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Apologies for the delayed posts, I’m on a shoot, at an airport… which is cool, because you are literally checked in so it’s easy to fly home.

Anyway, Arsenal?

BIG news is Auba has taken down his profile picture on Instagram. That’s news in this SICK world we live in. It’s clearly a purposeful thing because the guy has LOTS of great pictures of himself… so where is he going to go? It’d have to be somewhere with a desperate need of a striker and a lot of cash money. Unlikely to be Madrid after they just signed Jovic. So who?

Why don’t you make yourself useful and find out.

Yes, you.

Maybe it’s just a negotiating tactic… ‘PAY MORE OR I LEAVE MY PICTURE BLANK’

… chapter 4 in Art of the Deal if I remember correctly.

Legendary author Nick Hornby confirmed what I had heard about Aaron Ramsey, it was all on Emery, the player wanted to sign. By now, it’s an irrelevance, he’s gone, but you know… nothing like a little confirmation.

Kola is being chased down by Barca, those surging runs clearly attracting their interest. In a better setup, no doubt he’d have had far more assists this season. It seems the club are very keen to move him on. Hasn’t quite been the breakout hit we’d hoped for, but again, another confirmation that players we have in the squad aren’t utter shite.

News at the training ground has Freddie and Steve Bould switching jobs. Interesting the club aren’t firing our exlegendary centre back, not that I’d want that. Did Bould simply want more say on the team? Are the club being forceful about keeping Arsenal DNA in the ranks? It has certainly looked like Bouldy has the same passion for the manager as Ozil. Those blank stares he does when we drop another early goal are reminiscent of mine when I’m reading an Emery press conference on the .com.

I wonder what the swap out with Freddie is hoping to achieve? I’m not sure I buy the ‘he’ll help bring more young players through’… why would that be? If you’re saying Bould is bad with identifying youth player talent, would it be wise to send him to U23? This is weird, and again, if you have answers, share them.

Umtiti wants to see out his 4 years at Barca… which for me, sounds like good news. I really don’t want to be picking up players from Raul’s old club. That just wouldn’t be right. He’s likely very expensive, and he’s probably going to be a huge risk from an injury perspective moving forward… hence the reason they’re getting rid of a mid-twenties world-class defensive talent.

… and just to cap off a wonderfully positive post. BIG JEFF, the player we all thought would be an Arsenal god, binned by Emery for £4m last summer… is on the verge of a move to Monaco £22m. Notable that Lille, who are run by talent machine Luis Campos, are also in the running.

You literally couldn’t make up Arsenal summers.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. terraloon

    What’s the old saying about if the greyhound hadn’t stopped for a pee it would have won the race.

    The league table does not lie. Arsenal didn’t win enough points to finish in the top 4. All this about if Arsenal had beaten Brighton then top four would have been achieved, but couldn’t it like wise be claimed had Chelsea beaten Leicester they would have still finished above likewise if Spurs had beaten Everton and so it goes on.
    Could the squad have done better? I am staggered they got as close to top 4 as they did let’s face it the real opportunity to get the CL place was in Baku and that night we saw just how average several of the squad were at seasons end .
    I think also it’s time to reflect on the piss poor planning that Arsenal engaged in leading up to the final
    Why on earth was there the need to get over there so far in advance?
    Why on earth would you take players from your own training facilities and have to set up a training base in alien and unfamiliar surroundings where worse still clocks including body clocks would need adjusting
    Chelsea treated the final much a normal European game. Training in London on the Monday. Leisurely flight out on the Tuesday gentle run around in the stadium that evening and play the game without adjusting to local time so need to try and reset body clocks.

  2. China1

    I don’t see why going there a couple of days earlier would’ve been a bad thing. They went there to acclimatize, which makes plenty of sense imo

    It didn’t work out because we are shit, not because we decided to acclimatize a few days early

  3. China1

    Koscielny is a bottler I’m afraid

    He has been a very good servant for the club and a personal favourite of mine but he’s been as culpable as most of making ‘one off’ costly fuck ups when it matters most- including in a cup final years back

    It was also kos crying last year in the dressing room saying his kids asked him why arsenal suck

    Kos has been a good player and a great servant as well as seemingly a lovely guy and a great professional, but he is mentally a bit soft. He should’ve been partnered alongside a cold blooded beast years ago. A sol Campbell or a vidic would’ve balanced out his mental softness

  4. up 4 grabs now

    Concerning last season, we were a missed penalty away from 4th,
    Or one win from five potentially easy games at the end of the season.
    its fine lines. all could have been achieved without mustafi & xhaka playing.

    yes we caved in a 20 minute spell in the Europa final, after hazard decided to up his game, and our players did there usual car crash defending, but I actually have a bit of optimism for next season.

    we aren’t getting near the Bindippers or city.
    but there’s not too much to split us from the spuds Chelsea or Utd,

    yes they will strengthen, although probably not in Chelsea case with the ban and loss of hazard.

    utd are a car wreck with ole at the wheel and spurs are spursey.
    There best season in the premier league and all they managed to show for it was to finish above us by a point.

    That’s why I’m optimistic about us, Only if certain things happen though.
    Xhaka, Mustafi and Ozil have to go.
    replacing them isn’t difficult due to such low standards and what little they contribute.

    Even if Ozil cant be moved on then bench him, and only play him in the Europa league and cow & gate cup or whatever its called.

    we are freeing up a lot on the wage bill anyway and I’m sure a few youngsters will be brought in from the under 23’s for squad positions.

    move on miki eleneny and kola and its probably another 300k in wages saved

    Whoever replaces Mustafi and Xhaka are not giving away as much goals, attempts at goal or penalties as those two.
    xhaka and ozil created very little for the strikers so we wont miss much there.

    Switch to a back four, most of the away losses last season were due to playing a back three with fullbacks so far up field 352 only works with three quality centrebacks.
    We just about have two at the moment, and one of them is a year older in Sokratis and holding will be coming back from a long lay off.
    A new centre back is a must and I would suggest this is where big money need to be spent. With adidas coming in I don’t believe the 40 million stories for a second and would think its closer to 80 million with a few transfer fees thrown in it could be 120-130 million.

    give Emery an actual chance this season to carry on strengthening and the improvements will come, As long as people realise we aren’t competing for the title yet!!!

  5. China1

    No point calling Stan the owner because that implies he’s take some kind of interest and responsibility for it.

    Let’s call him chief profiteer instead as that more accurately summarizes stans contribution to arsenal since the day he joined

  6. terraloon


    Really? Have you never been on holiday where you need to adjust your watch by an hour? Or how about when the clocks change by an hour ? Baku is three hours ahead.
    What about being away from you family for longer than needed?
    There was talk that the two days prior to the game Emery put the players through two punishing training days that could not have happened if travel had mirrored how Chelsea prepared after all going into the last game of the season fitness shouldn’t be an issue the preservation surely would be more about rest and recovery with emphasis on tactics and where better to carry out the bulk of that in familiar surroundings. Chelsea treated the game as just a game Arsenal treated it as an occasion and as a consequence Arsenal failed to deliver .Oh and yep they were crap.

  7. CG

    Question for the Day.

    What are Arsenal goals for next season?

    To aim for Top 4 by league position or to aim for CL qualification by via The Thursday Loosers Cup ?

    Because – you cant commit to both…( that strategy will fail….)

    Answers on a postcard,please..


  8. Dark Hei


    Perhaps you are right. Perhaps that’s why his best form came along with Big Per who has that personality.

    But I was responding more to Graham; who sought of buy in the “cajones” nonsense from that Watford fat guy.

    The snow flake team was the project youth era. That was long time back.

  9. Dark Hei


    No, we gun for it like we mean it. All of the above.

    No more half ass process BS. Do it like you mean it or go home.

    Its the only way to take on the likes of City and Liverpool.

  10. up 4 grabs now


    you shouldn’t have to commit to both until the quarter or semi final stage unless you get the worst draw possible after the last 32.
    the last two years have shown that. by us reaching the semi and the final fairly easily.

    top four was achievable this year quite easily if you had taken out our trio of musketeers in mustafi, ozil and xhaka.

    top three/four is preferable and achievable, through the Europa is a safety net, and winning a European trophy to boot isn’t something we can turn our noses up at, since our European record is pretty poor since the old days of smith Wrighty and George.

  11. CG

    Up 4 grabs.

    Noble effort in being optimistic.
    It’s a good trait ,by default to have.

    But there is also delusional and twisting thinking.

    And you are guilty of it.

    If you think Raul,Emery and Vinai will improve us- you are wrong on many levels.

    Wheres their track record of past success in the UK?
    They are making this up as they go along.

    They have no expertise, no goals, no vision,no targets,nothing.Nunca.

    But They do have one thing in common

    That is to protect their over paid jobs.
    They basically told us that – in that ridiculous in house interview ( re watch.)

    There main objective this season was’ TO INTEGRATE Unai in his position.’

    We have paid him to coach the bloody team
    No more. No Less.

    If we want to get back amongst the elite.
    Employ The Elite.
    (In as many positions as possible.)

    Otherwise you will Fail.
    And Fail Badly!

    Season Fron Hell Alert!

  12. Jamie

    CC –

    Good to know, and I agree that the suggestion we have no value anywhere in the squad has no basis in fact.

    If the management was so inclined, we’d make serious coin by selling our starting 11 –
    Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Papa?, Guen (although not £75m), Torreira, Laca, Auba, and even Iwobi would all be fetching tens of millions each (our strikers probably the most valuable players on the books).

    I still have the fear that Ozil and Mkhi will, at best, be moved on as free transfers due to their wages or at worst, paid to fuck off. I think Kola is overpaid too, so it isn’t outrageous to think his wages might have a negative impact on his resale value. Not sure he’s a £120k a week player anywhere but in England.

    I concede that Mustafi and Xhaka, although not my favourite players, should bring in at least £50m between them.

    Time to see what Raul and Vinai are made of this summer.

    p.s. I also agree that we had a squad [just] strong enough to complete for top 4 at the start of the season. We blew it in spectacular fashion on the home straight, and managed to heap on the misery by being embarrassed during the EL cup final.

    Can’t see Unai lasting beyond next summer unless significant improvements to our playing performances are made next season. We were really poor these last couple months – the slowest, most ponderous build-up play I’ve seen in recent memory. The less said about our overall defensive structure, the better.

  13. up 4 grabs now


    Not sure about the season from hell alert, we have plenty of them lately.
    whats the worst that can happen now, we don’t qualify for the Europa!

  14. up 4 grabs now

    CG ,

    Do you think raul and co will be kept on by the krankies if they don’t get us back into the top four again. not for one minute do I believe they came here for an easy life and not to try.

    no chance, Stan wants that money and season tickets are already rumoured to be slow.

    we’ve seen plenty of empty seats the last two seasons, stan wont let it go on much longer being out of the champions league and missing out on that cash.

    they will have to be pushed to achieve there goals or they will all be out.

  15. CG

    Up 4 grabs


    Re: Season of Hell alert

    12 simple reasons we are heading for an Aston Villa type Relegation.

    1. We persist with Emery
    2. Crowds dwindle
    3. We get bogged down in Loosers Cup- league position suffers as a consequence
    4.Protests at home league fixtures
    5. Kroenkes get molested and verbally abused stateside
    6.Kroenkes decide to sell – Arsenal becoming a headache
    7.Club is in limbo- as no buyers will pay KSE price
    8. No money is spent on players or indeed (conpensation money )sacking Emery and his coaching team
    9. Emery stays put- limping on. Discredited and now a complete Laughing Stock.
    10. Morale plummets to an all time low.
    11. Arsenal crash in the bottom 3 and are relegated
    12. Arsenal bought by new owners at a renegotiated price.

    But if the 2 clowns . Appoint Allegri- no relegation.

  16. Moray

    China, is forgotten about Kos crying. We also had Mert being sick and praying he wasnt asked to play. And we wonder why this ball-less team never came near to winning anything important.

  17. Freddie Ljungberg

    Up 4 grabs now

    Don’t do it to yourself, you’re better off talking sense into a 3 year old with a temper tantrum than getting a smidge of reason into CGs thick skull.

    Liking all the exit rumours so far, even Auba if we’re getting silly money for him, 80m for a 30 yo would be stupid to turn down. We can spread his goals out through the team and be a lot more solid and fluid if we’re smart about it.

  18. Thorough

    Of the silly rumors I’ve been seeing, and I we are going to have as great a clear out as we should, I’ll take Meunier, Tierney, Saliba, Palacios, Carrasco and that Lorient striker.

    And I believe anyone who missed Adelaide’s talent can be considered football-blind. He was brought in alongside Fortune the striker. In preseason a year after he wowed us. Some people remembered his dribbling, I remembered his defense-splitting pass for Walcotts goal. For those expecting him to be prolific Cesc didn’t become prolific until much later. But Renee had the attributes to be something special: close control, could dribble well and could pass well too. I would have kept him under the radar for two more years especially at a time we had no dribblers in the midfield. And let’s stop judging these kids on stupid loan. Even Gnabry tanked doing one year at Brom. That Willock, Saka and Smith Row didn’t hear more cameos for the first team is all on Emery and partly why we fell short. En Lundberg said Saka has got to be the best under 23 player at 18 years of age or something along that line. Yet we were starving of wingers all season.

  19. Nelson

    I have a feeling that the board is setting up Freddie Ljungberg as an emergency backup in case Emery fails to improve the team. Would the team plays like the one during the business end or the one during the 22 games unbeaten run?

  20. Graham62

    Dark Hei

    A leader is a very special person both on and off the pitch and always leads by example.

    Kos and Per are/ were not natural leaders. It’s how they react when things go wrong or mistakes are made, that these qualities become evident.

    I didn’t read Cech’s remarks. I didn’t have to.

    I can tell you this, a true leader would not have tolerated what has been allowed to develop at AFC over the past decade or so. They would have been questioning Wenger and demanding change.

    Patrick Vieira being a prime example and to a lesser degree TH14. I’m sure they would have been onto Wenger and highlighting these things. They could see what was happening but realised that they were hitting their heads against a brick wall.

    Look at Man City and Liverpool. Vincent Kompany and VVD lead by example. You have the right mentalities in place , you achieve greater things.

    Buy the way it’s not about being ” a quitter” or “bottlers”. Leadership is about taking the game by the scruff of the neck, along with those players around you, and moving the team forward.

    Mertesacker and Kos were never upto that and the likes of Cazorla, Coquelin etc were not of that special mindset.

    Finally leadership must come from the manager. We all know that Wenger had the benefit or, should I say, privilege, of inheriting a team of leaders when he first arrived, which covered up his visible inadequacies in this aspect of his management style.

    Before anyone says why am I not pointing fingers at Emery, I would like to add that he “inherited” a team left by Wenger. Only time will tell (one or two more seasons max) if he can rectify matters. Wenger had ample time but was incapable of changing his ways.

    Change will only truly occur when Emery is given the opportunity to bring in his own mindsets.

  21. up 4 grabs now


    That actually cracked me up!
    Our worst two seasons in the last 25 years and we finished sixth then fifth and missed out on third by two points.

    we aren’t villa mate, we aren’t financially strapped like Leeds were.
    we don’t have an alcoholic past his best cloughie at the helm either.

    crowds dwindle, the gaps are there already but there’s still plenty of tourist supporters who will pay silly money to get a once in a lifetime ticket.
    London club 60000 stadium will still attract players.

    it took two years of protests to finally shift on Wenger so don’t expect much any time soon.

    as for Stan he doesn’t need to sell, he doesn’t need the money, but he could sell tomorrow and almost triple his initial purchase price. He hasn’t put money in and there’s always tv money coming in so there will always be a minimum 40-50 million each season to spend.

    still it did make me laugh out loud in the office!

  22. CG

    Fred L
    Thanks for the kind words.

    You like so many on here assume-all the players that might leave – will automatically be replaced with better ones..

    Why do you make this assumption?
    What if they turn out to be worse?

    More Lich, more Torreira, more suaraz, more Sokratis etc….

    Sure Leno has been a definite upgrade.

    All the others have been downgrades.

    But enjoy your Walty Mitty Transfer Games, regardless.

  23. up 4 grabs now

    Freddie sometimes you need to stoke the beast to get things going on here.
    CG Villa post is a corker!

    yes I would be tempted by 80million for Auba.
    as much as I like the guy and yes 20 goals plus would be difficult to replace.
    for that money and that age its tough to turn down

    the problem with him is he doesn’t get involved in games as much as he should and does go missing for large chunks of games.
    then pops up and scores!!!

  24. up 4 grabs now


    I have a feeling that the board is setting up Freddie Ljungberg as an emergency backup in case Emery fails to improve the team.

    Definitely mate depends on where we are at Christmas.

  25. Dark Hei


    I do agree. Arsenal lack the winning mentality.

    What I disagree is the ultimate assessment.

    You say its on Wenger. I say its both yes and no.

    When David Dein was around, did we lack winning mentality? No, we beat everybody up.

    The lack of winning mentality comes from the top. Stan Kronke did not need to win, so Wenger didn’t need to win (hey top 4 is THE trophy) and his players knew they do not need to win either.

    You see where I am going with this. Look at Emery’s interview before the Europa final. He said it is for the long term. He does not feel pressure at Arsenal. Look at Vina’s email asking for perspective.

    I am not saying that Emery isn’t motivated or not committed. Nor am I saying that there is no pressure.

    I am saying that he is left on his own to motivate himself. But any employee will know it is tough to do so knowing your boss don’t give a shit.

  26. up 4 grabs now

    Why do you make this assumption?
    What if they turn out to be worse?
    More Lich, more Torreira, more suaraz, more Sokratis etc….
    Sure Leno has been a definite upgrade.
    All the others have been downgrades.

    CG, lich was a one year stop gap to give bellerin a breather.
    unfortunately losing bellerin meant he became first choice until AMN was shunted in there.
    torriera is an upgrade on elneney so is guendouzi, both a little raw but at least can still improve compared to Mr slow.

    sokratis was our best defender all season, not the standard we require but an improvement, definitely on mustafi!

    Suarez was a loan with no automatic buy clause, emery was given no money in January it was a small risk to try it didn’t work no great loss.

  27. siddharth14


    The time for upgrades has gone. With the current state of Arsenal football club, we have absolutely no other option except taking a punt on young players with good potential. Firstly, we are not in the Champions League and secondly, we are actively targeting the wage bill imbalance.

    Even a Management team with passion and clear idea at a serious football club would take time to get out of this mess. This is Arsenal we are talking about. I think most Arsenal fans can’t even gauge the magnitude of the herculean task facing Arsenal FC.

    Nelson made a very interesting point regarding Ljunberg being an emergency backup in case (most likely scenario) Emery is struggling come December.

  28. up 4 grabs now

    All the bluff about the spuds having money to spend seems just that, not unless there selling.
    There big-name players all want a big increase, which they might not have the ability to do since the 1 billion toilet bowl is draining money.

    alderwierdo has a 25 million buyout clause which you would expect someone to activate. (go on Emery you know you want to)

    Eriksen is the most-used player of Pochettino’s entire managerial career. His 241 appearances under the Argentine outrank even Kane (227), Hugo Lloris (220), Eric Dier (209) and Jan Vertonghen (204). No other players have featured more than 200 times under him.
    (thank you football 365)

    he’s told the spuds he wants to leave they have to cash on him now as he only has a year left, and he’s already flashing leg at the Spanish big boys.

    Take him out and creativity wise they will struggle. with one year left on the deal like hazard, the spuds won’t get as much as they want for him, and I can’t believe he will be allowed to leave for nothing in a year, same with hazard both clubs can’t afford it.

  29. China1

    Lol CG

    Torreira is the most promising CM we’ve bought in ages if we can keep him fit and healthy and manage his stamina issues

    Sokratis is better than per was in the last couple of years

    Has anyone seen the Armando Iannuci shows where a guy who hates football likes to go into a pub every weekend to impress the locals by pretending to know what’s happening? You remind me of it so much CG lol

    “Come on you reds. Kick the ball hard towards the goal! Wow good! He kicked the football towards the other player and he did great. He’s probably Brazilian!!!”

  30. Holmes

    I know it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but that aside, this is how I’d like us to start reshaping our squad this summer assuming a summer budget of £45M:


    Ospina £3M
    Cech £0
    Koscielny £0
    Lichtsteiner £0
    Mustafi £22M
    Jenkinson £0
    Kolasinac £20M
    Elneny £4M
    Ramsey £0
    Ozil £0
    Suarez (loan)
    Xhaka £30M
    Welbeck £0
    Lacazette £70M (This is simply to raise funds)

    TOTAL FEES – approx. £149M
    TOTAL WAGES – approx. £1.3M p/w


    Meunier £22M
    Tierney £22M
    Konate £35M
    Saliba £25M
    Rabiot £0
    Zaha £60M
    Gotze £25M
    Martinelli £7M

    TOTAL FEES – approx. £196M
    TOTAL WAGES – approx. £900k p/w


    Martinez (2nd choice GK)



    2019/20 SQUAD (23 players + 5 on loan):


    Make no mistake, shifting on the dross will be a challenge and I also don’t think this squad will challenge the Top 2. However, it does offer us strengthening in some areas that are sorely needed.

    This squad, if properly coached should achieve Top 4 next season.

    In the following windows we can look to strengthen the squad with a World Class CM and striker.

  31. Bamford10


    “I agree that the suggestion we have no value anywhere in the squad has no basis in fact.”

    Everyone agrees with this, because the contrary is just another Champagne-created straw-man.

  32. Graham62

    Dark Hei

    I’m not disputing that Emery made a fair few mistakes towards the end of the season and especially in the EL Final, but who does he have that displays the qualities discussed? That’s right, no one.

    The fact of the matter is there’s not one Arsenal player who you could say is a born leader. If we had one, I’m convinced we would have achieved our goal of qualifying for CL.

    It’s all about having a presence. This benefits the team as well as concerns the opposition.

    Name me a leader we’ve had over the past twelve years.


  33. Graham62

    West Indies destroying Australia.


    I’ll put my money on them winning the whole thing.

  34. Bamford10


    “Nelson made a very interesting point regarding Ljunberg being an emergency backup in case (most likely scenario) Emery is struggling come December.”

    This might be an “interesting” point, but it’s not a reasonable one. Raul and Vinai have made it clear that they are very happy with Unai Emery. They aren’t worried about him “struggling”. Finishing one point off of fourth in his first season certainly wasn’t “struggling,” especially given the inadequacies of the squad, a team that was nowhere near as good as the team that finished fourth, Chelsea.

    Lungberg might be a long-term thought, but he’s not there because they think he might have to take over in December.

  35. Graham62

    Sokratis far superior to Mertesacker.

    Torreira a great purchase. Just needs the right playing environment.

  36. Graham62


    Very comprehensive and accurate list.

    I would keep Kolasinac and of course Lacazette.

    Just a pity we have to consider selling our best player to offset the Wenger and Gazidis cockups

  37. CG

    We are in totally uncharted waters.
    (incompetence and inertia omnipresent.)

    Something will have To Give. But What……?

    Scanning the UK papers online- not one mention of Arsenal.
    We have become a total irrelevance
    We are not newsworthy.
    We are 100% non descript.
    Graham talking about cricket-and not Wenger Bashing
    Season tickets selling like umbrellas in a Western Australia 7-11
    Sponsors not renegotiating
    No sign of an elite player staying or coming in.
    just more Emery.

    Why do the Kroenkes persist in their kamikaze approach to all things Arsenal?

    it cant be for the money.

    they are losing it everywhere,

  38. up 4 grabs now

    Does anyone else enjoy cricket?

    I don’t like cricket, oh no,

    I love it!

    sorry graham couldn’t resist it!

  39. CG


    “””Torreira a great purchase. Just needs the right playing environment.”””

    A 5 a side Pitch.

  40. Gonsterous

    Apparently we are interested in goetze. That would be a very good signing. Experienced and a good ozil or Ramsey replacement.

    Barca interested in kolasinac? That’s a weird rumour. As bad as kola is, we will miss his physicality and huge strength. Something we need more of, let’s hope we don’t get another gibb like pansy at lb.

  41. Holmes


    I agree the situation we’re in is far from ideal, and we’re reaping what we sowed allowing Wenger et al to drag this club down so far.

    I’m not a fan of Kolasinac personally. I think he’s far too flawed defensively and we could replace him with a better winger so I’d rather cash in whilst there are potential offers on the table.

    Of course, I’d rather not let Lacazette go, but as you say it needs to be considered to raise the funds to fix other areas of the squad. It’s between him and PEA, and I just feel PEA’s goals would be harder to replace than Lacazette’s.

  42. Champagne Charlie


    Is your purpose on here just to deliver your take and assume everyone ought to be enlightened by it and never question it?

    You must have a hotline to Vinai and Raul given the following pompous suggestion:

    “Raul and Vinai have made it clear that they are very happy with Unai Emery. They aren’t worried about him “struggling”.”

  43. HighburyLegend

    “Just needs the right playing environment.”

    That’s the perfect resume of the wenger era – part 2.
    RVP & Cesc would have leads us to glory, if they have had great players around them.

  44. siddharth14


    There is nothing to dispute regarding Chelsea having a better squad than us.

    However, is it not reasonable to assume that with almost a new core to the team, Emery will take time for his ideas to get across to the new players. From what we have seen this season, the players haven’t seemed confident regarding their role in the team. Again, i’m not arguing against the inadequacies in the squad but it’s not like we are having mentally retarded players in our team either.

    Come December, if Arsenal are sitting in 8th, should we still continue with Emery ? or have Freddie taking over till the end of the season in case Quality managers are unavailable.

  45. up 4 grabs now

    anybody fancy a cheap punt on Sturridge to replace Welbeck as third choice?
    still only 29,

  46. Valentin


    I also think that Freddie has been brought in as a safety blanket in case of emergency.
    He is also brought to remind Emery of playing the youngsters.
    I suspect things may get pear-shaped between them . While Steve Bould avoided any confrontation, I cannot see Freddie sitting idle and saying nothing when bad decision would be taken. Such as man marking at set pieces against Crystal Palace who is one of the biggest team. Such as playing two midfielders against three at Wolves, Leicester…

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are looking at a lot of STs, En-Neysri, apparently they inquired about Dembele at Lyon and are looking at Chalov of CSKA.

    Certainly suggests one of Lacazette or Auabemayng is moving on.

    Reports suggest Arsenal know full well what they are doing this summer and numerous plans were drawn up months ago.

    Arsenal firmly in for Saliba but apparently his club want us to loan him back for a season…not too sure on that one. Might be angling for a bigger fee instead of the loan.

    Going back in for Claude Maurice this week apparently.

    These kinds of strong links to Saliba, Claude Maurice, Palacios and Chalov suggest Arsenal are doing what everyone (Pedro) wanted, young and exciting whilst chopping out the overpaid dross.

    I think if we sprinkle in experience like Meunier and maybe an older CB we’ve pretty much nailed it considering our realities.

  48. Champagne Charlie

    “anybody fancy a cheap punt on Sturridge to replace Welbeck as third choice?
    still only 29,“

    Not for me, he’s more broken and would command superior wages given he’s a free and was on circa 100k anyway.

    I think we ought to save six figures for robust guys capable of being first choice only. Sturridges time has come and gone, he’s ‘Newcastle looking to upscale’ levels now.

  49. Valentin

    Experts tend to say that for every hours of time difference, you need one day to adjust. So Baku being three hours ahead of London, the team would have needed 3 days just to acclimate. Add the dry heat, and it is closer to a week.

    Some make the opposite argument that because the game is so late local time, it is better not to acclimate and let your body treat the game as an London evening game rather than a Baku middle of the night game.

    Martin Keown has since been very critical of the preparation. Too physically demanding.

  50. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal are one of a number of top clubs monitoring young Russian striker Fedor Chalov”

    So the biggest clubs are interested ?? Yeah, right… (lol)

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Monaco are looking at Chalov apparently.

    You have to remember, we probably can’t get in on the players Madrid, City etc are looking at.

    We have to be smarter and spot what they haven’t yet.

  52. up 4 grabs now


    Wellbeck was apparently on 80-100k rate.
    Sturridge might be keen to come back to London on 80k
    wont be overplayed if he’s 2nd or 3rd choice, two year deal with option for a 3rd year might be better than going for an unknown who has to adapt.

    depends if one of laca or auba is leaving, if not he would be good 3rd choice cover?
    not sure about Eddie coming in to cover if either auba or laca get injured.

  53. gambon

    No to Sturridge, complete crock.

    Chavlov somewhat interesting, but you have to wonder why we’re looking at a CF, unless one of ours is going.

    Think this Maurice kid definitely looks interesting. He may have played in Ligue 2, but to score 14, even at this level, at 20 years old is still impressive.

    We really need to get a move on though.

    Signing players early, and getting them into pre-season from day one could give us an advantage if our rivals drag their heels.

  54. HighburyLegend

    Is there any Arsenal fan who would like to see Porridge imitate a robot after each one of his goals.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    I actually think if the targets being spoken about Saliba, Claude Maurice, Palacios and Chalov are signed that will account for about £65-70 Million of expenditure.

    If you sell Mustafi, Chambers, Elneny, Ospina, Kozz etc you are likely looking at bringing in £40-50 Million so we would be about £20 Million into our £45-50 Million budget.

    That leaves the room for Meunier to come in and then have reached our budget.

    But if, as the potential arrival of Chalov suggests (certainly the arrival of a ST) that one of Lacazette or Aubameyang is going I think that is where you will see the LB funds come from, likely a good level LB and then I think the club will make an effort for Zaha with the money.

    If you had a summer of Saliba, Claude Maurice, Palacios, Chalov, Meunier, good LB and Zaha I think we would have done pretty well all things considered.

    That is without even thinking of finally getting rid of Ozil and selling and replacing Xhaka.

  56. up 4 grabs now


    I think we need someone with some experience.
    especially if we are moving one of laca and auba on.

    we got lucky that neither picked up an injury last season and I cant see Eddie hitting the ground running. the French youngster from league 2 isn’t a bad shout considering guendouzi came from there and he hasn’t been bad.

  57. HighburyLegend

    @Cesc : I would be ready to “support” Xhaka 1 more season if we succeed to get rid of Pierre’s idol!!

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I didn’t even consider selling Kolasinac either (rumoured) which would bring in about half the funds needed for a seriously good LB.

    If Arsenal play this smartly, and as Gambon says quickly, they could actually come out of this summer very well.

  59. gambon


    We need a CB who can come in and play immediately.

    Saliba would have to be the best 18 year old CB in history to solve our issues next season.

    I think buying him and loaning him back would be best.

  60. up 4 grabs now

    If you had a summer of Saliba, Claude Maurice, Palacios, Chalov, Meunier, good LB and Zaha I think we would have done pretty well all things considered.

    Cesc, pretty well would be an understatement, throw in getting rid of ozil mustafi & xhaka, and that’s Xmas, my birthday and steak & blowjob day rolled into one!!!!

  61. S Asoa

    Wenger left oof, what a relief. But we still have Wenger’s debacle Özil who is giving everyone ulcers now.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    But I’m thinking funds.

    Unless we get a lower price/put off payment to next season when he arrives. Agree a £20 Million fee or something put payable as of June 2020.

    Who would you take as the experienced CB ready to come in?

    I think Emery might be looking at Holding to step up alongside Saliba and Sokratis in all honesty…rightly or wrongly.

    Emery definitely seems to be big on Zaha from various rumours.

    To be honest, if we sold Lacazette or Aubameyang and got £70 Million or more as long as Palace weren’t being ridiculous you could get Zaha and be halfway to a very good CB.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    It’s doable as well, Zaha aside.

    But like Gambon says you have to be quick, soon other clubs will start wondering why we’re so interested in Claude Maurice, they will start looking at Saliba at Palacios etc if they haven’t already.

    Get it done.

    They need to get in and get up the fitness standard Emery demands and learn the place he’s picked for them in his system.

  64. up 4 grabs now


    The big thing for me will be shipping out quite a few players who still have the stench of wenger around them, lazy not interested just there to pick up there wages.

    I like Zaha but can see palace digging in for stupid money.

  65. Champagne Charlie


    Sturridge is searching for his last contract at the highest level mate he’s not doing anyone favours or low-balling. If it’s 80k at Arsenal or 120k at Villa you know where he’ll be going.

    Also, Welbz was a good candidate to sell because he was on such wages and returned very little given his injuries. We would’ve been as well offering him a new deal than get Sturridge.

    No to him, let’s go younger, hungrier, more capable of delivering, and cheaper.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    I agree.

    If they want anything over £50 Million I wouldn’t bother.

    We know the player wants to leave, but he did sign a new deal which is an issue.

    It could be we try to offer them something else, like £40 Million and Nelson on loan for the season and we pay his wages, or £40 Million and Chambers?

    Not sure.

    The rumours that Lille value Pepe at about £70 Million put an end to that one. I think in terms of a signing that makes waves and potentially seriously improves us out wide, Zaha is the most attainable for us.

  67. Champagne Charlie

    Curious why we’re seeing links to CFs. I’ve always liked the idea across the squad of having a first XI player with a guy behind them that is chomping at the but to take over. Auba/Laca has always been an odd working.

    It’s a simplistic approach but if you have a first XI with a second XI full of young and hungry guys with the talent to make the step up to starter, you’re doing well.

    Alfredo Morelos is a young striker at Rangers doing well, abysmal discipline aside. Not going to suggest he can make it at a top 6 club but I fancy he’s going to get a PL move soon. Budget Tevez if ever I saw one, good player.

  68. up 4 grabs now


    I thought they offered Welbeck a new deal and he turned it down?
    I would have kept him as well but on a lower basic and then big incentives if he played. still only 28

    just an idea with Sturridge, might want to prove a few people wrong and take a lower wage packet to still be at a top six club rather than mixing it with Burnley or newly promoted side.

    if we are going one striker up top and moving laca or auba on, scoring wingers are a must.

  69. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t think that’s the case re: Welbeck. I thought we simply decided against a ‘renewal’ in the end.

    Both our strikers are 28/30 come next season, I think if we sell we ought to bring in someone under 25.

  70. up 4 grabs now


    I think palace were interested in chambers and eleneny last year 40 million and them two would be alright, but yeah 50 million tops otherwise you start looking abroad for the equivalent.

    pepe ends up at utd or maybe Bayern if they are willing to go that high to replace robben or ribery

  71. Dream10

    Pépé is attainable. So is Sebastien Haller of Frankfurt as another #9.

    Sell Lacazette to Barça/Atleti for 70m
    Sell Mkhitaryan to one of the big Italian sides for 15m.

    70m for Pépé who is four years than Lacazette and already a better player.
    30m for Haller is who had a very good season for Frankfurt. A #9 who provides a different profile to Aubameyang.

    Things are possible, club needs to ambitious

  72. Receding Hairline

    “”As the match looked to be heading for extra-time, Ronaldo swept home Bernardo Silva’s cross to put Portugal back in front before Xhaka’s lacklustre play led to the hosts’ third goal.
    The Arsenal midfielder clumsily lost possession just past the halfway line which allowed Portugal to break on the counter and Ronaldo finished off the move with a sublime curled finish to kill the tie. Incredibly, after Switzerland’s defeat, Xhaka had the cheek to tell his Instagram followers: ‘Really proud of our performance and the progress we are making. Sometimes there is not much you can do when Ronaldo scores such a special Hattrick.’””

    This is what we are dealing with
    Our players suffer a loss, next stop instagram and twitter. The pain of the defeat only lasts minutes and they always look for reasons why they couldn’t do anything about the defeat

  73. Dream10

    Don’t know how good Joachim Andersen is at CB. I hope he is of better standard than Torreira has been at CM

  74. Champagne Charlie

    I read he sustained an injury from Miranda in a training session, but you’re right it was against Qatar. I think the account I read was trying to apportion blame perhaps, or draw a link.

  75. Guns of Hackney

    I would sell everyone. I wouldn’t miss one single, current Arsenal player. Not one.

    If this japester, Emery is going to be stinking the place up again for another season, give him nothing. Let him earn his crust.

  76. Receding Hairline

    “I read he sustained an injury from Miranda in a training session, but you’re right it was against Qatar. I think the account I read was trying to apportion blame perhaps, or draw a link.”

    Dude is an injury prone prima donna. These days he gets injured while walking past people. They might even stand a chance of being an actual team without him,.

  77. Bamford10


    “There is nothing to dispute regarding Chelsea having a better squad than us.”

    I agree, as do most observers, but certain people here, e.g., Champagne and Pedro, would likely try to dispute this.


    “Come December, if Arsenal are sitting in 8th, should we still continue with Emery? or [should we] have Freddie take over till the end of the season …?”

    OK, but this is a different question. Sure, if Emery were somehow completely floundering next season and we found ourselves in 8th, it might make sense to replace him with Ljungberg; but that doesn’t mean that this is why Ljungberg has been appointed as an assistant coach. That was the claim above.

  78. CG

    The G

    “””I suspect things may get pear-shaped between them . ”

    As always The G- on the money.

    If The 2 Clowns have forced this promotion on Emery- are we seeing them make their first move in having an ‘Emery Out Strategy’

    Can’t see Freddie being a Pushover. Or taking Emerys Clipboard Coaching Baloney for too long!

    If they really believe Emery – is still their man. (After this season of Despair.)

    Deep Down- they are Bare Faced Liars..
    And they are lying to you.

    All of You!

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Carrasco is on the move it seems.

    Some links to Arsenal by no one is sure, AC Milan and Inter interested.

  80. Frank Mc

    “Is your purpose on here just to deliver your take and assume everyone ought to be enlightened by it and never question it? ”


  81. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    “Who would you take as the experienced CB ready to come in?”

    Upamecano for me.

    He’s young, turns 21 in October, but he has played 70 odd games for Leipzig. Also part of the best defence in Germany.

    I dont see many 24-25 year old CBs out there that would be worth it. Umtiti is the obvious one, but maybe too risky.

    I could see Bailly happening though, one year left on his contract. Again, too risky for me, his career seems to have stalled.

    Anderson looks OK, but Emery wants to play a high line with his CBs split, he just looks too slow for that.

  82. Graham62

    Granit Xhaka is in a state of denial.

    Either that or he’s deliberately taking the piss to wind people up.

    An exceptionally average/poor player who thinks he is so much better than he actually is.

    Who bought this clown?

  83. gambon

    Carrasco could be a genius move, could be a disaster.

    Certainly if the £25m fee being spoken about is true, it could be described as “outsmarting the market” as Raul said.

    Kind of deal that has one of the Milan clubs, or Napoli all over it.

    I doubt we are involved.

  84. KAY Boss

    Where is Thomas Lemar?
    I think we are targeting a striker because Nkethia might leave on loan. I don’t think none of Laca or Auba will leave.
    A resident for Nkethia is what we are looking at not a replacement for Auba or Lava.

  85. Graham62

    Very good recovery from the Aussies.

    West Indies need 289 to win at 5.78 runs per over.

    Anyone interested?

    Only second most popular sport in the world.

    Never mind.

  86. azed

    Gambon, Cesc

    Buy Saliba, loan him to RB Leipzig for a season in exchange for reduced fees for Konate.

  87. gambon


    I said that last week.

    I think St Etienne want to keep Saliba, so if we want him we probably have to loan him back there.

    At least we know he’ll play 40 odd games if he stays there.

  88. Dissenter

    Xhaka speaking after his nightmare game against Portugal; Really proud of our performance and the progress we are making. Sometimes there is not much you can do when Ronaldo scores such a special Hattrick.

    Welcome to your new club captain

  89. Dissenter

    We don’t have the money or luxury to buy a player and loan them back for one season.
    We have problems that need fixing immediately. What are you going on about?

  90. Words on a Blog


    Prone to catastrophic errors and misjudgements on the field.

    And prone to catastrophically misjudged statements off the field

  91. azed

    “I think St Etienne want to keep Saliba, so if we want him we probably have to loan him back there.”


    Mavropanos should also be used to get either Saliba or Konate.

  92. Dissenter

    The club should just spend money in it’s coffers which is still considerable as we speak. I’m pretty sure Liverpool or any of the top teams don’t have more that 20 million laying around their accounts.
    Spending money that we already have can never be a violation of FFP.

  93. gambon


    If we are loaning him back then we will likely have a deal in place that means the money is weighted towards the future.

    The net effect if we sign him then loan him, will be the equivalent of signing him next season.

    An 18 year old is not playing a significant part in our defence next year. Even if we dont loan him back to St Etienne, you would have to think he will be on loan for at least one season.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    How much do you think Upamecano would cost?

    I was wanting Konate last summer but I think Leipzig see him as their future now.

    Upamecano is surely going to be abut £60 Million, isn’t he? Can we manage that, would you prefer, in the event of a Lacazette or Aubameyang sale, to use the majority of those funds getting someone like Upamecano and then go for a cheaper wide option like Sarr?

    As opposed to a big winger like Zaha and then cheaper CB? I mean I suppose if we got £70-80 Million for one of them and Palace didn’t try to take the piss we could do both with some other selling.

    Maybe strategic use of players as well? Offer money and Chambers to Palace and perhaps money and Mavropanos to Leipzig?

  95. Dissenter

    Saliba will get enough relevant experience at Arsenal in that first season. Don’t forget he still has to come to terms with a new language, culture and style of football in England.
    Provided the manager does not overplay him, he will be fine. He would be a more rounded player with one year at Arsenal compared with one more year at St Ettiene.
    The fans just need to reset expectations and be prepared to accept his roughness around the edges. I would rather have an improving 18 year old making mistakes that an irredeemable Mustafi or Kos.

  96. gambon

    No chance £60m, not even close.

    Too much hype these days. At the end of the day he’s an U21 international thats never won anything, playing for a mid level club with 2 years on his contract.

    €40m at best.

    The best CB in the world cost £75m,

  97. gambon


    Saliba will play about 4 games if he comes now.

    At 18 years old, with his first 20 games behind him, he cant afford to stall his development, neither can the club that buy him.

    Hes younger than Zech Medley.

  98. Dissenter

    We need to tap into the copa America and AFCON this summer. There are good players that we can reach first. We need to be seeking to sign young British talent like Joe Gomez. There are bound to be players like that in the championship.

    Upamecano is already above our current station. It’s just fantasy football to even mention his name in any summer planning.

  99. Cesc Appeal

    I’m not sure.

    I think you’re looking at £50-60 Million in this market for someone like him.

    This market is totally nuts.

  100. terraloon


    The trouble is that the way FFP operates the simple stupid fact is that you can’t just spend accumulated funds for the accounts year on year and then over a 3 year period are the focus.
    FFP is as most knew seriously flawed but the funny bit is that AW for all his supposed knowledge and indeed training in matters finances thought it would work in Arsenal’s favour

  101. Dissenter

    “He’s younger than Zech Medley.”

    Zach Medley s obviously not on the same level. Had he been we would be talking about Saliba, would we?

    The age thing has little relevance. If he’s good enough you throw him right in. .. with the expectation that he will make mistakes. There are some young defenders you throw in immediately.
    Presnel Kimbepe has been actively playing for PSG since he was 18 years old.
    Marquinos moved from Corinthians to Roma when he was 17 and has been playing for PSG since he was 18 years old.
    Raphael Varane has been playing for Real since he was 18 years

  102. gambon


    Just put this on the new post by accident….

    We could easily get UpamecanoHes probably on £20k per week.Pretty much any professional in any industry anywhere in the world would be extremely keen to talk to an employer if they are offering a pay rise from £1m to £4m pa to do the same job.Not to mention any non-German would probably be keen to swap the Bundesliga for the PL