European transfer market off to slow start

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Oh ffs Arsenal, hurry up and sign some fucking players.

West Ham are out there making deals for players, where are ours? We have a month until the team travel to America, chop, chop.

I understand that almost ZERO major clubs are doing deals so far, but sheesh, can a man not moan?

I think the added tension is that we’re running without a Head of Recruitment. There have been rumblings that the decision-making process is less than ideal. I really hope that’s not true. Sven has been exited for many months now, it’s been pretty damn clear the whole time what this squad needs this summer… so let’s hope that Raul has it buttoned up.

I love how fans start retrofitting ideals into the reasons why… ‘I hear Adidas want to launch with new players.’

Now, I might be totally wrong… but kit launches are not about new players, they are about the BRAND BRAND BRAND. Very much doubt Adidas are holding up our summer.

More likely reasons are:

  • Sell before you buy
  • The market is waiting for the first big move to set wheels in motion
  • No one wants to buy our shite players

Meanwhile, fans continue to bemoan absent Stan and whip themselves into a frenzy about him not investing money into the club.

It’s such a falsehood. Ill-informed people saying dumb things because it gets a round of applause on Twitter.



I kind of feel like that’s a similar argument to, ‘Pep will never be deemed a great until he does it with Barnsley.’

Stan Kroenke is mainly guilty for putting too much trust into an ailing manager 90% of the fanbase was calling daddy 3 years ago. Seriously, it’s mostly exAKBs that push the Stan narrative and it’s an uncomfortable reality that they were all backing Wenger being armed with big money for years. Now it’s Stan’s fault for not firing him? A situation that would have put thousands of men into therapy with daddy issues.

He’s also guilty of signing off far too much money on absolute dross. The issue has never been the lack of money, it’s been dropping £350m+ on shite players with no resale value.

Let’s hope that changes this summer when the moves start happening.

Right, quick post to keep the wheels in motion.

See you tomorrow x

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  1. Marko

    So there’s been no resale value on anyone that AW bought in that time either.

    We’ve made a loss on quite a few. The levels of incompetence honestly is mind boggling. People thinking that can be quickly addressed are deluded.

  2. Valentin


    The prices that could be charged for executives boxes and club seats at Highbury are not in the same price range than at the Emirates. Also their number and the number of club seats were extremely limited.
    When the Emirates stadium opened the company I worked at the time purchased an executive box to entertained clients. I have been told that they paid 5 times the prices of the previous highest priced boxes at Highbury.

    I loved Highbury, but let’s be honest it was cramped and not very hospitable.

  3. WengerEagle


    Agree, you really could talk for days about the multitude of ways in which AW and Ivan sabotaged the club’s long term future given the mess that they left in their wake.

    If after a year Emery and Sanhelli haven’t figured out the players at the root of our struggles though and fail to identify players to take us back to being competitive in the transfer market, then you can’t really keep solely blaming the old regime for our peril. I hope things like making Xhaka our captain are just cruel jokes being put out there by rival supporters.

  4. WengerEagle

    To put that into perspective, we recouped an average of 5 million each for those 17 players sold.

    5 million a piece, on players that AW has deemed ‘super, super quality’ in the past.

  5. Receding Hairline

    “Agree, you really could talk for days about the multitude of ways in which AW and Ivan sabotaged the club’s long term future given the mess that they left in their wake.”

    A certain poster on here wants the mess explained as he cannot see any

    In his view we were left in a position of strength and the only thing holding us back is the new regime and a manager that can go from point A to Point C or whatever

  6. Batistuta


    Everything doesn’t have to be or lead to an argument pal… I merely said it would be nice to have some activity at this stage. Nowhere did i criticize anyone

  7. Marko

    WE there are things at the club that I don’t believe is fair to criticize the manager for but keeping Xhaka and making him captain is on him and is honestly enough to sack him. Who would make such a hindrance of a player the captain. A guy who when the going gets tough he generally does something stupid or dirty

  8. Valentin

    Jamie, WOAB,

    “Chelsea have really struggled to establish themselves as a super club by staying at Stamford Bridge with 3k capacity more than Highbury.”

    Chelsea were days away from folding, so I would not use Chelsea as an shining example of business responsibility. Abramovitch has put more than £1 billion in that business. Without their generous owner, Stamford bridge would have been bulldozed by property developpers and they would play where Wimbledon FC have their stadium.

    However even he can’t continue to sign checks of up to hundred of millions of pounds every year. In fact despite that money generously spend, they are still in a worse financial situation than Arsenal.

    If Abramovitch were to die, being imprisoned in Russia, lose interest, the extend of their assets would be a new training center and a massive debt to their owner’s estate unless he agree to forfeit it and convert it into worthless equities. They still have not a new stadium.

    If Kroenke were to die or decide to sell, he would have a queue of potential buyers eager to pay more than he had spend to acquire Arsenal. I doubt Chelsea would find a buyer for half of what Abramovitch has spend on it.

  9. Gentlebris

    ‘If Kroenke were to die or decide to sell, he would have a queue of potential buyers eager to pay more than he had spend to acquire Arsenal. I doubt Chelsea would find a buyer for half of what Abramovitch has spend on it.’


    Since Chelsea’s owner came on board, the club has multiplied in brand appeal and marketability.
    When you couple that with their actual success on the football field and the brief history of competitive willingness and allergies to failure, you have a queue as long as Arsenal’s, if any of the owners wants out.

  10. Chris

    Not sure how much there is to the Xhaka captaincy rumours but when you look at our team there really is a distinct lack of leaders, ones you wouldn’t hesitate to hand the armband to.

    Compare that to the teams of 97-06. You could have made as case for 6 or 7 players. Now it is hard to think of one.

  11. terraloon

    So based on Biggles earlier summary it would seem that Arsenal’s match day revenue is around £25 million pa more that Chelsea’s.

    When you take into account that Arsenal pay Business Rates of around £3 million compared to Chelsea’s £1 million. Arsenal have to have nearly double the number of stewards at around £50 each or around £20k extra a game, will have to pay more by way of water rates, more by way of insurances, electricity, maintenance etc and on top of that you have to add in capital and interest repayments . Was developing a new stadium been a step forward ?

  12. Chris

    I think the new stadium was still ultimately the right call, as gut wrenching as it was to leave Highbury. It is how the club has managed the subsequent years, and the addition of owners like Abramovich etc (the club would not have seen his type coming when finalising plans for the new build I’m betting) that has led to us falling behind.

    The dream scenario would have been redeveloping Highbury to a capacity of say 50,000 plus (ie Liverpool and Anfield) but ultimately it wasn’t possible.

  13. Marc


    Well if us building a new stadium – the first club to build a major new stadium in London in recent history was a bad idea what does that mean for the Spud’s who have just spent over a billion copying us?

  14. terraloon


    That’s a great question.

    In some ways Arsenal were lucky but at the same time unfortunate.

    Lucky because the eventual cost of the build was pretty close to budget , unfortunate because it terms of income streams match day income dropped from most lucrative to third behind TV and Commercial. The gap is not going to stop growing anytime soon.

    I truthfully can’t get my head around Spurs . Every way I try to look at the rationale behind Spurs decision and indeed the eventual cost leaves me scratching my head. Unless Levy is going to pull a Rabbit out of the hat In terms of sponsorship or the likes then it’s hard to see how increased match day income will fund the repayments.

  15. Marc


    Well part of the problem is Levy tried to be clever and save money by not having someone used to major construction project be project manager – first things these guys do is put penalty clauses in to stop both cost and time over runs.

    We were lucky that we got through the worst of the stadium move with CL money before the new TV deal over took it. We just need a combination of good buys and a bit of luck to get us back on balance.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If xhara is made captain
    We may as well throw the towel in an change the club to a museum.

    If you thought things could not get worse… well.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Why was a redevelopment of Highbury not possible?

    Was it something to do with planning permission, the location itself or the ground itself?

  18. Chris

    The hospitality at Spurs’ new stadium (the tunnel club is outrageous prices apparently) will bring in money for them, plus the NFL deal and there are yet to announce naming rights for it.

    Only time will tell if they suffer the same restraints we did initially but it is fair to say it hasn’t gone smoothly thus far. It will. R interesting to see their outlay on transfers for the next few windows.

  19. Chris


    A bit of all you mention I think.

    I remember at the time they wanted to fill in the corners of the Clock End to East and West stands but as they are listed building it was hard nigh on impossible.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    That makes sense.

    I wondered for a long time why we didn’t fill the corners in, potential for an extra 1000 seats just in each corner. More if they were large or two tiered. Then you add levels to the stands like City and Liverpool have done, maybe even make a super stand like Liverpool.

    That’s what BvB did at Signal Iduna Park I believe.

    May not have been as pretty as The Emirates but I can imagine a number of Arsenal fans preferring that.

  21. Dissenter

    I believe you’re overstating the importance of a brand new stadium in the market valuation of a club.
    Abrahmovich changed English football forever and has turned that smaller club into a global brand. Chelsea is easily worth as much as Arsenal, even if their stadium is decrepit.
    Gentlebris already did an excellent job of explaining it.

  22. Graham62

    As an Arsenal fan, I want to see Bellerin focusing 100% on his football career not prancing down a frigging catwalk trying to promote his modelling image.

    Makes me sick.

  23. Marko

    Gnabry was player of the season at Bayern. But sure let’s talk about missing out on “the Jeff” and Cohen Bramell

  24. China1

    It’s a shame bellerin isn’t fit or we could probably sell him to some sucker or other like Barca

    He’s a 7/10 player but previously there was always talk of 50m for him…

    IF we got that, we could replace him with a 7/10 or better RB for no more than 25m and out the rest into another player

  25. englandsbest

    Only a masochist would happily buy an Arsenal season ticket. I don’t mean kinky types -there is nothing sexy about Arsenal. Even in the long-gone days when I had one, there were those around me who never stopped moaning. Evidently they enjoyed being miserable.

    There is (or rather there was) another reason to buy a season ticket, the idea that they are hard to get, and that every Arsenal fan wants one, with a waiting list numbering thirty thousand.

    My bet is that those way, way down that mythical waiting list will be getting calls: “Your lucky day, sir. We have a season ticket for you.” And my guess is most will respond: “Thank you, kindly, I’ll think about it…’ and hang up.

  26. Graham62

    Honest to god, you could have got together a group of hard-working business people, all with the good of the club at heart, and they could have made a better fist of running the club these past ten years.

    Throw in a couple of Level 2 FA Coaches and we would have had it sussed.

  27. Marko

    1-0 then 1-1 then 2-1 then 2-2 now 3-2 howler from Henderson. It could be 3-3 by the time I finish this comment

  28. Leedsgunner

    Jenkinson is apparently going to be included in the deal for Tierney. Celtic value their player around £20m to £25m. Don’t mess it up Arsenal— just get him out the door.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Hagi is one we’ve been linked with for a while now.

    I honestly don’t really have a problem with a youthful revolution, adding players like Saliba, Hagi, Szoboszlai, Martinelli, Reinier etc.

    The problem of course with tournaments like this is if…not saying we were…but if we were looking at Hagi you’re now facing a lot of competition.

    Provided we land a CB and LB who can come straight in and do the job, of course.

    I think with limited funds, no high value assets (even collectively) and no owner money that is probably the way to go.

  30. Marko

    Cesc I’m very much on board with bringing in some good prospects but it has to be supplemented by signings to the first team. No point in having one of the best future benches in the league if your starting 11 sucks dick.

  31. TR7

    Atletico Madrid are interested in Arsenal right-back Héctor Bellerín & are prepared to try to tempt Unai Emery by offering Vitolo in any deal. [@Matt_Law_DT] #afc

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Be a weird deal unless Atletico think they can get a bargain because he’s injured…in which case we should tell them to f**k off.

    Not sure I buy that one.

  33. Marko

    I think people tend to forget that he wasn’t that great to begin with prior to injury and now given the injury I’d absolutely consider selling him. Plenty of better RB’s going out there.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I think given our budget youth is going to be the main focus, perhaps an established CB and LB along with the youth signings. But youth has huge upside with limited risk given fees and wages.

    I can see the appeal. If one takes off massively or a couple do reasonably well either on field or as financial assets they could give the club a jump start.

  35. Marko

    CA I’d say that they’re looking at his age as well and thinking they could get him slightly cheaper for many years.

  36. TheLegendaryDB10

    Re Highbury move

    Interesting article from 1998 by the Independent:

    Interesting reason mentioned is that due to the pitch being too small we couldn’t host international games.

    You can imagine that for the top brass this must have seemed very problematic: they were losing out on a lucrative source of revenue that never stopped increasing.

    You can imagine they factored this in when voting whether to move away from Highbury or not.

    To have access to CL money, we needed a bigger pitch. And there was born the Emirates.

    Hilarious to see that we are what could be a whisker from slipping away from European football if we don’t be careful.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    This is what I mean, no problem selling him, but I wouldn’t accept less than £35 Million…which no one will pay given his ACL which is why I think Atletico might think they can offer a derisory amount for him playing on the idea he’s a gamble with that ACL.

  38. TR7

    I will happily take Vitolo plus cash for Bellerin. Unlike many I don’t rate Bellerin highly and post ACL he is likely to only get worse. Vitolo is a winger, with him we get to fill one of the positions we desperately need to address.

  39. Marko

    CA it can’t be an either or situation. If the starting 11 and in particular defence isn’t addressed for next season having red hot prospects won’t matter much if we continue to be in the Europa League.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t rate Bellerin that highly either, I think if Meunier was to come off he would keep Bellerin out of the team even when fit.

  41. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s a winger with 1 goal in the last 2 seasons in la liga. We need a much better output than that.

  42. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s his son.


    No way we should be giving Kos a new contract, ship him to Lyon and ask them nicely what’s up with Fekir:) no rumours about him at all this summer, except that he refuses to sign a new deal and is definitively leaving. Could be had relatively cheap I reckon.

  43. Marko

    I would consider 25-30 million for him. One of the reasons I’m very okay with losing Bellerin is it forces us for sure to get a new RB. Like I said before plenty of decent RB’s knocking about in Europe who we should be considering irrespective of Bellerin coming back. Atal is my preference but I wouldn’t mind Kenny Lala, Dumfries, Celik, Klosterman or Weiser.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg

    Schuberts girlfriend posted a pic of herself in an Arsenal shirt on instagram, probably a good sign that the deal isn’t off like reported. Looks like a smart acquisition if we can pull it off. Not much depth in the goalkeeping department now.

  45. TR7


    Yes, not a great goalscorer Vitolo but not a bad deal overall if we get good cash and a winger who has played half a dozen matches for mighty Spain national team for Bellerin who I think will go downhill from here due to ACL. Vitolo or Iwobi ? I know who would I rather have.

  46. Marko

    Vitolo isn’t bad. There’s just a worry of getting Vitolo and thinking that’s enough to address the attack. A no for me take the cash and run

  47. KAY Boss

    Marseilles apparently want to sell their priced Thauvin, Payer, Strootman and Sanson.
    Guys whom will u pick to play for the club? Mine will be Trayvon as he scored 16goals last season and Strootman as he can be a direct replacement for Ramsey. Payet is aged and don’t know much about Sanson.

  48. KAY Boss

    Elneny seems to be playing pretty well. I like the no. 18 guy for Zimbabwe. Plays for club Brugge and a DM too. He goes by name Marvellous. Did well when I saw him play in CL with the Belgian side.

  49. Champagne Charlie

    “A certain poster on here wants the mess explained as he cannot see any In his view we were left in a position of strength and the only thing holding us back is the new regime and a manager that can go from point A to Point C or whatever“

    I’ve not posted today at all but you can’t resist pathetic indirect comments aimed at me.

    Same cunt that claims I court arguments. You’re such a pussy, leave your country one day you narrow minded scrotum.

  50. Nw9 gooner

    Marco – I like your postings but you are talking stupid – sell Bellerin and buy the guys you have stated? Are any one of them better? No and we will be spending more. If we are spending less for his replacement it means that Bellerin is better. You just want to replace everyone in the team with players you prefer. Got a feeling that you just want to show of your knowledge of other players.

  51. China1

    Nw9 if bellerin’s replacement is cheaper it doesn’t mean that bellerin is better lol

    This isn’t fifa mate lol

    We spent 30 odd million on mustafi yet koscielny cost about 10m. Who was a better player for us over the years?

    Do you seriously believe transfer fee is the sole determinant of quality? If so, I have a particularly nice bridge to sell you (it’s expensive so you can be sure of the quality as well!!)

  52. China1

    And yeah it makes sense that he would want arsenal to sign players he prefers…because he prefers them…

    A better question would be why would he not want arsenal to sign players he thinks are better?

  53. China1

    Also right now we better not offer kos a new deal.

    Kos has been a very good servant and is my favourite player in the squad from recent years, but his legs are gone and it’s one to say thanks and good bye