The Zaha smokescreen?

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… so… to cut a long story short… THEY DIDN’T EVEN WANT HIM!

*the bar roars with laughter*

So funny, right? Milan didn’t even want Lucas Torreira.

What a charade.

Well, at least that’s one boring story laid to rest.

The Tierney rumours appear to be ramping up again, the deal looking like it’ll go through for £25m when all the add-ons and bonuses are stacked up.

That’ll be a great piece of transferring if he can stay fit. Having a rapid outlet to make the overlap will be beneficial, it’ll also be nice if he can defend as well.

… also, Jenks going the other way? Incredible biz if it happens. I appreciate the guy likes earning good cash money, but when do you start looking out for your career? When do you demand to play on the regular? When do you decide you want to be an icon in Scotland?

Now Jenks. Go, be free.

The Zaha stories are totally mental, Palace apparently has a £100m release clause in his contract. As an agent, when you’re sitting there with a broken player a few years ago, and Steve Parish asks to put that clause in your deal… how do you let that slide?

No one is going to £100m. No one is paying £80m for him. That would be an absurd amount of money to drop on someone that is 27 and yet to be proven at the highest level. I think all the bluster is because they ARE going to sell him, and obviously want to create the impression he’s way better than he is… a bit like putting Ferrari badges and a clip-on-bad-boy exhaust on your Ford KA back in the day. But I think I’d be a touch horrified if we dropped that much of a non-existent budget on him. It doesn’t feel clever, it doesn’t feel long-term and it doesn’t look anything like value.

I was hoping we’d be looking at making smarter buys. It is absolutely no coincidence we’re now being linked with Malcolm of Barcelona. We were in for him when the choice was him or Auba, Raul is apparently a huge fan of Malcolm, and the player kind of fits the bill. He’s a talent, he’s found himself on the outside at Barca, and Raul probably smokes cigars with his agent.

Would make sense as well… because he’d cost less and likely has a higher ceiling, more career longevity and Brazilians are way cool.

Right, that’s me done.

Happy Pride Day everyone! 🌈🌈🌈


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  1. Leedsgunner


    I hope you’re right and Kronke resists the temptation to take money out of Arsenal to fund his other sporting ventures in his portfolio.

    I was just posing the question of whether it could be possible… and it seems to have been misunderstood to have mean that he will… no one knows… considering Arsenal is fully private now we are less able to hold them to account.

    Wishing you the best.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Cahill, Brahimi… Arsenal’s latest transfer targets remind me of how Bolton used to conduct themselves in the transfer window when they were in the EPL.

    Glad we are making the most of a modern stadium like the Emirates.


  3. CG

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    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    Did you exchange
    A walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?
    How I wish, how I wish you were here
    We’re just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl
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    Wish you were here

    (I off course thank PedRo for his post,)

  4. Mysticleaves

    Spurs getting Ndombele for 72m? Lmao. They can have him for all I care. If arsenal spent that on him I would be mad. Not remotely worth that. Max 40m

    Sangaree seems same kind of player for about 20m. AMN will get to that level if trusted like Ndombele has been by his club

  5. Graham62


    Sad isn’t it.

    Let’s be honest, all transfer fees these days are mad.

    Not as mad though as our own financial management over the past decade or so.

  6. China1

    I can’t agree about AMN

    He’s a 6.5/10 player now. If he can be a 7.5/10 that would be nice.

    He’s not a major talent based on the evidence we’ve seen.

  7. Gentlebris

    Spuds wanna taste the big buy for a change, they see it works at Liverpool. Who shall tell them it doesn’t always work. Manchester United?

  8. Gentlebris

    The Poch ranting off couple of days ago about how he has no final say on transfers, how Levy asks his opinions and just that.
    Smart ass guy. Saying that now that his club splashed their first liquid diamond on a player. Seems to mean he wouldn’t take the blame if things go the United way.

  9. Gentlebris

    Untold would go on about how Arsenal are linked to players unreasonably each summer. I, of course, would look at them like one looks at pathetic old men. Because why mention the obvious? Summers are about endless rumours of transfer activities everywhere, not just at The Arsenal.
    But this summer, I feel it has gone to a much higher level that the obvious needs to be mentioned.

    The story about those Sampdoria two was so ‘real’ I bought it, then the Torreira back to serie A story was as strong as they come. Now Saliba, Zaha and the Celtics kid. Wouldn’t be too shocked if those were just stories too.

  10. Gentlebris

    ‘I’d expect that most of AMMs career will be spent at teams like west ham and worse’

    How do you come to that conclusion about a kid who is being used blatantly out of position?

  11. HighburyLegend

    Zaha wants to join Arsenal.
    He had posters of Arsenal in his bedroom as a teen.
    Just like a certain Robin … (lol/too soon for a monday morning ??)

  12. Pierre

    I look at Carl Jenkinson as the modern day Gus Caesar in that he must have fooled many experienced professional people in football ( as Caesar did) into believing that he was one of the best full backs in the country.

    Caesar played for the England under 21’s as did Jenkinson who even has one full England cap .

    How can this happen , Caesar and Jenkinson fooled George Graham and Arsene Wenger and their respective international managers at the time……I would also put Martin Hayes and Sanogo into the same bracket ….what did George Graham and Arsene Wenger ever see in these players.

    These players careers nosedived when they left Arsenal for the simple reason that they are/were not good enough.

  13. Danialtos

    Wait….so gazidis earned 22m pounds for the 10year decline he precided over at Arsenal Football club….Swiss ramble has posted a painful(to read)thread on Twitter… especially the part on Tottenham closing the revenue gap to 10m

  14. HighburyLegend

    “Alex Iwobi says Arsenal’s priority must be to qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the top four next season.”

    And your priority Alex, is to learn the right things to do with the ball…

  15. Pierre

    Arsenal transfer rumours no different to any other year …..before ,it was either Vieira,Henry ,Fabregas ,RVP or Sanchez leaving every season , now it’s Torreira which in itself shows how the quality of our players have taken a turn for the worse.

  16. terraloon

    The Swiss Rambler review of Arsenal’s finance available on twitter is a must read for anyone that thinks there is a pot of gold just waiting to be spent on incomings.

  17. Ishola70

    How has Erick Pulgar the holding midfielder been getting on at Copa America for Chile?

    People beginning to take notice of him.

    He is decent enough on the ball but looks defensively more responsible than any midfielders Arsenal have at present and apparently has a release clause of 12m at Bologna.

  18. Lari03

    Swiss releases a spoiler alert.

    I think it implicates Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke.

    Financially we began floundering post 2013. FA cup successes, depending on bad players, stagnating player sales, heavy defeats in Europe, and worst of all, allowing Spurs to best us, because we stood still while making the worst decisions.

    We should sue Gazidis for incompetence and mismanagement, though it would never happen.

  19. Pierre

    Have to say , the Adidas video is quality , it captures the real Arsenal .

    The fans who grew up going to The Arsenal as kids with their mates ,up the North Bank , travelling away to FA cup ties were always the best days , the video gives a good positive vibe , something that many on le Grove will never understand….the feeling of match days at Highbury or the Emirates every other week.

    I read all the negative crap on here from the likes of Marko, Receding, Cesc Appeal, dissenter and the rest and I feel a little sorry for them as they have not experienced what it’s like to REALLY support The Arsenal ..

    The Video is an excellent piece of work from people who obviously know their subject, though I’m sure it will be frowned upon by the usual subjects on Le Grove who’s understanding of what it means to SUPPORT the team is very limited.

  20. Dissenter

    The best part of the Swiss ramble twitter fest
    ‘\”Former chief executive Ivan Gazidis somehow received a cool £2.7m remuneration, even though #AFC failed to qualify for the Champions League, all revenue streams fell and wages spiraled out of control. For some context, he “earned” twice as much as his counterpart at #LFC (£1.3m)”

    See how fukked we were?
    Gazidis still earning massive bonuses when the club was in the ditch!
    That’s why the Kroenkes need to be jeered every time they show up.

  21. Dissenter

    Good morning , how ya doing
    Yacine Brahimi makes sense to take the Welbeck role. He’s a much better player that Welbeck.

  22. Dissenter

    Oh shit it already. It’s only July 1st and you’re stuck in your own stinky puddle already.
    You’re more of a Wenger-bot than a proper gooner.

  23. Danialtos

    MarkoJune 30, 2019 20:12:05
    I mean I particularly mentioned Olmo because he plays for Zagreb for some reason. Could be a very decent pick up

    Also interesting story behind him….took a step back and went to Croatia while he could have just chosen to rot at the Barca bench or espanyol…he has now come back stronger.There is a certain Chile cm/cdm by the name pulgar I have been watching him for a while and he is so good maan.Rarely makes a mistake and can pass..he is also tough as nails and has a good tackle.He also has good tatts too

  24. Dissenter

    Zaha shouldn’t have signed the silly deal he did with Palace.
    I’m happy for is to use Xaha as a smoke screen while we go sign the players that make sense for us.
    For £80 million we can sign three solid players.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    That is Kroenke’s failing, no interest in having his own neutral person at Arsenal for years. He put Kroenke Jr in when it was already too late.

    How a smart billionaire businessmen could have allowed an geriatric incompetent and a bald headed charlatan to do what they’ve done to this club is beyond me.

    The more Arsenal fans who see that article the angrier they will get.

    Put’s all criticism of Sanllehi etc into perspective.

    They are dealing with a club that has been negligently mishandled by two buffoons who didn’t have a fucking clue what they were doing.

    This isn’t so much turning a ship around as it trying to save the ship that is half sunk and get the engines going again.

    For shame on Kroenke and all the fans like him who just backed that pile of shit regime for 6 years. Always said it was Wenger first and club second to them, the evidence now just keeps pouring.

  26. Dissenter

    First we have to ditch Elneny, don’t we?
    Then we have to decide if Beilik hasn’t done enough yet. I think he has done enough to take the place of Elneny – doesn’t matter if we get only 5 million for Elneny.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “I read all the negative crap on here from the likes of Marko, Receding, Cesc Appeal, dissenter and the rest and I feel a little sorry for them as they have not experienced what it’s like to REALLY support The Arsenal ..”

    I feel sorry for you too when i read your love letters to Ozil Pierre

  28. David Smith

    Agree CA, just baffled how stan just sat by and let his club be run down, we could all see it, surely he has his independant advisors rather than relying on gazidis and wenger?
    This club will amount to very little in terms of on field success as long as he remains

  29. Dissenter

    It also brings the gooners who were expecting a routine turn-around into focus.
    There are many clowns here who thought all we needed was the most debonair and camera friendly hot shot manager with special sauce to turn it around.
    It’s like some didn’t see the extent of our decay.

    They deliberately understate the extent of our decay to mitigate Wenger central role and to make it easier to attack the new people.

    My comments aren’t intended to absolve Emery of any blame since he made errors that contributed to the collapse at the end of the season.

  30. Receding Hairline

    “Yacine Brahimi makes sense to take the Welbeck role. He’s a much better player that Welbeck.”

    I am very well Dissenter thanks…took the weekend off all things Arsenal

    Brahimi is also very comfortable on the wings and in the middle, can help us change things a bit. I liked Danny for his work ethic but he wasn’t a technical player by any means, Brahimi is very technical. The rumored 4m euro sign on fee and whatever his salary is might be smart investment if he takes to the league.

    Marko will not approve of course because he is 29, free and no ones current flavor of the month.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    David Smith

    The thing with Kroenke is that you are entirely reliant with what it is at the club. He isn’t going to push people or sack people or demand success.

    We’ve got a better chance now with the people at the club of actually being a competent football club but you’d still like an owner pushing for success.

    I look at reports like that and do you remember how many years we were told that Wenger was an economic genius! Haha. How lucky we were to have a ‘professor’ as a manager who knew football, economics and business. Haha. Jeez.

  32. Dream10

    Failing to qualify for the CL has cost the club big time. Unai Emery has dodged a significant amount of criticism for the capitulation over the six PL matches. Baffling really.

  33. Marc


    “I read all the negative crap on here from the likes of Marko, Receding, Cesc Appeal, dissenter and the rest and I feel a little sorry for them as they have not experienced what it’s like to REALLY support The Arsenal ..”

    And yet you’ve tried to have a pop at where I sit in the stadium the other day. Isn’t really supporting The Arsenal doing as much as you can in your own way, some can’t attend but criticising those that do – Is that really supporting the Arsenal?

  34. Dissenter

    I hate to say this.
    Pedro’s blog literally got me through the dark Wenger years. It was like crack to a crack head. I was queuing up …waiting for the free stuff he threw out here.

    That said, I repeatedly told Pedro that his Gazidis love in would blight his record…and it has.
    It was obvious Gazidis was a sugar-tongued NOTHING. I’ve met executives like that in my time. People who use the successes of others and run away when they goin.g gets tough.
    Gazidis used the remnants of Wenger’s brilliance. He was a nothing that was systematically running the club aground.
    The Kroenkes ought to take the hit for the failure of oversight.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    I completely agree with you.

    I said before some on here are pretending Arsenal aren’t the 2/10 situation left by Wenger and Gazidis. A club that is spiraling downward out of control everywhere you look. On field performance, wages, commercials, infrastructure, coaching etc.

    Unless your owner throws £250 Million at that in one window you are not reversing it quickly.

    It honestly pisses me off when newspapers and Twitter feeds post stories about what Wenger’s saying. Unless it’s ‘I’m very sorry’ I don’t care. The man did enormous damage to Arsenal and it wasn’t accidental it was all down to ego, self preservation and stubbornness.

    Gazidis was just as a bad as well, used car salesman who had his balls clipped by Wenger but was happy to take £2.5 Million a year even when the club was tanking.

    The idea that we just pour some ‘sauce’ on the club and it will be fine is utterly laughable.

    We have no semblance of a balanced squad (no full backs, wingers, no mobility in central midfield, no non-retired CAMs despite years of hording them etc) despite the 3rd highest net spend and £240 Million a year in wages, our commercials were embarrassingly average, our wage bill was overblown by £60 Million a year, we had absolutely no football infrastructure and so on and so on.

    That requires comprehensive on field and off field restructuring. The idea that we need sauce to ‘compete for the league’ right now is laughably deluded.

    We’re clearing rancid food off the plate and starting again…sauce is way, way down the line.

  36. Dissenter

    For sure, Brahimi will score at least double the goals that Welbeck scored.
    His stint at Leicester was blighted by injuries.

    It also means Nkettiah is off on loan, which is good for all concerned.

  37. David Smith

    Maybe so CA , but surely he saw what was happening , but he seems to have a similar track record stateside.
    Just hope , maybe against hope the club can rebuild and if we are stuckwith the kroenkes, josh is a lot less trusting and tolerant of gross incompetence.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Brahimi is an okay gamble, provided he’s not on massive wages or a long term contract.

    Reading what the St Etienne coach said this morning if I had to guess I think Arsenal are trying to get Saliba here for this season. He kept going on about wanting him to say one more year, that the player wants to stay as well for another year and a deal doesn’t need to be done this year.

    Reads to me like he’s trying to scare Arsenal into just agreeing to terms.

    Don’t mind the deal, provided the majority of payment is next year. St Etienne can’t have it every which way.

  39. Receding Hairline

    “Failing to qualify for the CL has cost the club big time. Unai Emery has dodged a significant amount of criticism for the capitulation over the six PL matches. Baffling really.”

    Dream let me ask you a few questions, before the season kicked off were we a nailed on champions league club?? Did anyone look at the top six and say Arsenal will definitely finish top four?? Not one pundit had us in the top four in his predictions and for good reason. If a manager can make three changes at home against Palace in the middle of a fixture congestion and be accused of “throwing the game” then you do not have a top four squad.

    We missed top four by a point, although since head to head does not apply in this league one can say two points

    – The missed Aubameyang penalty at Spurs …Emery’s fault??

    – The missed chance at home against Brighton by same player and Xhaka running a few yards just to drag down a brighton player at one nil up….Emery’s fault??

    He has been criticized for what he should be criticized for, but anyone who though we were nailed on for a top four finish or a Europa league win is being dishonest.

    And by the way the club should have planned for the summer knowing there was always a possibility we will be a Europa league team again

  40. englandsbest


    Nothing in the Swiss Ramble piece surprises me: AFC are in terminal decline unless something drastic is done. Looking at Vinai/Raul/Emery it’s doubtful whether they have the will, capacity or the power,

    On past performance, Stan will NOT put his own money into the Club. Furthermore, he is unlikely to greenlight Arsenal incurring further debt. As I said before, he must be wondering why he didn’t take Usmanov’s offer.

    As for those who say Arsenal is a long-term appreciating asset, the figures suggest otherwise. It’s a money-losing business, and the shares value of £30,000 has become a hollow joke.

    So let’s get real: it is quite likely that the net expenditure on transfers will be closer to zero than £45m. The key issue is to reduce expenses. Which means getting of players on high salaries like Ozil, Mikki, Kola, Mustafi, and, yes, Auba.

    That will reduce players wages by £50m, and also provide transfer money. And that money ought to be spent on the young and vigorous, on low transfer fees and wages.

    ‘Make do and mend’ simply won’t work.

  41. Siddharth14

    There is nothing surprising in that Swiss ramble article. Many Arsenal fans could see this starting to take shape since 2008-2010.

    Wenger was and will always be the biggest Spin Doctor the world has ever witnessed. We should be thanking Myles Palmer for calling it more than 10 years back.

    So Wenger and Gazidis were hand in glove right from the start. Le Fraud was the one who selected Gazidis after all. And Gazidis immediately left after the French Charlatan…..

  42. Thank you and goodnight.

    As I said months ago, and Champagne Charlie mocked me, this club is between 5 to 10 years away from getting back to the top. That’s how bad a state that cunt Wenger left this club in. Shocking mismanagement. Fact noone has been in for him says it all. I mean even fucking Avram grant has been linked with Newcastle, but not wenger

  43. Dissenter

    Just in February of last year, Wenger was still telling the world that it is ideal for players to reach the final year of their deal. It’s going to be commonplace, he said.

    The people losing their shit over Spurs signing Ndomblee better take note. There’s a lot hair pulling stuff to come. That was a net positive deal for them because they will sell Erickson for more that £65 million..

    Pochetinno used the political capital of reaching the CL final and his earned loyalty for declining to leave spurs to steer the club to a better place. He threatened to walk away is Spuds didn’t change their model.
    Wenger used the capital he earned from the first decade of success to secure a cushy unaccountable extension for himself. It was all about Wenger. He got himself a comfortable bubble to socially re-engineer the club to the state it is in now.

    Yet there are those who will ignore the pseudo-economist’s role and pretend that it’s all on Raul and Vinai.

  44. Dissenter

    Someone here is still skiing me to prove the simple point I made when I wrote that ‘Wenger and Gazidis drove the club into a ditch’.

  45. Thank you and goodnight.

    I hope the next time Wenger’s at Arsenal, the fans throw rotten tomatoes at him. Fuck me , even Bruce Rioch left a better base of players to work with than that french deluded cunt. Doesn’t matter who we buy this season, we will struggle to finish in the top 10. Our squads not good enough and neither are our youngsters. The only one who seems half decent is Beilek, and he wants out.

  46. China1

    It’s exactly aiming for top 4 which is a kind of void of character or competitiveness rife at the club

    Top 4 is the minimum passable position for us. We were a couple of points behind 3rd this year but only aiming for 4th next year?

    Losers. They really are.

    You don’t aim for the minimum. It’s very easy to fall shy of your target. If you set low expectations and fall a little low you’re left with the shitty stench of failure just like this season

    We aren’t likely to be anywhere near the league winners next year but the target should be third and ‘as close to them as possible’ whatever that means.

    They really don’t get it do they. 4th place isn’t actually that good. It’s just passable. Aim for passable, then don’t be disappointed when your results are barely even that

    4th is what you settle for on the last day of the season, not what you strive for from day 1

    I swear the whole club needs starting again

  47. TR7

    Swiss Ramble analysis is pretty much on the expected lines. In fact a little analysis of our finances will lead you derive similar conclusions. Hopefully all those who rubbished my claim that we can’t spend more than £50M this summer will now grudgingly accept it. We are staring at a bleak future for Arsenal. All the Stan apologists need to wake up as well. He is overseeing continuous decline of AFC over the years and doing absolutely nothing about it. Either a one time mega investment on players or an interest free unsecured loan to AFC equaling our outstanding debt is the only way out of the vicious circle we are in.

  48. Dissenter

    ‘On past performance, Stan will NOT put his own money into the Club’

    Your anger is not misplaced but you’ve been approaching this the wrong way.
    Where do you think the unspent transfer monies used to go to?
    It went into that unnecessary stash of cash we built up over the years.
    We have money that was derived from our business already sitting unspent.

    Liverpool only had £10 million and £4.4 million cash at hand listed in their last two financial statements. Why does Arsenal FC have as much as £89-150 million cash in hand?

    You ought to be asking that Arsenal not keep so much cash when the on-field business is stagnating. Spending earned football derived monies that is already in the bank can never be a violation of FFP. That’s why we keep ledgers.

    Stan doesn’t need to spend his money. He should stop Arsenal from being run like a club in the hands of a bankruptcy administrator saving cash for creditors.

  49. China1

    Aiming for 4th sends the explicit message that we can afford to drop a lot of points because you can do that on the way to 4th

    When 4th is your only target you can afford to lose against palace with a few games left because the targets are low

    And with that shitty weak attitude and knowledge that dropping regular points is actually ok, oh shit you actually dropped a couple more points and bang goes your glorious dreams of a 4th placed trophy and instead you’re playing carrier bag again in Europe

    Fucking cretins

  50. Dissenter

    Your analysis that we cannot spend more that 50 million are fluff and are dead wrong. It doesn’t take into account that cash in hand that’s clearly listed in every financial statement released.
    You like to pretend it means something else other than the obvious.

  51. Freddie Ljungberg

    Now that the limit on wage increases of only 7m a year has been removed by the EPL and increases doesn’t have to be funded from commercial income, does that mean that Kroenke can slip us some money for wages thereby freeing up more funds for transfers?

    Theoretical exercise I know, but still.

  52. Receding Hairline

    “We aren’t likely to be anywhere near the league winners next year but the target should be third and ‘as close to them as possible’ whatever that means.”

    Agreed, that should be our target. Aiming for fourth is rubbish. Like you said aiming for fourth was indeed why we played like brainless idiots against Palace.

  53. Marc

    Arsenal have serious problems that aren’t going to be fixed over night. Anyone who doesn’t take that on board is a fool but almost as bad are people making stupid comments about “Arsenal are finished”. TYAG’s comment above about struggling to finish in the top 10 is a precise example, we finished a point off 4th and 2 points off 3rd. Of the players we lost Welbeck contributed next to nothing and we’ve already replaced Cech with a better keeper. Ramsey is the biggest loss but his contribution last season was limited as he was mostly in and out of the team.

    Whilst it’s too early to start making predictions about next season it’s likely that Liverpool and City will be front runners after that the Spud’s look like they could be losing a number of players so it will depend who they bring in as replacements and how quickly they settle. Chelsea still don’t’ have a manager and have a transfer ban having lost their best player. ManU still look all over the place so in the sores case scenario we’re competing / aiming for 4th against 2 other teams who have issues as well.

  54. Marc


    Your claim of only being able to spend £50 million this summer does not include sales.

    That’s where we need to focus as much as on players coming in. The transfer window still seems to be in a holding pattern with very little activity. The next month will be very telling.

  55. TR7


    I have already explained twice why our budget should be in the £40-£50M range. If calling my analysis dead wrong and believing we can spend £89-£150M gives you a kick, well good for you. Whatever floats your boat…

  56. Marc

    Outside of Wenger I’ve never known a manager who no matter how much money they’re given doesn’t what to spend more.

    If we have more than £50 million to spend with the problems we have we’ll spend it.

  57. Words on a Blog

    The Swiss Ramble analysis shows what a mess we’re in and who is responsible. Nothing for me to add to what has already been said.

    One thing that is interesting is that it shows that, notwithstanding operating losses,we are still sitting on piles of cash (albeit lower than a few years ago).

    So the key question for Stan and the management is: is there a way of using more than £45m of this cash for player acquisitions without triggering FFP?

    Pretty much everyone acknowledges that we have an unbalanced and an ageing squad which lacks a decent defence, width, and dynamism in central midfield.

    Our competitors (Chelsea aside) are investing in their squads.

    If we don’t, we are at serious risk of drifting towards mid-table mediocrity

  58. Dissenter

    The cash at hand is a one time opportunity
    It’s a fruit of our maladies and lack of direction.
    That money [or some of it] has to be made available to kickstart the new era. The Saliba deal should have been funded out of it.

    When Arsenal made a £92 million offer to sign Thomas Lemar in Aug 2017, the funding would have had to come out of this cash in hand had the player [and club] accepted the offer.

  59. Dissenter

    Words in a blog
    Have a word with TR7 about that cash in hand/bank
    He seems to think it means everything else but cash in hand.

    Another poster came up and said spending your own earned money will violate FFP.!

  60. HighburyLegend

    “Have to say , the Adidas video is quality , it captures the real Arsenal .”

    Of course you love this video Pierre, it shows your idol’s still there.

  61. TR7


    ‘One thing that is interesting is that it shows that, notwithstanding operating losses,we are still sitting on piles of cash (albeit lower than a few years ago).’

    We had £231M cash as on March 31, 2018. We aren’t sitting on a large cash as on today. We are set to register heavy losses in FY 2018-19 which will erode our cash balance to somewhere in the range of £100-£125M. Keep aside debt reserve fund of £23M which is untouchable, we are talking about a free cash reserve of £100M at best. AFC also have to account for the contingent condition of us missing out on top 4 again next year, so the elbow room for transfer spend is comparatively very small.

  62. China1

    Lol Pierre lambasts negative fans as not real fans whilst spending half of last season speaking negatively about Ramsey emery and chums but it’s different when he doesn’t like things in the club. Not the same don’t you guys get it?

    Pierre is a super fan. He has a full sized man pillow of wenger and has dozens of paintings of close ups of bugs’ faces hanging from the walls in each room. Plus he has even been to highbiy which we haven’t!!

  63. andy1886

    To a very real extent the question is if we even had substantial funds to fill the positions where we need players would you trust those responsible to spend them wisely? Based on recent performance I’d say not. We don’t need more Xhaka’s, Mustafi’s or Mhiki’s which is what we’ll end up with if we take a punt on some mid-price ‘meh’ type player. Better to try to find the next Holding or a new Bellerin from the U23’s. At least if it goes tits up we aren’t going to have another waste of space sponging substantial wages that we can’t afford.

  64. Dissenter

    ‘Keep aside debt reserve fund of £23M which is untouchable, we are talking about a free cash reserve of £100M at best’

    Why do we need to have cash reserves of 100 million
    No other club in world football keeps this much cash available. It’s a silly way to run a business.
    The stadium commitment is already built into the operational budget. Everything else is included in the operational budget- this is the product of our failure to invest in transfers in the Wenger.
    When Arsenal tried to sign Lemar, where was the money going to come from?
    …it would have had to be this pot of money.
    Even if you account for the stadium, there would still be 70 million, going by TR7’s admission of about £100 million of spare cash.

    No one is asking to waste it away but it can be used as seed money to make careful transfers like the Saliba deal so that it doesn’t affect this seasons scheduled spending budget.

  65. Marc


    Wasn’t having a pop – just highlighting the point that our sales will be critical. We should be able to bring in £25 – £30 million for Elneny and Chambers.

  66. Dissenter

    Another point to be made about accounting for not qualifying for the CL league.
    **That’s has NOTHING to do with the cash balance.
    The wages have clauses in them that reduces player income if we are not in the CL. The size of bonuses are also contingent on CL qualifications and trophies. The players earn more when the club earns more.

    **This has nothing to do with the cash balance.
    Had we qualified for the CL, player wages and tickets would have gone up. All these issues are already codified in the budget.

  67. englandsbest


    That ‘stash of cash’ is tied down into the loan agreements. And in the fearsome state Arsenal are in, it is even more needful to have some cash lying around.

    IMO there is no ‘easy’ way out. Even if Stan were to ‘throw’ money at the Club (highly unlikely), it wouldn’t be enough. It is the whole Club which needs a refit and a ‘get rid of”,

    The sheer number of backroom staff is crazy. As I have said before, most must be spending the day trying to look busy. Arsenal is over-staffed from top to bottom.

    The blame-game is unproductive. We all know Wenger and Gazidis were awful – but they have gone. And the season-ticket holders lack the will to get rid of the third villain. For the time being, we are stuck with Stan.

    Right now, we are uncertain whether Vinai/Raul/Emery are up to the task. In the simplest terms, that is to make Arsenal self-sustainable. It always was, but is not any longer

    We should know by the end of the summer.

  68. Dissenter

    Pierre doesn’t buy shirts
    He makes colored photocopies of Ozil’s shirts and posts them on the inside of his bathroom door.
    I won’t spoil your early lunches by going any further.

  69. CG


    “”””Adidas’ core values mirror ours, they’re progressive & innovative & their bold ambitions for the club & the partnership are aligned with our own.””””””

    This man really is a clown…
    I have seen more substance and inspiration in a blancmange….

    ‘Progressive and innovative ‘like:

    Signing the likes of Lich, Suarez
    Extending contracts to Elneny and Co.
    Playing Jenks against Palace?
    Giving your best player away to Juve
    Appointing a man as head coach no one ever heard of and doesn’t speak English!
    Losing finals 4-1!

    So Ambitious….
    Such The Arsenal Way.
    (I bet Addidas are regretting this deal -being associated with all these current Loosers in charge.)

    And he would not change a thing

    A clown of epic portions, this one.

    I wish he would keep his mouth shut.
    He is an embarrassment.

  70. Words on a Blog


    My feeling is that some of the cash balance will ultimately be used this transfer window. But it will be done (as ever) in a panic at the last minute, after a number of planned purchases fail to go through, either because we fail to meet sellers’ valuations or because we get outbid.

    Except for last summer, the pattern at Arsenal in the last few years as far as transfers are concerned has been to intend to be financially conservative, fail at getting intended targets, then splurge out at the last minute for second best alternatives. That’s partly why our squad is so unbalanced.

    This summer’s pattern feels like one of those

  71. Dissenter

    ‘That ‘stash of cash’ is tied down into the loan agreements’

    That’s another never corroborated old wife tale.
    Why would the banks require a viable business; a never relegated club operating i]at the top of the most lucrative football environment in the world to keep 25-40% of its operating budget as cash?
    Are we the first business in the world to take a bank loan?
    Are we in receivership.

    Come on man, rethink these recycled stuff before you posted it.
    It’s like people saying Wenger built the Emirates.
    It makes no fukking sense. No one forces us to keep tens of millions as cash. The stadium commitment is <30 million, less than 10% of our budget.

  72. Paul Mc Daid

    THE LOST DECADE, Been saying for years that Arsene Wenger was the biggest fraud in World Football, He got plenty of help along the way by clowns like the Arsenal board, Stan,Ivan and about 75% off the fan base , These clowns could not see the “ “forest for the trees”, It is an outrage what has been allowed to happen at Arsenal, We have been killed from within, We are owned and run by complete clowns, Will take another Decade to recover from this debacle if we are lucky, Regime change needed, Nothing Less.

  73. Dissenter

    ‘The blame-game is unproductive. We all know Wenger and Gazidis were awful – but they have gone. And the season-ticket holders lack the will to get rid of the third villain. For the time being, we are stuck with Stan’

    Nope it is not unproductive
    They have gone but the excreta they left behind is still stinking up the place. You’re not going to castigate the new people before knowing what they will do if you don’t consider what they are stating with.
    It’s got to be repeated because some are already trying to run a cover game to pretend like it never happened.
    If we don’t mention it then we will probably repeat it all over again.

  74. TR7


    We need to stash cash because our revenue is low and expenses very high. Our cash balance was mega and ever growing till the time Wenger bought players on cheap and sold them for good money. Now that we struggle in buying quality players on cheap and struggle even more in selling them, the inherent weaknesses in our finances are coming to the fore. Take it this way – if a family barely manages to arrange 2 meals a day, how likely is it that the family will splurge its small reserve kept aside for unforeseen contingencies in a Las Vegas trip ? Arsenal need to increase its revenue (Adidas deal, CL football) and drastically optimize its wages before we can see the club spend good money.

  75. Marc


    That’s the problem there are those on here who want to criticise the current managerial setup without conceding the point they are starting from.

    By all means make reasoned comments on the current setup but to dismiss the issues they have to fix is just an attempt to re write history.

  76. Dissenter

    ‘We need to stash cash because our revenue is low and expenses very high. Our cash balance was mega and ever growing till the time’

    I disagree
    You’re trying to rationalize an anomaly into normality
    Our revenue is always going to wax and wane but at the end of the day we are still a STABLE CLUB OPERATING IN A VERY STABLE ENVIRONMENT.
    Our revenue is tied with our status- the players earn less because we are in the EL and gate takings are adjusted as well.
    We don’t need this extent of cash balance. No other club in world football does. It’s a reflection of the drifting nature of the club not good management.

    The cash balance is a reflection of the failure of Wenger to sp3nd money allotted for transfers….no other explanation..
    A]When Wenger refused to sign an outfield player in 2015, where do you think the unspent money went?
    B]When Arsenal made an audacious £92 million bid for Lemar in August 2017 after we had spent 50 million on Laca, where was that money going to come out of?
    The answer to both questions is that cash pot. It wasn’t derived from some brilliant accounting maneuver, it’s the unspent transfer monies of yesteryears.

  77. Nelson

    Edu is at Copa America. Hopefully, he can spot some up and coming youngsters.

    Please no more signing of those old rejects. We couldn’t even get rid of ours.

    I think people misunderstood Pedro. We need sauce not to win the league now but to establish a vision and a plan to get there. Something all fans can understand and get behind.

  78. Marc


    There is some truth to what you say but I think you’re also painting a far too simple picture.

    Yes wages and bonuses go down without CL football but not in line with the loss in revenue. We’re about to post our second successive loss with no guarantee of stemming them in the next season or so. We need to be clever but careful as well.

  79. Dissenter

    I share your concern for caution but we rent being clever by leaving that money in a bank.
    It should be on a footballing asset which appreciates better than anything a bank can pay us.
    Wenger was saving this money in the bank for an extraordinary player that he never succeeded in finding. The club looked the other way because it made them look good and it disguised all the errors they were making. Now this money has become an albatross because it’s become a slush fund that’s hiding mediocrity.
    Liverpool have only 10 million in the bank and they owe 150 million from the new stand just constructed They leave everything on the field…that’s how a football club should operate.

  80. Marko

    TR7 you admitted yourself that you didn’t take into account the new sponsorship deals like Adidas for example so the mini victory lap on predicting a 40-50 million budget is premature. One things for sure though Ivan did a fucking number on our club. The sheer incompetence of it all. But at the end of the day it’s irrelevant we are where we are and the only way we’re going to get out of the hole we find ourselves is to get back into the Champions League on the regular and the only way we’re going to be to do that is with investment and a squad overhaul. They NEED to get certain players out of the door and they NEED to get more help out of Stan. Not too confident of either as of right now.

    Also I said it before and I’ll say it again the fanbase is stupid. AMN still comparable to Ndombele and is a 6.5/10 apparently. He’s a pile of fucking shite and the sooner you realize that the better

  81. Freddie Ljungberg

    Martinelli in London, hope we don’t announce just him as our first signing, our fan base will go mental if we’re only getting in a player from the brazilian 4th division, not exactly an ideal start for him.

    Would be nice if we could do Brahimi, Tierney, Martinelli and Saliba at the same time so we know there’s something is going on at the club.

    Even nicer if we can announce a bunch of sales as well.

  82. CG

    All Emery had to do was beat Brighton.
    Leading one nil at half time.
    He failed
    He could not even do that!

    And he will fail next season too.
    Because that is his speciality.
    Failing, Failing and Failing

    £100 million disappeared up in smoke..
    Then you wonder why you have falling revenues..( at Spurs expense)

    You dont need Swiss Ramble to tell you that.


    Truth Hurts folks!

    And Vinny thinks its progressive and innovative to keep him for next session.

  83. HighburyLegend

    “Would be nice if we could do Brahimi, Tierney, Martinelli and Saliba at the same time so we know there’s something is going on at the club.
    Even nicer if we can announce a bunch of sales as well.”

    Freddie, you’re far too in advance, it’s not Christmas yet.

  84. Graham62

    Paul McDaid

    Re: 11:55 post 01/07

    Post of the day/ week/month/ year/decade.

    For the likes of Pierre/ CG/ Victorious/ BobN16/ CC etc.

    Read it and weep boys!

    Welcome to my world Paul.

  85. TR7


    Mini victory lap ? Nah, I would be happier if I were wrong. Adidas revenue will reflect in our topline in the financial year ending in March 31, 2020. So, no impact at all on our current budget.

  86. Marko

    So new sponsorship deals are only taken into account next year? So we can’t spend the money like we already have it? Huh well I never

  87. Champagne Charlie


    I’ll still mock you for claiming we’re a decade away from being back in the convo.

    We SHOULD have finished top 4 last season, we didn’t because of errors made by the current lot at the club over the run in. That in itself makes a mockery of the apparent dire state at Arsenal.

    Absolute doom and gloom merchants looking to shit on the club because of our balance sheet and poor use of wealth the last five years. It’s led us to here, and here is within a ball hair of top 4 -not languishing 10th in the league. Fucking get over yourselves.

    There’s no excuse why we can’t replicate the showings of Liverpool or Spurs even over the next few seasons. Got to laugh at the usual lot talking up how some of us apparently wanted swift returns from the new regime yet here they are fannies gaping at the revelation *LOL* we’ve not used our money well the last 5 years and that’s our future dead for years to come. We’re a mile off challenging for the title, but not remotely far off top 4.

    Dry your eyes, Unai is at the wheel.

  88. Marc

    “Adidas revenue will reflect in our topline in the financial year ending in March 31, 2020. So, no impact at all on our current budget.”

    That’s not entirely true if we’re staggering payments into next season etc then we can look at guaranteed income for that period. It’s how we cope with this summer that’s the issue.

  89. Words on a Blog


    Sure we were close, very close, last season.

    And the failure to capitalise on Chelsea, Spurs and Man U’s weaknesses last season is largely on the current regime.

    The fact remains, we have an unbalanced squad. And we can’t rely on Chelsea, Spurs and Man U to fuck things up again.

    I’m not interested in doom and gloom or on “shitting on the club”.

    Only one thing interests me: if we still have cash on our balance sheet we should fucking well use it to rebalance the squad.

  90. Marko

    The Adidas deal is 300 million over 5 years that’s an extra 150 million that’s guaranteed. Now I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that we don’t have to wait until March before we can start counting that as money we can spend. I mean it’s ours already we got the 60 million (30 million more) already

  91. TR7


    What I mean is we are not getting that extra deal money right now. Gives us an elbow room to be slightly more aggressive in transfer market provided we can link our payments with extra cash coming in as and when it comes in. In technical terms it does not increase our cash pot right now but your point stands.

  92. Marko

    I mean we only came close last season because Spurs and Chelsea nearly shit the bed. Predicted 5/6th place team finished outside the top 4 and has a bloated squad that they’re struggling to get rid of and has a most meagre transfer budget to fix things. Yeah it ain’t all that bad. I’m sure tyag hyperbole was more about 5-10 years before we’re back challenging for major honours which seems about right. Took Klopp 4 years at Liverpool before he’s challenged. I kind of regret this post actually cause it’s directed at someone who doesn’t think the squad is that bad and who thinks they’re generally paid the going rate. Not much wrong at Arsenal outside of the manager (from 2018 onwards that is)

  93. Receding Hairline

    “I mean we only came close last season because Spurs and Chelsea nearly shit the bed. ”

    They shit the nearly about it

    Spurs finished the season with 13 league loses and 71 points

    Chelsea made a two point improvement from the season before to finish third on 72

    We should have finished the season on 75 points at least!!! That we could not beat Brighton both home and away last season cost us 4 points, and in both games we should have been out of sight in the first half

  94. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t disagree, but there’s always going to be inconsistencies at the other clubs and I don’t buy for a second this idea that’s born every summer that our rivals will all get better. Sure, plan for that, but it ain’t happening.

    Nevertheless the focus should be on us and you’re dead right, any resources available should go on the playing side to hasten change and evolution.

    We’ve lost wages galore already, Rambo, Cech, Welbeck, Licht is circa 450-500k. Of those I genuinely only see 2 necessary replacements (a deputy to Bellerin, and Ramsey’s goals/assists).

    So as I see it we’re very much in a position to take significant steps forward this summer on the recruitment side. I’d advocate selling one of Laca/Auba too assuming the new lot at the club are switched on and capable of delivering a transfer scope (though that’s up for debate too).

    But I’m sorry, this dead for a decade pish I see folk come out with is absolute nonsense. There’s a good number who seem more interested on flinging shit at the previous regime than commenting on the actual current state of play and what lies ahead. This SwissRamble breakdown highlights that with aplomb. Need to tell absolutely nobody that we’ve spent poorly the last 5 years, news to nobody that our budget this summer is more modest than others, but some guy rattles off an in-depth view of it all and the usual lot are out with fuel to talk bollocks as per. Rinse, repeat.

    If we make top 4 this season I’m sure there’ll be some overriding circumstances like collapse of another club, or maybe Emery will deserve a statue. Fuck knows, but don’t for a second contemplate we’re not as bad off as is being made out. No, that’s not it.

  95. Marko

    In technical terms it does not increase our cash pot right now but your point stands.

    That’s guaranteed money though. And wouldn’t the first payment start at the outset of the contract not one year in? It’s like in 5 years time when we get someone else after Adidas that first year we’ll be counting the Adidas money into our budget and not say Nike for example? I’m not sure but I could be wrong. I think if we have improved revenue from the previous year guaranteed that we can think of that as money we can spend now cause it’s guaranteed. Of course we can’t guarantee champions league money but we’ve got Adidas guaranteed I don’t see why we have to wait a year before we can think of spending it is my point. Plus how come you always hear shite about a kit sponsor helping out financially with a signing (I don’t really believe it) but that’s seemingly beyond us

  96. Marko

    Charlie you’re meeting one extreme with another. We’re Europa League team with a Europa League squad. No ones saying mid table relegation fodder. But at the same time if you expect champions league with this pile of shite you’ll be left wanting time and time again. I don’t know how many more years it’s going to take for you to realize that. 3 seasons now with largely the same group of players and they keep letting us down.

  97. Champagne Charlie


    Yea and we miraculously wouldn’t be aEuropa league team if we beat Brighton at home, so spare me the assignment of a label. There’s 6 top tier teams in the prem and each season 2 are “Europe league teams”.

    We’re in that bracket because we had Wenger fucking about, we then changed that and this guy displayed a cavernous arsehole when the pressure was on to miss out on goal difference.

    Save me the technicalities. Next season we challenge for top 4, that simple.

  98. CG

    This so unbalanced and unhinged squad- that wiped the floor with Man Utd 2 zip and then went 3rd with 6 Games to Go….

    Then Emery does what Emery always does.

    Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory….with his inexplicable team selections…

    Elneny and Genduzi at Goodison
    Elneny and Jenks against Palace

    £100 million down the plug hole…
    Gone forever
    A Loosers mentality.

    Below is a better read than any Swiss Ramble Report:

    Arsenal 2 Palace 3
    Wolves 3 Arsenal 1
    Leicester 3 Arsenal 1
    Everton 1 Arsenal 0
    Arsenal 1 Brighton 1
    Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    And the people in charge- think we are progressive…..?

    We need them all out…

    We need serious proven pedigreed battlehardened winners in charge.

    Not Lackeys ,Loosers and Slimeballs.

    Has Edu packed his bags yet?

  99. Receding Hairline

    I notice the blame is going to the manager and not the players (when is it ever them for some??) but let’s break it down

    – Auba missed penalty against Spurs (2 points) …we would have finished on 72 points if he scores (champions league)

    – Xhaka drags down the Brighton player in the box ( 2 points there )

    – Auba misses from a few yards in the second half against Brighton ( 2 points)

    Unless we are playing a video game and the manager is in charge of every muscle a player moves, it’s kind of surprising many are quick to call him out for “caving under pressure” and not the squad who we have all watched cave for years now

  100. Words on a Blog


    We may not have been dead for a decade, or even fucked for a decade.

    But we sure have been Kroenked!

    Anyway, here’s hoping that Raoul and Co will pull some rabbits out of a hat.

    In the meanwhile, the lack of action to date is making me feel anxious, and I apologise, to use Marko’s immortal words, for “acting like a hysterical teenage girl.”

  101. Marko

    Save me the technicalities. Next season we challenge for top 4, that simple.

    Right and as things stand don’t be surprised when we finish outside the top 4 again. You’ll be shocked no doubt because we should be finishing top 4 it’s only a declining Wenger and a cavernous arsehole that’s holding us back. Not yet realising that it’s a squad full of players that continually fails time and again.

  102. Champagne Charlie

    Again, wouldn’t disagree on the Kroenke front as far as making the step to title challenging club from the perennial top 4 one he’s overseen. But there’s enough on offer to get us in CL football again and the scrutiny ought to fall at those making the clearer error vs errors by omission. At least for now given our current state. Kroenke is a subject for when the footing is more stable imo.

    It always falls on the manager, trying to reinvent the wheel of responsibility shows up your undying support for Unai. Paella on the breath and all that.

  103. Champagne Charlie


    I’d be shocked depending the nuances of the season. If we’re 3rd with six games left against sides below us then yes, I’ll be shocked and embarrassed again. But there’s no expectation for top 4, just as there wasn’t this past season.

    Same players? We’ve chopped and changed a number since three seasons ago. Auba, Mkhi Laca, Leno, Sokratis, Torreira, Guendouzi, Licht in just 6 months. Be a big boy and say what you want to say, Mustafi and Xhaka, your go to guys.

  104. Marko

    Receding it’s not even about individual instances or mistakes it’s a pattern that has been so Arsenal for years that we simply can’t shake. It’s been there for a long time but has particularly come to the fore the last 3-4 years. Let’s be honest here we’ve been lucky in more than a few seasons with making top 4 and eventually that luck ran out but the same characteristics were always there. The struggling away from home, the conceding of far too many goals, the conceding of far too much pressure in midfield and not controlling the game, going through far too many bad periods whether it’s November December or January through March. There’s just so many characteristics that keep happening with this team and particularly this same group of individuals who are still at the club. And frankly it amazes me how the blame always seems to get passed onto someone else. I’ll tell you now if next season Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Iwobi, Bellerin, Koscielny, Monreal (nowadays) and Mhiki are all more or less in the starting 11 we’re going to fail yet again. There’ll come a period when we’ll need results and to dig deep and you know what we won’t. Whether it’s a weekend away to Watford or Newcastle and we need a result cause Chelsea just won at home we won’t win that game. We’re just far too predictable with this lot. I think it has something to do with many of them not truly caring and having no discernable mental toughness.

  105. Marko

    to use Marko’s immortal words, for “acting like a hysterical teenage girl.”

    I’ll admit I stole it from teen Vogue

  106. englandsbest


    Who needs reminding that Wenger and Gazidis were disastrous? A handful of nutty fans who believe that Arsene was God? You are stuck in a groove, man.

    If the current hierarchy need reminding how bad the pair were, then heaven help us!

    The jury is still out on Raul and Emery. Let’s wait and see what they do this summer.

    But, face up to it. The problem at Arsenal is not just a deficient overpaid squad, it’s the whole current set-up. And focusing on the cash balance as a solution is just airy-fairy nonsense.

  107. Cesc Appeal

    Brahimi apparently wants a big signing on fee £5-10 Million and then around £100 000 a week for 3 years.

    I get that we don’t have the luxury of choice very much this summer but we need to think long and hard about that one. Not exactly a great player, 29 coming to the EPL, could end up being another like Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil etc who we just cannot get off the wage bill.

    We are desperate for width though. Apparently West Ham spoke to him and decided against it.

    Real sad state of affairs at Arsenal. Hopefully we look back on this in a couple of years and always use it as a reminder to never let things get this bad again.

  108. TR7


    Yes , one would imagine we ought to get money in tranches say £15M each quarter or in some other similar pattern. One thing is certain it won’t be entire money disbursed on the last day of financial year. It is probable Saliba’s transfer fee payment is linked with inward payment from Adidas especially because we don’t get to use him this season. Probably we won’t be paying his transfer fee until next 12 months.

  109. Cesc Appeal


    I think the point is though when judging the new lot you have to judge them in the context of what the incompetent and the charlatan left for them.

    It’s like asking someone to build you a shed and leaving toilet roll and Pritt Stick and then saying ‘well let’s see how they get on’ not acknowledging you have in fact given them toilet roll and Pritt Stick.

    Personally I just want to see an effort and running the club competently and reversing the moronic decisions and negligently mishandling of essentially every aspects of Arsenal.

  110. Marko

    Be a big boy and say what you want to say, Mustafi and Xhaka, your go to guys.

    No I’ve been very consistent in my criticism of the lot of them but it is worth noting that those two in particular are seriously hampering the football club given the amount of game time they get. If I was to tell you how shockingly bad Mustafi has been the last two seasons in particular and that he’s played in about 75 games you’d be flummoxed right. You’ll disagree but Xhaka since he’s joined has been by and large considered a poor signing I think a lot of people will agree with that statement he’s been error prone he’s slow the cons far outweigh the pros and he’s played over 130 times the last three seasons. It’s not about being the go to guys for criticism when it’s largely warranted.

    Anyway I’ll make a prediction if Mustafi plays in 30+ games for us next season we’ll finish outside of the top 4. Coupled with if Xhaka is an ever present in our midfield we will finish outside the top 4. If he’s made captain I can’t stress how fucked we’ll be

  111. Receding Hairline

    “It always falls on the manager,”

    Of course it does for you, the manager is the most important one for you. Once he is out and we have someone you like. probably Benitez now he is free, you will get down to the players

    “Paella on the breath and all that.”

    Forever a child bless you

  112. Champagne Charlie

    You’ll have to explain the logic of Brahimi on 100k with a 5 mil signing on fee over extending Welbz on 100k, maybe negotiating less given his injuries?

    Know very little about him other than him being a notable bosman. Suarez II?

  113. Receding Hairline

    “Brahimi apparently wants a big signing on fee £5-10 Million and then around £100 000 a week for 3 years.”

    He wants a double your money deal

    On about half of that at Porto.

    Why not give him that but make it a two year deal with option for a second

  114. China1

    Let’s be serious here

    What has AMN actually done in the appearances he’s made?

    He hasn’t demonstrated any exceptional qualities whatsoever. If he wasn’t one of our own nobody would rate him.

    He played well all of 5 times and wasn’t exceptional in any of those 5. He was also average and poor in several games as well and has demonstrated a dubious lack of motivation on the pitch (not just his languid style but also not bothering to chase back after losing the ball several times this season – also by being too casual)

    I’ll be as happy as anyone if he becomes a top player but he’s not even a stand out player at our academy so far. If we didn’t have such a dearth of good and fit right backs he wouldn’t even make the bench

    Sorry for being so negative but I really believe that

  115. TR7

    For me, manager of a club is the most important figure. So Emery deserves stick for our horrible end to the season. You can’t tomtom him for an unbeaten run and then pass the blame on to Xhakas and Mustafis of the world when things go wrong. That he plays the duo so frequently is also his fault.

  116. CG

    this new mob bought us Lich and Suarez. (and thats out of 6 signings so far not 60!)

    So anything is Possible with these Muppets!

    if they do sign This Brahimi chap – I would not be surprised one Jot.

    They are so clearly clutching at Straws….

    Tick Tock!

  117. Marko

    There’s red flags for sure regarding Brahimi. Signing on fee being one of them and his age obviously. 100,000 for a winger isn’t that bad though. I’m assuming that his output would be better than Ozil/Mhiki/Iwobi/Welbeck’s was.

  118. Receding Hairline

    Brahimi and Welbeck are not similar players by any stretch…I like Danny but there was really nothing positive about keeping him on, if he had managed to stay fit for any length of time that would have been considered but sadly even fitness eludes him

  119. Champagne Charlie


    No it’s not ‘according to me’, it falls on the manager across the football world. If a team fails then the first person questioned is the manager, dead simple.

    We lost ground to teams lower in the table, only a special breed would try lay blame at the Premier League golden boot winners feet. The game is imperfect, it’s littered with errors and misses, but the role of the manager is to funnily enough manage these instances consistently.

    We were abject against inferior opposition in our remaining 6 games. We conceded 9 in 3 games and you want to offer Auba as one of a number “guilty” of messing up. Good on you.

  120. TR7

    Totally against the idea of signing old journeymen just because they are available on free. Poch is signing a young attacking player for under £10M and we are after a player who at best gives us one good season and then we can’t offload him thereafter.

  121. TheBoyCornelius

    Brahimi is exactly the type of signing NOT to make. Sure he might be on a free, but his numbers are only half decent, and hes the finished article. So while we may know what we are getting, it will be exactly that, decent not great with no room for improvement.

  122. Marko

    That he plays the duo so frequently is also his fault.

    Yeah he tried to play others but the options are so fucking bad. I don’t get that as a criticism though. If Xhaka and Mustafi are so bad why does he play them so much. Well because after them defending on injuries you’re down to Guendouzi and Elneny and Koscielny and Mavropanos. Year one he has some excuses not next season though

  123. Receding Hairline

    Offer Aubameyang??

    Dud he or did he not miss a dying minute penalty against Spurs?? Did i imagine it or did it not happen?? Did that not cost us two points?? Would two points have been enough to qualify for the champions league regardless of our implosion at the end??

    You are yapping on like i am accusing him of things he did not do. Yes he won the golden boot but he sure missed a boat load of sitters last season, saying that does not change anything nor exonerate the manager from his own mistakes except you also consider fielding Aubameyang a mistake.

  124. englandsbest

    It’s tedious, so many on here repeating the same old wearisome stuff about Wenger and Gazidis, Haven’t they noticed, the pair have gone.

    With Stan it’s different. He is still around, and he owns the Club.

    Even so, let’s get real: he is not going anywhere.

    So let’s take the situation as it is. Stan insists on self-sustainability. I don’t have a problem with that, provided he doesn’t dip his beak. Arsenal has always been self-sustaining (until now,) Run properly, there is no reason why it can’t be again.

  125. Nelson

    “We can’t rely on Chelsea, Spurs and Man U to fuck things up again.”

    In the EPL, we have to realize that most of the so call weaker teams are getting stronger. Besides MC and the Pools, top 4 will be a dog fight. Now that Emery has a year of EPL experience, it is up to him to show what he is made of. Last season, the board was also at fault for not backing Emery enough in the Jan. TW. Let’s see what the board will be doing this time.

  126. Leedsgunner

    If we were going to sign the likes of Cahill and Brahimi there was no need to move to the Emirates. Did we move there to become the new Bolton of the South?

    I hope the sheer self serving incompetence of Wenger and Gazidas puts to bed the notion that Wenger “loved” this club.

    If he did this to a club he loved, I would hate to see what he would do to a club he was indifferent or hated!

  127. Marc


    Yeah but that player the Spud’s are looking at is going to be loaned back to Leeds for a season.

    We can’t do too many of them when out squad needs improvements now.

  128. Marko

    I wouldn’t prop up Jack Clarke as anything and sneer at the idea of signing Saliba cause we need defenders right now. I don’t really want Brahimi to be signed but he’d have more of an impact on us next season than Jack Clarke.

  129. China1

    No thanks to old average players on high salaries

    Might as well offer mustafi and mikki new contracts if we’re going that way…

  130. TR7


    Mavrapanos vs Mustafi is not a tough choice for me. You give Mav 10 games, he falters in say first 2-3 games and most likely gets better with more playing time under his belt. Mustafi on the other hand is irredeemable.