Ozil makes himself an even bigger problem

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A blistering put down from our mercurial German.

I thought he was calling someone a pussy from the bench, but apparently not.

What to make of it?

Well, one thing is for sure… next season, Emery will remain. The relationship is broken. There’s no chance at redemption. You can’t abuse a manager like that from the bench and survive it, unless you’re an Arsenal player.

The story about Conte wanting the German over at Inter is true, I think they’re willing to take on some of his wages. Still a nightmare from our perspective, and it’s still optional for Mesut. If he doesn’t fancy Milan, why bother? He doesn’t need to go anywhere… he’s playing the system like a machine.

One thing I will say is this: Emery needs to get better at managing egos. The way he dealt with Ramsey and Ozil this season was embarrassing. He didn’t know how to operate to their strengths and he made a total hash of their treatment. You job as manager is to make top tier talent fit into your system.

We’re in a very drossy situation this summer. Everyone knows we’re absolutely desperate to sell off our average players, so I would imagine most clubs with any sense will wait until the last minute to see if they can land a good deal.

We’re already moving slowly. Dortmund has done all their major business early, we’re still stuck in the starting blocks.

To make matters worse, we now have an average manager in survival mode. You know what that means? Hiring in players that he knows, and hiring in players that can give him at least one good season. It’s a poverty version of what Mourinho used to do.

Emery isn’t going to give a rats arse about bringing players in that could set the world alight in 2 seasons. He’s going to want pros that can get him another year in his job. My worry there is we’ll see some sort of attempt at recreating the Sevilla magic from way back when… but even when you scratch the surface there, he just won cups, the team ended up 7th in his last season.

Thomas Meunier is a good player, but is a 27-year-old right back a smart move when we have Hector Bellerin? Is there not more value to be had elsewhere in the market? He’ll be expensive to contract, he’s not a necessity, but he’s Emery’s pal. Seems an odd place to start.

But, we’ll see, at least he’s good.

This summer has so much riding on it. If we blow it with short term thinking, we’re just putting off our 5 year ascension to the top by another year.

Let’s see where Raul takes it.

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg

    You’ve made 2 posts and mentioned him twice already you trolling scumbag, the irony when you accuse other people of being obsessed isn’t lost on anyone.

  2. Receding Hairline

    Well that last Pierre post is beyond embarrassing Danny. I repeat it’s worrying to think he claims to be in his sixties. Wisdom doesn’t come with age indeed.

    Guess he was hurt no one bought the man marking excuse that took him 48 hours after the game to cook up. Imagine having to watch a game 5 times focusing on one player only to come up with an excuse as to why the player was rubbish as usual.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    When I discussed earlier today departures I omitted from list Suarez who despite being on loan was on our payroll and therefore cost us wages. So
    the club have in effect already announced SIX players leaving the club.

    I think that there are still four or five more who will be leaving. I would assess
    departure in order of preference and likely departure.

    1. Monreal contract expires this month
    2.Jenkinson one more year on contract and limited playing time.
    3.Elneny limited playing time and likely to generate some transfer funds.
    4.Koscielny one year left on contract and no longer good enough to play in EPL.
    5.Mustafi if we can generate transfer funds to buy an upgrade.
    6.Ozil if you can find a solution to offloading him without massive cost.
    7.Mkhitaryan if Ozil does not leave and again we can sell him.
    8.Chambers if we receive offer which is market value.
    9.Aubameyang if he refuses to sign new contract and we receive market value.

  4. Batistuta

    Not gonna lie and maybe it’s because my humour is so bad but that post from Pierre was hilarious

  5. HighburyLegend

    Pedro slams Ozil, with strong evidences of his poor behavior, and Pierre is posting twice as less than usual… coincidence ??

  6. HighburyLegend

    @Batistuta : Pierre’s post are most of the time hilarious, especially with his obsession in defending his idole, the great Mesut.

  7. Pierre

    Monreal I would keep , I think he still has an option of one year on his contract.
    I think he struggled when Kosielny came in alongside him , both are not as quick over the ground as they used to be but Kosielny , as you said previously, needs to be moved on .

    Monreal can still be a useful member to the squad , first rate attitude and very versatile.

  8. HighburyLegend

    When he’s not obsessed by the idea of keeping Ozil, he’s obsessed with the idea of keeping shit players who are too old.


  9. Ishola70

    I can see Arsenal going in for this Andersen CB at Sampdoria.

    Although doubts were raised that he doesn’t have any real stand out qualities as CB overall he could be seen as competent.

    And why I think Arsenal could well go in for him is that he is very comfortable on the ball.

    Whether it all translates into him improving this Arsenal defence is another matter but if you want to see a “footballing” CB at the club then he would be your man.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    Not if he is being played as a central defender. He is awful in that position and
    can only play in a back three.

    Arsenal need to focus on recruiting defenders who can and will play in a back
    four defence.

    My other concern with Monreal is that he is a high wage earner. If he signs
    a one year contract it must be on reduced wages.

  11. Gentlebris

    Ozil is a bigger problem than you guys appreciate.
    Ozil football has become shit and so is his brand.
    Except the Chinese clubs, no club being run effectively is gonna pay Ozil more than £70,000 p/ w.
    So he still can’t be shifted if we pay half his wages cos even the Turks that love him are not likely to value the love at £175,000 p/ w.

    But it’s a good scenario, let’s see how Raul fares on this particular problem. Great guys are known to eat such challenges for breakfast.

  12. Chris


    Quite, and I think most are not blind to what some players do bring to the team but it could be said that it shouldn’t be too hard to bring in a player who can match those abilities as well as offering more overall.

    After all what is our ambition? If we want to shoot for the stars then it is a basic that we bring in players better than what we already have, and being at the very least equal in terms of the aspects that the replaced players are best at is a requisite and surely taken into account when scouting etc

    To be fair the club has to perform better in this regard and let’s hope this summer goes some way to correcting mistakes of the past.

  13. Gentlebris


    Monreal is no shit player. Granted he is now past his prime. But he has been serving us with first class professionalism and that deserves respect.

  14. Ishola70

    Has anyone seen the price rumoured in how much St Etienne want for the young CB Saliba?

    He looks well worth the investment.

  15. Ishola70

    yeah Monreal has proved to be a good signing over the years.

    Unfortunately his legs have gone now though.

    There should be no sentimentality regarding him and Koscielny though this summer. They are both physically past it and should be shown the door.

  16. Gentlebris

    And I can’t understand the issue you all have with Pierre.
    I don’t agree with him re Ozil but I respect the fact that he’s entitled to his personal opinion.
    He did take it too far though with his man-marking accusations. But I don’t like the way some guys relate with him here. Example is RH saying wisdom doesn’t come with age. That is classless even as a joke.

  17. Pierre

    ” Monreal is awful as a centre back”

    Of course I’m not saying he should play as a centre back in a back 4 but he is more than capable playing in a back 3 if he had someone like holding alongside him instead of Kosielny.

    anyway, I’m not talking about him as a starter, would be ideal on the bench or europa league, any injuries to the back 4 and he can come on or if we are holding on to a lead and need reinforcements at the back , Monreal has the ability to slot in anywhere along the back liine..

    If we suffer a defensive injury crisis similar to this season when everyone was complaining about our lack of cover , .Monreal again could act as immediate cover, so yes I think it would be a wise move to retain his services.

  18. Gentlebris


    Are you in anyway promoting that we ridicule guys who served us well just to accommodate your whack views?


    I’m not preaching sentiments. Just saying that line from HLegend reeks disrespect.

  19. Pierre

    be wary as to not give too much praise to our own players , it doesn’t go down too well on Le Grove as many only seem to see the negatives in our players.

    But you started the day well with a your comments about our German no.10 , it’s always good to get in an early dig about him ..😇

  20. Gentlebris

    You got to learn where to draw the line or you become a shitty acidic fan.

    You look at some players and you know you don’t badmouth them unless you’re an idiot.

    Monreal can be let go, but it speaks volumes of unwarranted disrespect to refer to him as a ‘shit player’.

    Has it become a crime to get old and less athletic?

    Unlike Ozil oozing a despicable and pathetic mannerism, Monreal is a complete gentleman and that’s a lot from a modern footballer.

  21. HighburyLegend

    “Diego Maradona says that should Manchester United need a new manager, he is the man to turn the club around.”

    Still snorting some coke, Diego ?

  22. Guns of Brixton

    Monreal gotta be my fav player

    Came in a random January window , instantly filled that LB role with little fuss or muss, has had an Old skool AC milan defenders vibes wid him these last few years with him looking better with age.

    Love him to bits. Fav Spaniard after Santi.


  23. Bamford10


    You’re lacking a little context. Pierre is a self-acknowledged troll. He comments here in order to nettle former WOBs, who he hates. Pierre believes Le Grove was unfair to Wenger and Ozil, and everything he does here is an attempt to avenge these alleged wrongs. He gets abused as a result of this campaign, which has been going on for years now.

  24. Bamford10

    Ishola (to gambon)

    “you clearly haven’t been watching enough football”

    I said this two weeks back when we were discussing whether Guendouzi should get a pay rise. gambon is a smart guy and he is capable of making good arguments, but his commentary of late suggests he didn’t actually watch that much Arsenal or PL football this year.

  25. Bamford10

    BTW, if anyone was wondering why I haven’t been commenting as much recently, it’s because Pedro has made it so that 95% of my comments don’t post and I can never know in advance which comments will post or why. So be it.

  26. Biggles

    I don’t understand why we would give Lacazette a new contract this summer. He’s got 3 years left to run and is on about £140k a week. Next summer you offer him a new contract if he’s worth it, or you try sell him with two years left to go. He’s just turned 28, we have him until he turns 31, I suspect in 3 years time we’ll be wanting someone taller/faster/more clinical/whatever. He’ll probably be beginning to decline by that point, why would we want longer?

    Xhaka… So he cost ~£35m initially on a 5 year contract. His book value last summer would have been £21m (depreciating at £7m a year over 5 years). I’m not sure how depreciation would be accounted for when his contract got extended. Maybe £21m over another 5 years? However it’s accounted for, his book value would be down to something like £17m by this summer. If we get £25m+ I would be happy – it’s an accounting profit and it gets rid of a player who has limitations. He’s obviously not a totally bad player – he has vision and a good long range pass. It’s just that he’s not good under pressure and is too slow for what we need. I would rather move on from the regista idea – I don’t think it suits the Premier League.

    Can’t see how we can make money out of Monreal. If we take the option for an extra year to force another club to pay a transfer fee, they won’t be inclined to pay as much in wages as we are, so he’ll then not want to move. I’d rather we signed a new first choice left back (say Tierney) and sold Kola to fund at least part of it. For cover, if there’s somebody good from the academy, give them a shot where necessary, otherwise extend Monreal for another year. He’s on £65k, which is a bit much for a bench player, but still less than Licht.

    One player I could actually see being kept in the squad this year is Chambers. Between him being able to play right back, centre back and defensive midfield (where he ended up being voted Fulham’s player of the year), he could probably play a part, especially if we think Bellerin is going to be okay on his return.

  27. Left testicle

    Guendouzi – a pay rise? Why? Has he had an outstanding season? No. He’s been good, but not outstanding. He has a contract that doesn’t expire until 2022.

  28. Biggles

    Note that I only say we should extend Monreal if there’s not a good academy prospect AND we’ve already signed a new first choice. It’d be a financial mistake to sign a new first choice and new second choice left back.

  29. Jamie

    All 3 have? That’s gotta be worth over £100 mill to us, no?

    Sad to see our only legit goal scorer leave, but anything north of £70m for a 30 year old Auba is a fair shake in my opinion.

    I feel like I’m repeating what others have said, but we could get two sexy wingers for £50m each. Might increase Laca’s numbers if he has solid players on the flanks feeding him. Maybe then our fullbacks wouldn’t have to push so far forward and leave gaping holes in front of our defenders.

    Now if we could jettison Ozil and Mhki, things are looking ripe for a few hot (young) additions.

  30. Bamford10

    My biggest concern at the moment is that Emery has too much faith in some of his existing first XI players. Where most of us think we need 6-7 new first XI players — whether we can do so much business this summer is a separate question — in order to compete next season, I worry that Emery thinks he only needs 3-4. Time will tell, I guess.

  31. Jamie

    Bamford –

    Are you using banned words in your posts? Might be what’s preventing them from appearing. It would be useful if there was a list of banned words somewhere so we know what not to submit.

  32. Thank you and goodnight.

    As has been said a million times, doesn’t matter whose in the hot seat ,fuck all will change while kroenke is in charge.
    We are screwed as a club, top 10 barely. The only reason they’re allowing Emery to remain is it gives them another fresh season for taking the piss out the fans. At the end of the season they’ll act like heroes and sack Emery , pretending they’re in agreement with the fans, while bringing in another twat to do exactly the same as what Emery’s remit has been, don’t get us relegated. Then rinse and repeat.

  33. Nelson

    Now that Auba and his agent are trying the China trick again. Just tell you that it is almost impossible to change someone’s personality.

  34. Marko

    Don’t know where that worry is coming from Bam we’ve already lost 4 on free transfers, there’s likely to be some returning players moved on and then there are certain players that we clearly don’t want anymore. My guess is that at least 10 are leaving. Hopefully more

  35. Bamford10


    Yes, but gambon was basing his POV — give Guendouzi a pay rise — on reports of Guendouzi’s value in the market at the moment, not on having actually watched him play a lot this season. There are apparently people who think Guendouzi is worth 70m, is one of the hottest young commodities in Europe, etc. Those of us who watched him carefully and often this season, however, know that while he is a talented young player, he has shortcomings and weaknesses and it isn’t yet clear just how good he can be in the future.

    Not to mention he has three years remaining on his contract.

  36. Moray

    And why do we have an under-23 anyway? That is practically middle aged in footballing terms these days. If you’re not in around the adult squad at that age you need moved on.

  37. Bamford10


    Right, but not all of those are first XI players. My concern is about the first XI. How many of those will be replaced? It needs to be 6-7, but I don’t know that Emery agrees. (Forget about what is possible.)

  38. Danny S

    Imagine 70m for Auba, and possible combined 50m for Xhaka and Must.

    Bring in Ziyech and Pepe in and a decent CB and we have already replaced Aubas goals in goals from the wings and ones Mustafi and Xhaka won’t have conceded.

    Throw a Rabiot in there and I’d wet my pants.

    All dreams of course.

  39. Left testicle

    Makes sense to promote Ljunberg especially if we’re planning to integrate some of the U23s into the full squad.

  40. Marko

    Well we’re looking for fullbacks and CB’s and we’re hearing a CM and a forward. Probably looking at at least 5. More depending on departures

  41. Bamford10


    The problem is, even in that great scenario above — additions of Ziyech, Pepe, Rabiot, a new CB — we would still need an LB, a CM and probably an RB. Kolasinac isn’t good enough, Xhaka isn’t good enough, AMN isn’t good enough, and it isn’t clear what Bellerin will be when he returns.

  42. Danny S


    Those signings are on top of whatever we do with the defence.
    I was talking about what we could potentially get for just those sales.

    We would generate more cash plus the 40m we have to spend from sales of others.

  43. Left testicle

    Wenger needs a to have a word. Emery obviously doesn’t know that you don’t bring in more than two players in a transfer window.

  44. Receding Hairline

    Southampton just signed a winger from Standard Liege for 10m.

    Very probable he might move in two seasons for triple of that or more if it works out. I was hoping we will do more deals like that. Not pay clubs 70m for players they bought for 8-10 a year ago

  45. Biggles

    Some rumours that Umtiti is our top defensive target.

    Great when fit, but I’d be hesitant spending £50m or whatever on a crock. I’d rather spend £15m on whoever this year’s Ashley Williams or Wes Morgan is, because good and dependable for 40-50 games is better than great for 20 and rubbish for 30 because you had to play a past it Koscielny or out-of-their-depth 12 year old instead because of injuries.

  46. Left testicle

    I have been criticised for not hiring Xabi Alonso or Gareth Barry. But if I signed them, I would have killed Alex Song, Abou Diaby and Denilson.

  47. Left testicle

    Look, I have managed for 30 years at the top level and I have to convince you I can manage the team?

  48. HighburyLegend

    “It’s harder to find top qualidee players on the market these days… and we’re only searching for top qualidee. ”
    (even on loan, even with a broken back)

  49. Pierre

    “. Might increase Laca’s numbers if he has solid players on the flanks feeding him”

    Sorry to say but Lacazette is not a penalty box predator in the mould of Aubamayang , Kane or Ian wright….his movement in the penalty box is average though he is a very good striker in other aspects .

    To sell Aubamayang to buy 2 wingers does t make sense….you would be selling the one player who would reap the benefits of having 2 wingers ….in fact the one player also that is perfect to feed the 2 wingers will probably be sold as well ….

  50. Moray

    “Just because he didn’t cost £50m up front, doesn’t mean Yaya Sanogo won’t become a £50m striker.”

    There’s still time!

  51. Bamford10


    Got it. You’re saying we could add all of those pieces AND add an LB, RB and CM.

    This gets back to my point above about just how many new pieces are needed in the first XI, though: this scenario of yours — admittedly ideal — would involve six new first XI players. And this just to make us a top four side.

  52. Danny S


    He won’t be ‘sold’. He will be given away. No one will pay money for him.

    Also Pierre, Liverpool play without a striker. They have wide forwards and I think laca would play well linking up with 2 forwards.

  53. Bamford10


    I think Pierre is saying that Aubameyang would work even better with two good wide strikers than Lacazette would.

    But you make a good point: Firmino works well with two good wide strikers; why couldn’t Lacazette? They’re different players admittedly, but perhaps Lacazette could work with two good wide strikers better than some imagine.

  54. Moray

    BREAKING: @SpursOfficial midfielder Christian Eriksen has confirmed he is looking for a new challenge in football and is open to leaving the club this summer.

    — Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews) June 5, 201

  55. Jamie

    “There’s still time!”

    Imagine Yaya’s face when he received the call from his agent telling him he’s on his way to Arsenal and he’ll be earning £1m a year for 4 years as a professional footballer.

    And one of our two resident idiots literally wants Wenger back in charge.

  56. salpardisenyc

    Eriksen wants more, who can blame him.

    Feels like this was THE season for Spurs. Could see a Bale / Eriksen swap deal with Madrid taking some of the massive wage.

  57. Marko

    I’d much rather we spent 30 odd million on a LB instead of the supposed 30 million it’d take to get Meunier. Kenny Lala, Atal, Malcuit, Maffeo, Dumfries, Celik of Lille or could maybe try to get Odriozola from Madrid on loan for the season. 23 highly rated but might find it difficult to get a game with Carvajhal and Militao there next season. All imo better cheaper options than Meunier

  58. Moray

    I don’t see Bale going back to Spuds. I think he’s nailed on for Man Utd, as part of their restructure. Problem is, if he doesn’t make the effort to learn the local language in Manchester it could be tough to understand his new boss…

  59. Pierre

    Danny a

    “Also Pierre, Liverpool play without a striker. They have wide forwards and I think laca would play well linking up with 2 forwards.”

    Jamie said having the 2 wide players feeding him to increase his numbers, Liverpool do not use firmino as a conventional centre forward , he is there as a foil for Salah and Mane, hence why they are so prolific.

    I agree that if Lacazette was used different to how Jamie was suggesting then Lacazette could play the firmino role quite well…

  60. Chris

    Eriksen looked average at times this season. A new challenge might be what he needs.

    Also, his hair is receding dreadfully, needs a Shane Warne job or 0.5 all over.

  61. Jamie

    Ozil loves Arsenal so much he’s going to force the club to pay his wages in order for him to accept a move. Just as happy to mail it in and play video games for the next 2 years in London. Nice little ‘fuck you’ to the club and his remaining one fan.

    Our other resident idiot remains unwavering is his infatuation with Ozil, however. Wall-to-wall posters lining his bedroom. Poor kid.

  62. Moray

    I presume Ozil makes a pretty penny through sponsorship and marketing? If we have him rot in the reserves, surely that would have an impact. Plus, there must be certain games we can play to humiliate him further?

  63. Marko

    Sebastian Haller would be who I would target if one of our strikers leave. Especially if it’s Auba cause we would definitely need someone to push Lacazette otherwise his return might not improve

  64. salpardisenyc

    Looks to me that Ozil’s drawn an unerasable line in the sand, club have little choice now but to move him on whatever the cost.

  65. Whiteydagoonet

    Two compellingly obvious reasons we didn’t qualify via top 4

    1. Laca and Auby failed to convert far too many very simple goal chances, all forwards do this but between these two the accumulated howling misses must have been the difference of not losing / or winning at least 5 games…so an approximate total say 8 points lost. Say no more, offload them, then go big time for the like of Zaha.. someone who causes problems when running into the box with the ball at his feet. Rather than Lacca and Aub prancing about like puppies looking for picture opportunity. Proof in thinal against Chelsea when EMS gave Lacca a whacking tackle and another whack as he hit the deck, that was the last we saw if him…We want badly a forward that would have got up and gone looking for EMS ..Deeney is a prat but he is dead right that Arsenal are not up for it .

    2 Whenever Ramsey played we were good, when he didn’t we were bad and lost matches against teams we should have beaten. Unbelievably he wasn’t encouraged to stay even though there were strong rumours that he was happy enough to stay in London.
    Surly Emery is at fault on both counts..he is paid to recognise glaring problems and sort them out..he hasn’t, obviously not going to improve this attitude ..so he MUST go. No question.
    I wonder how Ferguson would have dealt with the Miki unable to go to Baku situation? Odds on he would have made a stance..like if Mike can’t go then we don’t.

  66. Nelson

    I can see Eriksen becomes SPUD’s Ramsey. He has one year left and SPUD demands 100m. Real prefers Pogba. There aren’t many teams who can afford that price. Looks like another free pickup by Juv in a year.

  67. Danny S


    We do need to replace a lot. And I think we will, I’d say the transfer team have a very good idea of who they want gone now, who are mentally unsalvageable, no matter how technically able.

  68. Graham62


    Good afternoon.

    Your obsession about the so called “obsessives” is becoming rather obsessive.

    There are no limits to your one man charade to defend the indefensible and point your finger at someone who is merely picking up the pieces.

    It’s a shame the reality didn’t sink in ten years back.

    What do you think?

  69. Biggles

    If Eriksen hasn’t moved by Christmas… pre-contract agreement to replace Ozil?

    Just need to remind him that Sol won the double twice with us and the best he ever got with the Spuds was a League Cup. Hell, even Pompey got Sol better trophies (FA Cup) than the Spuds did!

  70. HighburyLegend

    In his post Pedro talk about the Ozil “problem” with the coach…
    But he never clearly take the defense of Emery.

    Pedro, even if the manager is garbage, no player should have the right to behave like Pierre’s best pal.

    (That tells you a lot about Pedro’s opinion about Emery… )

  71. Champagne Charlie

    How could we need 6 new first XI signings to make top 4 when we would’ve made it this season if we beat Brighton at home…

    Agendas people, they’re strong.

    There’s no reason why even a decent summers recruitment wouldn’t leave us prepared to compete for top 4.

  72. azed

    “How could we need 6 new first XI signings to make top 4 when we would’ve made it this season if we beat Brighton at home…

    Agendas people, they’re strong.”

    Because a certain manager thought signing Xhaka over Kante was a good idea.

  73. CG

    Ch Ch

    With these Clowns in charge- forget any semblance of us being a Top 4 club again.

    Had ample chances this season.
    And blew every single one of them.( Truth Hurts)

    And If we cant beat Brighton at home- when we are leading at half time- they wont do it next year.

    Every club in the land is getting better- Arsenal ( IF, they keep Emery ) will be undoubtedly be the only one getting worse.

    How the hell is Emery going to juggle with Thursday Loosers Cup Fixtures with the demanding Prem calendar?

    He is totally transfixed with it.
    A Loosers Cup Lunatic!

    Because that tournament is so horrendous.
    Arsenal and ironically Man Utd will be in the semi finals at least ( 14 fixtures!?)

    Throw into the mix- half the team cant stand him

    We are in for a Season From Hell.

    Only slither of hope.
    Freddie L could come to Our Rescue.

  74. Marko

    You definitely don’t have an agenda Charlie. Never not you. Replacing players that have continually let us down is a must. There’s probably more than 6 of those. It’s weird how you perk up at the notion of replacing 6 first teamers but also criticize the manager for not being someone to take us from point c to point a. Me thinks you’re a bit confused

  75. Marko

    The undesirables seem to be in the shop window. Which is nice. Rumours of Kolasinac priced at 20 million and Xhaka at 40. Would be nice

  76. Champagne Charlie


    I’m confused yet everything you’ve written has no relevance to the point I’ve made.

    Did anyone object signings? No.

    I said why do we suddenly need 6 new first XI players to ‘just compete for top 4’? We competed this season…

    Where’s my agenda in stating the obvious, do enlighten? We weren’t a win against Brighton from top 4 this season? Am I wrong?

  77. Batistuta

    I could understand wanting Andersen from Sampdoria as he’s young and with room to improve, also good on the ball but can’t for the life of me wonder what we’re doing bidding for Dennis Praet….Surely we can do better than him

  78. Batistuta

    I’d sooner have Bakayoko on loan with an option to buy as we’re cash strapped than touch praet…What is wrong with this football club

  79. Receding Hairline

    We competed because we have a good manager or because we have good players?

    Was the collapse the fault of the manager or did the players do what comes naturally to them.. Choke at the first sign of pressure?

    Your answers will naturally depend on what agenda you are peddling

  80. Marko

    I said why do we suddenly need 6 new first XI players to ‘just compete for top 4’? We competed this season…

    I dunno if you realize this or not but we didn’t make top 4 this year or the previous two seasons before that. So I don’t know why you’re struggling with the idea that we’ll need to add players to compete for top 4. Unless you think that certain teams next season will be poor again or no one around us will improve. Charles you’re always working an angle. People have also said that the squad isn’t good enough and that if it made top 4 it’d be overachieving. You’ve argued over the years about the squad not being as bad as people think and Wenger didn’t leave the club in such a bad state. It is and he did. These arguments and you commenting on Bam’s opinion that the starting 11 needs work shows your agenda.

  81. Receding Hairline

    The choke against Brighton

    Our players put away the many first half chances and we win

    Xhaka doesn’t pull down his man in the box we probably win

    Aubameyang puts away the second half chance he tried to unnecessarily volley we win

    In all three scenarios I don’t get where the “choke” comes from the coach. Its not play station. Players are not paid small fortunes weekly to have someone direct their every move on the pitch

  82. HighburyLegend

    “Rumours of Mbappe dropping a transfer request.”

    He wants to come to Arsenal ??
    (the “I almost signed” tradition is not dead yet…)

  83. Champagne Charlie


    It was a combination of all of the above, the fact you’re looking for an “or” shows you’ve bias. I’m not the one patting Emery on the back for his unbeaten run and then passing blame when he failed end of year (cough, cough). He and the players get their due for the run they put together, and they also get their critique for utterly imploding at seasons end.

    It’s curious that while a squad overhaul is met with unanimous approval there’s still plenty utterly against even the thought that the manager isn’t up to scratch following our capitulation – that’d be you.

    I’m not the one who is trying to drip feed a falsehood into the narrative of Arsenal fc. We don’t “need” 6 new first XI players to ‘just compete’ for top 4. That’s a bogus suggestion.

    Next season, with even a decent transfer window, there’s no reason why competing for top 4 isn’t the absolute minimum expectation. Not a drip of agenda associated, it’s holding any and all accountable for their part.

  84. Chris


    That Online Gooner article – Kroenke was never going to look at the likes of Klopp in 2013 and think ‘let’s move on Arsène and bring him in’. Wenger was bringing in top four and would have been satisfied with the money coming in for it.

    As well, probably 90% of the fan base were behind Wenger and there would have been outrage from the majority if he had been pushed out considering his past achievements.

    So in hindsight it may have been a winning move but in reality it was never going to happen.

  85. Champagne Charlie

    “So I don’t know why you’re struggling with the idea that we’ll need to add players to compete for top 4.“

    Pretty obvious why, we didn’t come short this season for lack of capable players. We picked up 4 points from 18 in our last 6 fixtures against lower ranking teams. Amazing that those facts still need spelled out.

    “You’ve argued over the years about the squad not being as bad as people think and Wenger didn’t leave the club in such a bad state. It is and he did”

    I said at the start of the season we had a squad capable of competing for top 4. We finished level on points for 4th, and spectacularly mangled ‘easy’ fixtures coming down the stretch. My views were evidently accurate, your protestations about inferiority have needed more and more excuses and ‘reasoning’ along the way.

    To anyone with a pair of eyes, we blatantly had enough of a squad to make top 4 this season. Otherwise I can only assume you think Emery vastly overachieved and did a wonderful job? Wouldn’t be the most shocking admission from the guy who continually advocates for 15 new players a summer.

  86. Receding Hairline

    Maybe because we have seen said capitulation for many seasons now and guess what the coach wasn’t here then. He wasn’t a common denominator in the collapse. Some of the players many unanimously want out though have been showing same weakness again and again to suggest it’s just the limit of their abilities and temperament.

    You on the other hand your speciality lies with telling us what manager can travel from what point to what point but snorting when others give their views on managers. For instance you lost your cool on the mere suggestion Allegri cannot win a league title in a league where Klopp and Pep manage.

  87. azed

    ” We don’t “need” 6 new first XI players to ‘just compete’ for top 4″


    Koscienly and Monreal would be a year older by next season and they are both past it.
    Mustafi is a horrible defender while Holding is injured.

    We need at least one center back.
    Bellerin is injured, the Lich is gone(Alleluia) and Kolasinac can’t play in a back 4 so we need two full backs.

    If we are going to play out from the back, we need midfielders that can handle the ball under pressure and evade the press so we need at least one new midfielder.

    We have 0 wingers at the club so we need at least one.

    3 defenders plus 1 winger and 1 midfielder = 5 players Charlie.

  88. Marko

    There’s your other agenda coming to the fore. We’re literally speaking about addressing the squad and the notion that someone wants to see the starting 11 addressed and right on cue you bring up the manager. “I’m not the one patting Emery on the back for his unbeaten run and then passing blame when he failed end of year…There’s still plenty utterly against even the thought that the manager isn’t up to scratch”. First mention of the day goes to Charles.

    Squad has finished 5th, 6th and 5th with by and large the same individuals letting us down. That alone suggests that we need to improve and rebuild. Then you also have to factor in the possibility of our rivals improving or not being as bad.

  89. Marko

    Receding Kai Havertz is absolutely worth it. He’s outstanding. The prices are obscene true but once in a while you get one who’s absolutely worth it

  90. Champagne Charlie


    Except that’s not been the case with our recent history at all. We’ve bottled big matches, but until recently we always had the bottle to negotiate the run in and sneak top 4. Pure revisionism to suggest we’re suddenly a bunch of bottlers now Emery is at the wheel.

    I lost my cool because you said Allegri won’t win in the league in England? No I laughed at the brazen suggestion because it was so contrived and complete conjecture. No rationale behind it, just a swipe at anyone who fancies Allegri over Emery. Because similar opinions have been offered up about Emery. Terribly transparent

  91. Champagne Charlie


    Becoming more clear you haven’t a clue what an even agenda is…

    What’s my agenda, I asked before and you offered nothing, do tell?

  92. Marko

    I said at the start of the season we had a squad capable of competing for top 4

    I know and this is one of the reasons why I can’t take you serious when discussing these types of things. You think we have a good enough squad we all know your opinions on certain players and the previous manager. You continue to be shown to be wrong in this regard. Every pundit every football writer had us down as the worst of the top 6. It’s universally acknowledged that had we made top 4 it’d be a case of one or two clubs bottling it and us overachieving.

  93. Receding Hairline

    I was making reference to if Allegri is offered the Chelsea job. That you literally see Emery in every post certain posters make on here is your problem not mine. You are so predictable and boring.

  94. salpardisenyc

    Its a pretty safe assumption the squad was capable of finishing top four. Turn one of the losses to a win and we top Chelsea in 3rd spot.

    New Post.

  95. Champagne Charlie

    “You continue to be shown to be wrong in this regard”

    Lol, yes, us missing top 4 on goal difference really shows up my appraisal last summer that we had a squad capable of competing for top 4.

    You got me there, we never stood a chance 😂

  96. Marko

    What’s my agenda, I asked before and you offered nothing, do tell?

    Your agenda is to argue that Arsene didn’t leave the club in such a mess. That the squad that he assembled wasn’t as bad as people suggest and you have a weird agenda trying to convince people that Xhaka hasn’t been a poor signing.

  97. Marko

    Wouldn’t be the most shocking admission from the guy who continually advocates for 15 new players a summer.

    This is a terrible insult by the way. That I want the Arsenal squad to be good enough to compete while you want to keep it together for some reason. I’m hurt honestly hurt. I only think that we need a squad overhaul because the previous manager was so negligent for so many years and left us with such a pile of shite that we need it.

  98. Champagne Charlie

    “Your agenda is to argue that Arsene didn’t leave the club in such a mess.“

    “Mess” is suitably subjective so I’m sure you’d simply argue anything I offered on the topic. I don’t agree for a second we were left in the pits like some hyperbolic rubbish I’ve read over the year.

    “you have a weird agenda trying to convince people that Xhaka hasn’t been a poor signing.”

    I’ve made no comment on what sort of a signing he’s been, I’ve only ever commented on the characteristics he possesses and his value given the standard approach at times has been to belittle everything he does for us.

    He wasn’t a good signing because he’s not particularly suited to playing in the prem. He has quality however, and will need replacing in the side versus the likes of Elneny who will not be missed at all.

    Think it’s better you get referred to as “wide of the Marko” moving forward, far more apt.

  99. Gonsterous

    Receding Hairline
    June 5, 2019 12:30:32

    Southampton just signed a winger from Standard Liege for 10m.
    Very probable he might move in two seasons for triple of that or more if it works out. I was hoping we will do more deals like that. Not pay clubs 70m for players they bought for 8-10 a year ago

    Hahhahahaha this is why le grove hates arsenal. They set impossible objectives in the transfer window and then moan bout it. They want instant success for next season by spending big, they also want cheap youngsters, and at the same time they want WC players that will lift the team so we are challenging for title next season.

    The reason why Southampton can go after those type of players is because they are almost at Southampton level. Then over the years they get better and go a level over Southampton, so they are sold at a profit.
    We are arsenal, we want to have a certain level. We can’t go about looking for a clumsy younger VVD and wait till he makes it (he will need game time and more importantly patience)
    There is a reason why not many youngsters make it at a top team. Many get sold and not at a premium.
    Hence why top teams pay top money for youngsters that have fulfilled their potential.

    We played it smart by bringing in gwen last summer and the abuse he’s gotten is just ridiculous. I would prefer if we bought in one or two young player again and the rest of the other signings with experience and quality.