The world did NOT end.

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Good ebening.

My granddad fought at the MSG in the forties in his first ever TV fight. He was knocked out. BY THE CANVASS. So last night, I revisited a piece of family history by attending the AJ fight. He was knocked out by a very fat man. What a joke. If the Champions League final is ever held there, I will NOT attend.

Did it ruin my day? Absolutely not. What a fucking MAGICAL Saturday people. A totally shit game. Perfectly executed by Klopp.

He has absolutely shamed our club. He has destroyed the notion that success cannot be achieved the right way. He has embarrassed the fans that stood behind stagnation. He has shown the way forward that so many people said wasn’t possible in a world of oligarchs.

It’s a 5 year run for Arsenal to make that happen. We need the right manager. The right vision. Loads of energy. A clear out of the jokers. A move towards absolute accountability.

It probably won’t come with the current leadership, it’ll almost certainly get worse before the owners realise what they’ve done, but rest assured, we’ll bounce back when we start doing things properly.


Let’s focus on what matters. Spurs lost. Summer can begin.

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  1. Dissenter

    “As it had been commented before the issue with Ramsey’s contract was not wage, but image rights. ”

    I’ve never read this before
    This must be an exclusive scoop. You are the one breaking this news.

    Sometimes it’s okay to write that you’re speculating.
    gambon does that all the time and uses xG stats to buttress his views… many still respect him for it.

  2. Marko

    Some have reported that he signed for Juventus for less than what we were offering.

    That is not true. The BBC have reported that he’ll make 400,000 a week pounds too. No way we could afford it. Also people can blame Emery all they want but we’ve been negotiating with Aaron Ramsey long before he arrived. There wouldn’t have been one solitary offer made that we then pulled. My guess is that we made quite a few offers over a two year period and then got fed up. And we’re totally right to by the way. Our only blunder was not selling him

  3. Ishola70

    We’ve seen this before with departed players and the fanbase in denial that a player would actually want to leave Arsenal for what they see as a bigger club or a club that has a better chance of winning one of the big trophies.

    Move on from Ramsay. It’s boring and we have seen and heard it all before with other players that departed.

    Looking at it realistically Ramsay had every reason to leave Arsenal for Juventus.

  4. Pierre

    Don’t you, as an Arsenal supporter, find it rather strange that after witnessing 2 of the finest goals Arsenal have ever scored , that our manager decided that the 2 players who played the major part in those 2 special goals were effectively frozen out of the side until the Bate defeat .

    Any Arsenal supporter should be deeply concerned as to how the manager came to that decision .

  5. Bob N16

    Surely the PEA transfer to China is a non starter -there is a 100% tax on transfers. In other words if we got say £40m they’d have to pay another £40 million in tax before his inevitable £200, 000 a week salary.
    Not sure we’d even accept £40mill.

    I agree, I think it was Marko, who felt Gazidis had a lot to answer for. Either he should have affected more change in the set up or he should have walked away. Either he was incompetent or greedy, or both!

    Sanhelli needs to kick butt. Hope Edu has some tasty S American targets (who can access an EU passport/ work permit (Silvinho!)

  6. MidwestGun

    Two of the finest goals ever scored? Fuck off with that… we were playing Fulham and Leicester, greatest team goals ever?

    Another day on Le Grove another day of Pierre defending Ozil what’s new… As far as great goals I would say the scoop pass from Auba to LT who hit an overhead kick to score was better then either of those. Xhaka had a couple of worldies too the one that swerved on De Gea comes to mind …. but yeah lets go with those goals as finest goals ever scored. Fuck me.

  7. Valentin


    You may disagree with Pierre on his view of Özil and Ramsey, but those two goals were class. The goals that you mention are not at the same level. Auba pass to LT was an on overhit pass behind his target and LT had to adjust.
    The Xhaka shot was a huge mistake by DeGea rather than a world class shot.

  8. Words on a Blog

    I’ve said it before, but one thing to note when people talk about transfer funds/kitties and purchases and disposals of players is whether the transfer fund is whether the “kitty” is a cash fund, or a notional amount based on profit and loss (I.e. taking into account past amortisation of player acquisitions and added or avoided salaries).

    If we sell Ozil to a Turkish or Italian club for a cash sum of £0, and with no subsidy of his salary, for Profit and Loss account (and FFP) purposes we make a profit equal to £18.2m per annum (the salary we would otherwise have to pay him) over two years. So his sale is actually worth £36.4m to us.

  9. Pierre

    Mid West
    Not defending anyone , and yes those goals were special even though for some reason you can’t bring yourself to accept this ….strange.

  10. MidwestGun

    Some of the trolling that goes on here everyday is mind boggling.

    I think the delay we are seeing now is a result of us having to reset all our plans. All the contacts and links we had set up beforehand are now trashed with a budget reset.. That EL final loss was huge setback.. So now we are trying to get Clubs to take all our deadwood off our hands first. I don’t think Raul and Emery thought we were going to lose to be honest. If your looking for a reason to sack Emery that should be it.. not some convoluted Ozil /Ramsey play or not play scenarios.

  11. Receding Hairline

    I guess we should start a petition for the FA to award us a top four finish on the strength of those two goals alone. Heck we should ask for the title.

    Real supporter’s are more worried at the lack of backbone in the team not goals scored from fancy step overs or back heels.


  12. Valentin


    You cannot amortise a salary!?
    I would love if my accountant or bank manager were on the same thing than you are.

    When you finish paying your mortgage, Oils you like HMRC or the IRS treat the equivalent mortgage payment as taxable!

  13. MidwestGun

    Valentin –
    He said finest goals ever… give me a break.. they were great goals no doubt. But he is pulling goals out of a hat to troll his points. Fact.

  14. Words on a Blog

    The point on cash versus profit and loss or FFP, is that if we buy relatively lower paid players over a long term contract and sell relatively higher payed players, we,could in cash terms, end up spending a lot more that £40m and still be ok from a profit and loss/FFP perspective.

  15. Words on a Blog


    For the p&l, You can only amortise the transfer fee, but you can certainly take into consideration avoided salary payments on a disposal of a player

  16. Receding Hairline

    Someone here once said we should always play the exact formation we played against Leicester at home (shocking this one game is the highlight of our highest earners season) to get the best out of Ozil. That second half Xhaka was at left back!!!

    So we should play Xhaka at left back to see if Ozil can get it up.

  17. Bob N16

    The fact we can score the add ‘fancy goal’ isn’t really that significant. The goals against certainly is.

    Two proper FBs please ( three would be even better) and two CBs. As had been said, we don’t want to have to play WBs because the players in question can’t play FB. Have had lots of admiration for Montreal but he’s passed it now, Kola can’t defend and a AMN has been played out of position ( as well as having to play outside Mustafi too often!)

  18. Words on a Blog


    The annual all-in cost of a player is the sum of 1) his transfer fee, amortised over the number of years of his contract plus 2) his annual,salary, including any bonuses.

    Because Ozil extended his contract at the end of his original contract, there was a zero fee component (as far as I’m aware he didn’t collect an extension fee. On signing his new contract)

    So his all-in annual cost as far as the club is co concerned is £18.2m for this year and next.

  19. Pierre

    Mid West
    “Finest team goal ever against Fulham.. who got relegated tells you all you need to know about Ozil. Really.”

    Ozil wasn’t playing, which tells me all I need to know about you …fraud.

  20. azed

    “Finest team goal ever against Fulham.. who got relegated tells you all you need to know about Ozil. Really.”


    Ozil didn’t play against Fulham in 5-0 win.

  21. Chris

    Bob N16

    Agreed and this is why I think the Meunier signing would be a good start to the summer business (if it is true). In one of the most important positions in the modern game we need strength in depth and the versatility he would bring across other positions is an added bonus.

    I think we said it before also, I would rather 2 or 3 players of top quality come in supplemented by the best from the academy, rather than 4-5 of ‘more of the same’.

  22. Valentin


    An already amortised player retiring, dying, leaving on a free cannot be viewed as profit. Non-spent expense are not profit. Arsenal overall salary expense accounting line will just go down.
    P&L even for the purpose of FFP can only include money spent and received, amortisation cost, credit loan.

  23. MidwestGun

    If you hire a manager to do what he does best and he cant do it.. that’s reason enough for the sack . And I’m with those that say this summer will most likely be a letdown now. Not to mention Raul is now wearing two hats after we revamped our system to take responsibility off of the manager and CEO and not create a structure where they have all the power … well look what has happened. Pedro was right about that.

    We can still have a great summer transfer window.. but now it is much more complicated and the odds have gone down. Trying to get people to buy your trash isn’t easy … as anyone who has ever had a garage sale or fire sale can tell you… especially when you bought that shiny Ozil Stereo system back when it was cool and now it seems old, out of style and you invested too much in it.

  24. MidwestGun

    Ozil didn’t play against Fulham in 5-0 win

    Oops my bad.. I was just going on memory from what Pierre posted…he was going on about Ozil and Ramsey.. had the goals combined in my mind. Anyhow point still stands Ozil’s legacy will be unable to effect games in the way he should when it matters.. even under AW. The pk miss against Bayern was the start of it … in my mind. Never really able to overcome it since then.

  25. Words on a Blog


    If you cut a cost, you make a positive contribution to the profit and loss account.