Vintage Gossip: Ronald and Frank De Boer linked for £18m!

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Rumours are still RED hot that Arsenal is moving in on Sampdoria pairing, Praet and Andersen. Hard to work out whether this is stoking the flames so they’ll land a buyer this summer, or there’s a RAGING fire of reality to accompany the smoke.

Either way, who cares, I’m into the gossip, it keeps the summer acceptable.

Remember, never trust a person that says they don’t enjoy the transfer window. It’s like saying you don’t like Jurassic Park. It’s the sort of comment that comes from a person you’re forced to meet on a double date that goes, ‘I don’t really support a club, but I do support England and I have a season ticket at Harlequins.’ It’s the half and half scarf of internet hot takes.

I fucking LOVE a rumour. Keep my pint glass topped up with cold foamy gossip all summer long. It’s all I need.

Talking of CLASSIC fine pairing rumours. One of the first major stories that had me firming up at the back pages was SO long ago, Youtube didn’t even exist, yep, we all had measles vaccinations back then… it was when Ronald and Frank De Boer were the De Ligt and Frenkie De Jong of Europe.

This from the Indie in 1997 (I must have been 2 years old or something)!

Arsenal have failed with an audacious offer to Ajax for the Dutch international De Boer twins, Frank and Ronald, but hope to resurrect an pounds 18m double deal in the summer.

The Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has spent two days in Amsterdam in an attempt to secure the services of the De Boers. The brothers, 26, are contracted to the former European champions until 2000, but each has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave at a certain price.

Arsenal’s chances of signing the brothers are enhanced by the salaries at Highbury. Bergkamp is reportedly on pounds 1m a year, plus bonuses, while the De Boers earn pounds 300,000, despite being Ajax’s best players. However, there is the possibility that the Ajax coach, Louis Van Gaal, will replace Bobby Robson at Barcelona in the summer. In that event, the brothers may follow him to the Nou Camp.

The swift dismantling of the Ajax side in the wake of the Bosman ruling, will also see the 20-year-old striker Patrick Kluivert and the utility player Winston Bogarde, 26, leave for Italy on free transfers when their contracts expire in May.



I think we eventually missed out because Arsene Wenger had some major issue with the brothers trying to void their contract agreement with Ajax. Wenger always had a moral compass a touch over-tuned for football. I think he thought if he was nice to other clubs, they’d be nice back, which was rarely the case. Bit like my life with women.

Wish he’d been a bit meaner about winning and bit more ambitious with money. Our ‘nearly 11’ would have won us a few more major silver pots… reckon at least half of that was down to dithering or fannying around over pennies… or making Zlatan have a trial!

The following transfer window post the De Boer fail was pretty bad for me, I was SUPER excited that Arsenal were in for Patrick Kluivert… I was bragging hard at school that we were about to pull off the deal of the century, but it fell through and he eventually ended up at Barcelona. I was totally ripped to pieces by all the nasty West Ham and Spurs fans at school. Don’t worry though, I filed a very strong complaint with those in authority that went nowhere, and was likely blood wedgied for being a grass.

I think we ended up with Kanu, which was exciting because fat Ronaldo said he was the greatest player he’d ever seen in training… and my oh my, did Kanu score some UNREAL goals. Best thing about players back then was there was no Youtube, so you had no fucking clue what was coming to your club until they played.

We also signed Kaba Diawara later in the season, a Champ Man LEGEND. I vividly remember him playing against Leeds and doing everything bar score… he was shipped out pretty quickly after that.

Anyway, what I’m saying is this… transfer windows are the dreams before the reality. Don’t trust the guy at work bemoaning it. He probably keeps foxes genitals in pickle jars, or has a really wicked Instagram handle where he paints toy boats on a timelapse… and let me tell you, this guy is definitely gluten-free and quite happy to pollute the airwaves with chat about how he found this little woke IPA brewery in Bermondsey that you can access on Saturdays as part of a tour.

Get fucked Steven, you can walk out in the sun and drink your pony tasteless beer, while me and my fellow brethren are sitting at home crushing F5, scouring with translate on, and following Twitter accounts like @FOOTBALLSECRETINSIDER in the hope of some REAL Saturday good times.

That’s a summer my friends, that’s a fucking summer.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Ishola70

    Regarding the transfer targets it is what it is. That’s how it falls.

    Club now in it’s fourth season in the second tier european competition and the bloated wage bill to contend with.

    A club that sat on it’s arse for too long admiring itself in how clever they were with an oh so clever manager and that club got fat and obese and second rate.

  2. Carts

    The Sampdoria duo don’t fill me with much confidence if I’m being entirely honest

    I’d much rather just the CB as opposed to both.

  3. MidwestGun

    Agreed… there is no “believers” it takes decades to form cult manager followers like that..

    More like it’s just people who want the new group to not suck as bad as the old group… which in theory shouldn’t be that hard to achieve. so far it’s been a bit of the same same though. At this point I would settle for clearing out the useless overpaid players clogging our roster up… I’m not 100% sure that will happen either. Also frustrating.

    Other then that it’s just basically troll patrol up in here. Seriously what self respecting Arsenal fan suggests Jose Mourinho as anything.. anywhere? Answer.. trolls. I don’t even care if we spend a ton of money if we clear out the dross and bring the wage bill under control for the next manager at this point I am resigned to that.. and if we can bring in enough players to stop playing 3 at the back would be a bonus. But agree with Pedro… every day I wake up and scan the news for a hint of anything. Just give me something to feed my addiction.. all I ask. 😀

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think I will just migrate away for a bit…

    No inspiration from arsenal…..

    Where has all the money gone….

  5. Valentin

    Kaba Diawara was owned by Bordeaux. Marseilles wanted to buy him, but because of the bad blood between thebtwo clubs, there was no way Kaba Diawara was moving from Bordeaux to Marseilles.

    Everybody knew in France that his move to Arsenal was really a way for him to move to Marseilles. The funny thing is that after one year at Marseilles he left them to join PSG.

    He could have a great career, but he let his agent dictate his moves. As soon as he was settled, his agent moved him to get a commission. 17 clubs in a career is beyond ridiculous.

  6. MidwestGun

    The Sampdoria duo don’t fill me with much confidence if I’m being entirely honest
    I’d much rather just the CB as opposed to both.
    Agreed… maybe they are saying both or nothing? Or it could be just made up media stuff because of the LT connections.. I don’t know.

    Speaking of short Italian players … Insigne hit an absolute bomb volley goal today for Italy vs Bosnia.. score one for the midgets.. lol Was a pretty entertaining match though..

  7. KAY Boss

    Dissenter, re; your post on Ospina’s situation, I think he ain’t a bad keeper. How do u expect him to perform if he didn’t get much game time. His problem is his height and his inability to deal with crosses.
    IMO, we could get between €8-10m for him. Naomi are just being pony.

    Why do some posters complain about the players we’re being linked with. The plan is to get those with a point to prove (Carrasco in mind), players out of contract (say Rabiot) or player who are young with a much ceiling ahead (Saliba)and players with a year left (Fraser).
    Ain’t these the same people who complained we should go the Dortmund and Ajax way.
    Not all stars must be known before they’re considered quality.

  8. T

    frazer btw is very much of the mold of player that fits the bill with unai… hard working, decent results, not too special. just like unai himself.

    I think the club should be looking to sign less frazers, unais, elnenys and so on… and perhaps be a little more ambitious.

    on the other hand I was really happy with most arrivals last summer and those guys played pretty well throughout the season too … well apart from lichsteiner of course 😀

    so all in all interesting to see who comes and who goes this summer. perhaps we will be surprised again.

  9. CG


    “”””Mourinho might have won a couple of trophies but left a shit show ManU “””

    He left them second last year.
    And lots of sellable assets ( Pogba, Lukaku etc)

    You may not like the man. And there are many compelling reasons not to do so.

    But not accepting that he is not a brilliant football operator illustrates that you actually know very little about football

    He is one of the most decorated managers ever.

  10. Words on a Blog


    Life is miserable enough as an Arsenal supporter without having the Specialist in Misery making all our lives even more miserable than it already is.

  11. CG

    Miserable Enough…?

    I am afraid to say ( especially to you- because you are a wonderfully polite and erudite chap)

    This Arsenal Black Dog ain’t over Yet….
    Not even touched the sides….nowhere even halfway through it.

    Next season- there will be results and ructions- we would not have believed were possible only a few seasons ago…

    The club has no plan
    So expect the unexpected..

  12. Herbie C

    I honestly think we’re fucked. Not just this season but for many to come. Our owners are shite. They don’t care about the club. Never will. Planning and organizing seem nil. The transfers were being linked with are stupid. Why sign a 17 year old Brazilian winger when weve got willock saka and nelson coming through?? What kind of message does that send out to them? I’d be furious if it was me. I think the only thing weve got to look forward to next season is the new kit

  13. Carts


    All good, bruv

    If I’m to be totally honest, the season was frankly a failure.

    Excusing that weird unbeaten run we went on, Emery hasn’t shown me anything outside of Wenger.

    His team selection would rank between baffling and naive, his tactics are bizarre; now he’s looking at a couple of players that don’t wzactly instil much confidence in me.

    To be honest, I would’ve sacked him after the Chelsea game…sadly, that’s not the Arsenal way apparently

  14. Ishola70

    Kay BOSS

    “Why do some posters complain about the players we’re being linked with. The plan is to get those with a point to prove (Carrasco in mind), players out of contract (say Rabiot) or player who are young with a much ceiling ahead (Saliba)and players with a year left (Fraser).”

    Maybe some people are wary and don’t want another Ozil scenario down the line. Mhiki is another lazy player. First thing he commented on when joining from Man United was oh good I don’t have to work too hard here and he has proved a disappointing.

    Maybe some are tired of individualistic players who may have skill set but have attitude problems or who are lazy.

    The first two players you mentioned Carrasco and Rabiot there is no secret that they have been reported as having attitude problems.

    I’d prefer a less technical Fraser if he doesn’t come with attitude problems.

    Why not get players who have both the skill set and have no history of attitude problems? Ziyech would fall into that category. There are players out there that don’t come with the risky negative baggage on them.

  15. Carts


    Yeah it could be same old rumour mill with the Italians. They like to drive a hard bargain and create a mini bidding war… similarly the the Portuguese.

    Personally, I think the rumour has legs, and something tells me Emery is proper keen on it.

    Financially, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ramsey thing still makes me laugh.

  16. Ishola70

    Haven’t seen anyone really complain about Saliba.

    He looks a very good prospect.

    Some posters though may have reservations about his transfer price and they may have a point considering the overall budget.

    And now we hear Man United are interested in him his price isn’t going to get any lower for this youngster.

  17. WengerEagle


    We’re on the same page there it seems, I agree with all of that basically. The end of season run-in was a sackable offence if we’re looking at improvement in life past AW.

    The players that we’re being linked with are a pretty uninspiring bunch as well truth be told. I get that we’re a EL club now so the marquee names are off the menu but really, we’re looking to recreate Sampdoria’s midfield over here? A midtable side in Serie A.

    Carrasco is ball-tingling as it gets, a player that chucked 1.5 years of his prime years to play in a plumbers league over in China.

  18. WengerEagle

    United looking at spending upwards of 40m on Bissaka it would appear.

    This is why you look should generally elsewhere outside of the PL for talent, Bissaka is a very good RB but that’s a silly figure that they’re demanding for full-back that’s put up one good season of PL football.

    There’s just as talented players to be found abroad for literally half that price, just like Zaha who’ll they’re quoting as being worth 70-80m which is a laughable figure.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    If United signing Wan Bissaka means we get Meunier I’m all for it.

    I’m so excited to get some full backs in the team, City and Liverpool are evidence of what happens when you add great full backs.

    I mean having any would do for start with us. But if we get the signings right (Meunier and Tierney looking most likely) it could improve us right away.

  20. Elmo


    Exactly. If our summer is the two Sampdoria boys, over the past year we’ll have taken the spine (CB and 2 CMs) from the 9th best team in Italy. Is that really going to drive us back into the CL?

    I’m all for seeking out the value propositions and hidden gems at smaller clubs, which usually means taking a stand-out player who clearly is on a plane above his teammates. I find it difficult to believe that the spine of the 9th best team in Italy is an elite group who just happen to be so low in the table due to the rest of the players being poor.

  21. Dark Hei


    I am not sure spanking big bucks on a prime RB is the way to go.

    Its money down the drain if Bellerin comes back from injury and manages to displaces him.

    I would think that a versatile defender to rotate with AMN for RB spot is probably more sound?

    Replacing Kolasinac, IMO, should be the priority.

  22. Tony

    Congrats to America beating the Thai woman’s midget tomboy team 13:0 yesterday.

    Sal, Dissenter and Midwest must be very proud of their team/country 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Absolutely hilarious game/result.

    Will America win their 3rd world up?

    To be fair and joking aside America look decent, but so does Brazil and a few others in the competition.

    England? Managed by Phil Neville?

    Neville has been reported that fitness isn’t as important as keeping possession (you watching UE?)

    Pierre’s level of football really.

    Arteta should be England’s manager to cut his teeth as a manager.

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    “No inspiration from arsenal…..Where has all the money gone….”

    MONEY realized he has no role in a club where there is no AMBITION. So, MONEY left few years back to find and (hopefully) bring home our long-lost AMBITION.

  24. MidwestGun

    To be honest given the level of participation and money invested and training and talent level of the US women… anything less then winning will be considered a failure. Sorry about Thailand man… Lol… Seemed a bit obsessive… but you know point differential and all that.. 😀

    Seriously though.. until our Men’s program is anywhere near what the Womens’ is.. you won’t be hearing me gloating over anything… it’s embarrassing really how bad our Men’s national team is…. at times.. Only good thing is our U-20’s are decent. Anyhow.. it does kill the monotony of the summer.

  25. MidwestGun

    obsessive = excessive… although they were obsessed with scoring. Maybe Matty G could spend some time with the US women to learn how to shoot this summer when they do the US tour.

  26. Tony

    The Thai men’s team employed Peter Withe as their manager on a princely salary of £96,000 a year. Then fired him to pay a Thai less than year later.

    Thailand has money – more than people realise, as is evident with the amount of Mercs and premium cars on the road where an E-Class Mercedes costs US$150,000 Vs £60,000 in the UK. In Bangkok about 1:6 cars are premium BMW 3 series upwards.

    Just too much corruption in Thailand as to where the money goes.

    I saw the U-20s are looking good.

    Our adopted Thai daughter was on a Rotary Exchange for a year in West Lafayette a few of years ago when she was 18. She told me then that youth football was becoming much more popular in America, so not surprising 3+ years on that the U-20s are doing well.

    I always thought with the resources and financial clout America has that their national men’s team would eventually come good.

    If the U-20s continue on their upward trajectory then they should have a good showing in the next world cup.

    As you rightly say at least we have some respite from Arsenal’s BS TW over the next 8 weeks with the women’s world cup.

    If you enjoy rugby have a look at the world cup in Japan September 20 to November 2 later this year.

    If you’ve never watched the game check out the following games involving:
    New zealand
    South Africa

    Any games with the above teams playing each other will be brutally excellent.

    I’ve had many debates with Americans regarding whether rugby or American football is the better sport – I like both but don’t fully understand AF.

    ES says he played rugby to a good level, and I played youth county level (state level to you) so rugby at international level is my preferred sport whereas football is my club level preference with Arsenal for the past 55 years.

    As Charlie rightly says the next 6 weeks at least is going to be a tedious and frustrating time as is the next season likely to be.

    We had a 19 year old Mexican lad as a Rotary exchange student from Juarez 3 years ago whose father left when he was 4 years old.

    He was with us for a year and I took him on MC rides with my club where they and I really took to him and seriously made a man of him from being a virgin to ……………… us throwing girls in his room 2 & 3 at a time.

    Was really funny because the lad is seriously good looking and the working girls wouldn’t ask for money to fcuk him. Day time job girls (non sex trade) went nuts for him, too.

    We had to force him on a plane to go home. 🙂 Nah his mother came over for his last 2 weeks.

    These guys are ex military (several special forces guys and one HALO ops) as well as some very successful businessmen from the oil and gas industry as well as other industries.

    The club has over 300+ members from many countries and was founded by the ex CEO of a multi billion US dollar corporation: a guy i’ve known for years.

    Anyway I adopted the lad to be his dad on his repeated requests and our families have become close. The MC club has also adopted him.

    As unbelievable as it sounds the lad and his mother have had death threats over a recent large inheritance with the local police involved etc.

    So he’s arriving Sunday for 8 weeks while the police get to the bottom of things in Juarez and he has his college summer holiday, which will also be a welcome distraction from the TW and Arsenal’s woes.

    As you probably know Juarez is very much cartel territory.

    On top of that we have the builders in, which should be finished by end August.

    Plenty to keep me busy before the start of the next season starting with a couple of weeks with my MC brothers. The lad’s mum bought him a Harley when he got back to Mexico so he can’t wait to ride over here.

    At least for me the next 8 weeks are going to be a lot of fun sanctioned by my understanding wife telling me to make the most of the lad being here, especially as she’s away in S E Asia, Europe and America on business most weeks.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    Mario Hermoso is the name back in circulation this morning.

    Tbh this is exactly who I expect to land at the Emirates, and is precisely the ‘sort’ of player we should be buzzing around – how good he is I don’t know. But….

    Good reputation, good season at modest club, under 25, just broken into the Spain national side, modest fee. Get them on the rise guys.

  28. Ishola70

    Mario Hermoso is of the same ilk as Andersen at Sampdoria.

    Footballing CB.

    Very good long passer of the ball. Setpiece taker for Espanyol as well.

    As he has such a good eye for the long pass from deep you know what current player could be dispensed with don’t you if he was signed.

    Interesting player from a purely footballing aspect but question marks about how good he actually is at defending. Bit weak tackling apparently.

  29. Danny M.O


    Im ok with buying tierney but if we get menuir then surely we will be using that awful 352-532 formation again this year.

    What a ball ache going into another season without proper wingers.

    I also fond this martinelli signing to be pointless. We paid 5 mill for wellington silva only for him to dissapear in to the sunset after many loans.

  30. Ishola70

    I’ve watched him in some games and yes can also be a good indicator of a player.

    Watch him play Charlie and you will see his whoscored profile matches up pretty well.

  31. Ishola70

    In fact can be a better barometer of a player than certain posters here who bring to the table only secondary stats.

    whoscored actually gives characteristics of players rather than just number crunching.

    Of course you also want to see the player in action as well to see if this marries up.

  32. Champagne charlie

    “I’ve watched him in some games and yes can also be a good indicator of a player.”

    That so? What do you make of Mustafi being our 3rd highest performer this season, and your mate Xhaka 5th? I’m guessing the merits of WhoScored are there as and when you want to use the information to support a view.

  33. Ishola70

    But Charlie there is a telling weakness in both Xhaka and Mustafi’s profiles on whoscored that being that both are tagged as being indisciplined players which is entirely correct.

    Indisciplined basically meaning prone to fuck ups which is again entirely correct from whoscored in relation to these two players.

    Good site whoscored but as said previously also you want to see the player in action as well as confirmation.

  34. Pierre

    “In fact can be a better barometer of a player than certain posters here who bring to the table only secondary stats.”

    Interesting looking at the ratings on whoscored…Ramsey and Holding, players that many on Le Grove were regarded as having very good performances during the season , are down to 14th and 11th respectively.

    Mustafi and xhaka , players that were regarded to be very poor by many on Le Grove last season 3rd and 5th .

  35. Ishola70


    As Charlie inadvertently pointed out while whoscored can be seen as a good site there are other aspects which can be seen perhaps as not as good.

    For me personally that would be the number crunching parts of the site.

    I only look at characteristics of players on their site not stats.

  36. Tony

    CG probably floats around the spectrum lexicon, as a bit of a mongrel: a bit Aspergers, part bi-polar and ADHA.

    I have ADHA and it wasn’t until my early teens I began to learn to use the fact that my brain runs at stupid speeds where it became more of a gift. I was able to seriously multi task while absorbing vast amounts of data.

    Oddly enough my wife is similar to me and our son has ADHA so we are equipped to teach him where others can’t.

    He speaks Thai, English and now learning Chinese and is in the gifted class at his private school where his mids and final exams are always in the 90+ per cent.

    Sadly in my mid 60s my brain is more at normal speeds.

    That said CG could just be pure bonkers.

    I thought I should clarify something.

    My adopted son’s mother bought him a 2nd hand Harley from El Paso Harley across the border from Juarez on the proviso that I stipulated that he had to work all through college to pay for it.

    So he got a job in a US Lawyers office as he’s doing a Law degree and will do his masters in finance.

    Wouldn’t want Pierre to get the wrong idea as he’s always bleating & moaning if I mention money or material wealth.

    Even though he’s almost paid for his ‘old lady’ he is still going to continue working through his last year at college.

    Our 21 year old adopted daughter is my wife’s niece.

    The Chinese-Thai way is to give their kids the best opportunities possible in life, so my wife took on our daughter where she was 6 months old and we adopted her when we got married.

    Had she stayed with her real mum she probably would have just about scraped the money for Uni but a lower end Uni.

    With us she she has done brilliantly in her private education graduating high school with a 3.75 GPA and still maintaining a 3.3 GPA for her Aerospace Engineering degree, which she’s completing in 3 years.

    She’ll do her masters in Australia and then start to work around the world after interning in Germany.

    Not the same costs as a foreigner going to Ivy League college, but still US$200,000 + for both degrees and she is working herself into the ground to aim for an honour degree and distinction for her Masters.

  37. Champagne charlie


    It’s not a put down, you dropped ‘knowledge’ ripped entirely from WhoScored, then lauded WhoScored as a reliable site, so I asked how that’s so when you absolutely dismember Xhaka as a footballer at every turn – yet he’s a top 5 performer for us on there.

    “Indisciplined basically meaning prone to fuck ups which is again entirely correct from whoscored in relation to these two players.”

    Not true, ‘discipline’ doesn’t relate to giving passes away or being a liability positionally, it’s foul count and cards.

  38. Tony

    There are many posters here much more knowledgeable about players and their stats than I am.

    Although I’ll always read the blog I don’t see the point chipping in with my thoughts on players we probably won’t end up buying.

    It’s obvious who we need to shift and what positions need filling.

    To that end I thank the posters, such as Freddie, Ishola, Charlie, Cesc Appeal and many others who contribute such cool information.

    If you don’t mind me occasionally going off topic for the next 6 weeks, I’ll just post the odd tidbit for any who are interested if I get the time.

  39. Ishola70

    Charlie I have already told you that I have seen Hermoso play for Espanyol in a few matches and that the profile matches up well.

    The ratings you gave and Pierre as well relating to Xhaka and Mustafi being 3rd and 5th best performers at the club are stats based. I have already told you I don’t rate their stats side and stats in general. What I rate on their site is their characteristics profile of players.

    And I can’t believe you are arguing about what indisciplined means. It can cover many aspects on the football pith and the whoscored are bang on when they state Xhaka and Mustafi as being indisciplined players.

  40. Champagne charlie

    “And I can’t believe you are arguing about what indisciplined means. It can cover many aspects on the football pith and the whoscored are bang on when they state Xhaka and Mustafi as being indisciplined players.”

    They also state Guendouzi, Elneny and Rob Holding as lacking discipline.

    I’m arguing what it means in relation to WhoScored, and how they suggest they derive their characteristics. That much isn’t open to your interpretations, it’s very cut and dried as most statistical references are. How much stock you put into these things is entirely subjective.

    The point I’m making is for you to ‘value’ some aspects only when they apply to particular players, and not others, is a clear overextension of your bias.

  41. Ishola70

    So what is your argument Charlie in relation to Xhaka and Mustafi being tagged as indisciplined players? Are you saying it is incorrect in your view?

    I have already said that it is best of course to watch the players in action as well.

    I agree with them as well regarding Guendouzi as lacking discipline at this time but the site is not the gospel is it just indicators and their indicators regarding Xhaka and Mustafi is spot on.

  42. Champagne charlie


    No I’m not dismissing what’s said, they are ill-disciplined. But that relates to their card count and foul count of the past two seasons (which is how WhoScored derives player traits and characteristics as stated).

    It doesn’t have any direct correlation to their errors in position, lack of pace, misplaced passes etc, which are all the common critiques of both players.

    That’s precisely my point, you’re happy to offer their ‘indicators being spot on’ but then dismiss the fact they’re among our best performers according to the very same site – how’s that make sense? Please don’t say the same thing about one being based in stats, literally everything on WhoScored is derived from the stats you’re keen to dismiss here and there.

    I said the following originally and it’s exactly how it seems:
    “I’m guessing the merits of WhoScored are there as and when you want to use the information to support a view.”

  43. Graham62

    I find it nauseating that any self-respecting Arsenal fan would promote Jose Mourinho as the right fix for our club.

    Not disputing his credentials and past exploits, but anyone who feels he is the answer to our problems is, quite clearly, not an Arsenal fan.

    For all my anti-Wenger rhetoric on here, I would never sink to the depths of promoting an utter scumbag( the equivalent of the antichrist) ahead of someone who I merely lost respect for.

    Seeing him over the years mock our club( not just because of Wenger) and act in such a derogatory and childish manner towards so many in the game made me feel anger and hatred for the guy.

    He is a parasite and I would say 99.99% of all Arsenal supporters wouldn’t want him anywhere near our club.

    Of course the 00.01%(CG) will think otherwise.

    That’s why he is nothing more than a troll.

    Infact, I would go as far as to say he should be banned just for highlighting such a sick opinion.

    Shoot me!

  44. Ishola70

    Charlie to support a view most on here see with both these players with their own eyes.

    There are better more telling stats than others.

    You say that the indisciplined tag is stats based on fouls and yellow cards which is correct but can’t you see that these same stats can be merged and coupled with other aspects which you also mentioned such as lack of positioning or a poor pass. Xhaka gets a fair share of his yellows due to holding. And I have seen that this is due many times to poor positioning/ lack of physicality or both. These fouls yellow cards can be a consequence of those very same aspects which you stated are not related.

    And again of course nothing beats watching a player in action and the characteristics then looked at as confirmation.

    I mean look at their profile on Mhiki. It’s ridiculous. Anyone would think he is superman and one of the best players in the world.

  45. Jamie

    The way the American women’s team celebrate winning lacks so much class.

    They did the same thing when they won their last WC. Paraded around the pitch with “Greatness Achieved” t-shirts on or some shit.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    What would make you think we’re doing that?

    We’re already in advanced negotiations with Carrasco, though Munich are now looking at him as Sane appears too costly. We’ve already made a bid for Claude Maurice, we’re keeping Fraser as a reserve option.

    Meunier would play RB, Tierney at LB, Carrasco at LM and then likely another wide option comes in and Nelson gets some time out wide.

    Meunier isn’t a wast at all, Bellerin is out until October. On your own point, which I agree with, do you really want to start the season in that 3-5-2 by necessity because we have no RB options who can play RB? Secondly, who knows how Bellerin comes back/how long it takes him to get back to speed…if he ever does. He was never that great defensively as a RB, in fact the beginning of last season he was fucking poor, secondly he’s greatest asset his is pace and he’s coming back from a bad ACL.

    If the club add real full back (RB), real full back (LB), real winger (LM) and real winger/wide playmaker (RM) Arsenal will drastically improve. I don’t think some people appreciate how inhibited we’ve been because of this reality. Also leads to defensive issues as well.

    In terms of splashing our budget. You have to think we’re looking to stagger payments. So Carrasco might cost us £10 Million this summer, Pellegrini is another rumoured one who would cost us £15 Million this summer, Andersen/Saliba doubtless would cost us £10 Million this summer. We could have those 3 and still have £10-15 Million of our budget left.

    That’s before you think about sales, whilst we too may get staggered payments in return a lot of our players are going for so little you might well get full fees up front.

    I still think what might happen is Arsenal make a decent amount from sales, bring in a god amount of players on staggered payments which carry over saving enough capital to either buy outright or put a large sum down on a big CB signing (Hermoso, Upamecano etc).

    Hermoso is difficult though because of the Madrid complication.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    ‘They did the same thing when they won their last WC. Paraded around the pitch with “Greatness Achieved” t-shirts on or some shit.’

    Is that before they lost 5-1 to Houston Dynamos U15s?

  48. Champagne charlie


    I’m not arguing the nature of how stats are, I’m pushing back your inconsistency towards a particular source because the name of the player changes.

    WhoScored a good measure etc when discussing Hermoso, but suddenly it’s not a good measure when discussing Xhaka and Mustafi except the parts that allude to a view you hold about them, or others. It’s transparent.

    I’ve no issue with statistical uses to buttress a pov, it’s when those same stats are dismissed, or explained away is more accurate, when it comes to particular players. How often have you been on here to dismiss Xhaka’s positive attributes? It’s actually comical the lengths you go to explain his positive characteristics, but fuck me when there’s support for his inadequacies that’s gospel and deserving of a veritable mention.

    WhoScored is fine for a basic overview, pretty decent for raw numbers, but how they’re interpreted is subject to the individual. I personally think there’s arguably more value in watching a player, but I’d fully expect a club like Arsenal to rinse the arse out of the manner and means of scouting.

  49. China1

    I think we all like the idea of some silly, top class cultured players putting on a masterclass week in week out but given our budget i don’t think we will be buying too many of those in this or the following transfer window.

    What would make me extremely moist would be if we can sign 3 players for 25m or less each who can put in consistent 7/10 performances every week without any catastrophic down sides like toxic personality or whatever

    We have been such a horribly inconsistent club for years now that whilst world beaters would be lovely, our priority should be building a foundation of a team which doesn’t fill you with worry.

    That is the first step long before building a team that feels you with excitement

    Everywhere throughout this team are players who make you go ‘sigh’ upon seeing the team sheet.

    Sign reasonably priced and aged ray parlour, James Milner and Edu and bin off the worst culprits (mustafi, xhaka, ozil) and we will see an overnight improvement in the team.

    After you build that kind of good, consistent base, you add a couple of flare players and you have yourself a serious team

  50. Marc


    Agreed as much as we’d all like to be splashing the cash on some marquee signing we’re just not in the position to do it at the moment. Incremental steps is what we’ve got to do and it won’t happen over night.

  51. Marc

    Just seen CG’s response to my comment about Mourinho leaving ManU in all sorts of shit.

    Guy’s fucking off his head – Mourinho left them with sellable assets? He spent £360 million for fucks sake.

    They also have several of those players looking to leave, great job that. Mourinho might have been the man but his second skint at Chelsea was the end for him.

  52. CG


    “”””I find it nauseating that any self-respecting Arsenal fan would promote Jose Mourinho as the right fix for our club”””

    I find it strange- that we ( us) would not be interested in a manager that is a serial winner- whilst at the exact same time- we have a serial looser at the club.

    Granted- had we appointed a proper manager- after Wenger- we would not eben mention the words Jose Mourihio.

    If you actually study Mourihio’s career- he actually thrives at clubs without too much money and a bit ‘underdoggy’ ( which is what we are now)

    Eg Porto. Inter Milan, Chelsea ( 2nd time around)

    As for the repercussions I alluded to -yesterday- and without a coherent Plan of Action- anything could happen.

    We could just as easy in 6 months in time have Mourinhio in charge or Merteasacker in charge,

    And thats because – the club has no stated goals, achievements , philosophies or targets.

    And as any- successful person or business will tell you- If you have no Targets or Goals.
    You will Fail.
    And we are Failing Badly.

    May I Remind you last season.

    Our chief exec left mid season
    Our Head Scout left mid season
    Our Best player left for Nowt!

    Thats Arsenal 2019.

    perish the thought of getting some winning footballing expertise in at the Club. ( Jose)

  53. Pierre

    “I think we all like the idea of some silly, top class cultured players putting on a masterclass week in week out but given our budget i don’t think we will be buying too many of those in this or the following transfer window.”

    In that case why not try and extract the most from our top class cultured players week in week out….seems logical and no, the manager did not put his trust in them last season.

    Besides , cultured is near the bottom of Emery’s list.

    If we sell Aubamayang we might as well all go home, as his goals effectively kept us in contention for 4th place and took us to the final…

    In my opinion ,Offensively we need a player in the Zaha mould( iwobi / chambers part ex and cash) , we need to keep our strikers , sell one of Ozil or Mhkitaryan if possible , sell iwobi and promote Saka and Nelson.

    Midfield , I would sell Elneny and Xhaka( total 40/50 million) , and bring in Nzonzi for a couple of seasons ( 15 million) , promote Willock and Smith -Rowe.
    Guendouzi has the potential to be a top class midfielder taking into account his age and the experience he had in the team last season ….I’m expecting him to look much stronger and disciplined in his play this season .

    Defence , sell mustafi and Kolasinac( 40/50. Mil) and lose Kosielny…..keep Monreal as a utility player , .promote Mavropanos, sign Tyrone Mings( 25 mil or less) plus rob holding back from injury will give us 4 centre backs .

    If we sign Meunier( who I like) then we can sell Bellerin ( when fit) …left back position needs to be filled if we sell.kolasinac .

  54. CG


    Ill accept Jose M was not at his best at Man Utd.
    Still finished second last year.
    He never looked quite himself there.

    Thats because he was in Manchester- who wants to live there,??

    In a hotel for 3 seasons- away from the bosom of the family,,,who an function like that?

    get him back in London
    Give him the Right deal…

    He would want to show Chelsea – that he can build a team properly and they were they wrong to sack him twice.

    He could be an inspired choice.

    Cloughie could only do it in the East Midlands.
    Maybe the modern day Cloughie can only do it in London…

    More Emery or Jose?
    No Brainer for me………

    We would be important Again!

  55. Tony

    Happy to oblige Jamie if such adventure is worth posting. 🙂

    Ah RH you and Charlie make worthy adversaries, which makes good reading.

    Don’t leave adventures to me, I’m sure Le Grovers from such diversity of cultures have ‘adventures’ they can offer in this time of boredom and emotional abandoment because of the shambolic state our beloved club offers us.

  56. Freddie Ljungberg

    Thank fuck Pierre is not in charge of recruitment. That would be a piss poor team, smh.

    Nzonzi is what? 31 soon? Great scouting there.

    You want to sell our only half decent winger (Iwobi) and promote 2 kids that aren’t ready yet so we have to start at least 1 of them ever game? Great plan.

    Still no CAM in the team? Fantastic.

    Tyrone Mings? Smh.

    If that’s the best our management can do they would deserve all the scorn you already heap on them. Don’t think even they could fuck up this window that badly.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Rumour going around that Lazio are interested in Chambers, strange one, Arsenal have set a price of £12 Million for him…or so the rumour goes.

  58. Freddie Ljungberg


    That same report also claims they’re looking at Lascelles for the same price, no way he’s getting sold that cheap with 5 year left on his contract. Chambers has 3 years left and we can get more from an english club.

    Sounds like bullshit to me.

  59. up 4 grabs now

    young English centre back /defensive midfielder that was Fulham’s player of the season and has 4 years on his contract with us still.
    if arsenal sold him for 12 million they should be shot!

    use him as a make weight for Zaha, they’ll need a right back if utd chuck 60 million at them for wan bissaka.

    there must be plenty of premier league sides that will pay 20 million plus for him.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    I said I thought Chambers was a £10-15 Million player, sounds about right. Potential to get more from an EPL club late in the window but the problem is are we stopped from doing business if we wait for the bite that may never come.

    I think Mustafi is going to go for about £15-20 Million as well. A lot of clubs likely would see him as a risk but one that might come good in a different league, that will be reflected in his price. Can you imagine if we were buying Mustafi and you saw supporters saying about him what ours do (rightfully) and you saw his collection of mistakes…you’d be questioning your club if you were paying anything serious for him.

    Elneny will likely move for about £10 Million.

    I just hope this is the end of the era of appalling decision making at the club that has done this to us squad wise and financially over the last 6-7 years.

    I want to see players like Mustafi, Elneny, Ozil etc leaving as a symbol of the full changing of culture on and off the field.

  61. Drey

    What sort of ass licking Arsenal fans are this??

    Patrick Timmons


    Yes, Arsène Wenger’s latter years at the club were underwhelming. However, I just don’t understand how you could support the club & hold a personal grudge against him as a human. He loved Arsenal & lived by our values, so to question his commitment due to his wage is laughable.

    11:43 AM · Jun 12, 2019 · Twitter for iPad

  62. Champagne charlie


    There’s always the option of scrolling on by and not sharing your mundane take on other people’s interactions here. Especially comical when talking of others ‘looking for arguments’.

    Alas, I know you struggle for input outside of Emery’s jock strap.

    Perhaps when you venture outside your country your take of the world will be fuller, more round if you will, less flat-earthy.

  63. up 4 grabs now


    apparently ac Milan are sniffing around Lovren.
    Gazidis can do us a favour and take Mustafi instead, 3 years younger as well.

  64. Receding Hairline

    True to form

    Tony takes it like a man

    The other fella like a teenage girl. Hanging around waiting for people to drop titbits about themselves to use as abuse towards them. Little man syndrome. I haven’t left my country so? Must we all be well traveled? Do we all have the same privileges? Have you walked in my shoes?

    You bullied Bamford off here but you are actually a worse poster than he is. Emery’s jock straps,bla bla, email scams, when puller up you deflect and yell banter. Yet you are just a lonely unpleasant fellow.

  65. Champagne charlie

    Receding ‘victim mode enabled’ Hairline

    What’s the matter? You give out the bitchy remarks but can’t take one backhanded your way in response? I’m the teenage girl though…

    “You bullied Bamford off here but you are actually a worse poster than he is.”

    He’s off here because he got sin binned AGAIN and had people texting Pedro over his behaviour, but hey don’t let them facts obscure a good smear. It was me and my ‘bullying’. #flatearthtings

  66. Receding Hairline

    You are far too inconsequential to make me a victim of anything Charles

    I just find it despicable a grown man hangs around a blog full of strangers to pick up bits of personal info to use as jibes…it’s a very low behavior.

  67. Marc


    I thought the new seasons fixtures weren’t announced until tomorrow – where did you get that we’ve got Palace away from?

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    We’ve got so much shit to get rid of. We’re going to have to start offering it around which immediately weakens your negotiating position as opposed to a club approaching you.

  69. Guns of Hackney

    Honestly guys, it doesn’t matter who is doing transfers, this club blows.

    Amateur hour, every hour, on the hour.

  70. Champagne charlie

    “I just find it despicable a grown man hangs around a blog full of strangers to pick up bits of personal info to use as jibes…it’s a very low behavior.”

    How does someone ‘hang around a blog’ exactly?

    Also, since when is there a line being drawn at what can constitute as a jibe? You make a personal remark about me being “lonely and unpleasant”, but apparently it’s me that goes overboard using what you’ve said about not leaving your country to take the piss and call you a flat earther….

    Jesus Christ the crocodile tears are real, someone find a safe space.

  71. Chris

    Also see how the league plans to structure the winter break.

    One weekend in Feb has only 5 fixtures and the following weekend the same, meaning each club gets the same break just at different times.

  72. salparadisenyc

    The dog days of summer have found Le Grove.

    A peak Europa club scouring the lesser leagues mid table clubs for reinforcements.
    In the immortal words of Col Bill Kilgore, “Some day this wars going to end. ”

    Sending strength and courage to Pedro, its going to be a slog thanks for the efforts.

  73. Marc


    Yeah I just googled leaked fixtures – I wouldn’t put too much faith in the leak as it also shows the televised matches, they usually don’t announce those until a couple of weeks after the fixtures have been announced.

  74. Elmo


    There’s no doubt that Big Weng became a misguided, arrogant fool of epic proportions, but he clearly is an Arsenal man. Saw him on BeIn Sports with Mou, and every single time Arsenal under Emery was mentioned, he referred to ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Not many ex-managers, or even players, do that.

  75. WengerEagle

    Whoscored is a great website, however it’s a bit limited for assessing defensive players. Vast majority of the stats on it lends to evaluating attacking talent and the defensive side can boil down to tackles (some of the best defenders make fewer than 2 tackles per game), interceptions, clearances and aerial wins.

    Mustafi (7.05) is rated higher than Skriniar is for Inter (6.89) (2nd best defence in Serie A) and marginally less than Gimenez for Atletico Madrid (7.13) is for example.

  76. Moray

    Who’s our club captain next season? I hope we’re looking to buy some leaders on the pitch rather than just cry babies and moaners.

  77. Nelson

    Is Raul on vacation?

    Gnabry is scoring goals at ease for Germany. He is not wasting scoring chances like Auba.

  78. WengerEagle

    Gnabry was such a blunder on our part.

    Guy guarantees double figure league goals a season and is quick, powerful, loves 1 vs 1s and is only going to get better at 24.

  79. Marc


    That’s an interesting thought – I’m not a fan of GK’s being captain, Kos is either off or will be used as backup and no one in CM would get my vote – hopefully Xhaka will be long gone.

    Out of the existing players the only one I can think of is Sok so unless we buy a leader it’s going to be thin pickings.

  80. salpardisenyc


    Nice take on Emery’s maiden season, agree it should of ended in the sack based on how season eventually unfolded.

    All paths lead back to the owners whom lack any sort of ruthlessness to push club up to next level. Strange dynamic where club currently sits, appears to be struggling to put a structure in place that functions at level required. With Raul taking over from Gazidis.

    This summer will be a very good barometer as to where its all headed with those in charge.


    I’ve no problem w/ Wenger referring to club as “Us”, 21 years is some stretch regardless of how in played out.

  81. WengerEagle

    I’ve tried to suppress last season as well Sal but it was in fact 22 years in charge or 21.5 years to be very precise.

    Funny, reminds me of Keane’s book where he says in the Final showdown between Fergie and Keane, the club thaked him for his 11 and a half years of service and he had to remind them that it was 12 and a half years, being the man to help them win their first double in his debut season.

  82. Champagne charlie


    Yea Gnabry would be such an asset for this current side, our youth setup seems to overlook the guys that have something about them and drum up the noise about eventual dross. You’d think they’d know their stuff a bit better.

  83. Marc


    Jesus how could I have missed such an obvious candidate? A real leader of men, a fighter someone you’d follow into hell.

    Make Ozil captain and Liverpool, City, ManU, Chelsea and the Spud’s will throw the towel in before the season even kicks off.

  84. Dream10

    We seem to be losing a lot of good ppl behind the scenes. Mislintat and now Darren Burgess. Shad Forsythe linked with Milan as well. A real talent drain in the background. Worrying stuff.

  85. Marc


    You have to wonder what’s going on? On the other hand I’ve never quite got why we’ve got a Director of High Performance and a Head of Performance.

    I wonder if Gazidis got a bit carried away in recruiting behind the scenes.

  86. Moray

    I doubt Koz will play much next year, even if he does stay. It’s the keeper or Sokratis as it stands, which doesn’t excite me much.

    Ozil isn’t the captain in his own marriage.

    We miss leadership on the pitch. Would be a good chance to bring some in, and not some useless old fuckwit like Leichsteiner but someone who can lead by example.

    Not easy.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I’m not sure how good Mislintat was to be honest. Not saying he was bad, but I don’t know if he was as good as people thought.

    He wanted to be a DoF or equivalent and the only club that would give him that are now Division 2 Stuttgart.

  88. salpardisenyc

    I recall Gnabry getting a bit of the Fat Frank treatment on here, I blame the core posters as Serge was clearly a Grover.

    Got himself fit and set out for higher elevations just to spite us.

    Franck Kessie for Rambo anyone?

  89. Marc


    Go back a year and there were certain people on here slagging Sven off “just keeps going back to Dortmund for players” etc.

    He leaves and suddenly he’s irreplaceable and Sanllehi etc are fucking useless.

  90. Champagne charlie


    Gnabry didn’t exactly ‘do’ much at Arsenal in an Arsenal shirt, but you’d have thought the guys who oversaw his development and skillset would be able to fathom the sort of player potentially there to be unlocked. Shit job unlocking on our part frankly. Fucked off to Germany and bob is very much your uncle.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    I think that’s exactly it.

    With wage concern why are we paying two people to do basically the same job?

    Get value and accountability.

    Simple question who is responsible for player fitness demands a simple answer and one big salary.

  92. Cesc Appeal


    I agree with you completely.

    The same fans questioning Carrasco will be despondent if Munich get him and it will be a symbol of us fucking up.

    There are too many cooks at transfer level but people are bemoaning the streamlining of the fitness team.

    There’s a lot to validly criticize Arsenal about but some people just seem to be ready to listen to the negative stories and think the worst every time. There’s no precedent with this lot to think that.

  93. Marc


    Agreed – having two people just allows people to pass the buck etc. It also can’t help a new manager if he’s receiving conflicting advice.

  94. Champagne charlie


    Yea I don’t understand that one either, but weren’t we annoyed at Brom for how they managed him too? Weird situation all round, poor speculative planning from those involved around a young talent.

    We’re pretty shit at nurturing anything of promise, that much is pretty clear. Seems like they overlay their welcome from the unders right ’til about 22/23 instead of being forced out to cut their teeth at 19/20. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn we have no good relationships between other clubs for our youngsters.

    What ever happened to the mutual benefit of sending a lesser club your hot talent? Seems to have died a relative death. Liverpool have a bit of something potentially at Rangers whilst Gerrard is there. Smart too, big expectations, physical, massive crowds etc. Not 7k in the midlands when packed out, that’ll prepare them for 60k under the lights….

  95. Marc


    In a nut shell mate. Pedro needs to dish out some tough love on here – GOH appearing every few hours to make a sarcastic comment about not signing anyone yet – remind how many other PL teams have made signings?

    It just fills the comments section with chaff.

  96. salpardisenyc

    Wenger absolutely bottled Gnabry situation, fucked it with the loan to Pullis ball, player eventually just wanting to leave. Don’t blame him.

    I was excited when Mislintat came in, most were.

    Did he go back to the Dortmund well too much?

    Perhaps but lets not act as if he didn’t pluck our top scorer, best CB from his former club. The less we talk about Miki the better, clearly wasn’t an ideal scenario to jump into with Sanchez not being sold previous summer when City came a knocking for big money.

    As for where Mislintat ended up and how it all played out with this club, will we ever know?

    On face of it felt like a power grab to me.

  97. Marc


    We did end the loan early and recall him I believe because he wasn’t getting enough game time – I also heard that West Brom weren’t happy with his attitude.

    I really think you need to look at the psychology of the player for where you send him as much as the physical benefits.

  98. Pierre

    Obviously there was some underlying problem with Gnabry besides the injury he suffered….his performance v Tottenham in the FA cup was very good for a lad so young ..pace and power with a good understanding of the game.
    I was surprised we let such a talented player go …massive mistake by the manager.

  99. Marc


    Sometimes you lose a player or a player hasn’t the maturity at that point to be ready for a club.

    The mistake was to not get a sell on clause / buy back clause etc if we couldn’t make it work with him.

  100. Pierre

    “– GOH appearing every few hours to make a sarcastic comment about not signing anyone yet – remind how many other PL teams have made signings?It just fills the comments section with chaff.”

    Pretty similar to you appearing a few times a day with your senseless Ozil / Pierre remarks , don’t you think .

  101. Champagne charlie


    can’t say I’m familiar with the process itself, but if there’s not a personalised ‘plan’ per player I’d call that negligent near enough.

    We’re talking multi-million pound assets here, if there’s not a plan, a path, an internal support team designated to mapping Gnabry a route to our first team then I’d be worried.

    I think falling back on Wenger is a nonsense. His reach was ridiculous, granted, but Gnabry should’ve been detailed from day one, to the day he left any other sections of the football club. We’re in the business of grooming kids to adult footballers, that requires a support structure and very specialised sectors charged with navigating the variables associated with different talents. Pumping Gnabry, or whoever, off to Brom because ‘they are Premier League’ is amateur hour if the rest isn’t considered (location, suitability, player desire, team need and approach etc.

    You hope to Christ that’s pretty obvious stuff to a business like ours, just doesn’t seem like it.

  102. Guns of Hackney

    If I were Arsenal after the season we just had, I’d have been on the phone after Chelsea put the third goal in.

    Who do we think we are? Doing a last minute supermarket sweep, a la Arsene?

    We should be selling/getting rid ASAP and recruiting even faster. If Emery the joker is going to remain our manger again, he’ll need more than just a few games pre season to polish this turd.

    We are amateurs.

  103. David Smith

    I know its Goal .com, but any truth in reports Darren Burgess is leaving?
    Add to that, Ivan is after Shad Forsyth, if true, get a grip Raul!

  104. westy


    I thought Rotary Clubs were community networks, committed to helping others, making the world a better place, etc – is getting a foreign exchange student laid by multiple hookers, part of the constitution? Hilarious – no wonder he’s coming back for 8 weeks!

  105. Marc


    Difference is you ask for it. GOH is asking us to sign players when the window for overseas players hasn’t even opened yet.