Left back rumours strengthen

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Just a quick one from me today.

Tierney is the one for us, according to multiple reports.

We’re not on a level playing field when it comes to a transfer fee, with Celtic clearly wanting mega money, however, it seems like we’re the only club going hard for him.

The electric left-back certainly looks like he has the talent to move into the Premier League. If it works, you have yourself a £50m player. If it doesn’t, he’s young enough that you’d unlikely lose (unless you give him stupid money).

It seems that we’re going to offer him £70k a week, which is about what Matteo G is being offered. The new standard amount for young talent in the first team.

The worry with him is the injury record. It’s not great. He’s had hip problems, Achilles issues, the list goes on… the talent is clearly there, but it’s no good if it’s not on the field. I’m always interested to know how clubs make decisions on things like that because history usually is a very good indication of what you’re going to get with a player… especially if they’re moving from a pub league.

Bad news for Mesut Ozil. His boy lost Istanbul by quite a wide margin. How does this change the wedding photos is the big question on our lips right now.

The Lucas Torreira story won’t die… the Italian papers suggesting Gazidis wants to propose a two-year loan deal fee of 16m, with a cash buy at the end for 38m. This is like watching Arsenal go after deals. Why would any club sanction a deal like that for a player that’s doing well? Why would Arsenal do Ivan any favours? Unreal behaviour if there’s even a grain of truth about it.

The Carrasco stories are still bubbling hard. I’m amazed that the player can be kicking up such a fuss after less than 6 months. Why would you move to China for such a short amount of time? Why not just take a loan move? Money… one would assume. I really do wonder about going near a player with this sort of approach to his career. If he blows up, we’re going to be on the receiving end of this next summer. If he tanks, he’ll bunker in like Mesut Ozil.

Right, that’s all I have for you today! x

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  1. WengerEagle

    Ha wishful thinking re Pato, lad was an insane talent before the injuries.

    Edged out Aguero as the bigger talent in his first year and a half at Milan.

    He cost nearly 20m pounds tho which in 2006/07 was a lot of money for a prospect. Same with Aguero, Atleti paid the same amount for him in 2005.

    Martinelli isn’t even close to being as lauded in SA as they were, hopefully he’s a serious talent that has slipped under the radar.

  2. Pierre

    The England under 21 side could have included Sancho, Deli Alli , Hudson Odi , Trent Alexander Arnold , Declan Rice, Joe Gomez ,Rashford and probably a few more.

    So don’t be too quick to write off the considerable talent coming through as the team playing in this tournament are basically the 2nd string bar Phil Foden and Maddison.

  3. Marko

    So don’t be too quick to write off the considerable talent coming through

    It’s almost you don’t realize that they got knocked out conceding 9 goals in 3 games.

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Pato was glorious, or at least the potential of him was. No chance we pick a player of that level up for a bag of monster munch

    I’d be impressed if we finally landed someone serviceable for circa 5 mil that can later go for 20.

  5. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s almost you don’t realize that they got knocked out conceding 9 goals in 3 games.“

    So did Emery’s Arsenal yet you’re serving him up a “time” platter.

    You’re talking about babies in the modern game, what they do at a tournament now will mean fuck all for them come 25.

  6. Marko

    Here’s Charles struggling again. Bringing up Emery when the discussion is England not being as good at youth level as they think they are. Yes Emery out indeed Charlie. Just pointing out though that’s one point and 9 goals conceded in 3 games for the pre-tournament favourites. Bunch of overhyped babies

  7. Champagne Charlie


    I know what’s being discussed. I’m drawing parallels to our run end of season and how your assessment changes when it’s England’s youth vs Arsenal.

    Another dead simple one that you’ve not fully grasped. Not a thicker bowl of oats on here lad.

  8. Dissenter

    England has the best U-21 players in Europe.
    The key players like Hudson Odoi, Longstaff and a few others had to pull out due to injuries

  9. Marko

    I’m drawing parallels to our run end of season and how your assessment changes when it’s England’s youth vs Arsenal.

    That’s a big huh from me right there. Pre tournament favourites failing miserably and the 6th best squad in England finishing 5th. Yep good point as always.

  10. Marko

    Just had to check to see if what Paulinho said was so bad as to face rebuke from not just Pierre but Charles and Dissenter. And no it wasn’t. Because the pre tournament favourites got knocked out in embarrassing fashion.

  11. Pierre

    An England under 21 side consisting of
    Trent Alexander Arnold
    Declan Rice
    Deli Alli
    Phil Foden
    Demaral Gray.
    Joe Gomez
    Hudson Odi
    Lotus cheek.

    Would walk the under 21 tournament …..full of quality …

    Only an idiot would think that side doesn’t possess top quality footballers.

    English football certainly has a lot to look forward to if those players can fulfil their undoubted potential.

  12. Champagne Charlie

    “That’s a big huh from me right there. Pre tournament favourites failing miserably and the 6th best squad in England finishing 5th. Yep good point as always.“

    I replied to this barb aimed at Pierre:

    “It’s almost you don’t realize that they got knocked out conceding 9 goals in 3 games.“

    We conceded 9 in 3 games against inferior opposition too end of the season. ‘Time’ you say we need, but the under 21’s are a write-off. And I’m the one struggling apparently.

  13. Champagne Charlie

    “Just had to check to see if what Paulinho said was so bad as to face rebuke from not just Pierre but Charles and Dissenter.“

    Seeing things you want to again, I never replied to anything Paulinho said concerning England.

    I echoed Weagle about Pato in vague reference to something Paulinho said. Try harder

  14. KAY Boss

    Where’s Le Grove’s crush of last TW: Leon Bailey? Can we get him in as the winger we desperately need or has he gone cold performance wise that no mention of till now by the tabloids?
    Some of you are being harsh on Torreira. The media are just giving info base on presumptions not fact. He said that he was finding difficulty adjusting to the league but stressed that he will like to be here for a long time.
    Marko and Champagne, happy Zaha day.

  15. Pierre

    “Only an idiot would think that side doesn’t possess top quality footballers.”

    Should have read
    Only an Irishman would think that side doesn’t possess top quality footballers.

    Same thing really😇

  16. Marko

    ‘Time’ you say we need, but the under 21’s are a write-off. And I’m the one struggling apparently.

    Apparently so. I’ve never said the under 21’s are a write off and I’ve never said that Arsenal players are in need of time. Paulinho pointed out how the under 21’s were overhyped which they were and you bringing up Arsenal who are the complete opposite of overhyped suggests that you’re struggling yet again. England get knocked out conceding 9 in 3 and you bring up Arsenal for some reason. Fair play lad. I’m sure if the Romania game ended up 8-2 instead of 4-2 you definitely would have brought up Arsenal then… for some reason

  17. Marko

    They’ve also been preparing for the tournament for the last two years and Aidy Boothroyd has been in the job since 2016 so yeah time and all that

  18. Marko

    I echoed Weagle about Pato in vague reference to something Paulinho said. Try harder

    Oh so you’re having a pointless argument just for the hell of it and not even about what’s being discussed. Like I said struggling.

    Pierre is Paulinho Irish? Never knew. Like anyone would take anything Ozil’s gimp says seriously

  19. Pierre

    Difficult to win a tournament playing with basically a 2nd string side , I’m sure you would agree.

  20. WengerEagle

    Paulinho’s a local Londoner.

    Funny that any suggestion that the England u21’s are a bit overrated is met with the jealous Irish quips.

    I speak as a jealous Irishman however so… yeah don’t take my word for it.

  21. Champagne Charlie

    It’s comical that you of all people are donning folk as struggling to understand anything. Self awareness not your forte

    Can’t stand international football, it’s pony. So the unders is baby shite.

  22. Marko

    Jealousy nothing I don’t care. But I feel like it’s my birthright to once in a while remind English people that they’re a bit shit at football at the end of the day

  23. Champagne Charlie


    Who was the last player at international unders who you flagged for the big time and they delivered?

    For me it was Ribery, still remember him bossing it in his electric blue boots looking like a pro amongst school kids. He turned out alright.

  24. Marko

    Point is he’s not an under 21 anymore in fact he’s never played for them so so he’s not part of their first team. The under 21’s is the second string anyway

  25. Marko

    Of those list of players that Pierre put up early on only Gomez and Alexander Arnold have taken part in qualifying for the tournament and even then it was like 3 or 4 games. They weren’t really missing people

  26. WengerEagle


    I have to admit I’m bad for following youth football even internationally, fact that Ireland are non-existent and atrocious might have something to do with that, senior team is enough punishment for one man.

    I remember thinking Carlos Vela was going to go on to be something special after he stole the show at the u17 World Cup in 05′ and was the best player. Was only half-wrong because after standing out like a tractor beam in the Cup comps for us as a kid he went on to give Real Sociedad some very productive years and he’s been excellent for Mexico NT in tourneys when he feels like it.

    He openly states that he isn’t interested in football outside of playing it for a living, doesn’t follow it in the slightest and is obsessed with the NBA given Basketball is his real passion. And what can you do with a guy like that really, all of the talent in the world but doesn’t really give a shit.

    I maintain even to this day that if he had Griezmann’s grit and drive and dedication towards the game that he would be even better than Griezzy.

  27. Sid

    Realistically I doubt anyone here would mind Zaha, he gives us something he desperately lack however it’s a moot point really. The valuation is crazy and even if CP come down to say 50 million, that’s still our entire transfer budget or atleast 70% of it (I believe we have about 70 million, like last season, the rumoured 45 is a bollocks).

    It’s precisely for this reason Zaha won’t happen.

    A player I haven’t heard talked about is Cahill, 30, on a free, tonnes of experience in PL. If we are struggling for money, can’t be worse than Mustafi for atleast a couple of years, though we would be stuck with someone who won’t fetch anything in 2 years.

    Truth be told if given an option I’ll let mustafi go for for 5 million, give that as sign on to Cahill and use the next 2 years to bring in a proper CB talent, while hopefully Holding stakes a claim.

    With our wage budget thinning out Cahill’s wages wouldn’t pose to much of an issue and it’s +1 for th HG quota.

  28. Champagne Charlie


    I’m the same, don’t follow the youth at all. Used to show some interest but it’s all bollocks to me now. Game has changed and if you’re halfway decent at 18 you’re there with the stars everyday.

    Vela is that classic example of talent and mediocre temperament. It’s why I have so much time for Cristiano, he’s incredibly talented, but his desire to extract the most from what he has is almost unrivalled.

    Love that from a player, really the sort you can resonate with I think. Nobody likes a lazy talented guy who thinks it all comes easy, eventually they just grate for their nonchalant attitude.

  29. WengerEagle


    It’s a story that has been told many times but I always find it interesting, as youngsters Sporting Lisbon had an insane talent production in the early 2000’s.

    Ronaldo was the third most touted youngster there with Quaresma being second and viewed as more gifted and technically better [Barcelona picked him up soon after].

    Who was the most talented academy player there? Fabio Paim.

    Ronaldo said it himself when he signed for Manchester United in 2003 “If you think I’m good, just wait until you see Fábio Paím”. He never made a single appearance for Sporting Lisbon’s first team and at 31 is currently not even starting for a Portuguese League two’s B team.

    Talent means nothing without dedication and application. Any manager on the planet would want a James Milner or Jordan Henderson in their side over Adel Taraabt or Ravel Morrison.

  30. Caligooner

    Hummels to Dortmund seems an odd one. I thought he was Germany’s worst player at the World Cup and he hasn’t gotten better since. Weird way to spend 30million.

  31. Samesong

    A player I haven’t heard talked about is Cahill,

    Another Silvestre in the making. Had his best days already.

  32. Graham62

    Sky Sports also have the Bellerin montage.

    Got to laugh.

    See more of him on that than we do at the Emirates.

  33. Pierre

    Watching the USA/ Spain women match last night it is obvious that VAR is becoming a mess and needs a rethink of how and when to use it.
    Over 5 minutes to sort out a penalty decision is way too long.( And they still came to the wrong decision).

    Having the referee go over to a screen on the side of the pitch is pointless and time consuming.
    If VAR is to be used for penalties ( I think it shouldn’t) then the decision should be made upstairs as to whether it is a penalty or not .

    VAR is a good tool for deciding Offsides and red card decisions but again , the decision should be made upstairs and be relayed through to the referee.

    Personally, I believe that unless things can be speeded up , penalties should be left to the referee, a large percentage they will get right and a small percentage they will get wrong….the game could be in danger of becoming a farce if we experience more situations similar to last night.

    The other danger with VAR is that the spontaneity in celebrating a goal could go out of the game if VAR are checking for every single minor incident leading up to the goal..but

    I believe they need to simplify it and accept that there will be mistakes by the officials otherwise we will get many situations like last night which I believe still resulted in the wrong decision in awarding the penalty to USA despite take 5 minutes deliberating over the incident…
    The player could just as easily been carded for diving.

  34. Ken

    Pierre: “Only an idiot would think that side doesn’t possess top quality footballers.”Should have read
    Only an Irishman would think that side doesn’t possess top quality footballers.Same thing really😇”

    So it turns out you’re a xenophobe as well as a cunt.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Torreira looking likely to go then, just a question of how much.

    He and (more importantly his Mrs) may want to go, but we’ve got him on a long contract.

    I’d rather have an unhappy player kicking around Arsenal than do Gazidis any kind of favour.

    At least £45 Million.

    Absolute bottlejob if he’s running back to Italy. Little to do with weather and the language and more to do the EPL being too fast and too physical.

  36. Jamie

    Are the Torr stories accurate?

    He’s an absolute puss if true. Also, I can’t see Milan paying £40m+ for him.

    Anyone here genuinely looking forward to next season?

  37. Batistuta


    Maybe he hasn’t settled in the country, it’s absolutely normal if you ask me, doesn’t make him any less human and he was one of our better players last year for a player who was just settling in which tells you about the absolute mess we have to sort out if a young man new to the league is one of our better performers

  38. Batistuta

    Why’s a player a puss if he hasn’t settled in a new country Jamie?

    They’re human too you know

  39. WengerEagle


    I wouldn’t be heartbroken to lose Toreirra, have to question his character as you say to give up on the PL after just one season.

    He also looked terrible from late December right through to the EL Final vs Chelsea where he was up there with Ozil and Koscielny as the worst player on the park. Game passes him by all too often and he looks out of his depth athletically.

    We should play hardball however because he’s contracted up and is one of the last player’s that we need to sell. Milan are mugs and paid 37m for Andre Silva not to mention crazy fees on defenders like Rodriguez, Bonucci and Mussachio, I wouldn’t entertain anything under 40m from those wankers especially with Ivan brokering any deal.

  40. Batistuta

    Anyway i think it’s all just rumours but we’ll see.

    Wouldn’t say not to Kessie though at this stage though as i don’t trust we’ll adequately replace Torreira

  41. WengerEagle

    ‘Anyone here genuinely looking forward to next season?’


    We have far too much to do and less than 8 weeks to do it presuming we want to bed any new signings in and have them ready for our first PL fixture.

    I reckon that we’ll sign 3 first team players max and we really need at least 6 now with Ramsey’s departure. Not to mention cleaning house of last season’s spine.

  42. HighburyLegend

    “Anyone here genuinely looking forward to next season?”

    I will do like Pedro, I’ll be waiting for Arteta to be in charge.

  43. Batistuta


    We’ve been told to be patient as the international window doesn’t start till 1st of july. We’ll probably come 6th or worse next season at this rate

  44. Jamie

    Yeah, me neither.

    I think we’ll have largely the same squad this season as last, less Ramsey and Cech (and both Bellerin and Holding coming back from long-term injuries).

    Hopefully a couple of our kids will step up surprise us.

  45. WengerEagle


    At bare minimum for the starting XI we need:

    CM x2 [this is presuming that we hold onto Toreirra too]

    In other words we’re pretty much fucked.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    A lot of people saying it’s just rumours but there is a ridiculous amount of noise for it to be just rumours.

    I think he’s off.

    Bottlejob. Best rid of him if this is his attitude.


    Do not agree.

    He’s on £50 000 a week, the team looks quite a friendly bunch to be honest when you see training videos etc and we’re suppose to buy he doesn’t like the weather, language and food so he’s too upset to stay here?


    It’s two things; 1) The EPL is too tough for him. He started well and then badly faded. He is likely shocked by the intensity of the EPL from August all the way to May, and; 2) When your Mrs decides she wants something as a man life can become quite difficult. More important than Torreira if SHE has no friends and SHE doesn’t like the weather and SHE doesn’t like the culture and SHE doesn’t like the food etc…we’re fucked basically.


    I completely agree.

    He doesn’t have an engine which is something you can work on but given this attitude we’re seeing probably best to get rid.

    I would tell them £60 Million, settle for £45 Million but milk them for all they’re worth. Everyone else does it.

    If they won’t pay see what Inter and Juventus are saying. You want to go back to Italy? Fine, but we’re not having a Fabregas situation here where we take a lower bid because a player we frankly owe fuck all to wants to go to a certain place.

    Also, honestly, fuck Gazidis with a lamppost.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    5th is the new 4th when City get a UCL ban.

    Chin up lads!

    It is absolutely hilarious it took people this long to realise the £100 Million a year or whatever it is from Etihad is closet owner investment.


  48. Leftsidesanch

    Silly season all round.

    I don’t think there’s any truth to the Torreira rumours. There wouldn’t be any speculation if he didn’t give his take on the British weather.

    He said he had a better time in Italy and that as years go by, he will adapt to England.

    The media take that and run with it, so far they’ve got everything wrong.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t buy it’s just a rumour.

    If it were as an agent you’d be telling Torreira come out and rubbish it and say you are totally committed to Arsenal and working on getting strong for the new season.

    Otherwise you risk a very frosty reception if you’re still here.

  50. Leftsidesanch

    Saliba looked almost certain last week, and now Spurs of all clubs are apparently in the midst of hijacking that deal too.

    It’s unbearable, I try not to follow all this nonsense but it’s very difficult not to.

  51. WengerEagle

    I wouldn’t be so sure Left, it’s not unheard of for players to leave after one season in a foreign league, especially if a club from the league that they performed in offers them a route home so to speak.

    Milan as mediocre as they have become are still a massively prestigious club as well, even in 2019 they are still a lure for any player below the elite bracket.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    See I think that rumour is rubbish because it’s framed as ‘Arsenal join race for Saliba’.

    Arsenal were on the ‘track’ 2 weeks ago.

  53. Leftsidesanch

    CA, Weagle

    So much stuff out there it’s hard to weed through what is rubbish and not for me.

    There is usually no smoke without fire but I can’t see it happening. I wouldn’t be averse to getting shot of him if he was replaced adequately but this is Arsenal we’re talking about. We don’t sell well either. We should be getting rid of players in the squad surplus to requirements before we even contemplate getting rid of our better players.

    It’s a shame because by this time last year we had already had two players signed up, with the remaining three joining in July I believe. Not sure what is going on this time around.

  54. WengerEagle

    ‘I wouldn’t be averse to getting shot of him if he was replaced adequately but this is Arsenal we’re talking about. We don’t sell well either. We should be getting rid of players in the squad surplus to requirements before we even contemplate getting rid of our better players.’


  55. Bob N16

    I think Torreira is the one midfielder I’d be sad to see go. For a first season I thought he was really promising for a 22 yr old in the PL. So, his levels dropped by Xmas, wasn’t this predictable particular after his WC commitments?

    Give him the CM role he’s so suited to and sort out the other midfield positions with players with technique and pace.

    Far too much has been made of an honest interview that explained his struggles domestically. He made it clear that he felt things would improve.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    The rumours are mainly Italy based at the moment, but there are a lot of them.

    The latest rumour is a straight £31 Million offer.

    Great, add £20 Million to that offer and we will start to talk.

    I don’t see this situation as just a rumour or just because of an interview. I’m not saying Torreira is kicking for the exit or that he won’t stay but there is so much smoke here.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    The club should really think about this season tactically and invest as much as possible even if slightly risky.

    1) Chelsea cannot buy players and have lost Hazard who carries them.
    2) United still have Ole and squad issues.
    3) City could be kicked out of the UCL which means 5th would be a UCL place.

    Cannot pass up a chance such as the 19/20 season seems to be offering by being overly financially cautious.

  58. Marko

    It would be just like Arsenal to get rid of Torreira after one season but keep Xhaka for his fourth. In saying that I don’t think it’s true. This is what Italian clubs try to do unsettle and get on the cheap. Milan can’t afford him and it doesn’t look like he’s forcing a move. Clearly parts of the Italian media have nitpicked comments he made about the weather and struggling in his first season and omitted other quotes where he’s talked about working hard and being here for years. Seems like a non starter for me that you’ll likely see an attempted loan for a Madrid player or Praet from Sampdoria

  59. Marko

    Anyway still waiting for a statement of intent from the club this summer. Still waiting for the Kroenke’s to show their ambitions for the club.

  60. Bob N16

    There are so many other players I would sell before Torreira. We all know the positions we need to upgrade…so much work needs to be done before we should upgrade Torreira. No war are Milan coming up with the money that would make a deal worthwhile. Get .Kierney done and then move on to CB.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    But if Torreira wants to leave and Milan give us a good offer it really doesn’t matter if you would rather sell Mustafi, Elneny, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Jenkinson etc before him.

    You have to deal with this scenario and make a choice.

    If Milan make the right offer he’s gone I think.

  62. Marko

    CA there’s literally nothing to suggest that he wants to leave or is forcing a move. It’s a bullshit ploy by the Italians to unsettle him. They’re probably hoping by airing it out publicly that he’ll try to force a move and they can then be able to get him on loan or on the cheap. This literally all came about from comments made about the weather not to mention that the rest of the comments made have been disregarded. It’s a non starter for me. Milan are in a worse place than us btw

  63. Marko

    Plus you also have to factor in this all came about from an interview done a month ago. Literally the only ever quotes you see are from that interview. Nothing from the clubs absolutely zero from the player and as far as I’m aware nothing from his agent that has been alarming. I think he may have said something about Giampolo. During that same period Carrassco has made public statements his agent has spoken the Chinese club and the manager have spoken and he’s returned back late from international duty and has been subsequently banned by the club. That’s a lad and his agent fixing for a move. That’s not happening with Torreira. It would be nice if Arsenal made a statement of any kind with regards to this summer. I’d like to see them through a signing or an actual statement discredit the endless reports of us having such a pathetic budget cause it makes us look so pathetic

  64. TR7


    ‘It’s a non starter for me. Milan are in a worse place than us btw’

    Well, Torreria was playing for Sampodria 12 months ago. If he disregards his 12 month stint at Arsenal where he apparently doesn’t seem to quite enjoy his football, from his perspective he gets a move from Sampodria to Milan in 12 months which is still a massive upgrade plus he gets to play in a league he is comfortable playing in. Players are human beings ,you can’t expect them to decide all their career moves merely on the basis of a club’s league position. Ramsey if given an option would still play at Arsenal rather than at Juventus even though the two clubs are miles apart both in terms of current standing and historical pedigree.

  65. Uwot?

    Possibly stating the obvious here but I think Arsenal don’t want to spend a single penny this window if they can help it.Its only outside pressure.i.e the fans who’s forcing them to do it with expectations of wholesale change which it apperars the club can’t or won’t deliver if the window is anything to go buy.every single club we’re dealing with knows we’re in a jam whether that be buying or particularly selling.we are indeed looking increasingly desperate.A sorry state of affairs wenger & gazidis have left us in.

  66. Marc


    “If Milan make the right offer he’s gone I think.”

    Problem is Cesc Milan have bigger financial issues than us. For it to be the right offer you’d have to be talking about best part of £50 million otherwise all we’re doing is adding another key area that needs strengthening with our existing meagre budget.

  67. Marc


    Can you list me all the players that have been signed so far by ManU, Man City, Liverpool, the Spud’s, Everton and Leicester?

  68. Marko

    TR7 I wasn’t talking about Milan being worse off standing wise than us I meant more they’re worse off financially and worse off really in the sense that I don’t see that getting any better anytime soon. Say what you like about us we’re stable ownership wise but they ain’t. The move would be more sideways for Torreira

  69. HighburyLegend

    “Anyway still waiting for a statement of intent from the club this summer. ”

    Ah ah, I hope that you are really, REALLY patient!!

    Our main target next season is to avoid to become a total football laughing stock.

  70. Marc


    We’re also in a position where in 2 – 3 years we lose some of the wage problems we have as contracts run down – not an ideal scenario but at least we’ll rid of some problems.

  71. TR7

    My sense is Torreira set the stage for a possible transfer away from Arsenal by deliberately making public his discomfort at Arsenal. The cynic in me doesn’t believe it was an innocent off the cuff remark. He probably won’t force a move away but looks like he has sent feelers to all the potential buyers and has got his agent to explore all the possible options. Perhaps Gazidis knows AFC won’t keep Torreria against his wishes and relent in the end.

  72. Marko


    I would like to think at this point it’s a really obvious ploy by Milan to garner positivity around the new hires after the sacking of fan favourite Gattuso. The fans will get excited by rumours that the new guys are trying to sign up Torreira only to be somewhat deflated when they end up with Praet or Veretout. Seems Ivan has learned a few things from his time at Arsenal. Can’t tell you how many times we were linked with some genuinely interesting players over the summer only for Arsene to buy some piss shit average one inside the last two weeks

  73. Batistuta

    It’s actually bullshit… The main rumour comes from Torreira staying he’s not quite adapted to the British environment and also that his former boss at Sampdoria is now at Milan. We’re too broke at the moment to be pricing out a player who would move for nothing less than 50 million.

    Lolz the San siro is being demolished and we’ve seemingly been beaten to Sensi and Calabria by Inter

  74. Batistuta

    It’s absolute chaos at the moment in Milan and the links are a hot bag of nothing but trust Arsenal fans to always get their knickers in a twist. Should be worrying more about Xhaka and Mikjitryan lining up for us again next season

  75. Marko

    My sense is Torreira set the stage for a possible transfer away from Arsenal by deliberately making public his discomfort at Arsenal.

    Nah I can’t agree with this in the slightest. Did you not see the comments he made prior to joining us. He’s a very open guy sensitive almost and will give you an honest answer. The way he talked about growing up and missing his family and all that shite. I think he was literally asked about the weather in England. And again it’s so weird how people take those comments and disregard some of it. Here it is in full

    “I think it was better in Italy. England is a totally different world, a very large country,” said Torreira.

    “The language [barrier] has cost me, to be able to relate with my peers and with the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.

    “And so is the climate. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive late to your home and it is cloudy.

    “It is strange a little bit, the sun, the more of us that we are here and we are accustomed to having always or almost always the sun. But as the years pass, I’m going to be adapting.”

    They always seem to forget the end part. So angling for a move while talking about adapting over the years doesn’t really connect

  76. Marc


    Of course we need to strengthen, we also need to unload some of the current squad.

    I don’t know what’s going on in the transfer market but it all seems far to quiet. ManU have all sorts of issues as well – Pogba, De Gea, rumours about Rashford etc etc.

  77. Marko

    Hard to believe that we don’t have a plan for the summer. When you see Sarabia, Fornals and Trossard players we were linked with leaving for fees we could easily afford. You have to believe that there’s an actual plan in place right?

  78. TR7


    ‘They always seem to forget the end part. So angling for a move while talking about adapting over the years doesn’t really connect’

    Politicians all across the world speak in the same ambivalent manner. Again I hope Torreira stays as right now we need our focus on other issues in the squad ,not on Torreira but I wouldn’t discount the possibility of him leaving. Would be a real slap in the face if at the end of TW Torreria and Ramsey left whereas Mustafi and Xhaka stayed at Arsenal talking gibberish about mental strength, passion and prepration for the next season

  79. Marko

    Politicians all across the world speak in the same ambivalent manner

    Eh he’s a footballer. Most of them are dumbshits with a basic education. Some are already trying to walk back the rumours now saying that he won’t force a move and we won’t sell unless it’s for big money. This rumour will die a death inside a week and be forgotten

  80. HighburyLegend

    “Hard to believe that we don’t have a plan for the summer.”

    Considering the joke club that we have become, not so hard to believe…

  81. James.wood

    Why would anyone want Torreira to stay
    with that attitude it’s bad enough carrying
    Ozil with his “your not a coach attitude.”

    There are plenty of players who would give
    more than these two put together.
    And certainly get up and down quicker than

  82. TR7


    ‘. Some are already trying to walk back the rumours now saying that he won’t force a move and we won’t sell unless it’s for big money. This rumour will die a death inside a week and be forgotten’

    There are a few who still believe there is too much smoke in Torreria rumor for it to be just a rumor. We will see obviously.

  83. HighburyLegend

    “He literally said the weather is shit.”

    And so the team. If he really want to go back in Italy, I can’t blame him.

  84. Marko

    Hardly the first person to think the weather was shit. I’m surprised he didn’t say something on brexit and talk about how EastEnders is shit these days.

  85. Marko

    Lucas Torreira wishes to return to Italy because pizza and lasagna is better than bangers and mash and Yorkshire puddings. He also likes Peroni to Carling. How could he

  86. Marko

    Yeah that’s it Nelson he said the weather was shit but what he truly meant was Emery is rubbish and (insert name of manager you want) should be manager instead.

    I think alot has been made about nothing really

  87. China1

    Realistically more than the weather it’s the 6 months of exhaustion that is bringing him down

    English football is no picnic… unless you’re paid 350k and can sit out the matches you’re not in the mood for anyway

  88. Batistuta


    There isn’t a plan if we’re being honest.. We seem to just be shooting and hoping something sticks…Hard to believe there is a plan at this stage but we wait

  89. Marko

    I dunno maybe we do actually have one. If we didn’t just doing nothing while Sarabia goes for 18 million seems really stupid. I’m still convinced one of Upamecano or Konate will be signed. Prove me wrong Arsenal

  90. TR7

    RMC: #AFC have offered 30m euros for Saliba, and talks with his club is ongoing. Player has already agreed personal terms, but Arsenal face competition from Spurs who have entered the race.

  91. Marc

    Everyone getting excited about the Torreira rumours need to chill a little.

    Firstly the rumours are conflicting.

    Secondly imagine it’s the 8th August at 5.01pm. We’ve signed a LB and a winger and moved on Elneny and Chambers but Ozil (were stuck with him), Mustafi and Xhaka are still at the club. Oh yeah we’ve also let Torreira go on a 2 year loan with a piss poor deal at the end.

    For us to sell him Milan have got to come up with some serious cash or offer some good player(s) in return.

  92. Nelson

    Now I know why Micki and Ozil sucked last season. They both spent too much time planning for their marriage. Now that it is over, they should think about playing football again.

  93. Receding Hairline

    “Now I know why Micki and Ozil sucked last season. They both spent too much time planning for their marriage. Now that it is over, they should think about playing football again.”


    So they wrote off an entire season for a one day event where all they had to do was sign a cheque ….good one

  94. Cesc Appeal

    I think Saliba is a bit of evidence quite contrary to the notion that Arsenal don’t have a plan and are not planning for the future they scouted one of the brightest young CB prospects around a while ago they have been negotiating to get the best deal possible, already agreed personal terms with the players and now just have to work out the loan to St Etienne.

    Target identified weeks ago, long term planning.

  95. Receding Hairline

    Lyon have just signed a defensive midfielder from Brazil for 8m euros

    Jean Lucas Oliveira from Flamengo

    If he does well in a years time we will have clubs willing to pay 70m for him like Ndombele

    Wasn’t this the type of transfers we were supposed to be focusing on this window??

  96. Cesc Appeal

    I think also it should show people to calm themselves. ‘Saliba was done a week ago and suddenly it’s quiet’ etc…just shows there are things happening you just don’t always hear about it.

    That means Saliba is progressing nicely, Tierney is also progressing and Martinelli is already on his way.

    Not saying these solve our problems but there is movement.

  97. Receding Hairline

    “Tottenham are closing in on the signing of Leeds winger Jack Clarke, Sky Sports News understands.

    Discussions between the clubs are understood to have progressed over the last few days.

    Several elements of the deal are said to have been agreed including a fee in the region of £8.5million. ”

    Better than standing around for Fraser in my opinion, not that i believe we want to sign Fraser anyway

  98. Marc


    Too many losing their heads over things not happening yet. As I’ve repeatedly said what other PL clubs have done loads of business.

  99. Receding Hairline

    Cesc the lack of movement outgoing wise is what i hope will change, I really hope the players we no longer want are doing deals behind the scenes and we just hear announcements of their departure

  100. Uwot?

    I guess it’s nerves! Once bitten twice shy Marc when it comes to Arsenal’s elongated transfer dealings.fans have become disenchanted with their(Arsenals) methods in the market.but there always hope….

  101. Cesc Appeal


    It seems as if we’re just quietly trying to get on with things and are likely trying to avoid a Tierney situation where we make a bid it goes public and suddenly everyone is saying ‘great player shouldn’t let him go for less than…’ and there’s pressure on Arsenal to get a deal done or else look as bad as they did under the incompetent and the bald headed twat.


    I do hope that as well, that we are putting deals together for people to leave.

    I mean the interest in Saliba and Tierney seems very real. That’s £50 Million worth of transfers right there, add in Martinelli that is £56 Million.

    Even if we’re staggering payments I would imagine we would have spent at least £30 Million of our budget. With the rumoured interest in Fraser/Carrasco, Ceballos, Zagadou, Izzo, Meunier etc (even factoring in that some would be bullshit) it suggests one of two things, sales are lined up or the budget is more than we think.

  102. Receding Hairline

    “£30-40M should seal the deal. We will get similar sort of money for LT if we sell.”

    Not in a market where Wan Bissaka will move for 60m and Maguire is likely to move for 80m.

    Doucoure is same age as Maguire and just as influential for his team. will take more than 40m

  103. Jamie

    Looking increasingly likely that Chelsea are going to land Lampard.

    Not convinced he’s going to take them forward next season. Will be interesting to see their xG and xGA if he’s in charge. If they tank, will he get a pass due to the constraints under which he’s working (transfer ban, no Hazard, etc)?

  104. Receding Hairline

    “Will be interesting to see their xG and xGA if he’s in charge. ”

    Interesting for Gambon and Pedro maybe

    Chelsea will be more interested with where they finish and if they can win anything.

  105. China1

    Cesc no guarantees at all that any of those deals will go through

    People are literally paid money to make up transfer rumors. It’s literally a job.

    If reports are to be believed we’ve already bought and sold about 20 players. Yet here we are.

    Maybe one of those reported will actually go through – martinelli seems most likely to me because he’s young cheap and there appears to be no competition for him but even he isn’t confirmed

  106. Cesc Appeal

    ’26m pounds is a bit much for an 18 year old you intend to loan back to St Etienne in my opinion’


    But if Spurs signed him and he arrived next season and looked like a top prospect ready to be a great CB we’d all be pissed.

    It’s a difficult one. Given our budget we either have to be really lucky/smart and find a great CB for very little ready to run our defence or we go young and look for someone who can do that in a year or two.

  107. China1

    26m and loaning him back seems mad to me. We need progress today, not in a year

    If arsenal believe he’s gonna be that good that they’d be willing to go to such lengths and that cost for him then just offer a little more cash and get him over the line for this season. Everyone has a price and his club will let him go now if we offer enough

    I’m not saying he’s worth the money but supposedly offering 25 odd mil plus being willing to wait a year sounds like arsenal think he will be the dogs bollocks. offer 30 up front and see if they bite. We can’t wait a year to improve our CBs. Its out of the question if arsenal want to be a better team next year

  108. Moray

    Solskaer and Lampard should be an open goal for us next season I’m achieving a CL place, regardless of what happens with City. Both inexperienced managers newly in their roles.

    Let’s see.

  109. Moray

    Things are extremely slow generally in the transfer market at the moment. I wonder if it’s still holiday time? Normally it takes one big transfer to go through which then kicks off the flood.

    I have a feeling This transfer window will weaken Spuds for next season. Particularly if their idea of strengthening is digging around the 8m market.

  110. Valentin

    Regarding the Lampard to Chelsea move, there were some reports earlier that Lampard is insisting on getting two years minimum. Chelsea could not sack him unless he can’t reach European football at all (no domestic Cup, no European Cup, less than 7th place).

    It’s understandable for a new head coach to not wanting his entire career messed up because Chelsea can’t purchase anybody for a year. That gives him extra security and an extra year to fix any mistake.

  111. Henry Root

    It is highly likely the bulk of the Saliba fee will be paid next season. Can’t expect Emery to spend half his budget on someone who he may never see play for Arsenal !