Arsenal moving towards Dortmund+ with first buy nearing

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If you’re going to follow the smoke, then there’s no smokier trail than the one surrounding French starlet, Claude-Maurice of Lorient.

The internet is ablaze that we’ve agreed terms with him and are very close with Lorient on fee, thought to be around £18m.

This is the sort of signing I’d hoped we’d make. The player is direct, he can move with the ball at pace, he loves a long shot and he’s more fit for purpose than anything we currently boast out wide.

He’s exactly the sort of player Monaco and Dortmund normally snap up and sell for £50m a couple of years later. If this is a sign of things to come this summer, I’m into it. Arsenal has to find the white space in the transfer market.

There are two routes that ‘could’ be where we’re trying to play.

Revamp / Reenergise

This method of picking up broken players from around Europe is exactly what Unai Emery did at Sevilla. The manager is under pressure, when you are drowning, you fall back on what you know. He’d flip players like two up, two downs in Hastings. The risk here is a bit like buying yellow sticker sushi, you’re either buying an ABSOLUTE bargain (Think Kanu or Overmars) or you are about to find out why bad fish is never to be fucked with (Balotelli or Joey Barton). Players like Malcolm, Carrasco, Arnautovic, and Denis Suarez are all the types of players that ‘could’ be monumental… or just total shite. Inter won the CL doing this, Spurs found top 4 with ‘arry. Problem is, it can lead to disaster, just look at Pompey and Stoke (lolololol).


This is the longterm game. It comes with a little less risk because the outlay is low, if you buy right the players, they go up in value, and we’d be the biggest platform in the world operating this way. The sell to the players is you’ll come to play at a spectacular club, in the greatest city in the world, in an outrageous league. The sell to the fans is unreal kids blowing up The Emirates on the regular. The idea would be that when these players get good enough in 3 years, they’d create a steady stream of MEGA income that’d allow us to move to a more Bayern Munich model, and it’d also find us back in the Champions League. I thought it was very interesting to hear that Dortmund signed Sancho with the idea of selling him after a home-based Euros next summer. That’s planning.

The dream would be to move to where Dortmund were this season, or where Monaco were when Jardim was there first time around. The difference is that when we reach a certain phase in this sort of strategy, we could stop selling our elite talent, but continue the model because we’d have more money for better youth and we’d have a case study to prove out that the idea works.

I’m hoping we’re Dortmund+; all rumours seem to point that way.

The Carassco rumours are dying down, people keep citing our low starting budget, and I feel like it’s our job to remind people that a starting budget isn’t the final budget. If we sell a bunch of first-team players, that will add to the pot… and that literally has to happen, whatever the cost to Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil staying or going doesn’t impact our transfer plan.

The only thing that might be problematic is that every club in Europe knows exactly which players we are DESPERATE to move on. They’d mostly be mental to try and buy Mustafi right now, because they’ll know the deal is there to be had at the end of the window when we’ll literally take a moldy peach and 1982 copy of the Beano in exchange for his services. If you’re the player, that might even settle into your bargaining.

‘I can go back to training, act a c*nt, drive down my fee and up my wages in the process’

The question is whether Stan K is signing of cheques in the meantime. Or will he be rigid about making sure the cashflow is constantly in the black? For me, as a person who has no finanical incentive to keep cashflow positive, I’d say this would be a regressive approach that could severely disrupt our preseason and ruin the start of the campaign.

We should go all out to bring in the players we need so there is ZERO disruption for Emery’s team, and we can judge him solely on what happened on the pitch… I don’t want to have to read people excusing another shite season because we signed back Santos and Park Chu Young the last day of the window.

Ryan Fraser hilariously told the press he wasn’t worth the £30m and Bournemouth are insisting he’ll be with them next year. I won’t be taking an absence from work over this failure (please fail).

The Meunier stories are still chugging along, but a few things are coming out of Paris that suggest it’s a pipedream. Firstly, the player wants to stay. Secondly, ARSENAL DON’T NEED A RIGHT BACK OF HIS EXPERIENCE and are instead more focused on the left back and left-sided centre back position. Also, I’d be absolutley shocked if Raul would be sitting in a room seriously mulling that sort of investment in a position we are stocked in from a starting 11 perspective. Go where the holes are my friends, go where the holes are.

There are also extremely amusing rumours that Milan want LT at all costs… they are willing to give us Kessie in exchange. Pretty sure this one ain’t happening people, especially for £35m quid.

There’s also a great story in the press that Celtic are after Jenks… apparently started from one of those HILARIOUS fake twitter rumours. Still, the press run with these things and so goes the circle of clicks in journalism.

That’s me done friends, see you in the comments x

Oh, and HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY FATHER, big love, #EmeryOut

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    What is blindingly clear to me this summer is that Arsenal are currently a club in “the bargain basement ” department. Arsenal are currently looking for players likely to cost less than £30 million such as Leno and Torreira or young hopefuls such as Guendouzi

    Adopting such a policy when the club has a significant amount of dross suggests to me that the owner, board and senior management acknowledge that there is no quick fix solution to Arsenal’s situation since they are not prepared to throw serious money at transfer market.

    I did not believe “the poverty” argument made earlier in the season and frankly the balance sheet when compared with other free spending clubs does not suggest to me that the club is in a serious financial mess.

    Indeed had this been the case I doubt that Kroenke would have bought out Usmanov at the end of last year and paid him a “full price” for his shares.

  2. Graham62

    One other thing…………………….

    Where’s the Fudging money?!!!!?

    Can’t beat a bit of the Pub Landlord to help put things into perspective.

  3. Dream10

    Wonder if we’re struggling to sign players like Hermoso and Upamecano because of the lack of CL football. Probably not interested in signing for a Europa League club unless premium wages are on the table.

  4. Vintage Gun

    Umpacano maybe as his team have qualified for next season (I think. I don’t think it would be a problem in Hermoso’s case as he plays for Espanyol

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I am very happy if we land Saliba. Great signing. A young player with massive potential.

    If we are loaning him back and paying £25 Million for him that suggests that either we have more money than has first been claimed or we’ve got money coming in that we don’t yet know about from sales.

    No way if our budget is £45-50 Million that Emery doesn’t kick up serious fuss about spending half of it on a player who won’t even be here for another year.

    Really great signing though. Physical, fast, good with the ball and is an imposing figure on the pitch.

  6. Dream10

    Vintage Gun

    Believe Hermoso has interest from Atletico Madrid as well. They’re a consistent CL team.

  7. Vintage Gun

    I’m encouraged by the latest developments regarding Saliba as he really looks the part and having just turned 18 would be a good investment long term.

    I just hope we can take him immediately as the Europa league and League Cup will be a great bedding ground for him during the 1st half of the season.

    If we do loan him back for a year then i hope we structure the deal so that only a small % will be extracted out of this summers budget (i.e £5-7m)

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Vintage Gun

    I think that is exactly what will happen.

    I’m glad we’ve done it though, if we’d missed out because of that loan issue I would be have been disappointed. Especially seeing City pick him up.

    The links so far, Saliba, Claude Maurice, Martinellu, Reinier very interesting summer targeting young players with massive potential.

  9. Vintage Gun


    I misunderstood what you wrote. And i agree, it will be hard to compete with CL qualified teams such as Athletico for players in our current position.

    We’re reaping what we’ve sown.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Just thinking about the CDM/CM we need, if we’re shopping a lot in Ligue 1 I wonder if there are any good young players there.

    Just having a look there are some interesting names, Blas, Bennasser (we were linked with in January but had no money), Tchouaméni (very young) and of course you always have Rabiot still floating around (though looks like he’s going to United).

    Not claiming to be an expert at all on any of them, just some names that have floated around and if we seem to be liking Ligue 1 as a market they might be worth a look.

    We need more in that central midfield badly.

  11. Vintage Gun


    I think the ‘Wonderkid’ route coupled with a few solid signings is the most logical way to go given our perceived financial situation.

    We REALLY need to add value to our playing staff in the coming seasons and with the right young talent coming in/promoted and PL & EL exposure this is a great start.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Vintage Gun

    Completely agree.

    The new lot have already started that, Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi have all significantly increased in value since their arrival.

    I have a feeling Arsenal might try something like a loan with an obligation to buy for a CB of higher calibre at some point. Some rumours Barcelona might look at that for Umtiti.

    But I agree, the majority should be young prospects with 2 established players coming in (likely Meunier and a CB).

  13. China1

    Let’s pray the saliba runours are true and that we somehow don’t need to loan him back. Offer them a few more million if necessary and see if they bite

    This is arsenal so seems very unlikely it would happen, but imagine if we got saliba and rabiot this summer (I do have big concerns about rabiots personality mind)

    But just imagine… in two signings for a combined less than 30m we’d have an elite prospect young CB and an elite CM to play alongside torreira.

    For 30 odd mil that would be an absolutely tantalizing start to our summer business. Sell a couple of our wasters, sign a winger and a LB and hang on a minute we might not actually be complete trash anymore!!

    Sorry should really stop dreaming. The harsh realities will only disappoint when it doesn’t happen

  14. China1

    Seriously tho imagine that for just a minute

    We’d have a really serious looking spine apart from the AM position and who knows, maybe even the weasley little cunt at n10 we have would be more useful if playing in front of a very deep lying torreira and a b2b rabiot

    From back to front

    Ozil (or better player)
    Auba and or laca

    That’s a serious spine right there. The best spine we’d have seen for well over a decade

  15. China1

    I think we don’t need a dm ifwe tell torreira to sit really deep and save his energy. Protect the defense and contribute next to nothing to our offense

  16. China1

    This talk of torreira is giving me migraines as I have flashbacks of song in his last season bombing forwards to be AM for no good reason

    He’d play some wonderful assist to rvp and people would be raving about it but we’d lose 2-1 because we had NO ONE IN FUCKING DM

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re better off going 4-3-3 with a very physical, solid and tenacious central midfield, then a front 3 with flair (one ST, one wide playmaker and one direct, pacey winger).

    If you added actual full backs I think we’d look a far more solid outfit.

  18. Vintage Gun

    Regarding sales, I wonder if we’ve already agreed in principle to let a couple go but want to get a couple in first. This would make sense as it’s harder to drive down prices on potential signings if millions are coming in through sales.

    Hope so anyways

  19. Goobergooner

    Just on Ozil, yeah fair enough he may want to play, and his ego probably expects he is the first name on the team sheet, especially in a squad like Arsenal’s. But this isn’t even on Emery, as people called it while playing under Wenger, he’s a fucking massive pussy who hides against anyone who actually goes in hard for the ball; and has played shit house for the last 2 seasons plus the rest of his shit games for us since he started.

    This isn’t about Emery not getting along with Ozil, it’s about someone actually putting this cunt on the bench where I still don’t even think he belongs in our team.

  20. terraloon

    If indeed it’s more about getting them on the cheap is that football is a real small community and it would soon become well known that was the game Arsenal were playing .
    There is a greater risk if that backfired in that Arsenal would be held hostage by both buying clubs and indeed the outgoing player if it was evident that they had to get rid of the player and God forbid but if the sale broke down then you’d be in one hellava mess.

  21. Graham62

    Marcus Rashford to get £350k a week!!

    What’s the frigging point?

    At this rate, I envisage Football will implode within the next few years.

    Good luck to Rashford. Then again, when you’ve got a lazy leech like we have at Arsenal on the same amount, I suppose Rashford works out value for money.

  22. Graham62

    So it seems Denis Suarez was injured during his stopover.

    Did the injury occur whilst he was here or prior to his arrival?

  23. Graham62

    Ndombele to Spuds looks more likely.

    “Who wouldn’t want to go to a big club”?

    Ah yes, how times have changed.

    It’s amazing what can happen when you sit on your ass for 13 years and do sweet fudge all.

  24. Champagne Charlie

    “I didn’t really see any mention of emery and no one defending him really in the entire last 50 odd comments, then CC comes in goading people about emery”

    Sad life you lead mate, another one shedding a tear because I took the piss out of Emery for not getting the Juve job. Good grief, unreal “goading” that.

    @Un naai
    Our budget isn’t that meagre mate, not buying it at all. Plus I think we’ll see some sales soon. Could also have deferred majority of payment until next season with that one as part of the loan terms. Usually transfers are a 3-4 year affair to pay off anyway so he’s 8 mil a go.

  25. Moray

    Graham, the world doesn’t make any sense these days.

    Only a few years ago we were looking at half of the clubs being insolvent as they were all knee-deep in debt. What exactly has happened since? A global financial crisis. Yet they continue to spend and spend. Chelsea function perfectly normally despite the fact that Abramovich has layered over a billion pound of loans on to the club that it could never pay back. What happens when he loses interest or loses favour and gets imprisoned? It won’t just be Chelsea that is affected. Remember, they were a few weeks from insolvency when he bought them.

    Football is like the property market and the bond market and the tech industry. Hugely overvalued because of cheap and easy money chasing a positive return. It will all explode and pretty soon. I agree with the way we are run, we just have to do it better and with more competence from our leadership.

  26. Dissenter

    Seems you’re in the habit of intentionally understating the scale of our problems so that you can point the finger at the new regime.
    That way you can keep mitigating Wenger’s role in our debacle.

  27. KAY Boss

    I think our budget is beyond the reported figure in the press. It might be around the £70m but still insignificant.
    We can get the best out of our midfield by allowing LT to sit as the DM he was bought for not pushing him forward like what we did with Song.
    Already £3m has been added to the budget thru Ospinas sale.
    Ospina for £3m? Oh this club not even for £10m. Pathetic!

  28. Champagne Charlie


    No I can simply draw a line of responsibility and hold the relevant faces accountable for their various inputs. I don’t have a stock ‘it’s Wenger and Gazidis’ fault’ level of analysis.

    What are the “scale of our problems” exactly?

  29. Graham62


    I love your final sentence-

    “we just have to do it better with more competence from our leadership”

    As I highlighted ‘sitting on your ass for 13 years” is incompetence at it’s highest level.

  30. TEA25

    I believe we need a LB, RB, at least two CBs (possibly 3/4 if we sell a defender or 2), 2 central mids (ACM and a box to box or DM) and 2 wingers, that being said l would be happy with a summer consisting of Maurice £18 mil, Ziyech £25 mil, Aouar £20 mil, Rabiot (free, aware of possible disciplinary issues, willing to take a risk), Tierney £25 mil, Saliba £25 mil, Upacemano £30 mil (possibly Andersen £25 mil if 2 defenders leave). The cost of £143–£168 mil is obviously more than our reported £40 mil transfer budget, but wisely l believe we are under reporting our actual budget to allow us room to manoeuvre, l believe our actual budget stands at £50/60 mil, taking this and the income from sales of Kos £15 mil, Mustafi £15/£20 mil, Elneny £15 mil, Xhaka £20 mil, Mikhi £20 mil Chambers £15 mil = £100/£105 mil with a possible extra £20 mil if we get rid of Ozil, shows a good summer is very doable, the question is do we have back room staff capable…we’ll soon find out.

  31. Dissenter

    -That’s exactly are a proper Europa league team that didn’t cut our coat to our size fast enough. We kept paying excessive salaries tame didn’t make an adjustment.
    -That clubs like Westham are set to outspend us for yet another summer TW.
    -That Wenger and Gazidis ran the club into a major ditch.

    I expect you to keep writing that our squad is good enough even as mid table clubs catch up with our underinvestment.

  32. TEA25

    Had we not had any financial constraints l would have loved to have gone for Alex Santos, AWB, Upamecano AND Konaté, Nbomdele (still can’t believe Tottenham might get him!), Partey, Pepe, Sancho and possibly Maurice and Saliba this summer.

  33. Champagne Charlie


    Yea, I said we had a squad that could compete for top 4 this past season and we finished where we did blowing the tail end.

    So I was right, and your doomsday bollocks has been shown to be utterly wide of the mark.

    We’re at a low ebb as a football club when we should’ve been galvanised and aspiring for Liverpool levels of new era. But a “major ditch”, no, that’s major bollocks on your part.

  34. Marko

    Ah no way. Where’d you see that Charles? Would make sense why we had second thoughts about Carrassco. 25-30 for him while Ziyech is the same price or while Neres is moving to Everton ffs would give anyone second thoughts

  35. Champagne Charlie


    Twitter nibbles mate, looking for the source tbh but would make a bit of sense. Could also be some absolutely wholloper spreading shite

  36. Marko

    My guess or my hope is that the inactivity at Arsenal is down to targets like Upamecano, Sangare (I’m hoping), Ziyech and Neres being at various tournaments this summer. Our lack of sales down to players being on holidays. There does seem to be an unbearable lull in the transfer market at the moment. As for who we’re being linked with well it’s all well and good buying up the likes of Saliba, Claude Maurice, Ranier and co but they’re hardly strengthening the starting 11 next season. There has to be a mixture of both future prospects and players who can make a difference now

  37. Champagne Charlie


    Struggling to see a source for the Ziyech stuff, have a feeling it’s opportunistic on the back of a journo revealing he wants Arsenal. There’s a comical fake contract offer, but I don’t see where it originates other than the dribbly twat Moley Football in the past hour

  38. Marko

    Players who aren’t ready yeah I imagine. And it’s possible that they’re selling it as a way to the first team for prospective signings in the future like Martinelli etc

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Ziyech would make a lot of sense, wide player who drifts into CAM and has played 4-3-3 at Ajax.

    I actually would like to see Iwobi given a go at CAM on occasion this season in a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1. I know I’m going to get shot to pieces for that but I think he could bring something a little different in there in terms of physicality and ball carrying.

    I know his weaknesses in terms of composure, passing etc will get exposed but in the right sort of game at home/Europa League I think it could be an interesting experiment.

    Before anyone jumps down my throat, no I’m not saying I want him as a starting CAM, no I’m not saying he’s the answer, no I’m not saying I don’t want us to sign a CAM.

    I really do not want to see Ozil at CAM this season. The pussy is basically retired at this stage and I’m sick of seeing him disparage the Arsenal shirt when he puts it on and basically stick the fingers up to the fans with disgraceful showings.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Could it be, buying into rumours for a second (I know, stupid) that Arsenal decided to move away from Carrasco because at the fee wanted for him they opted for Ziyech instead?

    Perhaps the idea was both but the Chinese club wouldn’t except staggered payment?

  41. TBone

    Your daily reminder that Mesut Ozil is a complete and utter wanker who is leeching a fortune out of the club and supporters.

  42. Marko

    Also very much on board with Kimpembe if that’s a possibility. I’d go as far as to say that him and Upamecano would go some way towards sorting out a significant problem.

  43. Dream10

    Atletico Madrid signing Joao Felix by paying his 120m release clause. The main option to buy Lacazette for 60-70m is off the table smh. Let’s hope Milan/Inter/Roma bid 40-50m for Torreira.

  44. Marko

    CA that’s what I was thinking. Less inclined to believe that we’re passing up on 25-30 million Carrassco for 20-25 million Fraser. I think it’s more likely that we are interested in Ziyech or Neres who apparently wants to move to England and is apparently interesting Everton. Could you imagine if we signed Carrassco while Everton signed Neres.

  45. Valentin


    All those announcements are just announcement to cover the fact things like that should have been place ages ago.
    Players on loan were often to their own device. For example the Arsenal Loanee WhatsApp group has been created last season when it had been in used for a certain numbers of years at Chelsea and other clubs.
    Same thing the idea of creating a path to first team via loan is new to Arsenal, but ancient at other clubs. None of our young players currently in our first team have had successful loan. Bellerin did not play at Watford. At Ipswich AMN was not even on the bench.

    Before Per, players could chose where they went on loan. So we ended up with Gnabry choosing WestBrom a premiership club with an unsuitable manager and style of play over a loan to a Championship where he was guarantee game time. The only thing Tony Pulis taught him is that he needed to grow by 10cm to be considered a proper footballer.

    So now Arsenal will have a list of pre-approved appropriate clubs/managers per position. Players the club want to become left back will go to club who needs a left back.
    A lot more French and German top tier clubs rather English League 1 club are on that pre-approved list. Loanees will then have a better chance to make it as professional players, hopefully that would be at Arsenal.

  46. CG

    It was Alexander The Great – who supposedly become the first notable figure to come to the conclusion that in life- Everything comes around in Circles..

    Never is a better example of this than the expected Gabriel Martinelli signing from Brazil

    This is just an exotic version of the Peter Marinello signing from Hibernian in the early 1970s.

    Both players were undeniably talented
    Both were spotty
    Both clearly not suited to the pressure cooker of playing for Arsenal.

    Let’s just hope Martinelli fairs better than Marinello…

    Only time will tell…
    But – I am not holding my breath….

  47. Henry Root

    The season we signed Marinello we won the first silverware the club had won for seventeen years. He was part of the Double squad . He also made George Armstrong play much better. Not a complete failure by any means