf are u guys all on about Beilik for?

    Where have you seen him play? How can this player help out a shitebag team?

    One player from the shadows won’t help this team – a lot of work needs to happen for this club to rise again.

    Beilik – holy shit :)))))

  70. Gonsterous

    Reports: Arsenal interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo’s good friend who wants to leave Real Madrid

    Lmao, why don’t they just write marcelo? Have to somehow relate the clicks to ronaldo I suppose. Weak journalism at it’s finest.

    In other news, zaha is just a slightly better oxlade chamberlain. 35 m should be offered. Tell Zaha if he really wants to come to arsenal, he needs to hand in a transfer request.

  71. Leedsgunner

    We have a Spanish head coach, and a Spain head of football.

    Guess which country just won the latest U21 European Championships?


    If we are cash strapped as we are led to believe why aren’t we exploiting Unai and Raul’s connections to snap up their brightest youngsters before they are ridiculously expensive?

    Arsenal has a strong record in bringing on Spanish youth players in Fabregas and Bellerin… use it!!!

  72. Leedsgunner

    As much as I like Zaha he is too expensive for his age. If we must spend big money on a winger I rather see £50m spent on someone like Mikael Oyarzabal, Real Sociedad’s excellent left winger… has the finishing that Iwobi lacks and is 22.

    He is very much Griezmann’s successor at that club.

    There’s of course Ousmane Dembele who might be available if Neymar returns to Barcelona…

  73. Receding Hairline

    If we listen to some peoples idea of squad building we will finish 14th or worse next season.

    Our U23 squad isn’t even the best in their age group get we want half of them starting in the first team. How many Charlton players have any of you asked we should buy? None because they play at a low level, Bielek isn’t solving anything easily next season, He isn’t even better than Chambers.

  74. Dissenter

    The problem is that we will never know until we give the likes of Beilik a chance.
    My point is I would rather have a low wage player like Bielik providing coverage for an established star than a higher wage player like Elneny or a more easily transferable player like Chambers.
    Chambers is worth at least 25 million in this market. Those funds ought to go get a good player who will be a starter.
    We need to free up funds to get good players like Zaha or Tierney who will start games. We can’t afford players with 25 million transfer values providing back ups.
    People made the same argument about Coquelin when he did well on loan at Charlton. He did well and was eventually sold for good profit. That’s the chance Beilik needs.

  75. Dissenter

    We have a situation where the 2-3 players competing for some positions in the team are all meh but too highly compensated.
    I would trade this with another flawed situation where we have one good player for every position and an aspiring younger player to provide coverage. That’s not perfect too but is far better. That’s the model that the likes of Spurs used for several seasons. They had a good staring 11 and then a plunge.
    It would be uneconomical in light of out current plight to have players like Chambers [with a good transfer value] provide the same back-up coverage that a Beilik can provide.
    Just my take of course.

  76. Dissenter

    ‘Herrera on £350,000 a week at PSG?Games gone Jeff’

    Nah…it’s PSG who have just been shafted in the behind with a palm tree.

  77. Leedsgunner

    Yannick Carrasco’s club has replaced their manager with Raphael Benitez. He most likely will be open to selling the Belgian to bring his own players in.

    Why not try for him again?

    Similar age to Zaha, proven international with personal terms already agreed.

    If Özil was open to it, we could even propose a swap?

    On transfermarkt Özil is valued just under £22.5m (?!?) and they clearly wouldn’t have a problem with his wages…

  78. Graham62

    Sorry, but we need to push the boat out for Zaha.

    Straight in the team. No integration. No giving him a season to adapt. No issues. Super player. Loves Arsenal. Lives near his Mum.

    Get him!

  79. Ishola70

    Napoli have now got two clubs that are willing to pay 15m – 20m for their LB apparently Mario Rui which are Torino and Benfica and is expected to be done within a week, After they get rid of hin a bid is then expected from them for Tierney,

  80. Gentlebris

    ‘Sorry, but we need to push the boat out for Zaha.’

    Boat already out, Graham, and Zaha sailing back with it.
    We are just hanging Palace on the rope to dry a bit.
    They have always known they have to sell at some stage, and now the player has spoken through his brother, they know the time is now…… Arsenal know too.

    Palace would be sufficiently stupid to think they could keep a player like Zaha against his wish, he is too rich in character for that.

    And the best bit about it….. the player chose us, and I can understand that.
    He has looked at us and knows he could come in and be a legend.

    So Zaha is at the door, just let Palace jump about some more and we will come in with a ‘grab your final decent chance’ bid…..£55m plus Mikki or £40m plus Nelson.

    Palace will grab with both hands, tears of joy running down their cheeks.

  81. vickingz

    What does elnehny offer which belik can’t? Please, what are elnehny’s positives as a player?

  82. InsideRight

    “I still find it interesting that the Premier League doesn’t have a single publicly acknowledged queer person… ”

    Why should it? A person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t define them and shouldn’t matter to anyone else. What is this obsession with pushing ‘Pride’ and some gay people grasping for attention purely on the basis of the sex they’re drawn to?

    I get bored to the back teeth with all this attention seeking and virtue signallying stupidit and people feeling that because of their orientation they have to strip off most of their clothes and march around with inflatable penises. Just treat everyone equally, with respect. It’s not rocket science.

  83. InsideRight

    Now, getting back to the footy… I was really worried about this transfer window before the season ended. As I feared, there seems to be no plan, no clear list of targets to add to augment a particular footballing ethos.

    If the journos are correct we are still sniffing around players with no resale value after their contracts would be expected to end. We are weak across the back line but there’s no apparent urgency to fix our biggest problem, beyond Tierney.

    Arsenal is looking like a car crash behind the scenes. We should have planned properly and have done our business to fix squad problems. It doesn’t look like we’ve even got started and mid July is just a week away.