Sunday musings on Arsenal: Players, politics, milk

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You know when people change their food diet and they literally can’t wait to tell you how you’re a disgraceful person and that you’ll probably die if you keep using hospital IVs to mainline beef into your body? Well, I’m about to slip into that…

… I’ve been… using… oat milk.

NO NO NO… stay. Hear me out. It was a total accident. But, it’s pretty good. If you are buying milk, it lasts about a week, this stuff last three months. You don’t even notice the difference… and get this, it works in tea and coffee.

You also feel smug at parties.

‘Oh my gaaawd, I just won’t go without steamed oat milk in my soy-based latte’


Instant rise in social standing. It’s even good for cows. Well, not my cow. Moira serves no use for me these days, carted her off to the butchers. But, you get my point.

So what do we have in the mixer for you today?

Unai Emery is in New York talking about coaching at one of those speaking circuit gigs.

… Unai is a circuit guy. Cannot imagine the LinkedIn posts he’s dropping.

‘GOOD EBENING. A small bootless boy walked up to me 5 years ago. He asked me: ‘What must I take to succeed in this game.’ I say to him, boots little boy, boots. It is health and safety. But also, they make it easier to kick. The boy went out and bought boots. Today, he is Uber driver, but let me be honest, he wears the correct shoes for the job. Pragmatism is the essence of a good career.’


The tickets are $299. He’s basically the headliner, David Villa is there as well. I am weighing up dropping in just to see what goes on at these things… though $299 is an expensive way to test my curiosity.

There’s a story that the manager had to move away from some Spurs fans that were heckling him on a flight. Pretty cheeky considering their season has once again finished with a grand total of zero trophies. Here’s my questions, £6m a year and you’re not in first class? Come on Unai, upgrade my man… get yourself a Net Jets account, stop slumming it with the proles. When you make that sort of money, don’t do a Corbyn and sit in coach, no one gives a fuck, roll like a big man. Neck champagne and guard that first class curtain like a madman.


I thought some of the nonchalant reaction to Mesut yesterday perfectly summed up the internet. Firstly, I was bantering that the dictator was best man, to be honest, in the whole story, accurate R&Rs at the wedding were pretty low down my list of to-do’s. The main concern for me was that a horrible human rights abuser was front and centre at the wedding of Arsenal’s best player.

‘Should Arsenal fans really be focusing on the negatives on the man’s wedding day?’

This sort of chatter is beyond the pale. No one takes the time out to have a read up these days, just straight into, ‘well, aren’t all politicians the same’… no mate, no they’re not. Stop being so ignorant.

Anyway, point being, it’s a disgrace, the club really, really needs to exit him this summer. He’s shameful on the pitch, on the bench, even at his own wedding.

… but those Fortnite numbers.

I was having a Café au lait yesterday and Peter Dinklage stood next to me and ordered coffee. I didn’t look. I just played it cool as I sweated beads of ‘YOU WERE WELL GOOD IN GOT SIGN MY ARM PLEASE SIR.’

Apparently, Roma and Inter have pulled out of the Carrasco deal because of the financial package. I really, really, really hope we don’t offer him an outrageous deal to come to Arsenal this summer. It doesn’t seem to matter who comes in at the top of Arsenal, our execs lose their fucking minds with salaries. Carrasco is coming back from China, he should not be coming back on the money he went out on. He’s a broken player, let’s pay him in line with what he’s worth and if that’s an issue, ramp up his package with heavy bonuses.

News has shifted on Xhaka replacement front, now we’re in for Jordan Veretout. Note the age… he’s 26 years old, he plays for Fiorentina (can you smell that? Sevilla ideas burning in the toaster). We’re certainly not shooting for youth again. He certainly looks more physically able than Praet, but once again, it is hard to tell with Serie A players. Still, his game looks more action oriented than that of Xhaka’s and the fact Napoli is chasing him is usually a good sign.

Rumours continue to persist that Kola is attracting heavy interest from Barcelona.

This does double down in the reality that so many are fighting… Arsenal had a squad good enough for top 4. It is maddening that people are still debating this point despite all the evidence on offer this season. But hey, Inter Milan are chasing Xhaka and Barca want Kola. They must see something… not that I would stand in their way, please, take them…

Which takes me to the BIG concern I have. If we hired a coach that can’t improve players, then what are aiming for next season? There’s going to be a huge turnover of talent. The manager will tell us he’s going to play the youth, like he did last season, then we’ll be in the same situation as we were last season… but with a group of players who don’t know the league. You can see the excuses at the end of the season, let me give you a clue, they’ll read like, ‘TRANSITION.’ The permanent state at Arsenal.

But let’s remain positive. Let’s keep drinking vegan milk and maybe everything might just turn out A-Ok?

P.S. Can I just recommend a book out here? Ok, The Rise and the Fall of Dinosaurs is an electrifying read if you were into Dinosaurs as a kid. The writing is so vivid, and man have I learnt a lot. Get this people, T.Rex was not that fast… he couldn’t outrun a car, so basically, SPIELBERG LIED IN THE FILM. Anyway, read that section on the Allosaurus. Terrifying.

I’m also on a couple of football books that I’ll report back on… very hipster, some of you are probably going to have to find a new blog when I start writing like a German football technician.

RIGHT, see you in the comments. x

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  1. TOLI83

    The 2nd tier of back up’s; Ospina Chambers, AMN, Iwobi, Kolasinac, Jenkison, should all be sold this window, none of them will make it.

    Mustafi, Mkhi, Xhaka as well.

    9 players we won’t miss should drum up around £90-100m minimum of sales. If we get 70m for Xhaka and Kola combined then we can get a load of money back from sales overall which we haven’t done in some time.

    This window we need to be smart and not be afraid of change.

    Ozil unfortunately we are probably stuck with!!!

  2. Pedro

    TOLI, Meunier on our budget seems a weird one when we have the squad issues we have.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to buy a 20 yr old over a finished product? Attack the real weaknesses with the core of the budget before doubling down on elite backup?

    Reads like an indulgence.

    ‘You don’t turn down a good player’ is all well and good when you’re flush, we are not

  3. CG


    I can categorically say- I ALWAYS state what I believe.
    Without Fear or Favour

    I often get accused of being a troll- because I have a different opinion to some.( not all – I hasten to add)

    Best Scenario
    I honestly feel the club is going to Hell in a Handcart with the current idiots in charge.. ( Raul and Emery)

    Worst Scenario
    We have a ‘mini ‘ Fifth Column infiltrating the club…

    Either way.

    We are in for total carnage – if we dont change tactics soon.

  4. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter doesn’t even matter who moved, club made it clear no permanent deals will be done in Jan as they was no budget for it. The loan deals were just a show, Emery was clearly not happy with the situation from his responses, he just carried on.

    Suarez was a name, an unsettled player who can be gotten on loan and can play on the wings, in the game against united at home he came on and showed what the idea was, he carried the ball up the pitch and relived pressure on the defence at a delicate moment in the match,we will need players with that ability. Too bad he didn’t have the stomach for the league nor the fitness

  5. Pedro

    Dissenter, ‘who moved in Jan that could have helped us outside a player that could have helped us’… is an interesting question to pose

  6. Dissenter

    “The 2nd tier of back up’s; Ospina Chambers, AMN, Iwobi, Kolasinac, Jenkison, should all be sold this window, none of them will make it.”

    Jenks is not “2nd tier”
    It’s unreasonable to lump Kolasinac with AMN and Iwobi because the former is a free transfer on a mega wage while the latter two are academy products on little money.
    It is not as easy as you think to sign 2nd tier players. Good players don’t move to sit on the bench. It will be daft for the club to sell Iwobi or AMN because it will cost too much to replace them, neither of them is a priority.

  7. Receding Hairline

    Saliba’s agent was pictured in Manchester yes

    Some say united are in for him

    Others say City want to buy and loan him back to Saint Etienne. City will be looking for someone to take the place of stones who isn’t really that good.

  8. Pedro

    Danny, he’s 24 years old in 2019, reckon he’ll be fine.

    Regardless, why not address the major problems we face first, before indulging in a 100k+ a week player?

    Should we not target the best young right back in Europe we can find that is sub 22? So if Bellerin comes back and he’s not right, we can grow the next version of him?

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree.

    Meunier and Tierney along with two wingers who have serious pace and at least one of which who is a good dribbler and the dynamic of the team changes instantly.

    More solid at the back, more attacking and also push the opposition back through fear of the pace out wide.

    Without even adding a CB and CM after that Arsenal would improve no end.

    I don’t think anyone can underplay how slow we are, that we lack any sort of width, that we have no dribbling ability as a team and that the opposition are free to play their game without any care because they know the only pace we have has to come straight down the middle of their formation.

    Maitland Niles and Kolasinac also lack any kind of defensive thought which means the opposition get in time and again behind them.

    The whole squad balance is off. It’s good that most all rational football observers talk about the monumental job on to try and fix this Arsenal side.

  10. Champagne charlie


    What do you mean “of significance”?

    We signed Suarez who couldn’t have been less significant, quite literally to the point of us getting a better deal by NOT paying his loan fee. Queer the alternative to him must’ve been “significant” or else it’s not a worthy comment.

    Suarez played 95 minutes total for us in 4 sub appearances, and never made a start.

    Fucking John Obi-Mikel (aged 31) moved to Boro until the end of the season, played 18 games (1600 minutes), tell me he’d have been more useless than Suarez?

    That’s my thought on Meunier, it’s a strange one given we have Bellerin in the wings (unless there’s bad news there). When fit again we’ve got a lot of talent as backup right-back for a club not flush with cash.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    It is City apparently.

    Willing to pay £25 Million and then loan him back. We simply can’t do that, not if they want the money now.

    Hope Saliba knows what he’s doing, Stones and Laporte are both young CBs at 25 and I’m sure Guardiola will still go out and buy a £70 Million CB on top of that for this season.

  12. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, ‘who moved in Jan that could have helped us outside a player that could have helped us’… is an interesting question to pose”

    There was very little movement in the January window, one if the slowest in recent memory.
    I posed the right question. There was no movement and every man and his poodle knows Arsenal had no money.
    “who could have helped us” means nothing when the Arsenal was only seeking loans.

  13. Pedro

    CC, Victor Moses went to Turkey and scored more goals in half a season than Iwobi did in the whole of one.

  14. Pedro

    Dissenter, you present an unprovable question.

    Your assumption is that the best we could do is out of the group of players that moved… which assumes all options moved… which is a little naive.

  15. TOLI83


    Full backs are so important in the prem in the modern times.

    We have no strength or depth. I don’t like the term understudy or next best thing. Sure we should be going after them but we need people fighting for places and 1st teamers with serious competition here and now.

    AMN will never make it and Bellerin could be out for a while. Let’s go for the ready made please.

    Adidas deal with tv money and other commercials – plus money made on sales. We’re not as skint as everyone thinks, far from it.

  16. Valentin


    What do you mean by significant?
    Do you want famous names who moved in the Winter transfer window or do you want names that you have never heard but could be important in the near future?

    For example Barcelona signed a French centre back for next season. They had initially marked him on a free for next summer, but after he was frozen by his team for refusing to sign an extension they signed him for two millions six months before the end of his contract.
    His is name Jean Clair Todibo.

    There has been transfer during the winter transfer window. The fact that you don’t know a player does not mean that he does not have quality. We could have reinforced during January, but Raul made the decision to only look for cheap loan. He also prioritised a midfielder above the defense. That does not mean that nobody useful was available.

  17. Vintage Gun

    I’d take Munier,and at £20m it would be a smart and efficient buy in my opinion.
    Sell Chambers for £15-20m means the fee would be as good as covered.
    We currently have ONE 1st team right back who’s recovering from an ACL injury who will also need competition when fully fit anyways. Bloody hell,

    Bournemouth just paid £15m for Lloyd Kelly from Bristol Rovers (good signing) so £20m for Munier is a steal.

  18. Dissenter

    Mikel Obi…really?
    That just smacked of desperation from you, utter basement level banter but I give you credit for coming up with a name.

    Besides Mikel obi cannot play the position we were seeking a player for but I’m sure you knew that when you threw you desperation banter.

    “of significance ” was mentioned so that you didn’t throe in the names ofnplayers moving between league 2 teams.

  19. Pedro

    Toli, totally get that… but when you’re trying to sort out you house and you have limited funds, do you buy two couches for the living room, or make sure you have a cooker before you do that?

    If we’re cash strapped, shouldn’t we be investing Muenier levels into positions that are desperate for it… i.e. centre back… centre midfield… wide players. Then double down on making sure we have depth?

  20. Receding Hairline

    Cesc well that’s rotten. They buy both established and up coming now. Shows that outsmarting the market isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    Carrasco is muted to be near completion for 25m euros which is a very good price. Get an established player like Meunier for 20m then we are onto something.

  21. Dissenter

    I presented an unprovable question…kind of similar to all the unprovable propositions you’ve latched unto over the years.

    There was very little movement in the January window, nothing to add to that.

    Thanks for that bit of Barca info but even you must know all we were doing was kicking tires for wingers which didn’t pan out
    The story is we didn’t have money for transfers. Do you have any information to the contrary.

  22. Pedro

    Dissenter, I take that as… ‘yes, that is a good point’

    You’ve had players pointed in your direction that would have been better and it’s pretty clear that the players that moved weren’t the only players available.

    Suarez was a comfort signing. Total waste of money.

  23. Champagne charlie


    1) Did Suarez address ANY issue we had with the squad when bought?
    2) Was CM not an area of concern 2nd half of the season?
    3) Would Obi-Mikel have offered less than 95. minutes game time?

    No “basement banter” or any other such bollocks, just a pretty bog standard reply to your inane question. We signed an absolute turd in Jan and you’re giving it about ‘who else was there’, you’ve had a few names your way and you’re baselessly mugging them off and ignoring facts.

  24. Valentin

    The argument that nobody is ever available in January is a false argument.
    Patrice Evra was signed during the winter TW
    Aubameyang was signed during the winter TW
    Abou Diaby was signed during the Winter TW

    This winter, a few tasty loan took place
    Youri Tielemens
    Adrien Silva

    Just the CBs
    Jeison Murillo to Barcelona
    Jeffrey Bruma to FC Schalke 04

  25. Dissenter

    I am not sure you know what the question at hand is
    A- Arsenal has only money for transfers
    B- There’s a potential player on offer like Miguel Almiron from Atlanta
    C. Newcastle makes a credible transfer offer and then comes Arsenal to make an offer of a loan shout the guarantee of permanent buying the play
    Who do you think wins at the end of the day?

    There was nothing for a club kicking tires looking for loans. Most clubs would consider that loan offer derisory.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    City are pretty disgusting, but that’s the way it is. Hopefully FFP kicks them in the balls but I doubt it.

    The problem is St Etienne started playing silly bollocks with the whole loan back thing. Really you want to keep your business quiet and conclude as fast as possible.

    City smell something, offer £5 Million more than us and tell St Etienne they can have him back for the season.

    That’s the rumour anyway.

    If it’s United and they aren’t offering the loan back we should be able to compete with them.

    Saliba looks a real prospect.

  27. Pedro

    Dissenter, I know the question… I think you are running from it as people circle you with answers you can’t respond to.

    CC > 20:17
    Valentin > 20:18 + 20:05
    Me > 20:04

  28. Valentin


    We are not talking about adding a world class defender for peanuts. Just a decent pro who does not have brain fart every 45 minutes for six months for a small loan fee.
    I gave the name of 3 CBs who in my opinion are all better than Mustafi. We could have any of them on loan for the same loan fee than Suarez or in the case of Todibo outright for 2 millions.

  29. Dissenter

    What are you going on about?
    I mentioned the transfer swap deal between Monaco and Leicester when I made the initial question to CC.

    The January window is notoriously a grave yard. You need some critical transfers ti set off a cascade of other transfers. that hardly ever happens in January.

    Your sheer desire to win argument has you creating false ones, like going back to cite Abou Diaby’s transfer in 2006!. I was referring to this January window specifically.

    You know win, get yourself a nice trophy and go celebrate . Sometimes you can be so insufferable.

  30. Pedro

    Danny, you’ve changed your tune… I thought yesterday Emery’s objective was to keep things the same, now we were on for top 4 and a total threat to Chelsea?

    Can’t keep up here…

  31. Dissenter

    Whatever, you’re arguing against yourself right now.
    I know the question I asked, you wish I asked the question that helps you make your case.

  32. Champagne charlie

    “Bet you would have jumped for joy if he had arrived to play in an already crowded midfield…funny”

    I’d have been suitably underwhelmed, but it would’ve made sense to bring in that sort when looking for a mid-season loan.

    I bought the Suarez guff despite him looking like a wank signing in the making with his like 3 goals in two years or whatever it was. At least I would’ve known what we were getting with Mikel, someone to sit, and cover to let Torreira breathe and take the heat off 19 year old Guendouzi – both of which were flagging heavily second half of the season.

    My mistake though, that hypothetical transfer is apparently more comical than the entire lifespan of what actually came to pass. A CK model who wasn’t even a winger. The man who dropped an entire one run up the end of the pitch against United that has you proper giddy.

  33. Dissenter

    You make all this unprovable proportions all the time
    Tou championed Arteta when he has zero experience as head coach
    When the question was pout to you that why is isn’t anyone else seriously considering him, you came up with the unprovable but convenient excuse that he’s been promised Pep’s job when he leaves.

  34. Valentin


    You resort to your usual outraged virgin routine who stomp their feet and leave when you know you have lost an argument.
    You said nobody useful was available in January. I gave you three names and you have no come back. You can’t even argue that they are bad, because Two have signed for Barcelona so you know that they have a modicum of quality.
    Admit that you are wrong on that one.

    Raul made the strategic decisions to prioritise the midfield over the defense and loans over purchases. I disagree with those decisions, but he may have had valid reasons (finances, Emery thinking that the defense would cope, …). However trying to argue that nobody useful was available is clearly wrong as demonstrated by the examples.

  35. Champagne charlie

    “I know the question I asked, you wish I asked the question that helps you make your case.”

    Are you sure you know the question you’ve asked?

    Because it sounds a lot like ‘who was available to a club with no money’. But then you’ve backhanded numerous suggestions for no money/loan despite the criteria to beat being so non-existent given the comically bad loan that was Suarez.

    Pires could’ve genuinely put his boots back on and been about as useful. The temerity of you to sit and dismiss anyone else with the bar so damn low is quite stunning.

    …who could’ve come in instead of Suarez… LOL who couldn’t, jesus.

  36. Pedro

    Gotta say, I agree with CC here… you asked a simple question, landed loads of good answers… then slagged everyone off who responded, told people they didn’t get the simple question, before dying on the sword of ‘BUT ARTETA’

  37. Dissenter

    You seem to be so infatuated with virgins, not the first time you’ve thrown in a comment about virgins.
    I think you need a good lay, maybe you need to get drunk first.

    “You said nobody useful was available in January”

    This is what I wrote to CC
    June 9, 2019 19:42:39
    “Oh wow, it seems Dennis Suarez is being re-imagined as the best we could’ve done in Jan.”
    No ands, ifs or buts…a simple answer please.
    Who else of significance moved in January?
    Name one defender that moved?
    The only person of note I can think of is Tiellesman who moved from Monaco in exchange for Adrien Silva. Leicester happened to have a good player who hasn’t fit in yet to swap. We don’t even have enough talk-less of surplus.”

    As usual you argue the argument in your head rather that what’s on debate
    I never said there was no one else available because I mentioned the Adrien Silva- Tielesman swap deal. My point was the sheer dearth of good transfers not the absence. let that percolate into your numbskull.

    Like I win, grab your trophy and go get laid.

  38. TOLI83

    @Pedro – our defence last season shows it needs major surgery. We can’t afford to start to season with some unknown or AMN. Meunier solves the problem, and isn’t mega money.

    I’d say realistically we have 60/70m to spend if you factor in all of our commercials. Players leaving on a free clears money off the wage bill.

    Very realistically we make 80m through sales.

    Munier and Tierney cost £35m between them.
    Dunk £15m
    Doucoure £40m
    Carrasco £25m ?
    Saliba £15m
    Fraser at £15m (year left on contract) or Brooks at £30m

    If we are smart with sales we make it work. If we aren’t smart with sales we don’t add quality or steel.

    Hoping the top brass prove themselves this summer.

  39. Dissenter

    You recall that ai qualified my question with “of significance” then went on to mention the Adrien Silva – Tielesman swop deal.
    I wasn’t alluding to the ABSENCE of transfers but the PAUCITY of good transfers.
    Hope that helps because a certain poster was dredging up Abou Diaby’s transfer in 2006.

  40. Champagne charlie


    Then Myself, and Vlentin asked what you meant by “of significance”, and I don’t recall a reply to that.

    I then said Mikel went to Boro and played 18 games at a combined 1600 minutes, tell me he’d have offered less than Suarez who managed 95 minutes and not 1 start.

    Your response was to laugh and call that basement banter, you’ll have to explain why that’s the case. Same with any of the suggestions Valentin made in terms of defenders, same with Pedro stating Moses ducking out to Turkey.

    Remember the baseline here, it cannot be overstated: 95 minutes total. Not one moment of influence/significance.

  41. azed

    “You can’t even argue that they are bad, because Two have signed for Barcelona so you know that they have a modicum of quality.”

    This right here proves what I have been saying for months Valentin and Pedro would say anything just to make Emery look bad.

    Valentin in one hand says Barcelona signed some defenders in January so they must have some quality in a post were he is arguing that getting a player on loan from Barcelona is bad.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  42. gambon

    Have to say, Im liking the Carrasco rumour.

    I completely understand the concerns people have, but I think he will really feel the need to prove something, and him fucking off to China has basically halved his cost.

    Its the type of smart signing we need.

    Im not overly keen on the due from Sampdoria, but its worth noting that we’re building to scrape 3rd or 4th, not win the PL

  43. azed

    “I then said Mikel went to Boro and played 18 games at a combined 1600 minutes, tell me he’d have offered less than Suarez who managed 95 minutes and not 1 start.”

    What if Mikel did his ACL in his first game with us?

  44. Dissenter

    I gave you props for the Obi Mikel comment even though I didn’t agree he was what we needed.
    I also thanked Valentin for the Barca example but he’s such an insufferable p**ck that he missed it.

    I wasn’t talking about an absence of transfers because I mentioned one example that I could think of – the Tielesman-Silva swop in the same breath. You all interpreted it as such and went over the cliff.
    It was always about the rarity of good transfers.

  45. Champagne charlie

    Yea I’m warming more and more to Carrasco, I was hell-bent against him when the rumours emerged in Jan because I wanted someone I thought could come in and deliver right then. Big LOL on that one. Alas, the more I consider it the more I’m optimistic that we could get a guy wanting to shut a few people up and I’m game for that.

    Not sure your point, any player can have a serious injury. Suarez didn’t do his ACL in his first game with us, he got a few nibbles and was dire, then never seen again, then injured himself in training late in the day, then his loan was abruptly ended ahead of time.

  46. Pedro

    TOLI, always game for talent in the squad… just hope we don’t squander salary on luxury depth before we’ve made sure we address the gaping wounds in the starting 11.

    Saliba for £15m?!

    Gambon, we’ve just got to hope that Carrasco is a chip-on-shoulder type of guy… Bobby P was a bit of that after being bullied by the Marseille fans… similar age as well.

  47. Valentin


    Again distorting statement just to score a point.
    I did not mention Emery in any of my comment on the subject. I even said that I disagreed with the decisions made by Raul, but that he may have valid reasons to stick to his guns cheap loan for midfielder.

    I stand by my statement that we did not needed Suarez during the winter TW, we needed defensive reinforcement: CB, RB or LB. Irrespective of the quality of the player, adding another attacking midfielder when we already had a surplus was pointless.

    If at least that attacking midfielder had been a pacy winger, but no he was an inferior model to Mhikitarian and Özil. He was also completely unsuited to the EPL. He failed at his previous club in the EPL. Worse we now know that he had already been proposed to Arsenal before and that Wenger had refused him because he was not physically strong enough. So doubly pointless loan.

    Not all Barcelona players are world class player, but we are talking about replacing Mustafi and Lichsteiner. The bar is quite low.

  48. Dissenter

    Carasco will have to spend quality time in the gym in preseason.
    He’s 5’11 and he’s big enough but I recall that he gets nudged off the ball rather too easily

  49. Champagne charlie


    I never interpreted it as anything other than alternatives to what we chose. You don’t need to tell anyone that shopping in Jan is less fruitful than the summer, you also don’t need to tell anyone we didn’t have the means to buy anything so our options were even more restricted.

    I offered you better than what we bought, and although we’re talking in hindsight I think you’ll find nobody was overawed with the Suarez signing and he came under the ‘better than nothing cloud’, which he arguably wasn’t.

  50. Dissenter

    I just wonder if we could have been more creative with the Saliba situation.

    Surely we could have taken out of our 2020-2021 transfer budget to pay his transfer and loan him back. That will be one problem solved for the future.

    There’s little future planning going on but I guess that’s what you get when there’s not technical director.

  51. Valentin

    When I look at the other players we are looking at, Carrasco seems more and more like the least worst/risky option.
    If his head is on, he could be a good option.
    He needs to be mentally prepared for the physical battle that he will encounter in the EPL. If he does not fancy that, he could quickly become another silky but sulky player.

  52. Champagne charlie

    Emery can teach Carrasco some English, anyone seen his interview about the possible transfer? lol

    A for effort lad.

  53. MGooner

    Went through all the trf rumours.

    Fair to say Emery is trying to build a side according to his philosophy. We cannot judge him before he is given the chance to try. The guy has won trophies, so he must know a thing or two.

    The temptation to appoint an invincible is there but that option is also a risk.

    I;d say give the bloke a chance. He’s only had a year

  54. azed

    “Not all Barcelona players are world class player, but we are talking about replacing Mustafi and Lichsteiner. The bar is quite low.”

    You really think Arsenal have the money to pay Lichstenier, Mustafi and their replacement without selling either?

    Like I said earlier, you will say anything to paint Emery bad.

  55. Champagne charlie

    Where does Carrasco rank among current PL wingers?

    Assuming all is equal and he adapts (and signs..) to say his Atletico levels.

  56. Dissenter

    The Suarez deal was a mistake in hindsight.
    A mistake that was brought on by perceived familiarity on the part of the manager and Sanlehi. I think it was a case if doing something for the sake of doing something.
    The only silver lining is that it was a limited mistake because we insisted on Barca removing the clause to make his loan permanent.

  57. Nw9 gooner

    Agreed that we did not have any defenders to go for in Jan but couldn’t we bought Carasco in jan from our summer budget? Or was it that if we had qualified for CL we would have gone for better

  58. TOLI83

    I’m hoping Carrasco falls into the Pires/Ginola flair player with a point to prove mould.

    Pedro how much do you value Saliba at? 19 & unproven? How far do you stretch?

    What are people’s take on Ryan Fraser, as Gambon said we are going for top 4 not the league. Decent stats in an average team.

    Is he what we need? He’s prem ready which is a bonus and only has a year left on contract.

  59. Dissenter

    Yannick Carrasco vs Ryan Fraser

    I might get abuse for this but wouldn’t Ryan Fraser have been a better singing?
    That 25 million would definitely have signed him if we played hardball. He has one year left on his contract.
    One is proven premier league player the other is a guy who bailed out to China in his mid-twenties.

  60. Valentin


    If you had bother to read my previous comments instead of rushing and judging like a bull in a China shop, you would have seen that I did not mention Emery anywhere in my comments.

    But you are so entrenched at defending Emery what may come that you see attack even he is not even mentioned.

    Regarding the cost of Mustafi and Lichsteiner, I explicitly gave the names of 3 CBs whose cost would have been less than Suarez. Two were loans, one a cheap purchase that we could have resold at a profit six months later.

  61. gambon

    I just dont see how Ryan Fraser is in any way suitable for a top club.

    Cant dribble, doesnt take many shots, he basically just crosses and takes set pieces. Far too limited for a big team.

    Would say Carrasco has a far higher ceiling.

    Arsenal have specific problems within the team, I dont think Fraser solves any of them.

    This is why a Technical Director is important, to make sure we are bringing the right types of player, and the right attributes in to the club, not just buying half decent players when we see them.

  62. Dissenter

    Don’t you think there were creative accounting ways of signing Saliba from a fund dedicated to next summer’s transfer budget, since there’s a recurring baseline of about 40 million?
    We could have solved one problem for the future since we have many aging defenders at the moment.

  63. Valentin

    Ryan Fraser would imply that we change our style of play and our strikers. He is principally a crosser and we have no striker good with their head.

    We may do so as some of the strikers we have been linked with Chalov, .. seems to have some height.

    What worry me if that most of the attacking players we are linked with are on the smallish side of things. We were bullied by Watford, Leicester, Everton, Wolves I am not convinced that going only after players who lacked physicality is a good move.

  64. gambon


    I said this the other day, and you said something like “we cant afford to blow money on someone that wont play”

    Worst case scenario we couldve borrowed the money at 5% interest, then paid back next summer. Assuming 40% of a transfer fee is paid up front, we wouldve only had to borrow £10m, and pay back say £10.5m next summer.

  65. Dissenter

    There’a part of me that sees the Ozil – trait in Carrasco.
    That has to be discussed; why does a player in the prime of his career go to China .

    People typically leave for China in their very late twenties or thirties not so Carrasco who left at 24!

  66. gambon

    However…..why do people think we’ve missed out on Saliba?

    Because his agent was in Manchester?

    I went to Gunwharf Quay today, im not fucking signing for Pompey.

  67. TOLI83

    7 goals and 14 assists for Fraser which isn’t bad.

    I think we need two attacking players this window.

    Carrasco would be great, Ziyech would be ideal.

    Fraser will move to big(ger) club this summer be interesting to see how he does.

  68. Dissenter

    Thanks for that answer. I don’t quite recall the instance you’e referring to.
    We just seem so robotic in our approach to management

    We could have spent 15 million of the 40 million recurring starting baseline transfer budget to fix a problem that will become more acute by next summer – replace aging defenders.
    Instead it’s short-termism.

  69. MGooner

    I do not mind at all if a player we sign can dribble, pass and cross but cannot speak a word of english. Carrasco could be a good buy

    Bale does not speak spanish but that does not stop him from playing well sometimes foe RM.

  70. TOLI83

    People need to get this 40m out their head as well.

    We’ve previously spent more than that on one player – Aubameyang.

    It’s bollocks, we do have the money, last year we spent roughly £70m. I imagine 70/80m is what we have to play with. Plus money we make on sales.

  71. gambon

    The problem with Saliba is the fee being discussed is £25m,

    Thats crazy for an 18 year old, only just turned 18 as well.

    He will probably need 2 seasons on loan to get the needed experience.

    You could probably get one of Konate or Upamecano for £40m, who would come straight in.

  72. Dissenter

    OI think the baseline is always going to be starting at that 40-45 million range.
    It doesn’t mean we end up spending 40 million because we have to sell.

  73. Pedro

    I like Saliba, but it’s fanciful to see an 18-year-old being anywhere near strong enough to roll in the Premier League as a centre back.

  74. TOLI83

    If we look at players that need to go, it’s such a state…


    Yes that’s 12 players that are either past it now or simply not up to the standard. A major part of our summer isn’t who we bring in but who we off load and how much we get for them. Over to you Raul and Vinai.

  75. Valentin

    Some may find £25 millions for Saliba too high, but what should be the price for an CB/RB in the French league Ith a long term contract who is seen by many as the next Varane.

    Raphaël Varane joined Real Madrid Atletico 18 years old for a fee of €10 millions in 2011 which in today value would be £35 millions.

    It is fanciful to think that because some have never heard of him, we should be able get him for £10 millions. Daniel James the Swansea winger who has never played higher than Championship level is joining ManUtd on £18 millions basic with bonus add-ons.

  76. Batistuta

    William Carvalho would do a job for us in midfield, same with Danilo Perriera…..We need more grafters in there

  77. vickingz

    Carrasco and ziyech are players with no legs for premier league football. I pity whoever is calling for these players to be signed

  78. Batistuta

    We could sell off Xhaka to fund the Carvalho deal….He’s currently at Betis so shouldn’t cost a lot

  79. Batistuta


    There’s nothing special about the premier league asides dodgy refereeing decisions and the team who spends the most winning it

  80. MidwestGun

    The Rise and the Fall of Dinosaur
    Yet another book about Arsene Wenger….. great.

    Also.. Oat milk? wtf is that? Isn’t that the code name for Propofol? The stuff that killed Michel Jackson…. Who the hell are you hanging out with Pedro? I’m worried about you… Might have to send Sal around to check on you.

    We have been linked with about 20 different players maybe more and so far nada.. It’s getting annoying. Signings please. Can’t tell whether it’s indecision or just all media bullshit.

  81. Valentin


    As a 18 years old, Jeffrey Bruma was unable to dislodge John Terry. That does not mean that he is a bad player. He is clearly not a world class player, but he was available.
    When you compare the number of times Mustafi and Bruma made a mistake that directly lead to a goal conceded, there is only one winner. Mustafi is head and shoulder above Bruma. On my book that make him a liability. When the head coach is publicly acknowledging that Mustafi a CB by trade cannot play as a CB in a back four, that does not incite confidence overall.

    Again learn to read people posts and make a point with arguments instead of insulting people you disagree with.

  82. MidwestGun

    I agree with you in regards to VAR… I hate it in almost every sport it’s used in… other then to call lines like in Tennis or goal line or photo finishes in racing. They are trying to make subjective calls objective and it rarely works.. also depends on camera angles … etc… If its used to call offside ok… but to determine diving not so much. Plus stopping action in almost any sport kills the flow and momentum. I don’t think it will kill the sport but it will just be different controversies and won’t necessarily make it better.

  83. Henry Root

    TOLI 83
    Long list . I would add Elneny .
    We’ve also lost Ramsey, Cech and Welbeck !
    That’s a lot of upheaval.
    Gazidis and Wenger did a good job didn’t they !

  84. englandsbest


    A tip: try rice milk, it tastes better, I’ve been pouring the stuff on my rice krispies for years.

    A word of advice: stop believing the sports pages. ,99% of the names mentioned will never arrive, and you’ll look plain foolish.

    Now about William Carvalho, he might do… Or a late bid for Messi, maybe?

  85. Champagne Charlie

    Carvalho should be relegated to that pile of perennially linked, a couple down from Sebastien Frey and one up from Yann M’vila.

  86. Spudnik


    Go forth to the Emery lectures. Let not the measly sum of $299 {50p in auld money} get in your way of finding truth in what you write. Surely, you could get a press pass given your high regard. Ask your questions and put your thesis to him. Analyse and find him guilty as you charge or find something else. But, I beg you, don’t sit behind your fucking keyboard and spout bile without evidence. Find the truth and deny fake news.

  87. Dissenter

    From a PR marketing perspective, do you think Neymar has handled this alleged rape issue properly?
    I expect a guy with so much money to be able to hire the best but it seems he’s said too much already.
    His pathetic reaction, I think has gotten him in trouble.

  88. Valentin

    First lawyer of Neymar accuser dropped her because she changed her story. Talked initially of physical violence, then mentioned rape later during TV interview and second police interview.

    Second lawyer is now threatening to drop her as well, if she does not allow him to have access to the entire video of her second encounter with Neymar. She filmed it on a tablet and has released snippet on Instagram.

    Looks like her credibility is taking a beating.

  89. Pedro

    Dissenter, tough to know what the best recourse is… I would say, keep quiet.

    In America, it seems to forcibly deny the story at all costs.

  90. Dissenter

    I think Neymar should have just let his lawyers do the talking. They would have teased her story apart and leaked stories to disprove her claims.
    Instead, Neyam leaked the videos himself which may put him in trouble

    Regardless, he has to pay her off in some way or form. That’s what is going to happen. His sponsors won’t want this tory out there for long or they may grow cold feet.

  91. Valentin

    More than a good lawyer, he needs a good PR machine behind him. Somebody who can manage crisis like that.
    Make a video of an interview where he act surprised and in pain at being accused of such horrible thing.

    His team should have released the information in a more controlled and professional manner.
    Never wrestle with a pig in the mud. First the pig will like that. Two you will get muddied.

  92. azed

    “When you compare the number of times Mustafi and Bruma made a mistake that directly lead to a goal conceded, there is only one winner. Mustafi is head and shoulder above Bruma. On my book that make him a liability. ”

    Kolasinac and Xhaka both made teams of the year in Germany.
    If you think Jeffrey Bruma would have made it at Arsenal on loan, then I have nothing to say.

  93. Valentin


    What does that Kolasinac and Xhaka have to do with Mustafi and Jeffrey Bruma ability?
    What is the point you are trying to make?

  94. salparadisenyc

    Yann Mvilla.. fuck me.
    So many links, so little love for that position.

    Xabi Alonso the one that broke me, fucked that up proper.

  95. Pedro

    Valentin, think Azed is just angry at life, so much fury he carries on those cyber shoulders.

    Sal, M’Villa was supposed to be so good.

    What could have been.

  96. Spudnik


    I need evidence, not blind faith. But fear not, our philosophies are not totally misaligned. I agree with you that it is essential that our club’s vision be attainable and not aspirational, as you have so eloquently pointed out.
    The lack of vision, future proofing and succession planning that was allowed to go on under Wenger and Gazidis watch, has done more damage than even you have suggested here. (That isn’t a criticism of you BTW)
    Gazidis put in place a structure not hither too seen under his regime. He then left before it could be embedded. It has fallen apart – as witnessed by the departure of Sven – and now there is a power grab by those who remain. And that’s no surprise. We are now left with a lack of identity and culture and I believe that even with Pep or Klopp in charge, our first team fortunes would not be much better because of this lack of culture. This is a culture that led to a midfield of Guendozi, Torreira, Xhaka and Ozil. Meek beyond words when compared to the great Arsenal midfield’s of the last 40 years.

  97. China1

    Lol you know times are tough when I think almostvthe whole first team should be replaced

    LB, CB, RB, LW, RW, CM, AM

    Good luck arsenal…

  98. Dark Hei

    William Carvalho is a throwback name on the good-old-days of what Arsenal want from a DM.

    And then we got Xhaka.

    And then we realized that “DM” isn’t just finding some big guy who can pass.

    WC unfortunately smacks of Xhaka, Big but not very mobile.

    And also that old “but the big clubs ain’t after him” thing.

    If we want to keep faith in Emery’s coaching clinic, give him Guendozi and let him be molded into a proper DM.

  99. TOLI83

    Does anyone fancy Doucoure, him in our CM (instead of Xhaka) would be exactly what we need.

    Class player, buyable and prem ready.

    If we can’t prize him him away from Watford then we need to have a look at ourselves.

  100. Moray

    Fucking William Carvalho. I can’t believe that guy’s name’s come up again.

    Who next, Solomon Kalou?

  101. Moray

    Xhaka is a horrible player. Came with a tough guy reputation, but actually it’s all bluff. He one of these guys who has a bit of a shot on him which comes off occasionally and masks his litany if mistakes and shortcomings.

    Why anyone still buys Swiss players I have no idea.

  102. Chris


    When you say Doucoure is buyable, what fee are you thinking?

    I like him too, but does he come with a Premier League premium.

    Don’t think Watford would want to lose him for less than £25/30 million, buy low and sell high is pretty much their whole strategy.