Emery an anti-Brexit chameleon

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Unai Emery dropped a very detailed press conference with Elmundo.

He covered many areas and spoke in vivid colour about the league, his troubles, and a little of what he’s trying to do at Arsenal. The hot talking point seems to be his vision of being a chameleon team.

It depends. I want us to be a chameleon team, able to play in possession, in static attack against close opponents, or to counterattack. For the first, Özil comes very well, which has the virtue of discovering spaces. For the second, Aubameyang. To the extent that we are able to combine it, we will grow.

You can take this one of two ways.

The first way, he’s adopting a Jose Mourinho like approach to the game, nullify the opponent’s strengths and attack from there.

The second way, he could be trying to adopt an NFL like approach where he can be tactically nimble as a game goes on. Pep G has players that are smart enough to switch formations during a game without losing shape or effectiveness.

I think we might be dreaming if we think he’s talking about the second based on what we’ve seen this season. If we’re honest, part of the reason the football is so drab is because he’s a manager more concerned with the other team than building out a distinct style of football of his own. PSG players complained of that, and there were leaks a couple of months ago from Arsenal to that effect.

I think when you read through the interview, you do get the impression that the chip on his shoulder comes from feeling inadequate in the elite of football. He’s constantly having to explain the PSG flop, or why he does things that look small time. This line was interesting.

‘I like to know what others do, how they train and how they relate, and I take what I think of each one, be Guardiola or Mourinho.’

His thirst for knowledge is a compelling asset, but when you’re chasing a vision that mish-mashes the IP of others, you kind of end up with no IP. I think it’s very hard to be the best if you don’t have your own unique vision of how the game should be played. You’re constantly chasing progress by looking at what others are doing. Think what you like about Sarri, but he has a vision of what he wants to do, year 1 is laying the foundations, year two we should expect to see the fruits.

I don’t know what’s coming in year two for Emery.

He’s the ultimate response to Wenger. We’ve gone from a puritanical artist, happy to accept failure if it’s in the name of beauty… to a hardcore pragmatist, who is happy to throw the middle-finger to the doubters if the results stick.

‘I do not promise titles, I promise to compete.’

Except… at Arsenal, it’s not really about the results.

‘At Arsenal, I have the feeling, for the first time, of winning to build, not to survive. I feel the respect towards me even when we lose, but I want that the defeats hurt more, because it is a step to improve competitively. I want the mourning to lose be greater than two hours.’

We’re building a pragmatism machine that didn’t do the job in the league, and the success of the season is weighing on a coin toss on Wednesday.

‘But we were close’ is Gazidis talk (Milan finished 5th lolololol).

When you add this sort of chatter up, with the buzzy, but ultimately non-commital vision set by Raul and Vinai, you start to build a picture of a machine that’s not really geared to make a rapid ascent up the progression curve.

That’s why I’m finding it difficult to understand why any Arsenal fan would accept losing to Chelsea if it meant Spurs lost at the weekend.

Worry about your own house. If Spurs win the Champions League, good for them. We’ve had plenty of chances. If the dice rolls that way, so be it. The reality is, this Europa game is integral to our 5 year plan. We need to bring in elite players this summer, if we have to do it on a budget, it’s Banega on toast, washed down with a glass of BANG AVERAGE. There is no circumstance in which losing the final is acceptable.

So let’s not start acting like cucks. A European trophy is on the line. You should never want your own team to lose… unless it’s like, some sort of technicality in the group stages… or it could see Spurs relegated. Positive losing is the only way I can accept it, and not winning a trophy is never positive losing.

Emery on a budget would add 3 years of misery to our Arsenal lives.

Let’s not go down that path, even if it is just a hypothetical.


P.S. Emery anti-Brexit.

‘We already know what nationalism is. Crises give wings. I am Basque, I know what I am talking about, and I am comfortable as Basque and Spanish. When there are problems, people tend to be enrooted, to defend the inside. Personally, I think we have to open borders, not close them, and when you go outside, you have to make an effort to enter into another culture.’

Someone chuck a milkshake at him!

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  1. Receding Hairline

    No Pedro not just his Europa record, from Lorca through Almeria,then Valencia through Sevilla he has done a good job. Even at PSG he did a good job.

    And for us he will do his best before leaving.

    Same cannot be said for some of the names you have touted in the past, both coaches and execs

  2. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s weird how Germany are the one top European country that have lacked a quality team throughout the history of the Bundesliga. A Berlin club should be prime for a big-money takeover really given the potential.

    France did as well to a lesser extent as PSG were decent in the 90’s before the Gulf money, a bit like Chelsea before Abramovich.

    And in Italy, neither Roma nor Lazio are amongst the elite Italian sides even if they are in the tier just below.

  3. Marko

    … and if I were Barca, I’d prefer Arteta over every single one of those candidates

    Thank goodness for them you’re not in charge at Barca. Pick an assistant over actual managers again. Tut Tut

  4. Marko

    WE you’re bang on the money regards Tuchel. I still wouldn’t discount him as a potential candidate in the future and a few years back I absolutely wanted him instead of Wenger but he’s absolutely gormless as a manager. Nothing striking about him whatsoever

  5. Gbat


    You realise that Monaco will only play PSG twice in the league?
    Monaco can’t do anything about PSG’s other 36 games. And vice versa. His 2nd season was an improvement. I’m pretty sure 6 more points is an improvement.

    Using your way of thinking, did Liverpool only get 2nd because United declined? Of course not.

  6. Victorious

    Alot of what we do this summer and the next couple of years is really riding on the game against Chavs this Wednesday

    Emery has built a reputation as the Europa King.

    Bet this would be the best of the lot for him if he clinches it

    Hope for both his sake and the club he has a plan see us emerge victorious

    There won’t be a hiding place for him in any event he gets turned over by a trophyless Sarri

    We simply have to win,no excuse.

  7. Valentin

    Does anybody know when Thomas Vermaelen’s Barcelona contract expire?
    I thought that it did this year but some site reports that he may still be with Barcelona next year.
    Anyway that was a good deal negotiated by Arsenal. Who signed on that one for Barcelona?
    Buying an injured player, who is out for a full season!

  8. Ishola70

    Just looking through that Stuttgart squad Pablo Maffeo could be worth a shout for signing as back-up to Bellerin.

    Would come cheap enough as he has had a bad time at Stuttgart but the talent is there. Stuttgart paid a lot of money for him for their finances and he showed talent at Girona before.

  9. Valentin

    PSG were never decent. They were known as a Cup team. Marseilles used to be the dominant force in French football before Lyon, then PSG.
    PSG were pretty much on par with Chelsea before Abramovitch. A club in the country capital with potential if a sugar daddy were to come.

  10. WengerEagle

    Tell you what, Dortmund will be serious again next season if they can hold onto Sancho.

    Have added three really good players in Brandt, Thorgan Hazard and Nico Schulz.

  11. Marko

    Ishola I wanted him prior to going to Stuttgart. He was absolutely fantastic at Girona the previous season and he was never going to get an opportunity at City. I’d take him in a heartbeat

  12. Valentin

    In 98, Guivarch was France main striker and he did not score.
    There is nothing new in having a striker acting as pivot that does not score during a tournament.
    However Giroud is a lot appreciated by his teammates and the knowledgeable people who can see what he brings to the team.

  13. CG

    Anyway The Proof will always be in The Pudding…..

    Come Wednesday night… hours away from now…

    (The word on The Street- our PedRo has a block busting post pre match build up and Report coming..)


    The Clown wins – he will get a stay of Execution ( until Nov 2019)

    Or If The Clown looses-It’s The Guillotine for Unai The Chameleon…. its Over

    It’s as simple as that….

    (Loosers Cup Showtime in Tawdry, Sweaty Baku…. hours away.)…

    Let The Shenanigans Begin..

    (*** if Arsenal win- I’ll be absent for 14 days on The Grove.)

  14. Ishola70


    Your anti-Emery stance even comes through when you are even supposedly behind him for the Europa League.

    Why don’t you just hope he loses the match and this disaster appointment for Arsenal could come to a quick end?

    You probably do hope that like others.

    And don’t set this match up as an absolute Emery failure if he doesn’t win. It’s a must win for Arsenal but Chelsea are favourites for the match however tight it is.

  15. Ishola70

    “I wanted him prior to going to Stuttgart. He was absolutely fantastic at Girona the previous season and he was never going to get an opportunity at City. I’d take him in a heartbeat”

    yeah I liked the look of him as well in Spain and Stuttgart paid a fair amount for him for them anyway.

    But he has had a bad time there at Stuttgart. All kinds of stories and allegations about him but then again Stuttgart given their season was probably overall an unhappy place anyway.

  16. Pedro

    Gbat, my logic says Liverpool only got second because Pep kept City focused in year two, a notoriously hard thing to do when the team behind you clocks 97 points.

  17. WengerEagle

    Yeah Marko, he’s been good for them.

    They could still do with signing a CM partner for Witsel. Thomas Delaney is ok but he’s a bit of a grafter without much imagination. Dahoud has struggled too which is disappointing as he looked really good at Monchengladbach.

  18. Valentin


    Historically Berlin does not have a unified football team. The German system makes it nearly impossible for a sugar daddy to come buy a team and the league.
    Also Bayern Munich has such a grip on the German football, that any attempt to change the current order of things will be defeated. Any team that has success in one season suddenly lose all its best players to Bayern the following season. Hummels, Lewandowski, Podolski, Götze, …

  19. Marko

    WE it’s probably the one area that they could still need to strengthen in. Everywhere else they’re looking very strong in. Their CB’s need to stay fit though next season. Brilliant group though Akanji, Diallo and Zagadou look like turning out to be great Defenders

  20. WengerEagle

    Yeah Valentin agree, it’s something to do with fan ownership isn’t it? And haven’t Leipzig found loopholes around it?

    Bayern do tend to recruit internally in the Bundesliga, given their elite stature and financial backing relative to other German clubs, makes it near impossible for players to turn them down.

    Dortmund are the only team capable of breaking up the monopoly since they last won the league,as I’ve said they’ve made three ambitious signings already so it pretty much hinges on whether or not they can hold onto Jadon Sancho.

  21. Ishola70

    Berlin is like Hamburg.

    Big cities where football is not the be all and end all.

    Dortmund and Schalke in the Ruhr are football mad.

    Munich although a big city as well of course are seen as southern country bumpkins to Berliners and Hamburgers.

    It’s a bit like London.

    The real hotbed of football in England is the North-West, Man United and Liverpool away from the capital London.

  22. englandsbest

    Man-management cost Emery the job at PSG, big names, big egos. He has smaller egos to contend with at Arsenal, one big-name who is no longer big.

  23. Dissenter

    Sven Mislintat is officially going to use his diamond eye in the Bundesliga 2. It’s not surprising that he’s in free fall away from BVB because he’s away from Michael Zorc.
    Raul Sanheli saw through hype that very quickly and I’m sure we dodged a bullet with him.
    I’m expecting to read anytime soon that Stuttgart have moved him on. The dude needs a parachute.

  24. Dissenter

    I don’t understand why city rent ready to pay Sane close to Raheem Sterling. They are set on a path that will send him to Bayern.

  25. Dissenter

    england’s best
    ‘Man-management cost Emery the job at PSG, big names, big egos. He has smaller egos to contend with at Arsenal, one big-name who is no longer big.’

    Actually I think it’s a club that’s being run like a frat house that cost him his job.
    The club allows players to openly undermine the manager by running to the chairman to tell stories.
    PSG is the perfect AstroTurf club. A club founded in 1970 is very small by modern European standards. It just goes to show that money cannot buy class.

  26. Pedro


    Sven will do well at Stuttgart and you’ll be blaming someone else for his success.

    We get it… you don’t believe in modern football, structure, specialisation, delegation, assistant managers, or managers (unless they are Emery).

    What did you say you did again?

  27. Dissenter

    Whatever you say say, you get to have the last word.
    I’ve always maintained that Michael Zorc was the driver of the BVB success.
    They have continued to make quality signings since Sven left whereas Sven’s parachute appears to have failed. He’s falling faster than a meteor at the moment.
    The guy you championed and then set up conspiracy theories about his exit from Arsenal isn’t as good as you once believed.

  28. Pedro

    Dissenter, hardly insightful that a great CEO is driving a clubs success, is it?

    Succession planning is part of the role.

    Lose a great chief scout, bring in another one.

    Absolute basics.

  29. Dissenter

    What did I say that I do?
    Gosh, you won’t let this go, will you. You get very catty when confronted about positions that you staked a claim on.
    Keep speculating…one day it’s a Macdonald server, another day I may be a coal miner. You’ll stumble on the truth someday.

  30. Pedro

    Dissenter, I get catty when confronted by people that aren’t believable. You sit in that category.

  31. Words on a Blog


    I’d guess you practice some form of dermatology, coz you certainly know how to get under Pedro’s skin.

    Or maybe a neurosurgeon, coz you know how to get inside his head!

  32. Dissenter

    Chief scout brings the footballing director names of several options from scouting , the footballing director makes that final decision after deliberations with the entire team.
    Has it occurred to you that Sven my be lacking the capacity to take that next climb up the ladder, that he cannot perform that executive task expected on a footballing director?.
    That’s what Raul thought when he blocked his expected promotion. . He was most likely correct..and you’re respectfully wrong.

  33. Pedro


    You are now arguing a different point.

    I don’t know what Sven would be like as a Technical Director. I didn’t canvass for him to be promoted to the role. He was an elite chief scout, that much we know for certain.

  34. CG

    All of us – Do not want a Catty PedRo… (meow…)

    We want PedRo and His Crew dissecting this bloody interview.

    (And Forget Dissenter The Curmudgeon)

    Studying this interview again- reveals Emery has shocking self esteem issues.

    The way he ‘ Bigs ‘ up his opposition managers are tell tale signs of this.

    Underdog mentality….

  35. Pedro

    CG, absolutely agree sir.

    He doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin… a worry for someone at this stage in his career.

    But we’ll see. Huge game on Wednesday. Mourinho won the Europa and it was seen as a genius move. Winning it is the only way to take the edge of Saturday.

  36. Leedsgunner

    After his player of the season performance over there, it would be silly not to discuss a player swap with Fulham for Segnesson if they were open to the idea and Chambers were willing to move.

    Bielik should be given Chambers’ spot after his excellent loan spell…

  37. Marko

    Oh fuck off self esteem issues and doesn’t look comfortable in his skin. You too are trying too hard

  38. CG


    Oh for the days – when the one and only Brian Clough-plonked the football in the City Ground home dressing room on a towel every fortnight and said to his 11 players listening…

    “”You are better than that rubbish next door. “””

    (Cloughie never had tactics.)

    They went 42 games unbeaten
    They won 2 European Cups
    They won the League Title.
    They are still revered in Nottingham.

    Never did he mention lizards…..

  39. Pedro

    CG, he was an outrageous character.

    I watched the film of him on a plane ride recently, very good.

    Went off the boil in the end… but the original Jose Mourinho, no doubt.

  40. Receding Hairline

    Lol when Pep and Poch reference Bielsa they are hailed

    When Emery mentions a few champions league winners he is ridiculed, self esteem issues

    Yet one who literally hides under another is the next big thing and we must get him

    What you call Tuchels philosophy is a rather poor imitation of klopps ..yet u think he has sauce

    You go to remarkable lengths with your anti Emery stuff its funny

  41. Pedro

    RH, that you think Klopp and Tuchel share the same footballing philosophies just doubles down on my instinct that you just argue for the sake of it.

  42. Marko

    To be fair Tuchel’s Dortmund was Klopp’s Dortmund without the success. His PSG aren’t all that. If he’s got sauce it’s stale from whatever bottle was left over from the previous manager.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Philosophy is an English word and it’s meaning is quite straightforward.. No room for ambiguity there.

    Mourinho is guided by one thought alone to win at all costs hence I still maintain his philosophy is winning. He on the other hand hates any talk of a footballing philosophy, simply calls himself a winner.

    You are hung up on something or someone, I’m not. Each case is unique

  44. Words on a Blog


    It’s called positioning.

    If Arsenal lose the Europa, Emery will be weakened, and this blog will become much more stridently anti- Emery, with a fair dollop of I-told-you-so in the analysis.

    If Arsenal win, there will be a hold on that position, and it’ll all depend on how the squad is restructured and what we do next season…..so it’ll be more a case of somewhat gentler Emery-scepticism.

    Pedro et al fundamentally don’t rate Emery, they need sexier football and want a saucier Manager.

    It is what it is, and you won’t be able to change it.

  45. Marko

    they need sexier football and want a saucier Manager

    Doesn’t explain Arteta though does it. Or Tuchel for that matter. It’s all about philosophy these days all of a sudden to Arsenal fans that’s important

  46. Receding Hairline

    WOAB yea one of his followers has already declared Pep the bench mark.

    So it’s either we play like City or we get a manager that imitates them… You know who.

    I read that interview today and I really look forward to watching Emery try what he wants to build. I don’t cast envious glances at City nor are they a bench mark for me.

    I actually admire what Klopp has built better and to a lesser extent Pochettino work at Spurs. Although his has come as far as it can and he now needs investment

  47. Marko

    It’s funny but clubs like Barcelona and Madrid their philosophy doesn’t come from the manager it comes from the top down and so in that regards we don’t need Emery to have a philosophy we need the DOF or TD to have one. They of course know this but it still comes down to what’s Emery’s philosophy.

  48. MidwestGun

    Read the Post…. I think any reasonable person.. can see That Emery is going to be Emery. I’m not sure flexibility is what I want in my football squad.. I would rather they just dominate playing whatever brand of football. Given that… however…. I want to win the Europa trophy.. .. All the over the top criticism is just that… And frankly tedious. I will say history never remembers the moderates. and I think that is what Emery is.

    More concerning to me is some sort of weird grooming that CG is trying on Pedro.. watch your back dude. Creepy as hell.

  49. Dissenter

    There’s a vast ocean of difference between league one and the teams fighting for the CL places.
    Which is why I don’t get this clamor to get Bielik isn’t the squad

    One of the sure bankers that a position is wrong is when there’s a legrove song being sung in unison.
    Maybe Bielik can get a loan to. Championship club next season to replicate his division 3 performances.

  50. Words on a Blog

    As an aside, one thing that emerged from Emery’s interview with El Mundo, was that he was clear that what was distinct about the premier league was its combination of technical prowess and physicality/intensity. Having good technical players was not enough, you needed the players to also be physically competitive or “intense”.

    I think this feeling is shared across the football side of Arsenal, when you see that Torreira and Sokratis were two players who came in last transfer window

    That gives us a clue about the type of player who is likely to come in this summer – we are unlikely to see any languid artists coming in!

  51. Dissenter

    I too have noticed that CG is really trying to groom Pedro with lots of fatuous praise and sycophantic language.
    Pedro is way too smart for that.

  52. Pedro

    I too have noticed that CG is really trying to groom Pedro with lots of fatuous praise and sycophantic language.
    Pedro is way too smart for that. <<< 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Sid


    Up till now there’s isn’t a pointer Emery is capable of delivery Pep’s level of success with City given same resourcesGuy is a middling coach, a very good cup manager but shits his pants when it comes to playing in the big leagues.. He gets outsmarted time and time again.

    I didn’t not see anyone even remotely suggest emery is pep level. Infact I saw multiple posts saying exactly the opposite. What was being argued though that it makes it much easier to enforce a philosophy or style when you have the budget to get the exact players you want.

    Still waiting for some reference of the emery Bould fallout story you mentioned to highlight why we moved from zonal to man marking and why Bould might be replaced……or is it a case you making stuff up as you go along?

  54. Words on a Blog


    Yes Charlton is (now was) a League 1 team, but it’s also a club where we have traditionally sent younger and/or fringe players on loan.

    I recall that Coquelin broke into the team having played on loan at Charlton.

    Don’t thi there’s that much of a clamour. He’s played well on loan, he’s homegrown, so people are suggesting he might be a cheap back-up

  55. Champagne Charlie

    You’re so transparent at times Dissenter, really odd way of sniping at certain things.

    Mslintat, Arsenal being elite, Emery, Mavropanos etc all get some weird treatment from you. Always desperate to land a ‘what did I say’ moment.

  56. MidwestGun

    We need some star power in our midfield.. Project youth.. isn’t doing it for me. No offense to young people. Win the Europa and lets get down to some transfer business.. And I will judge this regime in August.

  57. Pedro

    Midwest, you know they are gunning for a football team? I am pals with one of the guys spearheading it.

  58. Words on a Blog


    I’m on full alert against CG’s grooming….as I’ve said before he is the Salvador Dali of this blog, and it’s much too easy to be sucked into his surrealist vortex.

  59. bennydevito

    What’s the loosers cup?

    Footballers contesting a final with their shoe laces untied?

    Shorts too baggy and falling down?

    Handles of the trophy loose and falling off?

  60. MidwestGun

    Yeah Pedro…. they have been for some time.. They are a football crazy city.. Hot bed of youth players.. I actually played on a pro team there for a minute back in the 80’s / Indoor football.. on astroturf.. hahaha

    But they deserve something after Kroenke screwed them over with the NFL and a football team would be big for them. And if they could build a stadium on the riverfront near the Arch.. could revitalize the city. So I Hope they get one.

  61. Dissenter

    You mean I’m consistently consistent?
    My positions are actually very simple
    -Mavros was crowned the solution in waiting on the basis of a dead rubber game at OT. I objected because one game is a very small sample. Recently, you don’t read anyone say now that we already okay next season because we have Mavros. People didn’t even reckon with him when future-planning.
    -Sven Mislintat was billed as some roadmap to success when in fact he was just recycling his old time hits at BVB. That too was an easy call because Pedro himself knows that Michael Zorc is the creme de la creme of technical directors. Sven was the non-executive in that arrangement. He did the scutwork. It’s like crediting the scrub nurse for that 8-hour surgery. The nurse serves credit but the surgeon is the one that did the procedure,
    -it’s hard to call Arsenal elite again when we haven’t completed for the league title in 15 years. AC Milan won the Scudetto in 2011 and the CL in 2007 yet no one will call them an elite club these days. They haven’t even been in the CL in 5 years.

  62. Words on a Blog

    As another aside, Sheikh Khalid of Abu Dhabi (half brother of Sheik Mansour of Man City) looks like he’s about to buy Newcastle from The Fat Pint Quaffer.

    If he gets it done, he’ll retain The Portly Spaniard, who according to some, has Special Sauce, and according to others is a has-been, but regardless, is loved by the Geordie Faithful Hordes.

    Will be interesting to see whether this is another Man City in the making. Sheikh Khalid owns and runs a massive conglomerate (plenty of sponsorship opportunities to inject the owner’s funds into the club) so it will be a systematic 2-3 year project to Make Newcastle Great For The First Time, laced with sibling rivalry amongst the Emirs.

  63. MidwestGun


    Hahaha I was just messing with you…I know you got your radar on. I read that article on Kroenke and FFP.. seems like he could buy back any debt/losses we go into .. Under FFP and we would be ok.. as long as we made a profit within the rolling 3 year period. Seems like we could push the boat out if we wanted to on transfers…(Yeah I know) makes the EL thing even more important so that we have incentive for him to invest in players given future CL income. I will be so depressed if we lose the EL final… it will be unreal. Could set us back 2 or 3 more years.

  64. Dissenter

    I think the sheik is buying Newcastle at the wrong time.
    If he had bought it 10 years ago, he could have been able to spend the vast sums required to get them to a top club. At the time, Platini turned a blind eye because PSG were spending vast sums of money.
    Now there’s an ultra focus on violations, Newcastle’s revenue is meager and it’s difficult to pad stuff now.

  65. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, if Kroenke was persuaded to, he could push the boat and we’d still be fine under FFP. But (especially if we don’t win and make it tot the Champions League) he’d probably feel reluctant to do so as he’s just shelled out a lot of money and take on debts to buy out Usmanov.

    You’re right: alot rides on the Europa final on Wednesday…..not just the outright extra revenues from the Champions League qualification.

  66. MidwestGun

    If I was a billionaire I would buy an MLS expansion team…. the US is about to explode on Football in the next 10 years. The youth sports momentum has finally caught up with and is competitive with the other sports here. Youth football program is going great guns and we are starting to see youth players.. make it to the top European leagues.. I watched the U-20 world Cup today.. US team has 3 or 4 top teenager prospects playing in Germany now..and at PSG. Pulisic will be the tip of the iceberg.

    Of course If I was a billionaire I wouldn’t be on here talking to you bastards.. I’d be making Kroenke an offer he can’t refuse. 😀

  67. Words on a Blog

    You’re right that it would have been better for him to have bought the club 10 years ago. Then FFP was about strict rules, lax implementation.

    But now it’s looser rules, stricter implementation. so I think he’ll still make a go of it. Plus he’s more of a genuine businessman than Sheik Mansour.

    Maybe not necessarily another Man City, but certainly another candidate to compete for Top 4…

  68. lari03

    Bielik is actually a test for this regime. Are they going to walk their talk? or are they just spewing corporate trash?

    The boy is tall and he is as aggressive as should be, plus he is good at long balls. He has been pivotal to a team, and he won promotion with them. His leadership qualities are obvious and he is just aged 21?

    What else does a player need to do to deserve a chance?

    Play Chambers against Bielik and Bielik will look like a rottweiler coming attacking a cairn terrier.

    And if anyone thinks we don’t need that kind of aggression in the team, do realize Newcastle is about to become Abu Dhabi F.C 2.

  69. Pedro

    Midwest, it all sounded very exciting. Same day I was with him, I by chance sat next to the head of brand for MLS. He was streaming Sunderland on his phone. Sounded like a very fun job.

  70. Words on a Blog


    I’m devastated that you don’t have the financial wherewithal to make Kroenke a horse’s head offer.

    Maybe we can set up a comsortium to raise funds to make Stan an offer. I’m pretty certain that CG would advance us a few hundred million to get the gall rolling.

    Over to you CG…..

  71. Champagne Charlie


    Yea, that’s it….consistent. Not militant toward particular subjects whatsoever.

    You love a scrub nurse analogy. What’s your specialty?

  72. MidwestGun

    Yeah MLS is going to be a big boy League in the near future they just have to transition away from being a full on retirement league.. and figure out how to do a single table with relegation instead of a playoff system.. But yeah from a Marketing prospect now would be a great time to get in… Becks is going to be an owner in Miami next season I think. and many of the old-timers who played here will want to invest in other teams. And the MLS is in full on expansion mode. I’m moving down to Texas this year hopefully and Austin got a team and San Antonio is trying to get one too. With Dallas and Houston having a team that could be 4 in Texas alone soon. So if you ever get an opportunity to get in on some of that MLS stuff and marry your love of football with marketing I’d be all over that. It would definitely be fun. Like the wild wild west of Football.

  73. Dissenter

    You’re right about the new Newcastle owner
    The dude has two PhDs one in economics and the other in war studies..
    it’s great for the premier league to re-energize a big club.

  74. Champagne Charlie

    I think he’s medicine, doesn’t strike me as a cutter though. You Ben Stiller in ‘Meet the Parents’ Dissenter? 😉

  75. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, I have to say that, setting aside its finances at present, Newcastle is a really good acquisition candidate for a wealthy and ambitious owner.

    Cheap relative to many other clubs.
    Huge, passionate,support base.
    Historically underperforming.
    Experienced, tactically astute manager.

  76. Dissenter

    I’m the one that gets called when your folks act out because they didn’t get their patch or when you think they are cuckoo.

  77. Dissenter

    It will be hard for Newcastle though
    Mike Ashley has them set up as the pound store, barely surviving each season.
    They have to clear out the entire team and start buying a new caliber of players.

    They will need a marquee signing to start the rebuild
    Can we present out secret weapon, the one and truly Mesut Özil to the sheikh.

  78. Pierre

    Sarri may have received criticism in some quarters but I like his management style.

    I like the fact that he recognised who was his most potent weapon at the start of the season and told him to play in areas where he would inflict most damage to the opposition….this must have been music to Hazard’s ears ..19 goals and 15 assists is confirmation that Sarri got it right.

    I feel our manager is the polar opposite of Sarri, if Emery had Hazard in his side, there is no way he will or be producing anywhere close to those figures due to the restraints that Emery would impose on Hazard.

    I like the way that despite criticism, he has persevered with jourginho at the base of the midfield after a dodgy period earlier in the season.
    It would have been so easy for him to appease everyone by bringing Kante back into the defensive role, but he stuck to his belief of how he wants the game played.

    Emery’s football has been full of inconsistencies and doubts , I am not sure he has total belief in how he wants the game played, unlike Sarri.

    I say this because the evidence is there for all to see…if you look at the start of the season and how the team was set up it shows how he wanted to implement his philosophy but lost faith in the things he was doing as the season progressed.

    Playing out from the back using the keeper and spreading the centre backs wide was abandoned within the first half dozen games or so.
    Some may say that we didn’t have the players to play that way and they may be right….
    My argument to that is ,in the summer why didn’t he bring in a centre back who was comfortable on the ball and a centre midfielder who could receive the ball from the keeper..he brought in 5 defensive based players and none of the new outfield players were comfortable with this style of play.
    Sarri knew the style he wanted so he signed jorginho.

    Emery started the season and continued for quite a while with our full backs very advanced , this left our defence very vulnerable through the channels plus the work load to our full backs resulted in regular injuries to Bellerin,Monreal,AMN and kolasinac.
    Emery has since changed to wing backs and when he does play a back 4 , the full backs play with much greater discipline.

    At the start of the season, Emery played our CAM very advanced , Ramsey/Ozil was often deployed ahead of the striker , this was a tactic that I couldn’t quite understand .
    It was during this period that we were implementing the high press and the CAM appeared to be leading the press.

    The high press didn’t last too long did it..

    Even our running stats have reduced as the season progressed due to the strain being put on the players which culminated in a minor injury crisis 4 months into the season.

    We changed from the successful early system of 4-2-3-1 ( which I quite like ) to wing backs in about November(the Bournemouth game I think)..
    In doing this , though it was successful at first , it gave the manager a reason to leave Ramsey and Ozil out of the starting line up for a ten week or so period.

    7 defeats in 14 games meant Emery had to reinstate those 2 back into the side.

    The argument could be that Emery hasn’t the players to implement his playing style , my argument would be why did we employ a manager who has a certain way of playing when we haven’t the players for his style of football (whatever that is) and kronke won’t give him the funds to buy the required players.

    The whole process was flawed from day one and unless the manager is provided with the funds or he is willing to take a chance on some of our academy players(doubtful) then it will be difficult to see anything other than the same inconsistencies and doubts .

  79. Ishola70

    You’d never know by reading the above that Chelsea only finished above Arsenal in the league by 2 points.

    More like 22 points by the tone.

  80. Ishola70

    Arsenal players were planning to wear and show off t-shirts with Mhiki’s name on them to show their solidarity to the Armenian before kick-off.

    UEFA have banned this planned show by the players.

    This is getting silly now .

    This final shouldn’t be about Mhiki.

    Mhiki is a proud Armenian who has decided not to travel to Azerbaijan. Other Armenian sportsmen have travelled to Azerbaijan in the past to participate but these sportsmen are lower profile than Mhiki.

    Mhiki knows full well being the most high profile Armenian sportsman that him going to Azerbaijan would have meant scorn from his fellow Armenians.

    He has put his Armenian nationality before Arsenal FC which is his want to do.

    The choice of venue for the final was stupid but to keep portraying Mhiki as some poor innocent lamb whose participation in the final was taken completely out of his hands is wrong.

    This stadium in Baku is a big one and after all this media blow up surrounding Mhiki it will be of no surprise now if the locals turning up at the game back Chelsea ans are anti-Arsenal.

  81. Pierre

    as far as I’m concerned, the points total is irrelevant ..the point I was making was quite simple , Sarri has belief (rightly or wrongly) in his style of play and Emery appears to not have the courage of his conviction to adhere to his own style of play.

  82. Ishola70


    The Azeris are reporting that Mhiki will be sold this coming summer and one of the main reasons for that will be because of his refusal to travel to Baku for the final. He is seen to have broken his contract terms and although Arsenal are showing support for Mhiki at this time in the media deep down they are disappointed in him.

  83. Ishola70

    They also state that the Arsenal players intention to wear the Mhiki t-shirts was a provocative action and is seen as sabotage.

  84. Graham62


    Where did it go wrong?

    Why do we find ourselves in this terrible situation?

    Never mind, only a major Final tomorrow evening.

  85. Graham62

    Why didn’t you kick Wenger so hard when he was constantly underachieving?

    Maybe it was all down to our “style of play”.

  86. Un na naai

    Hardcore loser talk from emery. His understanding of global politics is as muddled as his understanding of how to run an elite football club.

    We have the Teresa May of football at the helm and just like her his failings will be exposed before being replaced after a short and highly disappointing turn as leader.

    Thought I’d add my own brexit analogy on the situation.

  87. tee

    it’s kinda funny when some posters said “it’s just 2 points”.

    it’s just 2 points but we couldn’t catch them. you lot sound like BBC that is using different qualification to big up Liverpool.

    Liverpool fucked up in the league, end of. there is nothing like best runner up.

    we also messed up the champions league spot. nothing like it’s just 2 points.

    clatching at the straw at its best,

  88. Pierre

    “Why do we find ourselves in this terrible situation?”

    Your words not mine …..I happen to think we have a decent team, a team that is used to playing in major finals , a team that is used to winning major trophies as is our manager…..I think it will be a close game with very few goals and could go to pens.

    I’m really looking forward to the game as I always look forward to our cup finals.

    This will be the first time you have wanted Arsenal to win a final in the last 5 years and you criticise CG for taking exactly that stance .

  89. Ishola70

    There is no clutching at straws.

    This wasn’t about CL qualification.

    This was about Pierre bigging up Sarri.

    Who has failed to deliver and improve the respective teams the most Sarri or Emery?

    This question is asked with the knowledge that Chelsea won an EPL title a few years back and still have players at the club who achieved that coupled with one of the most valuable offensive players in Hazard. Arsenal in contrast as we know haven’t won any EPL title now going on for two decades.

  90. Valentin


    A few weeks ago before a home game warm up (I think it was Crystal Palace), some people in stadium were telling that something big happened with Steve Bould. Then the warm up started and initially he was nowhere to be seen. During that game, I spotted that we had switched from zonal marking to man marking at corners. After the game, I asked Pedro if he had heard anything about Steve Bould.
    Except some twitters message about it, nothing was in the newspapers. A few weeks later, reports started to emerge in newspaper that Steve Bould was being sidelined in favour of the Spanish first assistant. It was evident any way during the pre match warm up routine.
    Now there has been numerous reports that Steve Bould will be let go and that Freddie Ljunberg is the current favourite for the role.

    I suspect that Steve Bould had been told before the Crystal Palace about the fact that he would not be renewed, extended and that some of that news had leaked. Without independent confirmation, most of the newspaper did not print it at the time.



  91. Dissenter

    I too believed that Mykhi missed the final is because he is boycotting the event.
    That said, it’s difficult for Arsenal to fire him since we tagged along on the bash-Azerbaijan wagon.

  92. Ishola70


    “That said, it’s difficult for Arsenal to fire him since we tagged along on the bash-Azerbaijan wagon.”

    Well the club can say that he was sold because of him not really being of a high enough importance to the team which would be true. And everyone knows for the wage he is pulling in he isn’t pulling his weight like anywhere close that he should be. People go on about Ozil in this instance but Mhiki is a problem in this regard as well.

    And if Arsenal deep down are disappointed in Mhiki and him “boycotting” Baku then of course they wouldn’t relay that to the media if he was indeed sold.

  93. Valentin

    I don’t think that Mhikitarian is boycotting the final for political reason. I believe that he is genuinely scared for his life. All you need a motivated angry Armenian hater with access to heavy weapons. And in that part of the world there is no shortage of that.

    He could make a much bigger impact by simply turning up with a political message on his tee-shirt during the training session open to the media. UEFA has a rule for in game political message, but does not for training session.

    I also think that Arsenal was already trying to get him off the wage bill anyway. There were rumours that Zenith were interested in him. He may return to the German league where he would be a better fit than the EPL.

  94. CG

    The G

    Thanks for the Bould linq.

    Surely if Bould goes- he needs to be replaced by another defensive coach.?

    (Freddie is patently not that.)

    I also hope Freddie L goes nowhere near The Chameleon and his Clipboards.

    He has a good chance to be our next manager. But he will be seen to be tarnished goods -if he ‘steps up ‘ into the first team coaching set up.

    (You cant be seen sitting next to Emery and his uglies on the first team bench – when we are taking 3 nil pummelings…..)

    My advice to Fred L

    Stay Put. Don’t go anywhere near this Doomed Regime …

    Be patient- your time will come..

    Tick Tock.

  95. Ishola70


    “He could make a much bigger impact by simply turning up with a political message on his tee-shirt during the training session open to the media”

    And what would that political message be? “Nagorno-Karabakh is Armenian?”

    Azerbaijan were willing to let Mhiki travel there and participate in the match. That he is not there is a Mhiki decision.

  96. Valentin


    when you’re chasing a vision that mish-mashes the IP of others, you kind of end up with no IP. I think it’s very hard to be the best if you don’t have your own unique vision of how the game should be played.

    I think that you hit the nail on its head. He is so focus on nullifying the opposition that Cup games and games against top opposition is where he excel. That underdog mentality fits him like a glove.

    However games where Arsenal is the top dog, he does not know how to fix it, because the opposition is doing to him what he usually do. He is then unsure of what way to go, all attack or defense.

    Also one aspect that is quite often ignored is the fact that a philosophy is also a security blanket to players. When under pressure, they will automatically revert to that ingrained mode. If there is no ingrained mode and the current tactic does not work, it is then panic station. Everybody run around like headless chicken.

  97. Dissenter

    The Azbekhs gave all the guarantees required short of having their dictator call Mykhi to grovel this feet.
    Mykhi valued his nationalistic desire to boycott the event, that’s what this is all about. I think he let Arsenal down.

    It was not in the national interest of Azerbaijan to let anything happen to Mykhi in their capital city. They too have a lot riding in the game. Mykhi would have been as safe he is on the streets of Dortmund or London.

    I guess Jesse Owens should have stayed home as well in 1936. Instead he used the powerful vehicle of sports to ridicule the Nazi Aryan theories.

  98. Valentin


    Read the interview given by the Azerbaijan ambassador in London. To me that sounded more like a veiled threat than security reassurance.

    Plus as far as I know, Mhikitarian has never made big public statement about that region. He could have said that I am not going because inflammatory reason. He did not.

    Arsenal British fans with Armenian sounded name have been refused visa. Some are not even Armenian nor do they have Armenian heritage. Azerbaijan is in the wrong and they know it. They are just trying to intimidate everybody who could rain on their parade and remind the world of their misdeeds in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

  99. Valentin


    People from Azerbaijan are Azeri not Azbehk. Uzbehkistan is an all different country.

    You should not use Dortmund as an example for security against a single nutter with weapon, after their bus attack the eve of da Champion’s league game.

    Again I don’t think that Mhikitarian or Arsenal were worried by official military personnel. The president has made it clear that there would be drastic consequence if anybody disobeyed his orders. However there are enough local militia men who want to make a name for themselves. All you need is a single motivated angry Armenian hater with an AK-47.

  100. Ishola70

    Azerbaijan may not have wanted normal joe public Armenians to travel into their country. Armenian fans. That could indeed have caused real security problems.

    But they gave the go ahead for Mhiki to play in Baku.

    Would the Armenians let into their country normal Azerbaijan citizens just fans if the final was being held in Yerevan?

  101. Ishola70

    lol how many British Arsenal fans have Armenian sounding surnames?

    You sound like the Armenian propaganda minister Valentin.

  102. Ishola70

    I was born in England and have no Armenian parentage or ancestry but guess what?

    My surname sounds very Armenian like.

    Come on now.

  103. Pierre

    “This was about Pierre bigging up Sarri.”

    Not bigging him up , just said I like his management style and admire that he is sticking to his footballing principles.
    I also like the management style of pep, klopp, poch , Brendan Rodgers ,Eddie Howe and Daniel Farke of norwich….just my preference….managers who all stick to the footballing principles that I find preferable to watch..

    Not so keen on managers like Mourinho, Allerdyce, Pullis, Hughes ,Houghton ..again ,just my preference.

    Emery is somewhere In between .

  104. Valentin

    I am French with absolutely no link to that region of the world.

    A friend of mine has a Armenian sounding surname, because maybe more than 5 generations ago his Armenian ancestor came to England.

    I also know a woman whose first name is Rafi, she is of Nigerian origin. However Rafi is a very Armenian first name and it was in the newspaper that applicant with Armenian first name were refused VISA. When confronted about that by journalists, the Azerbaijan ambassador double down and argued that they could not take the risk of Armenian infiltrating their country under the the pretense of attending the final.

  105. Ishola70

    Sounds a little contrived to me.

    You didn’t answer the question in regards to this situation if it was reversed.

    Yerevan holding the final. Would they react any differently to the Azeris in relation to letting them into Armenia?

  106. Valentin


    The Armenians said they would, but they would say that anyway. It is anybody guess if it is true or not.

    Even if they did not, that would still not validate that kind of attitude by Azerbaijan.

  107. englandsbest

    I fancy Arsenal to win the Europa Final , not because the team is better than Chelsea – it is not – but because Emery has a habit of winning the trophy.

    If so, whatever we may blame him for, we must give him credit for that.

  108. Dissenter

    For whatever reason, Uzbek was ringing in my brain.. I should have been writing Azeri.
    Thanks for the correction.