Does Torreira to Milan make sense?

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Well, well, well… the ‘YOU TOOK THAT OUT OF CONTEXT’ police back-peddling hard as the Lucas T rumours kick it up another gear… again.

Of all the players I was hoping we’d ditch this summer, I have to be honest, he wasn’t up there… but the rumours keep persisting with a slightly different twist on them.

Now, we do have to remember, he came out in the press and said everything about England is shite. Hard to brush that under the carpet, whichever internet translator you use. There’s a history of South American’s not quite liking the vibes in the UK, and right now, he’s in the shop window of The Copa America. All these rumours have started for a reason, and my take is they’re there to make sure scouts are paying attention to him over the next month.

Question here is this: the second half of the season fade we saw from LT, is that just a first season thing? Or is it something deeper. He’s a very small player that lacks power, he’s not exactly built for war like Kante, is he? Mesut Ozil always fades in the second half of the season because he’s not fit enough for the league. Is there a chance that’s LT? Just playing devil’s advocate here…

Whatever the deal is, it’s not good news that over a month into the close season, the hottest exit rumour out of the club is a player we all think is a bit of a future star.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I think we have a very big problem mounting. Everyone in Europe knows who we want to sell. Xhaka, Ozil, Kola and Mustafi are all very well paid players, and it’s pretty clear that Arsenal are VERY keen to move them on. We have absolutely no leverage. Why would anyone go big now? Wait until we’re desperate to move them on at the end of the transfer window and see if you can nab a deal.

It’s a horrible thing to have to write, but be honest, you’d bet your house that all 4 of those players will be lining up in preseason this summer in that sweet Adidas training gear. That is going to be VERY disruptive if Emery dropped 1 out of 5 stars in their end of season reviews.

I’d like to think that we’re going to have some good news on the player front by preseason, but even that side of things appears to be moving slowly. My hope here is that we’re getting hard balled by clubs hoping to start a bidding war for their players. Celtic certainly appear to be quite firm about not losing another great player for fuck all. Maybe that’s the same across the board? Maybe small clubs are waiting to see where the first £200m signing goes before pricing their players?

I’d heard from a good place that the Zaha deal was very close with the player before the Europa League Final, the question is whether we’re still able to play in price ranges like that now we’re back in the poverty cup again.

Rumours elsewhere appear to be the same stories recycled. Saliba for £30m. Carrasco if he can escape. Whatever is going on, it’s a slow summer so far and it’s very hard not to fall into the doom trap thinking that if you don’t have the right people in place, it’s very hard to make the right decisions.

Also worth noting that almost no journalist is good with transfer rumours, so all these muppets on twitter highlighting great sources don’t know what they’re talking about. The whole transfer game is about deceit. Clubs try to move players on and attract buyers via the press. Agents constantly gas to anyone that will listen. Journalists and bloggers alike are desperate for hits so will go big without checking the veracity of the rumours. Even players are part of the game.

You can also have the most elite piece of information you can imagine… then BANG, you look like an idiot because a manager had a change of heart.

It’s a minefield out there… but one thing is for sure, it’s not good news when you’re a month into a rebuild and no one has been bought or sold.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Marko

    Give me a closing time girl any day.


    WE wrong about us blowing half our budget on Saliba. Structured payments probably some of it deferred being likely.

  2. Kay

    WE, you are reasonable usually. But comparing our situation now with Dortmund signing the 4 players is not acceptable.

    Dortmund is the 2nd best in bundesliga and are in CL next season. Cant say the same about us.

  3. Marc


    There was a story last week about the Glazer’s wanting to reign in some of the transfer fee’s paid out by ManU – they don’t see where the value is.

    Fuck knows why – Fred for £50 million – hardly plays, Pogba – world record fee and has fallen out with two managers in 3 years and wants a move, Sanchez on silly wages which means any player who’s offered a new contract now wants £250k per week minimum.

  4. Kay

    If we want us to be Dortmund ++ we have to wait for 3 more seasons and pray each and every saliba and tierney we sign turns out to be a Jadon sancho.

    With teams such as City, United who can spend 100 mil a season, Liverpool who hit gold with Coutinho and Suarez, Chelsea who already have a decent enough squad, Spuds who hit gold with Kane I have serious doubts we will get top 3 next season by spending 45 mil.

    I am just not optimistic.

  5. WengerEagle


    That was in response to Marko saying that we were all clamouring for us to be more like Dortmund, which I wasn’t but even if I was wouldn’t have made much sense given their business.

  6. WengerEagle


    That’s to do with Woodward’s incompetency not to mention the raft of shitty gaffers they’ve had between Moyesy, LVG and a Mourinho nearly as far past his sell-by date as AW was.

    OGS hire was a mistake on their part though so I have hopes that they aren’t going places anytime soon.

    But yeah, they’ve spent more than Liverpool and Spurs combined and close to Citeh and have a squad comparable with ours, comical isn’t it.

  7. Kay

    I actually think he is just taking the piss just like Arteta and his mystery sauce.

    I am not sure this Dortmund++ is going to help us challenge for PL. We need to be extremely lucky and we are always short of it historically.

  8. Marko

    wouldn’t have made much sense given their business.

    Sure. Even though they’ve signed up Diallo, Akanji, Zagadou young and will likely make a profit when they sell.

  9. Marko

    It’s been a week so of course Arsene is back talking absolute nonsense. Something about learning from your defeats or not acknowledging defeats. Some waffle

  10. MidwestGun

    Kay I agree.
    Dortmund got Pulisic on a free when he was 16 and sold him for 70mill to Chelsea 4 years later.. If we were like that Dortmund then yes.. we need to be like them. I think that’s the Pedro dream. Not sure how realistic that dream is at AFC though competing with who we have to compete against. Pulisic got starting time at Dortmund first team when he was 17 and 18. And not just a little bit of time here and there.

  11. Marc


    It’s worse than you think for ManU – the sponsorship deal with Chrysler runs out in 2 – 3 seasons. This is a deal who got a senior Chrysler exec fired for doing it and that was when ManU were competing. They desperately need to get back to being in the top 2 / 3 or they’ll start seeing the money pot shrink.

    I can’t see Woodward lasting more than another season – 18 months at a push. Right now if you had to put a bet on a sure thing it’d be OGS getting the bullet circa Christmas time.

  12. Wasi

    Isnt David Ornstein of a BBC a very reliable journalist. Tbf i think he’s the best one when it comes to news about Arsenal football club.

  13. Gentlebris

    Look at it this way re Saliba, the selling party insist they want him back on loan. You are now left with two options: accept or walk.
    Do you walk and allow another fella to grab the deal with both hands?

    I don’t really know the kid, but if he’s good…. really good, then he’s worth the wait.

    Like someone mentioned here, the £45m budget is total dogshit.
    The newspapers are the originators and they are probably the only people who believe the crap.

  14. TR7

    I take it Marko, Cesc and Marc won’t blame Koss or Mustafi when we concede a goal next season due to their mistake. At least we are planning well for the future.

  15. Marko

    I take it Marko, Cesc and Marc won’t blame Koss or Mustafi when we concede a goal next season due to their mistake

    Yes exactly. Cause planning for the future means that we now give players a pass for a mistake. The correlation between wanting to sign up a promising defender and whatever point you’re trying to make is really quite brilliant.

  16. Kay


    Exactly my sentiments. Its more important to understand who we compete against.
    Market has gone bonkers and even shite teams in EPL are spending 50mil easily nowadays.

    I have resigned to the fact that the ownership want us to be successful but not do it City or Chelsea way. If its self sustain bullshit I think we have to wait longer for the 14th one. We may have a better chance of winning CL than EPL as things stand provided we get into CL in the first place in the next 2 or 3 seasons.

  17. TR7


    ‘ wrong about us blowing half our budget on Saliba. Structured payments probably some of it deferred being likely.’

    Again that hackneyed albeit flawed logic of deferred payment. We will be paying instalments for signings made in the past too even as we make deferred payment for signings in the current summer.

  18. Dissenter

    No club needs to have that much cash at hand or in the bank…nd no other club does it that way.
    In your post, you tried to have it both ways… you suggested that we don’t have cash and then you stated that “even if” we had it.
    Truth is going by the AST review we are carrying too much cash at hand at a time when the footballing product is stagnating.
    There’s no basis for keeping amount of cash to run a football club.

    Liverpool are the prime example of a well run club that does not rely on sugar daddy funding.
    They had cash at hand or in bank of 4.5 million and 10.3 million in 2017-17 and 2017-18 respectively.
    Liverpoool have debt in excess of 120 million too, they too aren’t debt free.

    I don’t know why you will even make a statement about violating FFP by spending earned income that you already have in the bank? That’s just patent falsehood..

  19. TR7

    ‘Yes exactly. Cause planning for the future means that we now give players a pass for a mistake. The correlation between wanting to sign up a promising defender and whatever point you’re trying to make is really quite brilliant.’

    It’s very simple really. If we spend 25 M on a defender who can come in and replace Mustafi straightway we gain a few points which could be decisive for our future especially in terms of CL qualification. What’s the point in spunking half of our budget for a player we can’t even use in the coming season. As Kaynes said in the long term we are all dead. Arsenal are rapidly drifting away in to obscurity, we need immediate surgery. Saliba may or may not come good and won’t be of any use for 12 months anyway. Only a fool will sanction such a deal.

  20. LeMassiveCoq

    I’m sureIt’s been said before but this 40 million transfer budget is probably bollocks, Kroenke and co areNot stupid enough to tell everyone we have 200 million in the coffers. Surely though, with Chavs transfer ban and spuds needing all their dough for their stadium, this is the season to splash a bit of dough to get back in the top 4? City and pool will be shopping for a few top level additions. We should be able to find a few gems out there?

  21. Marko

    Very true TR7. Could be that there’s no money at all in fact. Deferred payment installments sure what’s a club to do. Certainly sounds like you know what’s going on

  22. Marko

    What’s the point in spunking half of our budget for a player we can’t even use in the coming season

    Ah yes. So we are spunking half our budget as well as paying installments for players bought years ago and deferred salary for the janitor. We’ve basically got nothing left. I agree only a fool would sanction a deal we might as well let him go to Spurs or City

  23. TR7


    You think other clubs don’t have contract negotiators ? There’s only so much you can defer payments of a signing made. Invariably a club pays the transfer money in approximately 3 years. So if we pay say 8M only for Saliba that doesn’t mean we have saved a lot of money to be spent on other signings. There are instalments for past signings as well which fall due.

  24. Kay

    Tbh if we are really serious we should have got rid of mustafi by now, should be looking for his replacement and bid for saliba as well.

    Its july in 5 days ffs.

  25. Marko

    So if we pay say 8M only for Saliba that doesn’t mean we have saved a lot of money to be spent on other signings. There are instalments for past signings as well which fall due.

    I thought we were spunking half our budget on him? Installments for past signings? It sounds like to me now this is just me but it sounds like you actually don’t know what is going on. You don’t know how much we’ve got available or how much he’s going to cost or how it would be structured. So basically when you say that we’re spunking half our budget you are in fact just talking out your backside.

  26. TR7


    ‘Ah yes. So we are spunking half our budget as well as paying installments for players bought years ago and deferred salary for the janitor. We’ve basically got nothing left. I agree only a fool would sanction a deal we might as well let him go to Spurs or City’

    Sorry mate you don’t get it but I will try again. Either you look at all the spendings on cost basis or on payment basis. If we look at cost basis, we will be spending half of our budget on Saliba. If we look at signings from payment perspective, we probably will be spending merely 8M this season but at the same time we will be paying installments for Laca and Auba signings which will also amount to say some odd 20M. So eventually whichever way you look at it, it’s all.the same.

    You are not looking at the full picture and conveniently considering only Saliba’s transfer and corresponding deferred payment , totally discounting other installment falling due.

  27. TR7

    ‘So basically when you say that we’re spunking half our budget you are in fact just talking out your backside’

    All you need to do is pause for a minute and think.

  28. terraloon


    First off you are right that no other clubs operates the same model but therein is the problem that’s the model that Arsenals owners want to operate by. That could change in a blink of an eye but isn’t likely is it?
    Once you acknowledge that basic fact then just as night follows day you have to accept that the club can’t spend most of the supposed cash on-hand.
    As for me wanting it both ways are you real? The basic point I was trying to make and it’s something that you clearly don’t grasp is those cash reserves have been accounted for in years gone past as FFP will only focus on three years accounts.The fact that you can’t just spend what you’ve banked in years gone by is a major flaw of FFP but it’s what Arsenal signed up to.
    Liverpool’s American owners operate a whole different model to Arsenal indeed they have made substantial loans to club partly to finance past purchases but also to build the new stand.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    If anyone could be bothered, I can’t…but I said sell Torrier to anyone now, about two weeks ago!!! The son of a bitch is short, lightweight and too unskilled for this league. Sure he came in, ran about and scored a peach…so did the AIDS riddled Eboue.

    If Milan want this prick, sell him. There has to be better out there than him. And if we can make £10m on the deal…I will actually applaud The Gunners for the first time in about 17 years.

    Piss off.

  30. Marko

    If we look at cost basis, we will be spending half of our budget on Saliba. If we look at signings from payment perspective, we probably will be spending merely 8M this season but at the same time we will be paying installments for Laca and Auba signings which will also amount to say some odd 20M. So eventually whichever way you look at it, it’s all.the same.

    Ah yes all the same. Like I said before you don’t know what our budget is you don’t know how much Saliba would cost and you don’t know what structured payments we have this summer. Maybe you need to take a minute and think and maybe realize that you don’t know what you’re talking about especially when you say that we’re spunking half our budget. It’s basically guess work from you but sure enough you’ll still say it

  31. MidwestGun

    Yep.. if Saliba is a limiting factor in our transfer business then we are fucked already. I don’t think he is.. I think the limiting factor is inability to move some of the veteran mistake prone and unproductive players out who are on higher wages. So at the moment we are signing players who won’t command bigger wages ..Saliba, Martinelli, Tierney. Hence why I’m more upset at lack of outgoing.

    As for FFP… it’s on a 3 year rolling cycle… so at some point we need to take a chance and take a bigger loss to achieve something… Although you could argue that’s what we did with Lacazette and Auba and failed. Most likely because we failed to address other needs and we didn’t take a risk at the appropriate positions… neglecting the midfield (only bought Elneny)and counted on Ozil to step it up.. but that’s just me.

  32. englandsbest

    Holding is a marker, a pointer, for what Emery/Raul should be doing. The Club cannot compete for the best players, it does not have the dough. The guy cost, I believe, £4m. Sell Auba and the Club has the money for fifteen players at £4m apiece. And the total wage bill would be far less than Ozil’s salary (and probably less than Auba’s salary.)

    Buying second-best players will not return the Club to top 4. And all the players mentioned as possible targets strike me as second-besters. Far better to rebuild, starting from the bottom.

    Down there in the lower divisions there are bound to be Club with a young well-drilled defence, a defence ready-made. Buy them all. If the Arsenal coaching staff are worth their salt, they will make them better.

    Wingers are born, not made. Find a couple of young ones. Scour Europe for young talented midfielders and strikers desperate to get playing time in a Club of Arsenal’s standing. Again, if the talent scouts are worth their salt, it should not be a problem.

    A huge challenge – but a truly exciting one.

    Frankly, I doubt whether Emery/Raul have the cojones.

  33. TR7

    ‘Like I said before you don’t know what our budget is you don’t know how much Saliba would cost and you don’t know what structured payments we have this summer. ‘

    You are talking as if Raul has deployed you for finalizing the terms of Saliba’s transfer. If Saliba costs some 20M plus, then we will be spending approximately half of our budget (£50M) on him. I am.making my arguments based on rumored price for him. Did not know that one had to know exact details of each transfer for him to comment on it. Instead of trying to at least understand my point, you are indulging in verbal gymnastics. Anyway, carry on. I am not interested in belaboring the same point over and over again when you are deliberately obfuscating from the main point.

  34. Dissenter

    “Once you acknowledge that basic fact then just as night follows day you have to accept that the club can’t spend most of the supposed cash on-hand.”

    No one is asking that we spend most of the cash.
    All I’m saying that there’s something fishy about a club that’s living from hand-to mouth when their end product is getting worse by the day,
    We should keep what the bank requires us to keep – money to service the stadium debt and then a bit more for emergencies.
    My point is that is we invest all the unnecessary cash hoard on good players, they can be sold off if the shite hits the fan. That’s a better way to keep your savings.
    Nice chatting with you even though we dont agree about some things.

  35. Dissenter

    This Saliba argument is flawed though
    Would anyone object to signing him and loaning him back if we were assured the transfer fee wasn’t from this year’s budget?
    That’s where bravery comes in. Our conservatism is going to reduce us to a perpetual mid table club pretty soon.

  36. Guns of Hackney

    England’s best

    While I applaud your idea, alas it just doesn’t have legs. Arsenal are rich. Period. Forget the BS about transfer budget, we are bankrolled by a billionaire and everyone knows it. We also have a monster wage bill and everyone knows it. We also have the highest tickets in Europe…and yes, everyone knows it. We’re not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

    Unless we go down Hackney Marshes and offer heroin and a salmon to a scumbag who is plodding on a Sunday, we are paying what the selling club wants. Because of our awful rep in the transfer window, selling clubs know what we’re about and will increase their price accordingly. We did this to ourselves with our poor negotiating skills.

    Guaranteed if us or Everton were in for the same player, they get him for £20m less.

  37. Pierre

    Talk all you like about who’s coming in and who’s going out and how much our transfer budget is ….nothing will change until we employ the correct manager for Arsenal football club.

    Maybe the club are reluctant to give Emery sufficient funds ( as in the January window) because they are not convinced by his management style and his handling of certain players.

    I’m sure there must be people within the club who are questioning his tactics and his approach to the game .
    The number one priority should have been the defence , this has clearly not been the case with Emery and I believe that doubts must have been raised as to why the manager has not addressed this area despite defensive additions to the side.

    I have no doubt that if we had a manager who came in and gained the trust of the club, funds would have been found in January and in this transfer window.

    As it turned out , the Suarez debacle in January has only added more fuel to the fire and raised even more doubts about the manager’s judgement.

  38. Dissenter

    There’s talk that Spirs are about to grab Saliba from us …to loan him back to St Ettiene until next season.

    I can just see the likes of TR7 escalating their Pochettino hype in 2021 because Saliba was dominating the league.

  39. Marko

    Did not know that one had to know exact details of each transfer for him to comment on it

    No but if you say that we’re spunking half our budget on the player you have to at least be able to argue better than guess work. I mentioned that we could be deferring payment while he’s on loan for the season and you answer with instalments on Aubameyang. Basically you’re guessing. You don’t know our budget or how much he’d cost or anything about what installments we have this summer. I too am tired of arguing with someone that doesn’t know whether or not Saliba would in fact cost us half our budget this summer.

  40. Pierre

    I am not against a buying Saliba and loaning him back , would be pointless signing him and having him in the bench when he could be getting important minutes somewhere else.

    Any signing is a gamble , there are rarely any 100% certainties so buying for the future is fine.

    The most important person at a football club is the manager and my concern is that Emery will not progress the club …….the opposite in fact.

  41. Dissenter

    “Anyone hopefully Saliba ends up at Spurs. The deal is all kinds of wrong for us it seems”

    That’s what is going to happen…then the Poch-lovers will use him to show how badly Arsenal are run when the lad starts to dominate the league.
    There’s a reason why many big clubs are sniffing around the lad. We can sign him now or wait until he’s 22 to marvel at how good he is while he’s playing for someone else.
    I want to she Arsenal moving away from this short term fire-extinguishing mode to actually doing some medium term planning.

  42. Marc


    “nothing will change until we employ the correct manager for Arsenal football club.”

    And when were you struck by this revelation? I’m guessing in the last 12 or so months.

    I would ask who this manager should be but I won’t get an answer beyond Wenger & Ozil good – Emery bad.

  43. bennydevito

    Evening Grovers, good post Pedro.

    Haven’t gone through all the comments yet so sorry if this has alre been discussed, but according to Sky sports, Spurs are in advanced talks to sign Jack Clarke from Leeds for as little as £8.5m! That is an absolute steal and we should be all over that because at 17 that represents way better value for money than what we might pay for Carassco or Fraser and after 1 good season at Spurs he will be worth around £30m anyway at 18 yrs old.

    If Spurs get Clarke for £8.5m and we fork out £30m for Fraser or Carassco I’m not going to be happy.

    In fact I’d rather we sign Clarke for £8.5m than Zaha for £50m all day long.

  44. Dissenter

    “The most important person at a football club is the manager and my concern is that Emery will not progress the club …….the opposite in fact.”

    You could very well be right, who knows?
    I only hope you found this clarity of expression when Wenger was stinking up the place for 5-8 years.
    Where was this Pierre then?
    a] in the cecum of Wenger?
    b] in the ascending colon of Wenger?
    c] in the transverse colon of Wenger?
    d] in the descending colon of Wenger?
    e] in the rectum of Wenger?

  45. MidwestGun

    nothing will change until we employ the correct manager for Arsenal football club.
    Don’t really disagree with this.. But Emery is on last chance saloon.. second year of a two year deal. So that doesn’t give the upper management an excuse to screw the fans over by screwing up a transfer window. We still have to build for the future regardless of who the manager is in 2020/2021. If they don’t trust him with management skills as you speculate then I doubt he has the final say in transfers either, Why would you give somebody you don’t trust final authority and responsibility? More likely the organization has changed the setup so the manger is not the most important cog in the transfer process.

    Also, who the right manager is for AFC isn’t exactly a cut and dry thing either. Speculating that Edu will have some say in that.. if he in fact even takes the job.

  46. Marc


    There’s no way they are giving a manager who’s got a year left complete control of our transfer budget when we have to be so careful with what we spend.

    It’s strange how the only people who don’t understand that the management structure now doesn’t give all the power to the manager are the ones pining for Wenger.

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agreed mid

    Too early to put him down yet…

    One of the reason he allegedly got the gig was his don revise style dossier of the youngsters and players…

    It’s time he weirded the axe.

    Informs players who he wants n not.

    Maybe July 1 is a special date with contracts,,.

    Maybe he is waiting on the ffp with City an wants to see if we creep in the back door.

    Which I don’t want.

  48. Marc


    I’d take getting into the CL through a loop hole any day (the extra cash would give us a serious helping hand) but I’d bet you a cold beer on a sunny day that if City get a CL ban it’ll be for next season not this.

  49. MidwestGun

    Yep, Every single interview I read with Raul, Vinai etc.. they talked about the new structure at AFC. The importance of making it a modern structure with checks and balances. I believe Emery himself said he knew this was a short term gig. This is why I was concerned previously Edu isn’t here earlier … we changed the structure and then created a hole in it. I do think Emery has a say of course but not the final say. And just in the interest of self preservation I’m sure he is pushing for players he can use this season.

  50. bennydevito


    Not sure about the loan part but as far as I’m concerned that Clarke has been brilliant for leeds all season and has massive potential that we need to be getting ahead of Spurs on, because if Poch wants him with his record of developing talent then Clarke must be the real deal.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    City will fight tooth n nail to keep their place.

    For me I only want to be in it when we have a team to win it…

    Money it provides is the poison that’s killing football..

    When I was a kid
    Football finished end of may start in August .

    Preseason freindlies at local club.

    Honest football

    Football will eat itself.

  52. Marko

    Arsène Wenger: “I have a Nelson Mandela’s quote in my office: ‘I never lose. Either I win or I learn. Except in our business, we must not lose otherwise we do not have time to learn. Victories give you time to right the wrongs, defeats bring all you achieved into question.”


  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All the talk is of man united and there new season with young players…

    We’re gonna miss the party again.

    As I said previously unless July the 1st is some magical starting gun and all come in then….

    This is arsenal
    This is ground hog season.

  54. terraloon


    The irony is some , no quite a lot, applaud this whole sustainable operating model.

    It might work in a benevolent industry but football is a cut throat high risk business where you have to speculate using every means available.

    Somewhere , somehow , some have brainwashed a huge swathe of supporters and at Arsenal aided and abetted by AW the majority like members of a brainwashed cult did a hop and a skip as they celebrated the annual declaring of record profits and the build up of cash in the bank surely proved all was well with the world and as for titles or trophies no need because the leader told all who would listen that 4th place was better than silverware.

    Those profits and the growth in cash should have indicated that something didn’t make sense far too many bought into the mantra that all those sacrifices would mean be a better tomorrow.

    And here we are tomorrow’s arrived and all the good housekeeping, all the sacrifices haven’t resulted in the promised land.

    But not to worry because while others get stronger, Arsenal claim the moral high ground .

  55. terraloon


    Some would say a pretty clever one. That was until they went all in on the stadium build.

    Suspect we will know more in a year or two but for me everything there is built on sand and shifting sand at that.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Just comes across as petty

    They are well structured club

    Love or loathe

    Levy is a shrewd business man.

  57. Marko

    You can only look on in envy at a club making the most out of champions league football and trying to kick on after reaching a final. The summer after we reached the final we sold Sol Campbell Ashley Cole and Bobby Pires and brought in Thomas Rosicky. Within a year we sold Henry. On top of all those years in the Champions League we never kicked on. Spurs have. Shame. We’ll just add it to the list of fuck ups by you know who

  58. Champagne Charlie

    Christ the resident YouTube scout out on the mass Saliba defensive. N’dombele given the seal of approval too now, so that’ll be a 50-50 on him being absolute pony next season then.

    Tierney almost ready to go apparently, happy days. Torreira stuff being more and more annoying, we should make a stance, make a statement, and move on.

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We were only in cl for money

    Be in it to win it….

    The club needs to be stripped back to the core.
    Then layers of good stuff.

  60. Marko

    Oh hey it’s that dickhead who wanted Antonio Valencia signed and who rates Xhaka and makes excuses for signing Gervinho over Hazard. Alright lad. I’d say it’s the Wenger comment earlier that just got your blood boiling. Aww pet

  61. terraloon

    I wouldn’t get too carried away just yet.
    Spurs will have learnt big from what happened at Arsenal and as I say we will know more in a year or two maybe even as soon as the end of this window.
    Levy has the reputation of being shrewd but how shrewd was it to go ahead with a stadium re built without any sort of fixed price contract ? Don’t forget until the stadium build is completed they are only servicing the debt and not paying off any of the capital.
    It will be very interesting to see who leaves them and for what sort of money. I suspect that come come kick of the new season there won’t be much of a net spend .

  62. Marko

    Whose place will he take ?

    Ndombele? Probably him and Winks/Sissoko in midfield. He’ll be a starter for sure

  63. Dissenter

    ‘So much for Spurs being broke post stadium move then…”

    Poch used the leverage of their CL run to publicly demand for the way the club is run. He publicly threatened to walk away.

    Wenger used the political leverage he had to secure another 12 years after our CL final appearance. He used his to personally better himself.


  64. Marko

    Shame old great eye for talent didn’t spot him back when he was at Amiens. Spent money on Lacazette that whole summer and that was enough for him. Knackered he was

  65. Champagne Charlie


    They have a plan, competent leadership, and a manager that can make the sum better than the parts.

    He replaces Dembele for me (not like for like), he was a huge miss for them last season. Such a baller. Let’s be honest they need something in there, Wanyama, Dier, Sissoko are all fairly dogshit (relatively speaking) outside of being physical champions.

    Fanny ragging isn’t your best colour. Back on the ‘tube and keep everyone up to date with your expert view on all next gen talents. Go on treacle, I can almost hear the scout nation intro music kicking in, followed by some wank drum and bass.

  66. Samesong

    Fanny ragging isn’t your best colour. Back on the ‘tube and keep everyone up to date with your expert view on all next gen talents. Go on treacle, I can almost hear the scout nation intro music kicking in, followed by some wank drum and bass.

    Marko I know you chuckled at this. Loooool CC you are too much.

  67. Marko

    Good one? Maybe you should actually watch a bit more football pal. Maybe it’ll dawn on you that Antonio Valencia isn’t that good anymore and should be avoided at all costs. Anyway very impressed Charles that’s a whole three comments you made without mentioning Emery. You’re improving

  68. Marko

    Same I might have laughed if I got the scout nation reference. Probably not though he’s an insufferable melt. I think the funniest thing he ever wrote was that we should sign Antonio Valencia

  69. WengerEagle

    Hahaha Scoutnation do have that same shitty drum and bass on loop don’t they? Bit of cheeky dubstep flung in for a particularly special talent.

    Yeah Charlie CM was the one area where they are pretty bog standard mediocre. N’Dombele goes some ways to addressing that.

    Neymar to Barca return looks full on the cards at this stage, would be amazed to see him in a PSG shirt again.

    Their president sounds like he can’t be fucked with his antics anymore. I’d they reinvested the sizable sum in improving their pedestrian midfield and built around M’Bappe going forward it is a move that suits all parties.

    Not sure what it means for Griezmann though, they can hardly sign them both?

  70. Dissenter

    Regarding spurs; ‘They have a plan, competent leadership, and a manager that can make the sum better than the parts.

    Everyone can see how you like to skirt past Wenger when describing the origins of our problems. We can all see your elaborate tap-dancing routine.

    Spurs didn’t have an omnipresent manager who was still screaming a the mountain top that it is ideal for players to reach the last year of their contract. He also said it will soon be commonplace. I guess Mr Levi didn’t subscribe to the Wenger doctrine.

    Spurs can afford Ndomble because they weren’t given mega contracts to dud players that Wenger considered “perfect”. They weren’t given 50k weekly contracts to Wenger babes like Jenkinson. Ndombele will cost them -15 million because they will sell Ericken to Madrid for about 75-80 million.

  71. Valentin


    I agree that Spurs net spend is likely to be close to zero or even negative if they sell Eriksen for Big money.

    I don’t think that they have restarted paying the debt. I was under the impression that they will start repaying the capital of the debt next summer, hence the absolute need to be in the Champion’s League this coming season.

    Regarding the massive sale of players, rumours in the city being that it was to prettyfy the accounts before the club sale or IPO.

  72. WengerEagle

    Don’t fib now Marko pal, you got the Scoutnation reference haha.

    It was a good burn. You dropped a good one earlier yourself with the supermodel needing to attend to your asscrack and emotional reassurance in addition to the bj, give the man his props.

  73. Samesong

    Wow Sky just put on a rerun of City getting battered 8-1 by Middlesborough in 2008, my have times changed.

  74. Marko

    WE honestly I don’t get the reference. I am unfamiliar with Scout nation. I actually don’t YouTube football that much it’s full of music

  75. Valentin

    One of the most worrisome aspect of the rumours regarding Arsenal is the one we don’t hear about.
    Of all the central players we have been rumoured after, none had any physicality, none had a great defensive radar.
    Most of Arsenal defensive problems stems from our lightweight and static midfield. Torreira is a terrier when we need an hound. Xhaka has the mobility and dynanysm of a super-tanker. If Emery stick to the same tactic of only having two central midfielders, without a new player to fix that issue, Arsenal will always be under more pressure that it can sustain.

  76. WengerEagle

    Middlesbrough were OK back in the day still remember them being the only side capable of stuffing Mourinho’s Chelsea for a time.

    Yakubu and Viduka CF partnership.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Interested to see where Spurs net spend ends up. If they actually invest City, Liverpool and Spurs are off by themselves.

    Be a fight for 4th with the rest of the top 6 and potentially 5th as well if City are banned from the UCL.

  78. Champagne Charlie

    Yea they’re standard there, but good base qualities for the prem as they’re all runners and chasers – Wanyama to get shifted soon tho as he’s looking a bit Obafemi these days at 27, wink, wink. Still struggle outside Kane for me, Son is dangerous, Moura has his moments, but Dele was gash last season and needs a good one this coming year or he might join the Lallana’s of this world.

    Live and laugh I say lol

    You’re in “boring” file mate, gone way down in my estimations after your recent spate of flaring up and running away when engaged on it. I won’t bother rising to any of your bait, away and plan your next hissy. Valentin odds on fave as the recipient.

  79. Guns of Brixton

    Spurs land Ndombele…

    Taking a break from football this year.

    To watch Arsenal now needs a sadists touch.

  80. MidwestGun

    Hahaha ha every … News link article is Arsenal fans shocked, Arsenal fans delighted, Arsenal fans surprised, Arsenal fans Rage.

    Meanwhile the Club have basically done nothing. Just think what we will do if something actually happens.

  81. MidwestGun

    Yep… If you think Arsenal fans hate Kroenke. Take a trip to St. Louis sometime and mention his name. There are several more lawsuits out there too. I think around 3 or 4. The City of St louis is still paying for an empty stadium and real estate developers bought land based on it being used in that area as well. . And there are some vendors who bought now obsolete merch.. suing for breach of contract and fraud because they bought stuff in the last year of the team being there and at that time the Rams were talking about staying and selling PSL’s etc…. By the time it’s all said and done he will most likely end up paying a bit more.

  82. Words on a Blog


    Hmm, interesting stuff about the other St Louis lawsuits and the anti-Kroenke sentiment over there. I wasn’t aware of them.

  83. Words on a Blog


    Haha just saw the Kroenke “urinal screens”!


    It’s a shame I don’t know anyone over at the cleaning staff at the Emirates, I would have loved to have arranged to put them into the urinals just before our first match…

  84. MidwestGun

    Woab.. –
    That would be classic caper. That’s why I laugh when people say You follow team because of owner being a Yankee.. I’m like yeah right we hate that fucker too. I followed Arsenal before that A-hole got here.

  85. Sid

    Jesus this place can moan!

    1. There is no guarantee that we have signing Saliba

    2. No one knows the structure of the fee if we are signing him. For all we know, we could have offered 5 million plus wage for this year and 25 next

    Do people really think, I mean take a second and reflect, do you really think that we are spending half our budget on a guy who we will then loan out?

    ….. And valentine, the list of Wenger’s ‘nearly signed’ players is legendary.

  86. Words on a Blog


    What’s the betting that we will “nearly sign” Saliba and therefore “nearly” loan him back out.?

    In the meanwhile, Le Grovers will “definitely” vociferously criticise or support the “nearly” deal.

  87. Sid


    The transfer season does bring out the jitters, the infamous 8-2 trolley dash and the Cech window has scarred most for life.

  88. China1

    Sky sports suggesting that arsenal are planning to make xhaka our Captain proper should the deal to atletico fall through as expected

    It’s the relentless failures of the club which is why people don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    Fool me one shame on you. Fool me 50 times shame on me

  89. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, definitely feeling jittery now, even if it’s still relatively early.

    I started off reasonably optimistic, but such is the magnitude of the squad rebuilding that’s needed, I’m getting nervous given the absence of any concrete news of any incomings or outgoings.

  90. China1

    Like how many times have we been let down by the club and how far away are we from being relevant?

    The time for just casually giving the club the benefit of the doubt and ‘judge me in May/August/January died a long time ago.

    Let’s have arsenal make big strides forward before we put our trust and hope back in them don’t you think?

  91. Elmo

    So Tets is the early favourite for the Newcastle job, according to the tabloids and the bookies.

    I don’t think he’s earned a crack at a PL job, but Newcastle would be an interesting club to evaluate his ability, seeing as it’s pretty clear what they’re about, and that the owner is not going to facilitate a huge splurge on players that would distort how you can assess him.

    Hopefully he gets it and we can watch from a comfortable distance whether he swims or sinks.

  92. China1

    I’d be very happy for him to get the Newcastle job. That’s a real test

    Go there and do really well (by standards relative to Newcastle ofc) and id happily endorse him as a possible candidate when emery is out, which will probably be next summer

  93. China1

    I think we need a bit of perspective about saliba

    He’s being spoken of like a proven world beater available on a shoestring budget who if we don’t get him our rivals will get him certainly leading to their great success whilst we fail miserably

    To be clear, the kid looks like a fabulous prospect and I would LOVE for us to sign him right now for this season even if he costs us 30m or a bit more to get the deal over the line

    But the facts remain:

    1) he is unproven
    2) he is very expensive for his age and inexperience
    3) we’d have to wait a year for him (assuming we’re not willing to pay more)
    4) our rivals potentially signing him does not mean we can’t buy a quality CB this summer.
    5) there’s no guarantees if he signs for our rivals he will be a success. He’s an unproven kid
    6) you can’t just go out and buy all the expensive young prospects just because rivals might go for them. That’s what Chelsea did with the hot prospect Shaun wright Phillips back in the day and he didn’t amount to money especially well spent
    7) city have an entirely world class squad. Him signing for them or not won’t change that. We are entirely incapable of weakening them by signing players that they want. They’d just buy another top class CB instead. Same outcome
    8) our CB situation is shit right now and we must not go into next season without a significant upgrade. Saliba being a beast for us in 2021 does nothing for us being shit in 2019/2020. We don’t have the luxury of being so patient when we are absolutely gash defensively already. Spurs and city aren’t in that situation and can afford to wait

  94. Pierre

    You left out
    9) we have a manager who doesn’t know how to set a team up defensively.( With or without top class defenders)

  95. Graham62

    Twelve months of transition and a few sceptical management decisions by Emery and Co,does not paper over the cracks of thirteen years of gross mismanagement. Sorry, but it fudging doesn’t.

    Some would have us believe that we should be able to duplicate Liverpool’s achievements of the past three seasons because we had a team and infrastructure set in place that would make it possible. No we bloody didn’t!

    The reason we can’t go out and get the likes of Zaha is simple. We fucked up, BIG TIME!! When a club is prepared to hand so many average players astronomical salaries, over a thirteen year period, it will eventually come back to bite you.

    The reason we can’t splash the cash has nothing to do with our new stadium or our much talked about sustainable business model/ honourable club values, it all boils down to the fact that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing when it came to paying our players the appropriate salary based on their abilities and true value to the club.

    That’s right! The likes of Denilson/ Bendtner/ Almunia/Diaby/ Jenkinson etc etc etc etc are the reason we can’t go out and get someone like Mr Zaha and not because of, as some would have us believe, the inefficiency of our new regime.

    Add to this the “lets run down their contract’ philosophy, and you’ve got the perfect mixture for financial regression

    We have become a second tier club because of one thing and one thing alone.

  96. CG


    “”””Does Torreira to Milan make sense?”‘”””


    Whilst Spurs are apparently buying 6ft tall,strapping powerhouse midfielders to supplement their Alli,Sons and Sissokos etc we are prevaricating over whether to keep our diminutive midfielder.

    One of the most overrated players we have had for a while.Our defensive record has actually somehow got worse- since his arrival…

    Torreira’s lack of dynamism, endurance, inches and power are in complete contrast to what Spurs currently have.

    Add in to the mix- this constant drip feeding by his agents about his Homesickness and the weather back in London he should never wear our shirt again.

    AMN can just as easy take his position.
    And improve upon it ,substantially.

    Send him to Italy pronto.
    He would actually fit in very well with the Italian army- come to think of it..

    Get Shot!

  97. Batistuta


    Haven’t you heard the world would end if we don’t sign Saliba?


    Your Emery bashing has gotten old and stale…We all know he doesn’t set up a defence bla bla bla but try setting up one with Mustafi, an aged Monreal and Xhaka sitting in front of them….

    Which is why people are frothing at the mouth that we’re about signing another unknown and sending him back for a year when we need immediate improvements to the playing squad NOW… Doesn’t have to be some journey man player but I’m sure there are other defenders we can get who’d do a job for us this season who are miles better than what we already have.

    Izzo from Torino was mentioned, Andersen at Sampdoria or Mancini at Atlanta would do a job for us.

  98. Batistuta


    As much as the last regime was to blame for mismanagement of funds and stupid contracts, at what point exactly do we move on from the blame game and actually pay attention to what the new team are doing? Wasn’t their job meant to be to clean up the mess at least little by little?

    We’re about to go into another season with Xhaka and Mustafi and El Neny still here with 2 of those offered new contracts by this new team so maybe we should start asking what exactly the new team are doing to rid the stench of the old guys rather than always playing the blame game which not withstanding has its own merits

  99. KAY Boss

    When people try to ignore the damage, mess and catastrophe the old regime left us but blame the new one for all our mishappenings it beggers belief really.
    Spurs signing Ndombele doesn’t guarantee he’ll be a hit just like Naby Keita is to Liverpool. Vincent Jansen comes to mind.
    We can stop drooling over players our opponents sign. I understand the Arsenal situation so I’m more concerned about what we do. By doing so there will be less expectations leading to less frustrations.

  100. Receding Hairline

    “As much as the last regime was to blame for mismanagement of funds and stupid contracts,”

    Well Batistuta not everyone believes the last regime did anything wrong. Some still talk like Wenger was let down by a lack of funds etc

    A few posters on here have never acknowledged anything wrong was done over the past ten years by Wenger, they make excuses upon excuses for how things turned out, mention the name Emery though and they become tactics experts and critics ….

  101. HighburyLegend


    Sorry, just woke up in sweat, a bad dream…
    Very usual at this time of the year for all the Gooners.

  102. silverhawk

    If Neymar goes back to Barcelona, is it possible we get Dembele on loan with an option to buy?. Say a 2 year loan or something?

    Looks like they will be having an attack consisting of Griez, Suarez, messi, and Neymar.
    Few deals to be had here.

    If he goes to Madrid, we can try for Isco.

  103. Sid

    Pierre you sound like a broken record, your posts arre either 1. Emery is shit 2. I wank to Ozil.

    I mean surely you have a wider range than that?

  104. Sid

    I so fucking irritated of every transfer article running with ‘arsenal have limited transfer budget’, ‘arsenal only have 40 million’ or some such variation.

    I can’t seem to remember reading an article in the last 3 weeks that didn’t carry this disclaimer.

  105. Valentin


    A few posters on here have never acknowledged anything wrong was done over the past ten years by Wenger, they make excuses upon excuses for how things turned out, mention the name Emery though and they become tactics experts and critics ….

    I would say that exactly the opposite. A few posters use Wenger and Gazidis’s mistake to absolve Emery and Raul of any blame for all the mistakes they have made. Poor them, they are in an insurmountable situation because of the failing of those before.

    Yes they have been inherited a bad situation, but conversely they have also worked very hard to make it worse.

    Instead of focusing on the league and top 4, Emery prioritised the Europa League. The result we ended up without Champion’s League.

    This winter, there were CBs available to buy or on loan who would have helped steer Arsenal toward top 4 and put Mustafi/Lichsteiner on the bench, yet Raul prioritised a lightweight midfielder in a position where we were well stocked.
    This summer, we are trying to bluff our way to high price for Xhaka, Mustafi, Koscielny when everybody know that we have no leverage. We want to get rid of them to buy new players, yet we are asking unrealistic prices for average, overpaid old players with no potential uplift. What a surprise that nobody is biting. Xhaka is not a 60 millions players, Koscielny in his last year of contract is not a 10 millions player.

    There is value in the market, they just need to work smarter and quicker than others. Accept that our players are not worth that much, and try to sell them at a realistic price. Buy young hungry players with the physical attribute to be successful in the league.

  106. Biggles

    Saliba perfectly sums up where we are in our attempt to move to a Dortmund+ model.

    It appears on the face of it that the kid is talented and will be worth a chunk more in a year or two. Great. Buy him now, loan him back for a year, get a better player for the season after who is now worth even more and we’ve either landed the second coming of Van Dijk for £26m or he doesn’t quite cut it and we sell him on for ~£20m because the market is stupid now and a year’s worth of depreciation on his contract means that breaks even. This is great, this is Dortmund+ because we are Arsenal and we have £100m+ extra revenue a year so can take more expensive punts with higher ceilings.

    The problem we have though is that if Saliba is good, we need him *now*. If we go into next season with the same defence, we’re going to concede even more goals than we did this season, because Monreal and Koscielny are going to lose their legs even more than they did last season. Spurs can afford to take a punt on Saliba now because they have a better defence and they have people like Davinson Sanchez on the bench. Can we really afford to write off next season to give our speculative signings a year to flourish?

    Also, as a total sidebar, when I was checking Borussia Dortumund’s revenue, I noticed that in the latest football money league, we were DOWN £30m for 2018, to £389m from £419m in 2017. Guess that’s the cost of missing out on the CL…

  107. englandsbest

    There was never a chance of major signings this summer, not with Stan as owner. And with the mess left by Wenger/Gazidis, I would most likely take the same view. Not that I don’t make him the major villain. But right now, spending huge money on transfers does not make sense. Throwing good money after bad does not work.

    Right now European football (and even more so EPL football) is a mad, mad merry-go-round. The transfer fees are ludicrous, and the wages ridiculous. It’s like a gold rush, there is so much cash around, A place shut off from the real world. A bubble that is bound to burst.

    £200m for Neymar? £350k per week for Ozil? World Cup in Qatar?

    It’s time to take a step back and get real. We are stuck with Stan, the season-ticket holders will carry on renewing. With nowhere near enough cash to compete in the crazy transfer market, the Club must take the alternative path. Go cheap.,cut expenses, get rid of the overpaid, bring in the young and vigorous.

  108. Batistuta


    anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Gazidis and co left a mess behind would just end up looking dishonest, i think it’s something we all see and accept.

    Still though, can’t keep blaming them for everything all the time when the new guys have had at least a year to properly access and figure out what and what needs to be done and act on it. That is what i think grates me the most, the fact that maybe i expected too much especially in terms of how quickly deals are wrapped up and who and who have either come in or been shipped out

  109. Biggles


    We can blame Gazidis and Wenger until the poison contracts they left behind are expired. Summer 2021 is when Ozil and Mkhitaryan are off the books.

    I don’t think the problem is Raul and Emery not knowing that Ozil’s rubbish, I think the problem is they thought they might be able to shift him and just can’t.

  110. CG

    What on earth is Raul playing at- not demanding that we have Saliba available for the forthcoming season..

    To pay nearly £30 million for a teenager -but to then be told you cant get to play him for another 12 months- is such WEAK negotiating.

    (St Etienne are clearly having their cake and eating it…..)

    The player- does look to have the attributes to be a great defender in the Prem…..but we need these attributes now.

    He should call the deal off- unless the player joins up with the squad next week or we pay the extra required to sign him up immediately.

    This ‘halfway house of a signing’ is a total nonsense…. the player could suffer a serious Holding or Bellerin type injury during the next 12 months – and where would that leave us……

    If anyone is ‘Outsmarting the Market’ its St Etienne negotiating team not Raul and Vinny…

  111. Freddie Ljungberg

    22m for Saliba could end up being the best deal we have made in a long time, or it can go tits up, we’ll probably still get our money back even if it does so very low risk. Can’t imagine we’re paying that much up front either so shouldn’t affect our spending much this window.

    Now get out there and sign Upemecano and our CB pairing is sorted for the next decade. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  112. Jamie

    How does Raul/Emery assess and implement corrective action when no club is prepared to pay more than a bag of chips for Ozil, Mkhi, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenko, Kola?

    “Assessing” the mess the old guard left behind is great. What exactly is the immediate solution? Those assholes will most likely run their contracts down, or it’ll actually cost the club money to get rid early.

    Impossible to skirt around this. I guess OGS is responsible for Utd’s Sanchez debacle because he’s still there with his 4 goals over 2 seasons earning 500k a week..

    The problem for Arsenal is, and has been for some time, the ridiculous wages half our squad is being paid for substandard performances. Every single one of those players had their deals renewed before changes to management were officially made.

  113. Thank you and goodnight.


    I agree. We need him now not later. I have serious doubts over mavraponis, chambers,jenkinson etc. Kos is a geriatric in football terms and way past his best, mustafi, say no more. After a serious injury like holdings , he’ll have to be brought back into the team gradually. We’re fucked defensively.

  114. Receding Hairline

    Valentin as usual most of what you have written has very little substance and are unverifiable

    – In what way did Emery prioritize the Europa league?? In playing Mavropranos, Elneny and Jenkinson(a natural right back as you say) in a home game against Palace??

    – Did we reject any concrete bids for Mustafi and Xhaka?? Any bid at all except the usual rumblings?? I mean do you have concrete evidence that these players could have been sold for less last season and we rejected the bids??

    – That a player is young and hungry does not make him good enough for Arsenal. Teams in the bottom half of the table and indeed relegated ones are filled to the brim with players with the right “physical attributes” for the league but sadly lacking the quality.

    – If we were to sell Xhaka and Musatfi for anything lower than say 15m pounds how do we replace them?? With players from the U23 squad?? The ones you insist need to first get 10 minutes here and five minutes there before we can trust them to play a match??

    Back to the old administration ..who decided Xhaka and Mustafi were players good enough for a 70m outlay?? Who decided Perez was worth 17m?? Who went an entire summer buying no outfield players when we had money in the bank??

    You talk about January transfer window, the same transfer window where it was announced we only had money for loan deals?? What player worth his salt moves clubs in January on loan?? What makes most of you simply assume Cahill should have moved from the Chelsea bench into our starting eleven on loan and that Chelsea will sanction that deal??

    Your accusations raises more questions than answers really

  115. CG


    “”We can blame Gazidis and Wenger until the poison contracts they left behind are expired. Summer 2021 is when Ozil and Mkhitaryan are off the books.”””

    Raul signed them both off.
    First thing he did…..sign off of Ozil….
    Then swapped Miki with Sanchez

    (Wenger was not in charge of these deals…..)

    Truth Hurts … fabricate as long as you want….but one day – you will have to face the truth..


  116. Jamie


    Point to a single credible source in support of this screaming bullshit, or shut the fuck up.

  117. China1

    We need to expect that cleaning up the absolute shit storm that was wenger gazidis and stan would be a very difficult challenge that wouldn’t be done miraculously or overnight

    Meanwhile tho, emery, raul and chums are paid handsomely to do this and are supposed to be qualified and capable professionals

    I don’t get the feeling that those guys actually have a serious plan for how to fix this even if they will probably manage to have a few good moments along the way

    I know it’s only a rumor but on what planet do we go from looking at selling xhaka to offering him the captaincy proper in the space of a week? I really hope that’s just tabloid nonsense, but last season was a complete mess so it’s very possible

    We offered xhaka a new contract just a year ago, made a mess of handling the Ramsey situation, the joke that was 5 captains of which none were close to doing the job well enough, the Suarez debacle, mustafi playing every week, I could go on

    Arsenal management feels like a patchwork of individually dubious quality employees shuffling uncomfortably around with no particular idea or plan for where we are going and how to get there

    Wenger Ivan and Stan deserve all the hate they still get but as well what are the current management actually doing well is quite a serious question that I’m struggling to answer

  118. Freddie Ljungberg


    Sure, if Saliba is the only defensive signing we make it’s terrible business, but if we add a top class CB and LB we should be ok, as long as we reinforce our midfield as well.
    That’s the absolute minimum btw, would like to see a RB too but there’s so much to do.

    Upemecano/Holding/Sok/Mavro/Bielek is ok for a season I think, and after that when Saliba comes in we wouldn’t have to think about that position again for a very long time.

    Add Tierney, Upemecano (or similar) added to having Bellerin and Holding back and replace the traffic cone in CM with someone with legs and we should see massive improvements from last season.

    Wingers and a CAM that isn’t semi retired would also help of course