Ozil vs Emery Death Match: Who wins?

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I love the papers.





… and so goes the cycle.

Rapha Honigstein, an impeccably sourced writer, says Ozil is digging in and hinted his team think he’ll outlast the manager. Absolutely no doubt he’ll do that and I’ve said for months that calculation is almost 100% correct.

This poses a huge problem for Arsenal. Preseason now comes loaded with a cancerous tumour. When your biggest player is on lip-reading record in a Europa League final saying the coach is ‘not a coach,’ you cannot have him there at preseason. His attitude will impact preparations, the whispering campaign will start early and his mere presence will burden Arsenal every time we lose and the factor cited is creativity.

Not just that, as you all know, when there is someone at your work that’s getting paid a boatload of money and they aren’t delivering, it has adverse effects on the culture. It can make you resentful, it can make some players take their foot off the gas, it can create fissures in the dressing room (I don’t work in a dressing room, but you get it).

It’s a dreadful situation to be in… and could be made even worse if the players he lambasted in his yearly reviews aren’t shifted on easily. Emery needs to have a settled squad by July, if he doesn’t, our start this season could be problematic.

Hopefully, we can counter a lot of the nonsense by hiring in so many new players, the miserable voices will pipe down… however, in football, status is a big thing. Mesut Ozil is a megastar in the eyes of most players, even at elite clubs. He’s also our most talented player. It’s going to be very hard for Emery to out-gravitas him, and it’s a huge ask to expect someone that is an average people person to manage the situation delicately.

Horrible news that Arsenal are apparently prioritising Fraser over Carrasco… that’s a hard one to digest. One is a workhorse, one is a delicate player with a very high ceiling. Let’s see how that goes.

As the dust settles, you start to see which rumours have substance, or they’re just there to whip up interest. Praet looks like noise for the sake of noise. AC Milan are now interested in the player, with his agent insisting there is interest from abroad.

I also keep hearing ill-informed people parroting this £40m transfer budget like that’s set in stone and nothing can impact that number. If Arsenal sell Xhaka for £50m, that budget moves up to £90m. If we sell Mustafi for £1. It’s £90,000,001. Arsenal absolutely has to cut the wage bill this summer, we need to ship out dross, we need to correct the imbalance in our squad. The £40m number is so low because we missed out on CL and the Kroenke’s no doubt want to get some control back over the finances.

However, it has to be noted, we have consistently spent what we’ve earned. Bemoan Stan all you want about being absent, but the reality is the people leading the club are Vinnai and Raul. They are your focal point this summer. Let’s hope the transfer plan is youth focused and we can get European clubs to commit to the players we want to exit.

Big Unai has been out in New York taking risks with his fashion. I was on the fence with his gilet move a few weeks ago, but I can’t give him the benefit of the doube on the choice of belt here. Branded belts is VERY Essex 1997. It was always a classic trip on the 248 to Romford to look at the belt buckles. But in 2019? On $6m a year? A branded buckle? It’s not on. I’m also not one for the colored leathers either… keep it earthy. I can see what he’s trying to do here, and I’ll commend the risk, but I’m not going to endorse this look.

Let’s see where he goes tomorrow…

CAN SOMEONE JUST BUY OSPINA? Is this not the longest transfer saga since we tried to buy Batistuta? What is the fucking issue? Why is £3m such and issue? I reckon we could GoFundMe the deal. Get him out of the damn club people!

Finally, I was VERY sad to read that Myles Palmer is packing up the blogging game.

Myles, you may have let a nutter slate me in your letters section, and that nutter may have egg on his face now after an embarrassing diatribe that proved incorrect, but you are a hero of mine regardless.

Give me a provocative writer over bland on toast prose that leans into ‘balanced’  territory every time. Myles was a demon writer, short and sharp, and he always had a view that would stretch your mind. He never pulled punches and his salacious tidbits on transfers was my gateway drug to mainlining pure transfer stories erry damn day.

He was a pioneer in the blog world, he was always a MUST READ and his work, or lack of daily writing was a huge driver in me setting up this blog. I needed the fix.

I was also lucky enough to meet him by accident at the AGM. What a lovely guy he is. A total pleasure to hang with him for an hour or so.

Myles, you were the original provocateur, you never bent the knee, hopefully, we can replace some of that over here. You are a loss to the blogoshpere, and you should be saluted for your 21 years of service to Arsenal fandom.

Know this sir, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

Right, that’s me done… see you awful bastards in the comments.

P.S. I think Faust, Liebestraume, S541/R211 : No. 3: Nocturne in A-Flat Major is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard? I know you guys love a bit of classic between cunting each other in the comments.


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  1. Valentin

    Pep and Klopp make tactical adjustments during the play. They sometimes remonstrate with mistake made during games. They also instruct at set pieces, however they don’t give play per play instructions to players.

    Emery is one of control freak who does that. That is mostly pointless as players just filter that out. I don’t think that any player on the other side of the pitch is really concerned when he does his calm breathing signal. That’s more for him thinking that it has an influence rather than really influencing players.

    The same with the tapping the temple with the index finger sign: Think and be concentrated after the team score. Talking to the captain and his team has an influence in those circumstances. What does the coach has none. Gerrard Houiller gave scenario to players if they were to concede. How to restart the kick-off, so that they automatically concentrate on the task at hand, because he knew that whatever he may say or do on the side of the pitch at that particular time had no influence at all.

  2. Marc


    I think Leno was a great signing last summer – he looks a good keeper but when you look at what we paid for him compared to Chelsea and Liverpool’s keepers and what they cost it’s crazy.

    Would you swap Leno for either?

  3. Nelson


    Would like to hear your opinion on Alexis Claude Maurice. Is he better than all our available youngsters???

  4. Ishola70


    Of course it is obvious but it just hurts when you see the reality of them being on the higher plain than Arsenal now.

    Some were still in denial just a few seasons back that Spurs were overtaking.

    Now with their transfer links compared to ours it is plain reality.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    That’s exactly it.

    As many of us said things would have to get so bad before the club made changes that it would take years to get back to where we should be.

    We’re living it now.

    The amount of times fans on here were right, cash being a bad investment, Wenger basically fucking things up so badly that it would take years to fix, that Wenger was actually a buffoon in the transfer market and economically, that his socialist wage structure would be a massive issue.

    Years and years and years and years.

  6. Pierre

    *I think the club is firmly on the manager’s side though.
    I’ve no doubt they are trying to get rid of Özil. Ideally, they want something for him but they might have to give him away. ”

    You seem an intelligent fellow ,normally.

    My argument is nothing to do with Ozil being this fantastic irreplaceable player, never has been……he can leave tomorrow for all I care.

    My argument is with the whole process of hiring the manager after awarding the ridiculous contract to Ozil.

    would you think that surely some thought and discussion must have occurred during the process of hiring the manager as to whether he wants to work with Ozil, taking into consideration that if he felt that he couldn’t work with him ,Ozil is virtually unsellable.

    Ozil will continue to receive the criticism from the media and some fans….from what I have seen so far the match going fans haven’t turned against him but the media are doing their utmost to try and change that…

  7. Ishola70

    Cesc Appeal
    “I don’t know why we’ve seemingly gone so cold on Sarr, to be honest.”

    His club are probably asking a fair amount for him which Arsenal can’t meet at this time simple as that.

    He’s not on Pepe level of course who is totally out of range but he was still seen as one of the better young performers in Ligue 1 and this will mean his price is big enough for Arsenal at this time.

  8. Marc


    I know we have issues but I think things aren’t quite as bad as you paint. It’s more luck than judgement but with Chelsea playing silly bollocks and a transfer ban, ManU all over the place (one of the papers is carrying a piece where Pogba is threatening to go on strike) and the Spud’s with a huge debt we have a better chance of turning this around than under normal circumstances.

    It might just be me being positive or at least trying to!

  9. Marc

    “from what I have seen so far the match going fans haven’t turned against ”

    There not exactly over awed by him or his performances either. Most fans I sit with wouldn’t care if we got rid of him and those that do would be happy. That ratio is also moving closer and closer to waste of space.

  10. Graham62


    I suppose.

    This is a blog, I’m just being polite/ rude/ sarcastic . Take your pick.

    Where’s the harm in responding?

    These two are in the minority of posters/fans.

    Its probably their only chance to converse with people.

  11. CG

    Cesc Appeal

    “””Laughable that Liverpool paid £60 Million for Allison. Twats”””

    European Champions Twats..
    Experts said he was the best player in CL final.

    Credibility crushed.

    What an absurd comment….

  12. Valentin


    My opinion of Maurice is that he is decent, but not extraordinary. I think that he will find it very difficult to adapt to the level of physicality the EPL has. He may start as a house on fire, but by December Iwobi would have wrestle the start position from him.

    If he adapt to the roughness and relentless of the EPL, then he will be a good acquisition. He is pacy, quite direct. However as the Arsenal team is already quite short, I am not sure that adding another short midfielder is a smart move for the team overall.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re in a pretty difficult place. Not necessarily bad, but very difficult. We’ve sort of spent 7 years painting ourselves into a corner.

    Man Utd will spend massively this summer, I think Spurs are going to drop a couple of big signings (I know you disagree), Chelsea are a saving grace for us certainly.

    But things are difficult. This summer is massive damage control and trying to lay foundations for the future. I want to come out of this summer having shaved £50 Million off the wage bill, having brought in some young exciting talent and hopefully having got rid of absolute shitbags like Mustafi, Ozil, Elneny etc.

    Next summer then our costs should be far more under control, the value of our squad should have increased and new commercials will have well and truly set in to the point that even…worst case…we have no UCL again, we should be £40 Million better off in terms of transfer funds and already have a young base to our squad.

    With UCL we would be set to fly next year.

    Really hard task for Sanllehi, Edu, Emery etc. Wenger and Gazidis were utter buffoons and it will stand as an example of how you do not run a football club.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    That is probably true.

    But Rennes are a club I could see going for staggered payments and/or one of our players in part exchange if we could make it happen.

  15. TR7


    ‘I know we have issues but I think things aren’t quite as bad as you paint. It’s more luck than judgement but with Chelsea playing silly bollocks and a transfer ban, ManU all over the place (one of the papers is carrying a piece where Pogba is threatening to go on strike) and the Spud’s with a huge debt we have a better chance of turning this around than under normal circumstances’

    Marc, you were downplaying Spurs chances last season too, you are doing it yet again. Spurs must have made £85-£90M from CL final berth. Besides they have not spent any money in last 18 months. They must have good amount of money to spend. If they manage to fleece Real Madrid or any other club by selling an average Erickson for mega money, all the better for them. As for Man U, Pogba is not really all that. Man U can replace him and half their squad with the financial power they have. Chelsea the only team in top 4 which look to be in a real soup.

  16. Graham62


    Are you a Chameleon or something?

    Now your saying ” Ozil can leave tomorrow for all I care” and your agreeing that it was a “ridiculous contract awarded to Ozil”

    Shite, no wonder you need the time and space to play golf.

    You promote Ozil as if his some sort of superhero or something. Then you say you don’t care if he leaves tomorrow.

    Bloody hell, what next?

  17. Paulinho

    Sarr is one of those limited footballers that only make sense if the club are confident of significantly upgrading central areas and wide left positions in order to able to feed Sarr high up the pitch in areas he can be effective. Without space he is useless; he was only a threat against us when we went a man down.

    if we bring Sarr and keep the same central midfield he will flop because he can’t drop deep like a Zaha and create his own space. In that case it will better if we can bring in a more well-rounded wide player.

  18. Marc


    Last season I said the Spud’s would have issue’s because of the new stadium. I was told we were fucked. We finished 1 point behind them and should’ve finished above them. That £90 million you mention is really fucking handy it means they’ve only got £910 million to find to play off the stadium.

    They will spend this summer but I have a real feeling their net spend will be either low – £30 million ish or even negative. Why have they advertised 12 players (not including Eriksen) are available? Many of them either first choice or close to it.

    ManU have a manager who does not convince, I mentioned Pogba because it will be a worse distraction than the Ozil situation is for us. They also have an issue with the Chrysler deal running out in a couple of years – they have to get themselves looking like they are competing or they’ll struggle to get a similar deal.

  19. Un na naai

    Emery will be gone within 12 months
    No doubt about it
    We won’t be in the champions league come the start of 20-21 either
    We should never have hired him. What a sad sorry state of affairs we are in now.

  20. Un na naai


    Agree. Dare is a kick and run merchant. He’s so low on footballing intelligence he makes Theo look like Paul Scholes

  21. Dream10


    Agree with you on Sarr. You put it more eloquently than I could have.

    Our first team needs two types of wide player. A creative one like Ribery (upgrade on Iwobi) and one that gets in behind like Mané/Salah. The priority should be a the latter who gets in behind and can generate close to three shots per game. We need more output as we have enough players who come to the ball. Only Aubameyang and Ramsey are regular outlets.

    Sometimes you find a unicorn like Sadio Mané who can carry the ball 40/50 yards like Sané and can make repeat sprints in behind like Salah/Sterling. That’s the perfect wide forward.

  22. Valentin

    Rennes FC is owned by one of Francois Pinault. It is the plaything of his son Francois Henri Pinault who is married to the actress Salma Hayek. It does not need the money, but they are not run by mugs.

    They know the value of Sarr and are unlikely bro sell him on the cheap. They wanted £45 millions and I can’t see Arsenal paying that fee for him.

    Even if we were willing to pay the fee, we would then have to convince the player. Rennes are also in the Europa League and intend to give it a go, so from Sarr’s career perspective staying at Rennes may the be the better choice.

    This is a player who rejected Barcelona in favour of Rennes because it was too soon and the step too steep. He put long term career above short term prestige and money. The only thing that would convince him to leave is Champion’s League football and opportunity to grow in a settle environment. Things that we cannot offer him.

  23. Dream10


    If we made the CL, I was expecting us to sign someone like Florian Thauvin. He’s a good player who has reached his ceiling. The type the Arsenal, Roma, the Milan clubs, Valencia would sign.

  24. Un na naai


    What? Who are our ball players then? Ozil? Mkhitaryan? They are dogshit. One of our biggest problem is that we don’t have any consistent technical players who can deliver quality service and create variety in our play. There’s no point having an off the ball runner if we have nobody to find them. As it stands you mark mark Xakha and our full backs and we are fucked. No variety. Too predictable. Easy to deal with.

  25. Valentin


    Not entirely true about Sarr. He got Sokratis sent off because he made a lateral ghost run who baffled our defense.
    Iwobi on the left can give that kind of pass, as he does it for Kolasinac.
    I think that for the return game he was instructed to stretch our defense by sticking to the line. However the few times he did not, he caused us troubles.

  26. Valentin


    I agree, Thauvin is a No brainer for me. He is available at a reasonable price as Marseilles want to lower their wage bill. For Arsenal His salary would not be a problem. He is pacy, tenacious and willing to follow instructions.
    I think that a lot of team have him as their call-back option if they can’t get their firstvtarget. We should go for him before he is snapped by those clubs.

  27. Dream10


    You’re correct that we don’t have an elite technical level anymore. Neither do we have players that can get behind and generate their own shots. However, if we are to prioritise one, a top wide forward is my preference. We need two more CMs that pass forward and two quality wide players.

  28. MidwestGun

    My argument is nothing to do with Ozil being this fantastic irreplaceable player, never has been……he can leave tomorrow for all I care.
    Say what? Nothing to do with it you say?

    “Let’s see how we get on without Ozil in the team for our home games next season…..headless chickens springs to mind.”

    “We lost 7 out of 14 games without Ozil starting one of those games , culminating in the defeat to Bate …”
    Which is it then…..? you need to have a talk with your other self Pierre .. you just said this yesterday in the same comment section.. Sounds like you thought
    he was irreplaceable to me.

    If you finally see the light then good for you… but you might want to lay off others for criticizing Ozil then.. if you don’t care.

  29. Un na naai


    We need a proper creative player. A pires, a bergkamp, a Cesc, a Santi. Aubameyang and Lacazette look for more dangerous playing off the shoulder as they did vs Valencia

    Emery’s style lets the opposition fill their box too much to create the space necessary. He’s playing the worst tactics for our current squad and it’s little wonder we are getting carved up by inferior teams
    We are so predictable now.

  30. Chris

    Thauvin left Newcastle because he couldn’t adapt to the Premier League. He has found his niche at Marseille so doubt he would want to leave.

  31. Paulinho

    Valentin – Your post reminded me of something else I didn’t like about Sarr. Diving tosser, like the rest of the Rennes team.

  32. Valentin


    When he arrived at Chelsea, Drogba was a diving tosser as well. That bad habit can be removed from player with some choice words by the coach or the captain. I am sure that Koscielny would be able to do that.

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I think you are being rash on yer comments..

    Time may show he is just the manager we need,