Liverpool and Spurs shame our owners ambition (Long Read)

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To make a bad weekend even worse, tragic news just dropped the Jose Antonio Reyes passed away after a car accident. A tragic loss of a young life. He was one of the most exciting ‘out of the blue’ signing from way back when and certainly an unsung hero of our invincibles era. Thoughts are prayers of everyone at Le Grove are with his family right now.

Onto football.

I took a pretty big swipe at our ailing manager yesterday, and many people felt I should focus more of my energy at the family running the show.

So let’s talk about what running a club with vision and purpose looks like. What better place to look than Spurs and Liverpool? (I know, it hurts so bad)

5 years ago, Arsenal had just finished the season in 3rd place. Spurs and Liverpool had finished 5th and 6th respectively. Neither team had broken 60 goals.

Arsenal were ahead of the game. We had built our stadium, we had better players, and we were still enjoying our superb run of Champions League football.

So what happened? As we wrote extensively at the time. The Kroenke family were happy to watch their fortune grow because they are real estate people. Sadly, they didn’t pay attention to the reality of what was going on pitch side. They couldn’t recognise the decline in the football, they didn’t understand what the influx of money was going to do to the competition in the league, and they only paid attention to the standard health metrics of the business… namely, that all financials were ticking upwards.

That said, here’s where so many fans get things brutally wrong. They’re not bloodsuckers. They have invested ample funds in Arsenal. We have had exactly the same chance at greatness as the rest of the teams around us. The single biggest failure of Arsenal was to keep Wenger on way beyond his sell-by date, the second biggest failure was on Ivan Gazidis for his cuck like behavior in not at the very least building an elite team around him. The third was the missed opportunities. Sign Sven Mislintat and Jurgen Klopp 5 years ago when we could have, we’re talking about a different Arsenal. We could have had Pep Guardiola. The list goes on.

Ivan didn’t have a real football vision for the club. He had some really nice platitudes that he’d parrot at the AGMs, but there was zero know-how for delivering his substanceless proclamations that we’d become like Bayern Munich (‘be like them’ isn’t really a vision).

No vision, no philosophy, no structure, and a bad manager was a recipe for criminal wastage… not just that, we had a placid fanbase that didn’t understand the damage their father like manager was doing (even now, people still talk about him like he’s an absent dad and it’s f*cking creepy).

Spurs and Liverpool didn’t have the same issues. They both embarked on a similar plan of attack. They hired in two managers that boasted vision, coaching skills, outrageous charisma, and absolute belief in the project they were taking on. A manager is step one, it’s always the simplest way to impact a club. Know what you want to do, then find people with the energy to deliver it.

Spurs wanted to bring through young players and coach them to elite levels. They wanted a core of British players that loved playing with each other and felt deep affinity to the manager and club (Arsene > Project Youth). They had a good crop of kids that blended in with very smart buys from around the globe. The football might not always be that technical, but the work ethic is a sight to behold. Their players are more than the sum of their parts, they are an uncompromising beast of a team.

Liverpool, it was simple, they wanted to play heavy metal football. Klopp made great strides in season one and slowly built players around his exciting vision. Power, pace, flair, aggression and warlike mentality from everyone was the absolute standard. No one has more fire than the manager, he’s someone they all love, and he loves them back.

Also, the fans knew what was coming, they bought into the energy and they saw actual progress on the pitch.

Both managers galvanised the fanbase.

‘But, but, but…’

The money, right? Stan K doesn’t invest, he’s a leech, he’s going to bring us down…

Not quite my friends. The Kroenke’s biggest weakness now is the one that’s going to sting them very badly moving forward. They didn’t take the time to understand what was going on at shop level. My guess is they haven’t wanted to be bothered because they’re making magic with The Rams. They don’t really get football, they’d like to succeed, but they’ve entrusted average people with the fortunes of the club, which was fine when elite average could get your top 4 every year, now the bar has shifted.

Arsenal has a net spend of €288m over the past 5 seasons. We’ve dropped almost €500m on players.

Liverpool, a team everyone calls cheque book these days, has a net spend over 5 years of… €204m! €84m less than Arsenal! Their outlay over 5 years is €710m, but 50% of that has come in the last two seasons because… the vision they implemented started reaping financial rewards!

Spurs success, as much as it pains me, is even more staggering. Their net spend sits at €42m over 5 years. Think about that, we’re out here crying that poor old Emery only had €83m to spend last summer! Spurs total player expenditure over a 5 year period has been €328m. (Numbers sources from Transfermarkt)

Wages paints an even starker picture. Liverpool has spent £990m on player wages (Swiss Ramble sourced) over 5 years, with Arsenal right up behind them having dropped a STAGGERING £975m. Spurs, a team in the Champions League final, having just built a new stadium, have spent £576m!

Let me put this into a harsher light… Spurs wage bill is actually £18m lower than ours was FIVE YEARS AGO.

Our weak leadership has consistently thrown their hands up and said we can’t compete because of money. As you all know, we’ve been saying that’s a loser mindset. The best thinkers always find a way to at least get themselves into the mixer. Atleti, Dortmund, Ajax to name but a few.

Luckily for Arsenal, all is not lost.

I have very little faith that current leadership is going to fix this mess. The vision for the club is meek at best, I don’t understand the action plan, and there’s no timeline against it. The shift we made this year is at least there’s now a loose idea of how a football club should be run, the problem is I’m not sure we have the expertise to deliver, even to the ‘proud’ part of it.

We’re going to feel the brute force of how a well-intentioned structure will always fail when average people are attached to its success. Arsenal is littered with people that don’t know what they’re doing, don’t understand the values of the club, and will ultimately fail. Also, please don’t think I mean that about everyone, the club is also full of a lot of absolute heroes who love the club and want to make it better.

There is hope. We are an institution, we are London based, we generate tremendous revenue streams, we have class, values and integrity… and we are a beautiful sleeping giant. When the Kroenke’s finally wake up, pull the wool from their eyes and take positive action by making people truly accountable for something exciting, we’ll be able to make the climb back up to the top.

… but what we can’t keep doing as fans is continue to celebrate average. We can’t keep groaning that it’s impossible to attain greatness. We can’t have such embarrassingly low standards.

Strong leadership shouldn’t be hard to find with the resources we have available. An exciting vision isn’t that hard to formulate if you are talented and ambitious. Moving Arsenal up a level in every department should be low hanging fruit.

… I just don’t think the reality has kicked in with those that own Arsenal.

Today is a dark day for Arsenal. Two teams that five years ago were in much worse positions commercially, financially and on the pitch are in the final of a trophy we’re not even good enough to qualify for.

The exec leadership can either lie down and accept it, or they can pull their finger out and get a little more serious about implementing an exciting vision for the future of our great club.

Let’s see where this summer goes, but for now, let’s all hide in a box and pray the worst doesn’t happen this evening.


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  1. Mark Lowman

    Can’t help looking at this through the prism of 2006. There’s a bit of a strange symmetry . Spurs may have already passed their high mark ( minus titles ) they may find themselves picked off and if Zz continues to flounder at Real. Spurs should be very worried.
    We meanwhile have a Martin Jol. Let’s hope this isn’t a 13 year fix.

  2. Pierre

    Of course Hazard is a class above Ozil …

    Ozil is what he is and what he always has been .

    He likes to be on the ball , he likes to pass to a team mate , he likes to be involved in the Play and set pieces , he gets frustrated at team mates losing possession of the football and making the wrong decisions .

    He can’t tackle , he can’t head the ball , he is weak in physical challenges , he can’t defend and he can’t press the ball as well as some players.

    So basically Ozil has completely the wrong game for Emery’s style of football which brings me back to the point I made at the beginning of the season .

    Why have we employed a manager who has a certain football philosophy , without the players to implement that philosophy and the club will not provide the funds to buy the players to implement that philosophy….it’s doomed to fail .

    Hazard is regarded by Sarri as his most influential player so is allowed the freedom of the pitch to reek havoc and his stats this season are superb and I applaud Sarri for showing such confidence in a player and he has been rewarded. He is played in a way that will show the positives in his game and not his negatives.

    Ozil is not rated by Emery so has no chance , he is played in a way that will show the negatives in his game and not the positives.

    As I said , Hazard is a much better all round player anyway but it does help to have the confidence of the manager.

    It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if Ozil left the club , especially if Emery stays as he the final proved to me that he is setting Ozil up to fail , to the detriment of the team.

  3. Receding Hairline

    Unai Emery made a lot of mistakes this season, too many wrong calls, approached the defensive issues with fear rather than confidence. He has his work cut out next season.

    I hope he has learned that certain players cannot be relied upon, certain players are just not up to it no More, he touched on the need for physicality and you can see how important that is in the league away from home, we have been bullied away from home now for some seasons.

    Let’s see how he approaches next season, if we see the same players doing the same things over and over again then we know he doesn’t have the solutions. I am willing to take this as his learning season, he is a good strident of the game.

  4. Ishola70

    The point is Pierre is that you shouldn’t be comparing the two at all but there you go again doing it.

  5. Josip Skoblar

    What a boring ECL final with two average teams on the pitch. Terrible game. I’m glad Liverpool won. It was nice watching the game in a Tottenham pub in north London. #Schadenfreude. 😉

  6. Ishola70

    The main difference between Hazard and Ozil is that the former can drive his team forward on his own.

    Hazard becomes the absolute fulcrum of the team.

    This is never the case with Ozil.

  7. Receding Hairline

    Carlo ancelloti got rid of Ozil first chance he got, picked the more lively Di Maria ahead of him when it was clear one of them had to go. That was years ago when Ozil still had something to offer

    Mentioning Ozil and Hazard in a statement is nonsense. He is done and will be hard to move on because at other clubs his laziness and lack of fight won’t be tolerated. Here he still has people who blame everyone else but him for his failures.

    Emery set him up to fail by playing him as the sole creator behind two strikers I hear,where is he comfortable at left back?

  8. Pierre

    “Pierre, were Ozil and Jorginho marking each other? Whatever the story to make out that Ozil is not responsible for another insipid performance because he was following orders is fanciful at best”

    Watch the game again Bob and you will then understand what I mean..

    I’m not for one minute saying Ozil has a good game , he didn’t , but he was playing to the manager’s instructions , that I am 100% certain .

    Once you have watched the game you will not question what I am saying .

  9. Pierre

    “he main difference between Hazard and Ozil is that the former can drive his team forward on his own.Hazard becomes the absolute fulcrum of the team.This is never the case with Ozil.”

    and never has been ,exactly what I said …he is what he is ..

    Weird that fans think that because he is given a big contract that he is suddenly going to become a different player ….there are some pretty dumb posters on here , and I’m not talking about you ishola.

  10. Receding Hairline

    Was Wilock marking Jorginho too?

    How come he had more impact in the match than Ozil?

    What exactly does marking Jorginho entail? Jorginho made more tackles and ball recoveries than any player on the pitch and I didn’t see Ozil near him.

    This marking Jorginho nonsense is infuriating.

  11. Ishola70

    I think there may be some nostalgia going on here with Pierre and his liking for Ozil.

    Ozil is very much like those players of yesteryear who used to stroll around the pitch and just do enough at times such as an assist or goal and these players were actually lauded for this that they were seen as mavericks/individualists who just did enough.

    But there is not much call for these players now at the top end. You can’t get away with having them in a team.

    The only way Ozil would really shine now is being in a team surrounded by world class players.

  12. Pierre

    “The point is Pierre is that you shouldn’t be comparing the two at all but there you go again doing it.”

    Come on now don’t make yourself look as dumb as some of the others .

    You asked me a question regarding Hazard and Ozil , I hadn’t mentioned Hazard and had only made the point about Ozil’s role given to him in the final by Emery.

    I find it quite strange that no other poster is questioning the use of Ozil in the final.

    I will say again , watch the match again and you will understand what I’m saying .

  13. Emiratesstroller


    You have made your decision on the Head Coach. I have not. As I pointed out I
    will make that decision in December once I have seen how the club has performed after two summer transfer windows.

    You imply that we should not be too harsh over Koscielny and that it is Emery’s fault that he has played so often.

    Well we have got 5 centre backs in the squad [not including Monreal who has
    played there].

    Mavropanos has been reputedly injured for most of the season and Holding
    sustained an injury in December which ended his season. Mustafi has been
    heavily criticised and Sokratis missed games through injury/suspension.

    So our options were frankly rather limited. What I do know is that we had the
    problem with our defence last season.

    You cannot hide the fact that most of our defeats occurred when Koscielny played and more importantly we conceded 3 goals or more in Eight games.

    We conceded only that number in one game where Koscielny did not play.

    So the point I am making is that the first priority in this transfer window is
    to offload Lichsteiner, Koscielny and Monreal. None is good enough to play
    in defence for us. It should not be difficult to replace them with upgrades.

    Once we look at other players it becomes far more problematic. Players like
    Mustafi, Ozil and Mkhitaryan have expensive contracts so selling or loaning
    them out could be costly.

    At the end of the day you need to be pragmatic and realistic.

  14. Bob N16

    Pierre, you’d have to pay me a lot of money to watch the match again! Look, you may have a point but defending Ozil at this point in his Arsenal career is fairly pointless.
    Ishola is right, Ozil needs to be in a team that is dominating to flourish – he is an expensive misfit at Arsenal.

  15. Bob N16

    On a different matter, can Ballard be considered a youth worth considering? Not saying being in the N Ireland squad makes him ‘ready’ but is he promising?

  16. Receding Hairline

    If I were Ozil now might be a good time to fulfill that fenerbache promise to mom. Make a deal with Arsenal and move to Turkey.

    There are strong reports the decision makers at Arsenal are determined he isn’t here next season

  17. Gbat

    Players are more important than the manager for me. They are the ones who have to perform on the pitch. I’m not one for praising the manager when we win or blaming him when we lose. I find post headings like ‘Emery destroys Valencia’ for example ridiculous.

  18. Pierre

    “Ishola is right, Ozil needs to be in a team that is dominating to flourish – he is an expensive misfit at Arsenal.”

    and I am in 100% in agreement with that …he also needs a manager that rates him , Emery doesnt.

    One or the other or both need to go …

  19. Words on a Blog


    Hazard is the Rolls Royce engine driving his team forward.

    Ozil is the (rapidly depleting) catalyst that only works for a Rolls Royce engine..

    What Ozil actually has to work with is a Skoda.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg


    Thank you, I feel exactly the same. Like it’s some MMA match between the managers, smh.

    Been bugging me for a very long time, but has gotten increasingly annoying, at least Wenger had time and money to build his own squads from the ground up several times and had absolute power at the club so any failings with him was 100% on him. That’s no longer the case with an inherited crappy squad and shared responsibility off the field.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yes, he needs a manager that rates him, and only home games, and no physical players in the opposition team, and no pressure from the opponents, and games that only lasts 60 minutes.

    maybe Fenerbache has a u12 girls team that needs a CAM?

  22. Nelson

    Yesterday’s game demonstrated that playing two wingers is much better than two wing backs. Whenever in doubt, the Pools played a long ball to Salah or Mane. Both of them can beat a defender one on one. They can also cut in and score. Finally, they can also pass the ball between them.
    Emery planned the attack through the wing backs. Xhaka was responsible to loop the ball to the wing backs. The problem is, Kola can’t beat the defender one on one. Once a defender arrived, he passed the ball back. The few times when he was free, his crosses couldn’t find the two strikers, nor he can cut in and shoot. There was one more problem. When we were attacking, he stationed high up in the opponent’s half. It opened up his side for fast counter. AMN had this problem in the 2nd half. His position was so confused that he was not sure whether he should cover Hazard or Emerson. I much prefer we play 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1. We should sign one winger and promote Saka and Nelson.

  23. Pierre


    You forgot to mention the January transfer window in which we should have brought in cover..

    Mavropanos has been fit since the turn of the year but not used and was not even included in the Europa squad , is it not the manager’s job to choose the squad or is that another department of the team that he is not responsible for.

    Blaming Kosielny is just deflecting from the manager who overused him to the detriment of the team .

  24. Words on a Blog


    Spot on with your view that attacking with wingers who can beat their defenders is better than relying on wing-backs who can’t.

    In Liverpool’s case they also have left and right backs who can accurately cross the ball – unlike our wing-backs, especially Kola

  25. englandsbest

    Ozil is a huge weight on Emery’s shoulders. There are others who weigh on him, but Ozil most of all. He was never the right man for Arsenal. Ego-maniac Wenger bought him because his pride was hurt by the Suarez fiasco.

    That is how the Club has been run for years, on the whims of Wenger.

    Getting rid of Ozil and the other overpaid underperforming players should head the list of Emery’s summer priorities. They embody the worst of the Wenger era.

  26. Gbat

    Freddie Ljungberg

    No doubt someone will spout something about philosophy or whatever. It’s like they think the players are robots and the manager is controlling their every movement for the dugout.

    We win and Emery had a great game. We lose and he had a shocker. Strange.

    Nearly every time the club with the best squad wins the league.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    I have not forgotten January transfer window. As I have pointed out many times it is a mistake to recruit players in that month. Usually you recruit dross as we have seen with Suarez.

    The situation with Mavropanos is unclear whether he has been suffering from
    injury or is not rated good enough to play in first team.

    Let’s move on from the excuses and blame for Koscielny. I have provided the stats when he has played and it is time for him to leave the club unless he wants to retire and take up coaching.

    Koscielny has one more year left on his contract. I am sure that there are plenty of clubs in France who are willing to cover his contract.

  28. Ivan


    And he didnt took Cesc back beacuse we had Ozil which we paid 50odd million for and had buyback ond Cesc for 32 ffs

  29. Samesong

    I’ll say it now Poch is never winning anything with spurs.

    And that’s what he will be judged on when his career finishes

    Good at qualifying but always falls short. He is lacking something in the big finals.

  30. Chris

    Oh look it is the sanctimonious Oziltoligist Pierre, who made his mind up about disliking Emery after 2 games yet had no criticism for the previous manager whatsoever, and blindly believes that the only instruction Ozil was given by his coach for the whole game as an attacking mid was to man mark Jorginho, and presumably not worry about being anonymous when Arsenal had the ball.

    Absolute fruit loop.

  31. Nelson


    But it was the manader’s game plan to pass the ball to the two wing backs when Arsenal had the ball.

  32. Tobs

    In a way losing out on CL football might be the best thing for us at this stage. Winning the Europa league( nice as it would have been) would paper over the cracks and further our complacency.

    Before the final my thoughts were that we should get rid of Mustafi and Xhaka and a few others but it would be impossible to get rid of Ozil and Mkhitaryan primarily cos of their wages. Now I think it’s imperative that Ozil and Mkhitaryan leave. We need a hard reset and can no longer carry overpaid non contributors.

  33. Dissenter

    I just read that English darling, Anthony Joshua was knocked down four times on the way to a technical knock-out.
    Couldn’t have happened to a most hyped boxer; avoiding fights like a little girl and permanent resident on social media.
    He was too protected, too marketed and certainly too rated.

  34. englandsbest

    Poch faces a problem next season (the problem faced this season by Klopp): how do you keep the squad believing in you?

    The two key-factors in creating a title-winning squad are personnel and man-management. If a manager can’t get the best out of his players, he will fail.

    Some managers – like Wenger, for example – use the ‘method’ approach, others the ‘tactics’ approach, others the ‘charismatic’ approach, all of them designed to make the players ‘believe’.

    Klopp and Poch employ the ‘charismatic’ approach – not entirely, but mostly. That works early on with a squad in the habit of losing. And it works even better with them if they start winning. But it hiccups if they keep on losing.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    Anthony Joshua is the Arsenal of boxers.

    Dissenter you crazy SOB…I wasn’t aware you were into boxing.

    AJ is today’s Frank Bruno. A bodybuilder masquerading as a fighter.

  36. Marc

    I couldn’t say this yesterday it would’ve been tempting fate but can we stop this “Tottenham had a plan” bollocks. During Levy’s reign he has appointed the following managers:

    David Pleat
    Clive Allen
    Tim Sherwood
    The Poch

    He went through 9 versions of fucking useless before he lucked out on the Poch who has still not won anything. He fucked up the stadium project by trying to do it on the cheap and it ended going way over budget and wasn’t finished on time.

    They’ve now put a dozen first squad players up for sale many of whom won’t sign new contracts because the wages at Tottenham are poor – they are also going to lose their best midfielder in Eriksen over and above the other dozen.

    So a billion pounds in debt, a manager who can’t seem to take the final step and who’s spent half the season talking about leaving and about to lose a large number of players – some plan.

  37. Jamie

    He’s too busy dancing around with glowing gloves making adverts on TV.

    Boxing is a mess anyway. Seriously, have more belts..

  38. Dissenter

    How are you going to survive next season…because Emery will still be here.
    I think another long hiatus will do you some good.

  39. Chris


    Come on man. You don’t think a £350,000 pw player has no ability on anyway to affect a game he plays in? When he did receive the ball he did nothing of note. His attitude is frankly appalling, trudging off like he was on a Sunday stroll. One of Emery’s mistakes was bringing him back into the fold entirely. If the club is ruthless that will be Ozil’s last game for the club. Unfortunately we know we are pretty spineless.

  40. Marc

    Does anyone really think that if either Ramsey had been fit or Miki had travelled with the team that Ozil would’ve started?

    Chances are he would’ve only made the bench because we were allowed so many substitutes.

  41. Guns of Hackney


    Contracts. Ozil does not have to leave. Why are people struggling with this concept?

    Threatening a guy who stopped playing football 2 years ago isn’t going to make him change or move. Ozil will sit it out and make another £20m happily. I would.

    You cannot sell a player who doesn’t want to leave. Fact.

  42. Dissenter

    Why is Mykhi the coward not even shamed
    He too shouldn’t even dorn that Arsenal jersey again. To think his team mates were going to wear a shirt in his honor?

  43. Chris

    No doubt we suffer a financial loss to move Ozil on.

    However it could be done, even if he goes out on loan and we subsidise his wages to a certain percentage.

    The big problem is that I don’t think anyone is interested in having him, because he is so utterly useless and worse, looks like he isn’t even interested in playing football anymore. Even his biggest fan on here admitted he can’t track back, press or tackle and goes missing. These are all pretty important traits for the modern midfielder and he has none.

  44. Dissenter

    It doesn’t matter if we lose money on Ozil
    Getting rid of him indicates a change of tone.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    The only way I think is a two year loan to Erdogan’s Turkish club where we pay half his wages.

    Means he becomes an £8.5 Million a year liability as opposed to £17 Million a year and would stand as an example to football clubs forever as how to not do business.

    He’d be an ever present in those countdown videos to do with bad football decisions, worst players on big money etc.

  46. InsideRight


    “I have not forgotten January transfer window. As I have pointed out many times it is a mistake to recruit players in that month. Usually you recruit dross as we have seen with Suarez.”

    Exactly right. Clubs that know what they are doing know which players they want to sign before the summer arrives. They go hard nice and early when the window opens, knowing that the target’s current side has time and space to replace the player.

    The player gets a full pre-season with his new team mates, how to best play with them, gets to learn the systems and is properly prepared for mid August. It’s how things should be done. And if that player isn’t buyable, then you have fallback options 2, 3 and 4 on paper ready to go after.

    Instead all too often at Arsenal we get this nonsense and protracted signing discussions that go on for days or weeks where it’s clear the player isn’t enthused about coming to us. Where we should be saying “OK, you don’t fancy it so we’re off, cheerio fella” we dig in and try to get a deal for a player not 100% committed.

  47. TitsMcGee

    RIP to JAR.

    Regarding our current mess:

    I remember a few people on this board laughing at Spurs and Liverpool a few years ago as we once again finished top 4 by default while they were on the outside looking in.

    It’s no coincidence that their rise came at the same time as our fall. We (the AKBs really)buried our heads in the sand and pretended that all was alright because “top 4 was a trophy” while Spurs and the scousers kept aspiring for something more. We were happy to tread water.

    Fast forward a few years and Liverpool and Spurs were legit contenders for top 4 and we couldn’t just show up and finish the season in 4th by default anymore. Wenger actually had to go toe to toe and grind it out if we were going to accomplish his precious record of celebration of mediocrity.

    He failed. He was past it.

    Now we are “Spurs and Liverpool “ from 5 years ago only difference is we are going in the wrong direction.

    This is EXACTLY what was always going to happen by sticking with a past it manager for too long and it was voiced repeatedly by the “not real fans of the club” for 7-8 years.

    This mediocrity sits on the heads of the former AKBs and I hope that they wallow in it . Arsenal are in for some dark days. It’s our turn now to mix and match managers to find the right one. It’s a process that should have started 5-6 years ago were it not for one greedy man and what has to be one of the weakest fan bases in the EPL.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    The amount we need this summer is quite scary, RB, CB, CB, LB, CM, CAM/RAM/LAM and a winger.

    With a £50 Million budget. We’ve got to get on those sales. We may have to buy now in anticipation of sales later in the summer.

    Rumours some clubs are asking after Mustafi and Elneny…but it seems the rest of the dross we’re going to have to offer around.

  49. Pierre

    “ChrisBut it was the managers’s game plan to pass the ball to the two wing backs when Arsenal had the ball.”

    Good for you Nelson , you read the game really well unlike the majority of the obsessives on here who prefer to blame Ozil for all our problems.

    Be careful though ,the obsessives will turn on you if you are honest enough to say it how it really is….and remember just call Ozil an overpaid ,lazy cunt and you will be gladly accepted into the mutual appreciation society.

  50. Marc


    You’re right – if Ozil is happy to just sit back and collect his salary there’s very little we can do. What might work in our favour is if he sees “brand Ozil” being damaged by being dropped and decides to look for a new home.

  51. Pierre

    “Now we are “Spurs and Liverpool “ from 5 years ago only difference is we are going in the wrong direction.”

    Agreed, and what did they do , sacked their manager and replaced him with a forward thinking manager which is what Arsenal need to do .

  52. Chris


    Ozil is overpaid and lazy. Glad you agree.

    You said it yourself, he cannot press, tackle or basically perform any important attribute required of a modern footballer.

    A player of his apparent standing should be able to influence the game given his supposed talents that the likes of you constantly harp on about. However, yet again he was mostly anonymous and didn’t even look interested. Emery made a mistake in playing him for sure but I highly doubt he told him his only job in the entire game was to be Jorginho’s shadow.

    Your constant defence of Ozil verges on delirious.

  53. Guns of Hackney


    Brand Ozil? FFS.

    If this prick’s reputation isn’t already down the pan, how much further could it sink?

    Germany hate him. Arsenal hate him. Half of Turkey hate him.

    We are stuck with him. Other legacy of poor club running.

  54. Pierre

    ” It’s a process that should have started 5-6 years ago were it not for one greedy man and what has to be one of the weakest fan bases in the EPL. ”

    Correct, though I’m not so sure about the fan base bit.

    The anger should be aimed at our owner , if he had ambition he would have brought pep into the club 5 years ago.

    Pep would have transformed the club , is my biggest regret as an Arsenal supporter that kronke wasn’t ambitious enough to bring in pep and settled for the status quo.

  55. Marc


    Chances are the only way we can move him on is if he decides it’s not worth staying. That comes down to what would motivate him to want to leave.

  56. Pierre

    “You said it yourself, he cannot press, tackle or basically perform any important attribute required of a modern footballer.”

    I am not defending him, just telling it how it is …the club has messed up massively by giving him a ridiculous contract and then stupidly hired a manager who doesn’t like his style of play …..doomed to fail as I and GOH told everyone on Le grove 2 weeks into the season, and we have been proved right.

  57. Receding Hairline

    Ozil isn’t good enough to hire managers based on his style of play. Getting the best out of Ozil should be the last thing on anyone’s mind when discussing prospective managers.

    What exactly is his style of play, you have suggested others doing his running for him, what does that even mean?

    We should recruit this season players who fit into the pace and power profile. We need a radical shift away from whatever Wenger’s philosophy or vision was.

  58. G

    ” I remember a few people on this board laughing at Spurs and Liverpool a few years ago as we once again finished top 4 by default..
    How do you finish top by default..

  59. Chris


    You may not be defending him now, but for the majority of the season you have been.

    And it’s funny that you found your critical tongue as soon as Arsene left the building.

  60. Moray

    I loved Ozil and remember vividly
    When he first broke through into the international consciousness in the World Cup. Even when we bought him, though, it was a question of buying the cherry to put on a cake that was only half cooked.

    The big problem is mentality; he is essentially a child and the warning signs were there long before he joined us. Wasn’t he skipping training to fly off to meet some bit of skirt in Turkey? Even if we were a club with a richly manned squad or a balanced squad with good defensive capability, Ozil would be a liability. Like Wenger, people need to accept he’s not what he used to be a few years ago, and even then he wasn’t right for us.

    If he had any self respect he would seek a way out that suited all parties. If not, get him training with the women and see what treatment he gets from them.

  61. Cesc Appeal


    That is what I’m thinking.

    The rumours are Arsenal want to cut £50-60 Million off the wage bill, it may be knowing that we intend not to recommit £30 Million of the savings back onto the wage bill we can free up some more funds in anticipation of more profit from less costs?

    That would take it up to £80 Million without any sales. But then you have to think salary wise you have not got total freedom. But then I think, given the calibre of player we’re likely signing, young, promising talent and unearthed gems we should be going straight back to a £230 Million wage bill anyway. Unless we’re signing Umtiti, Partey, Zaha, Rabiot etc our squad just won’t be worth it.

  62. Moray

    Marc, I imagine Ozil is a formidable wanker. If he plays games and accesses p@rn on the same device, that’s the one to go for. Hold it to ransom until he fucks off.

  63. Pierre

    “Getting the best out of Ozil should be the last thing on anyone’s mind when discussing prospective managers.”

    Actually you are wrong , especially as 6 months earlier the club awarded a 350 grand a week contract to Ozil .

    But obviously the club followed your way of thinking as it didn’t appear to cross anyone’s mind during the process of hiring a new manager that it may create problems if Ozil doesn’t fit into the new .managers philosophy.

    Taking into consideration that he would be impossible to sell if he doesn’t fit into the new manager’s philosophy , it makes it even more confusing that people like yourself can’t appreciate the importance of looking at all the angles otherwise you get a ridiculous situation of a manager playing a 350 grand a week footballer as a man marker in a European cup final , something that he has never done before and is never likely to do again …

  64. Moray

    CA, we’re currently eating a 230m salary bill as if it was a Caesar salad. We can offer young players competitive + salaries as well as time on the pitch to prove themselves (since we have many leavers from our first and second teams).

    A work-in-progress can be an exciting prospect for the right minded player., if sold in the right way.

    In terms of our transfer budget I think we may be quite surprised at what we can do this summer if we can amortise our purchases successfully.

  65. Marc

    OK I’ll bite.

    Pierre so who is this mythical manager that has a philosophy of having a player who goes missing in 90% of matches and who’s major contribution – assists has dried up?

  66. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    People too often think of a player costing £25 Million so that means £25 Million out of our budget.

    No, it means £10 Million this summer (for example) and £15 Million added to costs for next year.

    Which is where I’m saying the wage bill savings could come in. If you chop and didn’t recommit £30 Million from the wage bill then that can eat the cost of it next year without affecting our budget for summer 2020.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We all know wenger gave him that contract out of spite an to say fuck u I will leave you a massive money problem.

    Because he was sacked,

    Hate the cunt wenger can’t wait for the minute silence at the next home game when he’s gone.

  68. Freddie Ljungberg

    Any thoughts on Eder Balanta, 26 yo CB from fc Basel?
    If the rumoured price tag of 4m is true then maybe he’s worth a punt, we have 3 CBs hopefully leaving from the team in Kos, Mustafi and Monreal, and Chambers needs to be sold too.

    1 cheap, older punt and a promising youngster with world class potential could be the way to go.

    Both Holding and Sok are ok to play as starters, ideally just one of them at a time though but we absolutely need someone that can come in and command that position for years to come.

  69. Pierre

    “We all know wenger gave him that contract out of spite an to say fuck u I will leave you a massive money problem.Because he was sacked,”

    Maybe all the wenger obsessives know that but of course you are wrong , and you don’t have to be the brain of Britain to know why .

  70. Cesc Appeal


    I would stay away to be honest.

    I don’t know the player, but whenever we’re linked to someone I have a read up on them on scouting stat sites, see what fans are saying, especially the player’s own fans (look at us with Mustafi) and I don’t think I’d go for it.

    Looks like it would be £4 Million wasted and probably £60 000- 80 000 on the wage bill for no good reason.

    I’d rather us look at signing Saliba and Kabak for a combined £33-48 Million offset by the departures of Mustafi and Chambers. If two young CBs worries some people I understand that, but this Balanta plays CDM right now as well I think. No thanks.

    I would quite like to see if we could get a deal done for someone like Tarkowski if he didn’t cost the earth and pair him with a younger signing.

  71. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m not wrong.

    Wenger was an egotistical. All abou5 me person.

    He fucked the club over many ways.

    Greed. Was his worsebproblem.

    Funny how he ain’t been employed by anyone init…

    I hate the cunt.

    We are in a money mess cos of him…

  72. Receding Hairline

    So we pick a manager to build a team around a 30 year old who you just admitted cannot drive play,is not a leader,cannot dribble, needs others to run for him.

    We compound a bad contract mistake by building a weak team. In your warped way of thinking we should compensate for Ozils weakness’s by spending millions in an attempt to get a few more assists and chance creation stats from him.

    This is getting ridiculous

    Truly world class players do whatever they have to influence games, when we were in possession was he also marking Jorginho, was he barred by the manager from dictating the way we play, you are making a silly argument and I’m making it worse by indulging you.

  73. Pierre

    “Pierre so who is this mythical manager that has a philosophy of having a player who goes missing in 90% of matches and who’s major contribution – assists has dried up?”

    actually he was the 3 rd most creative player in Europe for a spell last season 2017/18

    And created more chances per 90 minutes in the world cup 12 months ago

    So he wasn’t exactly ” going missing” was he …

    It could be possible that the manager hasn’t a clue how to get the best out of him , hence playing him as a man marker in a European final.

  74. Pierre

    Time to go ,the golf course is calling , it’s a beautiful day in the South of England , maybe some of you should wonder how Ozil has gone from the 3rd most creative player in Europe and the most creative player per 90 minutes in the world cup to a man marker……think about it.

  75. terraloon

    Cesc Appeal

    The trouble is that based on your logic from this years £45 million you are having to pay some of last years transfer fees and some for the year before and so on.

  76. Chris


    Forget what Emery in your mind asked Ozil to do in regards to Jorginho (and it isn’t an unreasonable request for a modern midfielder to contribute defensively)

    What do you think Ozil was asked to do against Chelsea when Arsenal had possession? Do you think a player of his supposed quality should be able to influence the game to his teams benefit?

    He failed miserably. And now you are digging out stats from 2 years ago to defend him.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    No it’s not because it’s factor into costs I believe, amortisation is part of our costs when working out transfer budgets, free cash etc.

    We likely will have money coming in potentially for players like Oxlade, Giroud etc that would have been put into our income this year, it won’t count as player sales this summer.

  78. Marko

    What is actually wrong with some of you people. You’re getting sucked into another Ozil discussion with a known imbecile who would gladly walk the streets of London with Mesut cum dripping from his chin. He hasn’t acknowledged the decline he blames the new manager for the decline not the previous one and certainly not the player himself and that should tell you everything you need to know about this person. Stop getting sucked in. He’ll fuck off soon enough to play golf with his imaginary family if you stop answering him

  79. Chris

    If Ozil refuses to budge then he still shouldn’t feature in the first team next season. Stuck with his wage or not he is better off not playing and bringing the team down with his subpar performances. After 6 months he may finally get the hint and seek a move, even on loan, in January perhaps.

    Arsenal needs a dynamic change in the team and he shouldn’t be anywhere near it.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Torreira for example I don’t think we paid the full £26 Million up front.

    It can actually be a bargaining chip for clubs, I believe, to say I will give you all the money now. Whereas you might end up offering slightly more in that situation if you are a competitor wanting the cost spread.

  81. Marko

    CA I’ve always said that I wouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves in need of 3 CB’S with the possibility of Mustafi Koscielny and Monreal leaving on top of Chambers and possibly Mavropanos with Holding still injured. Could possibly end up with just Sokratis an injured holding and maybe Mavro that means there’s a need for signings. Balanta could make sense I remember we were linked with him back in his Monterrey days. My hope is that we’re still on for those signings that we had thought of with champions league in mind. We simply can’t afford not to target those players. We need a Upamecano type and a Saliba type. This summers going to tell you a lot about where we’re at as a club whether we hired the right people to fix this mess and whether the manager will be an unmitigated disaster. Sign the right players and we should see an improvement. Target the wrong players and we’ll drift further.

  82. Marko

    “I don’t think Tottenham is the type of club to challenge for the Champions League every season, we have to be honest,” says Lloris but vows to remain ambitious.

    Lloris gets it

  83. Elmo

    “How do you get rid of a player under contract?”

    “Abidal would return to the squad and his presence had an uplifting effect on the team. However, in April 2013, Abidal was reportedly summoned into a meeting with Sanllehi and was essentially told his level of play was not at the level they needed to be, and his contract would be terminated at the end of the season.

    Abidal reportedly pushed back and mentioned that he had one year left on his deal to which he was reportedly told that the club would pursue legal action to terminate the contract. Abidal would later confirm a lot of this on an interview on French TV.”

    Can’t have been that contentious, though, because Abidal is now DoF at Barca, and happy to negotiate with Sanllehi.

  84. Marko

    Also did anyone see Wengers comments on our collapse? That’s fucking rich coming from him. He who invented the “Arsenal collapse” he also perfected the art of conceding two quick fire goals and having humiliating results every single season. Please stop talking

  85. Cesc Appeal


    This is a huge test for the new set up.

    Limited funds, out of control wage bill and a squad where the overwhelming majority of players need to be chopped but many of those are on ridiculous contracts and are so bad that shifting them for anything approaching value will be hard.

    If they manage it though they will swing opinion heavily in their favour.

    By manage it I mean cutting the dross and adding some young players with serious potential and some real physicality and tenacity into the side. Allowing a system to be implemented and making us look as if our trajectory is now upward.

  86. Nelson

    the Ituano FC youngster will join for £6 million when he turns 18 later this month.

    At least, the price is right.

  87. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Let’s watch this week of what the Arsenal reporting journos are briefed. Ornetein, Jeremy Wilson and Amy Lawrence will be be given the heads up on the direction of summer transfers

  88. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not too fussed with what they say. I mean Ornstein will be interesting, but rather I care more about what has happened in August when we kick off the season.

    Last summer was a competent display (which is better than most years) but slightly lacking in sales, this summer needs to be more than last. This needs to be an expert display of navigating the transfer market, using sales, amortisation, loans, scouting etc to the absolute maximum.

  89. Marko

    Dream that we collapsed? Yeah of course he was right but it’s very hard to listen to that man talk about Arsenal collapsing when he had it down to a fine art when he was Arsenal manager. The mentality the fragility at Arsenal that doesn’t get sorted inside a season most of the players who let us down in the final he signed them. It’s just a little rich coming from someone who has 8-2, 10-1, 6-0 and more type results from his time at Arsenal.

  90. englandsbest

    G of H

    With Ozil, Emery will be talking ‘giving’, not ‘selling’.

    The other half of Turkey probably loves Ozil. I don’t know which half Galatasary or Besiktas are in, but on a free (and with a patriotic salary drop) he might well be their boy. And even more so if Mr Erdogan perceives it as a piece of one-upmanship on the untrustworthy West – and a slap in the face for Angela M.

  91. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Says this martini is both feet to me it’s right only…

    Does this kill or help anothe4 youth.

    Sell laca n pea for 120

    Youths up front

  92. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if loans with an obligation to buy at an inflated price might be used this summer? Thinking of someone like Umtiti. Basically betting on ourselves and moving the cost to next year.

  93. Marko

    CA it’s going to say alot who we target. Keep certain players and target the likes of Balanta and some piss shit cheap options and don’t expect improvement or decent football next season. But targeting a Upamecano type says something targeting a Saliba says something. I personally think that the fullbacks we sign this summer are going to tell you alot this management team. If they target flashy fullbacks who have defensive question marks about them that will tell you so much more than if they target actual fullbacks who can defend properly. That would them being aware of and properly addressing the defence

  94. Danny S


    You sure know how to grab on to a point and repeat it incessantly. Wenger obsessives, man marking Jorginho, chances created etc.

    You are very narrow minded.

  95. HighburyLegend

    “Was Wenger not telling the truth?”
    This is not the problem. Considering the total mess he left behind him, plus the fact that is the responsable of our greatest humiliations during his reign, he sould have kepr his mouth shut.
    Senile moron…

  96. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Is it me but is the ox a bit like John terry..

    What did he actually do ?

    Wayhim celebrating you think he was da main man.

  97. tee

    reports: Edu secures striking sensation(Matinelli) as first signing as Arsenal’s technical director

  98. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    But the club are in the stage where they should have signed him a year ago….

    We need to be the club giving youth a chance

  99. Cesc Appeal


    He’s coming straight in. Emery wants to use him in pre-season. He’s got Italian citizenship or something, I think, so I think we’re working that angle.

  100. terraloon


    Arsenal are one of the majority of clubs that choose to pay for players on HP not all clubs do. I am pretty sure that City & Chelsea pay all fees on signing a player .
    The difference between Arsenal and the majority of other clubs that pay by way of instalments is that most clubs use current cash flow to meet on going commitments whereas In Arsenal’s cash reserves there is a ring fenced sum in respect of transfer fees still owed
    Don’t get confused between amortisation and sums still owed they are not one and the same nor are sums still owed to Arsenal in respect of players sold indeed the profit is shown immediately the player was sold.

  101. Marko

    He’s got Italian citizenship or something

    Exactly right. I’m not sure he’s going to be thrown straight into the first team. He’ll probably play some part in preseason and see how it goes for him with the under 23’s. He’s still only turning 18 and playing in what the 4th tier of Brazilian football. Any videos I’ve seen of him though look like he’s a stand out.

  102. David Smith

    Wonder how Emery will react if the board do not back him in his quest to rid his squad of Ozil?

  103. Valentin


    The fact that Abidal is now back at Barcelona and Raul has left via the small door tell you everything you need to know about how both actors are viewed now at Barcelona.

    Also getting rid of a player whose purchase has already been amortised and who has only one year left is complete different from getting rid of a player with 3 years left.

    With one year left, you can give him for free and subsidise his wage. It is a one time small hit.

    If you force a player out with 3 years left, his agent will negotiate to have the full remaining of his salary or at least to compensate for loss of earning including loss on commercial deal due to the lower prestige of his new club. That is a massive hit. That could completely wipe of budget transfer just to get rid of him.

  104. Hitman

    Our problem for the last decade has been down the sides particularly playing wingbacks instead on wingers.
    A nothing compromise option and to make it worse the personnel are not good enough to pay that role. Not good enough to create chances (usually cant shoot, score or cross), nor good enough defensively not good tactically (high up the pitch on the counter exposing centre backs) nor intelligent enough.
    Typical Arsenal player – cheapest option. Not buying in quality.
    Why not play 442? That way we concede less. Full backs told to stay at home. Employ real wingers to can create and shoot and run at the opposition. Could not have done any worse IMO.

  105. Cesc Appeal


    The scenes if we’ve spent £5 Million of our joke of a budget and he can’t get in the country.

    David Smith

    They will back him.

    Anyone with a brain knows that pussy is a waste of space and a total waste of money.

    It’s just whether they actually can get rid of him.

  106. Marko

    No one’s backing Ozil to stay over the manager that’s ridiculous to think. They want him gone just as much

  107. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    One way to rid of ozil

    Call in his agent
    He never plays again.
    Won’t be given a squad number.
    Won’t train with first team

    We offer 10m to buy out contract.

    Take or rot.

  108. Freddie Ljungberg

    The only one that wants Ozil to stay at the club is Pierre, and that’s only because he hasn’t figured out a way to lure him into his sex dungeon and trap him there for all eternity.

  109. Ishola70

    This link to this Basle CB Balanta is banter. Balanta banter.

    His playing record over the last few seasons is littered with suspensions and injuries. Just like that Kanneman CB who was also linked.

    These links are done by anti-Arsenal trolls.

    Ignore them.

  110. David Smith

    Hope they back him CA. They need to find a way. Suspect it is not only his performances, but a toxic attitude infecting the team.

  111. Valentin

    Özil is currently guarantee a minimum £17 millions per year for the next two years with an option (unlikely to be taken) for. 3rd year. That’s £34 millions.
    Who would take £10 millions over £34 millions when you know you are unlikely to get £10 millions outside of China or Qatar?

    Instead of concentrating you ire toward him, we should concentrate on trying to get the right kind of players. And that could be done even with him draining the club.

    In one year time, Özil will have to make a decision. Leave to get a longer contract somewhere else or stay and be marginalise for an another year.

  112. Marko

    Ozil is 30 years of age. His 7 year contract with Adidas is up next summer. You explain to him that you want him gone and that if he doesn’t go he won’t be registered for any football next season and he won’t be allowed to train with the team. See what his advisors do then. They’ll be advising him that at 30 he can still play football elsewhere that he’ll need to be playing football to keep those sponsorship deals. I’ve never bought into the idea that while he’s a lazy motherfucker with zero fight in him that he’d be fine with sitting on his arse for the next two years not playing football. He’s 30 ffs

  113. Elmo


    I said a couple of days ago that an Italian club might take him on a free transfer, on £250k pw wages (equivalent to a £20m transfer fee and £120k pw over 3 year contract).

    We would have to pay off Ozil to the tune of £10.4m up-front, but we’d save £26m net in wages over the next two years.

    If we could make that happen, does Ozil offer us £13m of value per season for the next two years (i.e field him in EL group games and PL home games against weak opposition) to justify keeping him? I think his inconsistency and poor attitude means we’re better off just moving him out, getting the outlier wage out of players’ agents minds, and allowing us to establish a clear first choice XI without the distractions of Ozil hanging around.

  114. Valentin

    You explain to him that you want him gone and that if he doesn’t go he won’t be registered for any football next season and he won’t be allowed to train with the team. See what his advisors do then.

    Yes, sue for constructive dismissal, win and get full payment for the remaining of his contract with potentially punitive damage added on top.

  115. Marko

    That is also true. This idea that he wouldn’t lower his wages at all to play football as opposed to not playing football like it’s unheard of.

  116. Marko

    You’ve got an answer for everything don’t you Val. Funny how we can’t possibly be able to get rid of Ozil but according to you the club was able to rid itself of Vieira way back when totally against his wishes. Forced out he was according to you. Stuck with Ozil. Also I don’t think he can sue us at all he’s our player and we can do what we want with him. That includes telling him we’re not remotely going to consider the idea of playing him ever and that also includes telling him he isn’t training with the first team ever again.

  117. Valentin


    That’s an option, if you find a sucker and Özil is willing to go.
    However I would say that both events are unlikely.
    Outside of Juventus, which Italian club can afford £13 millions salary per year.
    Second biggest salary in Serie A after cR7 was Higuain alledgedly on £13 millions a year.
    Napoli top salary is Dries Mertens on £5 millions.