Italian clubs drop out of winger race

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Landed this comment yesterday, cut through my damn soul man.

Truth be this: I’m going to be padding blogs this summer harder than Mesut pads his stats, or his dictator guilt with charity offerings. The summer is tough for writing, I’m out here slogging it with the click baiters… so until something happens, it’s tough to get passionate about a goodbye Instagram post from a kid I’ve never heard of (you read that, don’t lie).

So let’s get straight into real talk.

I was thinking about advertising for hair-loss treatments yesterday. It must be the easiest game out there. If you have hair, all you think about is losing it. If you are losing it, all you think about is losing it.

Additionally, the whole of western civilisation is built around making men in their, cough, late twenties, paranoid about losing their hair. Why does there need to be a mirror on the elevator ceiling? Why are there LED POWER LIGHTS in bathrooms that shoot through your hair? Why will no female EVER say, ‘yes, you are a bald cu*t’… it’s a nightmare.

My advert for hair loss:

‘Hair loss pill. Buy.

*not scientifically proven, probs makes you grow breasts and die real quick’


Oh… I get it… football.

There are rumours that we’re in for Kieran Tierney. They aren’t very strong, regardless, they give me a sexy feeling I’d rather not have on the train. He’s 22 years old, played 170 games for Celtic and his numbers are pretty good. The pace on the lad is absolutely outrageous (again, tough to gauge how that translates), and hopefully his defending can translate to the Premier League like it did for VVD.

Barca are apparently being told €22m for Kola, who I didn’t realise is only 25 years old… so all in all, we’d be looking at a pretty good deal.

I think the challenge Arsenal fans are having at the moment is there’s literally no clue as to what the plan is this summer.

Meunier was heavily linked, now that’s gone quiet. It’s an odd place to start a rebuild… like blowing all your house budget on 2 couches when there’s no cooker for the kitchen.

… however, it’ll be hard to judge anything based on one signing. If there’s a perfect plan mapped out and he’s just part of a wider blitz of the squad, I’m happy. Two great right backs works if we take care of central defence, midfield, and the two wide positions up top. My concern is that we had glaring issues this January and we spent our loan fee on a player that was outrageously unsuited to the league and the objectives of the club because he was a friendly face.

My view on right back is that if you have Hector Bellerin who is 24 years old and an excellent player, why would you put Meunier behind him? Wouldn’t your money be better spent on someone that’s the Kieran Tierney of the right bacary world (see what I did there?)?

Anyway, I won’t say no to great players. Or any players. Or elite hair loss treatment.

I’m interested to see what ‘contacts’ football looks like. Are we going full on bargain basement from the big clubs? Find players that have something to prove, give them a new lease of life, hope they feel slighted by football and want to make something happen… a little Inter Milan under Jose.

… Wesley that season, outrageous.

Or do we hunt out elite youth talent like Saliba?

Have the feeling it’ll look more Inter Milan (if we’re lucky) based on the personnel we have at the club, but let’s see.

Carrasco rumours are hotting up a treat. The Belgian star is GAGGING for a return to Europe and the Italian clubs are dropping like flies… this is a risky move, but as many have pointed out, I’d take him over anything rolling in from Bournemouth or Palace. We’ll see… but this one seems to have legs aplenty.

Neymar seems to be loading up on problems, this model story is running hard in Brazil.

‘He beat me and he raped me, he was drunk and drugged, he says it himself in the messages, he’s a drug addict, violent, he’d need to be a prisoner or a boarding school, he has no conditions to be in society, he’s a threat to himself,’


I only raise this story because I do find it interesting how so few players land themselves in trouble for drugs. London is littered with stories of Premier League footballers doing naughty things. Mad that only one major player has been caught and that was because Jose wanted to take him down (Mutu).

Mildly amusing watching all the Tory candidates getting pummelled for their drug stories… we constantly bemoan weirdo politicians, then insist that the people we put into power have zero life blemishes. Give me someone that’s majorly fucked up over a melt whose worst crime was to once thing about shoplifting a free newspaper.

Also pretty terrible that another footballer, at the absolute peak of their powers, is being accused of sexual misconduct and violence. Not a good look if it’s true.

Right, that’s all I have today… see you in the comments x

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  1. Marc


    I don’t have an issue with criticism of Emery when it’s based on improving the club – all you want to do is see Ozil play and Wenger back in charge.

    It’s utterly ridiculous that you don’t tie in the change of formation with both Bellerin and Holding getting season ending injuries. As for Kos over Mustafi – fuck me yes. If I had a choice of not signing a CB and keeping Mustafi or not signing a CB and selling Mustafi I’d still offer to drive him to the airport.

    I wish Mustafi well where ever he ends up but the last thing I want to see is him ever pulling on an Arsenal shirt again.

  2. Pierre

    “You never talked of tactics when Wenger was manager”

    I did , I continually questioned the decision to play Ramsey in a 2 man midfield, allowing him to play without discipline to the detriment of the team…

    Emery ,I’m sorry to say , is actually a poor tactician…for Arsenal to actually look worse defensively takes a lot of doing .

    I reckon even someone like Marc with his limited tactical knowledge would have set the team up better defensively.

  3. Graham62


    Tactical formations are all well and good but when you have a large core of players that have never been properly drilled on this aspect of the game, or, as has been proven, have little or no inclination to change their ways, it can easily go pear shape.

    I’m sure Emery has been surprised by what he encountered this season.

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I have.

  4. Globalgunner

    He should have played Jenkinson more at RB. AMN is a terrible RB, Jenks at least tries his heart out even though he is gash, he is a professional RB, not a lazy reluctant nonplussed waster like AMN

  5. Pedro

    ‘I reckon even someone like Marc with his limited tactical knowledge would have set the team up better defensively.’

    Zinger Tower meal for 4

  6. Graham62


    Have you ever played a team sport?

    I’m not talking a foursomes on a Sunday morning at Wentworth.

  7. CG

    There are 92 professional league clubs in the UK.
    After a Rambo/Ozil/Xhaka inspired performance beating Man Utd we were 3rd.

    3/92…..means YOU AINT GOT BAD PLAYERS……

    Only 7 games to play

    The following week we beat Newcastle.
    Rambo inspired again.

    6 Games to play.

    The simple reason Arsenal are not in the CL this year- is because Unai Emery wanted personal glory in the form of a 4th Loosers Cup- over what is best for the clubs interests.

    His selections of Elneny at Goodison
    And Jenks and Elneny against Palace are undeniable facts.

    The players are good enough…( off course – you always need to improve and upgrade organically)
    The manager just ain’t…

    And what’s the most sickening fact – is Vinai and Raul would not change a thing.

    They would do all this again.

    Would it be too harsh to let them all loose with demented hungry hyenas????

  8. Pierre

    Marc I’m not advocating keeping Mustafi as I don’t rate him but for Emery to continue playing Kosielny when he clearly wasn’t fit was a poor error of judgement…..any idiot could see he was struggling but you just carry on defending Emery’s poor decisions….

  9. Marc


    Attempting to mock me is not a good idea – you are nowhere near bright enough.

    Or have you forgot making a similar claim back in Jan about my lack of tactical knowledge when I suggested we give Torreira a week off over the FA Cup 3rd round weekend due to his World Cup exertions and the fact he was used to a winter break.

    Remind me how did Torreira’s performances go in the second half of the season?

  10. Marc


    I’m not defending the decision in the way you claim, I’m saying he didn’t have many alternatives.

    If you want to criticise Emery let’s talk about not securing top 4 in the PL before going all in on the EL.

    The fact is all of your comments route from a pro Wenger and an Ozil can do no wrong agenda. You are slowly losing all of Wenger’s darlings so you cling to the idea that the few left are the best players we have no matter how calamitous they are.

  11. Pierre

    Do you mean when I questioned Emery’s decision to play Torreira as a box to box midfielder, leading to fatigue because the role was totally unsuitable for the player.
    Especially after he started the season so well as a holding midfielder.

    Your answer was to send him away on holiday instead of criticising the manager’s poor decision making.

  12. Marc


    My idea was get a bit of sunshine and take a rest – you didn’t mention what role Torreira was playing at the time – you just tried to look smart by having a pop at me. You are now deflecting the comments you made by bring up tactics again.

    You also seem to constantly ignore the season ending injuries to Bellerin and Holding as if they had no effect on the team / squad.

  13. HillWood

    Don’t spend loads of dosh on hair loss remedies
    When it all starts going South
    Man up and ying it all off

  14. Pierre

    I questioned his change of role from day one and as far as I’m concerned ,Torreira’s performances suffered due to his change of role and he never really produced the high quality of performances again during the season

  15. Pierre

    “You also seem to constantly ignore the season ending injuries to Bellerin and Holding as if they had no effect on the team / squad.”

    Teams get injuries , Holding was never regarded as irreplaceable when the season started , he was playing decent but if Emery really believed that the team was suffering through the 2 long term injuries then he had an option to strengthen the team but made a wenger type error in not strengthening the area that needed strengthening during the transfer window and the team suffered for it …..

  16. Luteo Guenreira

    Sure Pierre. Let’s say you’re right about everything.

    So the formation was the main problem? 4-3-3 and we get top 4? That simple is it?

    Forget player personnel or a mostly competent manager that fell flat at the end. Definitely forget injuries.

    Just play the damn 4-3-3 without any other consideration and we’ll get better. Next level stuff, really.

  17. Vintage Gun

    Pierre, be honest. Emery publicly asked for defensive reinforcements in January alongside a winger and AM.

    Hate him or love him for all i care. But the truth will always be the truth.

    The January situation is blatantly on Raul.

  18. David Smith

    Raul not spending in Jan…..he may be trying to ingratiate himself with Stan for a nice long stay at the club, like others before him

  19. Pierre

    vintage gun
    Did he , I don’t remember us being linked with defenders…..I remember being linked with wide men ..perisic/pulisic , carrasco,Suarez…… plus I can’t recall Emery publicly asking for defensive reinforcements…

  20. Pierre

    apologies..Just checked
    “this means the Gunners could dip into the market in January, and Emery made his preference clear.

    “I think if we can take one player to help us at centre-back, I think it’s a good option,” he said.

    Well they didn’t do a very good job whoever is to blame …how can it go from wanting a defender to signing suarez.

  21. Jamie

    I’d really like to know the lineup Pierre would select for a 4-3-3.

    AMN as RB? Good one.
    Kola as LB? Right..
    Mustafi alongside Papa? Mustafi doesn’t belong near the starting 11 no matter the tactical formation.
    Midfield duo of Xhaka with any other midfielder? Clearly doesn’t work.
    Ozil or Mkhi on the right? Nice width and dribbling ability either one provides.
    Auba is not a left winger, neither is Laca. That leaves Iwobi, with one of the £50m strikers on the bench.

    Doesn’t matter. Just shut up and play the formation.

  22. Marc

    “Teams get injuries ”

    Of course they do. Can someone tell me how many of the other 19 PL teams lost 3 players to season ending injuries by mid Jan?

    It really beggars belief.

  23. Valentin

    If Emery wanted a centre back how did we end up with Suarez?
    Did Raul told Emery, you can’t have a CB, but I had a great deal on one of your former players? That suspiciously looks like Raul doing a favour to Barcelona rather than helping Arsenal and Emery.

    I don’t get Raul’s refusal to reinforce the defense. The down risk were small, but the benefit were huge. The cost of not reinforcing the defense cost us a top 4 position. Not getting the CL is worth more than any loan fee.

    Did he genuinely thought that we were a shoe in for top 4 and that anyway even if we did Emery will win the Europa League so everything will be dandy?

    Surely he can’t have been so naïve and reckless!

  24. CG

    The Fulham Player of the Year- might have been a useful addition to our defensive ranks- after all he is an AFC player.

    But Raul loaned him out.
    (Never game him a chance..)
    And bought a 34 year old to replace him.

    Deals, Deals ,Deals that’s Raul!

    Whats continuity and plan of Action in Rauls World?

    Raul -Remenber who gave us Emery and will now bring us Edu…and then pulled the plug on Ramsey.

    Deals,Deals Deals.
    More Deals than Del Boy!

  25. Marc


    The Suarez was a bad loan signing. No one has said anything different and the fact that he went back to Barca before the season ended means even the club realised this.

    Asking why we didn’t sign other players still comes down to lack of money and lack of availability of suitable players. January rarely sees good signings.

    Missing out on top 4 was more down to Emery fucking up and not prioritising the league games.

  26. Robert Danis

    22M for Kola?????? Were getting screwed again! The transfer market is inflated as hell…. 22M cant even get you a young prospect. 40M for Kola should be the price….. Barcas got the money! Play hard ball!!

  27. Valentin


    I am not disputing the fact that Emery did mess things up. I am still at a loss of why Raul spent so much time on that deal when he could have had so many other deals. Not long term, not world class player, just decent committed pro for six months.

    If he absolutely wanted to make a deal with Barcelona, he could have made a good one for Arsenal. Barcelona had bought a French CB in January. They were not setup for him as he was expected to arrive six months later. Why not offer to take HIM on loan for six months? That would have resolve Emery defense issue and at the same time do a favour to Barcelona.

  28. Rambo

    Didn’t mean to criticise you Pedro. It’s just that I’m a huge fan of your blog. I may not comment much but I do read le-grove every day. I kinda forgot the fact that the main reason I read this blog is because you don’t write bullshit. My bad. Apologies.

  29. Ishola70

    Robert Danis
    “22M for Kola?????? Were getting screwed again”

    Well if he is purchased by them it will be as a squad player so they don’t want to shell out much more on him.

    The prices quoted tell us what sort of level player he is no?

    Think it’s all bullshit anyway this talk of Kola to Barca and Xhaka to Inter.

    They are linked to these clubs so Arsenal fans will think they are pretty good players really.

    Likelihood is they will both be rolling out again next season for Arsenal.

  30. Ishola70

    To put Kola’s price tag into perspective just look at the figures surrounding the LB at Betis Junior Firpo.

    Betis are asking for 50m for him. It was reported that Barca were willing to pay half that 25m plus add onto that two Barca players as well to sweeten the deal.

  31. Valentin

    £25 millions OUT Kolasinac
    £20 millions IN Kieran Tierney

    I’ll take such deals. £5 millions profit on the Left back position. Better positionally, Younger, Cheaper (lower salary). In fact Arsenal should take it even if the prices is £5 millions against.
    In year time, that money would have repaid itself.

  32. Pedro

    Rambo, I deserved it… and you deserved a response so you know why the writing is lacking at the minute!

  33. Luteo Guenreira

    Blogging every day is hard. Creating content every day is hard. Doing it for years, catering to a mostly ungrateful crowd, while maintaining the same level expectation for yourself is hard.

    Clearly why Pedro has let the ball drop on all those fronts ;D

  34. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am sure that doesn’t surprise you. In fact who is surprised (bar the Ex-AKB’s who’ve suddenly found their voice; not a bad thing but only 6-7 years too late)?

    This will be our next crusade. And I am starting it now. Kroenke needs to leave. Why? …

    To have an owner who has no ambition whatsoever bar finishing in the top 4 as it will keep his investment increasing is not a good owner. He is not pushing the club to do better. He is just sat back there hoping that AW’s magical top 4 formula will continue.

    We are in for a rude awakening in the next 5-10 years. And so is Kroenke. Mark my words. He will be gone in that time frame.

    Having employees scrounging in the bargain basement will not help us move forward.

    The crux to all this will be this summer’s TW. I am all ears for it. I am very curious to see what Raul pulls off. His job is in the line and I want to be surprised.

    Will I? Time will tell. But I do have very little faith in him.

  35. Ishola70


    How about ditching Kroenke and self-sustainability?

    After Kroenke sodding off the club could well get an owner who goes to every match and waves his scarf but the club are still in the bargain buckets for players.

    Petr Cech was on about pressure to succeed and the lack of it at Arsenal. He is comparing this atmosphere no doubt to his time at Chelsea were there was very much pressure to succeed due to the money investment made into the teams there.

    Self-sustainability is too comfortable.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Like in life

    Your blogs are varied … but at least it’s consistent
    Uncanny only blog about the club an if not much happening … well…

    Keep going thanks

  37. Ishola70

    Radio still the best form of music listening for discovering new stuff despite all these developments in this form.

    Great little website page with all the radio stations that are well worth the listen. Adds to list as well when refreshed. All the music you could want on one website.

  38. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know. And this is where the rude awakening will come from.

    There is 0 accountability at the club in terms of being successful. The BoD just surfed on AW top 4 formula and you can expect them to attempt the same with UE.

    You could tell by the drivel served up on us in that home made interview with Raul and Vinai: they are just hoping that UE makes top 4 regularly/winning the EL so that they can carry on the current circus.

    Like all circuses at some point: they have to fold their tent. I am just curious as to when we fold ours, particularly when the realisation we aren’t making top 4 on a regular basis.

    As you said: self-sustainability is just a blanket to our comfort. The problem is that it doesn’t bode well for any top 4 finish.

    The real problem is that as a self sustaining club, the BoD and Kroenke allowed AW to piss up money up the wall as they were still dazzled by AW crazy rantings that he could still make it.

    You got to wonder how disillusioned the BoD are now with their faint hope that UE can carry that top 4 holy grail.

    We just seem to spend all this money with very little return. This is not sustainable, let alone acceptable in a self-sustainable model.

    The problem it seems is that everyone is making it up as they go along all in the name of making top 4.

  39. Ishola70

    “Is that on Alexa ishola”

    Older Bose. Good enough. Pumping through.

    Stuff on Trickstar atm is lively, funky but with that cool vibe thrown in. We like that. Bit dub stepish.

  40. Valentin

    Having a rich sugar daddy is fun as long as the money continues to flow . The moment the sugar daddy has financial problems, dies unexpectedly or lose interest, the club could be in danger. We are talking not just about relegation, but also bankruptcy, liquidation.

    The only owners who can afford to discard all financial reality are countries and that bring its own problems: outrageous dominance. QSI (PSG owner) are looking at buying another club (maybe Leeds) in a different league, because they are so dominant in Ligue 1, people resent them. That defeat the purpose of Qatar buying PSG to clean up their reputation. If ManCity were to win the premiership without any competition 5 years in a row, people will turn to see who would finish second. ManCity would lose its attractiveness.

    That’s why I believe that in the long run self-sustainability and proper business sense will prevail.

    Anyway Self-sustainability is not the reason of Arsenal decline. It’s bad management.

  41. CG

    Great to see The G in full Eric Bristow mode today.

    Hitting the Bullesye consistently with precision and accuracy- with his posts..

    I have a hunch in the next 12 months the Kroenkes will decide to sell up.

    Does Raul know something…..that none of have suspected…. that KSE are up for bailing out…..

    Because – what he is ( Raul) doing from a footballing perspective at least- makes no sense whatsoever..

    Something is amiss – and I cant put my finger on it……..

    Maybe High Leg can help….
    Where have you been hiding…..?

  42. TheLegendaryDB10


    I don’t disagree. The problem was that the self-sustainable model got fucked by letting AW stay for too long.

    You talk of bad management and you are so goddamn right. It started off with the BoD happy to have AW make top 41 as the only goal and he obliged with all his weaknesses.

    The second act of bad management was just letting AW call all the shots because they wanted to believe in him so badly (And do fuck all and just cash in their paycheck) that they forgot (well not really, they never knew how to run a football club successfully in the first place) what had to be done to remain competitive.

    Some posters criticised Graham for bring AW up all the time. I won’t disagree on why he does it. It’s part of what we call cause and consequence. The immovable law in this universe.

    There is always a beginning before there is an end. And there is always a root cause as to why things have happened.

    And this is why The Arsenal is in a dangerous downward spiral. The BoD never had a clue as to what AW legacy would be and still don’t with UE.

    They are just hoping to pull top 4 out of their hat. Vinai and Raul were so confident that UE was going to win the EL that they repeatedly gave their support (if we have to do it again we would do it; proudly stated by Vinai about employing UE ) to him.

  43. CG

    Leg db10

    “”Vinai and Raul were so confident that UE was going to win the EL that they repeatedly gave their support “”

    Weren’t they just!
    Just a tad…crikey……
    Consumed with their own self importance and arrogance.
    They deserved their comeuppance for that alone….

    And to give that interview BEFORE the bloody final.

    Its always the little things in life – that tell you the most… is a perfect illustration.

  44. China1

    The Suarez deal happened and no defensive deal happened because Raul has no pressure hanging on his job performance.

    That simple.

    When you work for Stan, the bare minimum performance is not even seriously quantified. It’s like telling a delivery driver their only objective getting from A to B is to not run over old people on the way.

    As long as we still have a half full stadium and tv money comes in we’re solid for Stan. He tolerated wenger and Gaza did quite happily for how long? Don’t tell me he suddenly noticed we are shit. Stab doesn’t understand football or arsenal – and doesn’t care

  45. Sid

    apologies..Just checked
    “this means the Gunners could dip into the market in January, and Emery made his preference clear.“I think if we can take one player to help us at centre-back, I think it’s a good option,” he said.Well they didn’t do a very good job whoever is to blame …how can it go from wanting a defender to signing suarez.

    That just cracked me up :p pile everything at Emery’s door and steeped into the dog shit yourself…lmao

    Though you did look it up yourself so kudos there!

    How you holding up with Ozil on his honeymoon?

  46. Sid

    The real renaissance for the club will happen after 2 years with deals of Ozil/Mikki and mustafi expiring (no I don’t believe anyone would buy them and I’m sure they aren’t getting a renewal).

    That would be about 35ish million a year off wages…take a second and think about it, we give 35 million to Ozil, Mikki and mustafi to do fuck all.

    The room to maneuver this will give us in our wages would go a long way in helping us streamline. Till then the best we could hope for are bandaids on the squad and hope they hold up long enough to get us top 4 next 2 seasons.

    +10% points earned and -20% gaols conceded, that needs to be Emery’s target next season

  47. Moray

    I can’t believe nobody’s seeing Emery’s Long game play with Suarez.

    Get the guy on a season loan. Pretend he’s shit and don’t play him. Release early and send back to Barca.

    Then, when they think the guy is completely useless they will either release him or sell him for peanuts.

    Bang! A 15m player for nothing or next to nothing.

    I can see nobody on here plays chess.

  48. Moray

    China, if Stan is looking at any numbers, it’s season ticket sales rather than attendances. Though, in honesty, I doubt he cares much either way. Arsenal is ballast for him and nothing more: he couldn’t even be bothered to attend our Euro cup final. He is no fan for sure.

  49. Dark Hei


    Let’s just put it this way.

    Typically a BOD is just a bunch of old guys dropped into a public company to give the company some credibility.

    Honestly, if Stan wants to, he can do away with the entire bunch since Arsenal is now privately owned.

    So, if you ask me, it is on Mr Stan K.

  50. Tony

    Keep up there good work, Pedro.

    Don’t give the idiots who don’t appreciate your efforts while trying to forge a career in America a second thought.

    Most of us are extremely grateful for your input in providing Le Grove, especially those of us who have lived and are living in (and working) in other countries and making a success of it.

    You certainly get my respect.

    40 years ago the Britain was a great country to live in – not any more unless you have enough money not to be affected by the appalling way the country is run and dictated to by other countries and their immigrants.

  51. Tony

    As for the TW window?

    Now many clubs want wholesale clear outs and are looking for the best of the youth.

    I have an uneasy sense of impending daja vu, but let’s see what transpires in the next 8 weeks.

    Why do you bother with Pierre?

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Christ mate that was a sideswipe on the immigrant front 😂 you fresh off a naughty Thai coffee?

  53. CG

    So ,apparently these are not just Chinese Whispers- we are after the Carassco Chap.

    Footballing talent. Undoubtedly
    Footballing appetite. Jury still out..

    Let’s see how he fairs when Troy Deeney elbows him from a corner.

    Is this Vinai Outsmarting The Market plan taking hold?

    Or Perhaps Rather than be too clever outsmarting anything ( except maybe yourself) just pay a bit extra**- and get Wilf Z!

    Last time we bought an exciting and fiery Cystal Palace player – Ian Wright.

    Zaha coukd be our 2019 version of Ian Wright.

    One presumes Vinai can use a phone.
    All he has to do- is call Stan or Josh and ask for extra funds. He wont bite…..

    Whatever Arsenal pay for Zaha.
    They would not lose out on their investment
    He puts BUMS ON SEATS- as well as scores and makes lots of goals.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hear me now….

    Why are we look8ng at meniuer when we have Bellerin coming back and a good young right back in tutu

  55. Tony

    Bob & Charlie
    Wasn’t just aiming at immigrants, but immigration as a whole has had serious negative effects on UK life.

    Enoch Powell saw the rot potential back in the 60s. I think I was one of the few who took his vision seriously and started on the road in the music industry in the late 70s and never really looked back after that.

    Very few people worked around the world from the UK in those days.

    In Thailand you need to have money to live here.

    Around £16,000 for a yearly retirement visa for at least 3 months in your bank before getting your yearly visa.

    Consequently Thailand doesn’t have an immigration problem.

    I have nothing against immigrants, as you say Bob I’m one myself, but I believe immigrants should add value to the country said immigrant decides to live in.

    The Rotary Club my wife and I belong to do a lot for the poor and underprivileged with various projects.

    Doi Mae Salong in the mountains near Chaing Rai is a great area for growing coffee.

    Been there several times on MC Harley rides around the country.

    That said I’m more of a home made cookie guy.

    Purely for medicinal reasons you understand, Charlie.

  56. Tony

    To further that I helped/advised my Thai wife build her international company to over US$25 million a year turnover over the last 15 years to having over 150 employees and continue to consult when asked now I’m pretty much fully retired.

    We’ve put kids through school and Uni other than our own 2, so I’d say I’m an immigrant who contributes as much as I can.

    But you have a point 🙂

  57. Pierre

    You may think that getting rid of our more talented footballers is the way forward, I dont.( Don’t be surprised to see the back of Aubamayang as well).

    History will tell you that the most important person at a football club is the manager.
    Mee, shankly, George Graham, Ferguson, Wenger , Pochettino, Guardiola, Klopp, Pochettino have raised their respective clubs to another level , some have completely transformed those clubs and their style of play .

    A manager can make or break a player as we have seen last season with Paul Pogba…
    The best managers will always get the best out of their most talented players.

  58. Dark Hei


    Look buddy, it is not politically correct for a rich white guy to say this. It smacks of elitism, like only rich white guys are entitled for immigration.

    Though the Thai folks that benefit from your generosity ain’t complaining!

    The EU was a lofty experiment but one steeped with a lot of challenges. Always going to be difficult trying to marry the cultures and aspirations of different communities who are at different stages of economic and social development.

  59. David Smith

    It’s clear nobody at the club has a clue how to run a football club, and Kroenke seems very reluctant to take on board those who do.
    There were reports of.a “ friendly offer” to Stan from a consortium who reportedly care about the club , to buy out Usmanovs holding for a seat on the board and work with Stan to help bring success. It doesn’t take much imagination to have an idea who might have been on this consortium, possibly the one man who could even bring out a slightly ambitious side of Wenger. But apparently, Stan refused to even talk to them.
    Stan wants to do it his way, with his people, and that, frankly, is a worry.
    Still, I guess the law of averages states that one day, he might make a half decent decision on this club, in terms of success, and not just his personal finance,, because up until now, in terms of bringing the club success, just about everything possible has been wrong under Stan.

  60. Tony

    ah Pierre enjoy your life in downtown Hastings – maybe one day you’ll move up onto the nicer Westfield ridge country area or even Battle – I had a country property near Battle so I know Hastings well.

    Used to be very good fish & chips in the fisherman’s huts area of Hastings sea front.

    You do seem to have a hang up about money, though.

    Is it the lack of it that upsets you so much?

    I started life in orphanages and foster parents but made something of my life.

    What’s your excuse?

  61. Tony

    David Smith

    “Still, I guess the law of averages states that one day, he might make a half decent decision on this club, in terms of success, and not just his personal finance,, because up until now, in terms of bringing the club success, just about everything possible has been wrong under Stan.”

    Don’t hold your breath.

  62. Pierre

    Hastings?..I don’t think so..

    I’m much more down market than Hastings/ Battle ….much too posh for me..

    Too many nice but dims talking about how incredibly rich they are.

  63. Champagne Charlie


    Just a bit of needle, I’ve actually come to think quite highly of you on here. Always very forthcoming with your own views (not regurgitating others), yet open to debate, and your very interesting life experiences are a welcome share on here I must say.

    Plus I know who to contact if I fancy a mail order bride, so that’s a win too.

    What were you doing at 30? It’s interesting where you’ve ended up, but maybe more-so the journey getting there. Always sought different shores?

  64. Moray

    What was it most about 1979 that you enjoyed so much, Tony? The weekly IRA bombings, the 3-day week or the very present threat of nuclear Attack?

    It’s very easy to look back with rose tinted specs. I would contend that the UK has always been a pretty shitty place to live.

  65. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith

    I don’t think that there is a cats in hell chance of a consortium being allowed to
    buy into Arsenal by Kroenke.

    Is there any evidence of him working with partners outside his own family in
    other businesses or sports franchises which he owns?

    What I suggested at the start of the process of recruiting senior management
    was that there would be mistakes made and more importantly personnel who
    did not match the requirements of the job.

    We have seen already departure of Mislintat and Gazidis. My guess is that will
    not be the end of the process. Others will arrive or leave in the next 2-3 years.

    Emery for example has made it clear that his own stewardship at the club is
    finite. He does not anticipate being at the club more than 3-4 years because he
    believes that is the optimum period if you give 100% to the job.

    There are of course plenty of posters who would like to see him leave much more quickly than that.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree with your post few weeks back
    Liking the rugby team to play the youths..

    Similar to what the Aussies did in cricket when we beat them in 86
    Came back better with younger players

    Youth can only work for me with arsenal

  67. Dark Hei

    Anyone a little miffed by the impending signing of Yannick C?

    He plays on the left and he likes to dribble. Right footy and likes to cut inside.

    Isn’t that kind of similar to Iwobi? And no, he isn’t an upgrade on Iwobi.

    I would think we need someone who operates on the right, basically an upgrade of Mik.

  68. Tony

    Yes currently in Thailand and been here for almost 20 years now.

    Met my Thai wife at a business expo 15 years ago.

  69. David Smith

    Think you are right ES. That consortium was being reported a couple years ago, with Wenger floundering, Usmanov making his bid, but it being rejected.
    Have heard nothing since, from what I read, Stan just rejected out f hand, the rest is history.
    Just hope they have a plan, because teams not far below us certainly do.
    As many have said on here, a lot rests on Edu, or whoever it is that ends up in that role.
    But Stan can do what he wants, can make disaster decisions, but no accountability, his mistakes, or at least mistakes on his watch come out of the clubs pot. Just hope he is by now genuinely shocked at how inept Wenger/ Gazidis actually were, under the freedom he gave them, but not really sure Stan is that bothered about such things, we shall see.
    Nothing against the self sustainable model, but to echo others, FFS do it properly.

  70. siddharth14

    Carrasco showed great potential at Atletico Madrid until the lure of insane money. Imo, he is a much better player than Iwobi in terms of ability and footballing intelligence which would give us much needed creative outlet on the wings.

    Let’s see how the club have done on this deal. Not many clubs are after him which is a slight worry and the step-up from china to EPL is going to be a system shock for him. I’d be very disappointed if he is on more than 70k a week considering he has to again prove himself first on the elite stage.

  71. Tony

    You said it before about our mutual respect – equally I enjoy your posts and thought processes.

    As with you I really like the diversity of posters here who are fun to spar with and learn from.

    “Plus I know who to contact if I fancy a mail order bride, so that’s a win too.”

    As long as you’re willing to pay the postage and packing I’m happy to oblige.

    For some reason I thought you were married with young children.

    Yes always had the urge to travel so combined with work and pleasure as much as possible. Probably results from my very unsettled and often brutal early life.

    24 onwards music industry: management, tour management (around 13 countries) and sound engineering.

    Early 30s saw me in US company corporate life, mid level management upwards.

    Broke free of corporate at 40 and worked for myself with various business people and companies as a business consultant in Europe and then in S E Asia.

    Obviously lots of nomadic gaps to fill in but you get the gist of it.

    Actually I was in America & Europe for most of 79 but I take your well articulated point. 🙂

    I never really enjoyed living in the UK at any time, so no rose tinted specs for me. I was always looking for distant shores even back then.

    No country is perfect, but many offer a far more interesting life and culture to Britain.

    I guess you’re right, Moray, the UK only got worse after the late 70s.

  72. Champagne Charlie

    “But I will just take it as fact because Charles says so…..“

    Or glance above and see it wasn’t my statement, it was me reciting what I’d just read.

  73. Champagne Charlie

    “24 onwards music industry: management, tour management (around 13 countries) and sound engineering.“

    Explains the audiophile side of yourself noticeable when you talked about the home cinema system.

    Sounds like a very fulfilled life there Tony, sampled a few ways of work, decided what suited you, and engineered good success using your strengths. Very admirable stuff.

    No, no wife and kids for me, I’m you when you were approaching corporate life basically. Much of the road ahead of me

  74. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith

    Kroenke would not be my personal choice of owner of the club, because of his limited knowledge about football and also being a “distant landlord”.

    However, the one major plus in his stewardship is that he now owns the club 100% and he knows very well that if he fails to deliver success it is going to cost him value and ultimately lose money.

    My guess is that in short term he will experiment with management of the club, make some mistakes and attempt to rectify them. Hopefully he will get
    the system right in the medium to long term.

    The major concern at the moment is that the squad is full of dross which is difficult to shift, because of the large wages and there is a general reluctance to provide a decent budget to buy “quality” players to rectify the problem.

    I am all for a business plan of self investment if you have a decent squad and need perhaps to recruit externally one or two new players each year. Sadly the
    current squad is well short of that situation.

  75. Globalgunner

    Iwobi is gash, Anyone who has played for Atleti is a definite upgrade on his waste of space contributions

  76. CG

    Carassco and google images.

    You will see a handsome man -well groomed with gloves on…..IN LA LIGA……..

    Gloves on-in La Liga matches…?

    Always a worry…..glove wearing footballers…..

  77. Leedsgunner

    Osei-Tutu being courted by Bundesliga clubs… if he is eager to play why don’t we offer him a 2 year contract as a back up to Bellerin and see how it goes? With Lichsteiner out the door and Jenkinson clearly out of favour, surely he can see that he has chance to make a name for himself? I suppose we can always play

    Ainsley Maitland Niles tries hard but I’m not convinced that he is going to make it as a full back, he’s just not consistent enough.

    Why don’t we move him back into his strongest position as DM and let him prove himself this season? If he can pick up his game and become more consistent — all well and good. If he can’t sell him.

  78. Bob N16

    Tony, you’re a good advert for immigration. The vast majority of immigrants I’ve met want to get on and create a better life for them and their families, sound familiar?

  79. HighburyLegend

    “Then we’re fucked.”

    Between “breaking news” or “scoop”, I don’t know what to choose…

  80. China1

    Having a sole owner in Stan is hopeless

    If you have more than one owner you have voices, disagreements, compromise etc

    At arsenal we have absolute silence. There is no one and nothing above Raul.

  81. Tony

    Thanks Charlie

    Judging from the way you think and write I think you have an eventful life ahead of you.

    I think a good time to marry is between 35 & 40 with having kids around 45.

    I’m so happy I’ve had the time I have/had with my son and daughter. Had I had children earlier I wouldn’t have been able to have the input I have had and continue to have with their development and character building.

    Our daughter is like me and wants to work around the world in aerospace engineering after she graduates next June. But first she’ll do her management masters in Australia next year.

    My 10 year old son wants to be a You tuber or musician. Guess that might change by the time he’s 11.

    I have the notion you won’t need luck for your career and life; you seem the type to make it what you want it to be.

    Sure being in the right place at the right time is form of luck, but people like you and I know how to engineer much of that – in essence we make our luck.

    As you alluded to it’s about using what you learn to your best advantage to make well informed decisions and take the right chances and work hard and manage people in a way that rewards them for their endeavors, as well as propelling your own career forward.

    Most important is to limit your mistakes, which we all make and seriously learn from them. I think it is there that you and I are kind of kindred spirits.

    It always annoys me when people tell me I’ve been lucky or am lucky.

    The cinema/studio is taking shape and should be finished in time for the rugby world cup.

    At the end of the day life is what you make it. When it goes inevitably wrong at times (as it will), you just have to get back in the saddle immediately and get back in the race.

    Without overdoing it introspection is a very powerful tool to use and a sure way to succeed.

  82. Leedsgunner

    If we get our skates on, and sell our deadwood why is it even a question of “either” and “or” with Ziyech and Carrasco? If we sell off our deadwood smartly we should be able to afford both.

    Apparently Inter Milan want Xhaka for £30m, push them for £35m and buy Ziyech for £25m. As for Xhaka’s spot promote AMN to step in. He doesn’t have Xhaka’s passing variety or range but he makes up for that by his increased mobility, and lack of stupid errors.

    Elneny being looked at by Leicester. Sell him to them for £15m and then you have £25m when combined with the Xhaka sale and put it toward the Carrasco purchase.

    Offer Championship teams Jenkinson for £1m… there will be takers. Why not offer him back to Charlton back in the Championship this season.

    Kos wants a move away into France. Why not include him in the L’Orient deal for Alexis Claude Maurice?

    We need to stop complaining and start getting creative.

  83. Graham62


    I concur with China1.

    Everything you say makes perfect sense.

    Problem is, when was the last time Arsenal FC applied any sense in their decision making?


  84. China1

    Real fans don’t complain. They get behind the boys and buy a park chu young shirt


  85. Leedsgunner

    I’ll be more excited to see who leaves the club than who comes in this summer.

    In the nicest possible way,


    Thanks… but no thanks.

    Please just go.

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good on you Tony
    Enjoy life … That’s what it’s there for

    When growing up was u a London lad ?

  87. Moe

    Hey Tony don’t get carried away now, the adulation isn’t universal.

    Did the mighty British immigrants (explorers they were called) add any value to the foreign lands whose resources they pillaged and looted for centuries? Wasn’t that the primary contributor to your comfy lifestyle that these modern day immigrants have ruined? Remember the sun never set on the British Empire: from India to Faulkland Islands, to Africa, to the South Pacific, to wherever there was a resource to exploit. You are lucky your hosts in Thailand are not steeped in stupidity like you. Please open a book once in a while.

  88. Nelson

    “The January situation is blatantly on Raul.”

    That’s what I read:
    “Former head of recruitment Sven Mislintat felt he was sidelined by the growing influence of Emery on Sanllehi, leading to his targets – most notably Belgium winger Yannick Carrasco – being sidelined in favour of pursuing Denis Suarez on loan from Barcelona.”

  89. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I remember 79 40 years ago
    London was a drab place
    Sunday’s nothing opened
    Sat boozers only opens from 12_3 7-11
    Pretty shit really

    Food was shocking the explosion of immigrants coming to London has opened up the taste buds… Much better now.

  90. Champagne Charlie


    Sounds like a nice little setup you’ve got going there, appreciate the kind words.

    I’ll say again, it’s a nice read seeing some of your life experiences shared here. Something real instead of the constant hearsay of the Arsenal summer. That shits going to drag

  91. S Asoa

    To all the closet AKBs . Yes UE has been a plain damp toast , few are disputing that. But realise that even AW has realised he is passé and no one in his senses want to sign him as manager. At least be aware of what nostalgia you wish for