The Zaha smokescreen?

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… so… to cut a long story short… THEY DIDN’T EVEN WANT HIM!

*the bar roars with laughter*

So funny, right? Milan didn’t even want Lucas Torreira.

What a charade.

Well, at least that’s one boring story laid to rest.

The Tierney rumours appear to be ramping up again, the deal looking like it’ll go through for £25m when all the add-ons and bonuses are stacked up.

That’ll be a great piece of transferring if he can stay fit. Having a rapid outlet to make the overlap will be beneficial, it’ll also be nice if he can defend as well.

… also, Jenks going the other way? Incredible biz if it happens. I appreciate the guy likes earning good cash money, but when do you start looking out for your career? When do you demand to play on the regular? When do you decide you want to be an icon in Scotland?

Now Jenks. Go, be free.

The Zaha stories are totally mental, Palace apparently has a £100m release clause in his contract. As an agent, when you’re sitting there with a broken player a few years ago, and Steve Parish asks to put that clause in your deal… how do you let that slide?

No one is going to £100m. No one is paying £80m for him. That would be an absurd amount of money to drop on someone that is 27 and yet to be proven at the highest level. I think all the bluster is because they ARE going to sell him, and obviously want to create the impression he’s way better than he is… a bit like putting Ferrari badges and a clip-on-bad-boy exhaust on your Ford KA back in the day. But I think I’d be a touch horrified if we dropped that much of a non-existent budget on him. It doesn’t feel clever, it doesn’t feel long-term and it doesn’t look anything like value.

I was hoping we’d be looking at making smarter buys. It is absolutely no coincidence we’re now being linked with Malcolm of Barcelona. We were in for him when the choice was him or Auba, Raul is apparently a huge fan of Malcolm, and the player kind of fits the bill. He’s a talent, he’s found himself on the outside at Barca, and Raul probably smokes cigars with his agent.

Would make sense as well… because he’d cost less and likely has a higher ceiling, more career longevity and Brazilians are way cool.

Right, that’s me done.

Happy Pride Day everyone! 🌈🌈🌈


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  1. TOLI83

    Have hardly seen anything of Malcolm this season to judge.

    Zaha would have literally go on strike to drive his price down so we can afford him. Doesn’t seem that type of guy to me.

  2. Marko

    Excellent post Pedro and I, of course thank him for it. Agree with everything you said about Zaha unproven and not remotely worth the money. I would be game for Malcom a possibility of a loan for him and still have money for a Ziyech would be addressing the wide positions

  3. Kay

    Yay. I got the T4ophy today.

    Fuck Zaha. Lets hope we drive out mustafi ozil and xhaka. This would bring me to more joy than purchases tbh.

  4. Marc

    If Palace are trying to make it look like they played hard ball I still can’t believe it’ll end up with Zaha to Arsenal. We’d be talking about going from “we want £100 million for him” to “how about £30 million plus Iwobi”.

    Can’t make up my mind whether it’s an agent playing games, pure click bait or Arsenal putting up a smoke screen while we go after other players.

  5. Leedsgunner

    If the Torreira rumours were nothing but hot air, we can shelf the new contract talks for now?

    Before we offer the player a new contract he needs to put in strong performances week in and week out from the beginning of the season to the end.

    If he does that, a new contract would be worth a chat. However to offer a new contract after 20 games of decent performances when he faded badly in the second half of the season is crazy.

  6. Marc


    Are we really in contracts talks with him?

    It’s silly season even more of what the media comes out with is utter bollocks than normal.

  7. TOLI83

    Torrier for a break out season done well.

    I expect him to turn it on next season, silly paper talk around him and AC – nothing more.

  8. Leedsgunner


    I don’t know for sure, but when AC Milan came sniffing around there were multiple reports that Arsenal launched into defensive contract talks to tie him down to us.

    My problem with this approach is we have many of our fringe players we are having trouble getting off our books because of their ridiculous wages…

    Let’s not create a similar scenario by raising Lucas’ wages too quickly too soon.

    The same goes for Guendouzi and our youth players breaking into the first team.

    By all means pay the money for those who deserve it, but not before. Personally I think Torreira has a bit more to go before he earns himself a new contract.

  9. Marc


    I agree if he has a good second season then we should be looking at a new contract – as you say the money has to be earned.

  10. Leedsgunner

    Any credibility in the rumour that Kronke will divert money from the new Adidas deal to his other sporting concerns in the US?

    THere’s nothing we can do about this is there? Besides protest I suppose?

    Sad sad days.

  11. Dream10


    I’m fully with you on Torreira not getting a pay raise. Believe he’s on 70k a week. He had a poor second half of the season. I reckon he’ll be off next summer to Spain or Italy. Thomas Partey will be coming to the PL this summer or next. He has a 43m pound release clause. He’s a better fit for the PL than little Lucas.

    Torreira’s agent has played a blinder. He’ll get a nice raise in the fall/winter.

  12. vegas gooner

    torreira really isn’t fit enough for the premier league. he gets knocked down easy (always has to face when he does).
    we need to focus on defense and getting rid of Mustafi.

    and there are much better forwards than zaha out there for much less.

  13. Up 4 grabs now

    No rise for torriea not until he puts in a full season and earns it. Guendouzi had 3 years left and they put his up apparently, why?

    Leeds I don’t think Stan can divert money, it has to come through arsenal books from Adidas. He could then take it out but that goes against the whole arsenal self sustaining route.
    And wouldn’t make much sense.

    Zaha is off the table now.
    Palace have to pay utd 25% sell on.
    The only way is if palace want to take elenney chambers and Iwobi and 30 million. Hell throw in xhaka or mustafi if you like!

  14. Danish Gooner

    Would take Malcolm over Zaha any day,100 mil for someone who is injury prone and only have had one good season,have they gone mad ?

  15. Marko

    Leeds to you honestly believe everything that you read? Cause it honestly seems that way.

    As for Torreira contract stuff it sounds like an easy rumour to push. Player wants to return to Italy club offers him a new deal to convince him to stay but of course we now know that those rumours are bullshit I will say this though he’s one player we’ll definitely have to keep an eye on contract wise because he’s one of a few highly sellable assets we have.

    And the Adidas deal being diverted to his teams in America is honestly the stupidest sounding fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my life

  16. Up 4 grabs now

    If we had 100 million to waste on Zaha, I’d rather spend it on a new center back and Ramsay and xhaka replacements.
    If Tierney is a done deal.

  17. Versus

    From previous post.
    June 30, 2019    17:39:56

    “all those trophies we won and nearly won!”

    This comment.. my goodness where to begin. Ok so the last 8 years of wenger is the time frame around which alot of us wanted him out. Justifiably so. We wanted him out, still feel as though we’d want him out and just like josh kronke, We’re glad he’s out.

    Now these “trophies won” during those 8 years, fa cups. So we should be regretful because we used to be a mickey mouse cup team? You conveniently ignore the 6-0, 6-1 5-1 bayern twice 10-2 and all the other embarrassing sackable results? The players, trash, crocked and if good left for peanuts.. under wenger. Goals and style of play. All irrelevant. Id take “1 nil to the arsenal” and win leagues and ucls all day long. What are we a circus attraction. Just here to wow the crowd then proceed to get battered 4-0, 4-2, and the historic 8-2.

  18. Victorious

    I would ask Palace to pick 2 from Mustafi,Mhki,Elneny,Chambers and slap 30M on top to bring in Zaha.. Hell if they want all of them they could have at it..

    Still absolutely prefer Ziyech though,more value for money and less baggage to boot

  19. T

    I cant see zaha being much better than iwobi.. if he was awailable for 10-20m it would make sense but I would much rather see us sign a player like malcom, depay or even ryan babel… Or give a chance for a youth player like nelson

    I mean why bother spending a lot of money on someone if he isnt somehow special?

  20. Guns of Hackney

    Oh man.

    I imagine Arsenal would hesitate if scarlet Johansson gave it the big “come on and jump my bones…anything goes for one night”.

    We are the gayest and most impotent club in world football.

  21. Marko

    LA Rams are worth over 3 billion dollars according to Forbes that’s more than Arsenal and by the looks of it they’ve got better sponsors than us. The idea that he would need to divert the Adidas money to one of his teams in America is borderline ret@rded. Where’d you hear it from Leeds? Give us a link I need to make fun of someone on Twitter

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    It’s in palaces interest to take players rather than cash because of the sell on clause to utd.
    They just got 50 million off utd so don’t need the cash.
    Chambers, jenkinson, elneney, Iwobi. And Miki. Straight swap.
    Palace is about there level.

  23. Dissenter

    The NFL is a money making league, Kroenke doesn’t need to tale money out of Arsenal to fund his LA business.
    A new NFL license is worth as much or even more than Arsenal.
    I expected more from you to be honest.

  24. Dissenter

    Arsenal is not Kroenke’s biggest sporting asset. I know that may be offensive to some.
    There would be a long line of banks willing to fund an NFL related project, more so in a city like LA. It’s a win-win for the bank because of the publicity and that it’s a secure business. Kroenke didn’t even try to woo public funds for his stadium project.

  25. Dissenter

    This Zaha-mania needs to cool off.
    We can get three quality players for the £80 million being requested for.

  26. WengerEagle

    Player and cash swap for Zaha could work.

    As grabs alluded to, it’s more in their interest as opposed to a straight up cash deal of which Utd stand to take 25% of the proceeds.

    Chambers and Kolasinac probably the two players that they’d soonest take out of the crap pack.

  27. Dissenter

    I also hate the idea that we will essentially be paying Unuited through the back door if we stumped up a king’s ransom for Zaha.

  28. WengerEagle

    Anything north of 50m for Zaha and we’d be foolish not to pull the plug and look elsewhere.

    Wouldn’t get near Liverpool or City’s line ups and that’s the kind of player we should be looking at for the fees being talked about here.

  29. Victorious


    Have to agree with you,The 25% of any fee owed to United must be such a downer for them and I think that’s probably what gives us the hope we can reach a deal through players swap

    Weren’t they formally interested in Chambers,I mean it could be enticing for all parties involved, we get shot of some absolute deadwoods, Palace get a few players in return,Zaha gets his dream move and we all live happily ever after.

    Whats your take on Ziyech?

  30. Marc

    Surely any sell on clause would have some clause that covered player swaps plus money?

    I mean if not the lawyers for ManU have fucked up.

  31. Marc


    Agree – while City have spent fortunes on transfers they haven’t up to now paid that much over £50 million for an player.

  32. Victorious

    Palace are nuts though, 100M for Zaha?Lol,I mean Sane who is twice the player is a subject of 80M bid or thereabout from Bayern

    I honestly think Palace are taking the piss with that valuation and also Bayern are hoping to mug off city there for Sane if they can pull it off

  33. Up 4 grabs now


    Ziyech, I like and a lot cheaper option than Zaha. If money really is tight, we should go that way.

    Still think shifting the dead wood is the problem, but like I said palace can take a few off us and would probably improve them.

    Marc not a lot utd can do unless they want to take mustafi left leg as payment. You never know he might play better like that!

    And let’s be honest xhaka already plays like a headless chicken!

  34. Marc


    Give a player an English passport and suddenly they’re worth closer to the combined value of Messi and Ronaldo than they are to an actual representation of their talent.

  35. Marc


    I have a feeling that if we manage to move on some of the players we won’t to lose it’ll happen quite late in the window.

    How that affects our spending who knows.

  36. englandsbest

    ‘I was hoping we’d be looking at making smarter buys’

    Exactly right. From what we are hearing, Raul and Emery seem like run-of-the-mill people, and what Arsenal needs are imaginative guys. Of course, so far it’s just rumours, rumours, rumours.

    When it comes to defenders we want ones who can defend, not attack. Yes, it’s nice to have one who can do both (like Ashley), but given the choice, we need ones who can defend. You can pick up full-backs who can do that for small money, the easiest positions to play on the football pitch.

    Spending the £25m on a proper winger seems more imaginative. Better still, two wingers. They would have a more potent defensive effect than over-lapping fullbacks.

    As for the defence as a whole, why not take a leaf out GG’s book and buy a ready-made one from the lower divisions. You could buy a whole set for that £25m.

  37. Marko

    Spending the £25m on a proper winger seems more imaginative. Better still, two wingers. They would have a more potent defensive effect than over-lapping fullbacks. As for the defence as a whole, why not take a leaf out GG’s book and buy a ready-made one from the lower divisions. You could buy a whole set for that £25m.

    What time period are you living in? It’s not this time period

  38. WengerEagle


    35-50m seems to be the sweet spot for Citeh’s purchases on the continent, even paid that for Sterling although that was in 2015.

    That fee gets you a very good player with the potential to be world class abroad, in the PL it gets you someone like Zaha who while a top 5-10 wideman in the PL is unlikely at this stage to kick onto much greater things.

    Guys like Neres, Chiesa, Guedes, Malcom, Lozano, Depay, Pepe, Lemar are all gettable players in that price range. And are just as good/have a higher ceiling than Zaha.

    Dortmund for the price of 50m got Brandt and Thorgan Hazard, two players that would have been huge upgrades for us.

  39. englandsbest

    To state the obvious, Arsenal is worth what someone is prepared to pay. Two people wanted Arsenal, and the value of a share rose from £8000 to £30000. Had it just been just one of them, the share value would be a whole lot less.

  40. Wasi

    “When do you decide you want to be an icon in Scotland?” . This line is absolutely majestic. Love your work.And tbh would prefer ziyech/fraser over malcom until we can get him for like 20-25 . Or even Zaha if we can get him for mustafi/mkhi/chambers/elneny(any 2 ) + 20-25 mil.
    I beleive Iwobi should be given at least 1 more year. Maybe just maybe he can turn it on next season. Just get in you know. He’s got the talent,the skills, the megs just needs to be composed in the 18 yard box and work on his finishing.
    It is reported that palace want 100 mil for him and not that he has got a release clause.No way his agent would have agreed to that then.

  41. Wasi

    There’s no way you can get chiesa or pepe for 35-50 mil.Those 2 are potential world class talenta and will definitely cost 50-55mil+. Maybe Guedes,neres ,lozano can be bought for that amount but the likelihood of them turning into world class is pretty less than for someone like Chiesa or Pepe .
    They got Brandt on the cheap because of his release clause and thorgan hazard is a 25-30 mil player at best.Though Brandt would have been an uograde for us i just cant imagine thorgan doing things he is doing in the bundesliga.

  42. TOLI83

    Depay looks to have turned a corner and is more than gettable, he’d have a point to prove now as well.

    Anyone else think Dunk could do a job. I’ve got a season ticket in the North Bank, when I see him play vs us he wins everything, a proper leader and fairly quick. British and prem ready. I can see him taking a step up, only 27 – 6ft 4. In a decent team he’d do very well.

  43. TOLI83

    Forget Iwobi, no cutting edge – he won’t make the top level grade of a prem winger. Impact sub (although he doesn’t score or assists enough) at the very best.

  44. Wasi

    Depay has become a better player sire but i think he is still too wasteful.For Dunk id say if he is available for 15-20 go after him but definitely not for 30 mil or 30 mil+.He might just become the new mustafi with the weight of the price tag.

  45. Champagne charlie

    Ziyech isn’t better value for money if he’s absolute dogshit in the prem.

    Zaha and Ziyech are both 26, I feel a lot more comfortable about Zaha’s ability to adapt to Arsenal than Ziyech’s ability to adapt to Arsenal and the premier league.

  46. Wasi

    No cutting edge for Iwobi. The EL Final goal against Chelsea must be in your recent memory . You might also remember the countless times he has found Kola on the overlap with perfectly weighed through balls. Just needs a bit more consistency and composure you could say. And if we can buy 2 good wingers covering the left and right flank then selling Iwobi seems reasonable otherwise just keep him on for another as a rotational option to see if he has got the drive to overcome his flaws. If he does thats one up for us if he doesnt we can replace him next summer when we will hopefully have CL money.

  47. James.wood

    Rice – Dunk — like Zaha will all be made unobtainable to Arsenal.
    We just can’t compete on the transfer market for these type of players.
    Rival clubs will up the anti on any player in the Premiership we
    enquire about.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    The problem is it doesn’t matter what names people talk about with a £45 Million budget we’re going to struggle massively. Tierney, although an absolutely necessity, takes up almost half our budget straight away.

    We’re left with £25 Million after that deal.

    It looks like we’re struggling to offload the shit Wenger and Gazidis loaded into the squad, no EPL teams are interested and because of that wages become an issue because the calibre of club a Mustafi, Mkhitaryan or Ozil (just no chance of offloading that twat) could realistically end up at either do not pay those sort of wages or expect massive bang for their buck.

    I think even if it risks us making a big loss this financial year, even if Kroenke has to be tapped up Arsenal should throw money at this window…Chelsea are going to struggle, United may well struggle to, 5th place could get you UCL and we will have a shot at the EL again as a way of getting into the UCL.

    How stupid if for the sake of not investing another £70-80 Million on top of our budget we miss out on an absolutely golden shot at UCL football and the springboard it will provide…especially considering a lot of the dross like Ozil will be entering the final year of their contract as well which means everything looks rosy.

  49. WengerEagle


    You seriously underestimate how broke Lille and Fiorentina are if you think that they would be in a position to turn down a 50m offer for either of those players.

    Lille have already had to sell their key CM man to Lyon this summer in Thiago Mendes as a N’Dombele replacement.

  50. englandsbest

    There are certain dull people who believe that everything is brand-new out on the football pitch. It isn’t, everything has been done before. All that has changed are some of the rules.

    To them, overlapping fullbacks and possession football seem like natural law. This may strike them as a revelation, but they are merely current fashion. They have come and gone before, and they will do so again.

  51. þorkell einarsson

    We have a zaha namesake in Zaka, he is fast and clever, young and would be
    eager to prove himself at the PL level..

  52. TOLI83

    Dunk is £20m for me. And if we can knocking he’d come. Apparently Wenger nearly singed him then pulled out last minute, unsurprisingly.

    Wasi, yes I remember the goal just on a consistent basis he is wasteful and doesn’t get in great positions. He just a very average player.

  53. Wasi

    Like last year i dont realistically think that our budget is 45mil. Last year too it was widely reported that we had 40 mil to spend but we actually spent about 65 .But it.might be thay of the 65 only 40 was down-payments and rest installments. Even if that is true we still might go on to spend above 45 + player sales.
    Tierney deal looking about 20 mil downpayment + we have also bought martinelli for 6 mil so thats 26 off of our 45.

  54. WengerEagle


    He will always be a dickhead for that dive to cunt us out of the CL SF in 2008.

    And Kolo Toure a clumsy bambi-footed muppet for gifting him the opportunity.

    That backline were such dozy fuckers, Clichy costing us at Birmingham as well.

  55. Paulinho

    WE – Yep, he was smart enough to know driving at Toure would reap dividends in the form of a daft challenge.

  56. TOLI83

    Who’s got this £45m figure.

    Has anyone from the club said this?

    I don’t get why everyone is fixed on this amount.

    We have Adidas etc more tv money. We spent £70m ish with no sales last summer. Didn’t spend in Jan, I’m sure we have more reserves than everyone thinks.

  57. Wasi

    No matter how broke lille and fioerentina might be. You dont find players like Chiesa and Pepe often. And also its not like there is just one or two clubs interested in these players , there are many.I bet that not one of these 2 will go below 60. And about being broke Lille have CL football next season so idk about being broke. Idk about Fiorentina much but they have already said that Chiesa will be at Fiorentina next season. So it’ll be very difficult ro get him for 50 this summer at least. And unless they are relegated next seaso. i dont see them selling him for less than 60.

    Yes thats what im saying.He has got the skills but not the consistency which makes him an average player.But if he works hard enough its not impossible for him to find that consistency and composure is what im saying.And realistically we have many objectives this summer and replacing Iwobi will not pe prioritised+ with all the hype about the young guns and stuff im sure he’ll be around next season.And he will have a winger or two challenging him for his position so you never know it night just turn out to be a good idea.
    Wenger is Wenger.He is the master of Pulling Out.

  58. Wasi

    We spent 70 mil ish last summer but not all of it was down-payments.And the 45 mil is reported by BBC David Ornstein too who is as reliable as theu come for Arsenal news. Anyways i think the 45 mil figure is just bollocks. We are freaking getting 30 mil a year just from the Adidas deal starting tomorrow + we have abundant sponsors and a very large reserve which we dont dive into.

  59. WengerEagle


    Lille are flat broke mate. They are not a CL club and will bow out in the groups. Lyon who finished below them are about to sign two of their players. No chance they play hardball on Pepe and hold out for over 50m imo. Exports from France rarely if ever go for that much.

    And Fiorentina sold Bernadeschi to Juve for 35-40m, a player that was more productive than Chiesa has been. They are a mid table Italian club, of course they’d bite on that kind of money put up. Simply not in a financial position to turn that down.

  60. WengerEagle

    Keita Balde looks fairly ordinary. Had one very good season at Lazio but hasn’t translated that form to his spells in Monaco or Inter Milan.

    Would be cool with a loan but we should look elsewhere for 30 odd million.

  61. Gentlebris

    The things people say here.

    Zaha has been doing it in the Prem, carrying a team. That Barca inserted a £350m clause in Dembele’s contract doesn’t mean a club can’t come and get him for £65m if Barca are really ready to sell, same goes for Zaha and Palace.

    Would you rather love Arsenal to stay off because of a big money release clause and let some smart party do a £50m deal for Zaha while we waste another £100m on so many nobodies?

    Zaha is a fine PREMIER LEAGUE proven player, he knows the football here, he speaks the language, he has been living in London!

    Much as I love Ziyech, one can’t be sure how he takes to the pace and power of the Prem. Malcolm? Oh, spare me the bullshit. I have not seen on excellent game he played at Barca, what should transform him here?

    We try for Zaha and we try very well, if it doesn’t work between us and Palace, we go for Ziyech.
    But we try for Zaha first.

  62. Wasi

    Lille might not be a CL club . But im saying that by qualifying for the CL they are financially stable at least for the coming season and do still have the upper hand in terms of selling Pepe . They are stable enough to keep him for another season but not stupid enough to do that. He will surely be sold this summer and im sure for good money. And good money nowadays is 60+ mil.

    Juventus signed Bernardeschi for 35 mil and that was good money back then. Neymar still had not inflated the market yet. But this is 2019 and Fioerentina are not stupid enough to sell their most prized asset for 35-50 imo.Pulisic who i beleive has a lower ceiling than Bernardeschi was bought for around 60 mil.

  63. Marc

    City have money to burn – how often do they buy players from within the PL?

    Not very often – why? Because PL clubs have too much money and demand crazy fees. Those crazy fees then get worse if the player is British.

    If we’re operating on a tight budget best avoid the PL.

  64. Wasi

    What you are saying is all well and good but Palace demanding 80-100 for Zaha is criminal.He is nowhere near worth that amount yet.50-60 seems reasonable amount but Palace just having sold RB with one prem season under his belt for 50 mil to a team desperate for a RB.I dont see them lowering their price for their most prized asset wanted by a team desperate for wingers.Maybe if we can do a playerS + cash deal. It just might work.But theres a very slim chance of that happening.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg

    The 45m figure is in every damn single transfer link to us, getting really boring to read. Also most likely bullshit. Oh and the Adidas deal isn’t 30m a year. It’s 60m a year, 30 more than Puma gave us.

    We already made 4m for Ospina and likely getting another 4m when Bennacer gets sold.

    If the Jeff gets sold for the reported 20m we get 10% of that.

    So already up 10m without selling anyone that played last season.

    Add Chambers for 15-20m to that and it looks a lot better already. Again without selling anyone that played last season.

    Then there’s Kos (5m) Mustafi (10-15m) Elneny (10m) Mikhi (10m) and Jebus willing Xhaka 25-30m)

    If we lower our asking price to realistic levels for some of our dross we should be able to ship them even on their overinflated wages.
    Except Ozil of course, we need a miracle to move that waster on.

    120-150m to spend.

    Saliba, tierney, Zagadou, Sangare, Hagi/Dominick would be around 110m combined and improve our team markedly, with massive potential for the future. Spend whatever there’s left on a winger, preferably Ziyech.

  66. Marc


    I agree with what you say but you also miss a point – ManU have been paying over the odd’s for players for a few years now. Fred for £50 million springs to mind, I also believe they could have got Pogba for less but wanted to be seen as making a statement by paying a world record fee.

    Palace don’t need to sell any player let alone their prize asset and they definitely don’t need to sell on the cheap.

  67. Wasi

    Sterlimg, Stones,Mahrez,Walker are all Prem signings.
    City have money to burn and they burn it. Pep is just like “Mr.Sheikh I see this guy in this team,i think he might be a good addition.”. Two days later he is posing with the player signing the contract. FFP needs to get their act straight tbh.

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Feel a bit sorry for Martinelli if Arsenal are going to use him in the kit launch, likely to be met with some frustration at the lack of transfer activity and concern he’s being passed off as a big signing.

  69. Marc


    We need to be careful on what we sell players for. It’s all well and good saying just take whatever we can for Mustafi £10 – £15 million but if his value on the books is £20 million then we’d be showing a loss on the accounts.

    With rumoured serious losses about to hit us we can’t afford to add to them.

    How fucking ironic is it that of all clubs Arsenal might be about to get fucked on FFP?

  70. WengerEagle

    Wasi .

    They are shifting assets like the Jackson family, I’d be surprised to see Pepe still there in September.

    And Bernadeschi was sold the same summer as Neymar was. Neymar didn’t break the market, Pogba had already been sold for silly money as had Higuain (75m for 29 year old in Serie A was unprecedented) and others.

    That was a list of names that I drafted off the top of my head in 2 mins as well, I’d hope our scouting/recruitment departments would have a bit wider a scope of talent that they are mulling over.

  71. Gentlebris

    ‘The problem is it doesn’t matter what names people talk about with a £45 Million budget we’re going to struggle massively. Tierney, although an absolutely necessity, takes up almost half our budget straight away.We’re left with £25 Million after that deal.’

    The smoke screen I expect Pedro to write about is the figure being pushed around as our transfer budget.

    It would be smart if we led everybody to believe we were broke on transfer.
    That could help.

    United just got Wan Bissaka for £50m, it could be less, but United are known to be extremely rich. Everyone naturally wants an extra slice of the bread.

    Arsenal’s budget for transfer is £45m, let it spread……some thick guys will believe and we’ll do some nice deals.

  72. Marc


    4 players over 3 years – is sort of my point. City can pay whatever they want because FFP isn’t working. Even with this in mind outside of Sterling all of the best signings come from overseas.

  73. Wasi

    I know i agree with you too.Palace dont need to sell and all. But If Zaha really is forcing a move then im saying it would be best for Palace to do a player + cash deal. In this Manu can only take 25% of the cash we pay and the players we exchange will be 100% palace’s cus.So this is how Palace avoid being robbed by ManU.Now Palace can sell these players on for 100% rights or keep them.But the possibility of such deal is highlt unlikely.

    And about Manu. Ill just say Woodwards is probably the worst sports director ever imo.With the money and rep. they possess they should be challenging for the PL’S AND CL’S. But anyways itz good for us so #woodwardin

  74. WengerEagle

    Julio Baptista could ball, was brilliant for Sevilla and won the Copa America leading a Brazil B side over Argentina’s a listers. Not to mention scored the goal that won Real Madrid 2006/07 La Liga in in the 1-0 Clasico win at Nou Camp.

    As poor as he was for us, he gave us that night at Anfield at least.

  75. Marc


    “And about Manu. Ill just say Woodwards is probably the worst sports director ever imo”

    That’s where we disagree I think he fucking amazing.

  76. Wasi

    Yes my point was. They dont care about the player being in England or Saudi. If he is good enough,they get him.They dont dwell on the price.
    They signed Danilo from Madrid to be their Reserve RB for 32 mil .Joke is that. Our reserve RB last season was a 34 year old finished player who wad behind Jenks in the pecking order. And next season its going to be a player who wants to play in midfield and is at times as clumsy as they come.And now they are apparently close to signing Cancelo for 45-50 mil maybe because Walker for 50 mil is not providing enough offeny output.

  77. WengerEagle

    United have pissed an incredible amount up the wall but as bleak as they are, they have better names on paper than we do.

    Lukaku was a complete rip off at 75m but they’ll probably recoup most of that fee for him given Inter are looking at him for 62m and he’s generated plenty of interest in Italy.

    Pogba and Martial would also command hefty fees and you could see some PL club paying over the odds for Rashford.

  78. Marko

    I mean I particularly mentioned Olmo because he plays for Zagreb for some reason. Could be a very decent pick up

  79. Wasi

    Pogba and Higuain had broken the market but Neymar ripped it to freaking bits and shreds. From 100 mil highest ever fee to 222 mil. Barca inserted that clause thinking no one would ever think of spending thag much on a football player and then someone actually did. That was the real summer of inflation i beleive. And Bernardischi was sold in the same summer but before Neymar signed for PSG. So the market still was a bit stable. But now it is complete chaos. Heck even we are chasing an 18 y.o. for 30 mil witb our budget reportedly being 45mil.

    And thanks for pointing out(whoever it was).The Adidas deal alone gets us 60 mil per year.

  80. Gentlebris

    Palace would rather sell than have a player whose heart is somewhere else.
    We can do a deal. We have people that they need.
    Convince Mikki to go there and we could have a deal.
    Mikki plus £40m would be too good to reject.
    They are already paying Zaha £120,000 p/w, so they are able to come to terms with Mikki about wages.

  81. Paulinho

    Baptista was a strange player. Didn’t really have a position, but had so many destructive traits to his game and could strike at any moment.

  82. Nelson

    Watched Torr played for Uruguary yesterday. He was like his old self playing the DM role. He didn’t need to do the high pressing as demanded by Emery. He let the opponents came at him and then he intercepted and tackled. His pass completion rate is almost at 100% He is most efficient playing his own game.

  83. Gentlebris

    ‘Anyone else watching the Copa America? Thoughts on that no.7 for Chile? Looks a bit of alright doesn’t he.’


    Don’t be desperate,man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    Probably helps that he doesn’t have to do all the running and defensive duties for 2 other layers as well as his own.

    Replace ballless and legless with some proper players and Torreira can go back to just doing his own job.

  85. WengerEagle

    He was the opposite of so many players that we’ve had Paulinho, the guy thrived on the big occasions but would give you 5/10’s most weeks over the course of a season.

    If he was a bit quicker and applied himself more he could have been a serious player at a high level.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    Completely agree.

    All well and good saying ‘just sit Torreira at CDM’ but what is in front of him at CM and CAM?

    At CM a player who cannot cover any ground at all.

    At CAM a player who has no interest in working for the team.

    This is why you can make your defence as good as you want, it’s going to get pelted at Arsenal with that midfield. As shit as our players in defence are for the most part, they’d look better if the midfield was more balanced and provided an adequate level of protection.

  87. WengerEagle


    I’m only half joking is the scary part, this is what watching Iwobi on a weekly basis has done to me.


    Besides Barcelona and PSG (Dembele, Coutinho, M’Bappe, Neymar) who are both operating on the elite end of the scale, nobody else are paying over 100m for players.

    There was plenty of chatter about Lemar a far more accomplished player than Chiesa going for 90m plus and he ended up going to Atletico Madrid for 60m.

  88. WengerEagle


    We need at least 2 CM’s, ideally three but with our budget, two may have to do.

    I’m pretty concerned that there’s been no noise on any so far and Ornstein only spoke about a winger on top of Saliba and Tierney.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    He did say some stuff about Arsenal looking for a CM and a box to box player. I don’t know if he was repeating himself accidentally saying they are looking for two midfield targets.

    But given Emery was at the Atletico game and some of the rumors about that Partey seemed to be one he wanted which suggests he wants to add legs and physicality to the midfield.

    Actually hurts thinking that Upamecano, Partey and Zaha were apparently our top targets if we secured UCL football. Add Tierney to that and you’ve addressed serious issues in the team.

  90. Marko

    I’m pretty concerned that there’s been no noise on any so far and Ornstein only spoke about a winger on top of Saliba and Tierney.

    What? He’s talked about a couple midfielders I believe.

  91. Marko

    No way do I believe for a second that our idea to address the defence is sign up Tierney and Saliba and that’s it.

  92. Paulinho

    I don’t think we are looking for a box-to-box player. It’s something that’s only done the rounds since Ramsey showed how effective B2B can be in that little spell near the end of the season. Before that it the idea of CM that made runs forward was almost sneered upon and most fans weren’t bothered.

    Still could be looking for a CM but I think it will another conservative type that keeps things ticking over, and the fact that there barely any B2B midfielders out there anyway.

  93. WengerEagle


    Atletico losing Hernandez, Griezmann, Rodri and Partey in one window?

    Not sure I see Simeone keen to further disrupt things there unless we present a stupid good offer.

  94. Marko

    Not sure I see Simeone keen to further disrupt things there unless we present a stupid good offer.

    He’s already spoken about a huge rebuild this summer and besides it’s a release clause he wouldn’t have a say in the matter.

  95. Paulinho

    WE = That’s why I’m open to splashing about a bit more on Zaha. At least he can drop deep, come central, and carry the ball into the final third so we might see less of the painful transition attempts with that lot.

  96. Marko

    43 million so 50 million euros. It’s not going to happen even if you don’t believe the stuff about having 45 million to spend (I don’t) but we don’t do release clauses. Could you imagine us paying 43 million up front? Me neither.

    I actually think that it’s a good thing that we haven’t seen a dick load of CM’s be linked. I look at it as us having a specific target and probably doing it on the quiet.

  97. Marko

    Going by some of the links that we can be more or less sure of this summer (Tierney, Saliba and Martinelli) perhaps we’re going young prospect for CM too. Who now that is another question. I wouldn’t mind Sangare at all

  98. Marko

    Really not a great Glastonbury this year. I will say I was surprised with that Lewis Capaldi lad. Mostly cause I didn’t know he was an actual singer. I saw an ad for his album and it looked like a skit from a show.

  99. WengerEagle


    Agree but his end product is still fairly average for the money being talked about, he’s not a matchwinner in the way Sterling, Mane, Salah, Sane and Bernardo Silva are or even Son/Lucas Moura.

    Where do you see the goals coming from next season?

  100. Paulinho

    WE – Yeah, I’m not expecting much from Zaha in the goal department, just looking for him to breathe some life into our laborious rigid team as it stands with so many straight line limited players that can only play in space yet can’t create any themselves. If he can run the ball well, pull the opposition about, then hopefully we will see the rest in a better light. If Zaha drops deep then Xhaka has someone to bail him out, if creates space in the final third Lacazette and Auba’s limitations are not as exposed and they can get shots off etc etc.

  101. Gentlebris

    Partey is muscle mostly. The kind of guy who run at things and run and run. Not slick one bit. Guy has lot of gas in the tank though, the kind of guy who can bail Ozil out on a regular basis.

    But for £43m, no.
    £30m max should do.

  102. HighburyLegend

    €72m…. whatever. The Arsenal board should be ashamed of themselves.
    Oh I forgot, they don’t even care.

  103. Gentlebris

    ‘Agree but his end product is still fairly average for the money being talked about, he’s not a matchwinner in the way Sterling, Mane, Salah, Sane and Bernardo Silva are or even Son/Lucas Moura.’

    Until Zaha(in his prime now)arrives at a big club one can never say.

    Mane at Southampton didn’t outshine Zaha at Palace in my opinion.

  104. Dissenter

    The Arsenal board have nothing to be sorry for. Several board members repeatedly stated that Wenger had money to spend on transfers.
    Instead we put the money away in bank accounts that are now deemed untouchable