Emery’s numbers look very bad

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Day two and the pain is still pretty intense.

I find the defence of the manager quite baffling, especially considering how strong the evidence of his failings has been. Underlying and data and literally what you’ve been watching all season tells a clear story. So spare the detailed unpicking of his body language or the theorising over why he said nothing in the changing room after the game.

Granit Xhaka, a man who has been front and centre for most of the experience is even a touch deluded about it all.

“I think we had a good season, if you take off the five last games in the Premier League.”

Oh my Granit, oh my. That said, he refused to answer the question as to whether we improved this season under Unai Emery. Well Granit, I can answer you, simply, no we didn’t.

I’m stealing some of Gambon’s posts that explicitly lay this out with hard numbers.

By all accounts, the above is pretty shocking. You can say what you will about Arsene Wenger, but it was clear the problem with him in his last 2-3 seasons was his drifting further and further away from the basics. We mostly blamed poor tactics, a lack of preparation, a blindness to squad needs (which Sven went a way to fixing) and a loss of fire that once drove him to greatness.

When we hired in the new person, we hired in a ‘coach.’ The point of a coach is that they should have the ability to move the club forward without spending £400m. We even had the argument last year that we couldn’t hire in someone like Allegri because he’d want NOW money. Emery was the coach. Training would be high energy, he was a prep machine and he wouldn’t allow the players to be cowards.

So aside from it being clear that performance indicators have dipped, and it being obvious that the culture of the club hasn’t been shifted in an entire year, the other item people keep on comparing to is Liverpool.

Klopp came in, moved Liverpool from 10th to 8th. A poor return they say, that was rectified with time, money and patience. Yes, but remember, those three elements are a reward for tangible progress.

Again, we are in single data point territory. Football fans are utterly terrible with stats, so let me paint a picture using someone else’s.

Just to add to the above. As the season wore on, Klopp’s Liverpool side greatly improved. His team scored 52% of its entires PL seasons goals in the last 13 games. The fans were being electrified with rock and roll football. You could clearly see that without buying players, that Klopp was impacting the players, the culture and the energy around the club.

Additionally harping back to the goals conceded issue, I find it slightly worrying that we’re expecting a coach with limited defensive pedigree to fix our defence. At Sevilla, over his three seasons in which he finished 5th, 5th and 7th… he averagely shipped 49 goals a year. He look over a defence at PSG that had conceded 19 goals, when it was handed over, it clocked up to 27, then 29 in his final year.


I have to tell you Arsenal fans, this is the most middle class ‘I live in a bubble’ comment I read.

Arsenal is a powerhouse club. You can bitch about it, you can say its dead, you can say we’re not attractive… but you’d be so fucking wrong. If Liverpool can attract Jurgen Klopp to live on Merseyside with a team that was sitting in 10th, with the promise of zero net spend for 2 full seasons, then Arsenal are not going to have a problem hiring in a top manager to take us forward.

Yes, the owner didn’t go to the game. But really, what are you bitching about there? Its YOUR sentimentality you’re whining about. Stan K isn’t in the day to day of any of his clubs, and why would you want him to be? Raul and Vinai run the show.

Stan can be called many things, but uninterested seems a bit of a meek jab. He invested as much of Arsenal’s self-generated money as he could have, we are the 3rd highest net spenders in the league over 5 years and we have spent more net than Madrid over 10 years. We have a £230m wage bill compared to Spurs at £140m. We fired Arsene Wenger and his team at a cost of £17m last year. Stan signed off on Ozil at £350k a week. We built a new structure at the club at great expense, and to be fair, the structure is modern and forward thinking. We paid £2m for a head of high performance. We brought in Sven for £2m a year. We revamped the training facilities at great expense. We are not lacking money and the myth that Stan is all about profit just doesn’t stack up against any sort of inspection.

‘he should write us a cheque for players!’

Look at what is happening to Manchester City with regards to flooding the club with cash injections that are allegedly not what they seem.

Anyway, my point being is this: It’s poor leadership to look at what Emery has done in his year, and think the right move is to carry on as is.

He was hired as a coach, his coaching has taken us backwards.

The easiest and most impactful thing we can do is change the manager. Rethink what we’ve lacked and make a bold decision. We will call it the Bruce Rioja moment.

We need a true leader. Someone who will bring some swagger back to the club. We need someone who the players want to fight for. Someone players desperately want to play under because they know they will improve. Someone in the mould of you know who down the road.

We also need someone with a distinct vision of how the game should be played. Emery’s chameleon approach is non-committal. How many teams have successfully been able to implement both possession football and counter-attacking at the same time? It’d be a monumental achievement to make that happen, and we certainly couldn’t do that on a budget.

My big worry is clearing out problematic players is all well and good, but if you are replacing into a blurred vision of football, you are actually further damaging the club. Emeryball is awful to watch. It’s not the next level. But we appear to be going hard at giving a failing manager the keys to our next 3 years. That is a terrifying prospect.

Is chameleon football part of The Arsenal DNA?

I had hoped not.

I was hoping that the good bits Wenger left would remain. I want Arsenal to play the most electric brand of football on the planet. I want Arsenal to embark on a transfer policy that prioritises the best young players that boast extreme technical capabilities, combined with outrageous power and pace. Give me what Ajax and Dortmund have, but bump it up two notches.

Instead, we’ll fall back on ‘class’, which is code for ‘lack of ambition’, and we’ll kick to tough decision can down the road for next season.

It’s a brutally miserable view, but the MD of the club apparently sent out an e-mail asking for people to get some perspective on yesterday. Someone ask Petr Cech whether that happens at CFC after an appalling showing at a final? Barcelona? Madrid?

The real perspective is we’re not built for success. We have a fancy structure, but as I keep on saying, if you do not fill that with the very best people, you are in trouble.

That said, the one HUGE positive I can give you is the noise around Edu is very positive. Firstly, there’s no kingmaker aspect to this hire. Raul is hiring him in because he’s good. You don’t do great things at Corinthians, then take a job with Brazil to be told by Raul you have to sign Ever Banega. Edu also has a lot of sauce about him, the guy looks money, and he knows the DNA of Arsenal and Brazil.

… but he has to be allowed to take an axe to the substandard people at Arsenal. He has to implement a vision, set aggressive targets and hold people accountable for delivering them. We cannot continue to skip along into the footballing abyss pretending our problems are going to be solved by throwing a boatload of cash at people that don’t know how to send it.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I do have doubts about Emery as I have said in past, but I also recognise his
    inheritance as well.

    Let’s be honest would Guardiola have achieved a better outcome with the resources placed at Emery’s disposal? Personally I doubt it and more importantly he would never have accepted the job with the transfer budget
    constraints on offer.

  2. Receding Hairline

    And by the way Liverpool are a very good team,maybe its the team who have lost 19 games this season in all competitions who are not as good as you are painting them to be.

    Liverpool are a complete outfit

  3. Graham62

    I first subscribed to le-grove two years back. My motives were based on not just voicing my opinions on AW but, significantly, to also highlight my concerns at just how far the club had sunk.

    When fans continue to glory in FA Cup triumphs and harp on about finishing 4th as being a mark of success, it really pains me.

    Moving to the Emirates should have marked the catalyst in our progression and abilities to compete with the very best. Let’s be honest here, how many of you thought that would include the likes of Wolves/ Everton / Leicester /Watford etc?

    It’s gut wrenching to think that those people who were assigned to oversee the club since 2006 never saw this happening. We are a joke, a laughing stock and, whatever way you look at things, an incredibly badly run club.

    A team of passionate, hard working, business savvy fans, with the good of the club at heart, would have done a far better job.

    Any volunteers?

  4. Paulinho

    Emirates – Petr Cech thinks Emery has done a very good job as well, and he’s off in a few weeks and is not in any way bound to spout positivity because he’s trying to stay in the manager’s good books for next season.

    Anyone who understands the mess Wenger left us in knows it’s about stopping the rot before moving forward.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    I wouldn’t mind selling Auba or Laca for decent money if it meant we could bring in say Pepe on the right and Markus Thuram as back up striker that can also play on the left wing, would add pace and physicality in spades

    Add Claude Maurice on the left as well and we have a much more complete attack and most of our budget still intact and plenty of other sales to make to fund CM, CAM, CB, LB and RB.

    It’s the only way we progress quickly, otherwise it’s going to be a slow process, make no mistake this squad needs more than cosmetic surgery it needs a complete makeover.

  6. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arsenal have received limited interest in Ozil and are now prepared to subsidise his wages in order to ensure he is sold, or at least loaned out, in the summer.”

    How is this possible? Hasn’t Pierre put in a bid for him for his sex dungeon? I’m shocked.

    Hope that’s true however, he needs to leave asap.

  7. Un na naai

    Oh great

    Here comes the summer of mongs talking about their shiny new toys


    The highlight is always deadline day when you’re all spitting feathers over not getting whoever it is you wanted while pretending that our shiny new players will be much better than what we already had at the club.

    Same shit different manager

  8. loyika

    @ TR7

    Well even with the knowledge that its still footie and anything can happen I still stand by my opinion (Exaggaration and all) that 9 times out of 10 “This” Liverpool team will turn over “This” Spurs team at any footie venue…..but as we always say, its just my honest assesment.

    If Pool play to their ability this season and Spurs play to their Pool should amd would beat them. But its a one off game and anything can happen.

    But I echo RH’s sentiments, this Spurs team aren’t that good.

    We await the final result this evening. I hope its a cracking game tonight nonetheless.

    @ Stroller

    Wasn’t questioning your support or not for Emery or your links…just saying that the Club are not ambitious enough to do whats right.

    Allegri might end up at Chelsea with Sarri pinning to leave, so that automatically helps them in managing Hazard’s departure (if he eventually goes to Real).

    I feel we could do better than Unai even taking into consideration what he inherited. There is really no excuse why we didn’t make Top 4 when it was handed to us on a plate by the way Spurs and The Chavs trudged over the line in the end.

    But it is what it is. He will get his time and hopefully support from the “Higher Ups” lets see how he fares.

  9. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    Sure, let’s just stick with the same players that have failed for years with several on the decline and just change the manager and hope and pray for a miracle.

    maybe dr Frankenstein is available? Could use his skills if you want Kos, Monreal, Mustafi, Xhaka, Kola, etc at the club next season.

    Absolute muppet

  10. Freddie Ljungberg


    Chelsea has a much better squad than us even with Pulisic in for Hazard. When they’re allowed to spend again you can bet your house they will spend much more than us again, as always. Why would Allegri or any other top manager come here when we’re set up to fail?

  11. loyika

    @ Paulinho

    Were you expecting Cech to say otherwise? I really doubt Cech is someone that will have a bad word to say about anyone (not saying that his opinions don’t count)

    Would love to get the opinions of players like Laca and Kos as well.

    In the end lets just hope the club can help Emery to get in the kind of players he wants and feels can get his football philosophy (whatever that is) implemented

  12. Redtruth


    You are a deluded fucker.
    The mass support at the Emirates are tourists with very little appetite for the game or Arsenal.
    This will keep Arsenal in the doldrums regardless on whether Spurs win the Champions league or not.

  13. Sid

    The net spend argument again….my word it’s like a bad rash that refuses to go away, just like the benega jibes.

    Imagine this 2 clubs are trying to hire a manager, club 1 says, listen you’ll have 0 net spend this year but we have 2 players who can be sold for 150 million, the other one says, we are rich, we will give you 50 million to spend but we have nothing worth selling. Which club would the manager choose?

    The fact that we have managed to accumulate such dross over the years that they can’t even be sold actually hampers the club’s ability to upgrade the squad.

    A 0 net spend IS NOT ABOUT not spending money, it’s about having assets that can offset your spend.

    If we had a Coutinho who could be sold for 75 we would have double our predict budget this season. Let that sink in for a second.

  14. loyika

    @ FL

    Thats the point in the end..The club is set up to fail.

    Not that we are not an attractive prospect just in the way we are run by the Owner and BoD (Risk Averse).

    Lord help us with the way teams below us are improving. And we all know United will want to spend their way out of their issues…although I don’t really think that much of Ole as their Gaffer (What was Ed Woodward thinking!?)

    Next season is going to be really fun for us Gooners (and not in a good way).

  15. Samesong


    You are aware that the two games spurs and Liverscouse played were only 2-1 affairs.

    I think if Kane comes off the bench. That may stifle the reds.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    I am sure that Cech is an intelligent and perceptive critic of the club and its current coach.

    I would like to pose a question and answer to the following:

    1. At start of the season what were your expectations for the club?
    2.Did you expect us realistically to finish in top 4 of EPL with the squad we
    have got.
    3.Did you expect us to finish ahead of Man Utd and just behind Chelsea [2
    points] and Spurs [1 point] all of whom have got significantly better squads
    and players than us?
    4.Did you expect us to achieve 11 points from games against these clubs
    including three victories?
    5.Did you expect Arsenal to go through 21 games in a season without defeat?
    6.Did you have expectation that the club would reach the final of Europa Cup
    and complete double victories against Napoli and Valencia?

    I think that I know the answer from those who post on here and are “honest”.

  17. Artan

    How did we come to a mid class team from beeing first class for such a long time idk… but Emery isnt going to bring it back thats for sure

  18. loyika

    @ Samesung

    Yes I know…but the scoreline doesn’t mean that Spurs are anywhere as good as Pool are….The Point difference in the end shows us that. Or does the saying – The League table doesn’t lie – not hold water anymore.

    Do Spurs deserve to be in the final…yes they have earned it and will be worthy winner if they beat Liverpool, but as said, this is a second final in 2 years on the trot for Pool. They lost the league to Citeh by a point and I could go on.

    Its a one off game but Pool are big time Favs and rightly so.

  19. Pierre

    Sorry , missed your post where you pointed out that Ozil was shadowing Jorginho…good to see that someone was watching the game and understood his role.
    I also agree they are incompatible.

    I actually think we didn’t play that bad, the result on paper doesn’t look good but in football sometimes it’s a very fine line between winning and losing.

    Hazard in the end made the difference , Sarri understands the importance he has to the team ..

  20. Paulinho

    Loyika – He could’ve easily avoided saying anything about Emery and if he felt otherwise he would’ve indeed said nothing, being the gentleman he is.

    He didn’t need to go out of his way to speaking in such glowing terms about what the coaching staff have done this season, but he did because, surprise of all surprises, maybe that’s actually what he thinks.

  21. loyika

    @ ES

    Sorry Bro, those questions are a bit funny.

    Realistically what do footie fans really expect at the begining of a season? They just hope for the best regardless.

    We are not Barca, Bayern or Juve that we expect to win our leagues. Any football Manager would have been given the same remit as Emery regardless of the circumstance and we can only examine things in hindsight.

    It was always going to be a toss of the coin on whomever was picked by the BoD to replace AW but the remit would have been the same.

    Now many are looking at the glass as eiter half full or half empty depending on each one’s perspective of how they saw the season pan out and we could all be right in our own way, but asking if we saw a 21 game winning streak is like asking if anyone saw us going 49 games unbeaten?

    You deal with reality as it presents itself. I doubt (could be wrong) if people axtually wishes Emery to fail (that is beyond anyone’s control)

    Just that some don’t see him as the answer to the problems we have at the club. That doesn’t mean those folks are dishonest in holding that viewpoint.

    Emery will get another season to ahow us what he has up his sleeves. Lets see how he fares and as always hope for the best.

  22. Paulinho

    It’s about match-ups. Spurs can match Liverpool physically, and that by itself gives them more than a fighting chance. Liverpool can overwhelm teams physically – like us, Barca – but they will struggle to do that to Spurs.

  23. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Hazard in the end made the difference , Sarri understands the importance he has to the team”

    Grave delusion to compare Ozil and his meagre contribution to what Hazard does for Chelsea.
    Have some fucking shame Pierre, seriously.

  24. Samesong

    Grave delusion to compare Ozil and his meagre contribution to what Hazard does for Chelsea.
    Have some fucking shame Pierre, seriously.

    Freddie stop feeding him.

  25. loyika

    @ Samesung

    I will agree that Spurs have that X Factor thingy about them though in these kind of games. With any particular player amongst them rising to the occasion as warranted.

    As said, should be a cracking final regardless. Lets just hope (as Gooners) that Pool win in the end. Lol!

  26. Samesong


    I really don’t want Spurs to win. Just know they have this air of jamminess about them at times.

    Key for me is whether Kane starts or not.

    Both teams have the knack of starting games at high tempo so it should be a great game for the neutrals.

    Can we actually slate spurs fans if they lose final?

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Come off even the most optimistic fan did not expect us to finish in top 4 and
    qualify for Champions League at start of this season.

    Everyone hoped and believed that Arsenal would be a work in progress and
    at least show some progress.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Agree with the comments about our midfield being as big a problem as our defence. Gone on about midfield for years and the slow disintegration of any semblance of balance or physicality in there.

    Torreria is a good ball winner but he doesn’t have the engine to play a high tempo, everywhere in the midfield kind of game that he has to because of Xhaka’s total lack of mobility.

    Xhaka isn’t a bad player, he just creates imbalance. Said for ages the only way we can make Xhaka work is in a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 where he sits deep with two B2B No.8 players either side of him.

    If I could have my way I’d have Torreira sat deep as the CDM, Partey one side of him and Rabiot the other.

    Some people might comment on the lack of creativity there, but first of all I think Rabiot has it in him to develop in that regard, but secondly, look at Liverpool’s midfield, Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum frequently.

    It’s function, physical and high tempo. That’s what we need.

    You can push your creativity to one flank at RM/LM with a Ziyech type player.

    You can also have a bench player ready to come on/rotate in easier games in the place of one your more solid midfield players.

  29. Bamford10

    “If we had a Coutinho who could be sold for 75 we would have double our predict budget this season. Let that sink in for a second.”

    We do have a Lacazette and an Aubameyang, though, each of whom could fetch 45m+. We may need to sell one in order to finance other needs.

  30. Biggles

    As a total by the by, if we were to bin Emery and have nothing to spend, Steve Clarke would be the guy to get in (although he’s just taken on Scotland). McCulloch was fired with the team bottom of the league having no wins and all of three points from 8 games. Clarke’s first two games in charge were against Rangers and Celtic, and they drew both in the space of 4 days. They finished 5th that season. Last season, Kilmarnock finished 3rd (best finish since 1966) and are in Europe for the first time in nearly twenty years.

    Oh and not a single penny was spent on transfers.

    Therein lies our problem. Elite coaches are going to want money to spend, because no amount of coaching is going to fix certain players.

  31. Marc

    “”Arsenal manager Unai Emery is willing to let Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil, 30, leave the club this summer. (Standard)”

    That’s copied from the BBC Sport football gossip page. It’s not the story that surprises me it’s the fact that someone was actually paid to write it.”

  32. Bamford10


    Good to have you back. I have argued that our midfield is arguably as weak as our defense. Both were something like 9th best in the PL.

  33. Gbat

    Rabiot on a free is a must for me. He’s a £50m player and better than anything we have.

    I think we could easily improve the squad if we are smart in the market.

  34. Bamford10

    While it would be great to see us with a competitive squad next season, I think it’s going to take 2-3 years for us to clear out all the dross, make smart signings and bring along young players such that we are a genuine top four caliber outfit. It’s not what anyone would want, but I think it is pretty much the situation. If Sanllehi is a genius, I guess he could get us there next season or the following, but I think this is going to be something of a long-term project.

  35. Gunnernet

    RIP Jose Antonio Reyes. I havent written for ages in the blog. Now i feel obliged to. Part of our squad who reached ecl final and won 1 premier and cup woth us. Emerys player also during sevilla 3-year success.. Still remember how enthusiastic i qas when we anounced him.. Horrible news

  36. Siddharth14

    May God grant peace to the departed soul of Reyes.

    This is the second tragic news i have received today.

  37. Thank you and goodnight.

    “validated Klopp’s belief that industry and intelligence could compensate for deficiencies in quality.”

    See in that sentence describing klopp, that is the very reason Emery is not good enough. You tell me in a whole season and pre season as coach of Arsenal, which players have improved in their footballing intelligence and industry?
    I’m sorry but take Arsenal’s famous back line, individually they weren’t the best defenders in the world, but defensive intelligence and industry is something that moulded them into the best defence in the league by a mile, that and endless training.
    Have you seen any improvements in our defence?

  38. loyika

    @ Samesung

    Do you mean Aurier?

    As for slating their fans? I do remember a lot of them taking the mick when we got done over by Barca in 2006, so what goea around comes around.

    Shudder to think the banter if they win.

    Sad news on Reyes (RIP)

  39. Bamford10


    Agreed. Rabiot is a no-brainer. Top class, free, badly needed and would have re-sell value. Whatever issues he brings with him, we can deal with those. His positives outweigh any negatives, and if he proves a headache, we can sell for decent money as someone pointed out yesterday.

  40. Marc


    Anyone who thought getting Arsenal back to where we should be would be a quick fix is more than a little deluded. I just hope we can do it in the 2 – 3 years you mention and it’s not a longer period.

  41. Bamford10


    “Have you seen any improvements in our defence [in terms of industry & intelligence]?”

    Hard to say, really, although his critics will disagree. One point I’d make, though, is that many here claimed Klopp wasn’t improving Liverpool at all and that Klopp didn’t know how to organize a defense during and after his first seven months there. The idea that Liverpool’s defenders or defense got better in Klopp’s first seven months at the club is completely and totally false.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah our midfield is not fit for purpose.

    There is so much that needs replacing in this squad it is scary.

    Only hope is that a Chinese club comes in and offers us £30 Million for Ozil in a similar way that they did for Oscar and Ramires. But those wages likely mean we will just gratefully pass him off onto anyone willing to take him.

    We’ve got to make the environment so hostile to him here he leaves, he must have seen those polls showing 89% of fans on Sky Sports want him gone.

  43. Marc


    I think Pedro’s clearly offering prizes out to posters who make idiotic suggestions about replacement managers.

    Therefore I’m putting forward the manager of the Queens Head pub team – he’s a full time bin man but devotes one night a week to training and Sundays mornings to the team. I’m sure he’s achieved shit loads this season but no one seems to give a fuck or know what any of their results were so he’s clearly the man for the job.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    I’d certainly be activating Bennacer’s £8 Million buy back clause.

    Getting interest from BvB, Lyon and Roma so either he could be useful to us or an asset to sell at a profit.

  45. Marko

    I also can’t believe these stories about wanting to keep Kolasinac and not wanting to sell because he happens to start quite a bit. Obviously trying to drum up the price. I would suggest be careful cause you don’t want to scare off Schalke and be left with the cunt. I personally would accept 10-15 million he’s that bad

  46. Jamie

    Nothing against Rabiot the player, but his wages will be a massive risk.

    He’s a £50m on his current wages. If we pay him £300k a week and he doesn’t light up the league, we’ll have a worse situation than Mkhi on our hands.

    A £10m golden handshake and £200k a week max, and I’d take a punt on him.

    As has been said countless times, Torr really needs to mobile CMs next to/in front of him (so does Xhaka, but he’s so immobile..) to operate effectively as a DM. Like CA said, push the creativity out to the flanks by bringing in genuine wingers/IFs, and replacing Kola/AMN.

    Hope Liverpool smash Spurs. I feel dirty thinking that.

  47. Marko

    If that’s the case Marc I’d like to put forward said bin man’s assistant for the position of Arsenal manager. He’s 18 getting ready for his final exams and he’s gotten Stockport County to the Champions League inside 7 seasons in championship manager. He’s a dynamo

  48. Pierre

    “Who said Emery deployed Ozil to man mark Jorginho?”

    Do you think Ozil followed Jorginho around the pitch for the whole of the first half because he had nothing better to do in a European cup final .

    Actually ,as a tactic it worked as we were pretty good in that first half ,Jorginho was rarely on the ball and Chelsea struggled , but that isn’t the point I was trying to make.

    It was the criticism of Ozil’s performance in this match when all he was doing was following the manager’s orders and shadowing Jorginho whenever Chelsea had possession.

    At least Nelson was watching the game and has an understanding of what was being asked if Ozil .
    Maybe you should rewatch the game Bennydevito and you will be surprised at what you see.

    I made the point to my son before the game that it wouldn’t surprise me if Emery played Guendouzi in the role that Ozil played in the cup final , he pointed out that maybe Lacazette could do the job ….I was shocked that Emery gave the role to Ozil.

  49. TheLegendaryDB10


    Only hope is that a Chinese club comes in and offers us £30 Million for Ozil in a similar way that they did for Oscar and Ramires.

    As much as that would be great if that ever did happen, Ozil will not want to leave the London life he’s now got.

    Maybe we can convince Beckham and his new club Inter Miami CF to buy him??

  50. Marko

    We absolutely should bring back Bennacar. And then either play him or look to sell him on for a decent amount. Other clubs do it so why not us

  51. Dissenter

    The Bennacer buy-back should already be done by now. He’s better than what we have at the moment. He’s been around the English game so his transition will be easier.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree.

    Turkey might be realistic, maybe his lovely, rights affirming buddy Erdogan could pay his wages? He’s going to Ozil’s wedding apparently. I would imagine honeymoon in Turkey, just fucking stay there.

  53. Bamford10

    “don’t get sucked in”

    I second this. And this goes for certain other types of comments as well.

  54. Words on a Blog


    I have a (probably totally misconstrued) strong impression that something is cooking behind the scenes with respect to Ozil going to Turkey.

    Too many photo opps between Erdo and Mesut.

    Now, a wedding invitation.

    Mesut knows that (apart from Pierre) no one loves him at Arsenal, and he needs to feel valued and loved.

    Erdo will get one of his minions/Turkish oligarchs to funnel money to a Turkish club to fund the deal. No need to worry about a transfer fee; Mesut just needs to maintain his salary, or even take a minor hit just to demonstrate his proud Turkishness

  55. Dissenter

    Whatever the club does with Ozil will be a barometer as to how ruthless and decisive this current ‘team’ are.
    Keeping him around will indicate that it is still drip-drip.

    The player than can’t muster a forward pass for 70 mins of a final game isn’t worthy of mention.
    Someone’s said the club left Ozil in Baku because he is still walking off as we speak.

  56. shaun

    no issue here at all the manager needs to go and go now the facts show he has not improved anything he was in third with six games to go and totally through it away +the Europa league humiliation and the biggest issue where he openly says there is not the same pressure at arsenal to win and don’t get me wrong from the board to the manger have this attitude as arsenal are just a cash cow for them all .This is not arsenal football club anymore is just a joke and the joke really is on the fans.The football is shite , you did not meet your objective and you get paid 6 million a year and the manager has not produced what is required there is no way he should be given another season

  57. Graham62

    Everything discussed on here today pales into insignificance after the news of Reyes’s death.

    Was on the Northbank with my son when he scored that wonder strike against Chelsea in the FA Cup 03-04 season.

    Seems like yesterday.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I hope you’re right.

    He is beyond pathetic.

    His display in the Europa League final and that walking off the pitch was actually a blatant insult to the club.

  59. Thank you and goodnight.


    Why would any half decent player want to come to a club with no passion for winning, no plan, no style, a boardroom full of clowns feeding continuous soundbite bollocks to the media, an absentee landlord and a son way out of his depth. We are fucked as a club my friend for the foreseeable

  60. Marko

    Marc he had a wife and two daughters. He also had 3 league titles (one in second division in Spain) 2 domestic cups and 5 Europa League titles.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is we do actually have a decent chance at 4th next year.

    City, Liverpool and Spurs will be a in a league of their own.

    But Chelsea cannot buy players and they are losing Hazard. That is absolutely massive, he carries them.

    United I’ve no doubt will spend £200 Million on players but they have Ole as manager, he will fall apart.

    That leaves the door open for us.

    Josh Kroenke is there day to day now, surely he must be able to see that and he must be able to see that a cash injection of £100 Million this summer right now means Arsenal could even enter the season having spent £150 Million and look like favourites for 4th given all that and land UCL football and vastly increase their revenue streams to then continue building whilst paying back that £100 Million.

  62. Marko

    CA honestly and I’m not just saying this but it’s not to worry besides he’s a known Man United fan. He got into trouble last season for celebrating when they beat PSG. He’s never hid the fact that he’s a fan. At least we know we’re going for a RB

  63. Dissenter

    I don’t think we will attract get any player who’s been sought by other clubs with similar standing. We don’t have the aura or money to beat anyone right now.
    Our best bet is to go youth. The fans have to reset their expectations.
    Maybe we will be lucky and find an Aubameyang that no one else wants.

  64. Marc


    This summer is all abut Sanllehi and his reputation is going to be on the line. If he can shift on Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and Miki as well as the player we expect to lose anyway and then translate those funds into some decent buys the guy’s going to be a hero.

  65. TheLegendaryDB10


    Yeah Turkey does look like the destination he is more likely to go to. I suppose this is why we are talking about subsidising his salary if we sell him.

    Well we have to wait and see what Raul can do.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    It’s a really worrying situation.

    What’s galling is that Gazidis and Wenger seem to have escaped the levels of fury they should be facing from Arsenal fans.

    They have crippled this club.

    The decisions that mean Arsenal have £40 Million to spend, a wage bill that is costing us £50-60 Million too much a year and the lowest value squad in the top 6 were not taken in the last 10 months.

  67. Dissenter

    ‘Everything discussed on here today pales into insignificance after the news of Reyes’s death’

    I’m sorry but that’s emotional poppycock
    Reyes is dead, which is a tragedy. Anytime anyone so young does it’s horroble but life continues for the living.

    Can we dispense with that bit of drama. Many people turn to footie to handle losses in their personal lives, just so that you know.

    RIP Reyes
    Hope his young family find peace at some stage

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Wan Bissaka will end up at City, United or Spurs I think. We’ve got no chance of that.

    We need a RB, 2 CBs and a LB badly.


    He has to start moving, we can’t sit around and wait for crumbs. We need to be proactive.

    The rumours are Arsenal scouts have been all over the place the last few months. Have to hope we’ve got a long list of targets.

  69. Marko

    We should be using this perfect opportunity of us needing a RB and so many other clubs not needing a RB to choose the perfect one or at least the smartest one. Sala, Aguilar, Mazraoui are coming off very good seasons my preference though would be Atal at Nice who only joined last summer for 3 million euros and who’s already getting rave reviews.

  70. Dissenter

    Ozil will still end in Turkey…when he’s sucked Arsenal clean
    He will move there when he’s 32 y/o on a free transfer.

  71. HighburyLegend

    “If Liverpool can attract Jurgen Klopp to live on Merseyside with a team that was sitting in 10th…”
    Liverpool has European history, and they’re a bigger club than us, why is it so hard to admit ??

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Pierre and Bamford 10

    It is crystal clear that Arsenal is a “work in progress”

    My hope is that Arsenal effect a CULL of those players who are past their sell
    by date, because they can no longer perform at the level expected to play at
    the top level in EPL.

    I have highlighted many times my priorities for this summer. We could easily
    shift out at least 10 players.

    Second the club needs to have a budget of at least £100 million to utilise in transfer market. A budget of just £45 net with maybe another £30 million from sales is not enough if you are going to bring in the right players

    I have made clear from the beginning of season that our SPONSORS i.e. Adidas
    Emirates and Rwanda Tourism would expect the club to spending the money
    that they are investing in the club on IMPROVING the team and not to be
    covering DEBT, which is the inference of what is being suggested.

    The club’s income from ticket sales and tv revenues should be what is being
    spent on the staff and our current £20 million annual repayment schedule
    for stadium.

    If we have overspent in the past on player wages then as far as I am concerned
    the owner should cover this from our ONGOING BANK BALANCE.

    What I do know is that Commercial Sponsorship at the levels we are currently
    receiving will not continue indefinitely unless the team is improved and the
    club gets back into the Champions League.

    I accept that the club will need at least a couple of summer transfer windows
    to get back on track but that is not going to happen if the club is unwilling to
    buy players who are of the quality to play regularly in first team.

    It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

  73. Dissenter

    I think we need to break the wheel at some point.
    We’ve been doing this incremental improvement for too long; add a bit here and there.
    We need to disrupt and gut out the squad;..then restart in a different way.

    We missed the first change in January 2018 when we got Auba and Mykhi, then made the same error when we were still seeking 30 -34 year old defenders.

    Let’s start the youth project now. Fans have to reset expectations; this squeaky 4th place target projects are setting us back every season. It’s like Russian roulette, one day the bullet will be in the chamber.

  74. Marc


    I agree with a lot of what you say but I don’t think generating £55 million in sales should be that difficult. Chambers and Elneny should generate £25 million between them. Getting over £30 million for Xhaka and Mustafi should be possible. A few million here and there for Monreal and Ospina, I’d be happy to move Kolas on and then we have the problem players Miki and Ozil.

  75. Dissenter

    Correct me is if I’m wrong…but we cannot be violating FFP if we are spending cash we already have stashed in the accounts.
    I say this because the widely reported 45 million budget is a scam that the fans have to fight.

  76. Marc


    The great thing is if he pulls it off not only do we start to get Arsenal back but it makes CG look a complete cunt – sorry an even bigger cunt.

  77. Marc


    I’m not 100% but I thought FFP was about loses not cash reserves. This is one of the reasons just paying Ozil off and letting him go on a free might not work – if he’s valued on the books as a £20 million asset and then we let that go for free we’ll be showing a paper lose.

  78. TheLegendaryDB10


    I really do hope so to.

    I really hope that they target young players who are hungry to prove themselves and that can push the team forward.

    I am not expecting big names (as we won’t be able to afford them anyway) as I do not want them to fall in this deathtrap of taking it easy. This attitude has really killed any team dynamics of wanting to push each other further.

    And hopefully we find a big character who is not afraid of pulling others players socks up when the going gets tough.

  79. Chitom

    “Hazard in the end made the difference , Sarri understands the importance he has to the team”

    So does everyone else and their uncle, literally.

    “A coin toss between Arsenal and Chelsea ,with Hazard being the decider” was the most uttered sentenced before Baku.

    “A coin toss between Arsenal and Chelsea , with Ozil being the decider” – a thought that never crossed anyone’s mind before Baku.

    One player Madrid have been chasing for two years now.
    The other no one wanted as of last year , while Madrid had let go of while in his prime in 2013.

  80. Danny

    I never knew Reyes played with Emery at Sevilla when they won those 3 Europa Cups. What a career he had, one of our best January signings.
    Terrible news.

  81. HillWood

    It would be no surprise if the Arsenal Board are sending
    “ all the best for tonight” messages to the Spurs directors

  82. Pierre

    Thank you and good night
    “See in that sentence describing klopp, that is the very reason Emery is not good enough. ”

    Haven’t you noticed , Emery is not to be spoken about in derogatory terms in front of CA,Marko, Jamie, Fred, Azed dissenter …..Emery is a no go area for those and a few others .

    They are desperately trying to deflect any criticism of him by focusing on new signings that are not actually going to happen.
    So far about 50 names have been mentioned by the self appreciation society .

    What they don’t get is it doesn’t matter who we sign while we have a manager who hasn’t a clue how to set a team up defensively despite adding 5 (five) defensively based players to the squad last summer.I

    Some of his tactical and personnel decisions have been so baffling this season that he is making Wenger actually look tactically astute.

    Full backs too advanced.
    Expecting Cech to be able to play out from the back.
    Overworked Full backs ,wing backs leading to multiple injuries in that position.
    Benching Ramsey for 9 consecutive league games
    Moving Torreira to a box to box midfielder in December when he was thriving at the base of midfield.
    Changing from the very successful 4-2-3-1 to wing backs in November.
    Moving Ramsey from central midfield , where he had been playing his best football for years, to CAM resulting in season ending injury.
    Changing from the very successful zonal marking system at corners towards the end of the season.
    Cech for Leno in the final.
    Ozil man marking Jorginho in the final .

    Let’s not forget our style of play , whatever it is …..its basically work , work and work a bit more with endless running and we.look shot to pieces by the 60 minute mark.

    of course the self appreciation society don’t want to talk about these important aspects of our season as it puts the manager in a bad light ,and because they had spent so many years abusing wenger they can’t bear to admit that we have actually gone backwards.

    Next season under Emery , will be without a doubt even worse .

    Emery won’t have the luxury of a 22 game unbeaten run to fall back on next season …I said at the time that the unbeaten run still had aspects of wenger’s DNA in the team and it wasn’t until Emery started to instill his philosophy around December with his chopping and changing of tactics and personnel, his marginalizing of players, his change of systems ….. it was only then that we saw Emery’s style of football and it doesn’t look good .

    For the club to move forward, the first person to leave the club must be the manager…

  83. Chitom

    “If Liverpool can attract Jurgen Klopp to live on Merseyside with a team that was sitting in 10th…”
    Liverpool has European history, and they’re a bigger club than us, why is it so hard to admit ??

    Klopp liked what Liverpool had to say and obviously vice versa.
    He literally told them his plan was to win the league and the CL in his first four seasons with the right financial backing , and how not having done so would constitute failure.

    Can you imagine any of that taking place or being required at Arsena/ Emery, or Arsenal/ fill in your candidate’s name interview?
    Not happening.

  84. Graham62


    I see why you call yourself Dissenter.

    We all deal with tragedies my friend but some of us see death as a time to reflect and remember.

    If you see that as “emotional poppycock” that’s your prerogative.

    Just don’t be too blasé about it though.

  85. Dissenter

    Emery can definitely be criticized. He’s a highly compensated employee of Arsenal,FC who failed to attain his target.
    Most people have you figured out now.

  86. Dissenter

    I assume we are all adults here who have had to deal with losses at some pint in our lives.
    Reyes death is a tragedy as it stands but don’t use it to make us feel worse than it already is.
    We are capable of walking and chewing gum. We can talk Arsenal and still express our condolence.
    Why aren’t you taking off time from commenting based on what you wrote.

  87. Graham62


    I was until you made your somewhat ignorant comments.

    Then again maybe it’s down to the “pint” in your hand.

  88. Nelson

    “Let’s start the youth project now. Fans have to reset expectations; this squeaky 4th place target projects are setting us back every season.”

    I am all for a renewal. Is Emery the right person to lead this renewal? Would Josh approve this hard reset? The Arsenal fan base is so divided. Thinking about it, it is so depressing.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    Ask yourself the question how many times in the last twenty years have Arsenal actually made a loss and compare our record with any other club in world football apart from perhaps Bayern Munich.

    Also compare our annual bank balance with other clubs in EPL. There seems always to be an excuse not to spend money in transfer market.

    Liverpool were bankrupt not so long ago and since the new owners have arrived they have one of the smallest bank balances in EPL.

    It is ludicrous that the club pleads poverty or our wage bill is too high. This is
    down to poor management since the death of Fiszman and not because we are
    an impoverished club.

    I know that Arsenal made a profit in last financial year of around £40 million
    and our transfer budget was covered more or less by the commercial sponsorship.

    We are expected to make a loss this year, but so what . Many major clubs make
    losses and it does not seem to impact on their spending power.

  90. Pierre

    Yes , Sarri has proven over the season that he is a man who sticks to his principles.

    Never faltered in his belief on the roles of Jorginho , Kante and Hazard.

    of course Hazard is a better player than Ozil that goes without saying, will guarantee you that Hazard would have had little or no influence on the game if he was given a man marking role as Ozil was…

    Anyone who defends that decision is as clueless as the man who decided to give Ozil that job.

    I’m trying to work out how he came to that decision , he had 3 weeks to decide his tactics and personnel and the one important tactical innovation that he could come up with is , let’s put Ozil on Jorginho…surely one of his coaching staff should have said ” listen boss , that’s not a good idea , if you want to man mark jorginho maybe try iwobi or Guendouzi as they would be more suitable for the role”

    How can a manager have such little understanding of what is best for the team …I have yet to hear one person on Le Grove come up with a plausible explanation..

    Maybe he is so weak that he was afraid to leave Ozil out of the side and would rather throw him under the bus , knowing that Ozil will deflect all criticism from the manager for his lack of creativity.

  91. Dr Emil schauffhausen

    RIP Jose , so sad , met him once at Victoria train station of all places , shoved my daughter and her cousin next to him for a photo , a bit abruptly if I’m honest , he was fine though , came across as a really nice guy , shame.

  92. TheLegendaryDB10


    As we know the problem is rooted in the fact the we have always been run by risk averse Board members.

    To think of it, this one of the main reasons why the BoD was happy to have Kroenke as owner: he is also very risk averse.

    Unfortunately this risk averse attitude can become dangerous for our club in the long run. This is why this summer TW is so important: we cannot allow ourselves to act in a risk averse manner from a financial perspective when recruiting players.

  93. Chris

    Reyes’ first goal against Chelsea in the 5th round of the cup at Highbury in 2004 will stay with me forever. Such a sweet left foot.

    35 is no age to go, so sad.

  94. Biggles

    I don’t really want Steve Clarke. But bottom of the league to Europe without spending any money at all is “special sauce”. And there is now a view that sauce is all that’s required to season Mustafi and Xhaka into professional footballers whilst simultaneously turning the hands of time back 5 years for Monreal and Koscielny.

  95. Un na naai


    My greatest memory of Jose
    He rocketed it. Thought he was going to overtake Thierry as our talisman that day.

  96. Emiratesstroller


    Here are stats that you cannot ignore.

    Arsenal have lost 14 games all season in all competitions. We lost ELEVEN when Koscielny played. Two defeats at start of season were against Man City and Liverpool and the only other in second half of season was against Everton when he did not play.

    However, the most significant stat for me is that we lost EIGHT games where
    we conceded 3 goals or more goals. We did not concede three goals in any game in which he did not play apart from Man City.

    As I have said many times I will reserve judgment on Emery until December
    when he has had 18 months and two summer transfer windows to prove his