Edu impacting transfer targets already?

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Does it ever get old? Absolutely not.

You know what does get old? Bag bargers on the train. Like, mate, I am not putting this slim bag on the floor… why are you assaulting my bag and trying to adversely impact my ability to read a broadsheet during commuter hours? Here’s my thing, if I was just really fat, you wouldn’t be barging my back fat, would you? It’s abuse, plain and simple. I need to campaign on this after I drive my oat milk and EMERY OUT agenda over the line.

Talking of BIG UNAI… there was a delicious report from JC about his new end of year reviews with the players that went down like a sack of potatoes.

I absolutely love this.

In the normal course of business, sitting down with your manager is important to your career, because there are a lot of soft and hard skills in business and it’s hard to gain a full picture of your person.

But football? Precious children being sat down and told what the manager likes and dislikes… I’d be fascinated to understand what the output of this was supposed to be.


‘Mesut, I noticed you mouthed something to me at the final. Care to explain?’

‘Mesut, do you like to run anymore?’

‘Talk to me about assists, where have they gone?’

How do you frame things with Mustafi?

‘Mustafi, attention to detail is an issue’

He apparently didn’t let on about the future of the players… BUT SURELY THE POINT OF A REVIEW IS TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THE FUTURE?

If you landed a good review, great. But if you landed a brutal one, you’re going to go straight to your agent and give them the lowdown. You’re going to stew on it all summer in paranoia. You’re going to read the paper talk and then if you’re not sold, you’ll come back in bad mental shape.

When Cesc, Nasri, Robin and Song were agitating for moves, it apparently rocked preseason badly. The focus was all over the place and the vibe at the training ground was very off. Having players not clear on their futures is not a good thing for our preparation, and we need to have everything in fine shape this season because we could exit that first five games on the back foot in a big way.

These Brent-esque moves the Emery team keep dropping are exactly the reason we need Edu in the building quickly. The club needs his light tan Crockett & Jones on the ground immediately, because there is so much shabby stuff going on around the place. Dave Priestly has overseen the greatest Arsenal end of season choke in living memory. We have bus drivers running motivational speeches. Our high performance leader has been chopped… and weirdly, because we’ve been so inept, we don’t need to hire a new one because WE HAD TWO HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADS AT THE CLUB FOR TWO YEARS.

Well, it seems our fresh fragranced Brazilian savior is working the contacts list already. We’ve been linked with Reinier. This midfielder is fast, strong, has light feet, a brutal shot, he has an imposing 6ft1 frame and he’s extra exciting because he is Brazilian.

It also looks like we’re squeezing the very last drops of juice out of the Sven Mislintat black book… we’re close to signing Markus Schubert of Dynamo Dresden on a free transfer. This is a smart move, he played 43 times last season and kept 12 clean sheets, he’s regarded as an excellent prospect. That’s great news and starts to calm the Sevilla MKII nerves I had at the start of the summer (yesterday).

There are also SPICIER THAN A HOT PEPPER rumours linking us to St Etienne’s 18-year-old centre back, Saliba. He looks an incredible talent, he’s great on the ball, immensely built for someone so young and he’s exactly the sort of talent you want to be snapping up before they become a £80m player with Monaco or Dortmund. That’s smart scouting. I still have worries that he’ll be too green for the Premier League, but regardless, he’s the sort of investment we SHOULD be making.

Fuck Ever Banega.

Lucas Torriera HATES OUR LANDS.

“I don’t know if there are many things that I enjoy,” he said. “I think I had a better time in Italy.

“England is a totally different world. The language (barrier) has stopped me being able to relate with my team-mates and the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.

“And then there is the weather. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive at your house in the afternoon and it is cloudy.

“We are from here (Uruguay) and we are used to always – or almost always – having the sun. But as the years go by, I’m going to adapt.”

“We all know what England is about and what the Premier League is about. I made a very important jump at a football level.

“At Arsenal we played four competitions, while in Sampdoria I was used to playing in only two – the Serie A and Coppa Italia.

Lolz. Context police out in force yesterday.

Lucas is a darling of the fan base… we love a terrier, and he’s certainly one of them. However, it was pretty clear that his little legs struggled in the back half of the season. Most players fade in their first year in the Premier League, so I’m not bothered about that… but here’s the thing, he’s SO young, so if he does decide he wants to exit next season, we’ll make a ton of cash on him.

AC Milan are admirers of him and are looking at £35m as compensation. Love to see that Arsenal are getting the Ivan treatment here. We bought him for £30m. No way he’s leaving for anything short of £60m when he goes. He’s a top talent, but maybe needs a London chaperone if he’s pining after Italy. Someone get him down Pizza Express immediately.

Sarri is OFF to Juventus. The man never adapted to London, he wasn’t able to beat out player power, and the lack of smoking in the stadium drove him crazy. He’ll get more time at Juventus who are taking marketing to new heights. They’re trying to win the global content game by bringing an exciting brand of football to Turin, so he’ll get time and money there to make his mark. There was a lot of debate about him at the start of the season, but, he did his job, won a trophy and made it into the top 3. Is it fair to say he has sauce?

Now Chelsea are going hard for Frank Lampard. Their excaptain, one of the most productive midfielders in Premier League history, is being lined up to take over with Jody Morris. Seems Chelsea are into the notion of bringing an exciting idea to the fans. He’s young, he’s inexperienced, but the fans will be electrified, they’ll give him time and he ‘could’ do something incredible. They are a bigger club than us, now with more global prestige, and they are taking a bold risk.

When the time comes for Arsenal to replace Emery, will we do the same? It’s in Raul’s DNA. Barca take risks on talent they believe in. German clubs are masters of investing in innovative young coaches. Lyon just took a major chance on Sylvinho. United hired in OGS (lol). I fully expect as clubs get smarter, they will try and grow their own talent a little like RB has been doing, and the focus on the manager being the most important person at the club will fade.

It’s all about the infrastructure, fam.

All very interesting… but not as interesting as this next bit… footballers with tits.

Why not I guess? I’m getting one for my office. Buy yours here.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    After we signed virtually no one in January this year, the club gave the impression that it was keeping its transfer fund “powder keg” dry so we could go big in the summer.

    Well the summer is here and we’re lethargic as ever.

    If we were busy announcing departures that would be one thing but we are doing nothing. I thought we were busy since last October talking about possible transfer targets… well, where’s the proof?

    Come on Arsenal you have to be better than this!!!

  2. Tony

    One lasting memory of last season was the picture of UE’s face and the abject incredulous look he had staring into the distance as if he was in a trance.

    That look and his body language said it all for me. He looked broken!

    The sudden realisation that he blew the CP & Brighton games and how important they were for a CL’s spot.

    He simply truly believed he was nailed on to win the EL cup all through the season; it was his get out of jail card and he felt invincible.

    Probably at the bottom of that moment was him knowing the enormous task ahead for next season on a brown ale budget.

    I’d warmed to UE through the early season, but stayed on the fence until the Palace game because too many times UE had over thought games and opposition.

    I never bought into the injuries and availability of players for the Palace game. It was a time for Emery to show us he could think outside the box and perhaps have used EMN in midfield and trusted youth players to step up sending them out with a ‘Do or die’ attitude.

    I know many will disagree with this.That is their prerogative.

    Management is a survivalist position; succeed or fail.

    Emery failed to get CL football at a time when others around us were also failing similar to when we should have bet Leicester won the league.

    There was no excuse to finish outside of top 4!

    Even with the unbalanced squad broken with injuries as it was, without real leadership on the pitch and Ozil throwing his toys out of the pram at every opportunity, Emery should have had us limping and patched up over the winning line to at least 4th place.

    As has been said here he didn’t really have accountability pressure to worry about; he knew he would be here for next season.

    TW aside I wonder if he is too broken inside to come back.

    So many insecurities will be running round in his head; has he lost the respect of the players. Is he really good enough to be successful in the PL ala Klopp and Pep etc?

    My experience in management consulting is it takes a special kind of manager to bounce back and very few do. Generally, after such set backs in corporate business, time away from the business is needed often with some form of counseling.

    When you add the severity of our need to be firing on all cylinders, such is degree of difficulty of our opening games, will also be a hurdle in Emery’s mind.

    Emery reminds me of the absent minded professor when on the touch line with his saint vitus dance antics routines.

    I’m bitterly disappointed at the end of our season, but I’m not baying for Emery’s blood yet.

    I will take my hat off to Emery if he manages to get off to a good start next season with whatever the outcome of the TW is.

    That’s the only way Emery is going to prove to us that he has special sauce Pedro is so fond of.

    Personally I don’t think he has it in him (Emery), but will be very happy to be proven wrong.

    Hard to decipher whether the Suarez comments were AFC PR BS or fact.

    If true, Suarez showed a few flashes of what he was capable of at 50%. Shame he wasn’t able to show what he could do at 100%.

    Doing a decent job at Derby kept him on my radar t watch with interest. Him and Gerard are proving they have the potential to manage.

    Said before I’d take either to take over from Emery.

    Equally, I feel the same about Viera with Bergkamp and Ljundberg as assistants.

    I honestly feel any of the above could do better than Emery next season with whatever squad we end up with.

    No doubt again many will disagree here, and I’d be very interested to hear who the doubters would replace Emery.

  3. China1

    ET I think you’re being too kind on Arsenal’s financial mismanagement. We never lacked profits, we were hoarding money.

    We didn’t need to sell all our best players every season, it was just wenger thinking he could walk on water by generating massive income and replacing big names with cheap youth. It never was necessary

    We hoarded an unreal amount of cash over that decade which was being added to every transfer window. Highbury property prices and the like we’re broadly irrelevant to our spending power – we were just grossly mismanaged financially

  4. China1

    There are rumors that arsenal won’t announce new signings until something to do with the new adidas deal in early July

    No idea if it’s true but I hope so. Would be lovely if we could announce 3 useful signings before the end of the first week of July…

  5. Gonsterous

    The more time passes, the more I’m convinced we will have ozil at the club next season. How are we so skint? Supposed to be the top 10 richest club and we have the spending power of a ligue 2 team.

  6. Leftsidesanch

    That would make sense about the signings coming with our new kit launch. At the moment our transfer murmurs all seem to be guesswork.

    I just hope we have enough time for the signings to integrate before the season starts.

    Next season is shaping up to be really competitive, you have the other five heavyweights and there is also a group of about 5 teams beneath that who may make things more tricky.

  7. Graham62


    “I’m not baying for Emery’s blood yet”

    Yep, I’m with you on that.

    It’s as if the enormity of the task suddenly hit him.

    As I highlighted yesterday, the club is so badly managed from within that whoever took over was going to have to deal with an environment that was not conducive to progression. The negativity surrounding the club is all consuming.

    In my honest opinion the only way the club will move forward is if someone(not Emery) walks into the owners office and says –

    ” Look, the only way we can even consider competing at the top table once again is to change our philosophies and mindset. I don’t need money( although it would help) but I do need an effort from yourself and the board to change your ways. The fans are not stupid. They see the problems and have done for over a decade and they understand what is needed. The system and structure is stagnated with a belief and philosophies that are alien to the modern game. I can deal with the football issues but I need football people around me and people who know what Arsenal is all about. We have become a laughing stock . To compete we need competitors in every facet of the club and that includes the board room. If we do this, we can move forward”

    Who would do this?

    Any volunteers?

  8. Chris

    The Ozil situation is one of the biggest indicators of the lacklustre management in the past few years at Arsenal, and one reason why past mistakes are still having an effect on the clubs ability to move forwards.

    Kroenke and Gazidis deserves scorn for their signing off on the Ozil contract. Wenger is highly culpable for allowing the situation to develop to the point where Ozil and his agent had the club over a barrel in negotiations (same as Sanchez)

    It ought to be a case study on how not to do business. Quite embarrassing really.

  9. Bob N16

    I like the passion in your speech Graham, although ‘I can deal with the football issues’ does feel a little bit of a leap.

    The importance of removing a few players- Mustafi, Mhiki, Ozil, Xhaka and replacing them with fantastic up-and- coming prospects who have the right mentality and attitude, would do an awful lot to change our mindset.

    The difficulty is finding the balance of achieving serious progress in say two or three years and managing the inevitable developmental set backs in the upcoming season. I know I’d be willing to give 19 year olds time to flourish if I could recognise their potential.

    I depend on others to rate top prospects but having read about Saliba for example, I’m up for him. This new Kaka also sounds great and with Edu on his way, I love the idea that we could be the new destination for top Brazilian talents.

    It seems to me that we probably need to buy a couple of ‘older’ players, with leadership qualities to help with the development of all these young hopefuls.

    It’s almost of secondary importance, if Emery is the coach. We bring in some real prospects and if Emery appears not to be able to bring out the best in them we bring in a manager who is suited to the project. Emery has always felt a stop-gap. He could stay on for a third year but I doubt it.

    Let’s get these deals done and I’m sure we’ll all be excited when the first match of the season arrives. ( I’m always excited to be honest!)

  10. CG

    “Bob n16

    “””Emery has always felt a stop-gap. “”””

    We are not standing still ( or stopping) Bob
    We are going backwards- and Quick.

    The Overnight Ozil news- confirming- what I have said all along.

    Ozil ain’t leaving
    Emery will be the one leaving -before him.

    Ozil will hang him out to dry…….and if as Thailand Tony says – Emery looked shell shocked in Baku.

    After Game 4

    The Arsenal v Spurs will be the fixture leaving us all Shell Shocked

    I am predicting Fireworks, Fights and lots of Spurs goals and The Tipping Point for mass protests – Re The Kronekes…***

    Game 4
    ***Arsenal v Spurs…
    Weekend of 31/8/19

    The Kreonkes Protests start in Earnest

    ** Kroenkes can not hide from their responsibilities no more.
    We are a total irrelevance and a complete amd utter laughing stock.
    And They are 100% totally complicit in it.

    Tick Tock

  11. China1

    It’s an absolutely damning indictment of the club’s higher ups if they let ozil disrespect the manager so publicly and do nothing about it

    It’s really out of order

    He’s not even a star player anymore looking st his contribution. He’s just a massively expensive wet blanket that publicly ridicules the manager and gets totally let off

    Where is the class at arsenal? I have absolutely no idea what people are talking about most of the time when they say arsenal are a classy club. This has just been a weird way of saying we don’t have a sugar daddy owner or something. But our behavior as a club is not classy on or off the pitch generally speaking

  12. CG


    Good Post.
    But Respect and Class is a 2 way street.

    Emery showed no class to Ramsey or the young Bramall lad..

    And Ozil showed no class- to Emery.

    That is why – we need a bloody coach- the players respect…


    All Classy And Respected football men

    We have Raul ( snout in Arsenal trough- doing deals)
    And Emery the Chameleon….

    A complete and utter shambles….

    And it’s The Kroenkes who deserve the Tsunami of Turmoil coming their way…

    This Club is on the cusp of being a complete and utter irrelevance…of it already isn’t.

    Why are people not being Fired for Gross incompetence.. ?

  13. Bob N16

    CG, we have been going in a negative direction for a few years. Like a big cruise ship, it takes a while to turn things around. Both on and off the pitch, big changes are having to be made.

    I don’t rate Emery that highly but there is an argument that while we are changing everything else, a bland appointment is ok for now. Obviously a top manager would be great but the mess we were/are in and the self-sustaining model meant for more limited/ conservative options.

    Basically, should we expose a promising, up and coming coach to the shit show, on and off the pitch? Maybe Kroenke et al, decided to get the worst of the transition over before bringing in the ‘project’ coach.

    CG, I think you’re getting your knickers in a twist unnecessarily. Emery never was the dream appointment, a glorified caretaker manager. He won’t start a dynasty!

  14. CG


    If you are right with your analysis… and the Kroenkes believe the same….
    Without question or hesitation- we are heading for relegation in the seasons to come…

    Targeting Bland appointments? Deliberately….!
    Not exposing young coaches..?

    (What are we exposing them to?)


    Its only football and it should always be fun.

    The Kroenkes Protests start Game 4
    Tell your neighbor’s…..and so on……get the word out …..

  15. Chris


    Yeah I think that ultimately no matter what anyone wishes for Emery has at least another season at the club (unless results go dramatically south) and in a way he is holding the fort while the changes at the club can take effect.

    The trouble is for me I see little evidence or drive from the club to make changes where it matters most, on the pitch. We cannot shift Ozil due to his wage and the player himself appears to refuse to budge. We do not seem to want to move on the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka. These the changes I and suspect most people would like to see this summer but so far everything seems to suggest they want to retain these players.

  16. Valentin

    Emirates troller,

    The property market profit were smaller than anticipated, but still they existed. They were in line with the projection at the inception of the project.
    Any other arrangement would have resulted in fixed profit but smaller profit. No property developper would have signed a deal where he takes all the risk and Arsenal takes all the profit.

    Highbury is not a depraved area. They may have been pocket of less to do well, but nothing on the scale of Tower Hamlets, White Hart Lane or West Ham, Stratford. No local authority would have help finance the club.
    Regarding the infrastructure, some cosmetic change were made, but at the time no politician were thinking of regeneration, travel infrastructure. Crossrail was systematically buried. It is only winning the Olympic Games that forced politician to wake up to the issue of regeneration including transport. Without the games, Stratford, Crossrail would not exist.

  17. Valentin

    Most big company do not have a single shareholder. So any drive and ruthlessness percolating from the top come from the CEO.

    Whenever a successful company hire a CEO who is just a commercial guy, without any vision for the company in their field, then the company will initially succeed. However after a while they will lose any strategic commercial advantage. Rival will emerge with competing products, visionary strategy and the company will be left behind.

    Arsenal hired Gazidis who knew nothing about football. He left the rot start and spread. When he realised that we were sliding, he made some structural and personnel change. But he still did not have a vision for the club. He left for the lure of AC Milan stock option. I doubt that he will make them relevant again.
    In the meantime, Vinay is now charge. Does he has a vision. No again he is just another commercial guy with maybe a better organisitional sense. Raul to me looks the classic example of the Peter principle. The guy who has been over promoted. He is excited to be in charge, but will not want to make any big decision who can backfire on him. Want to hire a DoF but does not delegate enough power and influence for them to do their job so most refuse.
    Our chance is that after not qualifying for the CL, he know now that he has to deliver. So maybe he will really help them getting the players the coach and DoF consider important. Because if he does not, he will the next ejected. Emery may be able to get a job at a less prestigious club, but Raul won’t. Sacked from Barcelona, sacked from Arsenal does not make a great CV.

  18. Valentin


    When Özil publicly insulted Emery, they had the following options:

    – sack him and use that as an excuse for professional misconduct. Financially it is a move with few downside. No more wage, but potentially being sued. Maybe they consulted a lawyer who told them that their chance of success was low, but that’s not the rumour leaking from the club.

    – fine him the maximum legal possible. Confront him and tell him that at the next issue, he will be sacked. Would not make any difference, but at least would show some backbone.

    – let it slide and pretend nothing happen. Then that tell Özil that he is in charge. They still need him and don’t want to upset him. Why? Because they are unsure of Emery. That just reinforce Özil and his camp’s opinion that he can outlast Emery.

  19. Gentlebris

    The Emery’s ‘no pressure’ comments are just bullshit. He made those comments when, in fact, he started to feel the pressure.
    No, he did not think he was invisible in EL and if he had any confidence before losing to Palace and friends, the confidence evaporated fast after.

    Emery’s ace at sitting pretty at the job was to somehow qualify for CL, he blew it. And if he’s done here under such circumstances, then he would only begin to draw interest from Fulham and friends, like his man Wenger. So he blew it big and knows it.

    The man knows he has one final season(or half season)to fake his way to the top.
    He knows Vinai and Raul will load the failure on him if things go south.
    So he’s desperate.

    Let’s see what a desperate man brings.

    At least one can be happy to know someone other than the fans is desperate.

  20. Gentlebris

    There was an online poll well published, 87% or something voted Ozil out. Only in Arsenal can one still continue to imagine that such a guy carries on.

    Arsenal is so badly run. And the fans treated so ridiculously.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Looking back on Torriera comments…
    England is a big country … laughable..
    However we are a small very busy country… I think that is what he meant
    No matte4 what something is always going on .

    For a boy from America south it would bee busier than the back waters of Italy…

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’ve said before

    Strip ozil of his number …
    Problem solved

    Goes two ways

    Player won’t play an expensive but he attends all functions


    He asks his his agent for move …

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    How many elite clubs in the world .?

    Your list of respect mangers …

    Not sure

    I think dick can bee up there afte4 this season .

    Once he clears out ozil
    Who cunt wenger maliciously signed on for ecstornagante money