Arsenal going Project British with wide players?

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Heard some sexy rumblings that Arsenal and Zaha are into each other (player supported us as a kid). Obviously, anything can happen in football, so don’t hack my site if it doesn’t happen, but the intent is apparently there and real.

That is interesting. The £40m transfer budget we’re pitching must be a low ball figure, unless Raul and Vinai have been working players out the door to foot the bill for the deal.

When you look at us solving our wide player issues with Zaha and Fraser, I think the risk on the Scotsman looks a little smarter. We’d by buying in 24 assists and 17 goals.

I can get behind that. We’d be buying two players that have worked under managers that demand a high intensity style of football. They will both have something to prove on a couple of levels. Fraser needs to prove he’s worth the punt, and not the Scott Parker of 2019. Zaha needs to lay to rest the ghosts of his horrible move to United a few years ago.

Both moves are either going to cement us to the Europa League for years to come, or they’re smart British buys that don’t have the sex appeal of a foreign buy, but deliver in the same way Liverpool has delivered signing boring names like Andy Robertson.

The big move for Arsenal, in my humble opinion, is the centre back. We need a huge upgrade. United has lost their damn mind, apparently offering De Ligt £450k a week to join from Ajax. They are going for the straight up Liverpool move of upgrading to the best possible player they can find. Hard to not see the move as anything other than elite. The player is a leader, he’s an unreal talent, and he’ll probably look like a bargain in 5 years time.

That’s a game-changing signing. They still have a talent issue with the manager, and that’ll be hard to turnaround, but at least they are stocking up with proper players.

That sort of move really means Arsenal can’t afford to fuck around this summer. It also means the Champions League game on Wednesday is of next level importance. If it goes well, then next season makes sense. If it goes badly, what are we chasing as a club and are we falling into the same trap of letting elite coaches pass us by?

We shall see. See you in the comments. x

Update: Kante injured… wonderful. United NOT in the race for De Ligt.

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  1. Chris


    That’s true although one of the most annoying fan bases in the country is back in the top flight.

  2. Dream10

    Villa back in the PL. They’ve been in great form for the last couple of months. Young Tomori for Derby looks a decent player.

    Seeing John Terry happy is disappointing.

  3. Alexanderhenry


    I went to the arsenal/villa Cup final and was in a predominantly villa section.
    I found their fans to be extremely funny and very good sports.

    They’re a grand old club. Don’t mind them back in the prem at all.

  4. bennydevito

    VictoriousMay 27, 2019    13:15:06

    but, should we not prevail, I will also accept that at least the rot has finally stopped and that the infestation that had been stagnating the club, is finally being eradicated.’

    Cut the crap,

    anything less than a win for us on Wednesday and Emeryhl hasn’t bettered Wengers worst years in all his time in charge

    Emery has us going into this match with all the pressure because he bottled a great finish in the league

    Losing AT HOME to C,palace. Draw at home to Brighton and losing away to Everton ,wolves and Liecester was unforgivable

    Winning any one of those fixture and we could be breathing easy going into the match against chavs

    He has got to WIN on Wednesday else he has FAILED this season ,end of


    Finished 5th 1 place higher, 7 pts more and 12 pts closer to 4th is better than Wenger last season.

    Man City lost at home to Crystal Palace too.

    Yeah…. awkward….

  5. Dissenter

    What are the chances that Villa won’t survive next season?

    The gap is so vast…I’ll put money on them struggling and being too far out by the winter break.

  6. Graham62

    So Villa fans are “annoying” and Liverpool fans are “scum”.

    What about Arsenal fans?




    Aston Villa are a Midlands based club, not “northern”.


  7. Champagne Charlie

    Lol at Benny trying to compare like for like instances of Arsenal and City.

    They won the league mate, we came 5th and bottled the last 5. But keep on trucking about Palace at home because City lost a game too.

  8. CG

    (Thanks for your rambunctious riposte )

    “””I see, now it all makes sense!””””

    I am hoping – The Grove’s Finest( I omitted you earlier- I apologise) are trying to make SENSE of this extraordinary and groundbreaking ( ie Rare) interview by our caretaker manager Unai in El Mindo.

    What on earth is the man blabbering on about?

    What has our club done -letting this man -anyone near our decision making processes?

    Please make sense of what he is trying to achieve……

    If anyone can – you Can!

    I have never heard GG. HC, Sir Alex, Cloughie, AW, Shanks,Revie, Sir Alf Rambo, ever mention chameleons in their footballing ideology…


  9. Marko

    The gap is so vast…I’ll put money on them struggling and being too far out by the winter break.

    Huh? Even Cardiff made it to the final two games

  10. Danny S

    Emery at the latter part of the season is being judged on his own success in the beginning of the campaign.
    No one thought we would be genuinely challenging for 3rd.

    Also, for all those saying about our losses to certain teams. Don’t you think spuds, Chelsea and Man U arnt ruing not having it all tied up sooner?

  11. Chitom

    “So that makes it ok then does it…let’s face it , it was a cock up of epic proportions ( Suarez loan)….”

    Pierre, I just realized something ( finally).
    Since this is a global community and different folks come from different parts of the world where some English words take on a different meaning , like bad meaning good for example.
    “ epic” – must be one of those words around your parts , meaning – minuscule, insignificant – as in “ Arsenal only paid a couple million for the Suarez loan”
    It’s cool though , now I understand finally.

    See , normally, everywhere else it usually means grand , bombastic, monumental, like , say “ it was a monumental ( epic) mistake to let Sanchez, Ramsey, run down their contract and thusly let a 100 million of potential transfer revenue be flushed down the shitter.

  12. Danny S

    That must be it @chitom

    Perhaps Pierre would have preferred we spend 40m on another potential mustafi in an in-vein attempt to patch the defence rather than bide our time and get a far better quality player in the summer.

  13. Joe

    Something about Emery really annoys certain people

    He replaced their god wenger.

    He’ll never be good enough in their eyes.

    That’s all it is.


  14. Joe

    Suarez is on £52.,000 a week.

    What did you say this “ epic proportions of a cock up” cost us Pierre

    3/4/5 million??


    Think you need to rein in your numbers a bit Pierre

    You’ve just been called out on your bullshitting of epic proportions.

    Wow. Stoop to any level to protect your boy wenger wont you Pierre. Even lie.

    You are like Trump’s aides.

  15. Joe

    He was what, on our books, for maybe 10-12 weeks?

    He cost us maybe 700k? Maybe? If insurance didn’t cover most of it?

    And he wasn’t hurt when he came to us, unlike broken back kallstrom

    Apples and oranges comparison Pierre.

  16. Joe

    The Newcastle purchase adds another team to the mix with money to burn on players.

    Hopefully the word gets back to kronke, that CL will probably now be a 7-8 team battle with Everton splashing the cash and Newcastle once the takeover is complete will as well