Emery’s numbers look very bad

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Day two and the pain is still pretty intense.

I find the defence of the manager quite baffling, especially considering how strong the evidence of his failings has been. Underlying and data and literally what you’ve been watching all season tells a clear story. So spare the detailed unpicking of his body language or the theorising over why he said nothing in the changing room after the game.

Granit Xhaka, a man who has been front and centre for most of the experience is even a touch deluded about it all.

“I think we had a good season, if you take off the five last games in the Premier League.”

Oh my Granit, oh my. That said, he refused to answer the question as to whether we improved this season under Unai Emery. Well Granit, I can answer you, simply, no we didn’t.

I’m stealing some of Gambon’s posts that explicitly lay this out with hard numbers.

By all accounts, the above is pretty shocking. You can say what you will about Arsene Wenger, but it was clear the problem with him in his last 2-3 seasons was his drifting further and further away from the basics. We mostly blamed poor tactics, a lack of preparation, a blindness to squad needs (which Sven went a way to fixing) and a loss of fire that once drove him to greatness.

When we hired in the new person, we hired in a ‘coach.’ The point of a coach is that they should have the ability to move the club forward without spending £400m. We even had the argument last year that we couldn’t hire in someone like Allegri because he’d want NOW money. Emery was the coach. Training would be high energy, he was a prep machine and he wouldn’t allow the players to be cowards.

So aside from it being clear that performance indicators have dipped, and it being obvious that the culture of the club hasn’t been shifted in an entire year, the other item people keep on comparing to is Liverpool.

Klopp came in, moved Liverpool from 10th to 8th. A poor return they say, that was rectified with time, money and patience. Yes, but remember, those three elements are a reward for tangible progress.

Again, we are in single data point territory. Football fans are utterly terrible with stats, so let me paint a picture using someone else’s.

Just to add to the above. As the season wore on, Klopp’s Liverpool side greatly improved. His team scored 52% of its entires PL seasons goals in the last 13 games. The fans were being electrified with rock and roll football. You could clearly see that without buying players, that Klopp was impacting the players, the culture and the energy around the club.

Additionally harping back to the goals conceded issue, I find it slightly worrying that we’re expecting a coach with limited defensive pedigree to fix our defence. At Sevilla, over his three seasons in which he finished 5th, 5th and 7th… he averagely shipped 49 goals a year. He look over a defence at PSG that had conceded 19 goals, when it was handed over, it clocked up to 27, then 29 in his final year.


I have to tell you Arsenal fans, this is the most middle class ‘I live in a bubble’ comment I read.

Arsenal is a powerhouse club. You can bitch about it, you can say its dead, you can say we’re not attractive… but you’d be so fucking wrong. If Liverpool can attract Jurgen Klopp to live on Merseyside with a team that was sitting in 10th, with the promise of zero net spend for 2 full seasons, then Arsenal are not going to have a problem hiring in a top manager to take us forward.

Yes, the owner didn’t go to the game. But really, what are you bitching about there? Its YOUR sentimentality you’re whining about. Stan K isn’t in the day to day of any of his clubs, and why would you want him to be? Raul and Vinai run the show.

Stan can be called many things, but uninterested seems a bit of a meek jab. He invested as much of Arsenal’s self-generated money as he could have, we are the 3rd highest net spenders in the league over 5 years and we have spent more net than Madrid over 10 years. We have a £230m wage bill compared to Spurs at £140m. We fired Arsene Wenger and his team at a cost of £17m last year. Stan signed off on Ozil at £350k a week. We built a new structure at the club at great expense, and to be fair, the structure is modern and forward thinking. We paid £2m for a head of high performance. We brought in Sven for £2m a year. We revamped the training facilities at great expense. We are not lacking money and the myth that Stan is all about profit just doesn’t stack up against any sort of inspection.

‘he should write us a cheque for players!’

Look at what is happening to Manchester City with regards to flooding the club with cash injections that are allegedly not what they seem.

Anyway, my point being is this: It’s poor leadership to look at what Emery has done in his year, and think the right move is to carry on as is.

He was hired as a coach, his coaching has taken us backwards.

The easiest and most impactful thing we can do is change the manager. Rethink what we’ve lacked and make a bold decision. We will call it the Bruce Rioja moment.

We need a true leader. Someone who will bring some swagger back to the club. We need someone who the players want to fight for. Someone players desperately want to play under because they know they will improve. Someone in the mould of you know who down the road.

We also need someone with a distinct vision of how the game should be played. Emery’s chameleon approach is non-committal. How many teams have successfully been able to implement both possession football and counter-attacking at the same time? It’d be a monumental achievement to make that happen, and we certainly couldn’t do that on a budget.

My big worry is clearing out problematic players is all well and good, but if you are replacing into a blurred vision of football, you are actually further damaging the club. Emeryball is awful to watch. It’s not the next level. But we appear to be going hard at giving a failing manager the keys to our next 3 years. That is a terrifying prospect.

Is chameleon football part of The Arsenal DNA?

I had hoped not.

I was hoping that the good bits Wenger left would remain. I want Arsenal to play the most electric brand of football on the planet. I want Arsenal to embark on a transfer policy that prioritises the best young players that boast extreme technical capabilities, combined with outrageous power and pace. Give me what Ajax and Dortmund have, but bump it up two notches.

Instead, we’ll fall back on ‘class’, which is code for ‘lack of ambition’, and we’ll kick to tough decision can down the road for next season.

It’s a brutally miserable view, but the MD of the club apparently sent out an e-mail asking for people to get some perspective on yesterday. Someone ask Petr Cech whether that happens at CFC after an appalling showing at a final? Barcelona? Madrid?

The real perspective is we’re not built for success. We have a fancy structure, but as I keep on saying, if you do not fill that with the very best people, you are in trouble.

That said, the one HUGE positive I can give you is the noise around Edu is very positive. Firstly, there’s no kingmaker aspect to this hire. Raul is hiring him in because he’s good. You don’t do great things at Corinthians, then take a job with Brazil to be told by Raul you have to sign Ever Banega. Edu also has a lot of sauce about him, the guy looks money, and he knows the DNA of Arsenal and Brazil.

… but he has to be allowed to take an axe to the substandard people at Arsenal. He has to implement a vision, set aggressive targets and hold people accountable for delivering them. We cannot continue to skip along into the footballing abyss pretending our problems are going to be solved by throwing a boatload of cash at people that don’t know how to send it.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Rumour going round is that Arsenal are willing to subsidies some of Ozil’s wages to get rid of him.

    Anyway you look at it, that contract was one of the worst decisions in football.

  2. Words on a Blog

    Pierre, Pierre, Pierre,

    Whenever I picture the “strengths of Ozil’s game” my mind automatically applies a sepia filter……those strengths are like a pleasant distant nostalgic historical memory, really lovely, but irrelevant now.

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘I have a foreboding about tomorrow’s game
    Just dark feelings that we are about to be eclipsed and that we will forever be the banter club.’

    If the guys down the street win, then ‘forever’ is really appropriate.
    Can you imagine us ever winning the CL?

  4. Pierre

    Strange that no one wants to talk about a cup final we played in 24 hours ago …it’s like it never happened…

    doses anyone know why Ozil was played as a man marker …

  5. WengerEagle


    Since he’s signed that godforsaken contract he’s averaged less than 2 key passes a match across all comps, that’s the one stat that his die-hard brigade use to wank themselves silly over.

    That’s less than Cazorla who’s 34 and has been a semi-cripple for years.

    Was up there as the single worst act committed by the football club. Insane, a cynical bastard would nearly earmark it as AW’s personal last fuck you to the fans calling for his head as AW and Ozil disdain pretty much went hand in hand.

  6. Pierre

    Ah..the aptly named WOB

    Could you explain why Emery played Ozil as a man marker in European cup final.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Apparently the Azerbaijani authorities opened the turnstiles at halftime so that the empty seats could be filled.

    What an unmitigated disaster.

    Is UEFA going to offer all those fans who bothered to pay and travel a full refund?

  8. Pierre

    You are regarded as an elite poster on Le Grove.

    Ozil , man marker , why ?

    Can you put any logic to that decision .

  9. Thomas

    That Ozil contract was the specialist in failures last “fuck you” to the fans before he fucked off.

  10. Words on a Blog


    Do you get paid by Ozil’s social media team to defend his reputation?

    Cos it certainly feels like you have a financial interest in keeping the Great Man’s Flame Alive.

    Newsflash: no one is paying any attention.

    The flame has long since been extinguished

  11. WengerEagle

    Give it up Pierre, he was absolutely useless Wednesday night. Lost the ball more than anyone off of either side and he only played 75 mins. Didn’t have a single shot at goal and contributed a sole ‘key pass’.

    Hilarious and predictable that you’re playing off his anonymity to performing a ‘man-marking’ job on Jorginho, Chelsea least threatening midfielder.

  12. Pierre

    Even though you are not regarded as an elite poster, I’m sure with your outstanding knowledge of the game you give an explanation …I’ve been waiting 24 hours for someone to analyse his performance …

  13. Cesc Appeal


    How do you see us getting rid of him?

    I just don’t know how we do it?

    We know he’s gutless as well and will quite happily sit it out pretending his failings are everyone’s fault but his.

    Who is going to take that wage on, even half of it at £175 000 a week is too much for him.

  14. WengerEagle


    The only real hope is either an absurd offer from China [less likely imo, he’s earning 350k a week living in London playing PL football, would have to be at least double that to even tempt him] or Istanbul Basaksehir, the government financially backed Turkish club [interesting story, should give them a look. Really odious club that has practically no fans and no pedigree but is Erdogan’s team and they’ve signed a heap of has-beens including convicted rapist Robinho, racist Emre, asshole Arda Turan, Adebayor, Inler, Demba Ba, Clichy, list goes on].

    They could pay him substantial wages, it’s his opportunity to play in Turkey before he ends his career and it’s still a decent level relative to China which is equivalent to League One or Two.

    He’s Erdogan’s boy too isn’t he?

    But in all seriousness, the most likely scenario is that we simply cannot get rid and we eat the huge salary dump while freezing him out and praying that he gets fidgety before 2021 rolls around.

  15. Pierre

    Ozil played his role to the manager’s orders , man mark jorginho ..and that is what he did.

    He played for the team , was never more than 5 yards away from jorginho….Emery must have been very pleased by Ozil’s performance as he did what the manager asked him to do …..nullify jorginho’s influence in the game and that is exactly what he did .

    It is confirmation to me that Emery really hasn’t got a clue….I can’t think of any other manager in the world who would give Mesut Ozil a man marking job in a final..

    Can anyone come up with an explanation….

  16. Cesc Appeal


    I remember reading a little about them before but not in any great detail. Sounds charming.

    That may be one of the only options we have. Ozil might even be willing to accept slightly less wages to live in Turkey and doubtlessly be a star playing, as you say, League 2 standard football.

  17. Valentin

    How can Everton be linked to Malcolm and Bertrand Traoré while Arsenal is linked to ‘Google his name’.

  18. David Smith

    Interesting read, but, Yesthe club have spent money over the years. Yes , as far as we know, Stan takes nothing out apart from a one off 3m.
    But the charge sheet against Stan, where do you start? The repeated renewal, against all advice and logic of Wenger and his merry men. Keeping twats like Dick Law and Ivan Gazidis in positions of power and influence. A complete lack of leadership and ambition. Then, after suffering key injuries around Xmas, reports of Emery wanting various widemen, it turns out we can only afford Mr Suarez.
    Stan has made Arsenal just about the only club that will not find a way around FFP.
    Stan may not be taking money out, but he certainly is putting very little in, and his lack of ambition is clearly contagious.
    We don’t know exactly what goes on behind the scenes, all we know is the longer Stan is at the club, and the more of it he owns, the worse the on field performances get. I think we know where a major part of the problem lies, even if it is not as simple as him putting his own money into the club. Neglect comes in many forms

  19. David Smith

    If Emery covets the jobs many believe he does, he will leave this sinking ship this summer before Stans lack of ambition ruins him for good, then we will see what grade of manager is interested in this club

  20. WengerEagle


    In all seriousness mate how nervous are you about tomorrow?

    It’s bad enough that you have Spurs family, I hope that you at least live out of home because if not then it’s a wrap if they win the CL for you.

  21. MidwestGun

    Lmao… I’m sure Emery said man mark Jorgihno and do fuck all otherwise.
    Todays modern game every player has to be able to attack and defend. There are no one way players anymore and if they are ,.. they are dinosaurs. Even CF’s are expected to defend. Especially on set pieces. CB’s are expected to be able to use their feet and join and start attacks.. Hell even Keepers are expected to attack.

    Your so clueless and myopic Pierre.. it’ not even funny. Ozil was expected to mark Jorginho AND link up play in attack.. David Silva could have done it ..Eriksen.. pretty much any Cam you want to name.

    Your right though Emery was clueless to trust him..

  22. Words on a Blog

    What’s the betting that this summer Everton acquires Malcom and Bertrand Traore, Wolves acquires João Shithotino, whilst Arsenal acquires Google Hisname and Youwhat?

  23. Marko

    I think he marked Jorginho for about 5 mins and then went back to be an utterly irrelevant footballer on the pitch. And he’s got googly eyes to boot

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I’m shitting myself.

    I can see Liverpool being 1-0 up, absolutely smashing them, then a deflected corner bounces off of Kane’s shovel face and goes in on the 88th minute, then in the 90th minute Son’s dives for the penalty winner.

    The Daily Mail goes with ‘The Kane in Spain’ and I emigrate to Australia.

    I’ve been invited round for a BBQ tomorrow with the family. I think ‘go f**k yourself’ was my response.

  25. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, Jorginho was really flustered – he’d never been man-marked by a butterfly before

  26. MidwestGun

    I know I have the ball…. but I’m going to pass it to the other team so I can …man mark Jorginho…. Hey guys don’t pass me the ball … I’m marking Jorghino… I know you want me to make a run into space.. I can’t I’m marking Jorginho… and it takes all my concentration…

  27. bennydevito

    Pierre in full scale Jackanory mode.

    Who said Emery deployed Ozil to man mark Jorginho?

    Pierre did after 48 hrs of thinking up an excuse to justify Ozil’s usual shitness.

  28. WengerEagle

    Fuck me that’s grim lad, hope that you’re working on your Australian if that’s the case hehe.

    ‘Family BBQ’= ‘Mercilessly roast the shit out of CA, even get the neighbours in on the fun’, they probably have the wall plastered with live-sized Giroud shots of his winning header and his infamous spaff-face that MidwestGun is so fond of as well as French cuisine.

    I can just picture Kane bagging the winner and it makes me feel physically sick. The little chubby Arsenal lad, winning the CL 15 years later- for the Spuds.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I worry it will get physical, in all seriousness. With my brother and some of his Spurs supporting friends it nearly has before.

    I’m one of those where it’s all laughs and jokes and then someone just goes too far or pushes too much and it’s all over.

    I will be in the gym come kick off I think and wait to see whether any messages come through. Train station is nearby, Heathrow then Melbourne.

  30. Moray

    So, Penalzette is in Barcelona. Could be a holiday or it could be that he’s joining them.

    I must say, I will be sad to see him leave the club. But our available funds to turn around a failing team are not nearly sufficient so we will have to sell off some of the family silver and make some tough decisions elsewhere. I can see our wage bill coming down hugely too over the next couple of years.

  31. Words on a Blog


    Melbourne is too (culturally) close. You still risk running into some Spuds.

    You really need somewhere a little more distant and foreign.

    Ulan Bator? Ho Chi Minh City?

  32. Moray

    CA, the problem is that they will always have this over us if they win the CL before us. It’s not just a one-off.

  33. bennydevito


    Pep has already come out and categorically flat out denied any interest in the Juventus job and has said he is staying at City for the remaining 2 yrs of his contract at least.

  34. Words on a Blog


    Pep has everything set up just right for him at ManC.

    And he won’t feel his job is done until he Champions League there.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not going to it, totally serious. I am locking myself away.


    Good point.

    I could go into the sticks out there? Live off the land, go native.


    Maybe you lot.

    I will be in the outback wrestling crocodiles and saving damsels in distress from dingos.

  36. WengerEagle


    I funnily enough have the opposite over here, I’m sure you can relate Marko. Completely surrounded wall to wall by Liverpool and Man United pondlife. Luckily the United fans have piped down considerably these past few years, only the Scousers have gotten that much mouthier which is even worse tbh, I’m nearly yearning for the Fergie era level of Manc arrogance again as they never bleated on as much as Pool supporters who are the absolute worst bar none.

    Breathed a massive sigh of relief when Citeh held their nerve for the PL, tomorrow is clearly a lose-lose so it’s just picking your battles really.

    I must admit that I don’t feel as much resentment towards Spurs as the local London lads, only natural as they’re a rare sight around these parts. Having said that, I still hate them more than Pool so find myself in the rare position of watching tomorrow with a couple of Scouse mates I usually avoid like the plague in the height of the football calendar on matchday.

    I feel for you though because their is nothing worse than having a smug family member support a more successful club than you [not for a second rating Spurs above us, just fact that they’re on the brink of achieving big ears which has always eluded us, they’ve also been better than us for a few years now], I grew up in a house with a 2 year older brother that supported United in the height of the Fergie era and he used to destroy us so I know them feels haha.

  37. David Smith

    I hope we don’t sell Lacazette, who will we replace him with. This is the transfer team who bought us D Suarez after all. Unless he is part of the deal, I wouldn’t even rule that out with this club these days

  38. WengerEagle

    Lol, just picturing CA getting some banana-picking job in the outer arse end of northern Queensland and the owner of the plantation being… a Spud fan.

    Only marginally preferable to a Wolf-Creek situation.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I mean it’s shit for humanity either way, isn’t it?

    But considering Spurs are a club that brought out posters celebrating being ‘UCL Semi-Finalists’ I shudder to think what will happen if they win it.

    This is a team that still lauds Rose’s debut goal against Arsenal.

    We have to think of the children at some point here.

  40. Words on a Blog


    Haha – yeah, riding a double humped camel, competing in the All-Mongolia National wrestling competition, you might even begin to forget that The Greatest Living Englishman Kane and The Greatest Argentinian Living in London existed, whilst luxuriating in the knowledge that Le Grovers we’re still passionately debating the merits of Arsenal’s devastatingly ooor Expected Goal statistics….

  41. WengerEagle

    Cold shower and scrub job with TH14 solo goal vs Spuds playing on loop if they win tomorrow night no doubt.

    Which was in… 2003. Arrrgh, we’re becoming pre-Klopp Liverpool.

  42. Cesc Appeal



    I will come back in 10 years and Pedro will be advocating Guardiola’s son for manager because of the football talks at breakfast with his dad and the fact he likes ketchup with his full English which means he’s got hitherto undreamed of sauce.

  43. bennydevito

    As far as I’m concerned we have to face up to the reality that every single player in our squad has his price and we might have to make some very unpopular but pragmatic sales to overhaul our squad just like Liverpool did after Slippy G cost Liverpool the title.

    They sold Coutinho, Suarez and Sterling for £250m and if Madrid want Auba for £80m, Barca want Laca for £70m and PSG want Guendouzi for £70m then that’s £220m we can’t afford to turn down and would represent huge profits on each one especially Guendouzi.

    Me personally I’d only sell Aubameyang as he’s 30 and does miss a lot of chances and only has 1 or 2 years in him before age gets the better of him and loses his market value.

    But we have to brace ourselves for the horrible possibility that we lose both our strikers but £150m can then see us sign Zaha and even bid for De Ligt or Maguire so needs must.

  44. WengerEagle


    Think of the banter, forget the kids. Never again could we celebrate St Totteringham’s day, a much loved past-time and day in the Gooner calendar for many a decade prior to recently.

    They’ll invent a day celebrating being the first NL club to win the CL.

  45. MidwestGun

    In sympathy for London based fans… I’m rooting for Pool but for my overall well being it will actually be worse here if Pool wins.. its a lose/ lose situation.

    Also Pool have won it before so it won’t be as annoying… although they will talk about it for approximately 45 years and all their former players will be future talking heads on the television.

  46. Marko

    Yep. I said it after they got through the semi final times like that it’s good to be an Arsenal fan not living in London. They win tomorrow all London Arsenal fans will be a cunt hair away from murder or suicide. Luckily I see Liverpool winning

  47. Moray

    Forget Rose, Spuds are still celebrating Nayim’s goal against us, and he wasn’t even playing for them at the time…

  48. WengerEagle

    Cheers for the belly-laugh benny.

    I honestly haven’t laughed that much in a long time, 70m for Guendouzi.

    Imagine that… not sure Sanhelli could even pull it off in the negotiating room, no man could suppress the laughter.

  49. WengerEagle

    Precisely Mid, you’ve nailed it.

    Although thinking ahead, we’ll likely see a fair few new Spud shirts crop in Ireland/US the next few months/years should they win tomorrow.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    I kind of want to live in a lighthouse now.

    Turn the light on and shine it at the nearest town when everyone is trying to sleep.

    Marvel couldn’t think up villains like me.

    The Light Bringer.

  51. bennydevito


    Laugh all you like and I don’t rate him at that either but some website rated the best youngsters on the market and their value and that’s what Guendouzi got valued at.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    WE MidWest

    I want you on your hands and knees in front of your TV’s for the whole game, halftime included reciting the Liverpool starting 11 over and over and over.

  53. WengerEagle

    Would he even be that though? He’s been a bit shit for us. Luckily we only spent 8m on him so we can quietly shuffle him out the back door if he’s no better next season.

  54. MidwestGun

    Yeah I actually saw a Spurs .. Kane shirt the other day at a mall.. here.. And I was like really? It’ gone that far huh… I don’t know any celebrity Spuds fans though besides Steve Nash the basketball player and he is Canadian so what do you expect.

    Tons of Pool supporters though… I see Stevie G shirts all the time. Pretty much any City of any size has multipe Pool supporter Clubs and pubs and in the Northeast with Pool being owned by Red Sox wanker … it’s really bad.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    What’s worrying though is we sound like Spurs fans of years gone by.

    They would be loving this.

    This is how far we’ve fallen.


    We’re more worried as fans over Spurs in the UCL final than our own players were about the Europa League final.

  56. bennydevito

    But if Guendouzi is seriously being rated at that figure then perhaps it’d make more sense to hang on to him for a few more years and sell him when he hits £100m.

  57. WengerEagle


    That’s a laugh-riot of a list, Guendouzi rated at 70m and Kai Havertz, a player even younger that scored 17 goals in the Bundesliga and 20 in all comps rated as being less valuable?

    Vinicious Junior is only valued at 55m as well, anyone that’s watched him for Real Madrid this season knows he’s going to be a legit superstar.

  58. MidwestGun

    Ok but.. I’m not singin you’ll never walk alone… I got to draw the line somewhere.. At least they wear red kits.. so it wont feel completely hideous.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I would love to be able to message the Arsenal squad saying thanks a lot for this dickheads. You took what was always going to be a shit week anyway and added a new layer of shit to it.

  60. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, I remember the long-standing delicious feeling of superiority over the Spurs fans I knew when they kept saying that the tables would turn…..the nicer ones I know (not many) now look at me with a kind of compassionate pity (“been there mate”) that’s hard to take

  61. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I mean Nketiah is listed as being worth 13m, based off of what?’

    Unless someone is asking about him, in which case £13 Million please.

  62. WengerEagle


    I’m sure the wankers were having similar discussions in May of 2006, sad as you say.

    What a joke it was the whole Emirates Stadium sell when you look back on it, we’ve transformed into a EL club while somehow allowing the Spuds to contest a CL Final.

  63. MidwestGun

    Yep… I’m pretty sure I thought it would be a cold day in hell and a sure sign of the Apocalypse the day I root for Pool to win the CL. Little did I know.

  64. Nelson


    You skipped my post from yesterday
    May 31, 2019 01:57:49

    Emery has to go back to the drawing board. Yesterday, his game plan was attack though the wing back and use Ozil to shadow Jorginho. It could work if Kola and AMN can cross the ball to our two strikers. Our players slowed down in the second half and Chelsea started to push back through Emerson, Kante to Hazard and Pedro and finally Giroud. Our defense was old and slow and totally inadequate.

    If Emery wants to stay with 3 CBs and attack through wing back, he’ll need two much better wing backs and add two better CBs. I would prefer we play 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1 and sign 2 good wingers and play with only one striker.

    Emery and Ozil are incompatible. Emery’s game plan was attack through the wing back. Hence, Ozil became redundant. Emery put his trust on Kola and AMN and that was a big mistake. It also made our two strikers redundant since the two wing backs never managed to find the two strikers.
    Emery will never trust Ozil. It is better those two separate from each other. If Ozil wants to stay, he’ll be given shitty task, like it or not.

  65. Words on a Blog

    1) Get some IT guys to design a jazzy website

    2) Employ a few interns to put a few numbers on a spread sheet and arrive at some “valuations” for football players.

    3) Voila! You have created a reality that people can reference.

  66. Luteo Guenreira

    I’m not watching.

    This year’s final will be like Rocky V to me. I’m just gonna ignore it and pretend it never happened.

  67. Gonsterous

    If we are to sell one of our strikers, surely it should be Auba. He is older, won’t have a resell value next window and he has a bigger wage than Laca.

    Anyway I would caution arsenal fans from getting too carried away. We have peanuts to spend in this window and loads of position that need improving.

  68. Un na naai

    Much like the modern players who only ever knew the serenity and beauty of Wenger’s new training ground, Kroenke has only ever known five-star Arsenal. The shiny new stadium, the relentless top four finishes, the ever-increasing TV revenues and property value increases. The same with Ivan Gazidis who arrived to become CEO of a luxury, fine-dining, corporate hospitality brand, with no concept of understanding of what it took to get there.

    They didn’t know anything about the long hours, the planning, the scrabbling for finances to build the Emirates, the monumentally difficult decision of sacrificing Highbury – our home – to push the club forward. Those were decisions made by people who cared about Arsenal and who had genuine ambition. Then Stan arrives and Ivan arrives and they think it’s always been like this and they let it stagnate, it’s as simple as that.

    This passage immediately struck a chord with me. I miss Highbury. It was our home.
    We let them give it away only to be served with this? It’s been utter contempt towards us from the suits hereafter.

  69. Un na naai


    Couldn’t agree more on both counts
    Lower your expectations and hope to get rid of Aubameyang

  70. Emiratesstroller


    Okay I have had some in depth conversations yesterday with a couple of people who have probably more insight in what goes on internally at Arsenal than the majority of people who post here.

    The starting point is that they do not hold the same view about the performance of Emery as you. Their viewpoint is that he is an intelligent coach who has inherited a regime and squad, which is frankly not fit for purpose.

    There are serious problems at the club, which have been going on a long time and most of these matters have existed long before Emery arrived.

    Major current issues include having players on the books who have been tied
    to expensive contracts who are difficult/impossible to shift, but are clearly no
    longer fit for purpose and good enough to play for top 4 team.

    Defence is clearly a major area where this problem exists. Cech, Lichsteiner,
    Monreal and Jenkinson are definitely leaving. Most probably Koscielny as well. The opinion is that Mustafi should be shifted as well.

    Another issue is the role of Steve Bould. Many inside the club thought that
    Wenger just ignored his advice. However, there is a growing feeling that his
    input is also not what it should be.

    We have also problems in midfield. Ramsey will be leaving and almost certainly Elneny as well. The viewpoint is that Emery would like to shift Ozil
    out of the club, but whether that is feasible in view of his wages is debatable.

    A major concern is that a couple of players most notably Aubameyang have
    contracts, which expire in 2021. In view of stated policy that players no longer
    being allowed to stay at club if their contracts are reaching two years and refuse to sign new contracts he could leave and that could set off a chain reaction with Lacazette as well.

    Also there are generally at this point of a season clear indicators as to players
    likely to arrive at the club. Apart from perhaps Fraser there is very little feedback coming out of club about prospective arrivals.

    The concern is that our budget will be very limited this summer unless we manage to make some sales.

    One matter which I also discussed is how the club will cope with the current
    scheduling where we have to play on Thursdays and Sundays which clearly
    drains the players.

    My view is that the club should adopt a similar policy to how they play early
    rounds of FA Cup and Carribo Cup and use fringe and U23 players. The view
    is however that Emery will not adopt that policy, because of his track record
    in that competition.

    An interesting development has surfaced, which has not been discussed much
    if at all. We will need a second string goalkeeper. The suggestion is that the
    current U23 goalkeeper Iliev has made massive improvement this season and
    could well be offered the job.

    Overall there is not I am afraid a lot of positivity at the moment and the real
    concern is that our trajectory could well be in a downward direction next season with clubs like Leicester, Wolves and Everton more likely to be competing with us.

  71. Un na naai

    Let’s face it, we can field kids in EL and still compete
    I wouldn’t even worry about EL group matches. He needs to focus on improving our away record in the league. If tthat means resting the starting 11 mid week, every week then I’m 100% behind it

  72. Receding Hairline

    No Spurs fans around these parts so the only banter will be online

    But I don’t see them winning, I just don’t.

    Klopp has lost six straight finals, he has to break that at some point, I fancy him to do so today.

  73. Moray

    ES, If the height of Emery’s ambition is to win the UEFA Cup and throwing the league to do so then he can fuck right off and now.

    I don’t really think any Arsenal fan gives a shit about winning the UEFA Cup; certainly not while our rivals are kicking arse in the big cup. The same goes for those pointless FA Cups that kept Wenger in the job so Long.

    I do have sympathy for Emery, because of the shitshow he inherited and losing two members of the management team in his first season, but really he needs to be Addressing and stamping his authority on this squad. After all, he doesn’t have to clean the toilets or refill the vending machines like Wenger did.

    Bould needs to go and as soon as possible. If it wasn’t clear to people in the club (who presumably see him in action every day) before that he wasn’t effective then they really want a word with themselves. I would forgive Keown his Wenger enabling if he could come back and get that shower of cunts in shape. Scare them a bit.

  74. Moray

    Receding, that logic has broken many a gambler. Anything can happen on the day and it’s normally in favour of a streak continuing. Having said that, Poch has won fuck all either, so one of these guys is going to be breaking a run.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Arsenal’s away form is a consequence of our inability to defend under pressure.

    The only surprise is that our opponents do not apply the same pressure in our
    home games apart from Man City, Liverpool, Wolves and most recently Crystal Palace.

    The simple truth is that our defence in last two seasons has been awful and
    that is going to impact on rest of team.

    The question is how we are going to resolve the problem without serious investment in backline. The reality is that unlike in midfield and attack we
    do not have young players coming through the system who are likely to transition to first team.

  76. Moray

    ES, proper defensive coaching will do that, as well as working as a unit rather than a bunch of reckless idiots.

    Don’t tell me Keown, Bould and Morrow were born naturally excellent defenders. They had a set of skills and assets and the rest was trained, enabled from great leadership from Adams. That we haven’t improved one iota suggests to me we haven’t been doing the right things on the training pitch. That and playing the wrong system for the current personnel we have in that area.

  77. Valentin

    Most of our defensive woes come from the fact that our midfield is inadequate. Lack of mobility, lack of physicality, lack of ability to play and break the line under pressure.
    Time and time, lower team are able to bully our midfield or just bulldoze their way through the middle unopposed.
    On top of that against some opponents Arsenal used the wrong formation (3-4-1-2, 3-4-2-1) which puts double pressure on area of the pitch where we have defensive deficiencies (wingback).

    If we were to fix that area, our defense would be under less siege and the number would be improve without being stellar.

    We need one dominant midfielder to replace Elneny and put Xhaka on the bench. We may need two if we were to also sell Xhaka.

  78. Receding Hairline

    Moray I don’t buy this idea the spurs have their name on the trophy by virtue of how they got to the final. This Liverpool team is a more serious one than last season. I fancy them to win and in my mind win easily

  79. asad

    the final was terrible.
    didn’t expect a huge improvement this season. the players & coach got to the final & close to third/fourth in the league & that was about as good as it was going to get.
    sadly, it’s a stretch now to mention arsenal in the same sentence as barca, etc. no one person is going to change that.
    one of the main decisions to be made is: does the club need a coach the current players will play for or does the club need players who will play for the current coach?
    if a philosophy is important, then the first question is: does the club have a philosophy? it doesn’t appear to. results seem more important to the club than a philosophy, so the current team (coach & players) can’t be faulted for not having a philosophy. that has to come from above.

  80. Guns of Hackney

    100% hoping for a spurs win. Here’s why.

    1. The fanbase will literally be ripped apart and out of their apathy towards the club. This will hopefully illicit change. We appear to now only care about where in relation to spurs we finish in the league or a cup performance. This is small club mentality. I’d take a 20-0 aggregate loss to spurs twice in the league if it meant us winning said league…most on here wouldn’t be able to comprehend that basic logic.

    2. A Liverpool win is the easy way out. Everyone breathes a collective sign of relief and the cycle continues…NO! This will not be in Arsenal’s long term best interest.

    3. A spurs win, on their budget…will be the final nail in our ‘classy’ coffin. Not to mention that we’ve had 21 shots at the CL and Spurs will have done it in 2/3 attempts? Lolz. Somehow, Arsenal managed to sidestep the money issue when we were beaten to the league by Leicester. A team with an annual budget less than our top 2/3 earners per season at the time. Funny how we looked to other reasons that time. Pathetic.

    Spurs and Liverpool, whatever way it goes will have shown us two very different scenarios on how to win football matches and run a club. Spurs on a budget with smart buys, excellent coaching and an amazingly well run business in the background. Liverpool with expensive but key buys in areas they needed to address, not to mention the absolute steal on creating one of Europe’s best attacks. £140m on arguably the best GK in the league and the player of the year. Now they are worth over £200m in less than a full season.

    No, I am not a spurs troll. I am an intelligent person who has the ability to look outside my internal bias and see the bigger picture.

    If you truly care about Arsenal, you will be cheering on Spurs.

  81. siddharth14


    That is exactly what i see Arsenal FC coming out with in public. Only difference being the official statement will be sugar coated to maximize the great deception. However, the problem now is, the underlying stench is so much that no amount of sugar coating is going to help now.

    I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t throw a couple of punches and some added verbal abuse to these corporate hacks in question.

  82. Freddie Ljungberg

    “No, I am not a spurs troll. I am an intelligent person who has the ability to look outside my internal bias and see the bigger picture.”

    Hahahhaha. Funny. Cunt

  83. Receding Hairline

    A Spurs win doesn’t do anything positive for Arsenal. We watched Leicester win a league title and nothing drastic has happened since then.

    Spurs will win and we will be told to trust in the process, keep our chin up.

    The fans are the ones who will feel the pain not the club, not Stan.

  84. englandsbest

    The way things have gone for Arsenal this year, Spurs are bound to win CL Final. My commiseration (and apology) to Liverpool.

  85. Guns of Hackney

    As suspected, too many short sighted die hards that refuse to see the bigger picture. If you cant see that a Spurs win in the CL is bigger than Leicester winning the league, you are either a moron or blinded by a bizarre loyalty to a club that actively hates you. Whichever one you fall into, you have my sympathy.


  86. Ishola70

    Emirates Stroller

    What else/ other position can help Arsenal defensively?

    Give you a clue. Read Valentin’s post above and or Midwest Gun’s post from last night.

    And it’s not an ACM.

  87. TR7

    If you watch the goals we have conceded this season, you will find most of them were conceded when the opposition players crowded the area between our back 4 and our defensive midfielder. Signing a good DM should be our top priority yet again. Ideally we should have done it last season. A good DM will make even our average defenders look better.

  88. Alexanderhenry


    I can’t agree with that.

    A Spurs win will give them bragging rights forever, until we manage to win the CL, which, looking at how things are going, will be never.

    Come on Liverpool

  89. Ishola70

    Real shame if that final loss means no Ziyech.

    He would give Arsenal three times the output that Ozil currently gives coming in from that right side.

  90. Samesong

    This game is going to be tight. Don’t see Liverpool easily winning, unless they score 2 early goals.

  91. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “Thought we bought a DM in Torriera?”

    At least a CM is needed that is good both sides of the ball.

    Getting in a replacement like for like in relation to Ramsey isn’t going to cut it.

    Not if you want Arsenal to improve defensively in any significant way.

  92. Un na naai


    Well what do you expect when he pants a high line with cart horses and uses our best dmf as a box to box midfielder IF he even selects him. Torriera and xakha should be told to sit deep along with our centre backs. We look so much better without the high line
    Bad management

    Additionally he sends our wing backs right up the field, constantly asking them to be our main attacking threat and this leaves our high line (highly 😂) exposed.

    He doesn’t have the personnel for this high line, high press in every game and he’s called it wrong far too frequently

    Ed also underestimated the ferocity of mid table clubs in their own ground. At the Emirates they sit back. Away they take the game to us and he pays into their hands. High line, no defensive cover wide, come and have a go, come one, come all.
    I can see it
    Why can’t he

  93. Receding Hairline

    Ishola I personally think Torriera won’t cut it in this league.

    I am willing to hold my judgement till he gets help though.

    Guendouzi is another one that needs decide what exactly he is good at, this running around with little control thing is annoying. And he needs to learn to tackle or at least position himself where he disrupts attacks, that’s on Emery and his coaches.

  94. TR7


    Most teams use one of the two systems – two central midfielders who can win the ball back from the opposition and contribute in forward play or one out and out DM with a box to box CM alongside him. Torreira needs another partner alongside him if we employ two CM model or we need to buy a DM if we see Torreira as a box to box CM. Xhaka, Matteo and Elneny have very limited defensive ability. We must bring in a new face – either a Rabiot type CM or an out and out DM.

  95. HillWood

    I a.m. surrounded by Scum
    I hear Mars is nice this time of year
    I will make sure my phone is switched off though

  96. Ishola70


    Torreira was in a midfield three at Sampdoria with one other DM playing alongside him.

    What he was good at was winning the ball higher up with back-up behind him. Now he has one other midfielder behind him at Arsenal the defensive calamity called Xhaka.

    You want see the best of Torreira until he has another component midfielder playing alongside him who has a modicum of defensive play and nous.

    There is no way little Torreira is going to shut up shop in front of the defence on his own.

  97. Champagne Charlie


    You setup that comment with a lot of ITK bluster, but I struggle to see how the following points you made wouldn’t be known to any casual observer even:

    – The club blame the inheritance, not Emery
    – Bould isn’t good
    – some players are hard to shift

    I don’t think anyone expects Emery to get sacked, but that doesn’t for a moment suggest it’s not either merited, or the correct course of action – unless you care to assume our leaderships decision-making is impeccable?

    Bould hasn’t any fans from what I gather, he’s seen as a totally peripheral component.

    We all know some players are harder to shift given their contracts; but we also know the club has failed to sell players with deals expiring, and rejected bids for totally nothing contributors like Chambers.

  98. Emiratesstroller

    Let me give you one stat that has not been discussed when we attach blame to

    Arsenal lost this season 10 games in EPL. Leaving aside the first two games against Man City and Liverpool our defeats started following unbeaten run of
    21 games with defeat against Southampton in December.

    That was the first game in which Koscielny played 90 minutes. Koscielny played in SEVEN games in which we lost.

  99. Ishola70

    Arsenal don’t need a Ramsey replacement.

    As long as they get a right midfielder/left midfielder or both who can contribute in a meaningful sense offensively.

    This means the midfield can be shored up with another CM who can defend or another DM to play alongside Torreira.

    Ziyech would have been the first piece in the new jigsaw.

  100. TR7

    ‘That was the first game in which Koscielny played 90 minutes. Koscielny played in SEVEN games in which we lost.’

    We had totally lost the plot as a team by the time Koss joined back. Very simplistic and lazy to associate our losses to his come back.

  101. Siddharth14

    No amount of quality young players brought in are going to help us if they aren’t been coached properly. From what we have seen this season, Emery comes up truly short in that area.

    These things which are responsible for the making of a great club are so intrinsically linked that it is almost impossible to get them right in the short term.

    First and foremost, we need a personality who would be respected by the senior players. That automatically percolates to the youth squad and sets the tone for building up the team. Until that happens we are not going anywhere.

  102. Chris

    No sane Arsenal fans want Spurs to win tonight.

    Sorry GOH, your thinking is warped.

    And as others have said, it wouldn’t propel Arsenal into serious action anyway, that is just wishful thinking.

    A trip to the cinema tonight I think!

  103. Nelson

    Now I know why Laca didn’t perform in the final. His mind was already at Baca.

    Not only Kos, all three CBs played in the final were outclassed by Giroud. Xhaka as DM didn’t help. Torr spent all his energy in the first half doing the high pressing. He was no where to be seen when we conceded the 4 goals. Ask Guen to defend was a joke. He was jumping like a butterfly allowing Giroud calmly passed the ball to Hazard for the last goal.

  104. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “Who is this Ferran Torres kid at Valencia and why are we looking at a 19 year old with a 25m price tag”

    Let’s hope it’s a lazy link because he ain’t good enough.

    He’s a RW who has a decent eye for a cross and throughball but he has no notable pace or dribbling or eye for goal.

    Not good enough.

  105. loyika


    Nah mate…regardless of the “Bigger Picture” narrative, a Spurs win will be devastating but not in the manner you percieve (layout).

    Frankly I believe Klopp and Pool needs this more than Poch and Spurs.

    My opinions are;

    Pool need this as a spring board to go again next year against Citeh and it would rankle Pep that he needs to win the UCL again and might mean he sacrifices abit in winning the league next season if the UCL were within Citeh’s grasps.

    For Spurs, I think Poch needs it as a leverage over Levy and the Club and a way to window shop himself to bigger clubs while for the average Spuddie its bragging rights and makes their move to the new stadia like a typical “Hollywood movie ending” I really doubt they will do anything beyond this next season (definately won’t be competing in the league anytime soon with Citeh, Pool and The Chavs).

    I get what you mean as regards how a Spurs win will affect Arsenal, but I don’t see your scenarios playing out that way.

    Honestly (and I know its footie and anything can happen) I see a Pool win and a comfy one at that. Unless they get a red card or some misfortune (Like we did against Barca).

    If Spurs let Pool go all Ajax 1st half on them, the game will be over before it even begun.

  106. Graham62

    Although it pains me to say it, Spuds can win tonight.

    The pressure is on Liverpool big time and if Spurs are on it, there is a huge possibility that it could all end in our worst ever nightmare.

    What would we do?

  107. Emiratesstroller


    Actually it is not, because Holding suffered his long term injury in Man Utd game. If you discount Huddersfield victory Southampton was our first major game after that injury.

    No-one would argue that we have conceded unnecessary goals all season with
    very few clean sheets, but players like Koscielny and Monreal do not have the
    legs to play at such level of games.

    That has been blindingly obvious with Koscielny for two seasons following his
    ongoing problems with ligament injuries and more recently with Monreal.

    Koscielny’s strength as a Centre Back was never positional sense, but his athleticism. Once you take that out of his game he is frankly a very weak link.

    Monreal was a very good left back, but whenever he played in centre back position either last or this season he was also fairly poor. That has never been
    his position.

  108. loyika

    @ Stroller!?

    What were you expecting to hear from those folks? An acceptance that the Emery hire was (and still is) a mistake?

    The club can do whatever it wants, Emery is still not the Manager that will turn this ship around.

    His (transition( period with us will be meh!! I just hope he can at least win something with us to add to his CV before he buggers off (Like Sarri at The Chavs or LVG at The Mancs).

    The “Suits” at Arsenal are as much to blame for this debacle as anyoneelse.

    Is Edu still coming over and what exactly is his role in all of the future planning?

  109. TR7

    Really astounding how much people underrate Spurs. Liverpool might trounce them but Spurs have beaten City, Madrid, Ajax and Dortmund in this campaign. Their starting 11 is as good as any other in the league bar City.

  110. Samesong

    Who is underating spurs? TR7 Spurs are a physical side. If they bring that to the game in the first half they have a chance.

    When Kos came back our defence looked even more vulnerable. his aerial ability and positional sense where very questionable.

    He’s been weak ever since he came back.

  111. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    The newspapers are always talking about hundreds of players that we are supposed to be interested in. That does not mean the stories are true.

    What was said to me yesterday is that usually at this point in aftermath of a
    season you get some indication of the positions and players we are targeting.

    Apart from Fraser there is not much strong evidence about the players we are
    currently targeting.

  112. loyika

    @ No one is underrating them.

    But you must admit Ajax threw that game (through inexperience)

    If Pool have a first half like Ajax did do you honestly see Spurs getting back?

    Pool were finalist last year as well so its no fluke (and they only lost 1 game in the EPL this season)

    So they are rightly the favs for this and 9 times out of 10 should do Spurs over. But its footie and there is always that darn “1 time!” to consider.

  113. loyika

    @ TR7

    If the Chavs can win the UCL as they did and Pool turned over Milan the way they did in Istanbul, off course Spurs can win it.

    But Pool are the bookies fav and rightly so. Don’t you think?

  114. siddharth14

    Where is this evidence that the senior players at Arsenal don’t respect Emery?

    From what we have witnessed this season, any player with reasonable intelligence would be having doubts about what Emery is attempting to do. We have looked pitiful in Defense, Midfield and attack. I just can’t see players respecting Emery in that case. Unless you see the two things as being mutually exclusive.

    With Wenger, it was a different case. Even the players knew that Wenger was past it but they never showed it because they were always in a comfort zone and drawing ridiculous salaries courtesy of the professor.

  115. Champagne Charlie

    “Don’t mind selling Laca and bringing in someone with height and physicality“

    Please name someone, sounds like you’re pining for another Giroud.

    Who offers City/Liverpool the height and physicality?

    CF isn’t an issue at all, it’s supporting attackers, and our general approach that’s leaving them isolated and feeding off scraps (which they’ve dispatched with ridiculous proficiency to their credit).

  116. Graham62


    “9 times out of 10 they should do Spurs over”

    Really? You honestly believe that? At Anfield, maybe.

    In a one off final, I say 6 times out of 10.

  117. TR7

    ‘But you must admit Ajax threw that game (through inexperience)’

    Not true. Ajax are just not as good as Spurs and it’s not hindsight. Even in my comments post the first leg I said Ajax were lucky to snatch a win. Spurs suffered from a bizzare tactical mistake by Poch when he played back 3. As soon as he switched to back 4, Ajax were.nowhere to be seen. Spurs were without their best 3 players – Kane, Son and Sissokho for most parts. Even in the 2nd leg, as soon as Spurs upped the ante Ajax literally retreated. They only look good when the opposition gives them space and time.

    Samesong, I was referring to Loyika and a few others.

  118. Emiratesstroller


    One of the parties I spoke to was not working at club but is a journalist who probably spends more time at the club, training centre and academy than almost any other journalist.

    Everyone who posts on here is entitled to express their opinion about head coach as they did incessantly about Wenger.

    As I said several times I will judge Emery in December and not before. He has
    inherited too much baggage to make a judgment on his performance.

  119. TR7


    Pool not as good as you are painting them to be. Forget Pool, no team in the world good enough to beat Spurs 9 out of 10. Yes, Pool marginally favorite (55-45) but you are really exaggarating if you think it’s (90-10).

  120. gambon

    I’m not sure that CF “isn’t an issue”

    We either have to play a 2 CF system that is pretty poor, play Auba out wide or put a £70m striker on the bench.

    I would much rather have one top CF with some good wide players that score goals regularly.

  121. Champagne Charlie


    Isn’t an issue in the sense of quality. Having two similar quality attackers who play the same role obviously isn’t smart.

    Then again I was someone who wanted to keep Giroud and buy a 56 mil winger that Jan, and not get Auba. C’est la vie

  122. Emiratesstroller


    I have just read more carefully your 6.45am post.

    I think that is a fair assessment of the current situation at Arsenal.

    Emery prioritised the Europa Cup, because of his experience in that competition and presumably because he felt that it was our best chance of
    qualifying for Champions League.

    No-one disputes that Emery has made mistakes this season not least in his
    selections and approach to Crystal Palace game.

    However, we have to recognise also that we played most of the second half
    of the season with FIVE members of the squad [Welbeck, Holding, Bellerin,
    Suarez, Mavropanos] out injured and another two [Lichsteiner and Elneny] who seldom played.

    So he had at his disposal only 18 players on his books who played regularly for
    first team.Our resources were therefore waifer thin particularly after Ramsey also got injured.

  123. Graham62


    I tend to agree with you……………………but it still doesn’t stop me from having massive doubts about Emery.

  124. Receding Hairline

    Nothing wrong with a younger Giroud, we don’t need two expensive limited strikers who don’t have any on pitch chemistry ( yes they are friends but who cares).

    I like Dembele at Lyon but he is expensive now.

    TR7 you do love you some spurs hyping don’t you. You will be insufferable on here if they do win.