Some BRUTAL watch-outs on the fixture list

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Oh, it’s only early June… I see… calm down, right?

There’s quite a lot of work to be done this summer, my main concern is that focus has been on exiting someone from the business, are we still moving things along elsewhere? In business, is it actually possible to do more than one thing at a time… I’m sure we’ll learn.

The other worry I have is Edu hasn’t been confirmed, nor has he sacked in this silly job he has going on over in Brazil.

There has been a lot of conjecture about whether Edu will be able to deliver in Europe. From what I’ve heard, Edu is a very impressive character and he’ll be no Raul shill. He’s coming in as a technical director because he’s literally very technical. He’s not just here because he knows Arsenal, he’s coming in because he has a fantastic reputation, he’s a student of the entirety of the game, and he’s clearly obsessed enough about life after football because he retired rich and jumped into the next phase immediately and moved through the ranks. I also reckon he buys elite fragrances. Probably mixes them up as well. Definitely smells expensive. I’d be dropping a Joe Biden on him if I were let loose near him.

Brazil might not be dropping World Cups on the regular, but remember, they aren’t mugs. Bullsitting your way to the technical position over there is no easy feat.

What I like about the hire is it’s an unknown. I’d much rather take a punt on someone who could be the future, versus someone who was a big deal 5 years ago. I’d rather work with someone on the ascension, than at a crossroads (Emery/Monchi). I’m also happy that the technical director understands the DNA of Arsenal, and not from a 100-year past perspective, but looking at the next 100 years we desire.

Namely, we want to play beautiful football, win trophies and maintain all the bits that make Arsenal special as a football institution.

I want class to be a byproduct of how we operate, not an excuse for why we fail.

Anyway, I’m excited about Edu, I just hope we don’t fuck things up before he arrives.

The fixtures are in and they aren’t kind. Champions League finalists in the first 4 games.


  • Newcastle (A)
  • Burnley (H)
  • Liverpool (A)
  • Spurs (H)
  • Watford (A)

All three of those away games are problematic.

The real stinger this year is the mid-December onwards grouping of matches.

  • West Ham (A) (Dec 7)
  • City (A) (Dec 14)
  • Everton (A) (Dec 21)
  • Bournemouth (A) (Dec 26)
  • Chelsea (H) (Dec 28)
  • United (H) NYD

We’ve had a savage December run in the past, but the major concern this year is that we’re playing mostly teams with big squads over that period. The crunch is usually easier to deal with because the shit kicker teams can’t hack the pace because of the lack of depth, so they usually play weaker sides and take their chances on easier games.

The other challenge with the fixture list is we have a lot of our tough away games in the back half of the season… so we could very well fall into the same Emery trap we did this season… do the business at home then absolutely tank when it matters.

We’ll see though, let’s see what a reimagination of our squad does this summer. Let’s also see what a new Head of High Performance brings to the table, hopefully, it’s Shad and we don’t have to go through a complete rebuild of the backroom team and have to transition with people that don’t understand the league.

I also think Emery has to put the Europa safety blanket to one side this season and be realistic about cups. We don’t need to send our best players away to Quarabag. We don’t need to go big in the early rounds of the cups with key players, the rewards just aren’t lucrative enough to merit loading up fragile legs with pointless minutes.

I can forgive last years mistakes, but Emery will not be given the same chances this season… we have to hire in players that are fast, powerful and mentally strong. We don’t want Sevilla worker bees, we need to remember that this is the Premier League, we need exceptional talent that can grow. Not a bag of 28-year-old journeyman right out of the yellow sticker bin.

We also need to be careful with how head into the winter, because if we’re fucked like we were this year, we are in deep shit because that run of games will end our season.

Finally, Martin Ziegler has a piece in The Times that states an Academy Coach called a teenage girl reffing an under 9s game a ‘little prick’ and made her cry. He is still with the club. Is that Arsenal class? Does that behaviour make the fans proud? Fuck no. Where are you Vinai? The brutalising of kids on the sidelines is bad enough in Sunday League, but attacking a teenage referee is absolutely beyond the pale… that sort of behaviour from someone raising the next generation of kids should never be tolerated. I don’t care what anyone says, respect for referee should be absolute at all levels, so this sort of thing needs to be nipped in the bud.

Right, fun game we’re playing on Twitter.

Name Wenger’s 5 biggest mistakes:

  • Not leaving after his FA Cup wins, particularly Chelsea
  • Asking Zlatan for a trial
  • Waiting 2 seasons for Chamakh
  • Passing on Hig at £32m
  • Silvestre being ‘You will like my surprise’ of summer 2008


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  1. Dream10

    Jamie and CC

    I am open to selling Torreira. In fact, I encourage it. He’s a good player, but nothing special. Get someone more mobile who can carry the ball

  2. Tony

    Any C & W fans here?

    Been getting into it a lot the last few years.

    In the 90s 2 Motorhead roadies went to work for Garth Brooks when they were off the road for Lemmy and co. They didn’t want to go but did at first for the money.

    In a post tour interview these guy waxed lyrical about Brooks and his music.

    That really picked my ears up and slowly I’ve had a good rummage around that genre.

  3. Jamie

    Same thing happened when I saw Sixto Rodriguez at the Royal Albert Hall a couple years ago too. His daughters had to drag him off the stage. He obviously loved being up there, and wanted to keep going despite his age. Probably making up for lost time.

    Absolute stud.

  4. Tony

    That’s the BluRay I have of his.

    You lucky man.

    The sound is excellent and the ‘Racing in the Street’ rendition was not of this world if you know what I mean.

    Pure magic that always takes me back to so many memories of being on the road touring.

  5. englandsbest

    Arsenal become more embarrassing by the minute. Along with all the other pests, the Emirates is infested by mice. Maybe that is why Stan never turns up.

  6. Tony

    Oddly Lofgren, Little Stevie and Springsteen are not top guitar players, but collectively they work so well and their chemistry is so well gelled.

    I would have loved to engineer one of his gigs.

    I was a gofer at Knebworth 78 for the Genesis gig and stood with the front engineers for the gig.

    Just blew me away.

    Got a lot of introductions there that sent me on my way in the industry.

  7. China1

    5 biggest mistakes:

    1) Not leaving after winning that FA cup to end the trophy drought HAS to be n1. His legacy would’ve been largely in tact with a big majority of fans and left on a positive note

    2 – spending a small fortune on mustafi and xhaka
    3 – persisting desperately with project youth when about 3 proper signings to compliment them would’ve been a game changer
    4- only signing cech that summer
    5- trolling the fans with nonsense in his press conferences ‘ozil and sanchez ideal 1 year lol’ that did more to damage his credibility and relationship with the fans

  8. China1

    Actually I wanna switch n2 for letting Martin keown walk away as defensive coach after the CL final run

    The guy coached a back 4 that included eboue, senderos and flamini to literally be the best defense in the history of the champions league bar none. BAR NONE

    And he then walked away and that was it. We should’ve been throwing everything at Martin to stay and work that magic some more. We had huge potential in eboue senderos and djourou and absolutely none of it came to fruition because the second Martin left the club they were all alone like lambs to the slaughter when they needed a guy who gets it to tell them what’s what

    What might have been, seriously…

  9. CG

    **Aston Villa who we play in the penultimate fixture of season 19/20 – possibly for a crucial 6 pointer for Prem survival-according to The Telegraph are buying their 3rd player this weekend

    The Big Brusier from Bruges- Wesley Moraes. ( 6FT 4)@ £22 Million.

    With Villa not knowing their Prem status – up until a week ago- once again emphasises the absolute gormlessness and complete lack of any coherent plan – Arsenal under Raul have…..

    Looking at yesterdays fixtures- my guestimate – if we imitate Emerys last season at Seville( no away wins- we are on for 48 -54 points)

    Enough to stave of relegation….if we keep up our home form….
    But heading for 12th-15 th territory….

    Off course – that is if we are insane enough to persist with him……

    **Aston Villa by the end of the window will have a better squad of players than Arsenal- certainly in terms of athleticism and power..

  10. China1

    Really if wenger has been more honest and less conceited with the fans in his later years he’d have retained a lot more respect even if results wouldn’t have been any better

    He talked down to the paying fans like idiots. He sound frankly weird and outlandish stuff that no one interested in football would be able to take seriously. He did his whole will he or won’t he resign nonsense for absolutely ages at great expense to results on the field. It was shambolic in every sense of the word and not befitting of a man who could’ve walked away with that first FA cup win just a few years earlier with his head held high and legacy broadly in tact.

    It’s really a shame he allowed that to happen. Like he could’ve held the classy moral high ground and just owned a few of his mistakes a bit more, not talked down to the fans and at least people would maintain their respect

    But he burned even that bridge for many people.

  11. China1

    Tbh tho I’m not even sure if he was even self aware in the last few years

    It’s like when people reach that certain age where they’re absolutely locked inside their own world.

    My grandma is absolutely lovely but still hates the Germans lol. I tell her about how Germany has changed and how nice my German friends are etc and she will do a complete u-turn and see maybe times have changed. Then the next day it’s ‘bloody Germans…’ again lol

    I honestly think wenger probably just got a bit senile a bit younger than most. Not like batshit insane but certainly a bit confused and not really aware that we don’t still live in 2005

  12. CG


    Never watched it. Have been asked on it….numerous times..
    And I have been headhunted- by other Arsenal outlets.. always the same answer
    Refuse Them All.

    I am loyal to Le Grove.
    (PedRo- is hard but fair with me.. and the pay comes in handy- all donated to charity off course )

    How many points – do you think we will attain…..?

    Where do you think we will finish?

    We have The Loosers Cup fixtures on a Thursday in the way of the real football- meaning soporific Sunday and Monday Fixtures become the norm..

    Arsenal have only had one Saturday home fixture- in 2019…….
    If we play on Monday night and VAR is butchering the Game -crowds will be sub 40000…

  13. S Asoa

    There are people belittling Valentin because he does not quote “sources” in his Bibliography, I guess .
    But Valentin is usually spot on. So guess don’t mind it if Valentin does guesswork 😉😂

  14. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Name Wenger’s 5 biggest mistakes’.

    That’s a bit tired.
    Wenger has left the building. Get over it.

    Unless you’re trying to deflect attention away from the fact that arsenal’s arrival in post wenger wonderland-something you predicted–looks as far away as a manned mission to Mars.


    let’s see what Raul and Co. can do.
    We have ‘ammunition’ apparently.

  15. Valentin

    Wenger did not let Martin Keown go. In fact Wenger wanted him full time. Martin left because he could make more money as a pundit, commentator and a columnist for part time hours.

  16. Chris


    May I ask what your source is for that regarding Keown?

    It is something I have often wondered about (his departure after the CL final) given how well he did with that back line.

  17. Chris

    How about the 5 biggest ‘what if’ moments of Wenger’s reign ie sliding doors

    Not in any particular order:

    1. Bergkamp scores penalty at Villa Park in 99

    2. Henry scores when clean through in Paris to make it 2-0.

    3. Eto’o given offside in Paris for his equaliser.

    4. Keown does the easier job of scoring rather than missing open goal in ET against Gala

    5. Clichy doesn’t have a brain fart in the penalty area vs Birmingham 2008

  18. Pierre

    S Asoa
    Yes, a very knowledgeable and respectful poster is Valentin .

    Quite embarrassing when you see so many on Le Grove trying to discredit him but he remains dignified throughout.

  19. Valentin


    During a Match of the Day, Martin Keown was asked about it. He said he could not do both training at Arsenal and sit here on TV.
    Arsène Wenger did the same thing with TH14. Force him to choose between coaching the U18 and being a pundit with SkySports. Thierry Henry chose Sky Sports and his multi millions deal.
    The official reason was the conflict of interest and the lack of focus. For Thierry Henry, it was because he had in fact criticised Giroud on TV.

    I always thought that was a little hypocritical from Wenger as at the time of Martin Keown’s leaving, Wenger was still co-commenting the France International games on French TV. As the French squad contained some Arsenal players, there was a clear conflict of interests, but it was: Do as I say, not as I do.

  20. Siddharth14

    With what Wenger has demonstrated over the last years, it is very very hard to accept that Keown left on his own. If it was money, surely the club could have offered him a decent salary with what he achieved that 2006 season.

    I have always wondered why ex players have never questioned Wenger’s decisions and ability in public. It really is a mystery to me.

    It was always short of criticism when the man was almost naked exposing his weaknesses and selfish nature.

  21. Graham62


    Don’t agree with you perception that he became unaware and a bit senile(what a surprise!)

    He showed disrespect to the fans long before he finally lost the plot.

    Change of tack………..forget Wenger.

    Just heard on the radio that companies are now being told they can no longer advertise products on TV using gender stereotype images ie: Men changing nappies and women reverse parking. What a joke.

    Fudge this country!

    I’m going to watch a bit of Al Murray( the Pub Landlord) to get a more realistic perspective on life.

  22. Valentin


    Sometimes money talk louder than love of a club.

    As a pundit you can earn twice to three times what a first team coach earns. You can also work for multiple media: TV, radio, newspaper to increase further your revenue.
    Thierry Henry’s deal with Sky was £4 millions a year. There is no way, he could earn that kind of money as a U18 coach.
    Wenger did not allow the coaches to be pundit on competition in which Arsenal was involved in. So
    if Martin Keown was on £1 million at Arsenal as first team defense coach and he was offered external contracts that totalled more than £3 millions, I can understand why he made the choice.

  23. Nelson

    I don’t know whether Darren Burgess is at fault for our season end collapse or not, his firing is a sign of change in the club’s culture. I want to see more pressure on everyone in the club. Everyone is held accountable.

  24. Valentin


    Is it a change to more accountability or a change to scapegoating?
    The end of season collapse looked more like the result of tactic mistakes than physical stress. Against Brighton, we ran more during the last 15 minutes than during the previous 75.

    The Europa League second half final is a different story. The squad looked dead on their leg and there is rumours of overtraining. That may be the real reason of his departure. Added to the fact that he have rubbed people the wrong way with his firing of loved legacy staff.

  25. Graham62

    West Ham will always have money to burn because they get their accommodation rent free.

    How can that be FFP?

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Thanks for that,
    I remember a book I had about arsenal youths from the 70s.
    They used to be taught in classes as in a school , then football in afternoon . Also helped them learn learn other skills that would help them if/when it didn’t make it.

    Of course that’s blown sky hi now with yoots earning 5bags plus a week… Made

  27. CG

    The G

    “””Added to the fact that he have rubbed people the wrong way with his firing of loved legacy staff.”””

    As always – well observed.

    The Morale around the place must be absolutely stark….

    The club has become nasty – often shameful in its treatment to staff and players ( read the young lad Bramall account of his teaatment by Emery) ..
    .. . completely soulless and totally bereft of any identity….and apparently totally at the the whim of Raul and his nefarious machinations..

    From Torreira Tears ,Ramsey Tears and Ozils Ranting in Baku- we are in an abject state.

    Whilst all other clubs supporters in the Prem Tick Tock the days down in what should be another season of exciting Prem soccer- we are in total despair…

    When will our misery End……. with the arrival of Edu…..?

    If you believe that – you believe in Fairy Tales Too….

  28. Valentin


    The academy system has helped improving the technical skills of young English based players, how it had a detrimental aspect in term stable human being.
    The worst are inner city kids who leave school when they have their first professional contract. They only train 2 to 3 hours a day. The rest, they spend it with their mates or families. As they are earning more money than their peers, they tend to attract pool of leeches.
    A few years ago there was so many problems behind the scene (arrest, drink driving, drug selling, rape allegation) that Arsenal restructured the academy. Liam Brady was a victim of the changes. They cleared the worst offenders, introduced a code of conduct and psychological/social selection. Google arsenal arrest Jay Emmanuel Thomas or arsenal arrest Kerrea Gilbert.

    But Academy could and should do a lot more. Give kids training so they can better manage their financial affairs. Make learning at least one foreign language mandatory. Give them media training: how to behave in front of the camera, how to behave in social media platform. Some clubs now ban their U18 Players from social media or at least bar them from displaying any club association.

  29. Little Mozart

    I think we wanna ask soo much from clubs, of course the clubs can and should do more to prep young lads but seriously what roles so parents play in all this? With perantal guidance and support the young lads can learn more than being assisted by clubs, after all these kids only spend between 3-5 hrs with clubs and the rest with families and friends

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Go back further
    Raphael Meade
    David hiller,…

    As you say they earn to much now an many have no respect for anything…

    All this fuss now bout young English or any youth..

    Remember al the wenger signings at 14/15 gonna be next big thing…

    Where they now…

    Real Madrid lumping large on th3 Norway boy 4 years ago,,,,

    All tosh..

    Give youth a chance at your club they deserve one season to try.

  31. strider

    I don’t think that a coach calling a referee (even though she is a kid) a prick is a very big deal. The language used in sports is more aggressive than civic behavior. It’s how the environment has always functioned. Things are always said during a game and coaches are always under pressure.