Arsenal and Darren Burgess call it quits

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Shad, waits in the wings

There it is… Darren Burgess has left the building after 18 months in charge (well, since he actually joined up in London).

This is dramatic, make no mistake about it. A head of performance can’t really be judged on his body of work after such a short space of time, especially when there’s been a monumental managerial shift.

So whatever has gone on behind the scenes, it can’t have been pretty.

Still, that gives Arsenal a fresh opportunity to hire in someone elite or source from within. There are lots of incredible fitness people in the world of sport at the moment. Many clubs keeping players fit in high octane environments. Maybe Huss could shout up his boys at Sky for some reccos? JUST A JOKE OK.

I wasn’t sure about the hire in the first place, it seemed an odd addition considering the progress we’d made with injuries and general fitness… and it was dictated by Wenger in his dying days.

‘Burgess, who was handpicked by Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, will commence his new role in July.’

3 weeks ago, Wenger hadn’t let anyone at the club know his decision to stay on. 3 weeks later, he’s signed a Performance Director. How did that happen? How many people did he interview? Who spoke to him? Where did Wenger get his time to do his due diligence? How are we sure this guy is the best candidate in the world?

The biggest question I have here is – what issue is Wenger solving with this hire?

To give perspective, we’ll have 6 fitness people at the club. Arsenal signed a guy called Shad Forsythe – after years of Wenger being in denial there was a problem with injuries – in 2014. Since then, our players are suffering less soft tissue injuries in spite of a manager who still loves to overplay his team and ignore the realities of the modern game.

The American has been an unsung sensation. Not just that, he’s worked at Bayern Munich and won things. He also oversaw one of the most impressive World Cup wins ever, taking the German national team to a final in some of the most aggressive weather conditions a European team could face (Amy Lawrence gives a rundown here).

As far as I can see, Mr Burgess has a less accomplished resume. His previous experience in the Premier League was working under Hodgson, Rodgers and Dalglish.

In my opinion, one that is far from expert, Shad Forsythe had come into the club and obliterated our soft tissue injuries like Wellington Silva would take down pizzas. The exGermany man helped his then team navigate one of the hottest and most humid World Cups of all time in destructive fashion. That really was some achievement, European teams traditionally doing very badly in South America.

The fact Burgess was brought in on a similar job title had disaster written all over it. A typically weak move by Ivan Gazidis… bring people in and let them work it out for themselves, he repeated the feat when he had Sven and Raul in on equal footing.

Burgess also made some odd decisions, firing Colin Lewin looked like a powerplay and felt very unArsenal. Moving on good people that have been at the club through the good times and the bad can be very damaging to the culture, it can also belie managerial insecurity. Can’t imagine that went down well.

Then Ivan hired in Unai Emery, and let the Spaniard bring in his own S&C coach (weak move again)… pretty sure that wasn’t approved by Burgess, because why would he allow a manager to bring in that level of expertise for a subject he’s probably not a world leader in… especially if you already have an S&C person employed.

His first full season in charge didn’t look great… which can’t all be on him per my last paragraph, but clearly something was up, especially around Christmas/New Year when injuries racked up and we looked dead on the field.

I would imagine Shad F is having a serious rethink about that Milan move now… club would be mad not to consider him for the vacant position, but we’ll see. Living in Milan has to be pretty damn elite.

Anyway, the Burgess Arsenal chapter is shut… though I highly doubt that’s the story over. No one leaves Arsenal without a job to go to… Arsenal is just too fucking good to ditch after such a short space of time, so we’ll see what comes of it over the next few weeks.

… but, before we go, this is Darren’s farewell totes inspo quote.




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  1. Dissenter

    Darren Burgess is the fella being sacked for the conditioning mistakes not Emery’s physio. It’s obvious that some [or most] of the errors were traced back to him upon review.
    You have to wonder is there’s a conspiracy to protect Emery’s staff member, if you believe the rantings of some here.
    There’s nothing to suggest that Emery has defied the advice of Burgess and the Arsenal staff, for all we know those errors may have come from the resident staff not the manager not his physio.
    Emery this…Emery that…as if he just dictates his way to getting everything he wants.
    He was hired because he has worked under DoF all his career and operates well in a collaborative manner. He’s not the rough shod bully that he s being depicted as.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arsenal is just too fucking good to ditch after such a short space of time’

    He didn’t ditch us, he got fired.

    ‘I would imagine Shad F is having a serious rethink about that Milan move now… club would be mad not to consider him for the vacant position’

    The rumour coming out from the person who broke the story and now others is this is exactly what is happening. Forsythe stays in an ‘elevated position’.

    The right play by Arsenal.

  3. Dissenter

    One down, more to go
    When we get a proper DoF then Raul Sanllehi too can leave. Too many cooks as they say….

  4. Dissenter

    Arsenal have a tradition for being too nice
    Why don’t they just say someone was let go, sacked or fired.

    They same way the Kroenke’s should have fired Gazidis when he mulled the AC Milan offer for too long and created a distraction.
    The Liverpool owners would have fired him immediately and passed on his work to his assistant till a new CEO was hired.

  5. Wasi

    Carrasco looking extremely close.Is a good bet at 25 mil.Lots of potential and i beleive with everything to prove he will develop into a world class player.Get in a good CB and LB in now.

  6. jwl

    Dissenter – I wonder if Kroenkes told Gazidis to look for another job instead of firing him directly? Presumably, Josh did his three month review and suggested Wenger be fired, and I wonder if he told Gazidis to look for employment elsewhere as well.

  7. Dream10


    Raul Sanllehi is one wielding the axe. He’ll get rid of everyone but Kroenke. He’ll probably have the most say in who comes after Emery. Gazidis call the shots before, Raul is the main man now.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Probably the hold up with the Carrasco deal is we’re trying to negotiate how much we give them this summer. Likely £10-15 Million and then £10-15 Million next year.

    Obviously Arsenal will want to give as little as possible now.

  9. Valentin


    I am not saying that Emery is a bulldog, I am saying that he surrounded himself with people he was familiar with. Most of those people had no experience of the premiership and it showed. Now it seems that after a review conducted by Emery, none of his staff is responsible for any mistake, however Arsenal’s legacy staff are either pushed aside (Bould) or sacked (Burgess) or looking to quit (Forsythe). To me that looks like white wash.

    I made those points regarding the fitness regime and the change of defensive system. At the time you dismissed my concern. Now Darren Burgess sacking seems to prove that definitely was issues there. Same thing with Steve Bould sidelining.

    Why did Arsenal hired a conditioning specialist on Emery request and have him not report to the conditioning team?
    In previous seasons, Arsenal always finished the season strong. We used to have dip in form in November and March. However for the last couple of Wenger’s years that had been eradicated. We even won games in November! This season, we physically collapsed at vital time.

    Emery switched from zonal defensive system to man marking when clearly the decision was made to cut ties with Steve Bould. That new system favoured by his Spanish assistant has been showed to be the wrong system for Arsenal’s squad or at least the switch was made at the wrong time.

    Martin Keown was banging the drum of players being overworked even before the Europa League final. The collective second half performance seems to prove him right.

    Now tell me who made those decisions?

  10. jwl

    All these people in essentially same position is good way to dilute power with your underlings, that why Wenger and/or Gazidis had opaque hierarchy, they wanted to be in charge indisputably.

  11. Marc


    You do realise that Emery doesn’t have control of the entire club? Sanllehi is the one who makes these decisions.

  12. Marc

    Also the comment about a late season collapse – does that also apply to ManU and the Spud’s?

    Maybe other factors were at play last season and had an influence.

  13. HighburyLegend

    25£m for Carrasco ?? WTF ??

    Anyway… it’s always a guilty pleasure to look at the PL table in the summer, it’s the only moment of the year where we are first.

  14. gambon

    I know someone that works for Burgess, and was here before him.

    Apparently nothing much changed when he came.

    The training ground was completely changed and massively modernised, but it was all knowledge that already existed at the club. All we did was copy other clubs.

    Apparently we’re still behind some of the big clubs in terms of personalised conditioning programmes for players based on their specific positions.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    I have literally no idea who Burgess is or what he did. However, if we were as ruthless getting rid of our players as we are with our backroom staff, we would be in a much better position.

    Can someone please get rid of Mustafi and 99% of the rest of the squad. I would only keep Bellerin and that’s because he has individual style.

  16. Guns of SF

    who gives a fuck about this-we need to sign some fucking players asap.
    we need to sell players sooner than later when teams want a bargain…. shop them hard now

  17. Valentin


    Last week, Emery confirmed during an interview that he was doing a review of what went wrong during the season.
    This week the result of that review is Burgess getting sacked, Steve Bould moved to U23.

    To me Emery is using Raul playbook. It’s not my fault, they were not team players/good enough. Same thing that was said against Sven when he left.

    In the meantime, Raul who was supposed to be in charge of hiring a DoF, a head of recruitment since Sven told them he was leaving has still not done so. In some companies, a managing director who run the most important area without heads of department for six months would be sacked for gross incompetence or negligence.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Where’s Edu the messiah to walk on water and save us from oblivion?

    Has he got lost in Holloway or something?

    You kind of get the impression that if our stadium needed a new toilet…it wouldn’t get done.

  19. Bob N16

    Valentin, not to defend Sanhelli particularly but do you not believe that Edu is coming in July to become DoF after his commitments with Brazil? Sometimes is it not worth waiting for the chosen candidate?

  20. Zimmie2652

    Torreria feeding some transfer rumors, states he prefers life in Italy.

    Good lord, we bought him to be a lynchpin for a few seasons and looking like we may lose him after just one. The talk about fixing the club is cheap if this goon squad can’t even keep people they thought would be up for bringing it back from the dead.

  21. HighburyLegend

    “I would only keep Bellerin and that’s because he has individual style.”

    lol, he is fashion.

    (p.s. : gambon knows everyone, even Santa)

  22. salpardisenyc

    Who knows regarding Edu, why not just announce?

    He’d be apparently starting in several weeks and thats if Brazil make the final stages of Copa. Everyone operating on speculation.

  23. CG


    “”” Moving on good people that have been at the club through the good times and the bad can be very damaging to the culture, “””

    Wise Words….
    Some of the Wisest Posted by PedRo….(AIOCTH4I)

    Raul is Toxic
    He has To Go..

  24. Dissenter

    “Now it seems that after a review conducted by Emery, none of his staff is responsible for any mistake, ”
    Who said the review that led to Burgess exit was done was conducted by Emery?
    Just because the media reported that Emery was seeking feedback from his players about his performance doesn’t mean the club wasn’t doing their own due diligence.
    Seeking feedback from peers, clients and underlings is part and parcel of the professional work space. You saw one snippet of a story and you’re extrapolating volumes from it as usual.
    I do reviews and obtain feedback from “clients”. It’s my audit to make my practice better, that doesn’t stop the organization from doing theirs on me and other staff I work with.
    Like I said you’re incurably insufferable. You think this Emery-bashing is your fast-track to 5-minute fame on le-grove.

  25. Chris

    Man Utd have announced Dan James signing.

    It’s a bold move although I wonder how much he will feature from the off, or have Man Utd adjusted their transfer strategy and now looking to recruit more from the UK?

    I don’t know much about him, is he one we may have missed out on?

  26. Dissenter

    Chelsea’s appeal at the CIS wont be heard until after this summer’s transfer window.
    That’s one inflationary factor removed from this summer market.

  27. Dissenter

    I think the lad was signed on the recommendations of Ryan Giggs, the Wales manager.
    They probably reckon that a great winger would have eyes for a budding talent with similar skill set.

  28. Chris


    I see, perhaps his heart was set on Man Utd then once he was aware of their interest. Just seen the goal he got against Brentford. At the very least he is bloody fast!

    If we are talking wingers based domestically, has he got a higher ceiling than Fraser?

  29. Valentin


    Edu may come in July, however until then he will be very busy with the Brazilian team.
    He sounds like a good, hard worker honest guy, but he has no experience of managing a club like Arsenal. He has no experience of the European market. So outside of some Brazilian kids, his influence on this summer transfer window will be extremely limited. By the time he will be fully up to speed and ready to make decision, it may be too late.

    He may turn out to be a great appointment, but we need somebody in charge of this transfer window. There has been numerous reports that Arsenal are slow, unresponsive, undecided how to proceeds in the transfer markets.

    Right now, the only thing that Raul has done is strengthening his position at the club, not strengthening the club itself.
    We still don’t have a permanent head of recruitment, just an interim one. Exactly the opposite of accountability.

  30. Dissenter

    I really think this lad is a punt, a low-cost risk United re taking.
    Had he signed for Watford, no one will be talking about him. We are only discussing him because he was signed during a bring lull before the real transfers start happening.
    Had Arsenal signed him yesterday, people here will be saying it’s underwhelming.

  31. Wasi

    chris and all of yall
    Watched dan james against man city in a cup match.Daniel james and celina were running the game.From the one match you could say he is an excellent dribbler and has good pace.He was running Kyle Walker ragged tbh.That match was fun and swansea were leading the game.Then Guardiola did what he does and ofc luck was on their side so this swansea team couldnt advance in the competition.But Dan james definitely really stood out.For 15 mil looks a good signing.

  32. Marc


    ” people here will be saying it’s underwhelming.”

    That’s an understatement and a half – CG would be making claims that we’d signed him for £15 million so Sanllehi can sell him to his Barca mates for £3.50 next summer.

  33. Bob N16

    Can’t argue with what you’re saying Valentin. It’s far from ideal that Edu is not available right now. I would hope that although it appears he can’t formerly join us until July, that he is able to provide some input this TW.

  34. salpardisenyc


    Seems Raul has a few more to hack out of the equation, LG should have plenty of content to utilize until the season opener.

    Fully expecting Josh K to receive his marching orders come July, only for Raul to realize he’s above the line.

  35. CG

    Quite simple Really.

    Imitate what works.

    Best 3 Run clubs in England.
    Leicester, Liverpool and Spurs……

    Have they got a Brazilian Tech Director with zero experience- arriving mid summer (After this so called Review has taken place) and presumably after players have been signed.?

    There will not a more preposterous and ostentatious signing this summer than Edu as our Tech Dir.

    By all means employ Edu as a South American scout or even ambassador…he is a terrific chap- I am sure.

    But tech Director- what is his actual job description?

    Tea boy?
    Translator ?
    Passport Checker?

    Just get Dein on board to stop this continued Farce.

  36. TR7

    AFC more obsessed with hiring/changing backroom guys than getting in a proper manager and improving the squad, farcical state of affairs.

  37. Dissenter

    “Just get Dein on board to stop this continued Farce”

    Google is your friend.
    David Dein is a 75 yr old man enjoying his retirement.
    How about we bring back Herbert Chapman from the great beyond?

  38. Dissenter

    Lucas Torriera: “I don’t know if there are many things that I enjoy.
    I think it was better in Italy. England is a totally different world, a very large country.
    The language [barrier] has stopped me, to be able to relate with my teammates and with the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.
    And so is the climate. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive late to your home and it is cloudy”
    “I see the notorious British weather and the language barrier made it difficult
    It is strange a little bit, the sun, the more of us that we are here and we are accustomed to having always or almost always the sun. But as the years pass, I’m going to be adapting ”

    Hopefully he settles in. It was obvious he was struggling with the general culture shock of adapting to the English way of going things. He certainly wasn’t overplayed or anything of that nature.

  39. Graham62

    David Dein?

    What are you talking about?

    It’s as though your stuck in a time warp.

    You do realise that Arsenal have been one of the worst run clubs in the country since we moved away from Highbury.

    Why is dawning on you only now?

    Oh that’s right, it’s all a game.

    I forgot.

  40. Dissenter

    Why on earth would Ndombele choose Spurs and their pithy wages over city, PSG or United?

    That deal ain’t happening.

  41. Dissenter

    Spurs will have to break their transfer record many times over and then push their wages structure over the cliff to get Ndombele.
    It’s not happening.

  42. englandsbest

    Remember Arsenal’s reputation? Well-run club, Bank of England Club? Well, it was true, or very close to the truth, back then. So what changed?

    Stan arrived,

    I’m not the equivalent of a manager-basher, and blame Stan for everything, the way some blamed Wenger (and now Emery) for everything. Stan was not the only one culpable, there were others. But Gazidis and Wenger are gone now.

    From the start, I made him the most culpable, the main villain. and for a very simple reason: he was the boss, he laid down the ground rules, he hired the people to follow them.

    Arsenal have always been a self-sustainable Club, so I have no argument with him on that score. But money is not the only factor that sustains a club. Far from it. For a man with umpteen sports franchises his ignorance was, and is, truly astonishing.

    At no time did he show the commitment that an elite club demands. How long would Real M or Barca or Bayern M or Man U or Liverpool last if the owner hardly cared whether or not the Club won, or even genuinely competed.

    He treated Arsenal like an apartment block, a far-flung one. He gave his management team (Wenger and Gazidis) one over-riding priority: stay in the black. After that he appeared to take no personal interest.

    I make that dereliction of duty, I make him the major culprit. Have there been signs of change, a responsible approach from him? None that I’ve seen.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I can only guess he’s been sucked into the hype that getting to big cup final could be regular thing…mid said earlier could be holding back on signings so legally they can wear new kit ….
    Makes sense.

    Hand on heart
    I ain’t pleased with any of the links … Tbh

    Oh an the the lil urgyan wants out me thinks…

  44. Graham62

    I know how Torreira feels.

    I lived and worked overseas for 17 years and arrived back in the UK in 2001.

    Still trying to acclimatize.

    We need Boris!!!!

  45. Bob N16

    Graham, have you finally lost it……’we need’ untrustworthy, self-centred, ill disciplined, self-serving Johnson. What medication are you on because it’s messing with your head!

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think it’s the weather or language, of course that won’t help and he likely feels isolated somewhat, I think it’s more to do with the EPL and what a shock it’s been for him.

    He started well but certainly was one of those foreign imports that seemed to feel it. Likely shocked at the intensity and level of play week in week out.

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I can’t put finger on it but this just don’t seem like arsenal ish at moment
    Maybe acclimtising post him… But. Low quality interests showing plus where is this dossier that Emery had on the youths an was going to blood.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Tories no more …

    Like any party in power lose the reason to govern …

    Just don’t vote … Fuck all changes n posh people still get rich we will never change that …

  49. Graham62


    I think what you should be asking is would the FANS of RM/ Barca / BM/ Man Utd/ Liverpool etc allow Kroenke the leeway to operate the way he does?

    It was the same with Wenger.

    Just sit back and glory in those values.

    Such a wimpish fanbase.

  50. Pierre

    “”He certainly wasn’t overplayed or anything of that nature.”

    Maybe not overplayed , but the manager asking him to be more attacking midway through the season certainly didn’t help him as it required much more leg work, more energy and more effort to regain his position through playing further upfield.

    Hopefully the manager has learnt from this mistake and next season returns Torreira to the position that he he flourished in during our unbeaten run, which requires less leg work leading to less fatigue.

  51. Pierre

    “He started well but certainly was one of those foreign imports that seemed to feel it. Likely shocked at the intensity and level of play week in week out.”

    refer to my previous comment and you will find the answer as to why he seemed to feel it.

  52. Graham62

    Bob N16

    We need a bit of fun.

    Anyone that can host “I’ve Got News For You” and go on “Top Gear” and take the piss out of himself, deserves a chance.

    What a photo shoot……. Boris, Donald and Kim Yong-Un.

    Can’t wait!

  53. Bob N16

    You’ve hooked me Graham…. Either, you don’t really give a shit if you genuinely want to see Johnson as PM, seeing it as a bit of a laugh or you’re just trolling.

  54. Dissenter

    The player has come out to discuss the difficulties he had in his first season.
    His father had commented publicly in 2018 about the difficulty his son may face transitioning from growing up in a small Uruguayan town to living in London.

    You don’t know how hard it is for foreigners to settle into your little England; the skies that are perennially grey, driving on the wrong side of the road, having no winter break, frenetic pace of football etc.
    You theory holds no water. The player struggled as his father had feared.

  55. CG

    Torreiras Sruggles- and kudos for his honesty- shows you the folly persistently buying unsuitable players from overseas ( esp the South American market)

    It also illustrates the absolute absurdity of the Edu appointment.

    If a fairly experienced pro- like Torreira wants out and is struggling to adjust to the fierceness of the British Prem – what about all this young Brazilian talent supposedly coming over….( courtesy of Edu)…..

    It also shows the absurdity in allowing Chambers,Ramsey and Welbeck etc to Go…

    6 Brits in the team
    5 overseas players..

    Think Fergies Teams..
    Think Spurs current team
    Think Liverpool current European Champions team.

  56. Dissenter

    I agree with you about the appointment of Edu
    South American technical directors usually stink out the place.
    Arsenal is taking a big risk bringing in a Brazilian with little knowledge of the European scene. It may help us sign some good south Americans too for resale.

  57. Pedro

    CG, I’ve been getting some good stuff from in and around Arsenal about Edu and I am pretty excited what I am hearing.

    He’s an excellent hire.

    Knows his shit to insane levels of details, he’s a great person, has Arsenal DNA, has played in the league, has travelled around Europe honing his knowledge.

    Don’t knock him… he’s a good’un

  58. MidwestGun

    It also shows the absurdity in allowing Chambers,Ramsey and Welbeck etc to Go…
    Ramsey perma crock… Welbeck Ultra crock… Chambers yet to show anything at all. at a top 6 PL team level. .. Yeah sounds like an amazing core to build your team around. Only absurdity is the amount of absurdity you pimp on here.

  59. Ishola70


    “Hopefully the manager has learnt from this mistake and next season returns Torreira to the position that he he flourished in during our unbeaten run”

    lol reference to that unbeaten run again. That unbeaten run where no team that finished in the top ten was played away from home and even then performances were sketchy and unconvincing plenty of times.

    Unbeaten run = over-rated.

  60. salpardisenyc

    Aulas going to have a tidy lil summer, absolute champ at valuing and selling players.

    Mendy sold, Ndombele next likely generating a profit approaching €100m.

  61. MidwestGun

    Also last time checked Serge Aguero was pretty good. Alexis Sanchez didn’t seem to have a problem with the weather. Very good for us… for several years. Countinho… Luis Suarez..Tevez… to name a few others who were pretty good in PL. Been a good amount of superstars from South America that were plenty “suitable. ” Quite the folly.

  62. CG

    PedRo (1)

    I am glad you have imbibed good news on the Edu Front….

    He might surprise us….but he has no Prem Prem League Pedigree….and we need that- like yesterday….

    He certainly surprised us on the pitch.
    A wonderful Artist of a player.

    Overmars would have made sense.
    A proven track record. Maybe taken a couple of his young compatriots

    But let’s forget all this tech Director nonsense

    Just employ a Heavyweight manager – not this non- entity we have..
    Until we do that- it’s all Fluff…


    That injury prone Ramsey- is in The CL next year.

    We ain’t…

    PedRo (2)

    What is his ( Edu’s) actual job description?
    Can you give us 3 things he will be in charge of?

  63. MidwestGun

    That injury prone Ramsey- is in The CL next year.
    We ain’t…
    Thanks for that Capt. Obvious. Did he help us get to the CL…? oh right he was injured,

  64. Dissenter

    You may want to run that list by Torriera. He’s the one discussing his difficulties adjusting. It doesn’t men he wont go on to becoming a great player.

  65. MidwestGun

    Think mostly his difficulty was having a partner with legs of Granite. Probably why he is asking for his old partner in Sampdoria back. Anyhow.. I remember Alexis saying he had problems with language and weather as well. He did fine.

  66. Dissenter

    You cracked me up with that rebuttal.
    I never saw that coming. He wants a mobile player next to him, makes sense tbh.

  67. HillWood

    It seems to me this modern behind the scenes Spanish structure at Arsenal isn’t quite going to plan

  68. MidwestGun


    Hahaha I think it’s going to be a long summer. Are you going to any preseason matches here? I think Colorado, Cali, and North Carolina right? Unfortunately Arsenal seem to avoid the Midwest.

  69. salpardisenyc

    Once Midwest Gun is an Adidas sponsored athlete, surely a pre season match will be on the horizon.

  70. MidwestGun

    Yeah.. I’m working on it.. Just once … Indy, St. Lou, KC, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio..Nashville, Windy City… pretty much any fly over City or State .. it’s not too much to ask … is it? hahaha

  71. HillWood

    It must have been a colossal shock to Torriera when he discovered that people in England speak English

  72. Champagne Charlie

    Not sure about the translation with Torreira, but if taken literally it’s a bit weak sauce.

    Struggling with the language barrier, hard to bond with teammates, struggling to adapt to England, all a bit whiny.

    Could just be being candid and philosophical in his outlook poorly translated, but a bit concerning if not. Smells like budget Reyes in that sense.

  73. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Once he suss the queens he will be kosher….

    He’s a South American who has settled in Italy an now got to resettle in London…

    Like when you book a holiday to New York via. Vegas …. an you prefer Vegas .

    He will be alright

  74. Pedro

    Dissenter… that is basically spitting on my face… cannot believe you’d come to this blog with those blasphemous words!

  75. salpardisenyc

    Every time i’ve left Vegas i’ve been on the verge of puking, lil bit of cash in pocket with hands smelling strong of females privates.

    So its not all bad.

    No argument w/ that Words.

  76. WengerEagle

    Mendy to Real Madrid, Marcelo looks to be Juventus bound to reunite with Ronaldo.

    Any chance we could have a cheeky pop at signing Alex Sandro? I know we’d be punching above our weight there but you never know…

    Emery can sell him the EL dream.

  77. WengerEagle

    Vegas is literally in the middle of a fucking desert.

    Never a place that you’d want to live but fuck me, every single man ought to experience a weekend of debauchery there before they kick the bucket.

    Planning on hitting it sometime next year for UFC.

  78. salpardisenyc


    If that comes off Marcelo is going to ruin the Serie A, still possesses immense quality.

    Does present a problem for Sandro.

  79. gunnermjj

    Pedro and other Americans (you basically are now Pedders!)

    Are you supporting Golden State (Go USA!) or the evil Northern Canadian Raptors (Go Underdog!)?

    Canadian champions of the NBA must sting a little!? Can only liken it to Welsh (Cardiff!) champions of the English Premier League!?

  80. WengerEagle

    As seemingly the only NBA fan on the entire island of Eire, I’m riding with Kawhi and the Raptors.

    Would be hilarious seeing a Canadian team beat the cream of the crop of the good old US of A, worth it for the Kawhi memes alone.

  81. Champagne Charlie

    Marcelo would join us and be the best ‘footballer’ we have, he’s unbelievably good technically. Great career

  82. WengerEagle


    Where would you rank him all time? Same question for Dani Alves?

    I honestly think that both are in the discussion with Roberto Carlos and Cafu and are arguably better. And they are generally held up as the benchmark for elite full-backs over the last couple of decades.

    Marcelo probably needs a few more seasons before he overtakes Carlos tbf as he’s only 31, isn’t a given as he struggled this season.

  83. gunnermjj


    The god like praise of Dein is misplaced. His son (Darren) used their close proximity to the club to become agent for the Arsenal players like Sagna and Nasri, who all became very difficult to negotiate with, always ending badly for the club, forcing cut-price moves away. All other players had to be warned they would be immediately sold if they signed up with Dein. To this day the club will not even contemplate a player if represented by Dein Jr.

    Not absolving anyone else of any blame, just emphasising that on top of opportunistically cashing in on the shares the Deins became very nasty to Arsenal. Just more snakes in it for the money once KSE came along.

  84. Cesc Appeal

    Saliba is apparently still very much on for us and Arsenal are the team who are most interested in him and are offering him the best deal.

    I would guess that means wages and actual football.

  85. MidwestGun

    Vegas was built in desert because that’s where the mafia could get cheap land. Built entirely originally to launder money.

    Anyhow… one place has a soul the other does not.. so NYC all day not even a debate. Although… I have spent some quality time in Vegas where ironically time does not exist.

    As for NBA. I always root for best player.. so Steph Curry for me.. although to be honest I didn’t even really think about Toronto being in Canada. About the least Canadian place there is. It’s basically just Upper NY.

    I like Marcelo as well.. but age seems to have caught up with him.

  86. HillWood

    W E
    Make sure you take a helicopter trip that lands at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
    The sheer scale of it is awe inspiring

  87. Dissenter

    Is there a Canadian on that Raptors team?
    Canadian suck at every sport that does not involve snow or ice

  88. WengerEagle


    Grand Canyon is on my to see list in the States for sure.

    Plenty down south actually, never been as much of a City dude although I loved Boston when I was there. NYC was chaos in comparison.

  89. rollen

    you goofs stop talking shit about my new home country lol. Raptors all the way.
    Toronto feels more European. Vancouver is completely different.

  90. Dark Hei


    You sure Darren Burgress was a Wenger hire?

    My impression was that Burgress was part of the revolution under Ivan.

    He, Huss and Sven (not a DOF lol) were part of the works.

    Shad F, IS a Wenger hire. We know this because that’s what Per M told us in the interview. The German contingent recommended Shad to Wenger.

  91. Tony

    I’ve been to both New York and Las Vegas numerous times since the mid 70s.

    Chalk and cheese in my mind. Both great cities, though.

    Vegas is a fun, fairy tale kind of city whereas New York is earthy and urban.

    Bests times I had in NYC was in the late 70s and early 80s, especially in the days of Studio 54 when working with gigging named bands in NYC gave us access to the most debauched club on the planet in those days, and probably only matched by KIT KAT?.

    Pierre being the fetish kind (think Ozil & Wenger) would seriously be at home in Berlin.

    Not sure if that is the club, but I read that clubbers go there straight from work Fridays and then stay until Monday morning before returning to work without ever going home.

    Have to say nothing surprises me about Berlin with Amsterdam running a close 2nd.

    Anyone with further info on this?

    Last time in Vegas was in 96 so it’s probably changed a lot since then.

    I also liked Laughlin up the I 15 from Vegas and about a 90 minute drive. Situated on the Colorado river where the Davis dam is.

    Much cheaper than Vegas (especially weekends), but back then it was only a small collection of casino hotels and has an annual MC club run/rally smaller than Sturgis but pretty crazy all the same.

    75 to 85 was a great time to be in L.A. You could walk anywhere for miles in Hollywood back then, but when I was there in 96 with Jason Bonham and his band recording song writing for his next album.

    We were told not to walk further than the Chateau hotel by the Comedy Club as it was no longer safe at night, so the band stayed in Whitesnake’s condo (never met them) at the back of the Sunset Marquis Hotel where I stayed.

    Travel log over!

    Just read that city could be kicked out of the CL in the next couple of weeks.

    Does that mean we can take their CL spot?

    Anyone got any thoughts on that?

    RM already spent £344 million on 5 players in this TW and we haven’t spent £344 yet!

  92. MidwestGun

    Just read that city could be kicked out of the CL in the next couple of weeks.
    Does that mean we can take their CL spot?

    Good read Tony.. I was big follower of the hairbands back in my day as well.. before I got into the Blues. Mid to late 80’s. Stevie Ray Vaughn was my guy…. though.. still miss that dude.

    Anyhow regarding FFP Everything I have read says the City ban would be enforced for 2020-2021. So next season would be the one which we would need to finish in the Top 5 should City finish ahead of us. Wouldn’t change anything for us.. now, I don’t think. I would like to see something happen to them though…. They aren’t competing under the same rules as everyone agreed to.. Pretty easy to balance the books when you make up numbers and over inflate sponsorship deals.

  93. MidwestGun

    Also Congrats to St Louis.. not a hockey follower at all.. but that City really needed some good times and revitalization in their sports community after Stan Kroenke screwed them over.
    I have a lot of friends from that area who will be hungover for a few days.