Disasterclass summer. Do the numbers point to a rational explanation?

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Ok, ok… so is it time to start getting angry on Twitter?

Should I be at the Kroenke out protest?

Should I strap a camera to my face and VENT for the good people of Youtube?

I think it’s nearly that time.

We are a week away from preseason, we haven’t sold a notable flop, we haven’t purchased the 8 players I was SURE we’d bring in. I don’t even have a slick new haircut from Theo Walcott to excite me.

We’re basically rolling into preseason like this was peak-Wenger 2012.

I’m half expecting Emery to roll in with a French accent and say something like, ‘we look for maybe one special talent, but we will not pay over the odds.’

I still remember 2008 when Wenger told us he’d surprise us with a signing, then dropped Silvestre! Good times.

There’s certainly a disorder with Arsenal fans that we picked up from the halcyon days of ‘WENGER KNOWS’ and I call it retroactive intellectualism. It’s where you find sense in chaos. It’s a comfort blanket to project a plan where there is none.

I’m rolling with that today…

Raul must know that what he’s being served up under Emery is flatulent and unlikely to move us to where we need to be. I know from speaking to people in and around the club that things aren’t going well. I think our exec leadership will know this as well unless they aren’t talking to people. Which come to think of it isn’t beyond the pale… surely if someone walked down to the training ground and saw the bus driver giving the team speech, they’d say something?

I digress…

So, is it possible that we’re writing off this season as an inexpensive transition moment? We blood the kids, keep our powder dry and wait for the arrival of Edu to whom all responsibility for success will lie?

That could be the plan.

Alternatively, we could just be witnessing a botched attempt at a summer because we have zero leverage in the market. We have a severe cashflow issue, a bloated wage bill, expensive players no one wants, and too little money to bring in the players we do want.

The money side of things is utterly staggering. But it all comes down to so many people at the club being ok with coasting back in the day. We didn’t make hay when the Champions League was giving us a monster advantage. We let great managers pass us by. We were dominated by the presence of yesteryear. Now we are paying the price because we are starting from scratch.

That said, as I’m writing this, I feel very depressed. Arsenal has spent the last 15 years bemoaning what they DON’T have instead of working out how to make the most of what they DO have.

You work with the tools you are handed. You find an edge. You hire people that are cunning. You find market disruptors who find value under the rocks that no one is looking under. In my job, can I pay the best wages? No. Can I hire the greatest creative talent on earth? No. Do I moan? Yes. But I find a way because if I don’t, there’s no job for me. That’s the same in EVERY industry. Just fucking get on with it and find a way. There are enough talented players to go around. Technology is BOOMING. Incredible people are there for the taking. We need a driving force at the club that cares about one thing, and one thing only… making Arsenal the best they can be.

Who do we have doing that at the moment?

We’re competing in the second tier of experienced players by the looks of things. Carrasco, Zaha… instead of hunting out elite young players with a couple of seasons under their belts like BVB. To be fair, Tierney would fit that mould, but we should be bringing in 5 like that.

I felt like Sven Mislintat was our explorer. Someone that’d do things differently. Something that’d attempt to restructure the way we find advantages with talent. We’ve lost that hustle, and the worrying thing is it’s because Raul doesn’t believe in that approach.

We’re hunting for rebirths in a network of dodgy agents. I hate that. We’re trying to make a marquee signing of Wilfried Zaha. Good player, but really?

The industry of football is moving towards intelligence and we’re anchoring ourselves in the cigar smoke-filled world of the contacts game.

It. Is. Sad.

But hey, maybe we’ll sign Pepe today and I will come CRAWLING back on my hands and knees begging for your future clicks.

We’ll see. Hope is all we have. And each other. I love you guys.


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  1. Ishola70

    So the club want to do most of their transfer budget on a winger.

    This is a team that outscored the third and fourth placed teams season just gone, comfortably outscoring third place Chelsea.

    But is a team that is badly lagging behind the top four in regards to conceding goals.

    Let’s get the winger in over everything else.

    Only at Arsenal.

    We’ll score more goals than you, Arsenal! Arsenal”

    Such an immature outlook the club has.

    Unfortunately though the two biggest culprits for this team defensively are seen as regular first team players.

    Only at Arsenal.

  2. KAY Boss

    Just don’t get why some think £40m is derisory. Zaha is good but if we are likely to spend more than what we just bid, then I side with Marko, there are other better alternatives to be had at less than half the price. Ziyech, Felix comes to mind.
    It’s an opening bid and people must understand and should not expect is to go pay the the amount Palace need. Is it a release clause?

  3. TR7

    ‘there are other better alternatives to be had at less than half the price. Ziyech, Felix comes to mind.’

    May be Ziyech is not interested in joining Arsenal

  4. Dissenter

    In 2016, Ornstein was 92 million off the budget.
    We bid 92 million for Lemar after he stated the spending was over.

  5. Marko

    Venus Williams knocked out of Wimbledon by a 15 year old. She’s 39 but still that’s gotta sting

  6. Dissenter

    I really think Palace do not want to sell Zaha
    Their premier league status revolves around him. How else will they get those penalty kicks and free kicks they rely on?

  7. Ishola70


    “We bid 92 million for Lemar after he stated the spending was over.”

    Some are saying that was pure Jackanory now.

    Who says the bid went in at 92m? The player himself wasn’t it.

    I don’t remember his actual club saying anything. Just Lemar himself.

    Strange that.

  8. CG


    “””Question that needs answering

    Zaha just signed a new contract.

    Why did we not make an interest earlier.

    We can’t just have decided that Zaha is the one we want…”””

    exactly RSPCA ( my – you are an improving poster…)

    Why are we now bidding derisory amounts for Zaha?

    We should have been bidding on June 1st not July 1st

    Will be interesting to hear Simon Jordans thoughts!

    Like CG – he will always state The Truth!

  9. Dissenter

    Since when did 40 million become a derisory offer for Zaha?
    What is this world coming to?

    Zaha-mania is really unscrambling people’s judgment.

  10. Marko


    Asked if Arsenal had bid as much as €100m, Vasilyev said:

    “I don’t want to confirm the figures but it was about that. It was too late to make all the components work – to find a replacement; reach an agreement. It was just too late. But in the end I am very happy because we always wanted to keep Thomas.”

    Lemar also confirmed that it just happened too late and he wanted more time to consider it. In hindsight delighted it didn’t happen but it goes to show not only was there still money available that could have been spent that Arsene once again didn’t spend but it shows that Ornstein was wrong when he said that we had no money left.

  11. Champagne charlie

    “Zaha-mania is really unscrambling people’s judgment.”

    Bit rich coming from someone who likely couldn’t pick Zaha out in a 6-man lineup. You’d bring back benteke for 40mil

  12. CG

    Regardless of what he costs.
    Zaha will be a sensational signing though.

    He has an Edge – we have been lacking. We have had too many Nice Pretty Boys for too long. Too many crybabies ( See Torreira in Baku).

    He has lots of bottle and some spite. (note – he aint worried about the chaos he is stirring at Palace.)

    I would actually make him Captain, too!

    Up to the Clowns now- to sign him up.
    If needs be:

    Sell Torr The Myth
    Jettison Teirney

    Buy Zaha.

    Its a no brainer!

  13. Ishola70

    He’s a bullshitter and crook that Monaco vice -president.

    Besides Arsenal probably knew they were too late and put the bid in knowing the rulings lol.

    What is the take here then?

    Are peeps on here saying that Arsenal have another 100m up their sleeves this summer?

    mmm nice. Can’t wait to see it.

    Let’s hope Arsenal don’t bid too late for Zaha as well this summer like they did with Lemar.

    How unprofessional bidding too late for a player. Unprofessional and probably a bit snide as well.

    And we ended up with a freebie swap with the patsy Armenian.

    Such a long way from Lemar wasn’t it in terms of finance because as well as the big fee Lemar would have wanted a tasty enough salary to go with the transfer price as well.

  14. Samesong

    The players brother said he wants to move to Arsenal . Zaha himself wants to move to Arsenal. Palace can go on and on about big money but they will not get it. I definitely see this rumbling on.

    Why keep an unhappy player?

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Good evening,

    We need a left back : Tierney 25 million

    We need a Centreback: saliba payment delayed if going back on loan?
    Holding might be back the start of the season? (koz plays a few games until fit, maybe even bielik/chambers covering)

    We need a xhaka replacement
    (again maybe bielik/chambers.)
    With guendouzi pushed forwards?

    Ramsay replacement : Zaha 50 million?

    Ozil is going nowhere so hope for a better season.

    Nelson, Smith Rowe, willock will come into the squad.
    That’s 75 million spent, maybe we also get a left field transfer choice on a free?
    You might see more players come in but only if mustafi, xhaka, elneney, Miki, jenkinson or chambers are moved on.

    As long as mustafi and xhaka aren’t near the first team I don’t care.

  16. Ishola70

    There is no point bidding if it’s too late is there.

    It’s like you saying that you were going to buy a Rembrandt at auction but the boys had already packed up and gone home.

    Again what folks are implying on here is that Arsenal have a much bigger budget than the one advertised. Double in fact.

    Well let’s see it. Let’s see this money come out of the pocket.

    And no late bids this time please.

  17. Dissenter

    I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about picking Zaha out a line up.
    Talking to yourself in front of a mirror, are you?
    That’s one of the cardinal symptoms of Zaha-mania. Let’s spend all our transfer budget on one player. just because you like him.

  18. Champagne charlie


    Figure it out, you spent this morning thinking Brahimi played for Leicester previously before realising you were on about Slimani.

    We’ve got deals for Tierney and Saliba in the pipeline, so you’ll have to explain how that’s possible with “all our budget” on Zaha?

  19. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter you haven’t actually outlined what your issue with Zaha is. All this Ziyech talk seems to have interfered with the way people actually see Zaha, a bit of revisionism ongoing. If it’s age its a mere months between them. Yes Ziyech had a good season playing for a team flying high, Zaha equally had a good season saving a team from relegation. Don’t tell me Zaha won’t tear up the Eredivisie cos he will

  20. Marko

    Are peeps on here saying that Arsenal have another 100m up their sleeves this summer?

    What? Are you alright ishola it’s pretty easy to get a few summers ago David Ornstein said we had no money left and then we bid for Lemar. Both the player and Monaco confirmed the bid so the idea that we had no money isn’t true. So therefore Ornstein was wrong (which is important to note when he constantly brings up the 45 million budget) and Wenger left funds unspent (which is noteworthy when the argument is that he always spent when he had available).

  21. Dissenter

    I like Zaha a lot but he’s not worth anywhere near the fee being quoted.
    Our situation is already so dire that we can’t keep making these marquee signings that don’t really move the needle for us.
    We need to go back to the basics and start rebuilding our squad in a balanced manner. We need to start signing uber-talented youthful players with the half-decade in mind.
    Had Zaha been a 35 million no-drama signing, I would be all for it. Why do we have to give up the few transferable assets we have just for one player who’s stock in trade is drawing fouls.

  22. Dissenter

    “Zaha the new Mavraopanos for Dissenter.”

    How many times has anyone done an analysis that stated that Mavos is the key to the future of our defense? The answer is none, one even accounts for him when they talk about fixing the center of the defense.
    The lad was over-hyped by you all based on 1.5 competitive games, one of which was a dead rubber at OT. AMN dominated Pogba that same game yet no one is beating his drum.
    My Mavros comments were measured and pin-point accurate. I’m glad it stuck a pin in all those hot air balloons people were flying around.

  23. Up 4 grabs now

    Marko, I think there’s money but we’re playing poor so we don’t get fleeced by selling clubs.

    If we get Tierney and Zaha for 75 million. Then it’s all about moving on xhaka and mustafi and the rest of the deadwood. To raise more funds.

  24. Ishola70

    It would have been so more straightforward though wouldn’t it if Arsenal actually brought Lemar for this 90m and paid him a handsome salary to go along with it.

    But it didn’t happen did it.

    Token bid from Arsenal knowing it was too late or that Monaco would refuse at such a late stage?

    Not beyond the realms of possibility with the club and it’s spin doctoring in the past.

    You ask Ornstein now if he was wrong that summer and he would probably reply well no not really because Arsenal didn’t actually buy the player.

  25. Graham62


    The sceptic in me says that Arsenal bid £90m for Lemar knowing all too well that it would be way too late to get it through the system.

  26. Dissenter

    “Token bid from Arsenal knowing it was too late or that Monaco would refuse at such a late stage?

    Agreed that it was a token bid because there couldn’t have been enough time to do what would have been a british record transfer. These deals can be so complicated.

    That sad, we made that bid and had Monaco and the player been open to an expeditious process, we could have shelled out 92 million after Ornstein pronounced us done for the window.
    He didn’t see it coming because he reports after the fact. He certainly doesn’t have any ITK access to the new people in charge.

  27. Ishola70

    A token bid is just that.

    It means that you have no intention of actually going through and finalising it.

    This Ornstein says we are paupers.

    Let’s put in a token bid to Monaco to refute these claims from Ornstein.

  28. Gentlebris

    Zaha has personally identified Arsenal as his place of peak. He wants to come in and make a difference.
    ‘All I want is an opportunity and I will do the rest’
    Sheer confidence!

    Ok, let’s see Palace stop an already decided, determined Zaha.

    We could go to £50m or £60m, no more and we will do it.

    I don’t think we have to give them Chambers. Chambers could fetch good money on his own. Why should we when we have many difficult to shift pretenders that might interest them.

    Give them Mikki, he could do a job there anyway.
    No Prem team in their right mind would take Ozil, so it has to be Mikkihno!

  29. Jamie

    It’s not just the crazy money it would take to buy Zaha, he’s already on £130k a week at Palace. Another £200k a week player on our books? No thanks.

  30. Champagne charlie


    We’ve just flogged half a mil in wages, if Zaha is as desperate as is claimed to move to us he’ll sign circa 150-175.

    Auba and Laca are that ball park and above, paying it for players that actually perform to that level is no issue for Arsenal. Its the Ozil’s and Mkhi’s on that money and more delivering 40k a week levels.

  31. Marko

    You ask Ornstein now if he was wrong that summer and he would probably reply well no not really because Arsenal didn’t actually buy the player.

    He was totally wrong I don’t know what exactly it is you’re arguing but saying that we’ve got no money and then bidding for a player pisses all over the idea of no money. The skepic in you is saying that we knew full well that the bid would fail because it happened late fits in nicely with whatever point it is that you’re trying to make. I would say bidding 90 million for a player who left a year later for 57 million is the complete opposite of derisory. Seems to me a genuine attempt because it was so ridiculously expensive. This all happened the last few days not the last few hours of the window as well

  32. bennydevito

    Surfer X, now there’s a blast from the past. Been a long time dude.

    Ebening Grovers, good post Pedro.

    I’d be over the moon if we sign Zaha as I’ve wanted him here for a few years now and I can see him having exactly the same impact and raising his game with us as Ian Wright did.

    However, if we blow all our budget on Zaha without rectifying our obvious defensive deficiencies that will be gross mismangement and dereliction of duty in my opinion.

  33. Marko

    Let’s put in a token bid to Monaco to refute these claims from Ornstein.

    Yeah cause that’s how it works a clubs sole purpose is to get one over some journalist covering them. You’re starting to sound ridiculous. Player confirmed it and the club confirmed it but no Ornstein’s right we had no money we bid with Monopoly money

  34. Ishola70

    lol Marko the late bid doesn’t fit in nicely with any agendas.

    It actually happened and the player was not signed.

    Any agendas would be those indicating that Arsenal were actually serious in signing him.

    It’s called spin Marko.

  35. Ishola70


    Arsenal were big and still are on PR as they should be.

    It’s a bit naive to think the club are above pulling PR stunts. They are not.

  36. alexanderhenry


    Spot on post.
    The info from swissramble is sobering stuff.

    To quote you:

    ‘We need a driving force at the club that cares about one thing, and one thing only… making Arsenal the best they can be.’

    Yes, and why not the owner?
    If it’s not him than he has to appoint someone who does have that level of ruthlessness and drive, which amounts to the same thing really.

    Stan wants a hands free, easy ride from Arsenal fc, and that’s what he’s had- so far.

    However, if this TW ends up being as grim and non eventful as it’s looking right now, that will change.

  37. Marko

    Spin is it? 92 million for a player who went for less a year later. Confirmed by the club and player. Some spin that.

  38. Dissenter

    I think that 92 million bid for Lemar could also have been more amateurish than staged. We didn’t account for the fact that the player was scheduled to have his first cap for les blues that day and didn’t want to pull out to to the necessary pre-transfer procedures.
    I think the transfer system that window was wracked by a lot of infighting over the outward transfer of Alexis.

  39. Receding Hairline

    So no Ziyech then Dissenter cos they are practically age mates.

    No to 25 year old Ziyech either

    Only players who can play for a decade or we can sell for a fee

    Arsenal farm holdings I guess

  40. Marko

    It’s a bit naive to think the club are above pulling PR stunts. They are not.

    A 92 million PR stunt. That’s some risk

  41. Dissenter

    “Fekir is apparently available now for 27/ 28 million. Would be worth a punt!”

    I’m going to hearken to Valentine’s warning about Fekir. 🙂

    Something is amiss here
    Liverpool pull out because of injury concerns and now he’s available for less. Maybe if we had moved Ozil out he would be worth a punt.

  42. Dissenter

    If Ziyech is available for 30-35 million without drama and Palace insist on 60-70 million for Zaha.
    It would be suicidal malpractice for Arsenal not to go for Zyech, as much as I like Zaha. Sometimes one had to away from a bad deal.

    Ajax players have a good reputation of doing well in England.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Jenkinson of interest to Palace apparently, is he about to be of use to Arsenal for the first time in his career here?

  44. Gentlebris

    Nothing seems able to unite this place for just a day. There have been a general agreement for some time now that we needed an elite winger. And now that we are dropping money on the best winger in the league, some still find space to wail.

  45. Up 4 grabs now


    Marc overmars knee was apparently bad, but wasn’t to shabby for us.
    Also kanu and his heart problem was meant to be an issue.

    I could be wrong but didn’t the bindippers already have Salah, mane and firmino. And then went and got shakiri for 40 million less than the fekir fee?

    If they just wanted a back up it was cheaper going with shakiri.

  46. Gentlebris

    ‘Ajax players have a good reputation of doing well in England.’

    Everyone of them, Depay inclusive.

  47. Jamie

    CC –

    I hear you, but I have the fear that Zaha doesn’t put up match-winning performances on the regular. For £70m and £175k a week, he won’t have any resale value in 2 years. Whatever, I’ll take him. We desperately need a winger.

    Gentlebris –

    “And now that we are dropping money on the best winger in the league”

    Better than Sterling? No chance.

  48. Marko

    Dissenter bringing up Valentin to make a point. Wow. Apparently the only reason he’s not playing for Liverpool is not so much about a lingering knee issue but because Liverpool tried to use the knee issue to knock a few million off the price and Aulas baulked because well he’s a bit of a loon and you don’t mess about with him. It’s very likely that he still ends up there.

  49. MidwestGun

    Jenkinson of interest to Palace apparently, is he about to be of use to Arsenal for the first time in his career here?
    Hahhaha Come on you don’t remember that one time he scored a goal against Norwich or some such… like 5 years ago.

  50. Marko

    And now that we are dropping money on the best winger in the league, some still find space to wail.

    We signing Mane?

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Literally will never say another bad word about him if he helps us land Zaha.

    £40 Million with add ons and give them Chambers and Jenkinson.

  52. Up 4 grabs now

    Palace need a right back since they sold to utd.
    Corporal Jenkinson step forward your club need you.
    That’s 5 million just another 55 million plus to go.

  53. WengerEagle

    Brahimi on a free would be a very smart pick up, he was on my free agent wishlist.

    We need two widemen brought in so him and Zaha would improve us fairly dramatically in this respect.

    That is if we can successfully bully them into selling Zaha mind. 40m won’t come close without him personally kicking up a shitstorm.

  54. MidwestGun

    At this point we just need to finalize a deal.. it’s giving me Wenger Ptsd and I’m not enjoying it. And reading that Swiss Ramble thing didn’t make it any better.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Many thanks cg

    Not an ounce of patronising ….lol

    We all know that the club signing Zaha will see laca or pea sold.

    There are no other jewels in the crown to sell.

    So unless this is a gift buy from Walmart’s finest I can’t see it working out well.

    Zaha pea laca
    Would on paper be lethal.

    It may inspire ozil….
    Ok I’ve overstepped the mark.

  56. andy1886

    Funny how some people think that Zaha is only worth £40m or so when we splashed out £35m each on both Xhaka and Mustafi even before transfer fees really exploded. Palace aren’t stupid, they know we’re terrible at this player trading business. Hope this doesn’t derail the Tierney bid though, we need a decent LB (amongst several other things).

  57. Marko

    The brother’s publicly talking about promises being made that they’d let him go so it’s already begun. The problem is that kicking up a fuss could take the whole window and even then it’s not a guarantee that they’d sell

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mark with an o

    If he plays up … they will close talks straight away, they hold the cards
    He has 4 years leftovers contract.

    I doubt it will happen.

  59. Gentlebris

    ‘Better than Sterling? No chance.’


    Imagine for a moment: Sterling at Palace, Zaha at City.

    Would Sterling still be better?

    I don’t think so.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    I know what you mean.

    It does seem like Sanllehi is up to his old tricks though.

    The only way we have a real chance of getting Zaha for a reasonable price is if he basically tells Palace sell me or I’m coasting all season.

    Like WE said though, if we can sign Zaha and bring Brahimi in on a free along with Tierney at LB we’ve absolutely addressed an area of total weakness from last year. The difference in tempo in the side and threat will be unimaginable.

    Once Bellerin returns the flanks will go from being devoid of anything to our most threatening aspect.

  61. Gentlebris

    I’m too excited about Zaha to join any other discussion at the moment, but if you think Arsenal under Wenger actually suddenly put £92m on a one season ligue 1 wonder, then you would have horses dropping shits near your pillow while you keep on watching TV unaware. Not your fault, you just do not have the kind of nose that smell shits.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Rumours that Zaha will not return to training.

    Also some rumours coming out that Lacazette is the subject of interest from a side in Spain and that Arsenal will meet with his representatives tomorrow.

    Absolutely the right move if selling Lacazette lands us a couple of wingers or a winger and a full back.

  63. Ishola70


    “Have seen nothing about Lacazette out?”

    Arsenic the go to man on twitter has been all over it last half an hour.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Selling Lacazette is fine as long as we don’t get mugged off. I would look for minimum £60 Million in this market.

  65. MidwestGun

    Oh yeah I get it… add in a CM who isn’t slow and useless. And it could be a good summer still.. just need something to kick off so I don’t feel like a Vietnam war vet waking up in the middle of the night… in a cold sweat imagining the same squad as last year for the most part.

  66. Cesc Appeal



    You can’t blame Arsenal fans, well the ones that have always been critical.

    Tonight feels like things are kicking off.

  67. Marko

    Who’s the bid from? Got to be Atletico right. Makes sense you either spend the 50 million to keep Morata or you go for Lacazette which is far smarter

  68. WengerEagle

    Yeah would be pretty sickening to sell off Laca who is literally a top 2 player for us, makes sense unfortunately given in Auba we already have a golden boot contending CF and we’re incredibly weak basically everywhere else.

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Laca should be kept…

    Surely it’s time we had a cash injection or a gift from the Krankies

    If Zaha 80m then so is laca.

  70. WengerEagle

    Can’t be Atletico surely, how many CF’s can they sign?

    Already have Costa, looks like Morata move will be made permanent and they’re signing Felix who is a Griezmann replacement.

  71. Ishola70

    Just shows that indeed no clubs are interested to buy the clowns that we need desperately to get rid of.

    Instead of course they go for the better players which are few.

    The question would be now who will they buy as back-up to Aubameyang?

    I’m not sure Nketiah can be relied upon this early or that young Brazilian that was touted.

  72. MidwestGun

    Man… I really don’t want to sell Lacazette to finance everything.. he seemed like the only one who gives a crap at times. Plus now you have to replace his goals and hope Auba stays healthy. But yeah I get it.. said already .. everyone is for sale for the right price. Except maybe Leno… cuz I don’t want to go through the Keeper search again.

  73. Gentlebris

    I just went to see that Swiss ramble analysis.

    A man who led others to commit a crime against Arsenal has no right to continue at the club.

    KROENKE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Paulinho

    Losing Laca would be a blow. I was just thinking having Zaha in the side would improve his performances away from home because we would play higher up the pitch with Zaha’s ball carrying and that would create ‘home’ conditions for Laca. When Laca gets isolated in away games he hasn’t got the athleticism to deal with the disconnect from midfield.

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    Don’t know much of other one…

    Question do you think Zaha will be one of the most affected players with the Introdction of var.

    We have slagged him off in here for his diving.

  76. WengerEagle


    No players are unsellable barring Ozil.

    I’m impressed by our movements in the last week, didn’t see this coming at all. Club seem to recognise we need as many new faces as possible.

    Our spine is still total shit so hoping behind the scenes we’re looking to address this to some degree.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is Lacazette got 13 goals and 8 assists last season playing for Arsenal as an ST with an outstanding partner, Zaha got 10 goals and 5 assist playing for Palace as a winger and he’s 2 years younger and he could contribute to a more balanced side which could lead to more goals for others as well.

    If selling Lacazette brings us Zaha and something else as well I think it makes complete sense.

    Not a comment on Lacazette who I like as a player and I’m sure he will thrive wherever he goes.

    One of them had to go.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The bro Mance lacs an pea have could affect the one who stays…
    It affected ozil when flamini left..

  79. Ishola70

    At least this one in one out can still leave room to get rid of at least one underperforming player or clown.

    Really the club need to make a statement in binning at least one of them.

    Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, Mhiki.

    At least one of those four has to be binned to make a statement to the fans that this club wants to move on in the right direction.

  80. Marko

    Lots of good young CF’s about Ishola.

    Very true. Probably why we were linked with Chalov and Enyeser or whatever his name was. Would love that Mateta guy but think he might have signed a new deal with Mainz

  81. Pierre

    Although probably everyone will disagree with me , I would use our budget on Nzonzi and Tyrone Mings , I would sell xhaka, Mustafi and iwobi to finance the signing of Zaha.

    All 3 know the prem , all 3 would settle in straight away and all 3 are good footballers who have height , power and strength and would give the team a bit of backbone..

  82. Gentlebris

    Laca goes no where.

    How many Arsenal players are in that commercial?

    Auba, Laca, Kola, Iwobi, Guen.

    Decisions are clear on those, they stay. Ozil because he can’t be shifted.

    Laca rumours are out because some smart ass begins to figure out how we are going to finance Zaha.

    It makes Zero sense to sell Laca to finance Zaha, at best, it leaves us at the same spot.

    You really think Raul would dry up one of our two major sources of goals?
    How does that get us to the CL fast?

    Zaha Auba Laca……I can see CL.

  83. WengerEagle


    Zaha will instantly improve us, massive upgrade on Iwobi which tbf wouldn’t be hard.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole if Palace held firm on wanting a figure closer to 80m. You can and should be getting a better player for that kind of spend.

    40-50m would represent value imo, whether they go for that is a different story. I’d be inclined to think they won’t unless he acts the cunt and pulls the whole scorched earth sabotage act that will have their fanbase despise him.

  84. Ishola70

    Even binning Mhiki even though he is not really a nailed on first teamer is making some sort of statement.

    If all those four players are still knocking around the club this coming season it ain’t good enough.

  85. Marko

    It affected ozil when flamini left..

    It did like fuck. He started to suck ass long before him and Flamini were even an item

  86. andy1886

    I wouldn’t want to sell Laca but if the buyer agrees to take Ozil in a buy one get one free deal I’d go for it….

  87. Ishola70


    What do you think of this Chilean holding midfielder Erick Pulgar?

    He’s a bit of a late bloomer.

    I know it’s not that difficult but he looks an upgrade on Xhaka and his sale price is very affordable.

    Decent on the ball with passing range but unlike Xhaka defensively responsible.

  88. KAY Boss

    Why do we have to sell Laca or Auba? Heaven knows how long it took us to get two quality strikers and we’re contemplating on selling one to buy a winger? I’m nor sold on this. Others may prefer it but rather sell the dross we have before touching any of our assets. Do we still have debt to pay? Ironically no one seems to be interested in the dross. Laca I think will be here next season.

  89. Marko

    Using the launch video for a new jersey as an indication that a player will definitely be staying is silly. It’s literally the launch video it loses relevance a couple weeks of the jerseys going on sale. I seem to remember Van Persie plastered all over the shop in the new jersey the summer we sold him to United

  90. CG

    If Arsenal buy Zaha
    We will have the most influential player in the Prem.Bar none.
    (Maybe not the most refined or skilful)

    If he costs £ 65 million, £75 million or £85 million. Its money well spent.
    He will be worth every penny.

    With his genetics and tattoos.
    He can be our Ronaldo.
    He will play until his mid 30’s, easily.
    We will get 6-8 years of service out him.

    PEA/LACA/ZAHA – will give opposition defenders more hernias than what our young Tierney lad has had.

    £65 000 000 million ( cash should seal the deal

    Ka-ching Time ,Stan..
    (Get that Am Ex card out!)

  91. KAY Boss

    If in the unlikely event we sell Laca, I will prefer Wissam Ben-Yedder to replace him. Or Mauro Icardi. Yh, he comes with a lot of controversies but he’s is good on the pitch and that’s what mostly fans care about. On the pitch business!!!!

  92. Gentlebris

    I mean, wouldn’t it be brilliant to sell Laca and when Auba gets injured we play Nketia….. very brilliant.

    And it’s also brilliant that we sell the younger striker and keep the older one…. very brilliant.

    It’s so easy to go through some nicely done steak, release a soft belch and rant your lung off about how Gazidis was incompetent and Raul is a fool.
    The kind of job some on here would do in their shoes should be amazing judging from the conclusions here.

  93. WengerEagle


    Haven’t seen him for Bologna but he’s looked good in this Copa for Chile, good all-rounder and far more comfortable with the ball at his feet than Xhaka.

    Doing the rounds that he has €12 million release clause, bit of a no-brainer if that’s the case.

  94. WengerEagle


    Ideally we’d hold onto Lacazette but what sense does it make having a world class CF on the bench/shunted into a 4-4-2 and no quality widemen?

    2 CM’s with just Xhaka and Toreirra would be absolutely shite.

  95. Marko

    6 goals and two assists while apparently doing a good job defensively for Bologna. Guy is apparently legit.

  96. RGG

    Arsenal fans need to unite with the common purpose of getting rid of the Kronke’s. Maybe this is something that can bring the most divided fan base in football together. Even after Wenger, the arguments roll on…..

    As long as the Kronke’s own our club we are fucked. Unlike Wenger…they have not brought us glory in the past, so there should be no conflict. The fans, united for once, against the owners…..it won’t be pleasant and our club will regress in the short term but we’re going backwards anyway, and with the Kronke’s we know it will be long term. We have been in decline ever since they got control.

  97. Gentlebris

    ‘Ideally we’d hold onto Lacazette but what sense does it make having a world class CF on the bench/shunted into a 4-4-2 and no quality widemen?’


    We are getting one of the most complete widemen in the world……ZAHA.

    And we will not make such a good move unreasonable by drying up, potentially, a third of our goals for the incoming campaign.

    Raul has problems to solve but unless he’s a complete idiot, he will look to solve them without creating new ones. And no complete idiot rises to the top.

  98. WengerEagle


    What does the XI look like then in that scenario?

    No chance Laca, Auba and Zaha are all starting together. One of Laca/Auba would sit on the bench.

  99. Leedsgunner

    As much as I would love Zaha at the club, the “breaking news” story has a feel of Özil about it.

    Remember 2013 when Özil was signed, Wenger dithered and slithered all summer? Until Özil came in with a thud, all Wenger had signed was Sanogo and Flamini both on frees. As soon as Mesut was signed everybody lost their heads and forgot that Wenger had made a complete hash of the transfer window again in not addressing the need for a CDM and a ST.

    With our defence in its present state, we need the next VVD more than we need Zaha.

  100. Marko

    Gentle you do realize how stupid it is to not have any proper widemen or proper Defenders or fullbacks or at least one world class midfielder and yet have two 50 million strikers. It’s a bit stupid honestly. It’s also a bit silly getting so hung up on a player whose best return is 13 league goals

  101. Ishola70

    Il Gazzetta dello Sport quoted as reporting that Arsenal have interest in this Chilean midfielder Pulgar along with the two Milan clubs, Napoli, Roma and Sevilla.

  102. bennydevito

    I don’t think Laca will be sold, he’s the main guy showcasing the new shirt on today’s kit launch on the dot com.

    My cynical conspiracy theory spidey sense is tingling that this could be a stunt to shift more shirts on behalf of Adidas. Really can’t see Palace selling Zaha for £40m, has this bid even been confirmed by any official sources?

  103. Gentlebris

    ‘No chance Laca, Auba and Zaha are all starting together. One of Laca/Auba would sit on the bench.’

    Why Eagle, they start together!

    It was mostly:

    Iwobi Laca Auba


    Zaha Auba Laca.

    Iwobi sits down is the only thing that will change.

    So the line up:

    Zaha Laca
    Guen? Torreira
    Tierney Holding Socrat Bellerin

  104. WengerEagle

    Yeah and we had a horrible disconnect from midfield to our forwards all season, it wasn’t exactly a successful blueprint.

    In that formation Lacazette is playing as a RM. He’s an out and out CF.

    Guen and Toreirra would get blitzed by any CM in the top 10.

  105. Mr Serge

    If you play auba Lacs and zaha you would need two holders in cm so we would need to buy a proper holder who can play ball alongside Torr geundouzi won’t cut it there

  106. Mr Serge

    You could paly those three if you had Gilberto Vieira and parlour in midfield shame it’s not 2004

  107. Gentlebris

    ‘Gentle you do realize how stupid it is to not have any proper widemen or proper Defenders or fullbacks or at least one world class midfielder and yet have two 50 million strikers. It’s a bit stupid honestly. It’s also a bit silly getting so hung up on a player whose best return is 13 league goals’

    You don’t solve all the problems in one window, and whichever one you solve first, you don’t create another problem while solving it.

    13 league goals Marko, 13 league goals!

    How many goals did Lukaku score? How many goals did Firmino score?
    Despite being subbed or shifted to the wings on many occasions, guy banged in 13 and you talked about him like that?!

    I don’t understand your football,Sir.

  108. Gentlebris

    ‘Gentlebris that’s only ten players mate’

    Forgive me, Sir. Have not been this excited in decades.

    No 10 is missing. Ozil?

  109. Gentlebris

    ‘Yeah and we had a horrible disconnect from midfield to our forwards all season, it wasn’t exactly a successful blueprint.’

    That horrible disconnect took us to EL final wiping the floor with Napoli and Valencia in the process. Plus we only narrowly missed 4th in the league.

    Give me the same set up plus Zaha minus Xhaka and Mustafi…..CL here we come!

  110. Gentlebris

    Mr Serge, I’m desperate for Ozil to go too. But someone said something here today that got me thinking ….he said having Zaha Auba and Laca in front could inspire Ozil.
    Maybe not, but I don’t think we can shift him regardless….the commercial points to it already.

    But Mikki? Noooooooo!!!!

    Willock over Mikki everyday of the year.

  111. Cesc Appeal

    Jarrod Bowen is the latest name linked to us.

    He’s scored 22 goals and has 4 assists in the Championship this season. Pretty impressive at 22.

    Just seeing this after the Lacazette links, could be nothing, could equally be a player seen as bringing goals to the team to offset any loss from Lacazette, or rather to add goals from the bench as I think Zaha could match Lacazette’s goals from out wide.

    Also links to Pulgar who has a £10 Million release clause.

  112. Words on a Blog

    Ok so for the sake of argument, and because it’s been reported by various reputable sources, let’s accept that Arsenal has “submitted an opening bid of £40m for Zaha”. Also Zaha’s brother is now going public with Zaha’s love of Arsenal football and desire to play European football (likely to be away to be FC Qarabag and The Mighty BATE Borisiv but it takes all sorts.)

    What does that tell us?

    1) Any eventual successful bid for Zaha will end up costing more than £40m

    2) The £40m “transfer kitty” was Pathetic Poverty Porn Propaganda, put in place in order to persuade sellers to keep their expectations low when considering selling players to Arsenal – that particular ineffective fig-leaf has been shunted aside.

    3) Notwithstanding lack of announced transfers to date and co are actually looking to take financial risk (i.e. drawing down on our £100m+ in cash on the balance sheet) by being active in the transfer market