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Well, well, well… our favourite creator has only gone and done it again. He went and got married, and it’s just been amazing to watch Arsenal internet go into action.

The German World Cup winner had Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as his best man. Imagine the state of the stag-do?

Soho House in Istanbul, followed by some super dark activities you probably can’t by on LADSONTOUR.COM.

The banter was amusing though. Fans talking about him padding his stats for the dance where he hardly moved. Apparently, he took a seat for his vows, little to no intensity in pressing on until full-time. Just good times all around.

I love the idea of Vinnai, fresh from talking to the fans about the ‘proud of you strategy’, landing the memo about the best man. The closest thing to a dictator in Europe, taking a leading role at your most expensive players’ wedding… a lovely message to send to the world. But see what I mean about that vision? It’s subjective. We won’t hold ourselves accountable to it.

There’s so much transfer gossip on the table at the minute it’s hard to make any sense of it.

The most important piece for me is the news that Granit Xhaka could be off to Inter Milan. The reason that one sparks interest is firstly, he’d be very suited to that league. Secondly, despite what an absolute disaster he’s been for us, he still carries a lot of value in Europe, because he can control a game from deep if he’s given time. Thirdly, there’s a rumoured agreement about Champions League football.

Suits me people, the big worry is this… who do we bring in to replace him? Ideally, we’d find someone who was stronger, had more mobility, and preferably someone who could dribble the ball forward if needed. Xhaka makes us very one dimensional, we need someone with a more holistic skillset that would suit the high-intensity approach of the Premier League.

The hot story for players-in seems to centre around Joachim Anderson and Dennis Praet. Anderson is a tall ball playing centre back of 23 years old, with Dennis Praet looking more like a Ramsey like replacement without the goals or assists. I don’t know enough about either, my worry is that when you sign out of Italy, you’re forgoing any understanding of whether they will be able to deal with the intensity of the Premier League. Even LT, who looked like a beast, faded badly with the season. The bigger concern is Praet if I’m honest, his numbers are abysmal in terms of production, and for a club that depended so heavily on two strikers, you’d hope we’d be looking at players that can contribute more to the goal tally.

Then you move up to the wingers. Yannick Carrasco has apparently taken as much as he can of China and is trying to claw a way back. The Belgian comes with the attitude baggage of Mesut Ozil. The press constantly referenced his issues under Simeone, namely that he was a bit of a bitch about injuries. The mere fact he ducked out to China at 25 also tells as story. We all know a recruitment consultant that took a job in Dubai, right?

On his day, he’s scoring goals in the Champions League final. He’s had to play under a beast regime for Simeone. He has pace, trickery and he’s very technical. However, we’re not buying into someone who has consistently delivered. For me, he could blow-up now he’s hitting the latter stages of his career, or he could go the way of Nani.

I guess the challenge we have at Arsenal now is the offering is very, very Europa League. We have a manager that made the product offering less glamorous, the whole world knows that Erdogan’s boy thinks he’s not a coach, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get better at Arsenal.

The club is an exciting offering, but not under this regime. So you either end up with players that can’t be arsed, or players that you’re taking a huge talent gamble on. I have very little faith Emery has the sauce to make the right talent gambles. We all saw Suarez…

Now let’s talk about the new signing we know is elite…


Finally, some kits we can believe in.

I’m into all of the kits.

My gut feel is this. Adidas have held back on the away kits. They’re going to go big with bruised banana. From a marketing perspective, my guess is they are going to continue to ride the nineties nostalgia train as we move through our deal with them. No better sports brand in the world to be tied to these days. I am truly over the moon about those shirts.

On the exit list.

Danny W has been released. He never lived up to his potential, but he worked hard for us, scored some important goals. My favourite, outside watching him down United in Sydney, was the one he scored in 2016 against Leicester at home. That sweet moment when we thought we’d win the league. Ahhh, wonderful.

Cohen fucking Brammal has left. Remember the absolute HYPE when we signed him?

Cech, Licht, and Rambo… all gone.

There are strong rumours we’re ditching Ospina. NO NEWS ON JENKO. Stories that Hamburg are bringing in Osei-Tutu. There are a lot of big clubs sniffing around our youth players. My gut as an agent of one of those players would be to look at what Emery does, versus what he says. He is a man under pressure next season, he’ll have zero time for blooding the youth and it’s really not what he’s good at… players like Sancho are going to show the way, and I expect an exodus of the best kids from the Premier League this summer. A little like the time Spain lost a lot of elite kiddie talent back in the day.

Right, that’s my word count done for the day… see you in the comment! x

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  1. Valentin

    When in charge at various club, Tony Adams has been nothing short than an absolute car crash. Players complaining of him not turning up at training session. Training session against opposition when due to weather condition that game had been postponed. Training session against the wrong tactic. My favourite training where the coach arrives 3 hours late because he forgot to adjust to local time after a weekend back in UK.

    I don’t understand how anybody could suggest that bringing Tony Adams as a coach at Arsenal would not be a mistake of huge proportion. The guy was a legend as a player, but he is a certified loony. Same with Paul Merson, great players, great entertainer, absolute idiot. Every time he appears on TV to represent Arsenal, I cringe. I am like a kid watching an horror movie behind the sofa with my finger in front of my eyes.

  2. Valentin

    All the reports coming out of Portsmouth when he was assistant to Harry Redknapp were so bad, Tony Adams has been unable to find any work in the UK.

    At least Steve Bould was in charge of set pieces. Defensively when he was in charge we had the best record (both under Wenger and Emery), so he must have been doing something right. Offensively, he also introduced some variety to our corners routines. Flick from per or Giroud. That seems to demonstrate more ability than Tony Adams ever did.

    Moreover I would say that most of our defensive issues stem from our weak central midfield rather than the defense per se. Fixing that issue would reduce the pressure on our defense and with that reduce the number of goals conceded. Xhaka tops the list of players making a mistakes leading directly to a goal.

  3. James.wood

    Valentin .
    Where ever you look there are issues in the side.
    There seemed some semblence of things getting
    better with Holding / Bellerin playing well.
    But the Midfield as you say has been dire.
    I’m not in agreement with the lad Smith Rowe being loaned out
    start to blood him more in the side now.
    Not to sure these loan moves are good for players.?

  4. Valentin

    If you want to bring a former Arsenal defender, let’s take Martin Keown who helped mastermind the journey to the Champion’s league final.
    I would also not mind Sol Campbell who has done a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances.

  5. vickingz

    @RH, u ain’t serious, are u? People post here for fun bro, not everyone is hell bent on promoting whatever agenda. I have no reason to hate emery and yes I know another coach would have done better than emery in his first season. And i’m really looking forward to what you’d say come ending of next season cos you gave excuses upon excuses for emery till he failed to achieve any of the priorities set for him this year. Guendouzi you say? What has guendouzi done that our academy players can’t? Same guendouzi you slated several times. Why are our youngsters seeking to go out when obviously there should be rooms for them now since we are doing a massive clear out?

  6. Valentin

    I have seen ESR play and trust me he needs to be loaned out. He is very good going forward, but he some serious lapse of concentration with regards to the defensive side of his game.
    If he gets caught that often at U21, he would get murdered at senior level. Better he irons those issues away from Arsenal. Half the stadium would be on his case and severely destroy his confidence if he were to make them at the Emirates Stadium.

  7. Champagne charlie

    “Some of you try too hard with this I hate Emery thing, did Pedro promise a prize for the winner?”

    Back at it first thing, what did I say..

    Is it ok with you that some don’t rate Emery? You really seem to have a hard time with this concept, you tend to dramatise it unnecessarily at every available turn.

    Do you love Emery? is that why you consider anything against him hate…

  8. Up 4 grabs now


    Top marks to ozil for all his generosity on his wedding day
    Maybe he’s realised its not just the manager pissed at him, and a lot of the fans are as well.
    Good pr for him, to try and get people back on his side?

    Maybe if he turned up this season he wouldn’t have needed to do it.

    Looking back at the comments last night, Pedro it’s a Good job this is your blog otherwise you might have to ban yourself.

    I’m all for banning people for sexist and racist comments but just because they disagree with you, or say something you don’t like it’s not the route to go down.
    Your starting to morph into that idiot that runs untold with there one eye view of Wenger, in your case Emery.

  9. Receding Hairline

    Vickingz you are talking out both sides of your mouth which isn’t surprising

    You said youngsters used to love coming here until Emery bad luck of a coach came calling. I ask which high level youngster has come to Arsenal in the four seasons preceding Emery’s bad luck? Last window alone two came, this window we are chasing more.

    Now you are talking about academy players, how many have broken through before he came? Bellerin,Iwobi,AMN and he continued with all three. Nelson needed the loan and faded badly in Germany, Rowe player then went on loan.

    How many youngsters have come through academies in other premier league clubs?

    Youngsters up and down on here daily.

  10. Up 4 grabs now

    Sad news about Justin Edinburgh, orient are my second London team and he had done a great job getting them promoted back to the league under difficult circumstances.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Reports coming out of Spain this morning that Emery indulges in clandestine meetings where the sole purpose is to eat baby animals.

    The cuter the better apparently. Sick.

  12. Receding Hairline

    Charles what I have a hard time with is slander. There are enough facts on hand to criticize his performance with last season. No need for made up ones.

    The only one struggling for understanding here is you. And that’s your quota for today. Do have a nice Sunday.

  13. Guns of Hackney


    The academy is an expensive facility that is a white elephant in my opinion.

    The last, and only genuine class act to come from Arsenal youth was Ashley Cole. That’s it.

  14. Champagne charlie


    Nothing I offer against Emery is slanderous whatsoever, I think he’s a decent bloke. I don’t rate his managerial capabilities and how they marry with our needs. Dead simple.

    Meanwhile every fact on hand, as you suggest, is dismissed with aplomb by yourself and others that have this militant defensive posture regarding Emery.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Just watched the AJ Ruiz fight in full. Wow, AJ didn’t fancy that at all and didn’t look right walking to the ring.

    I think that’s going to be it for him.

  16. Up 4 grabs now

    Guns concerning the academy, it has started to be overhauled, but until now there was no point since Wenger never wanted to play any of the academy players unless it was an easy league cup game.
    If money is tight we might need a some good prospects to come through.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Guns we are going to end up a midtable team in record time if the decision makers at the club are as obsessed with the academy as many on here.

    Our academy isn’t overflowing with world class talent, we even think a player who performed in league one should walk into our squad. Are we shopping from league one now?

  18. Champagne charlie


    AJ was apparently knocked spark out in sparring the week of the fight, still dazed and confused come fight night is the ‘word’. Comical performance though, smashed by a burrito

  19. vickingz

    @RH, I have two sides of my mouth and I can talk from whichever side I prefer, that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

    How many youngsters have come through academies in other premier league clubs?

    How many clubs are in the same shoe we are in presently? Has emery even involved any new homegrown youngster? He’s looking at youngsters in other clubs but ours are suddenly some set of car crashes waiting to happen. Btw, what has guendouzi offered that justified his buy which none of our youngsters can’t?

  20. Champagne charlie

    Not sure if the quotes are new/old but Carrasco spoke about ‘negotiations going well’, and that the ‘Premier League is more physical, but there are more spaces to run into’.

    Sounds very much like a deal likely to get done, unless I’m unaware of another PL club sniffing?

  21. Up 4 grabs now

    Receding I’m not a fan of flooding the team with youth,one maybe two, and maybe two on the bench if there good enough.
    But the way transfer fees are going a lot of teams will eventually look to academy players.
    Tv money will only go to a point, when you see average premier league players at 40-50 million it can’t go on.

  22. Receding Hairline

    Up 4 grabs the academy player’s have to be good enough first. I have nothing against academy players but are they good enough? Do we even have the best academy in the country? City have a celebrated academy how many have broken through? How many at Spurs? Who are our academy players you can guarantee will take us up a notch when they come in?

    @Vickngz you are still kinda confused, u said youngsters aren’t coming here anymore because of Emery, prove it. We are not debating the qualities of Guendouzi.

  23. Receding Hairline

    Manchester united also have an academy, how many are breaking into the first team? They are buying Wan bissaka and James from other teams because they have experience playing at higher levels.

    We on the other hand are talking up our prospects like they are sought after by the best teams in the world, no Hamburg aren’t a big team.

  24. Up 4 grabs now

    Receding I think we have a few that can step up to being on the bench. And probably better to pay a kid 10-15k a week than to pay the likes of elneny and the like 50k a week for 10-12 appearances a season.

    If there good enough to break into the first eleven, fantastic.
    But your right most sides aren’t using there academy players and they end up dropping down the league’s.

  25. Valentin


    Wenger had a lot of blind spots, but stating that Wenger never wanted to play any of the academy players unless it was an easy league cup game is beyond ridiculous.

    He introduced AMN, Iwobi, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers in premiership games.
    He blooded young players into the squad via easy or Europa League game, because that’s what you are supposed to do. Not throwing them in the deep end in must win games or Europa League final out of sheer desperation.

  26. Champagne charlie

    “City have a celebrated academy how many have broken through?”

    Breaking into a side getting 100 and 98 points per season in the prem is a touch more difficult than ousting guys claimed to be inferior than half the Leicester team.

    The premise simply cannot be applied without looking at the sides mentioned and the relative contexts of each club.

    Phil Foden gets minutes at Man City, but he starts 40 games at Arsenal. That’s the current level. We’re a tier below, there’s quite clearly room for us to blood some academy guys or at the very least integrate and learn who to move on in double quick time.

    You can’t chalk up our failures this season to ‘dumb players who make mistakes’ and then dismiss exposing more academy players for fear of mistakes.

  27. Guns of Hackney

    Up 4 RH

    I totally agree. The academy at a club should work in conjunction with the first team arrivals and ensure that we have a ready made replacement in a given position. Man yoo did it amazingly well and also managed to keep a winning matching ticking over without major surgery. Think of it like a sharks mouth with teeth constantly on a rotation.

    Our academy is a joke. Either as you said, manager doesn’t rate the youth or, we’re not producing the goods to begin with. Either way it’s a failure at base level.

    Germany did a complete root and branch overhaul of their entire football system a while ago when they had a couple of poor world results. Their domestic teams got better and therefore the national team benefitted. Arsenal need to start with the basics of sports management before anything else. It’s a 5 year project at least but emery shouldn’t be the man at the wheel.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    I didn’t hear that about AJ. Not a good look to be knocked out in sparring.

    I feel that this is his David Haye moment. No doubt he’ll be on the next celebrity get me out of here.

    The guys already set for life, he was world champion and that’s probably it for him.

    He’s not a born fighter.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Going to go with RH here. I also hate it when people say that cesc was our product. He wasn’t. Barca created him and then spat him out.

    Cole was our last and only success. I will refuse to include Wilshere.

  30. Valentin

    There is also an element of luck with young players career.

    Ashley Cole was considered inferior to Ryan Garry and on his way to Crystal Palace. Ryan Garry was seriously injured during an U21 game against Ipswich (he never fully recovered) and was unable to replace Sylvinho when we suddenly had to exfiltrate him upon discovering his fake passport. Ashley Cole got his big break.

    Coquelin was at Charlton when he was recalled when we were down to the bare bones in term of central midfielder. On the other hand Isaac Hayden was injured and unavailable when a spot was available. He is now at Newcastle but wants to come back to London for family reason. He would have been a better option than Elneny.

    Rashford was on hand when Martial was injured during the warm-up of a Europa game. Had all the strikers been available he was supposed to go on loan away from ManUtd.

  31. Receding Hairline

    Guns even the much talked about Dortmund don’t have that many of their own academy products playing for them.

    If we were discussing being on the lookout for some of the hottest prospects in Europe and nabbing them early promising them game time then cool, not this obsession with our own academy like we have been tearing it up for years down at the age groups and the squads of other top clubs are filled with players from our academy who never got a chance

  32. vickingz

    @RH, I can be responsible for my post but not for how you understand it.

    @Vickngz you are still kinda confused, u said youngsters aren’t coming here anymore because of Emery, prove it. We are not debating the qualities of Guendouzi.

    I was only echoing my concerns about our youngsters now leaving as opposed to what it used to be. And as for the guendouzi’s qualities debate, you brought him up to justify your point and I decided we should dwell on it to see how unjustifiable it is. Of course, the way to go for us is to “catch them young” but allowing our dogs to leave on the premise that they squat only to be buying monkeys. Well, we know which among the two squats most.

    In a nutshell, emery shouldn’t be buying youngsters from outside who ain’t even as good as ours and a prime example is guendouzi. If he’s saying he can coach guendouzi to be a fantastic player, he can do same to our academy players.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Valentin you are the fellow that wanted Osei-tutu to start the finals of the Europa league, you are the same guy describing Mavropranos starting against palace at home as an act of desperation.

    You really need to get your story straight

  34. PK

    Letter to Unai and the clowns at the top.

    3-4-3 / 4-3-3 Hybrid CBDM
    Basically the system is designed to play 3-4-3 with WB’s from build up to attack and when our opponents has control of possession our middle CB takes a step up to DM in an 4-3-3 system.

    ———-Torriera—-Lo Celso

    -Torriera-Upamecano-Lo Celso

    There is one key role here and that is the middle CBDM that needs to be an athletic commanding player with pace that can run the show at the back.

    The offense and defensive phase of it is pretty straight forward. But the real payoff in this system is in transitions where most of the action happens these days in the PL. So let’s have a closer look at that.

    Most important part is when we lose the ball with our WB’s pushed up the wings. This creates a problem in the 4-3-3 system where our opponents can exploit our gaping holes on the flanks. And thats why the CBDM already has taken position as the middle CB in a three that allows the other two CB’s to push up and join the first wave of high pressure giving our opposition three alternatives where they can either go long to their striker marked by our CBDM and our nr 6, they can try running through the middle where they will meet our BWM (Torreira) or they can slow things down and start to build up from deep allowing our WB’s to get back in to position and the CBDM takes the step up to DM blocking passing lanes and kill the zone just outside of our penalty area.

    And when we win the ball back in our defensive end we actually have wingers/inside forwards thats is able to hurt them on the counter and if thats is not possible we go back to 3-4-3 again to do the slower buildup with wingers cutting in and WB’s overlapping and a nr 8 making late runs in to the box.

    In some games it will be more of the 3-4-3 and in others it will be more of the 4-3-3. But most importantly we have a system that allows us to be very flexible and reactive to our opponents without actually changing system. The only player that really needs to learn something new is the CBDM but i do think that there is a bunch of players out there that can play in that role. Chambers is an good example of an backup in that position but for a starter I think we need more athleticism/pace. Upamecano looks like he could potentially handle it.

    Transfers in:
    Upamecano £35 m £130 p/w
    Saliba £30 m £70 p/w
    Tierney £25 m £100 p/w
    Lo Celso £55 m £180 p/w
    Martinelli £6 m £25 p/w

    Total £151 m and £525 p/w

    Musti £20 m £90 p/w
    Xhaka £35 m £90 p/w
    Mhiki £10 m £180 p/w
    Özil £ -10 m -£200 p/w
    Kolasinac £20 m £150 p/w
    Elneny £8 m £50 p/w
    Kozzer £4 m £100 p/w
    Ospina £3 m £60 p/w
    Jenk £0 £50 p/w
    Cech £0 £100 p/w
    Rambo £0 £100 p/w
    Welbz £0 £90 p/w

    Total £90 m and £1,280 p/w

    Net spend: £61 m and + £755 p/w

  35. Receding Hairline

    Vickingz Emery didn’t buy any youngster from outside, Sven did and that’s the right way to go. If you see a hot prospect you bring him in. That’s how we ended up with Cesc,Bellerin,Holding. The fact some of you are claiming them as our products is unfortunate.

    We 100% should bring in young players from other clubs if they have been playing for their clubs and are ready to make the step up.

  36. vickingz

    @.RH, our academy players ain’t good enough hence the acquisition of good players like guendouzi. It is finished.

    Is man utd crying of lack of transfer money?

    The youngsters we are buying were being played by their clubs even in their low moments, why can’t we also do that with ours? If these youngsters we are searching after were abandoned by their clubs for another players, how would we have seen them?

  37. Receding Hairline

    Anyway Ljunberg is joining the first team coaching squad. I believe he knows players ready for the next step and I hope we do not overdo this academy thing.

    There has to be a balance.

  38. englandsbest


    We had it from the horse’s mouth, from both Wenger and Gazidis, that they had no transfer pot money, were on a sell-to-buy policy. Not at the time, of course, but later, when they had pot money to spend.

    Many surmised that to be the case. But the point made is that they were dishonest with the fans, whereas Emery (thus far) has been truthful and straightforward.

  39. Valentin


    Resorting to the usual distorting what people you disagree have said does not make your point more valid.

    I have said that had Mavrapanos been slowly integrated he would not have been that bag of nerves. Also he would have been up to speed instead of throwing a player who has been out for six months into a must win game. Look at Koscielny initial performances when he came back from injury. You can’t expect a player out six months to immediately turn good performance.

    Regarding Osei-tutu, my view is that an U21 right back specialist would have been a better choice than Lichsteiner (can’t run), Jenkinson (never good enough), Mustafi (at least one brain fart guaranteed per game), AMN (completely positionally unaware). Had he been played before, then playing him in the final would not have such a big gamble.

  40. Receding Hairline

    By the way Vickingz an inadequate transfer pot doesn’t mean you go raiding the academy, it means you sell players you do not need to buy the ones you do.

    We actually have a full squad of players earning money weekly, some of them cannot even be played without accusations of the game being thrown. Sell them and replace.

  41. vickingz

    @RH, what makes you think they ain’t ready? You watch reserves games?

    You have said something which I agree with “There should be a balance” If guedouzi had come from our academy, I would never have spoken positively about our academy players. Even Wilshire was lighting it up at guenz’s age if not that wenger overplayed him and ran him down

  42. vickingz

    What’s Jenkinson still doing at arsenal? He’s had his time and we know who he is already, he should be released asap. This is the kinda player you do away with asap

  43. vickingz

    @RH, i’m into auto sales, just in case you want to clear or add to your garage. And I don’t speak from the two sides of my mouth on this one, lolz.

  44. CG

    For all of you ungrateful urchins out there.

    Wenger signed all these fabulous players – that keep popping up

    Tomas Rosicky
    Freddie L
    Carzola and many many others.

    He also won 3 league Titles ( 1 more than Spurs on their history)
    7 FA Cups

    18 seasons of CL football out of 20

    And played great football along the way

    Keep blaming him for everything- is juvenile, lazy and shows your lack of footballing intelligence.

    The players always respected Wenger- even through the dire times.
    The players dont respect Emery. And dire times are you going to get under this man

    Wenger has gone.
    Emery is here.
    (And he is doing a grand job……)

    Truth always Hurts..

  45. vickingz

    Players respected wenger by attending trainings with their phones doing selfies up and down. How many times did cazorla say the players themselves decided on what formation to play that won us matches against the top 4 teams? A player was smoking his lung out during wenger’s reign. Respect indeed

  46. CG


    Empty seats get the manager the sack.
    (Its even worse than bad results…)

    Season tickets sales are horrendous.
    VAR is on the way
    More Emery Chameleon Stodge forthcoming

    Who in the right mind are going to watch an Emery team on a Thursday in The Loosers Cup group matches- with VAR delays in full operation ?

    Fans wont be getting home to the early hours….

    15000- 20000*?

    *And all will all be monitored by Govt agencies for signs of mental issues…

  47. Gentlebris

    Agenda left and right it feels like a platform for politics. Everyone reinforcing ‘facts’ to prove they have the right view re: Emery is the man or not.

    Whatever is said here, it’s crystal clear the club is not dusting off Emery this summer.
    The guy will have a ‘ go again’ chance, and with his transfer vision moving from Suarez to Praet, he will most likely fuck up….. again.

    And who cares what kit it is, if we have any of Xhaka or Ozil rocking it then it has ruined the beauty therein.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Hopefully United going back for Wan Bissaka means we can get a good run at Meunier.

    Very smart move on our part.

  49. vickingz

    What do you guys think of moreno, Liverpool player? I know he’s pacy, good at attacking down the left but his defensive abilities and injuries?????

  50. Gentlebris

    ‘So I expect we will be top 4 come next season,’

    Expectations are nice.

    But who it’s going to be 5th and 6th?

    (A) United spending all the money (with the willpower to change manager anytime)?
    (B) Chelsea that just dusted us off 4-1, and finished above us(double assault)in the EPL?
    (C) Spurs with a more balanced team and a far more superior coach and who have finished above us three seasons standing?
    (D) Are we even going to talk about City and Liverpool?

  51. TheBoyCornelius

    Emery has come in at a time the club has finally decided to move to the modern football club model ….DOF, head coach etc. And this after a manager of 2 decades, and a CEO who skips off to Milan after beginning the process. Raul has taken the reins, without a DOF yet, Edu incoming, a player contract shambles (Ozil, Mikki, Ramsey and Wwlbs leaving on free), wage bill not delivering value and a transfer budget severely restricted. Both Emery and Raul have big big summer to jump the club forward again. We aren’t where we want to be but these steps are necessary to get there. The players in and out this summer will tell us how quickly or how slowly they plan for this to happen. I personally hope they go all in and get a squad rotation of 8 players from first team. Already out is Cech, Ramsey, Welbz and Litch. I think most want to see Mustafi, Kola, Xhaka and Elneny added to that. Internal solutions would be Martines as backup keeper, Nelson as winger from bench. So would need starting centre half, left back, winger and centre midfield. With either a starting or rotating right back to battle with Hector and a sub centre half/left back if Kos and or Nacho leave.

  52. Champagne charlie

    Anyone finding our continual look to Serie A a bit puzzling when so much talent resides in France lately?

    Rumours I know, but we seem to have setup base camp there. Curious

  53. Valentin

    Jordan Veretout!?

    He failed at Aston Villa. He is a decent player, but is he really of sufficient quality? He is not a prospect anymore. So not a lot of uplift on him.
    We should be aiming at either young with untaped potential or established professional who can help us reach top 4 on a consistent basis. He is better than what we have, I don’t see the massive upgrade on Elneny or Xhaka there. More dynamism and willingness to bite, but shorter than Xhaka and less physicality.

  54. Valentin

    Gilles Grimandi was Arsenal head scout for France. He was let go when Arsenal was replaced. He is now DoF or director of recruitment for Nice with Patrick Viera the head coach. I don’t think that we have replaced him since.
    All the French players we have been tracking must have been from the list Sven left behind.

  55. Valentin

    Danny S,

    The interview is just at the beginning of the 2007-2008 season. You know the one when we reached the Champion’s league final.
    Looks to me like he was right at the time. The team is more important than individual.

    The hate that some have against Wenger is so ridiculous that even when he said or did something good, you have to try to find a fault there. Revisionism at its worst.

  56. Valentin

    Apologies. You are right. We were in the 2006 final not 2008 final.
    2008 was when we all thought we were going to win the league until we collapse following Eduardo leg being broken.
    I don’t remember people protesting too much at the beginning of the season.

  57. Sid

    The room we would have on our wage budget in 2 years when Ozil, Mikki, mustafi’s contracts are up would be massive.

    Mikki is the only guys we *might* be able to move, but I doubt there would be any takers for Ozil and mustafi, meaning we would be playing them next season in Europa to give our 1st team guys a rest, 450k back-up squad players.

  58. CG

    Another reason why Emery has been such a resounding and unadulterated failure is that 50% of posters on here STILL spend their time harking on about the previous managers time- despite the fact he was our most successful manager EVER.

    If Raul and Co. had simply employed a manager to replace AW with basic ability, personality, a tad of charisma ,competence and some flair.

    We all be focused on what the current manager was doing.. instead The Emery supporters on here… offer no support of his vision going forward…..only Wenger commentary…

    Emery offers us nothing……not even a modicum of hope….not even a wafer thin mint of optimism……

    All he and Raul are offering this summer is a scattergun approach to recruitment.

    They are making this up as they Go Along….

    (I expect more Wenger chitter chatter in the weeks ahead…)

    Wenger was Box Office.
    Emery is as Dull as Ditchwater..

  59. CG

    Oh Danny Boy,

    We will see how good Wenger was ( or was not) in the seasons ahead……

    On the simple stat alone – he won more League titles alone in his tenure than Spurs in their history- deserves him of more respect from the AFC D & Ds on here.

    Lets see when our 14th League title arrives?

  60. S Asoa

    Danny,Are you really debating the merits of Poch vs Emery?

    Sounds like cake vs toast

    Guardiola has indicated he will not ditch City before 2 years. This was after he said Juventus is a great Club and also having played in other leagues but not Italy and Juventus a good place to start. Guess Arteta would know more of what is in his mind than what Guardiola put out to public

  61. CG

    Great shout Danny.

    Graham and Wenger magnificent managers….both different in many ways but both having one thing in common…
    RESPECT from their players

    None of their player would mouth the words from the bench in a cup final

    ” you ain’t no coach!”

    Surely, we cant go from Chapman,Graham and Wenger to this lightweight Emery….
    Unless we want to be like Watford….

  62. CG

    One simple word all the posters leave out – when comparing managers.


    Poch has it from his players
    Pep has it.
    Klopp has it
    Wenger had it.

    Emery has not.

    Why would you respect him?

    Stellar playing career?
    Intelligence or charisma?
    Coaching calamities everywhere.
    Poor presentation.
    Communication skills
    Footballing philosophy

    He is a Looser.

    And that’s the harsh truth.

  63. Redtruth

    “Wenger will be talked about for a long time, as he was the source of both our success and our dismal stagnation. He will of course divide opinion”

    No mate, Graham was the source of our success.