#STANOUT – The protest that ROCKED the world

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I’ll fully accept that summer is going badly, what I can’t tolerate is the growing movement of absolute cucks following our great club.

Aaron Ramsey was a good player. Not a great.

I promise you, there was more concern at Arsenal about his lack of technical ability at 27 than there was from people begging that he land a £350k a week mega deal. Good player, not a great. To the death, he couldn’t judge when to move forward or stay back. Roy of the Rovers, great on paper, not great when you’re preserving a tactical advantage in a huge game.

Never was world class. Never will be world class.

Worth more than Ozil? Yes. But I have toe hair offering more value than Erdogan’s best pal.

Second port of call.


This deserves about as much press coverage as the guys rocking straight pride.

Stan owns Arsenal.

He’s not going anywhere. Reality is, he’s blown more money on us over the last 5 years than most clubs that have literally won the Champions League. Investment isn’t the issue. Spending money properly is.

Being ‘Stan Out’ is about as progressive as thinking sex is unequally distributed in society.

I want to say ignore the trolls. I want to say that starving them of oxygen will stop the trend of grown men acting out on Youtube. But I get it, we all need people to laugh at. We need the WWE of Arsenal thinkery. It keeps the internet interesting when Newsnow is so boring you want to mix it up by varnishing your nails with a Black and Decker power sander. So I will salute them, you should too. But remember, everyone will think you’re a right twat if you ape their info at an Incel meet & greet in Croydon.

Stick with LG. Semi-fact checked work with sauces more authentic than HP on a Westminster bacon roll. Also, I misspelt source for banter. The rest of the typos in this blog are also on purpoise.

Final rant.

Faux club patriotism. I can’t take it. Can we leave it at the door?

‘Arsene, you’re my manager’

‘Daddy W, I won’t tell if you don’t’

‘I’ll send you nudes, love zipper man’

It makes me want to partially heave out my lactose intolerant lower intestines, set them alight with Sambuca, whilst trying to sell Oat-milk to someone so fucking woke they think that Oats are sentient beings and you are actually being offensive with your non-dairy choice.

‘It’s basically meat juice if you think about it’

Only Arsenal fans could look at the current situation at the club and actually CELEBRATE tweets and Facebook posts that eulogise the clubs 10-year captor-in-chief because he was photographed buying elite non-dairy products in Waitrose. I am being honest right now… is this the WORST case of Stockholm Syndrome EVER? What’s going on with Arsenal fans? It’s like @ArsenalBarcaGoldenState1999 might not be that dedicated to the reality of the situation?

‘I miss my BOO big DADDY Wenger’

What. What. STOP.

Worse is the freakish love-in with Ozil. He’s not even perking up spreadsheets these days. The footballing equivalent of looking directly into Pripyat’s Reactor #4. You’re being told it’s safe by a naked Andrey Arshavin on a horse, the glow kind of looks pretty… but two hours later you’re vomiting blood in the Le Grove comments section. Yet still, fan after fan wants to inhale in the sweet, sweet clouds of blue snowy dust because it looked really fucking cool on a Youtube compilation edited by @ArsenalBarcaGoldenState1999.

‘Mesut Ozil did more for Arsenal than Paul Kagame did for Rwanda… and gave Arsenal £30m a year. No wait? He took £30m and didn’t work for… no wait. Have I fucked this up? Can we just get back onto the topic of equal distribution of sex in society?’

These terrible accounts aren’t even selling stuff.

No one is showcasing charcoal blackhead remover, which looks real cool imo.

No one is pushing diet pills and Giroud like six-pack dreams, which would also be lit fam because I’m a total fat bitch these days.

People running these awful accounts just get off making you feel good about awful players. It’s a gross perversion and if you know someone doing this, call the police and make a complaint BEFORE your Jack Russel gives you a look that tells you something bad happened when you left it alone with this Twitter monster.

‘Granit Xhaka gives you 90% pass completion rates because he cares about baby dolphins. You just sneer. Are you even human?’

OH MY. Stop. Make the perverts stop.

Sometimes I wonder if we need to sink Arsenal just to flush out the nonsense.

Anyway, just a late night rant just to get back on top of the morning game. Going to deeply regret this in the morning when I wake up and realise there’s an Incel INSURRECTION at my front door… jokes on them, I’ll hide in my bedroom behind my girlfriend, they’ll never enter.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the morning you absolute virgins. x


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  1. Champagne Charlie


    How’s the hangover mate? That post came from a bottle of gin….surely lol

    Nice Chernobyl reference, watched that recently too and it was excellent. The series that is, the event itself is a toss up.

  2. bennydevito

    Really pissed that Spurs got Jack Clarke for only £8.5m, what an absolute steal!

    We are so incompetent in the transfer market it’s fucking unbelievable.

    £40m for Zaha when we desperately need a left back and 1 if not 2 CBs?

    We’re a joke.

  3. Words on a Blog


    Pedro on the Gin?

    Nah, read more like he was tripping after he’d dropped a few too many tabs of acid.

  4. Gentlebris

    Best offer for Maguire in Spain would be £40m top.
    So Leicester wants north of £70m apparently.

    If Woodward pays even the £70m, he has done it again for manyooooo!

  5. WengerEagle

    We need at minimum x2 CM’s one being Ramsey’s replacement, x2 CB one being Mustafi’s replacement, x2 widemen one which looks like possibly being Brahimi on a free transfer, a LB which looks like Tierney and another CF as an understudy to Aubameyang if we do opt to sell Lacazette.

    I’m still not confident that we get that all done but I had no hope whatsoever only a week ago. Zaha, Brahimi and Tierney have all been concretely linked and the subject of bids/personal terms in Brahimi’s case.

    If we can bring those 3 players in and in addition add 2-3 more players for the spine, that would have been a decent haul and drastically improves us.

  6. Receding Hairline

    “Nobody, no matter how rich, wants to be mocked on a large scale by numerous people and at once!This is too simple I can’t believe any educated homo sapiens could be of the opinion that this is unachievable.Sing Kroenke and Josh songs in the ground, occupy the Twitter, stage weekly well covered protests in London, encourage others in Africa, Asia and other places to do same.

    All this effort just for shiny new players to watch on weekends?? When Arsenal FC win a few trophies what does that add to you personally?? You want worldwide protests to force a man to sell something he owns, where were the protests when he was acquiring it

  7. Cesc Appeal

    According to rumours both Zagadou and Diallo have told BvB they want to leave.

    Arsenal, get stuck in.

  8. KAY Boss

    I’m not surprised about the inflated market. It begun with Utd who bought Rio Ferdinand for £30m back then. It was the orchestra of things to come which was completely blown out by the Chelseas and Citys.
    Maguire for £70m? Zaha for £80m? Oh what a wow!!!
    People who have really got me bored and annoyed are the Celtic fans and now so called pundits.
    They(pundits) complain about the market being inflated but want average players in EPL especially to be sold for inflated prices. I will rather hope we buy beyond the boundaries of England.

  9. TBone

    Mesut Ozil is a complete and utter wanker. You’d think that having retired from international football, his commitment to his club team would improve. If anything it’s got worse. Total pisstaker leeching off the club. Emery should take every opportunity to publicly condemn his behaviour and humiliate him with a view to provoking a transfer request from the little prick.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting reading some people on Twitter who follow South American football claiming Martinelli might actually be a surprise package for Arsenal fans…a bit special apparently.

  11. Pierre

    “. Emery should take every opportunity to publicly condemn his behaviour and humiliate him with a view to provoking a transfer request from the little prick.”

    I think he tried that last season , and guess what , it didn’t work ….

    The problem was that he marginalised Ozil from the team just before Christmas and during that period we lost 7 out of 14 games, culminating in the Bate defeat, without Ozil starting any of those defeats .

    consequently he had to reinstate Ozil to the side to get the season back on track ….I’m pleased to say that this worked .

    Maybe it would be wiser for Emery to make the effort to get the best out of Ozil(don’t use him as a man marker in a cup final would be a good start), if it doesn’t work then the match going fans may turn on him, though I doubt it..

    Personally I think Emery should be using his time trying to address our defensive problems and make that a priority instead of wasting his time trying to score points over Ozil of which he will always come off second best .

  12. TBone


    ‘consequently he had to reinstate Ozil to the side to get the season back on track ….I’m pleased to say that this worked .’

    Yeah, it worked a treat. We utterly collapsed toward the end of the season, culminating in a humiliating 4-1 defeat in the Europa League final which featured Ozil strolling off the pitch like a sullen school boy. He’s a complete wanker. You know it. I know it.