Arsenal confirm major focus on youth | Sign Brazilian wunderkind?

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Arsenal dropped a big press dump on the new roles of people at the club… the message was clear, it’s all about the kids.


“I’m really excited by this opportunity to continue helping develop & work with some of the great young players we have coming through in the first-team environment & to work alongside Unai & his coaching team to help Arsenal win trophies”


“I have always had a deep commitment to developing young players & am delighted to be back working in an area which is so important to the future of our club. We have great young players & my job will be to help them maximise their potential”

The article talks about transitions teams being developed… groups of people that move players from youth to the first team. This is Raul giving his take on it:

“Identifying, recruiting and developing young players is a key part of our strategy. We have some great talent coming through our younger age groups and, like all top clubs, the challenge is to help them make the most of their abilities.

“The hardest part is always the transition from academy football to senior football. We already have good programmes in place but these staff changes will ensure our plans are even more robust and clear for every single player. I’m confident it will make a significant difference to our ability to bring players through to the first team.”

It’s a bit jargony to me, but fuck it, I love the focus and the way they are communicating this vision to the fans. This all feels like Arsenal are trying to move from bullshit statements on regulatory miscalculations and pleasantries about class, to something a little more action oriented… i.e. don’t tell me we’re going to be a hub of youth, show me what you’re going an explain it.

I also like that we’re giving Sal Bibbo and Ben Knapper more freedom to express their ideas. Wenger had a lot of good people at the club, but it was his way or the highway. Autocratic leaders are horrible to work with, if there’s only one way and you can’t affect that without getting the chop, you get fat, lazy and you stop innovating. I think it’s smart of Raul to give opps to internal talent, and it’s super refreshing Emery isn’t being allowed to stock the club with more of his pals.

There’s a story running in one of the rags that states Emery will have the final say on Saliba because he doesn’t want to lose his summer budget on an 18-year-old. If all the above is real, I very much doubt Emery is going to rock the signing of an elite kid. I also doubt that Arsenal isn’t thinking about stocking the first team. Just feels like a story that’s been made up based on average sleuthing.

Anyway, the vision appears to have been doubled down with stories about Brazilian wonderkid, Martinelli, hitting the newsnow streams hard than Abou Diaby kicks John Terry in this face way back when. The 18-year-old is very quick, pretty tall at 5,11, and very youtube friendly.

Football London did a deep dive and asked some experts who the fuck this chap is:

“Stylistically, Martinelli can be compared to Richarlison, who represents a shift in what is expected of Brazilian attackers.

“He is very athletic, hard working and seems to have an instinct for pressing defenders whose abilities are occasionally left wanting.

“Playing for a fourth division side in the Campeonato Paulista (state championships) would normally see his influence limited against bigger sides, but he rose to the challenge, scoring six goals and assisting three.”

There’s some great stats in the article, you should read. NOT NOW. After.

Anyway, one for the future. Last time I got excited about a Brazilian he was booted out of his 9th loan deal for being a Domino’s fiend, so keep that excitement tucked into your belt.

Still, it is exciting to think that we’re buying expensive kids again… all you need to do is land 1 jackpot in 5 attempts and you’re doing VERY well.

Right, that’s me done… I’m back on morning times now and flying out to LA today for 2 days for work… bit rough, but still better than your Pret ham sandwich on the tube, so pipe down.


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  1. Marko

    I think it’s particularly telling that a number on here think we need 15 new faces but we’ve yet to do any business at all bar lose 4 first team players to contracts expiring. Something doesn’t add up in that regard wouldn’t you say?

    Another example of you really not getting it. I mean we need to get rid of players before we can bring in “15 players”. You’re suggesting that we’re instead happy with what we’ve got I’d argue that it’s difficult to shift two Defenders for example who are so poor AND on 90,000 and 120,000. There also doesn’t seem to be a queue of clubs trying to sign up a supposedly elite CM on 90,000 a week. Instead clubs like Atletico, Milan and Inter are looking at players like Llorente, Torreira and Barrella instead. Could their respective wages of 25,000, 50,000 and 13,000 be playing a part?

  2. Champagne Charlie

    Marko telling someone they don’t get it lol, bit like a tramp telling someone their shoes are dirty.

  3. Marko

    Pedro says take the ‘L’ when the evidence backs up a prior claim. Not because you offer an opinion as a fact.

    First off that’s not necessarily true with regards to Pedro and secondly are you dense? Honest question are you dense? Cause it’s not an opinion it’s a fact we are currently struggling to move on players. We also have got players on excessive wages. I don’t get why you’re struggling with it

  4. Marko

    Those retorts hardly win you an argument Charles. Someone says that we have an overpaid poorly performing squad and you respond with a shit attempt at humour. You’re the real winner around here Charlie

  5. Ishola70


    Do you see the away fixtures next season as being harder in comparison to season just gone and that would be up until mid-December?

    A fair few people see it as harder than season just gone.

    We have to remember that Arsenal’s away form for a good few seasons now has been pretty poor and not good enough.

    That’s why some think Arsenal may struggle to emulate another unbeaten run like season just gone. And no we are not comparing any Arsenal unbeaten runs to Man City. Arsenal’s unbeaten runs are compatible with a challenge for top four not winning the EPL.

  6. Thank you and goodnight.

    Shows just how good Wenger really is that no decent club has come in for him in almost 14 months. Everyone now realises just how much him and gazidis fucked this club up big time. Piss poor manager who got lucky. Now because of those 2 cunts we are years away from getting back to the top

  7. Marko

    Have to remember who you’re arguing with sometimes. This is a person who responds to defensive criticism of Kolasinac by mentioning that he got like 6 or 7 assists last season. He responds to Xhaka being utterly dogshit defensively and being limited by bringing up his 2,000 passes a season. Tiresome

  8. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not sure why you’re viewing it in terms of unbeaten runs? Personally I’ve never given much credence to the fixture list because you have to play everyone twice regardless. Only time it piques my interest is a cluster of tough matches over Xmas for instance, or how it can pan out between tough Euro fixtures etc.

    Generally I don’t care so much. I think the standout feature of the top 6 sides is a relative consistency in their quality, you typically know they will give a certain level when we face them, but the other sides are less certain. Everton/West Ham were supposed to be awesome this season and were gash for large parts, Wolves were a newbie that slayed it. It would be presumptuous to say both will follow in a similar trend this season, far more volatile outside the top 6 as I see it.

    Do you see us struggling from the off?

    No the jibes are just for you, I engage with anyone that actually debates a point. Forgive me for not being interested in your breakdown of ‘this is where you can’t be taken seriously’ and ‘this is where you don’t get it’.

    Beta-male stuff because it’s you that hasn’t a POV buttressed with logic. Just Markoisms and opinions aggressively pushed as fact. If Pedro eventually does Merch you’re front and centre for a ‘Flat-Earter’ cap in MAGA red.

  9. Ishola70

    I think Arsenal will struggle next season Charlie in regards to being able to put an unbeaten run together that will be seen as a platform to go into the second part of the season. The platform that enabled Arsenal to have a very good chance of top four season just gone.

    Of course if Arsenal sign this first team CB that could elevate the side along with a midfielder that actually contributes off the ball and defensively as well as on the ball along with Tierney as LB then my misgivings may be subsided somewhat.

  10. Champagne Charlie


    Do you see an unbeaten run as being necessary at some stage in the season? I think you’re overstating the platform it provided last season if I’m honest.

    Do you recall the stats from that 22 game run?

  11. Marko

    Beta-male stuff because it’s you that hasn’t a POV buttressed with logic.

    Makes sense. I say club is struggling to shift underperforming players and their excessive wages aren’t helping. My gawd totally bereft of logic that. I still maintain you can’t be taken seriously on topics that relate to Wenger and where he left Arsenal. Probably cause while I got a t-shirt that says I visited the edge of the world and all I got was this flat earther shirt you got yourself a crusty old sock called Arsene Wenger at home.

  12. Ishola70


    I know the team picked up 37 points in 14 EPL matches up to mid December which is pretty good going for a team that is only challenging for fourth spot or at best third.

    I also know that Arsenal picked up 14 points from six away EPL matches up to mid December which is great going for a club that has been poor on the road for a good few seasons.

    I fear that we won’t be anywhere near these 14 away points next season up to mid December and this in turn could affect home form as well.

    But as said a few first team signings in the right positions can allay these fears.

  13. Ishola70

    34 points points I think rather than 37 after 14 EPL matches up to mid December.

    Still good for a team that only has fourth spot in mind.

  14. Marko

    Ishola if the starting 11 isn’t addressed by at least 4 new players just assume that the new season is a write off.

  15. Champagne Charlie


    But you consider these clusters necessary? Or just a feature of a given season?

    I personally don’t look at fixtures through that prism, I tend to take every new season as it is and consider the first 6 games “formless” encounters ergo an opportunity to establish a rhythm. But the calendar is always full of opportunities depending how it’s viewed.

    Our last 6 fixtures last season were classic example of that. We were envied by all around us and fluffed our lines. I think it’s too easy to draft something from a fixture list to the level you’re suggesting. Liverpool earth could be tough, or they could start shit and it be seen as a major opportunity to pile it on. So nuanced.

  16. Ishola70

    “if the starting 11 isn’t addressed by at least 4 new players just assume that the new season is a write off.”

    Yeah I’d say about 4 new first team players as well though I’d actually put Meunier at RB as well as Tierney at LB. Definitely a first team CB and a CM that actually contributes off the ball and defensively as well as on the ball.

    If Emery gets in these new faces in these new positions then he can have no excuses about being poor defensively again next season.

  17. Ishola70

    Yes Charlie I think they are necessary especially with a team as average as this Arsenal present side and especially as a platform leading up past late December and going into the new year.

    I don’t think this is a side presently Charlie that can turn form on and off like a tap. They need a buffer of a relatively good start up to December.

  18. HighburyLegend

    “If Emery gets in these new faces in these new positions then he can have no excuses about being poor defensively again next season.”

    But what about the “no Mustafi, no party” ?!?

  19. Micheal

    “Ishola if the starting 11 isn’t addressed by at least 4 new players just assume that the new season is a write off.”

    Depends on what you consider a “write off”.

    My opinion is that we will get no more than three new first team players (those who walk into the starting 11) and will be left to limp along with some of the deadwood – e.g. Ozil.

    Overall I think we are nailed on to finish 6th. Maybe not quite a “write off” though deeply disappointing. But par for the course for a club whose owner does not give a fuck.

  20. Champagne Charlie


    We differ there then, you’re talking in the realms of where good management prospers imo. We’re better than 80% of the sides in the league roughly speaking, the idea of us having to rely upon riding a wave of good form is a poor reflection on our approach.

  21. Marko

    Ishola I said at least 4 that’s low-ball I personally think we need 6 to the starting 11. At least one CB two fullbacks and some width in attack

  22. Marko

    Michael you believing that even with 3 new signings that we’d finish 6th before the season even starts I would class that as a write off

  23. Ishola70


    Our away form has been poor for several seasons now.

    You can’t just write that off like it has not occurred.

    This talk of better than 80% of the league hasn’t translated in away matches has it for the past few seasons.

  24. Micheal

    “Michael you believing that even with 3 new signings that we’d finish 6th before the season even starts I would class that as a write off”

    Just being realistic. I don’t like it one bit.

    In the current top 6, City, Liverpool and ManUre appear to be spending big and strengthening their squads. Tottenham already have a better squad and may well make additions. Chelsea ? Hard to know becuse of the transfer ban. But they do possess some quality youngsters which will soften the blow.

    In contrast, Arsenal are not spending big, we do not have many quality youngsters and the lack of ambition is shocking.

    Therefore, 6th looks like a triuumph.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve written nothing off, I’ve stated we’re better than roughly 80% of the league so relying on patches of good form seems fanciful and half baked an approach to a season.

    What are the away form stats? Didn’t you just rattle off some good away form from just last season? It’s not as black and white as you’re making out.

  26. Ishola70


    Arsenal didn’t play one away side last season up to mid December that finished in the top ten positions in the league barring Chelsea which was lost.

    It was a very nice run of away fixtures.

    The away run of fixtures next season isn’t so nice up to mid December.

    Arsenal’s overall away form over the past two seasons is poor.

  27. Marc

    I hate to mention it but every team has to play all the other teams once at home and once away.

    You can have a nice run of fixtures but this often means harder fixtures are more likely to group together. The only major benefit you can get is to have easier home fixtures after away EL matches, as I’d personally like us to treat this competition as a second (or third maybe forth) priority this coming season even that shouldn’t make much of a difference.

    The point of the above is why are people arguing about how many points we’ll accrue this season compared to last by Christmas.

    I thought I was bad for getting bored in close season but dear oh dear. We should a huge argument about whether the new kit is the right shade of red.

  28. Ishola70


    There is such a thing as getting in a run to build confidence. This can be the case with any side let alone this present Arsenal team.

    This present team could easily sink in regards to top four if they can’t get a run going before December/January.

  29. Marc


    I agree but we’re stuck with the fixtures we have and at the moment I wouldn’t even go near how the teams going to play until we see what the squad is on the 8th August.

    Just seems a reason to have an argument for the sake of it.

  30. Gentlebris

    So no single departure yet. No single strong link re:Ozil and friends.
    As things are, people, departures are much more pressing than incomings.
    If Ozil, Xhaka, Kola, Mikki are still here next season, they will get major minutes, and that leaves us as we are; a labouring team with no sauce, style or strength.

    Not many clubs are interested in these con men we parade as footballers, but if Raul is worth his bread, he should know the only way forward is to cut out these meh men, and he should find a way to do it. He was hired to solve problems I believe.

  31. Receding Hairline

    Committing 60m pounds to Wan Bissaka in transfer fee and bonuses doesn’t look like great business to me by United

    I for one wouldn’t be happy if we committed to such a deal

    His own goal the other night was pretty stupid between

  32. Freddie Ljungberg

    Why are we not looking at Max Aarons? I know we’ve been linked with him before but it’s been quiet on that front for awhile now. Makes more sense at 15m than Meunier at 27m, only 19 and would already improve our defense.

    When Bellerin comes back 2-3 months in he can have a breather, but I think he would make that RB position his own fairly quickly. Bellerin isn’t as good as he’s perceived to be.

    35m for Tierney and Aarons would be an absolute steal.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Carrasco simply wants to force through a move back to Europe

    Aubameyang did the same when he wanted out of Dortmund

    Many players before him have also done same ..not saying it’s justified but a lot of nonsense goes on in this game called football

  34. Marko

    Receding the actual fee is a bit excessive but he’s going to be one of the best RB’s in Europe soon. He’s been in the top 3 for various defensive stats for the last two seasons. He’s on the way

  35. Marko

    I would say 30-40 million is about right. The problem with some of these players is when they sign contracts at clubs like Palace or Rice at West Ham for example they never think about what happens when it comes to leaving. Wan Bissaka isn’t kicking up a fuss and Palace don’t want to sell unless it’s for big money ergo he’ll cost big money.

  36. Marko

    Just an opinion Charles. You got any? Go on give us one of your pearlers tell us how Lichtsteiner is a shrewd move again or how we should target Antonio Valencia. Mustafi is a world cup winner he’s good enough isn’t he?

  37. Champagne Charlie

    Didn’t address you Marko so do us a favour and put your toys away you belligerent fuckwit.

  38. Marko

    Or so you’re taking the piss out of someone else’s opinions. Point stands though given your history of bad calls you know. Left to you we’d have a back 4 with Valencia, Mustafi and Kolasinac in it. Oh and it’d be overseen by big Weng

  39. MidwestGun

    Sources tell me,, Pedro is partying it up in Hollywood with his Jonas brother’s connections…

    Meanwhile.. back at AFC… *yawn*

    You know it’s bad when the lead story is Hector is apparently now a supermodel. Cat walking is good for rehab apparently.. You go girl!

  40. Champagne Charlie


    Stick to expressing your own views because you’re not able to keep up with other people’s.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin is one you have to watch, bad ACL, out until October, no knowing how he comes back, always dodgy defensively, pace was his greatest asset and now ACL and also how much is his head actually in football?

    Seems to think he’s some fashionista, dietitian and social commentator.

  42. Graham62


    You can’t come on here and spout out the bleeding obvious.

    It’s just not cricket.

    Good shout though.

  43. MidwestGun

    Yeah.. Bellerin is all over the place.. I’d prefer to hear about him buckling down to get back early in Football.. but doesn’t seem to be the case.

    In regards to AFC I have no idea what to think, right now. I thought we would at least have got rid of Miki … for example.. Plus all the reports of waiting for Edu.. and waving fees etc… to get him here asap. Great but really? Anyhow.. like usual silly season is silly… but I much preferred last summer to this.

  44. Graham62

    If Pedro is having a siesta , why not make up a post. Prizes given to anyone who can actually unite this blog.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Holding was straight out for light training and a personal fitness programme when he could. Aubameyang was posting videos of him working out on holiday in Arsenal gear.

    Doesn’t mean Bellerin isn’t doing what he’s told, but given the state of things I want to see him fully focused on getting as fit as possible and working on coming back raring to go.

    This point last summer we’d already landed Leno. Like I said yesterday the new lot haven’t given me cause to have no confidence, I’ve no evidence to believe they will drop a shit window and I know they are working under difficult conditions. If they mess the summer up then of course we’ve got evidence and can start to worry.

    See the Arsenal fans online already starting to target Kroenke. Bugger this window up and this will be a tumultuous season.

    Said it last year, unlike when the incompetent was here no fans are sentimentally sedated with Emery, Sallehi, Edu etc. Fully judged on merits and things will go nasty quickly. It won’t take 10 years.

  46. MidwestGun

    Graham the only thing that could unite this Blog .. would be if suddenly it was announced Kroenke was selling AFC to some Billionaire with a football fetish..

    Chances of that … are so near zero… that it’s not worth thinking about.

  47. Dissenter

    “[Liverpool] They were fucking wank 4 years ago with Joe Allen as their sauce. Spare me the nonsense that we can’t follow their lead. Our fortunes could change with one savvy purchase for God’s sake, Salah elevated their entire project two levels for 35 mil.’

    You know it’s just one year since Vinai, Raul and Emery have been in charge

    I bet you kept you kept your head tucked in the sand when Wenger was saying that it’s “ideal” for players to reach the last years of their contracts. Now you want a microwave-ready solution

  48. Dissenter

    “I think Ozil being sold would unite the fuck outta this place”
    That’s not fair to Pierre.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Maybe the takeover at Newcastle has stalled because they’ve heard Kroenke wants to sell up?


    We can dream.

  50. salparadisenyc

    “Aubameyang did the same when he wanted out of Dortmund”


    I don’t know if you can label PEA’s behavior as lazy, he may of maneuvered for a move as he’d outgrown Dortmund behind the scenes, but when called upon he delivered massively.

  51. Graham62


    No no, I won’t have that!! There’s a hotel in Eastbourne.

    Sorry, you’d have to have a honours degree in “Fawlty Towers” humour to get where I’m coming from on this.

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Unlike you to make a totally unrelated comment when attempting to snipe at someone. Oh wait…

    Still waiting for that explanation of the “major ditch”. You can bore off with anything else until you finally man up and offer something more than a ‘remark and run’.

  53. jwl

    I been suspicious of Bellerin ever since I found out he vegan eighteen months ago, what kind of sportsman don’t eat meat?And his desire to be fashionista doesn’t help either.

    Only way we uniting this blog is if Pedro starts posting anti-spuds chants otherwise we arguing about nothing and seem to enjoy it.

  54. MidwestGun

    I don’t know if # Arteta In would unite the blog .. but it sure would make this place saucy… It would be so saucy that it would make Hector Bellerin’s Hot Pink jumpsuit look like child’s play.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    If Arteta was made manager all that would happen would be Pedro would join the rest of us saying the squad needs a total overhaul.

    ‘How can he implement “sauce” when the ingredients are so bad’ or the like.

  56. Marc


    One day Arteta might make a good manager for Arsenal but as his first role he’d be out of his depth.

    It would actually cause the current problems to get worse – the players we have who don’t need replacing would start getting stick as well.

  57. MidwestGun

    You underestimate the importance of Hot Sauce to Pedro’s equation.. To be fair if you stick hot sauce on anything it makes it taste better or at least covers up the taste.. Although for me Arteta is like Ketchup and Klopp is like Habanero sauce so… varying degrees of sauciness as well.. But yeah the squad needs an overhaul which is why I’m frustrated by outgoing activity or lack thereof… I’m starting to get that bad feeling.. I used to get when Wenger was talking about the difficulties of signing anyone.. And I don’t like it. I was hoping to be over AW Deja vous feelings.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Not saying I want it, just saying there would be a narrative shift. Arteta would be totally out of his depth here, same reason I don’t want Ljungberg to be fast tracked…even though technically he has more managerial experience than Arteta still.

    For me right now it doesn’t matter who the manager is. I has no love for Emery, not really anything about him that is particularly warming but I know he’s a very competent manager. It could be Jardim, Allegri, Enrique, Rodgers, whoever. They do not have the basic ingredients of a team.

    They have no full backs, no wingers, a disastrous set of CBs, no pace and physicality in the midfield and retired CAMs. Worse, they don’t have a lot of wiggle room to address it thoroughly or quickly.

    There would be a caveat in my judgement of any manager at Arsenal right now.

    I used the analogy before, it’s like a new government trying to address the economy/health service etc that the last government utterly fucked up with limited resources. You can’t forget that last government and pretend it didn’t happen because it hurts your feelings because you were a big supporter of theirs even as you sat and watch bone policy after bone policy and stupid investment after stupid investment and stupid trade deal after stupid trade deal.

    The situation is so bad at Arsenal I’m prepared to give them time. If we don’t see improvements this season one way or the other then I will start to lose confidence in them.

  59. Marko

    Just as well we didn’t get a new manager in. Could you imagine someone else wanting another season before deciding certain players are useless cunts

  60. MidwestGun

    If Zieyech and Tierney and Saliba is who we want then lets get it done.. and move a couple stooges out.. Know what I’m sayin.. hahahaha

    Anyhow.. I’m off to watch the US Women over celebrate a win over Sweden… I hope.

  61. Graham62

    Mr Serge

    Modern society is based on promoting things that only the minority are interested in. We have to accept it and not mock it.

    Netball is another one.

    News flash. “Heather Jones from Birmingham City Ladiess has been transferred to Ipswich Town Ladies for an undisclosed fee and a years supply of Silvikrin hairspray”

    My wife agrees with me on this.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mister serge…..

    That is an outrageous sexist comment .
    Woman have been working for years to fight off this bigotry.
    Comment like that put the whole process back years.

    Saying that blonde smith an the mixed race striker are cute…

  63. HillWood

    Have to say I’ve been very impressed with the women’s World Cup
    They put the men’s game to shame with their honesty
    The skill level and organisation has come on leaps and bounds from a few years ago
    They don’t roll around trying to get players sent off
    They shoot from outside the box
    They don’t surround the ref and argue every decision
    And they look like they actually enjoy playing the game

  64. jwl

    HillWood – I’ve got teenage niece who very into men and women football. We watch a lot of football together and she got me watching female matches now. Men are more athletic, aggressive but top tier women got abilities as well and I enjoy watching occasional Arsenal women game. World Cup is making my niece a bit crazed with happiness that Canada and England doing ok so far.

  65. Pierre

    Until Emery learns how to set up a team defensively, nothing will change whoever the personnel are.
    For a new manager to come in and make Wenger look look more defensively tactically astute , takes some doing.

    One can use as many analogies as they like about how bad it was before , but it really takes some doing for a manager to add 5 defensive based players to the squad for Arsenal to actually look worse at the back..

    It doesn’t bode well for the season ahead does it . During last season I would say there were 2 areas that were showing an improvement defensively….

    1) Torriera slotting into a defensive midfield position up until December.

    2) defending from corners , we were up there with the best in this area.

    So what happened,
    1)Torreira ‘s position was changed and hence he struggled to rediscover his early season form.
    2)Our defensive set up at corners was changed in the final third of the season, leading to Arsenal conceding from set pieces…….maybe someone can explain why.

    Doesn’t look very promising does it.

  66. alexanderhenry

    There seems to be a ‘kroenke out’ storm brewing online. Good.

    I strongly suspect , post wenger, that there isn’t too patience amongst arsenal fans for a slow- or is that cheap- rebuild at arsenal.

    Call it project youth 2.0 or Dortmund plus, but the idea that arsenal football club can get back into the elite by having a brains trust at the club capable of constructing a team without large scale investment, is far fetched and at the very least, extremly difficult.

  67. alexanderhenry


    ‘Until Emery learns how to set up a team defensively, nothing will change whoever the personnel are.’

    If we signed someone like Virgil van Dijk, I think quite a lot would change.

  68. TheLegendaryDB10


    This is indeed great news!! Good to see Gooners trying to be vocal against Kroenke.

    It will take a bit of time. But it’s not entirely impossible.

    Kroenke current situation is tied to in part by the performance of Raul and Vinai over the next 2 seasons.

    There is a lot of work to do. In particular with the defence. My original expectations were, regardless of who would be the manager, that our defence was going to be trained and drilled, and our team taught to stay focused on being defensive when necessary (to help push for regaining possesion).

    What we have seen this season went from abject (the first 10-15 mins of our away game vs Chelski still haunt me) to okish ruined by massive brainfarts from the experts in the domain: Mustafi and Xhaka.

    I just really hope that we work on our defense in some manner by buying a CB and LB.

    And I really hope that Unai works on actually having our team working on their defensive side and have the defense seriously coached.

    With out that, we are fucked.

    The trouble for Kroenke is that the value can start to fall, in particular from a brand/ image perspective. If we are not seen trying to win, major brands will avoid us. For now, Adidas has trusted us to move forward. We fuck that up, then this will look bad.

    Also what will not help us is if we do actually plummet in the table without any real plan.

    As HL idea of relegation sounds hilarious, what Kroenke does not realise is that there is no safety net where there are lower divisions.

    For me if things are not rectified and that this poor way of running a club persists for another 5-10 years in this rudderless direction. The shit will hit the fan for Stan.

    Although I don’t think that we will actually get relegated, but plummeting far enough this could push him to sell as he will not know what to do.


  69. Dissenter

    WTF is wrong with Bellerin?
    Maybe this fashion/modelling career will boost his transfer value and we can shift him on peacefully next summer.
    He’s too full of drama. Pedro will love him though, proper banter material.

  70. Graham62

    As an Arsenal fan I want to see Bellerin focusing 100% on maximising his potential at the club, not prancing down a frigging catwalk tring to boost his modelling career.

    Makes me sick.