Unai’s f*ckin magic, he wears a magic Europa hat!

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Here we go. The big one. The Europa League final. The success of our season rides on this one game. Win, and it’s fancy players and the hope we can move up a level next season. Lose, we watch a Europa League manager do his thing on a budget all summer long. Those cold sweat Banega/Nzonzi/Gameiro nightmares will become Freddy Krueger levels of reality.

One of the biggest selection questions we have this evening is whether Petr Cech plays, the manager seems to be leaning in an uncomfortable direction.

“I respect him a lot. His career is amazing. First, like a person and second like a professional goalkeeper, I think he deserved us to trust in him. Not because I am saying to you here, but because his career says to us that he is a gentleman. Tomorrow he can start or cannot start. I am going to decide. But both for him is done with respect. Really, I think how can we not believe in him?”

I love a romantic story and I love Petr Cech. The greatest goalkeeper in Premier League history. He was such an outrageous pro back in the day. Literally a brick wall.

… but this is elite sport. Fine margins. 2% here or there. The reality of Cech is he’s our second best goalkeeper. The second reality is that he’s pretty much nailed on to be Chelsea’s new Sporting Director. There is no line of business that involves proper money and talent that would allow him to lead or present if he were already committed to someone else. It’s called gardening leave my darlings.

The manager kind of hinted the final choice wasn’t cut and shut.

‘I want to do something important with him in the last moment of his career – and this has been my conversation with him, playing or not playing. We want to win for us.’

There is no longer a decision to be made. Sentimentality didn’t win us the 2008 league cup final. We are not obligated to provide a romantic end to his illustrious career. If there is something nice to be done, buy a gold watch or get a banging Cookie Cake from Lakeside. Don’t risk the future of our club on someone that’s retiring to the enemy.

Football is the Serengeti, no one cares how many antelope you mauled, no one gives a fuck about the cubs you fathered… when push comes to shove, Scar is always going to be there, ready to shove you off the cliff into the abyss. Hakuna Matata is for meerkats, songful wild boar, and cucks… NOT KINGS OF THE FUCKING EAST AFRICAN PLAINS.

(Auba is west Africa, but my sources say he’d easily be adult SIMBA if he was part of my metaphorical east African Disney metaphor for ElITE football)

If Emery plays Leno and he rolls the ball into his own net, no one will blame him for playing one of the players of the season, and arguably, one of the best keepers in the league. Play Cech and lose, mistake or no mistake, people are going to gun for the manager. Cech’s very selection would be a black mark against Emery’s decision making and backbone.

Also worth noting that Cech slated the low-pressure environment at Arsenal.

“I completely disagree with people who say, ‘When you pressure comes, [you don’t win]’. No. I think we lose points where there is not enough pressure. So, we went to Everton [on April 7]. You know you win, you go third… you lose, you stay fourth. We lost. That week with Wolves [losing at Molineux, either side of defeats to Crystal Palace and Leicester], it was the same situation.

“There was always a cushion, there was always, ‘It is not such a disaster’. We should probably create more pressure on everybody because that would give people more to think about.

I agree with the above. Unai should show him what a high-pressure environment looks like because the above can’t all be on Wenger. Make no mistake, you can change a culture in a year. We need a strong call. Our new man needs to show his teeth, just like his heroes Pep, Simeone, and Jose would do.

They’d all pick Leno, no doubt.

I thought it was slightly odd for Emery to be talking about how he mismanaged Aaron Ramsey’s fitness (what did I tell you?), but whatever. We need to stop dissecting the issue and move on. We didn’t want to pay the money he was after, so we yanked the deal, let’s accept the consequences like adults and hope there’s a good plan to replace.

Chelsea news is looking spectacularly shite for them. Hudson-Odoi is injured, can you believe it, I even wrote about it a month ago, what a fucking dunce I am.

Total banter is Sarri seems to be having a meltdown about his future.

“For me, at the beginning of the season, it was really very difficult to understand my players, to understand the mentality. But, after a very difficult month in January, in February they started to change. Or probably I changed, I don’t know. In this moment I love them because I have 20-22 wonderful men and wonderful players. So now I’m really very happy with them. I have to consider the future. And I have to consider that I love English football, I love the Premier League.”


Very good. He also threw a tantrum at the end of his final session.

Sarri is understood to have been unhappy that the team’s final training session was open to observers, as per Uefa’s stipulation. A Chelseaspokesman said: “Maurizio’s frustration displayed at the end of training was not related to any of his players, but was due to not being able to practise set-plays in the final 15 minutes of the hour-long training session as it remained open to media.”

There was presumably exasperation, too, that N’Golo Kanté had been limited to around half an hour of gentle running with a physio. The knee injury picked up at Cobham on Saturday is likely to see him start the final on the bench at best. The midfielder spoke at length with the medical director, Paco Biosca, on the pitch before going inside for further treatment. Sarri had earlier rated his involvement as “50-50”.

This is either unreal mind games, or he’s just pissed the club will sack him if it goes badly tonight. The Kante news for me feels pretty real, he’s injured. Bench him and it’s bad news for them, start him and there’s a huge risk of doubling down on his injury (literally what Emery said happened with Aaron). Sure, he’s not playing his best position, but he’s still a World Cup winner they don’t have on the pitch.

This game is going to be huge. We have two of the most potent strikers in world football to feed. We have one of the greatest creators the game has ever seen, hoping to show that he cares. Laurent Koscielny, a great servant of the club, is likely manning his last ever major final for Arsenal as captain (god help us if we go super-cuck and give it to Petr). LT looks fit and raring. Someone has the chance to be a hero against Hazard. Unai Emery has the opportunity to take his season from ‘meh’ to, ‘ohhhh, maybe?’

If Arsenal approach this game like we did the Spurs match in December, we’ll be a huge problem for Sarri. If we head into this game thinking Emery’s success in the tournament somehow gives us a divine right to win, we’re fucked.

Regardless of your confidence, Chelsea are the better side.

… but this is a cup game. Last time we played Chelsea in a cup final we KNEW we’d lose,  we dropped an absolute classic of a game, and won like heroes.

We need some of that magic tomorrow.

This game is monumental for our future, our reputation, and our pride.


See you in the comments x

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  1. Marko

    He is a destroyer without the capacity to project himself forward. He was never going to displace Verrati, nor Matuidi.

    Oh… how about Motta? Oh you forgot about him. Over 200 appearences for PSG used to just sit deep in the midfield. Krychowiak didn’t actually need to displace Verratti or Matuidi. No point discussing Jese with you. Or anything really

  2. Ishola70

    Words on a Blog
    ” or to the extent that they are unhappy to stay and face another season of struggle/Europa, they might make a push to move.I’m thinking in particular of Laca, Auba, Xhaka and perhaps Mikki.”

    No chance in regards Mikki and Xhaka. Europa League is their level and they know it.

  3. Receding Hairline

    Emery said. “Maybe some players need to leave but it’s not the moment to speak about that.”

    This what i want to see….if he fails in moving on the chronic under performers or even dropping them till they ask for a move, it will be a difficult season for us next season. All this talk of a sack is fanciful, he will see out the last year of his contract and he either improves us or finishes us up completely.

    @WAOB, every single Arsenal player is welcome to leave. I couldn’t care less. None of them will agitate for a move though because they are all losers.

  4. Valentin


    People have taken my points that he should not have the final say on players as personal attack on Emery. I have a lot of criticism of Emery, but my gripe is with the structure at Arsenal that give more influence than he should have. If things were correctly setup he would have no reason to go on a scouting mission in the middle of the preparation of Arsenal’s biggest game of the season.

    Also, my view is that he has not shown more insight or knowledge in that field than most head coaches and that as such he should not be given the final say. Like every head coach, he will want the comfort blanket of going after players he already know. In most case it is a bad move. As an experienced manager, he should be aware of that.

  5. Valentin


    Rabiot was earmarked as a Motta’s successor.
    Krychowiak was never going to replace Rabiot.

  6. Words on a Blog


    You’re both probably right.

    I was thinking that maybe Xhaka would be attracted to a move to Italy, where the football suits his style given that he’s not on overly exorbitant wages,and Mikki to Germany…..but like everything else about the club, complacency is likely to be the order of the day…

  7. Ishola70


    “Rabiot was earmarked as a Motta’s successor.”

    That was never going to work out was it.

    Motta in his prime was very under-rated as a player.

    He used to shield the defence very well and distribute well enough.

    Rabiot on the other hand would go walkabouts.

  8. Mark S

    VAR was only used in the Europa League Final. It had not been used in any of the previous Europa League matches leading up to the final.

  9. Marko

    I thought Rabiot doesn’t like to play DM? I thought he preferred box to box or some shite and didn’t like Emery using him as a DM? You’re kind of all over the place. Plus it’s weird how Emery was behind the Krychowiak signing but only played him 19 times compared to Rabiots 39 that one season before he got binned. Sounds like he preferred Rabiot.

  10. Receding Hairline


    to Xhaka’s credit you looked pretty pissed off last nigh, when asked if Emery has taken Arsenal forward he simply replied “i don’t know”

    He is not a bad player, he is a good player in the wrong league. Although for a guy who sits in front of the defense his total lack of defensive awareness is staggering

    By the way when are we going to talk about Torriera? Is no one worried?

  11. englandsbest


    How about ‘the customer is always right’?

    Isn’t that what you mean when you suggest that Stan will change his tune if the Club is relegated?

    Despite Stan’s wealth, yes we, the fans, DO have the power. Anybody who denies that is way off-beam. Will we ever use the power? Yes, if the situation continues to deteriorate beyond what is tolerable.

  12. Valentin


    PSG was trying to have a more dynamic style of play. So replacing Motta a very slow deep laying player by a more vertical Rabiot was not necessarily a bad idea.
    The problem is that PSG did neither.

  13. Marko

    Truth is PSG have been buying up what they can get for a while now and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t blame Emery for Krychowiak at PSG much the same way I don’t blame Tuchel for Choupo Moting

  14. Valentin

    I take the opposite view in that I do blame Tuchel for Choupo Motting. He may have a good attitude, but here is a player so out of his depth it is comical.

    The same with Krychowiak, Emery went as well for a well known and trusted player to have an ally in the dressing room and it failed.

  15. Marko

    By the way when are we going to talk about Torriera? Is no one worried?

    I thought he was pretty bad last night (most were) but he gets a pass because it’s his first season in England and he’s 23. He’s got it in his locker to come back next season and improve. People like Ozil 3 years now declining and Xhaka 3 seasons now and let’s be honest he hasn’t improved us at all. These are more pressing concerns. If Torreira doesn’t work out next season we can easily sell him the following summer for good money

  16. CG

    (Wise) Words

    “”””Arsenal measures “self sustainability” over 1 year.”””” ****

    Nailed in a simple sentence…
    You cant run a business in 365 day cycles (unless you are totally incompetent- oh hang on))

    You spend more when you are doing badly…
    You spend less when you are doing well…

    Then you balance the Books( over 5,10 year cycles.)

    If Vinai has actually signed that email off from
    ‘ Vinai and Raul’ as opposed to ‘Vinai’ then we are even in bigger strife than I thought.

    Speak for yourself..
    Take responsibility
    And create some nervous tension about the place.

    What a corporate lackey….
    Needs a rocket up his Arse… this one.!

  17. Marko

    I take the opposite view in that I do blame Tuchel for Choupo Motting.

    Why? He wasn’t responsible it was Henrique.

  18. Moe

    Am with Charlie on that email nonsense, good freaking grief. This ain’t the moment for some bullshit PR smoke puff. Better not write anything than take people for stupid with that missive.

    This defeat did not in any shape way or form affect me. In all honesty I anticipated worse this season. Emancipate yourselves, it’s good for your emotional wellbeing.

    Detached clueless Kroenke, arrogant Wenger and slimy Gazidis’ conspiracy against arsenal fans is finally bearing fruit. This was bound to be the ultimate outcome of the malaise towards success exhibited at this club in the past 8-10 yrs. I refuse to be emotionally tortured by people who haven’t given a fuck for quite a while now.

    I am extremely happy that a fluky Europa trophy win cannot be used to paper over the serious deficiencies of this club, both on and off the pitch. That by the way includes Raul, Emery and the email idiot, not just limited to Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis and their pampered overpaid players.

    The task is daunting, but it wont happen with a meek, easy-to-fool fan base. Think Leeds and Forest, and Arsenal may be headed in that direction. Our decline may not be as severe given Arsenal’s asset base but symbolically there may not be much difference in the end if fans dont mobilize and start boycotting this team to end this outrage.

  19. Marko

    Also if you blame Emery for Krychowiak then that means you have to credit him for Mbappe and Neymar. I personally don’t but you must

  20. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal are in a death spiral. Those are very hard to break out of unless we have great players(which we don’t have; we have a couple of “good” players) and at least “good” leadership which has been missing for over a decade.

    I’m officially worried now about Emery and I’m almost certain he’s not gonna cut the mustard. I think he should be given to mid next season but i think Arsenal are in real danger of being “out in the cold” for a long time until something changes fast.

  21. Moray

    Marko, Torreira is a high energy player and he’s knackered. Last summer was a write off and this season must have been a tough adjustment.

    Anyway, if he isn’t a great performer we have about 15 – 20 that we need to shift before him, most of which are on higher wages.

  22. Valentin


    I don’t see where I am all over the place.
    I have always stated the following:
    Emery preferred Rabiot as a 8 with Verrati as a 6. When Verrati was injured he used Rabiot as a 6 and sometimes Draxler as a 8.
    Rabiot does not want to play 6.
    Krychowiak as mentioned in his interview thought that he was going to be the next 6, but he was not good enough and was quickly discarded by Emery.

  23. CG


    “””If Torreira doesn’t work out next season we can easily sell him the following summer for good money”””

    And who in God s earth is going to buy the snivelling little runt for good money?

    The bloody smurfs..
    A subuteo outfit…
    Young Boys of Switzerland ?

    Torreia The Myth!

  24. Valentin


    The Neymar deal was already in negotiations before Emery arrived. And I am pretty sure that a Brazilian prima donna who does not track back is not the kind of players Emery would request.

    Regarding the MBappe deal, it was a vanity project by the President. I am not sure that anybody had any influence on that deal.

  25. Ishola70

    Motta a man footballer.

    Rabiot a boy footballer.

    Regarding Torreira we also have to consider that he is partnered next to a mannequin dummy so it’s not plain sailing for him no.

  26. Receding Hairline

    This obsession with youth, especially our reserves is worrisome.

    Valentin it seems you are convinced we have world beaters in our youth system and if so you are the only one.

    Man City sold a youth team player to Real Madrid, Bayern went in hard for one of Chelsea’s …our cream of the crop faded away at Hoffenheim, reserve football and first team week in week out football are miles apart.

    We really need to find a balance.

  27. gambon

    Torreira is valued at about €70m by the CIES Football Observatory.

    Need to stop this nonsense that all of our players are worth nothing.

    Last time we decided to sell players to fund transfers, we raised £120m by selling Ox, Walcott, Coquelin, Gabriel, Gibbs amongst others.

    In terms of likely sales this summer, CIES give values of:

    – Ospina €4-7m
    – Maitland-Niles €10-15m
    – Mustafi €30-40m
    – Chambers €15-20m
    – Kolasinac €20-30m
    – Elneny €7-10m
    – Mykhitaryan €15-20m

    That could be about £100m we raise if we are decisive, act quickly and ruthlessly.

  28. gambon


    Amaechi is 18 and hasnt really done much to earn a call up to the first team.

    The obsession with academy kids needs to stop.

    Fact is, nearly all of them will end up in the Championship or below.

  29. Dissenter

    ‘You’re being incredibly naive if you think things couldn’t get so bad amongst Arsenal fans toward Kroenke that we’d force his sale.”

    Actually, it’s pragmatism and realism molded together
    What are you going to do Charlie
    Cash out your pension early and use it to play the Euro lottery in hopes that you win the biggest prize eve?
    Even if you beat those odds, it still wouldn’t be enough because Kroenke turned down a 1.5 billion offer from Usmanov.
    Stop being emotional about these things.

    Where were you when Harry Redknapp was saying that Spurs are closing the gap on Arsenal. This was 2010! https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/spurs-are-closing-the-gap-on-arsenal-claims-harry-redknapp-6748052.html

    We didn’t start failing today but you only just got very concerned.

  30. Marko

    I don’t see where I am all over the place.

    By suggesting that Krychowiak shouldn’t have been replaced cause he couldn’t replace high energy players like Matuidi and Verratti. You were all over the place.

    The Neymar deal was already in negotiations before Emery arrived.

    Emery joined June 2016 and Neymar joined August 2017. That makes absolute sense. Good one mate way to make an objective point without any bias. So just to be clear he’s responsible for bad signings but the good signings are down to someone else. Got it. Again I tend to think that Henrique was responsible for all the signings but that’s just me

  31. WengerEagle


    You really don’t think that Krychowiak had Emery’s prints all over it?

    I’m sure if you give any manager in world football a blank cheque that Neymar and M’Bappe would be the first names to crop up, bit different isn’t it?

  32. CG


    You can pull yourself together too!
    I’ve told that young Jamie the same.

    (Getting yourself In a state over silly football)

    Soon as we got shot of the Goons currently in charge- we will be back on track

    Get Big Pat in
    Get Big Sol in ( annoy The Potatoes in one scoop)
    Nice Arsenal Blazers
    Freddie L beside
    Resign Rambo

    And We will Be Arsenal again

    Keep it simple!

  33. Marko

    Funny thing is if we sack Emery right now his replacement is left with the exact same mess that needs to be addressed the exact same way. As in sell a core group of players and replace them with smart puschases brought about by smart scouting and good negotiating

  34. Words on a Blog

    Valentin/ Marko,

    Why are you two talking at length about details of the decisions made in the past at a disfunctional French club?

    Isn’t the disfunctionality right here right now at Arsenal enough?

  35. azed


    Nothing in the article says Emery wanted Krychowiak rather Krychowiak was approached by PSG and he (Krychowiak) asked Emery if he should come and Emery said yes…..

  36. WengerEagle

    Toreirra again was really disappointing last night, was even outplayed by Xhaka which is pretty bad.

    Have a feeling that he’s going to flop here, at least we could likely sell him back to Italy without making much of a loss even if he’s no better next season.

  37. Marko

    You really don’t think that Krychowiak had Emery’s prints all over it?

    It’s not that obvious no because at the time he was highly regarded and wanted by many clubs. They could have had another manager in place and they probably would have bought him because that’s what they do. My argument is that he’s not really responsible for the signings wherever he goes. Valentin agrees with it with regards to Mbappe and Neymar but blames him for Jese and Krychowiak. It’s a bit convient. It’d be like giving credit to Sven for Torreira but blaming Emery for Lichtsteiner.

  38. Words on a Blog


    The “obsession” with youth players is fuelled by the need to get rid of shedloads of players in our first team/squad coupled with the apparent absence of funds to purchase established alternatives from other clubs.

  39. Receding Hairline

    “Fact is, nearly all of them will end up in the Championship or below.”


    How someone can advance an idea like starting osei-tutu and Wilcock and i guess Saka too in a European cup final is astonishing. The score will be in double figure.

    This guys train with the first team from time to time, what makes you think they have impressed sufficiently to warrant such faith

  40. Marko

    I personally wouldn’t discount Torreira just yet. His form dropped off significantly in the second half of the season for sure but he was still doing things that helped out defensively. He just needs a bit more adjusting. It’s weird though how some people are already starting to turn on him and you still have detractors talking about AMN coming good, Bielik and Chambers being options, Ameachi, Osei Tutu, Xhaka and Kolasinac improving. I think we might have a few gobshites in our fanbase honestly

  41. Redtruth

    Man City given massive cash injection.
    Chelsea given massive cash injection.
    Man Utd given massive cash injection.

    Three clubs who have won the league in the past 10 years.

    Arsenal need a massive cash injection if they are to join that exclusive club.

  42. CG


    You dont honestly believe those transfer figures do you?

    (You had such a good day yesterday, too)

    What club will play hard cash for Elneny?

    Maybe a club- that wants to launder cash??
    apart from that – he will be at Arsenal next season.

    If Emery is still in charge.
    He might even be Captain!

  43. Marc


    Of the many many problems we have at Arsenal at the moment Torreira is not an issue. Before We look at improving on Torreira we need to get rid of Monreal, Kolas, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Miki and Iwobi. Kos could function as back up if he’s willing to stay in that capacity, I can’t make my mind up about AMN but we need better cover at RB.

  44. gambon


    Yeah, Arsenalfans always view youth players in a vacuum. Probably as a result of our history of being strong at promoting youth.

    At U18 level, we lost out to Derby this season. I dont see anyone clamouring for us to sign Derby 17 year olds, yet surely some of them must be better than anything we have?

    Most of our kids wont make it. That includes the likes of Smith-Rowe, Willock, Amaechi etc.

    U23 games are so low level its unreal. Its lower than any level in the football league. Scoring goals at that level is irrelevant, remember Nik Bendter and Arturo Lupoli?

    Remember Quincy, Nacer Barazite, Fran Merida?

    I would say, or our current youth prospects:

    Nelson – clearly a class apart from most 18 year olds when he went on loan. Seriously needs to be more confident though. Looks like he will be a top level player.

    Saka – miles ahead of most 17 year olds. Needs a good 2 year progression plan to get him into the first team.

    Smith-Rowe – not sure. Needs a position, and wont make it as a top level wide player. Maybe as a central midfielder.

    Amaechi – not convinced. Will at best be an Andros Townsend/Nathan Redmond type, at worst a league 1 player.

    Willock – doubt he has the attributes to be a PL midfielder. Sure, he scored 13 last year, but Dele Alli was doing more in League One at his age.

    NKetiah – Needs to start scoring. Think he will end up an Afobe level player.

    Medley – no chance. Too slow and lacks aggression. Will play down the leagues.

    I would say Nelson should be integrated now. Saka should play some cup games, and go on loan the season after next, with a view to seeing where he is at 19/20.

    Smith Rowe Im not sure about. Another 12m loan.

  45. englandsbest


    Those valuations you listed on Ospina, Mustafi, etc., strike me as out of date. I think the key word in the PL this summer will be ‘get rid’, not ‘buy’. Take WHU offloading a host of players for nothing.

    The vast majority of our squad do not figure on any PL manager’s ‘want’ list. I can maybe name three that will raise an eyebrow: Auba, Laca, Leno. Maybe some club in Europe fancies Mustafi or Xhaka or Mikki, but knowing our situation, they won’t pay much for them. As for Ozil, it will be a major coup if we can give him away.

  46. Marc


    “U23 games are so low level its unreal.”

    That’s why the club is looking to loan players out to other leagues, then you get some idiots on here making claims that all of our super star youth players are being targeted by German clubs.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know if Torreira will flop, he’s being asked to do more by Emery which in all honesty I was an advocate of after his early season games (Cardiff etc) where he showed his dribbling and passing ability, but I don’t think he has the engine for it.

    I think in asking him to do more he’s got worse at the aspects he’s good at.

    If you had say Torreira just sitting as the CDM as opposed to a CM with Xhaka as the more shielding CM player, and you had an energetic box to box player next to him with a more well rounded CAM you’d have a pretty tight midfield.

    Said about our midfield from the City and Chelsea games at the start of the season, the problem is the lack of balance Xhaka brings (by no means a bad player, just severely limited) which is exacerbated by the severe limitations and cowardice of our CAMs who will not help in possession or in defending.

    From the beginning of the season I thought 4-3-3 with a solid midfield, a real winger and the playmaker shunted to a wide position (like Ziyech etc) is the way to go with this side.

    Can be achieved relatively cheaply as well. Then it really is on the manager to make that sort of Liverpool-esque system work.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Injured players and youth players always get bigged up over the top in a crisis or negative trend.

  49. gambon


    Im glad that you are in a whatsapp group with all european managers, where they discuss who’s on their wanted list.

    Also, interesting that you know more about valuations than the CIES, yet dont work with any football clubs, unlike the CIES who regularly consult with clubs on valuations.

  50. Redtruth

    Relying on youth players and asture signings won’t lay a glove on the big hitters .
    Arsenal can and will only compete when the C$sh starts rolling in.

  51. CG


    How comes Juve can sign Ramsey for £0
    And yet Elneny be worth £7 million?

    Seems you have been led up The Garden Path….
    Forget those garbage valuations..
    Because its cobblers!

  52. Pierre

    The obsession with youth players has been magnified by the cameo performance of Willock last night .

    The judgement of Emery has been questioned many times regarding different players and also the loan signing of Suarez, so how can fans trust his judgement when they see Willock come on last night in a very difficult situation and show his qualities as a footballer.

    Why hasn’t he played him , why hasn’t he slowly introduced the academy players into the team instead of opting for Suarez , a signing which has hindered the development of our academy players as the limited time that Suarez has had on the pitch could have been given to academy players.

    As the days go by, more and more fans are questioning the poor judgement of our manager.

  53. gambon

    I think Torreira can do a really good job as a Kante like DM, flanked by 2 B2B style players, or with an elite NDombele type alongside him.

    It doesnt help that he has to be the B2B legs alongside Xhaka, because Xhaka has no mobility.

  54. Redtruth

    Relying on youth players and astute signings won’t lay a glove on the big hitters .
    Arsenal can and will only compete when the C$sh starts rolling in.

  55. CG

    Red T

    “””Arsenal can and will only compete when the C$sh starts rolling in.””:

    Like Leicester
    Like Spurs are doing.

    Like Wenger did for years.

    Truth Hurts!

  56. gambon

    “How comes Juve can sign Ramsey for £0
    And yet Elneny be worth £7 million?”

    This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.

    And I had to put up with Keyser for years.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Totally shit! Haha.

    I haven’t been that upset at a result in years. Don’t care about the cup, but £80 Million, UCL football, the chance to change this squad totally…gone.

    Popped on here and saw some old names so thought I would load my sadness onto others. Top bloke like that. Don’t really like what this place as become, Untold dressed up as anti-Emery for a lot of the posters here bafflingly indulged by Pedro. Well, not baffling really.

    How are things with you? Football aside.

    This is going to be a tough summer.

  58. WengerEagle

    You surely are not including us in that post Marko about rating all of those players?

    LT’s first half of the season was decent but even then he wasn’t playing at the level that he was at Sampdoria. Starting to think that he may just not be suited to the PL, he has no real physical attributes to speak of and he’s incredibly diminutive. He’s not built like a Tevez or a Medel, he’s slight framed.

    I also still am not really sure what his best position in midfield is, he’s better going forward than he is defensively but B2B midfielder are usually the team’s no.1 athlete or thereabouts.

  59. azed

    “Why hasn’t he played him , why hasn’t he slowly introduced the academy players into the team instead of opting for Suarez , a signing which has hindered the development of our academy players as the limited time that Suarez has had on the pitch could have been given to academy players.”

    Even you Pierre couldn’t have written this with a straight face but then again, you still think Ozil is a top player

    Have you heard what Cesc said about Ozil?

  60. Cesc Appeal

    ‘This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.’


    I was just thinking the same thing.

    Great advert for contraception.

  61. Marc


    I think the biggest (obviously not the only) problem with our defence is the complete lack of cover and balance in our midfield. Torreira is a step to correcting that but Xhaka as to go.

  62. Pierre

    Well , well , well

    A post from Cesc Appeal and he’s not slagging off Mesut Ozil…wonders will never cease.

  63. azed

    “This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.

    And I had to put up with Keyser for years.”


    CG is proof you don’t need a brain to function as a human being.

  64. Marc


    Pretty much the same as you. Sanllehi has his work cut out this summer if he can pull off what needs to be done he’ll certainly have earnt his salary and then some.

  65. Redtruth

    Spurs last league title was in 1961
    Leicester’s one and only title in 100 years was a freak of nature.

    Arsenal will go down the Spurs and Leicester route if they ignore the Cash injection

  66. azed

    I don’t think Torriera has the engine to play in the EPL. i can’t remember the last time he completed a game and he’s always out of steam from the 65th minute.

    If a good offer comes for him, we should cash out.

  67. Marko

    WE no.

    Ah Arturo Lupoli. What a pointless player he was. Gambon’s bang on the money about the young players though and it’s not just us at the vast majority of decent clubs the amount of youngsters who go on to make it at their respective clubs is usually very very low. Which is expected I mean how are we expected to improve to get back into the Champions League and challenge for titles while at the same time expected to blood half a dozen young players? That doesn’t happen

  68. Pierre

    Why mention Ozil when I made a comment about our academy players ?

    Willock’s cameo performance has opened up a can of worms for Emery and more and more fans will question his judgement.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    He’s going to be busy trying to sell the whole ‘UCL is overrated anyway why would you want to play Madrid when you could Qarabag?’

    In truth we know the kinds of players we have to target now. Young potential types who see us as a stepping stone but who hopefully can take us up a level, and those with opportune contractual situations.

    The thing is I don’t want to offer wages as bribes. We’ve got Ozil on £350 000 a week, Mkhitaryan on £200 000, Kolasinac on £120 000, Mustafi on £100 000, Elneny on £60 000, Jenkinson on £35 000 etc all to get off the wage bill. I don’t want to do that and then give some teen prospect twice the wages we should for him then to stink the place out and be stuck here for 4 years.

    But I suppose that’s where we are.

    I like the look of Saliba though.

  70. Dissenter

    The reason why some of us cannot stop mentioning Ozil is because he us the greatest fraud in out history.

  71. azed

    “Willock’s cameo performance has opened up a can of worms for Emery and more and more fans will question his judgement.”


    People will question why he brought Ozil back into the fold. We’ve lost more with Ozil in the side so questions would be asked on why he didn’t banish Ozil from the team.

  72. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, worried about Pedro.

    No post today, after the biggest defeat of the season (in terms of importance).

    The guy must be traumatised……

  73. Marko

    Last night will have a knock on effect with regards to money but in all honesty it really really shouldn’t be a hindrance to us signing up the likes of Saliba, Palacios and even Upamecano who’s 20 and only played 5 times in the Champions League. It might mean having to sell it to them that we’re serious this summer and that we plan to be better next season and it may cost a bit more in wages to get them but it shouldn’t be an excuse. They need to get the finger out. Start off with a signing that shows you mean business. Otherwise we’re totally fucked next season

  74. HighburyLegend

    Not too worried about Pedro…
    He’s very busy, preparing the toughest and longest post of his life.
    There will be blood!!

  75. Dissenter

    “Willock’s cameo performance has opened up a can of worms for Emery and more and more fans will question his judgement.”

    I’m sure Emery didn’t miss that. He;s the one who subbed in Willock, wasn’t he?

    I wonder how Pierre the eternal defender of Ozil can even write that with a straight face.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    The only saving graces for us are that Chelsea will likely be banned from transfers and Ole is manager at United.

    Losing Hazard and replacing him with Pulisic is a massive issue for Chelsea.

    City, Liverpool and Spurs will be too much for us next season, but I can see another shit shoot out for 4th between Chelsea, Arsenal and United.

  77. Pierre

    You chumps carry on making chumps of yourself by defending our chump of a manager..

    He sent the team out yesterday to run and run and run a bit more and guess what , they run out of gas .

    The team was shot to pieces by the half hour mark , it was a warm night and the team needed to pace themselves .
    Our strikers were asked to work ,work and work a bit more and guess what , they had no energy when the ball came to them in the final third as they were too knackered to produce the quality needed .

    Chelsea let the ball do the work , they paced their game to perfection , the manager allowed Hazard to play wherever he wanted and had Kante , Pedro and kovasic to do his donkey work for him.

  78. Dissenter

    “The thing is I don’t want to offer wages as bribes. We’ve got Ozil on £350 000 a week, Mkhitaryan on £200 000, Kolasinac on £120 000, Mustafi on £100 000, Elneny on £60 000, Jenkinson on £35 000 etc all to get off the wage bill. I don’t want to do that and then give some teen prospect twice the wages we should for him then to stink the place out and be stuck here for 4 years.”

    Which is why some of us were disappointed that the club upped Guendouzi’s wages to 75k weekly. All we have is a headless chicken running around most of the time.

  79. Dissenter

    “You chumps carry on making chumps of yourself by defending our chump of a manager..”

    Thus saith the Ozil cum chump.

  80. Nelson

    Recently, I heart Emery said that he felt less pressure and could develop a project at Arsenal. That makes me thinking that the real problem at Arsenal is the culture of the club. It all comes down from the owner. They don’t care how we play as long as the club continues making money. Wenger’s tradition remains. Everybody, coaches and players all feel very comfortable. With only 40 m available for transfer, we’ll definitely fall further behind. Everton and NewCastle are getting more financial backing. They’ll catch up to us. Arsenal’s reputation as a big team will continue to diminished. Sadly, most of the Arsenal fans are more interested in arguing about the coach. I can see that as long as KSE remains the owner, Arsenal will be a midtable team in the PL.

  81. Dissenter

    Regarding Guen; All we have are the tabloid rumors but it’s a plausible story because that’s what we’ve done for the past 5-8 years.

  82. Marko

    I can see another shit shoot out for 4th between Chelsea, Arsenal and United.

    We won’t be challenging for 4th if there’s no significant squad turnover this summer.

  83. Pierre

    “People will question why he brought Ozil back into the fold. We’ve lost more with Ozil in the side so questions would be asked on why he didn’t banish Ozil from the team.”

    you are correct .if Emery doesn’t doesn’t rate him ( and he doesnt) then why did he reinstate him when he had Willock at his disposal as had shown earlier in the season that he was more than capable……weak management I’m afraid , you have hit the nail on the head….a.weak manager who doesn’t stick with his footballing principles.

  84. Words on a Blog


    Haven’t seen any formal announcement re Guendouzi extending his contract, and certainly nothing about any new pay packet he may or may not have been offered.

    I think it’s one of those credible but unsubstantiated rumours….

  85. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    You have to pay good wages to get good players.

    Theres no way around it.

    If Reiss Nelson scores 14 and assists 12 next season, he will be asking for £100k per week.

    We arent going to catch our rivals by paying far less than them.

  86. Valentin

    PSG had tried the previous year to get Neymar and failed the negotiation with Barcelona.
    It took them a year to negotiate with the Neymar clan to get everything sorted from their point of view. Once Neymar had agreed and PSG was willing to pay his release clause, then the deal went ahead.
    Some deals take place very quickly, some it take one year.

    When Ronaldo left for Real Madrid, everything had already been agreed a year before.

  87. Pierre

    “What do you have to say about Willock showing more in 15 minutes than Ozil showed in 75?”

    Fantastic to see a young player play with such confidence , makes you wonder why the manager has ignored such a fine young player ….Saka will be next in line if Emery has the bottle to use him.

  88. Dissenter

    I recall when Pierre was bleating with every post when Ozil was locked out of the squad.
    The manager took a chance on the very player Pierre has insisted is the “creative player” in the team for our biggest game of the season…yet it it still Emery’s fault.

    When is it going t dawn on you that Ozil is a semi retired has-been player.
    Do we have to jab your butt with a swordfish to wake you up to reality?

  89. Words on a Blog

    We are in kind of a Catch-22 situation, and all the various solutions offered up seem to have flaws or are in some way deficient.

    Change manager? No guarantee or even much prospect of credible improvement given a shitshow of an unbalanced squad.

    Reshape squad? No money available to do it properly, no proper structure in place to source and attract young players, hard to get rid of complacent players on exorbitant wages.

    Project Youth 2.0? U-23 players deemed to be too shit/inexperienced to credibly Improve squad.

    Owner cash injection? Delusional to expect it, given past experience and the mantra of “self-sustainability”

  90. Valentin

    I don’t think that Xavier Amaechi is ready for first team action.

    My point is that why put him on the bench at all.
    If Emery genuinely believe he is ready, then he should have been integrated before, not put on the bench on the biggest game of the season.
    There were players who may not be as good as him in the future but could have been more likely to enter the fray if we have had an injury.

  91. salparadisenyc

    Can’t stop thinking about Cech’s “No Pressure” comments, defines situation club is in pretty succinctly.

    No consequence from Emery on down.

    If there was ever a moment for owners to jump in and take a more active role this is it. As it stands we’ve got Raul and Unai building for the next 5 years in this summers window, doesn’t fill one with optimism.

  92. Marc


    That’s the issue and ultimately there’s no quick fix. That means the club has to be smart in the business it conducts both in and out and the fans have to be patient.

    I can only see this happening in incremental steps.

  93. Cesc Appeal

    Dissenter WOAB

    I would wait and see on that then. I’d imagine we put Guendouzi on a 4 or 5 year contract and so by Sanllehi’s own rule we would start negotiating with him at the end of next season, not now.


    Not arguing that. If Nelson got those kinds of numbers for us next season we would have to offer him something big.

    What I’m arguing against is signing some young prospect like say Saliba, and a situation where most clubs (Spurs, Liverpool etc) would offer him £60 000 a week and we’re in a position of having to offer a prospective gamble £100 000 or something to get him to come here.

    Once a player has proven himself, no issue, in that Nelson situation, no issue, because if we don’t pay it someone else will. I’m more thinking of the situation where no one else will pay close to what we’re offering but we have to just to get the player.

    Hopefully the new team are better with contracts, because the last lot were shite.

  94. Joe

    Pierre trying use 15 m of garbage time when Chelsea was already half drunk on champagne to judge a performance of Willock and rip emery.

    Haha oh Pierre. You are a special one.

    Maybe you’re right Pierre. Ozil shouldn’t have even been on the bench and willock should have started over ozil. The biggest waste Of space at arsenal since well wenger.

    Oh and it was 3 individual mistakes that led directly to 3 goals. All
    Made by AMN.

  95. Paulinho

    Torreira is still a far better bet than Xhaka as a long-term investment. He has struggled to influence games in recent months but when put in difficult situations or spots he still deals with them far more adroitly than Xhaka and those are the players we need long term. He showed when partnered with Ramsey against Napoli as well he is adaptable and has layers to his game. One of those players when the adage ‘give him time’ applies to a tee.

    We may have too many physically compromised, gormless footballers. Xhaka is top of the list both departments, and Ozil’s intelligence is vastly overrated offensively, and as he is as daft as Xhaka defensively. Has no clue at all what’s going on. The likes of Hleb and Rosicky could sense when the opposition were upping the tempo and match their runs, and ride out the storm. Ozil just trundles along at the exact same pace regardless.

    We need to get the basics right without and rid ourselves of obvious flaws and the primary aspect to address is athletes all around the pitch that can work in unison and close the spaces without the ball, and be dynamic with it.

  96. azed

    “My point is that why put him on the bench at all.”

    Because UEFA allows you to name up to 12 players on the bench. Why leave a young player at home when he can travel and train with the team?

  97. Dissenter

    “Can’t stop thinking about Cech’s “No Pressure” comments, defines situation club is in pretty succinctly.”

    I think Cech forgot to mention the money piece at Chelsea.
    Abrahmovich ran the club for perfection with no care for losses
    The Kroenke aren’t going to jump in because they know they won’t be spending the money required to fix the problems. The pressure-less chamber is part of Arsenal tradition. It’s part of why Highbury was library and we hardly ever change managers.

  98. Valentin

    A manager can change the culture pretty quickly.
    You impose better time keeping for every players.
    You create a meritocracy and true competition.

    During the last year’s at Arsenal, some players knew that was not the case. No pressure to succeed.

    But you can only do that if you are sure of what you are trying to achieve and are able to communicate that to players.
    If you don’t have a plan or revert back to the previous setup when the going gets tough, you’re dead.

    Players are like animals, if they smell fear and doubt, they will use that to their advantage.

  99. Elmo

    What would be hilarious and fitting would be if Pedro simply didn’t post, and this match marked the end of LeGrove. The end of the Arsenal rising story.

  100. Receding Hairline

    “Great advert for contraception.”

    Now this was funny

    Valentin Amaechi didn’t actually make it to the bench, he was replaced by the goal keeper iliev or whatever , besides even you could have made it to the bench yesterday considering the number of subs allowed to be named

  101. Valentin


    I have checked and in the end Amaechi was not even on the bench, Iliev was.
    So we had two goal keepers on the bench but no U21 right back.

    That looks like nothing was properly planned.

  102. Guns of Brixton



    No idea why he would come here though 😂😂

    Offer him immortality??

  103. Left testicle

    I know English isn’t Emery’s first language but he must be able to say more than ‘process’ or ‘in our way’.

  104. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry that I did not reply to your earlier post at 12.04, but I have just returned from a very enjoyable pub lunch with friends. Fortunately they are not football
    fans, although since I returned home I was greeted by two fans who are respectively Liverpool and Spurs supporters not an enjoyable experience!!!

    I do not disagree with the point you make about how our midfield are playing.
    The problem which I made earlier today is that in absence of Ramsey our
    midfield creativity and offensive play is limited. Ozil is no longer effective
    and both Xhaka and Torreira are fairly limited.

    Once Arsenal is put under pressure our defence is neither organised nor quick enough to close down the attack of even average teams. We saw that
    against Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester as well as Chelsea. Indeed but
    for a player being sent off in Watford game I suspect we might lost there as

    I think that there is some potential at the club to add U23 players in midfield
    but not unfortunately in defence. The reality is that the only 2 players currently with improvement potential are Bellerin and Holding. Otherwise I
    think that we need to be building our defence from scratch.

  105. Receding Hairline

    “I know English isn’t Emery’s first language but he must be able to say more than ‘process’ or ‘in our way’.”

    Personally i am not interested in what he says but what he does or what he asks to be done. If he asks for certain players to be moved on and there are not he should be able to either show some backbone and not pick them or resign and seek a job where he is listened to.

  106. Danny

    The club apparently saved 10 million quid in bonuses for not making the Champions League, so that can go towards transfers with hopefully a new manager in charge.
    Rioch was fired after one season and he took us from 12th to 5th which meant back in europe plus he brought in Bergkamp, no reason at all then not to sack Dracula, the manager who couldn’t beat Crystal Palace and Brighton at home that would’ve guaranteed us Champions League football. He’s fuckin’ useless.

  107. Chris

    There are lots of things to beat Emery with, but having a few youngsters on the bench is just being petty.

    The experience of being involved in a European final (even though the result is obviously regrettable and disappointing) is character building and useful exposure for the future.

    Ronaldo at WC94, Walcott at WC06. It is nothing new.

    Some of you just want to keep kicking the man when he is down.