Vintage Gossip: Ronald and Frank De Boer linked for £18m!

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Rumours are still RED hot that Arsenal is moving in on Sampdoria pairing, Praet and Andersen. Hard to work out whether this is stoking the flames so they’ll land a buyer this summer, or there’s a RAGING fire of reality to accompany the smoke.

Either way, who cares, I’m into the gossip, it keeps the summer acceptable.

Remember, never trust a person that says they don’t enjoy the transfer window. It’s like saying you don’t like Jurassic Park. It’s the sort of comment that comes from a person you’re forced to meet on a double date that goes, ‘I don’t really support a club, but I do support England and I have a season ticket at Harlequins.’ It’s the half and half scarf of internet hot takes.

I fucking LOVE a rumour. Keep my pint glass topped up with cold foamy gossip all summer long. It’s all I need.

Talking of CLASSIC fine pairing rumours. One of the first major stories that had me firming up at the back pages was SO long ago, Youtube didn’t even exist, yep, we all had measles vaccinations back then… it was when Ronald and Frank De Boer were the De Ligt and Frenkie De Jong of Europe.

This from the Indie in 1997 (I must have been 2 years old or something)!

Arsenal have failed with an audacious offer to Ajax for the Dutch international De Boer twins, Frank and Ronald, but hope to resurrect an pounds 18m double deal in the summer.

The Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has spent two days in Amsterdam in an attempt to secure the services of the De Boers. The brothers, 26, are contracted to the former European champions until 2000, but each has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave at a certain price.

Arsenal’s chances of signing the brothers are enhanced by the salaries at Highbury. Bergkamp is reportedly on pounds 1m a year, plus bonuses, while the De Boers earn pounds 300,000, despite being Ajax’s best players. However, there is the possibility that the Ajax coach, Louis Van Gaal, will replace Bobby Robson at Barcelona in the summer. In that event, the brothers may follow him to the Nou Camp.

The swift dismantling of the Ajax side in the wake of the Bosman ruling, will also see the 20-year-old striker Patrick Kluivert and the utility player Winston Bogarde, 26, leave for Italy on free transfers when their contracts expire in May.



I think we eventually missed out because Arsene Wenger had some major issue with the brothers trying to void their contract agreement with Ajax. Wenger always had a moral compass a touch over-tuned for football. I think he thought if he was nice to other clubs, they’d be nice back, which was rarely the case. Bit like my life with women.

Wish he’d been a bit meaner about winning and bit more ambitious with money. Our ‘nearly 11’ would have won us a few more major silver pots… reckon at least half of that was down to dithering or fannying around over pennies… or making Zlatan have a trial!

The following transfer window post the De Boer fail was pretty bad for me, I was SUPER excited that Arsenal were in for Patrick Kluivert… I was bragging hard at school that we were about to pull off the deal of the century, but it fell through and he eventually ended up at Barcelona. I was totally ripped to pieces by all the nasty West Ham and Spurs fans at school. Don’t worry though, I filed a very strong complaint with those in authority that went nowhere, and was likely blood wedgied for being a grass.

I think we ended up with Kanu, which was exciting because fat Ronaldo said he was the greatest player he’d ever seen in training… and my oh my, did Kanu score some UNREAL goals. Best thing about players back then was there was no Youtube, so you had no fucking clue what was coming to your club until they played.

We also signed Kaba Diawara later in the season, a Champ Man LEGEND. I vividly remember him playing against Leeds and doing everything bar score… he was shipped out pretty quickly after that.

Anyway, what I’m saying is this… transfer windows are the dreams before the reality. Don’t trust the guy at work bemoaning it. He probably keeps foxes genitals in pickle jars, or has a really wicked Instagram handle where he paints toy boats on a timelapse… and let me tell you, this guy is definitely gluten-free and quite happy to pollute the airwaves with chat about how he found this little woke IPA brewery in Bermondsey that you can access on Saturdays as part of a tour.

Get fucked Steven, you can walk out in the sun and drink your pony tasteless beer, while me and my fellow brethren are sitting at home crushing F5, scouring with translate on, and following Twitter accounts like @FOOTBALLSECRETINSIDER in the hope of some REAL Saturday good times.

That’s a summer my friends, that’s a fucking summer.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Dissenter

    For a short while I though I had clicked on the archives.

    It’s hard to be Pedro these days. How does an ultra-talented blogger like Pedro create good banter when there’s almost no movement in the transfer window.
    It’s like all the major clubs [doubtful Arsenal belongs in this group] are waiting to see who makes the first move.

  2. HighburyLegend

    lol Sampdoria has refused our first offer for Praet and Andersen… different era, same shitty summer.

  3. Dissenter

    Highbury legend
    “lol Sampdoria has refused our first offer for Praet and Andersen… different era, same shitty summer.”

    If it’s true, then it’s hardly a surprise. If you were the selling club, would you jump at the first offer?

  4. Dissenter

    I hope Chelsea don’t appoint Patrick Vierra. Sve him for Arsenal when Emeri leave at the end of the season.

  5. James.wood

    Transfer window closes 8th August.
    And every club in the World are ready
    to up the Anti on players Arsenal want.

    Arsenal very good at selling or loaning
    for silly money.
    But are the laughing stock when buying.Nothing changes.?

  6. englandsbest

    Roll on the transfer talk, what would summer be like without the rumours.

    In my early days, you had to search the back pages for them, which meant buying the Evening Standard AND the Evening News. Anybody remember Bernard Joy?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Guendouzi pictured all pally with Upamecano on U21 duty.

    That’s right Agent Matteo. In his ear.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Barcelona? Munich? United? Dayot, Arsenal is where it’s at…have you seen our CBs? You could arrive with one leg and be starting’.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Lorenzo Pellegrini linked again. Both Arsenal and Spurs sniffing around him because of his £30 Million release clause and the fact it is payable through two £15 Million installments which would suit Arsenal.

    Going up against Spurs and possibly Inter as well is difficult given the lack of UCL football.

    Arsenal and Spurs seem to be looking at similar players.

    Both seriously interested in Andersen as well.

  10. James.wood

    England’s best.
    Late STAR/Standard/ Evening News.
    Remember well and actually used to buy
    my Standard of The Original Charlie George.
    When he was part time paper seller outside
    the Brecknock pub Brecknock rd Crn Camden rd.
    Used to be a very good paper Friday nights all the horses for
    And Bernard Joy.

  11. Not the Real KC

    Pedro I use to love reading your post daily, loads of inside information.
    Nowadays your posting old stuff we already now about.

    We know the players we are linked with a wide player CM and back up keeper to replace those who’s gone
    but until we sell I can’t see much movement

  12. Words on a Blog

    Chairman Zheng: “Ok Raoul, I know you love Carrasco and he loves Arsenal and he wants to live in London, so it’s time now to talk about money.”

    Raoul: “Taxi!”

  13. Dissenter

    Those financials aren’t so bad after all. The main difference was we didn’t make any money from “Property”.
    I was expecting a big plunge in revenues but our commercial income actually rose.

  14. Marc


    I think most were already of the opinion that we needed to off load some players to generate revenue as well as get the wage bill under control.

  15. Marc

    You can’t have ago at Pedro regarding transfer rumours there’s just too much click bait etc out there to be able to sort out.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    It’s like everyone keeps saying, the wage bill is absolutely crazy.

    The clubs plan is becoming more evident I think.

    The rumours of asking for staggered payment for Carrasco and Andersen and Saliba and now links to Pellegrini who has a release clause payable in staggered fashion.

    Arsenal want to commit as little capital to as many players in this window whilst reducing the wage bill which will mean more profit next year along with Adidas money and new TV money to pay the staggered sums which carry over and still allow some sort of budget…even if the worst happens and we still don’t have UCL football, though obviously the club will be hoping for another £40 Million in UCL football revenue.

  17. Marc


    If you are right about that rumour it certainly shows the Spud’s are feeling the financial strain of the new stadium.

  18. Marc

    It’s being reported that Chelsea’s transfer ban will be up held during the appeal to CAS.

    Haven’t other clubs already been punished for the same actions? Seems a bit strange to appeal when you’re guilty and other clubs have already been punished when you’re not getting it postponed so you can prepare.

  19. Pedro

    Chelsea really are in a mess… transfer bans, stadium hold, and a disinterested owner. Bad times ahead.

  20. CG

    Plaudits to PedRo for another post during these nondescript and even more nonsensical times at Arsenal circa 2019.

    Nostalgia is all we have right now. And I am glad – he has revisited it today.

    When Arsenal under the auspices of the aforementioned David Dein- we only entered the Overseas Transfer market- if it was an to attempt to buy the best. To adorn our British based Spine.
    (And The De Boers were certainly in the category.)

    Compare and contrast to what we do now..

    The expected arrival of Carrasco will be officially the 7th signing Raul and Emery have made. None of them – have ever played in the ‘rough and tumble’ of the premier league before.

    If the stories are to believed- and we buy him in the region of £ 20 million- it will once again emphasis the continued chaotic world we live in under Rauls Regime. A players value has increased 50% after a season in The Far East?….
    thats a new one on me……how about we send Elneny there?

    If we compare our strategy to one that Liverpool pursue its alarming and enlightening in the same instance.

    Milner, Henderson, Lallana, Robertson, DVD, Sane, Salah, Winjaldum all had PLAYED in The Premier League before they joined Liverpool.

    And to think in addition – we let our British players walk out the door for nowt.!

    But Raul Knows best….. or does he?

    Tick Tock and I thank PedRo for his Post……

  21. Marc

    Overseas players bought under the early Dein / Wenger era that weren’t anywhere near the best:

    Remi Garde
    Chris Kiwomya
    Boa Morte
    Alexander Manninger
    Christopher Wreh
    Nelson Vivas
    Oleg Luzhniy

    Should I go on cretin?

  22. jwl

    Metro Sport – “Brazil wonderkid Gabriel Martinelli has hinted at a move to Arsenal by following the Gunners on social media ahead of a prospective £6.5million move to the Emirates.”

  23. CG

    Hello High Leg,

    Please do me one a favour.
    And answer this….

    If YOU were in charge of Arsenal – would you persist with Unai Emery or would you replace him with someone better?

    The Grove Floor is all yours…….

  24. englandsbest

    Spurs will probably be forced to do the same as Arsenal: sell to buy.

    The difference is that they can raise enough in two easy strokes: sell Ericson and Rose.

  25. Marc


    They were linked to all sorts of players last summer – really think it’s all a sham to keep the fans interested. They will spend this summer but the net spend will either be negative or pretty small.

  26. Wasi

    Yo whats up lads.
    Why are a we selling Ospina for so less(3.5 mil reported).We should be grateful to Napoli that they didnt make the transfer obligatory.3.5 mil for a keeper like Ospina is nuts.What are Raul and Vinai are doing.Quote him around I am quite sure we could at least get 10-12 mil out of him.He is an international keeper duh.Nick Pope of burnley was being touted at around 10 mil and Ospina whos way better than pope cant fetch 3.5 from napoli.Is that a joke man.Our contract mismanagement and poor player sales have got The Arsenal in this poor position and the higher ups still dont seem to get the mistake.Its like Arsene Wenger all over again.
    Carrasco seems a good bet.Has definitely got everything to prove and he has got all the talent in the world to achieve his target.Just needs to sort his attitude.He definitely doesnt have the value he had at ATM but the talent and potential is alwayd there.These are thr kind of players we need to sign.Hungry.Young Talented.
    Read a report today that clubs outside of top 6 are pricing us out in the deal for Dakonam.Is that what we’ve become.

  27. Marc


    They’ve put a dozen players up for sale – includes Rose doesn’t include Eriksen but he’s only got a year left anyway.

    Thing is they will have to replace those players as well – Eriksen is their best midfielder, they will either have to spend a decent amount or be lucky in getting a replacement.

  28. CG

    H. L.

    Ill take it then – you are an admirer of Mr. Emery. Good for you.

    I would have thought- being in the minority – would not be your thing…….

  29. Dream10

    We’ve been trying to sell Davey Ospina for 3.5m for the last two world cup cycles. Just sell him man

  30. Dream10


    Hahaha. Napoli had a clause where they had to pay a certain fee if he made 25 starts.
    What did they do? They put him on the bench after the 24th! smh

  31. Cesc Appeal


    By the end of the summer we will know what impact their stadium is having given they finished in the UCL places and made it to the UCL final.

  32. Chris

    Was going to say about Kiwomya. Sounds foreign but was probably only signed cos he scored against us in the Cup I seem to remember.

    Didn’t he sign the same time as big John Hartson?

  33. Dream10


    They want him but know we’re desperate to sell. Won’t be surprised if he’s on loan for another year.

  34. Chris

    Would love to see a few more transfer rumours from back in the day.

    I’m sure we were linked to Guardiola in his playing days on Teletext once.

  35. Dream10

    Don’t think Joachim Andersen is the type of defender we need. He’s good on the ball, but slow, pushes up and isn’t great in the air despite being a big guy.

    We need CBs that are strong, quick and can defend in space.

  36. Luteo Guenreira

    I would have thought- being in the minority – would not be your thing…….

    That is the strangest way I’ve ever heard of calling someone white.

  37. Dream10


    We were interested in Patrick Kluivert after France ’98. Believe he was interested in joining, but we didn’t want to make him our highest paid player.

    Remember us being linked with the left winger Vicente of Valencia and right back Hatem Trabelsi of Ajax around the ’03-’04 summers.

  38. CG


    Thanks for the link.

    I hope all posters have time to read it. Because its totally illuminating.

    That author is nearly as talented as our author.

    A blockbusting read.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Napoli can go and fuck themselves to be honest, £3 Million for a GK they started 24 times is great value.

    They want him for less. Fuck off.

    People can’t bemoan Arsenal not getting value and then bemoan us not selling when Napoli want to pay £1 Million or something.

    Someone will take him at £3 Million.

  40. Up 4 grabs now

    Nice bit of nostalgia Pedro. I remember us being linked to the keeper Sébastien Frey for about 8 seasons as well.

    It’s tough coming up with something new everyday in close season especially with no summer tournaments of note on.
    So hats off to you.

    The good thing is we seem to be linked with a fair few players four or five are much needed. As long as it’s better than what we have.
    The outs are just as important though. Plenty of deadwood to clear.

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    Cesc we need a bench keeper, for 3 million that’s an insult. He ain’t great but will do for cup games. Tell Napoli to do one.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal should go in for Tierney quickly, some rumours Leicester are looking at him and will be loaded with cash when Guardiola inevitably pays £60 Million for Chilwell having spent so little on City’s defence already.

  43. HighburyLegend

    “That author is nearly as talented as our author.”

    Careful, you still have some Pedro’s cum on the lips.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    To be honest I’d rather get some money and just have Martinez as back up to Leno. At 27 years old Leno should be playing week in and week out.

    I think Ospina was on about £90 000 a week as well. Don’t want that back for a back up GK.

  45. Up 4 grabs now

    Cesc to be honest didn’t realize it was90k yeah get rid it’s just a joke for that amount though.
    Was banging the drum for Tierney earlier in the year. Still some good players in Scotland even though the league is poor.

  46. Graham62


    I love the De Boer post.

    Ah, the memories.

    22 years ago. Seems unreal.


    “If I was in charge of Arsenal I would” give Emery the chance he deserves.

    I should also add “If I was in charge” I would have sacked Wenger ten years back.

    That way, we’d have found ourselves in a far healthier position.

    Over to you.

  47. Wasi

    Apparently real sociedad are willing to pay 8 mil for Ospina,and thats just 1 club.I dont know what Napoli are thinking themselves to be.They want a world cup goalkeeper and are not willing to pay 3.5 mil for him.On the other hand they are rejecting 100 mil bids for Koulabaly.Granted he is a good defender but 100 mil are you kidding.Its like napoli offering 50 mil for mustafi and we still rejecting.The comparison is lame i know sorry.
    Tierney for me is a no-brainer immediately improves our options at LB and has potential to be World class.

  48. Dissenter

    Napoli only bought him to temporarily cover for Alex Meret, their record signing keeper who was injured.
    The market for Ospina is most likely limited to Napoli. They know it and we know it too.

  49. Dissenter

    “Apparently real sociedad are willing to pay 8 mil for Ospina,and thats just 1 club.”

    You better pass that info to the club. I’m sure they will pay you a finders fee or commission.

    Ospina isn’t a good keeper. He was another mistake of a signing.

  50. Graham62


    It’s got nothing to do with being “an admirer of Mr Emery”.

    Taking everything into consideration, it’s all about giving him a wee bit more time to sort things out.

    If there’s an upward turn, keep him on. If there’s an obvious regression, then he’ll have to go.

    Remember, how many stays of execution did Wenger have?

    Far too many!

  51. Dissenter

    The idea that Napoli will be offering 1 million for a player that Sociedad are willing to pay 8 million for doesn’t pass the smell test.Either Soceidad are dumb or Napoli are stingy. That 7 million valuation difference is way too wide.
    The maximum fee Ospina has gone for was the 4 million euros we paid for him in 2014 after his good WC performance. He was never a highly rated goalie, is too short, with stubby hands. Only Redtruth rates him so highly.

  52. Graham62

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Where would Arsenal be if AW had been sacked the day after we lost to Birmingham City in the 2011 Carling Cup Final?

    More than eight years back.

    Just imagine.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I don’t want to get the £100 000 a week wages of Cech off just to add £90 000 for an irrelevant back up player.

    A big thing for us this year is getting that wage bill under control so we look healthier financially next year.

    That isn’t Arsenal downgrading in quality or status, it’s paying worth. No way are Ozil and Mkhitaryan worth £28 Million a year, for example.

    If you got rid of Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Mustafi that is about £33 Million off of our wage bill. The money we waste is completely staggering.

  54. CG


    “” If I was in charge of Arsenal I would give Emery the chance he deserves.””””

    He has had his Chance .And he Blew it Big time in Baku . And Big time against Brighton…

    It’s over for Emery….he is to all sense and purposes a Caretaker Coach.

    I know it.
    You know it..
    Chris link explains it .

    Buy **Emery first manager to be sacked next season……. think Koeman Everton….

    Freddie probably to take the team reigns in the international week- early part of the season……

    ** use that money – to spruce up that Garden.. get some landscape Gardeners in? More Wenger therapy treatments too….

  55. Champagne Charlie

    “If there’s an upward turn, keep him on. If there’s an obvious regression, then he’ll have to go.“

    Graham seems to think Emery has just been appointed and didn’t in fact oversee the dogshit that was last season.

  56. TR7

    Martinez has what it takes to become a good GK. We need to offload Ospina and promote Martinez to the first team squad. Enough time for us to find a buyer who can pay £5M -£8M for him.

  57. Leedsgunner

    Near the end of his reign Wenger was a car crash judge of talent… and we wasted millions just making him feel that he still “had it.”


    Xhaka over Kante
    Gervinho over Hazard
    Mustafi over VVD.
    Park CY over S H Min

    Maybe I’m being unfair…. hindsight is after all 20/20… but just imagine all the money we would have if we didn’t blow it trying to make Wenger feel better about himself!!!

    Massaging Wenger’s has meant that we have completely nullified the advantage we had over our rivals with a new stadium… we’re in a worse position now than we were when we left Highbury.

    Utterly frustrating that we gave up our soul at Highbury on the promises that we would compete with the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona once we moved into the Emirates but as it stands we can’t even compete with the likes of Everton and Wolves!

    What was the utter point!

  58. Leedsgunner

    I cannot believe newly promoted clubs wouldn’t be interested in the likes of Ospina for £5m or so. Jenkinson and Elneny too. We should be all over them.

  59. CG


    You and so many can’t face the simple reality.

    And it has nothing to do with the previous manager.

    That If Emery had not wanted a 4th Loosers Cup for his OWN personal and professional reasons and focused solely on the top 4- we would be in the CL ironically at Spurs’ expense..

    that’s a 1/5 of a billion swing in terms of finance alone.

    Arsenal down £100 million
    Spurs up a £100 million..

    I think that is unforgivable and no second chance should be Given.

    Emery will always let you down.
    Dont give him more time- to prove it….

  60. TR7

    Really worrisome that we are being linked with Fraser. If we have any aspiration to move forward, we shouldn’t touch players like Fraser with a barge pole.

  61. Marc


    The more I see CG’s comments the more I think he’s a Spud troll – therefore we should do the opposite to what he suggests.

  62. Marc


    “Xhaka over Kante
    Gervinho over Hazard
    Mustafi over VVD.
    Park CY over S H Min”

    You are not being harsh – all managers miss out on good players and make mistakes. What you’ve got to do is look at the good signings Wenger made during his last 6 – 8 years. There aren’t many of them.

  63. Graham62


    Just giving you a bit of your own medicine.

    Annoying isn’t it?

    Trouble with you is you never give constructive answers or responses to my questions.

    You know why that is?

    Denial and Guilt.

    That’s what really eats at you.

    Your failure to accept your own failings as an Arsenal supporter.

    Emery is your punch bag. Your therapy if you like.

    Taking your frustration out on him is your way of relieving yourself.


  64. Victorious

    “He blew it?” Really? Let me finish the sentence…………”.just like Wenger blew it, time and again, for all those years”

    So what Wenger became dogshite at the end

    does it now make it acceptable Emery bottled our chances of CL football next season despite having the easiest of fixtures left amongst the chasing pack

    Ffs he needed just 3points from about 4fixtures and he ended up getting Nada…which is why he was a FAILURE in his first season

    Your Wenger obsession is getting really ridiculous and boring at this stage

  65. Marc


    “If you got rid of Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Mustafi that is about £33 Million off of our wage bill. The money we waste is completely staggering.”

    You’d think a drugs company would sponsor us with the money Arsenal fans make them – “Arsenal sponsored by Diazepam” they could hand it out with the hot dogs and beer!

  66. Marc


    Graham’s got himself in an argument with CG who’s entire position is “sack everyone” and bring back Wenger as Technical Director.

    You can’t blame Graham for highlighting the double standards of CG who was silent about Wenger’s repeated fuck ups and yet wants Emery gone after one season.

  67. Up 4 grabs now

    I am keen on the idea of bringing players in that know the league already that can hit the ground running.
    As long as there proven quality.

    Tierney although not from the premier league and the Scottish league isn’t great, would be a upgrade on what we have, and if keeps improving would be the type of player that goes for big money in 2 years time to a top four club.

    Fraser had a good season at Bournemouth and was second with the assists in the league.
    Not a big name, but neither was Robertson when he went to the bindippers.
    Or Maguire when he went to Leicester.
    Would be worth a punt with one year left on his contract.

  68. Victorious


    Agree CG comes across unhinged most of the time but I find his opinions on Emery not that far off from Pedro and a whole lot of others on here..Emery limped his way out of last season with that catastrophical defeat to Chavs in the EL despite having a great chance to be a hero with some easy fixtures to get us CL footie through the League

    Graham is a wierd one though,has a chip on his shoulder whenever Wenger is mentioned and u wouldnt ever catch him talking about a subject other than Wenger.. He reminds me of Joe and his incessant rants on why Wenger is the cause of all the problems bedeveling the club, just odd

  69. alexanderhenry


    Agreed on transfer windows.
    Any arsenal fan who doesn’t get into the silly season/transfer merry go round needs to lighten up.

  70. Graham62


    And there I have it Ladies and Gentleman.

    In complete denial!!

    “It has nothing to do with the previous manager”


    We are here because of the previous manager, not because of Emery.

    You know why you keep using the “Looser” rhetoric so much, it’s because you grew accustomed to it under you know who. You associate losing with everything surrounding the club. That’s what happens when you trust in someone who sees losing as being a normal occurrence.

    Emery deserves one more season.

    Oh look, it’s CC joining in the fun!

    The judge and jury of le-grove has entered the building.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    When people ask why we have no money…Exhibit A, add in no UCL football for 3 years, add in the lowest value squad in the top 6, add in the worst wages to value ration in the top 6.

    That is why we have £45 Million to spend.

    What a cluster fuck of this new lot to create this situation inside 12 months. Awful at their jobs.

  72. Marc


    You missed something incredibly important off your previous comment –

    “add in the lowest value squad in the top 6”

    should include “with the 3rd highest net spend in the PL over the previous 5 years”

    If Sanllehi can unravel this mess over the next two summers it’ll be a miracle let alone one.

  73. Victorious


    Tierney is a decent LB and wouldn’t cost a arm…he could come in and nail that left side for us in years as long as he keeps improving.. Would prefer Firpo except he’s been touted for 50M and that’s way outta our league

    Disagree on Fraser though ..we can and should do better there

  74. T

    spent a lot of time watching the nations league last couple weeks.

    man I wish arsenal had the balls to go out and sign de ligt for whatever the cost.
    that guy would be a serious upgrade for the next XXX years to come and would probably make a good captain in the future too.


  75. Marc


    You can almost imagine the police arriving at the site of an accident – car’s in a ditch and turns out CG was driving but it’s not his fault because he’s no longer behind the wheel.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    The amateur hour running of Arsenal is shocking. Many of us said for years this would bite us in the arse and take years to fix…well here we are.

    You can tell the new lot are doing better already because look at their buys, Leno has improved in value dramatically, Torreira has improved in value, Guendouzi has improved in value and a £12 Million CB signing has been our best CB and would likely hold value/be a small profit from the right buyer.

    That is already a drastic improvement on what has come before.

    Honestly, the utter morons who defended the shit show for the last 6 or 7 years…

    Its like that bit in Austin Powers where the steam roller is heading toward that guard for about 4 minutes and he just stands and screams without moving watching it heading toward him and despite being yelled at to move just stands there until he’s crushed. That is Arsenal over the last 6 or 7 years.

  77. Marc


    I can’t remember the film but it’s one of the piss takes of Scream etc. Girl run’s from a house being chased by a killer some to a street corner where the sign gives her a choice of safety or certain death – she dithers and then decides – I don’t need to tell you which way she goes.

    It’s really as if we got into a place of if we can make a shit decision we will and then see how we can make it worse.

  78. T

    the swiss teams right back nr.2 kevin mbabu looked like a very good prospect too. if the club could acquire his services for a small amount he would probably make for a very good investment.

    He reminded me a lot about bacary sagna except that he is a bit bigger and stronger which isnt bad at all 😀

  79. Cesc Appeal


    That is literally it. For the last 6 years two signs. One pointing in the direction of a common sense decision that is best for the future of the club. The other pointing in the direction of an illogical, irrational, emotional based decision that ignores all evidence and contrary examples on how to run a football club.

  80. Up 4 grabs now


    If Fraser can be got cheap I don’t think it’s a bad deal. If he doesn’t click can be moved on for the Same money or small loss.

    It then saves money for important positions like centrebacks and left back.
    We need to be buying around the 22-25 age Mark so sell on value is there, and before they peak and go for 50-80million.

  81. Leedsgunner


    You what’s maddening? Both Wenger and Gazidas became multimillionaires many times over whilst creating this bleedin’ mess. Ten years of pure unadulterated incompetence…

  82. Cesc Appeal


    Then Wenger took his last year as well. I know he is legally entitled to it, but that really doesn’t sit right with me. The absolute mess he caused, years worth of clean up and Wenger was like ‘thank you very much I will have that last £10 Million’.

  83. TR7

    What’s the point in getting a player for cheap if he is not good enough. At least with Carassco, there is huge potential upside if he clicks. Fraser is a typical run of the mill winger who does little else than cross the ball from wide areas. We need wingers who can dribble and beat a player. If we are not getting a good one in our budget, we rather should strength other areas. No need to add another average player on top of plethora of ordinary players we have.

  84. Victorious

    I like your thinking but the tabloids are saying Fraser would cost 30M even with one year left in his contracts.. That’s anything but cheap most especially when better players like Ziyech and Carrasco(don’t particularly rate) are available for less..all same age

    We need 2 wingers this summer and it seems We’ve settled for Carrasco and Claude-Maurice for 9M with an outside chance of a Zaha should he throw a strop and push for the move

    Not sure Carrasco and Maurice would be enough for top4 but what’s more important is what we do with the defence ..absolutely needs an OVERHAUL

  85. Marc


    But that was the whole problem with Wenger. He just couldn’t identify anymore how football was operating. He still thought he was doing the job better than anyone else could and had just had a bit of bad luck. As far as he was concerned that last years money was the least he deserved – I actually wonder with a few of the comments he’s come out with recently if the penny has dropped and he’s realised that he wasn’t seeing the wood for the trees.

  86. Marc

    With all the money in the PL we shouldn’t go anywhere near other PL players unless they are either on a free or have a buy out clause.

  87. Up 4 grabs now

    For me defence is the most important place to start.
    Would even say forget trying for a winger and save the money if it meant a top quality left back and centre half Is all we can afford.

    Scoring wasn’t the pressing thing last year it was the poor defence. That hasn’t been sorted out for years.

    It doesn’t help the midfield offers little protections as well.

  88. Victorious

    EPL players are ridiculously too over-rated and overpriced, I mean why on earth would Chilwell be priced at 70M while Firpo a far better Player is going for less..WinBissaka 50M?Maguire 70M,Zaha 80M..loool..i mean what exactly is going on?..these are decent but absolutely not world-class players.

  89. Graham62


    That’s because I’m not in denial.

    You’re another one.

    Like a swarm of bees around the honey jar.

    By the way, NOT “all the problems bedeveling the club”.

    Only about 80% of the things.

    God, this reminds me of the good old days.

    Same folk as well.

    All the ones who sat and applauded are now fuming.

    What a surprise.



    I’m actually trying to help Pedro out.

    He needs to recharge his batteries.

  90. CG

    with 6 games to go.
    Arsenal were 3rd. ( Wenger clearly left a horrendous legacy)

    Only Man City- The League Champions were ahead
    Only Liverpool – The European Champions were ahead.

    CL Qualification was on a plate.

    Like Emerys PSG at the Nou Camp-WHY DOES IT ALWAYS GO WRONG UNAI?

    One of Life Loosers – I am afraid.

    And I know that is Painful for some.
    But its the TRUTH.

    And not one Arsenal fan will tell me otherwise.

  91. Pedro


    We can all accept Emery’s mediocrity, but your clarity on his flaws make a mockery of your constant defence of Wenger

  92. Marc


    Basically because there’s so much money in the PL small teams no longer need to sell anymore. Therefore to let a player go they can demand crazy money – the second problem is someone’s stupid enough to pay it.

  93. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    He was totally deluded.

    I don’t pay attention to anything he says now so I’ve no idea if he’s finally seen reality. It’s like being constipated and then finally shitting, you don’t hang around looking at the shit you just flush and you’re glad to be rid of it.

    That’s sort of how I feel about him.

    I love Arsenal and he injured it severely to the point we’re in quite a precarious position. I will never forgive him for that. I don’t even want to see him let alone hear him speak his drivel.

  94. Marc


    Fuck me that’s like telling someone who’s just committed mass murder that you’re going to deny them their Netflix subscription. CG has repeatedly called for Wenger to be installed as Tech Dir and has also suggested on more than one occasion that Mourinho should be installed as manager.

    Guy’s bordering on needing to be sectioned.

  95. CG


    If we are still around in 500 years time- Wenger ( probably) would still hold records in 2 of English biggest tournaments. And that deserves eternal respect.

    unbeaten season
    7 FA Cups.

    Off course- he had many many flaws. Believe me- he used to drive me round the bend too.
    And stayed miles too long.

    My beef is always not that he left. We were all relieved of that- but Emery was chosen as his replacement.

    Frankly, it was an embarrassment and even a slur to Wenger. Which- I think was part of the intention.

    We deserved and deserve a man of suitable calibre at the helm.

    You CANT go from Wenger to Emery and not expect repercussions. As we will continue to witness- and they will still be reverberating for the seasons to come because of it.

    A shameful appointment.

  96. Ishola70


    What a load of tosh.

    We are still in the same shit jam that Wenger left the club in.

    Repeat : What Wenger left the club in.

  97. Ishola70

    And once you say this is the situation that Wenger left the club in then you get his defenders saying yeah but that was Wenger’s worst season as if that excuses him or something.

    It doesn’t matter if it was his worst season.

    It is at the door of Arsene Wenger. The downward spiral originated on his watch. Best to remember that.

  98. CG

    I am outstandingly consistent in all my views.

    Elite people in position at the Arsenal.
    Eg Mourinhio, Ancellotti, Allegri, Wenger

    Or Arsenal affiliated people in position at Arsenal
    Eg, Vieria, Arteta, Freddie.

    As for players:
    Proven premier league performers
    Eg. Zaha, Maguire, Brooks

    Its all you wonderful guys and girls- who are happy to settle for mediocrity. And just want any Tom , Dick and Harry wearing the famous Red and White.

  99. bennydevito

    Ebening Grovers,

    Good post Pedro, you’re on good form; your comedic anecdotes and analogies are laugh out loud hilarious, love it.

    I remember the De Boer situation well being 21 at the time and was equally frustrated at Wenger taking the moral high ground and putting personal ego preference above what would have been amazing for Arsenal. I remember thinking at the time this doesn’t bode we for future signings and looking back I was right, the warning signs were there right from the get go and the alarm bells were ringing.

    I also spotted very early pre 2000 how our defensive solidity and prowess under GG had gone out the window under Wenger and we had very much become a you score 1 we’ll score 2 kind of team and I said at the time we will never win a European trophy under Wenger and lo and behold I was right on that too.

    Shame, as good as we were under Wenger we should have been so much better.

  100. CG

    I am sure if Leicester City can win the League Title by 10 points 18 months after they were promoted from Division 2. This Legacy argument really should be thought through more.

    Its cliched nonsense.

    Great managers don’t need a inherited legacy. They have an impact. Immediately!

    The more and more people moan about Wenger- the more and more Emery is floundering. They go Hand in Hand.

    3rd – 6 games to GO!

    And then Unai does what Unai does.

  101. bennydevito

    I kind of agree with CG,

    Emery was a hugely underwhelming appointment but with the lack of money coupled with the Director of football/Head coach model Arsenal were adopting it did make sense particularly as Allegri walked away and Arteta was a complete unknown entity, and don’t forget Emery had just won the domestic treble in France and his CV was vastly superior to Wenger’s when he took over Arsenal.

    If there’s seriously any risk of Chelsea hiring Vieira then we must act quickly and ruthlessly and bin Emery off and bring Vieira in ourselves. I see little point in persisting with our equivalent of David Moyes if out former Captain Invincible and one of our best players and inspired leaders is available to be reunited with Ljungberg and Pires. It would be a dream, a match made in heaven and would surely unite the entire fanbase ready to start afresh next season.

    To persist with Emery only to watch Vieira take the Chelsea job would be a living scandal.

  102. Cesc Appeal



    When you combine the loss of UCL revenue with a wage budget £50-60 Million overblown with the lowest value squad in the top 6 with players earning wages way out or proportion to their value you have a monumental task rebuilding. Limited money, limited pull, limited assets to sell and reinvest and limited movement on the wage bill with FFP even starting to breathe down our neck.

    I personally think a lot of people are confused about where we are as a club right now and what we’re doing. We’re basically recalibrating every single aspect of a club that was stuck in the 90s and trying to undo the financial negligence of the last regime.

  103. CG


    “”””if out former Captain Invincible and one of our best players and inspired leaders is available to be reunited with Ljungberg and Pires. It would be a dream, a match made in heaven and would surely unite the entire fanbase ready to start afresh next season.””””

    It would Stop The Rot.
    Arsenal would be Arsenal Again.

  104. Marc


    The thing you need to remember is none of the coaches that came after Moyes have managed to be an improvement – Mourinho might have won a couple of trophies but left a shit show ManU will still be looking to correct when OGS gets the bullet come Christmas time.

    Sometimes a rebuild is exactly that and cant’ be done overnight – the more you try and force or accelerate the issue the more you fuck things up.

    If there’s a genuine candidate (not one of CG’s moronic fantasies) out there 99% of fans would get behind the appointment but with limited funds and major issues I’m not sure just who these “saviours” are supposed to be.

  105. CG

    Anyone who wants a transfer Budget to manage us. We should tell them to Disappear.

    Only People who are prepared to walk on their knees for 500 miles only need apply. ( Tony Adams words)

    We are The Arsenal, Mark.

    We don’t beg for anyone.

    Arsenal people running Arsenal is the way to Go.

    We have tried Rauls way- and its Horrific!

  106. Ishola70

    Yeah true CA.

    Can’t argue with a lot of that.

    The club are still capable of getting top four as we saw season just gone and it was very disappointing that the team and manager failed at the last hurdles.

    Mind you I’m not sure the team would have been in such a position with a few games to play if it wasn’t for those shall we say more than manageable away fixtures in September/October and the one in November.

  107. bennydevito

    I was seriously disappointed when Vieira took up a coaching role at Man City and saw it as rather treacherous, but there was no way Wenger was going to have his dissenting and charismatic voice undermining his that’s for sure.

  108. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it was a very disappointing end to the season but I just hope it has hardened the attitude of those at the club that there needs to be a mass clear out of the shit left to them.

    When you think this squad has one full back and then Emery had no full backs for half a season, this squad has no wingers at all. Just on that front we are so far away from being ready to be a UCL side.

    You basically have to scratch out the entirety of both sides of your team. I think that is why Kolasinac looked so effective for us, he was the only thing approaching a wideman.

    He was the only reliable link to the assets we have in Aubameyang and Lacazette because our CAM pussy certainly wasn’t shouldering the responsibility.

    That’s what this summer should be, trim the wage bill so that wages reflect quality and then add some physicality, tenacity and functionality to this side. Glamour can come later, walk before you run.

  109. Ishola70

    Will Arsenal get such a nice run of away fixtures up to the beginning of November next season as the one just gone?

    Remember no team that finished up in the top ten played away from home up until beginning of November apart from that very first away match at Chelsea.

    Next season can be very different in how the away fixtures fall in the first few months and of course there will be pandemonium on here if Arsenal fail away to teams that finished in the top ten places.

  110. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Let’s get this right

    We are linked with the 2 Sampdoria players
    One ac Milan midfielder
    One getafe defender
    One Turkish midfielder
    One young Brazilian
    One player in China
    One Belgium defender

    Have I missed any ?

    Wha5 a load of baloney

  111. TR7

    ‘Let’s get this right We are linked with the 2 Sampdoria players
    One ac Milan midfielder
    One getafe defender
    One Turkish midfielder
    One young Brazilian
    One player in China
    One Belgium defender Have I missed any ?Wha5 a load of baloney’

    And we have an array of posters here swooning over the capabilities of the new regime day in day out. Emery and Raul are going to break the hearts of many believers.

  112. Ishola70


    “Emery and Raul are going to break the hearts of many believers.”

    It’s all relative though really isn’t it.

    Who are these believers you speak of? Believing in what exactly?

    Really all it’s about is gaining 4th place which is all a little unfortunate in itself isn’t it.

    Club still needs a complete culture change.

    Maybe these so-called “believers” are looking for this culture change while others just pine for the pretty football still that ultimately most times fell short in the past itself.